December 20, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 66 - Bodies, Rest & Motion 2. (Love’s Rule 2)]

Carrying a box, Makoto sees Junko talking on the phone. He thinks that in the end, she’ll be going back to the monk’s place. While talking on the phone, Junko apologizes that she’ll be very late, and she’ll most probably be there at 830 or 9pm.

“Yes...thank you. I’ll be as quiet as possible in order not to trouble the neighbors. Then, goodbye.” After hanging up the phone, Makoto tells her that it is really tiring. “Obviously, you still haven’t married into the family yet you are already like one. For you to be concerned over so many things after work, how are you going to properly rest?”

Junko tells him that if she doesn’t try and see, how she can know if she can do it or not. She apologizes and asks if all the luggage... Putting the box in the car, Makoto says that it is very good that she’s striving hard but she better not cry and say that she couldn’t go on with the life in the temple.

“After all, you previously resolutely guaranteed that there will be no problem regarding work.” Junko angrily wonders where Masako got the idea that she was being pampered when it is zero with this guy since this is just an ordinary strict boss.
Holding up her hand, she exclaims that’s great, haha, the director is actually ‘somebody is hard on the outside and soft on the inside’. “Actually, if that kind of thing were to happen, even if there isn’t enough room, you’ll also let me stay in. Just joking, this is just saying what I’m thinking!! Ha ha!!”

Makoto says that if she thinks that his room is okay. “Also, the most important thing is you can properly break up with that monk.” While Junko looks surprised, he tells her that everything is already here. He asks her where Momoe is. A bit flustered Junko says about that Momoe is currently thanking Lance and others.

Makoto says okay, and he’ll be waiting inside the car until she is finished thanking the others. He then asks what. Junko exclaims what’s up with what he said just now. She says that before, he was misunderstood by his subordinate and it caused some complications.

“But, the way you said that just now. Even if it is me, I’ll misunderstand.” He says no, and relax for there is no mistake from the way he said it. “I’ll be very happy if you can break up. Even if I really wanted to go steady with you but you are already someone else’s woman so I’ll restrain myself.”
Surprised Junko says that for him to suddenly say that, is he confessing. He asks, she a kid. She nervously asks if he is teasing her. He says no. She asks if he is joking. He says that he isn’t. Confused Junko says that he’ll say that kind of words while helping her with the luggage can cause her...

Holding up his hand, he says that she’s noisy to death, and he basically doesn’t want to say that for it can make her fretful and he also does not want to continue on pressuring her. He tells her that for him, this kind of trump card regarding wanting to get married soon is useless [futile]. “For a woman like you at this age, who is very fascinated in regards with marriage, this kind of issue is already over.”

Junko frowns and says that it doesn’t matter for it isn’t like she wanted to marry so she is going to Takane’s place. She tells him that she’ll call Momoe. As she turns to go back inside, Makoto says, but let him say it once again, he’ll be very happy if she can break up [with Takane]. Junko says that she won’t.

While walking inside, Junko wonders what was that, it is like she was thought of as a woman who gets attracted to the words ‘marriage’, and he’s treating her like an idiot. She thinks, no, that’s wrong, it isn’t that, he... When Momoe comes out, he is surprised to see Junko sitting by the stairs. She exclaims if Junko isn’t feeling well. Junko slightly smiles and says no, she’s fine. “I just felt remorse towards the me who wavered.”
Makoto gets in the car where Arthur is already waiting. Arthur tells Makoto that isn’t necessary. “Tell the truth. It is obviously more romantic.” Makoto says that if it were Arthur, he’ll definitely use a very romantic way in saying it. Arthur says yes, for natural is the romantic ‘I love you’.

Makoto looks surprised and asks, love, and it isn’t ‘I like you’ but rather love!! [<- ‘like’ is ordinary attraction but in Japan, if you say ‘love’ that has the intention of getting married] Makoto says that is quite a huge pressure but then, Momoe had already accepted and will formally move... After a pause, Arthur says that he is still waiting for her to reply the same words to him. “In short, Japanese likes saying, ‘even if continuing like this is ok’, and ‘there’s no problem up to this degree’.”

Makoto exclaims what he meant, ‘in short’, that’s too rude. Just then, Momoe had overheard their conversation when she is going to the car. Recalling Arthur telling her to tell the magic words, Momoe mentally screams that it is that line-right!! “So-called magic words is that line!!” [<- There is the word Platoon, probably referring to the movie, and I have no idea what that has to do with this. ^^;]

There is a scene of Junko is bowing and thanking Lance and Toby. Inside the car, Junko is telling herself that she is obviously didn’t waver. She is already engaged and will properly stay at the temple so it is impossible for her to be wavered by someone.
Comment: Apparently Junko wavered because of what Makoto said. I guess it is because he likes her and this is a guy who’ll also put importance to her work. Anyway, it can be said that she now has option B in case things didn’t work out with Takane. She is really not into temple life and Takane’s grandmother will definitely make things difficult for her. So, how far can she endure it all for her love for Takane?

Arthur being a foreigner isn’t really into beating around the bush like what most Japanese does. Makoto did find confessing as a bit of a pressure and perhaps, would want the other to freely say it. Basically, just hint it and you’re on your own if you want to pursue it or not. Well, at least Momoe now knows what the magical words are. I wonder how she is going to say it. Scans by 月球坑

Quote of the day:
If you have your eye set on somebody, don't beat around the bush. ~ Vanessa Hudgens 


  1. Ugh, I can see this being dragged out for quite some time with that option B. I mean I knew she was carrying that torch for Makoto with her anyways but now it's out in the open is more head pounding whether she'll act on it or not in the future.

  2. Thanks for the summary!!!!! Cannot wait for more Momoe and Arthur!!!!♡♡♡♡♡


    1. Thanks for reading, Steph ^-^

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    1. Is it? The funny amusing one is with Momoe and Arthur couple.

      Heavy drama is for the main couple. Masako's is for the ones who like it with sex. And, we also have a teen romance with Junko's lil sis.

      I am. They have closed the registration before when it got too popular and I think, it got the attention of people who shouldn't know that they are posting up a lot of shoujo raws on the internet. That is from what I know.

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    1. I see, Dionne.

      I think it had caused some scanlators to quit. For me, I did thought of shifting into other manga genre that are non-shoujo since everything is in there already. Hehe, so now, there are 1-2 non-shoujo here.