November 11, 2016

Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 40]

At home, while lying on her bed, Tsubasa couldn’t believe that this day would happen, a day when she’ll suddenly be so happy that her feelings is like a dam burst which caused her tears to flow non-stop. It is really like a dream. She obviously witnessed everything yet it doesn’t feel real. Then, her cellphone starts ringing.

It is Aki. He asks her if she went home safely and if she’s feeling well. Tsubasa says that she’s home and she’s feeling a lot better. Both notice that they are asking and answering each other a bit stiff and unnatural. Aki laughs it off by saying that he’s probably nervous. Tsubasa admits that she is too. Aki comments that’s great for he isn’t the only one. Tsubasa thinks that right now, their feelings are the same.

Tsubasa tells him that since the sports festival is over, she’ll participate in the club activity tomorrow. She asks if she can still join the morning practice. He says, of course. This makes her happy. She was sure that he’ll say that but then, she was worried about it before.
Aki says that it is totally okay but there is something that he’ll ask of her. At school, Tsubasa looks a bit glum after arriving in her class. She looks at the desk beside her when Yuuma happily greets her a good morning and congratulates her. Tsubasa is puzzled so he explains that he heard it from Aki who told him that he had told his feelings to Tsubasa so isn’t that great.

Tsubasa recalls Aki telling her that there is something he wanted to tell Yuuma so don’t come to morning practice tomorrow so that they can be alone. Tsubasa realizes that is the reason. Yuuma says that in the end, isn’t it like what he told her. He had told her that what’s troubling her just needs some time to be resolved so it isn’t such a big deal at all. This made Tsubasa exclaim how much does he knew.

Yuuma just says, about that, how much does he know-- Just then, their classmate ask him about bringing some book that they talked about a few days ago. As Yuuma goes to the classmate who is holding a book, Tsubasa thinks that Yuuma is the same as before when she was basically a bit worried whether her relationship with him would become bad or there will be a gap. It is good that Yuuma is still the normal Yuuma.
Then, her cellphone is ringing. It is a message from Hina asking if she’s feeling well already and if it is okay, can they talk during lunch break. Tsubasa remembers that Hina has something to tell her. At some hallway, Hina bows down to Tsubasa to apologize to her for she lied about going steady with Aki. Tsubasa says so it is about that.

Hina perks up and asks if she was already found out. Tsubasa says no, but she knew about it through Aki yesterday. It is because what he said is different from hers. Hina asks if Aki confessed. Tsubasa admits that it is so. Hina exclaims her heartfelt congratulations. Hina tearfully says that’s great and she can finally be at ease.

She was quite worried that it is because of her mistake that the two cannot get together like this and what she ought to do about it... Hina apologizes for she knew that she doesn’t have the right to worry but... Tsubasa smiles and says that Hayabusa had told her that lately, Hina is quite listless in class. So even if she is a bit shocked upon learning that she was deceived but then, Hina is very distressed because of the lie, wasn’t she.
Moved to tears, Hina asks why she is so nice like some Holy Mother but she is convinced that because Tsubasa is such a nice person that Aki couldn’t suppress his feelings for her even if he obviously knew that Tsubasa is going steady with Yuuma. This surprises Tsubasa as Hina affirms that she heard that from Aki but then, since they’ve already resolved that misunderstanding.

She asks that they ought to have smoothly gone steady, right? Stunned Tsubasa wonders how come she never heard about that issue. Don’t even think about resolving the misunderstanding when she never heard about that from Aki and it seems that he hasn’t told her about them going steady so could it be that Aki has this impression in his heart

Imagination: ‘While holding hands with Yuuma, Tsubasa says that even if she is going steady with Yuuma, but then, she also likes Aki.’ Tsubasa quickly apologizes to Hina for this is an emergency that she must talk with Aki so bye. Hina asks if she’ll be going right now when lunch break is already... Tsubasa is shock when the school bell is already ringing.
Later on, after dismissal, a classmate asks Aki to let him borrow his notebook. Aki tells the guy that he’ll be going to the club soon. The classmate assures him that it is alright for he’ll just take pictures of it. From the door, Tsubasa thinks that Aki is still talking with his friend. She wonders what to do for she wants to resolve this misunderstanding before the club activity.

Since he saw her at the door, Aki goes to Tsubasa and says that it is quite early. She is going to tell him about that thing yesterday when the classmate says that it’s really rare for him to talk alone with a girl so could it be that she’s his girlfriend? Tsubasa wonders how he can ask that question by chance. Aki didn’t reply and just ask if his classmate is finished with his notebook.

Tsubasa thinks that since Aki didn’t deny it, that means... Her thoughts are interrupted when Aki tells her that they go talk at that side. He tells her that they were interrupted so what is it that she wants to say... Tsubasa exclaims that she has only him in her heart and mind. She isn’t going steady with Yuuma and she absolutely won’t do that two-timing thing so please believe her.
After looking surprised, Aki says ya, it’s alright, he already knew. Before he always thought that she was going steady with Yuuma but after what she said yesterday, he realized that he was mistaken. How can he doubt her upon seeing her expression [with tears asking if she is dreaming]. He apologizes for always keeping quiet.

And, yesterday, because he was so flustered, he forgot to mention the most important thing. “Please go steady with me.” On the verge of tears, Tsubasa exclaims, yes! She thinks that even if it doesn’t feel real but she starts to feel it a bit now. Then, Aki reminds her that starting tomorrow is already exams so club activity is suspended. Tsubasa is quite dismayed for she forgot about that. He asks her if she hates exams though he also doesn’t like it.

Tsubasa says that it is because they are in different classes so suspended club activity means that she temporarily couldn’t see him. He tells her that they can see each other since it is okay for them to review together. Tsubasa looks surprised and thinks that it’s really great because for a little bit, it feels that they can become boyfriend-girlfriend.
Comment: Well, this chapter resolves the other issues with the ‘other rivals’ among others. Yuuma took it quite well and seems to be moving on by acting normal. Given his previous interactions with Tsubasa, he seems unlikely to be the type who’ll cause her to become sad if he severs ties or anything of that sort with her.

Hina has finally confessed the truth. As usual, Tsubasa is very forgiving for what happened. Perhaps, it is mainly because things turned out smoothly for her and Aki. Since she went to talk with Aki after dismissal, she got the aftermath line of the confession that is to go steady with Aki. ^^ Then, they’ll even study together.

Since the series is still running so perhaps, the next chapters are about them going steady? Hopefully, the plot would become more interesting since as I always mentioned, I summarized this series because of Yuuma, the only character I find interesting in this series. ^^; Scans by allwink

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  1. Thank you for your hard work! Looking forward to your translation of the next few chapters! :)

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  3. Thank you for making this! But can I ask, where did you find the manga? If on a website, could you tell me because I couldn't find their raw manga T-T thank youu~

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  4. Ohh, so many wonderful spoilers! Though I, too, am a Yuuma fan, so I'm hoping things will somehow do a 180° :) Even if nice and all, I find Aki's character way too bland. Maybe it's just my bias toward smiling, snarky but honest boys that's talking.
    Thank you very much for these summaries! <3

    1. I agree but I'm not too hopefully about it.

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