November 6, 2016

Skip Beat [Chapter 241]

It has been eight days since Yashiro has been Kyouko’s manager. The result of having a manager is very imminent when Kyouko managed to impress both Kanae and Kotetsu with her martial arts to flip away two guys. Kotetsu smiles in approval.

He tells Kyouko that even if she is lacking in some areas but her level is already at this stage so she only has to portray the ‘Momiji’ in her heart. He also tells Kanae to do the same for her ‘Chidori’. Kanae assures him that she will get that role and will inform him about it afterward.

The two girls thank him for all the guidance they received from him. While walking out, Yashiro asks Kanae if she is going to Minato afterwards. Kanae is puzzled why he knew when she didn’t tell him about it. Yashiro explains that it is when Kyouko met with her and invited her to eat ‘gold star onigiri’ at some ‘Day Table’ place.

But, Kanae declined by saying that she has to go to Poole Bell. Based on that, he assumed that he is referring to that beauty club that is famous in the showbiz industry. Kanae admits that is the place but how did he know that she’ll be going to Minato.

Yashiro says that as an upcoming actress who is always on a diet, and is very fashion conscious, how can she be satisfied by other stores except the ‘main branch’. Based on the girls’ reactions, he was spot on. Kyouko is amazed by Yashiro’s conjecture merely based on the mention of Poole Bell. Yashiro offers to drive Kanae to the place as he drives Kyouko to TBM.

Before Kanae can answer him, someone is calling Yashiro on the phone so he excused himself. Kanae takes the opportunity to ask Kyouko if she is going to TBM for a Kimagure shooting so did she already tell Yashiro about it. She didn’t know the details but she got the assumption that there was an ill-timed meeting between Ren and Bo.

Kyouko gloomily agreed and if Ren was from some dark organization, she would have been in danger of being erased from this world. Kyouko admits that she was moved into trembling when Yashiro agreed to be her manager for the time being but she trembled badly with anxiety regarding the Kimagure recording.

In the end, she still haven’t told Yashiro and just told him that it is her work as a Love Me member wherein she cannot expose her identity. After that, Yashiro no longer probe or ask anything about it anymore.

Kyouko thinks that this consideration among other reasons is probably the reason why Yashiro was chosen by Lory to become Ren’s manager. Kanae mentions about the blisters on Kyouko’s hands are no longer obvious. Kyouko thanks her for the blister patches that she recommended to her.

Just when Kyouko is praising her for it, Kanae interrupts by saying that Hiou gave it to her as ‘return gift for Vday’ since he said that female actresses cannot have blisters. While Kyouko looks surprised, Kanae tells her to praise Hiou instead of her for that panacea.

After some moments of trying to get lost-in-thought Kyouko’s attention, trembling Kyouko tearfully mentions about as if she was spied on by an unprecedented [/unmatched] destructive witch who’ll use her knees to break apart pieces of wood. Then a girl is disastrously and completely falling apart...that is the ‘tomorrow her’s fate [/her fate tomorrow?]

Kanae reprimands her for not listening and imagining something else. Kyouko asks her what to do for isn’t this, a premonition. Kanae tells her that her brain isn’t that lofty thing [who can do that?] and it is simply just a delusion.

Even if she doesn’t know what’s scaring Kyouko yet she’ll suddenly be immersed in that kind of fiendish delusion. Just when Yashiro comes back, Kanae assures Kyouko that girl who’ll also be joining the audition is no match for her.

Kyouko thinks about that, she suddenly thought of something last night. Even if she is at ease with the hopes that the producer will be fair, but what if both the producer and director knew about Erika’s true identity even if according to her bodyguard, she tried to conceal it.

If her identity is exposed and her family is the biggest sponsor of the drama, then from the start, Erika already got the role. So, is it really what one can call as ‘fair’?

Since Kyouko is looking serious, Kanae decides to take on Yashiro’s offer and they’ll stop by at ‘Day Table’ on their way. This perks up Kyouko who screams that she likes Kanae. Before Kyouko can hug her, Kanae gracefully turns to evade Kyouko who probably fell down on the floor.

Later on, they got their ‘gold star onigiri’ which had the sweetest high grade plum as filling. Soon, Kyouko is happy with her take out of ‘gold star’ onigiri and other flavors for tomorrow’s breakfast. At TBM parking, Yashiro tells Kyouko to contact him once she is finished with her work. While walking inside the building, Kyouko meets with Itsumi.

After their greetings, Itsumi informs Kyouko that she just finished her work and is currently waiting for her manager. Upon seeing a beautiful heart charm on Itsumi’s cellphone, Kyouko starts to compliment her about it and asks if she is into that kind of thing. Embarrassed Itsumi asks if it is strange for she is using it as an ornament.

Kyouko says not at all. Itsumi says that it is originally a decoration in the packaging so... Kyouko is totally confused that she asks what she is referring to. This surprises Itsumi that she mentions about it being a return gift for Vday from Ren.

Kyouko immediately goes into a blank expression. Itsumi continues to say that Airi [another actress in Dark Moon] got a totally different ornament so she thought that Kyouko got what she likes and... Itsumi asks what’s with her totally blank expression. Kyouko says about White day, that is something that totally has no connection to her or rather, it is because she didn’t gave chocolates to Ren.

Itsumi says that she recalls that Kyouko made chocolates that day since she gave some to her and the director so she definitely gave some to Ren. Kyouko says that Ren already got so many chocolates so she gave him a gelatin dessert.

Kyouko starts to say that she isn’t included in the list of people of Ren’s ‘return gift’ list so she isn’t part of Itsumi’s group who got that ornament. Itsumi asks why not for even if it isn’t chocolates, it is still filled with someone’s feelings and it is hard to imagine that Ren would ignore this.

She starts to wonder if there must be some mistake that Kyouko didn’t get one yet. Kyouko darkly asks if she knows about some 1-100 Japan Vday rules like regarding not considering the inconvenience of receiving something other than chocolates and one must return the gift.

Over the years, giving chocolates on Vday has already deeply ingrained in the people’s consciousness. It’s quite unreasonable that one must also return the gift even if it isn’t chocolates. It is simply a tendency to ‘doubling the return[/value]’ of the return gift.

So, thinking of the ‘other party’, for the men, Vday is such a burden that it is quite troublesome, right? Itsumi says that’s true. Kyouko asks if she understands. Itsumi says that she didn’t think of it before but saying it like that, women are indeed quite leading so she feels that there should be some rules about choosing the return gift.

Kyouko perks up and exclaims that there should be, right. Itsumi says that she thinks so. While Kyouko happily held hands with Itsumi to dance over this, her manager had already arrived. While working as Bou by doing some hula hoop, Kyouko is busy convincing herself that there are indeed rules regarding choosing the return gift and it is impossible that men haven’t thought about it.

She kept telling herself that she doesn’t mind not receiving a return gift especially since right now she still has something important to think about. Later on, she meets with Yashiro who drives her to her next destination.

Yashiro notices Kyouko looking too serious while holding her weapons that Yashiro assures her about Kimiko, even if he said that she isn’t that bad but that is also saying that she doesn’t have that huge shocking impression.

He can say that since he had seen Kimiko’s acting in the drama before and she couldn’t win against Kyouko. After a while, Yashiro recalls Kanae saying the same thing so he asked if they are talking about the same person.

Kyouko giggles and says that it is so. She thanks him for that strong reliable guarantee for actually, she ALSO think so. Except for HER [Kimiko], no matter what kind of people auditioned for it, compared to anyone else, she’s the only one who can truly infer ‘Momiji’ realistically without limit...

...for she’ll be ‘Momiji’ and she’ll definitely clinch this. Kyouko thinks, but if that evil destructive witch [still?] hasn’t fully use that powerful magic, how will things develop, that is unknown--

Comment: Hm...I wonder if Kyouko doing that martial art feat is thanks to having a manager or it is thanks to having Yashiro as her manager. The first part does seem to establish that Yashiro is really good at his job and he does distance himself from things that the other party doesn’t want to know about. In short, he let some private things be private.

Ah, since Ren and Kyouko are ‘good people’, that is quite good but I do wonder if in real life, is that really okay? Oh well, if some scandal does happen, it will be the showbiz personality who’ll be responsible and reap the consequence = lose his/her job.

Kyouko obviously have no more problems with the actions scenes. I think that Kanae and Yashiro are misunderstanding Kyouko’s serious mood as anxiety for the audition. Actually, she goes into that mood when ‘return gift’ and ‘White Day’ is mentioned. Somehow, I kept wondering who’ll figure it out =P

I would assume that destructive witch she is thinking about is jealousy but I couldn’t imagine it being destructive to the audition. Actually, I think it will help her in her Momiji role. It is like, she’s always the one with Ren and she seems special but someone else gets his attention/get thank you gifts.

That would be like Momiji always at Shizuma’s side but Chidori gets him. Perhaps, she doesn’t want to be viciously jealous or rather kept on thinking why oh why didn’t she get a thank you gift even if she tries her best to find some excuse for it. It seems she is having a hard time convincing herself about it.

Unless that witch is Komiki due to her connections and what else she might do to get the role. So, will that premonition happen in some way? Well, it’s either in the acting job or in her personal life.

Now, this is again wishful thinking on my part but I have a feeling that something big is up. The ‘return gift/White Day’ is still being mentioned after a few chapters. Then, there is about Bo that Yashiro might find out. I also wonder what could be something that will be ‘special’ as a return gift which isn’t a material thing?

I mean, the other return gifts are already the nice stuff that Kyouko likes so if it’s from Ren, it has to be something else. Something more special. So, somehow, my wishful thinking is that Kyouko might learn who Corn is at the end of this arc. Anyway, first things first, that is Kyouko get the role of Momiji ^^ Scans by 红莲汉化组

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  1. Hi Kat, Enjoy reading your thoughts as much as the summaries and I do enjoy reading the summaries so we are clear about that!! :-D Just hoping I get to read to the end of the series before I kick the bucket. Glad to see you have come back from your trip safely. Hope that it was an enriching and enjoyable experience.

    1. Hiyo, yumichan3557 ^^

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

      Thank you and I did.

      Hehe, I do think of that sometimes - read the series until the end... =P

    2. Haha I too hope this series will end before I kick the bucket!!! Anyway thanks Kat for your summaries because you express your thots on every pages so well compared to some dodgy translation work I find in the internet. Keep it up!

    3. I think a lot of readers think that way, A.M.A =P

      Thanks for reading them ^-^

  2. Im happy that yashiro have a lot of part in this chapter since i really like him*swoon*. I laugh aloud when he was able to guess where will kanae go with few words. He can be a detective as a second option if he dont want to be a manager. 😂 It only shows how capable yashiro is.

    Kat im also wondering if anyone can guess the reason of kyoko's nervousness since she is really good in hiding things. Too bad she's good with it. But if yashiro was able to guess that will be funny. Some wishful thinking on my part because he will be with kyoko for a while.

    Im also getting excited of the outcome of the white day gift. Im really wondering about it kat. Hopefully it will be given on the day of shou's mom visit and i hope that shou will be able to see the gift too. Im imagining shou chan jealous face hehehe!

    Thanks again for the summary. I also enjoyed reading your comment. Realized some things that i missed before.

    1. Hehe, is that so, paula ^^ Yup ^^

      Good point. If there is anyone who managed to guess it, that person ought to be an amazing person. ^^ So far, Kyouko managed to 'fool' most of the cast with the truth. That is also my wishful thinking.

      Still, hm..thinking about it. Kyouko already has Lory who knew the truth though he isn't exactly goading her on. Actually, Lory also knows about what Ren thinks of Kyouko. Yashiro knows about Ren's feelings towards Kyouko and does goad him along at times.

      So, it makes me wonder if the mangaka is somehow limiting their 'interference' for she prefers for the two to get together naturally? Of course, that would mean very slow development.

      Thanks for reading and glad to hear that, paula ^-^

    2. If lory knew it then i can just imagine how he will tease kyoko. Remember, lory is so serious when he first knew that ren have feelings with kyoko but he eventually tease him a lot whenever lory had an opportuny. It might happen to kyoko too. That will be so hillarious if it happen.

      You're right too. Why lory isnt doing anything? I thought he will be the cupid. Maybe he will only move in silent?or he will on leave them to learn that kyoko and ren feeling is mutual.

      If the mangaka leave them be then skip beat will be a really long serialization of manga. Hmmnn. I like that to happen though im already too excited to know how it will progress

    3. Hm..I think he kind of somehow teased her during their White Day meeting. He is hinting on something then drops the topic, then hints about it again which made Kyouko think that he is some executioner playing with the guillotine.

      I think it's the latter. He probably prefer not to be a killjoy and just let the two figure things out by themselves especially since it will be resolved through time. Lol, of course, their time is very long and slow compared to ours =P

      Indeed. So, let's hope that something big happens in this arc.

    4. Yeah! I remember that now. Kyoko dont know if lory will just drop the subject or not :D. Cant get enough of that chapter. Though ren also have a hard time with lory when he feel like teasing ren. Lory being a lovemon and all hahaha!

      Your right. I think he just want to see their progress in love and in their career. With a bit of meddling here and there.

      Let's hope for the best for ren and kyoko

    5. Indeed.

      Ya, most likely.

      Yup ^^

  3. I really enjoyed reading your summaries and thoughts about this manga. Thanks a lot and have a safe trip. 😊

  4. Loved your analogy on jealousy. Interesting.

  5. Nice to meet you kat, it's been 2 years since i lurking silently in your blog >_< anoo, if you don't mind can you make a translation about henyoku no labirynth or at least help me find the raw of it? Sorry for burden, thanks as always especially for kasane!

    1. Nice to meet you, too, Ronauly ^-^

      Thanks for the support ^-^

      Sorry, no. I don't read it after a few chapters because it isn't frequently updated in Chinese that at times, I think it is already abandoned. ^^;

      For raws, no, but for Chinese scanlations, here:

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Thanks! Really appreciate that! Kyaaaahh domo arigatou!

    3. No problem ^^

      Glad to be of help ^-^

  6. Having Yashiro as Kyoko's manager is a pivotal point for me because that strengthens the bond she and Ren shares. I feel in a way it adds to the intimacy between them.

    And I honestly love how this manga develops. It's very thought-out, unlike the conventional manga. It does not compromise the integrity of the characters and the characters' development continue to be the prime driving force of this manga. That said, it's been close to 14 (?) Years since the manga started and I wonder if I'll ever see the finish line before I get old and grey!

    Skip Beat means so much to me and it means a lot to me that you continue to update this. Thanks a lot:)

    1. For me too! This manga means a safe island I can "run" to

    2. what way, Nur? Since they share the same manager?

      Indeed. ^^

      Yup and thanks for reading ^-^

  7. Hello, Kat! Am I the only one who is really looking for Ren to show up? You know, I totally love this manga, and actually it's the only one that I am still following (well, it's been some years, right?) I am totally needing some "hot" scene, I don't know ... i hope she gets this role quickly and maybe there is a kiss scene in the new drama, Ren gets jealous and teach teach her ... (silly, right?) but I am really missing something. The mom's arched was really dragged, and the beginning of this one is nice, but I do want Ren-san! Well, that's all...
    Are you all right? Is Japan nice?

    1. Hiyo, ah..not really but then, if it isn't his time to show up, it isn't. Hehe, for me, I try not to expect too much about him showing up = less disappointment if he isn't in the chapter.

      Still, he is still being mentioned with the White Day gift so I think that's a good thing. Something to anticipate when he does show up. ^^

      I'm fine though a bit tired from all the walking around ^^; Yup, it's nice ^^ Thanks ^^

  8. I cannot disagree more, I am really looking forward to a casting and role development finally. Those were the reasons I started with Skip Beat and I had several times the urge to quit the manga, especially during the Reino stories and Guam. I hope for more jobs, maybe advertising, as that only needs a chapter or two.
    That beig said, yes, it would be nice to see Ren again, I want them to act again, this time with Kyouko showing him how much she has improved. I wouldn't be surprised, if he eventually does take the samurai role, although it would not be my favourite, but the mangaka needs to speed up the development a bit. She is not very fast, only once a month a chapter comes out (I remeber when they came twice a month and how much the artwork had suffered then), therefore she cannot aim for 300-400 chapters, that would take way too many years.

    1. Hehe, is that so. Well, I guess in a way, the mangaka is keeping it balanced with that side and the romance side so those reading for only one of that would still read the manga ^^

      Hm.., after all these years, it seems unlikely the mangaka is going to divert from her story's pacing. How about 100 more chapters? My estimate is 1 full arc = 1+ year. So, try to guess how many arcs are needed to finish this series ^^

    2. I suppose she tries not to divert from her pacing, but in order to keep quality up and not have to draw the same manga until she is old and grey perhaps they should up her staff so they can go back to at least a bi-monthly schedule as they started.
      That would take another almost 10 years as she publishes now... I don't think I will keep up with it that long ^^"

    3. Actually, I think it is a good idea for the mangaka to keep drawing the same manga until she is old and grey as she sees it fit especially since it is still very popular.

      I'm thinking that this is her masterpiece and golden goose. Any other new series' reception is unknown so better bank on this one. =P

      I think it is easy to get her staff to do it bi-monthly but then, perhaps, she is older now and she prefers to do this in a less stressful way = once a month. Perhaps, there are other things in her life right now that needs more attention so she couldn't do it bi-monthly anymore. Well, that's my theories =P

      Haha, 10 more years huh. It will really depend on her skill to keep the readers reading. I think she somehow perfected it since there are still a lot of people reading it after 200+ chapters. I mean, just when one thinks that nothing much is going to happen, she'll suddenly drops a bomb then people would start reading/craving for more. ^^

    4. Yeah, that's right! I am with the mangaka until the end! I don't know how many years I am following this manga, well my daugheter is already 6 and I did begin reading looong before she was born, so yeah ... a lot of time! This is the only one that I am still reading! It's really a master piece! I love Kyoko and Ren! Thanks Kat!

    5. Yup, Sindicato ^^ It is a series that I can re-read and still enjoy it every time.

      You're welcome ^-^

  9. I've realized it's been more than 4 years since I have looking up for your summary on skip beat!!! Thanks so much for your updates, I always look forwards to it & your end summary!
    I will continue to visit this site for as long as you continue it!!

    1. Thanks for the support, R MY ^-^

      Thanks for reading them ^^

  10. Thanks for the hardwork kat. Im not sure if some of u are aware that scanlated version of chapter 242 are out nw? I think rens gift for kyoko is smthg big as well, i suspect it was yashiro, since ren could be generous enough to lend him to her for 2 weeks.. hm i can be wrong as well. This doesnt stop me from hoping that there is a surprise for kyoko. Aaand, am i the only one who thinks that if she gets a return gift it might not help her mold her momiji..? And i really wish to see ren, even if its in a flashback.. i miss him already... huhuhu
    The ninja role promises us some action scenes, probably accidents, secrets could be revealed as well, im nt sure if ren is still acting in this drama. In earlier chapters both of them (ren n kyoko) were sad that they couldnt act with each other in this work.. i think there will be more instances where kyokos feelings could be revealed, or atleast, like lory, someone else might suspect her of having feelings for someone..
    This arc could introduce us a new villain, or some additional side roles.
    My anticipations are hyped.. it jyst hurts how t mangaka onky release 1 chapter per month. Huuuu.. lets wait n see.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup, I saw that it's out but I'm still waiting for the Chinese. I'll get back to this after I read both versions.

    2. Maybe but for now, I would think that Yashiro volunteered by himself without anything related to Ren. If there's a gift, I would prefer something romance related but then, work related as you suggested, isn't bad either.

      From the looks of things, she'll either get the role or note, before she gets any return gift if there is any.

      Possible. I'm not sure about already had one before shooting. Too many will be problematic = delays and everything. Secrets...of? Unless Ren is in this drama, seems unlikely for now.

      There definitely will be...the end game is for those two to be together.

      Hehe, indeed.

  11. Hi Kat. I miss your blog and your review. Even though I have read the translation, I will definitely drop by at your blog just to see your point of view. Well done, Kat and thank you for doing this review. Have a safe trip and enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for reading, hazellhassan ^-^

      Thanks, I did. ^^