November 14, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 53]

At a fast food restaurant, while looking at his cellphone and eating some French Fries, Shou asks Yuki when she is going to tell him her apartment’s address. About to eat her hamburger, Yuki says next time. Shou says isn’t it strange that the boyfriend doesn’t know his girlfriend’s address.

Yuki says no, because he seems to be the type who’ll just go to someone’s house without permission. And, by the way, the competition will start soon so he also doesn't have time to hang out in her house. He says that if he wins, then she won’t say anything anymore. She asks if he wins the competition, no, about can she say it..

Shou tells her that they play jakenpon. Shou wins with scissors against Yuki’s paper. So, Yuki gives him a drawn map of her apartment’s address which is near a supermarket and the train station. She even put notes like he isn’t allowed to come without prior notice, he cannot come on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday when the possibility of her sisters coming is high, and he isn’t allowed to come without any reason.
Narration: “Granny who’s in Heaven, time flies that it is already April. There are times when my boyfriend, who is younger than me, still presses on at every step that it gives me such a headache. Even though, all sorts of things had happened-- Starting from today on, I’m a college student.” The opening ceremony of Osaki University has just ended.

While holding some papers, Yuki thinks that it seems that the new student orientation meeting will start at 3pm. Since she has two more hours to go, she plans to look around the classroom first. Her cellphone beeps. It is messages from Shou asking if the opening ceremony is today, congrats and can he go to her place today. There is an emoticon of a bear staring at her from the corner.

Yuki thinks that in the end, after failing to persuade Shou (actually she lost in jakenpon), she told him her apartment’s address. There is a scene of Shou saying that as much as possible he won’t do it so can he go to her place right now, and Yuki replied no. Yuki thinks, no, it is also very strange not to tell him when obviously, they are going steady. But after all, the other party is still a high school student so she still must maintain an appropriate distance.
This surprises her a bit that she thinks, that’s wrong, today is such an important day so is it okay for her to be thinking of Shou? “After the school opening, she definitely has to seriously study--” Just then, someone calls out to her as ‘the girl on that side’. Giving her a flyer, a guy asks if she is interested in tennis.

He is from the tennis club and here is a flyer. After Yuki thanks him for it, he asks if she has time on the day after tomorrow for the welcome party for the new students... Just then, giving her another flyer, a glasses guy says no, no, no, compared to that club, Karaoke get-together is 100 times more interesting. A woman holding a flyer for ‘let’s bamboo’, shouts that their bamboo dance club is bamboobanzai [/long live]-!

Just when Yuki is telling them to wait, the others start shoving their flyers to her. There is a wrestling group that warmly welcomes girls, a onsen [hot spring] research group that will have a party tomorrow, a lisps group, and a join to learn how to trampoline so that you can fly around-!! Yuki can only tell herself that she’ll definitely properly study..stu...
At Ryuhoku’s gym, Shou is busy practicing with the others. Shou manages to shoot the ball with a jump shot. The ball is in. Girls squeal that it is 3rd year Shou, and it’s right for them to choose to go to Ryuhoku! Miyoshi tells the girls who are at the door to pay attention and sorry for the number one ojisan [/uncle]] has to pass through to get inside.

Inside, he tells everyone that the brimming with youth applicants who applied for the club has already congregated. Abe and others look behind to check out their new members. Sparkling and serious, the new members call out that they’ll be under their care [/yoroshiku]. Himiko says that a lot of people came this year.

Pointed nose Hatori says that it seems that Ryuhoku’s reputation had spread far and wide. Shou calls out for them to first observe. They exclaim, okay. Just then, a tall black haired guy comes in and pats Shou’s shoulder to ask if he can still join now. Hatori and others are shock that he’s so tall. [<- he is as tall as Shou] Hatori exclaims if he is a high school student.
Waving a v-sign, the guy introduces himself as 1-B’s Usami [guesswork from 宇佐三; surname] with 185 cm height. The others complain that he’s so tall and frivolous that can infuriate someone. Usami points at Shou and exclaims that he’s Shou-senpai, so amazing, it’s the real person, and can he give him an autograph later on. Shou refuses.

Abe is shock when Noda darkly asks what’s up with that guy, coming here uninvited. Just then, an overly seriously guy raises his hand and asks if practice isn’t going to start yet. Usami apologizes to him as a senpai. The guy angrily shouts that he isn’t a senpai and they are in the same class. Actually, they are seated in the front and rear of each other. Usami says ah.

The guy shouts what ah, he already introduced himself in class yesterday! Himiko frantically tells them to quarrel. The guy shouts that by the way, Usami forgot to return the erase he just lent him. Usami says ugh. Someone shouts to quickly stop for they are putting Himiko in between them. The others say that it seems that this year’s first year/s is very annoying.
Shou doesn’t look amused. Narration: “New school term. New students. New life.” Before climbing up the stairs to her apartment, Yuki’s paper bag had broken due to the heavy load of the flyers that she is carrying. She laments that the flyers are quite a lot that her arms are going to break.

While picking up the flyers, she notices a black haired woman going downstairs. Realizing that she is her neighbor, Yuki greets her and introduces herself as room 203’s Machida. The woman introduces herself as 202’s Usami [same with the first year’s 宇佐三]

As the woman leaves, Yuki thinks that their age is almost the same and it’s great that it feels like she can get along with her. Narration: “In short, I ought to be able to have a peaceful and quiet life inside the apartment.” She enters her apartment and calls out that she’s back. There is only silence. Yuki thinks that she said that, even if there is no one else is there.
She recalls one of the twins screaming why she didn’t do as she asked which is for Yuki to take a picture of Shou while he’s changing his clothes, and Shintaro screaming about killing someone who swapped the DVD covers. Yuki thinks that it’s too..quiet that it makes her feel uneasy. She suddenly recalls Shou asking if he can go to her house.

She immediately throws her bag on the bed and thinks, no, she isn’t a bit lonely and he’s an idiot who’ll make her more distracted than becoming calm. Her cellphone is ringing. It is Shou. After greeting her good job [otsukaresama], he asks if she is at home. He says that practice has just ended and a lot of people applied for the club. Yuki is relieved to hear that.

He asks her how is the opening ceremony. She says that the club recruiters are quite intense. He asks club, is that those that like to go out and drink [alcohol] so will she join. She says no, she still hasn’t considered it. Shou says that’s good then, he’ll be at ease. Yuki wonders what’s with that, she suddenly felt like wanting to see him.
Then, she overhears a girl screaming, Naruse-senpai! Shou is walking outside when the first year’ fangirls had him surrounded. They tell him that they are his fans since junior high, can he give them a picture. Another girl [Arisa?] shouts that’s too cunning she wants one, too. A girl goes ah~~his muscle here is so firm. Someone [Arisa?] shouts that didn’t she say that they’re not allowed to pull his hand!

Then, the phone hangs up. Yuki thinks that he is surrounded by girls again, huh, and this year’s first year students are really amazing. Narration: “New life, new school term, I have already experienced all sorts of things. He also experienced all sorts of things. I know that even if I go and think of this kind of thing, I cannot do anything about it.”

At school, it is already dismissal so Yuki is putting aside her book in her bag. She thinks that college life isn’t just studying since there is also interpersonal relationship club experience. So, at least while they are separated, she’ll forget about Shou and properly develop her own knowledge... Just then, Amamiya exclaims that she’s here and it’s such a coincidence that he saw her so is she free in a while.
Yuki says that she no longer has anything to do today though she wants to read the ‘search for jobs’ magazine again. Showing a thumbs up, Amamiya exclaims that’s great, accomplished! Before Yuki can react, he grabs her arm and starts to pull her along. Yuki exclaims hey..what.. Amamiya says that it’s great, they said that they are to bring along three women then, it will be free-! She asks what is!

He shows her a flyer of Osaki’s basketball club. It mentions about happily playing basketball together and they welcome even those without experience. And, there is a mention about it being free if there are girls. Kampai [cheers]-!! In a crowded restaurant where everyone including Amamiya is busy eating and chatting, Yuki nervously thinks that even if she got dragged here by Amamiya but she obviously didn’t want to join the basketball club so is this really okay.

She recalls Shou saying that he’s at ease. She nervously thinks, wrong, wrong, it isn’t like it is a strange gathering and she isn’t drinking. It wasn’t easy to get into college so this kind of activity can be considered as a social practice-- A guy happily greets her a good evening. After she greeted him back, he asks if she is a first year student and does she want to join their club.
Yuki says no, it like that isn’t at all. Another guy tells her that it is interesting for they practice on Monday, Wednesday then drink during Friday and Saturdays. The guy exclaims to let him say, sorry but he really super-understands this, you are a S[adist], right? Unfazed Yuki darkly says no. At the shoe lockers, Shou reads a message from Yuki saying good work on practice.

She mentions that she got dragged to a welcome party but she’ll just show up there, and then she’ll go home. Abe calls out to Shou and says that Hatori called everyone to eat ramen. Looking serious, Shou says that he’ll pass for today. Back at the restaurant, a glass of drink got spilled on the table. One of the guys exclaims that didn’t he say that it’s no good for how can one do the Awa dance in such a narrow place.

Yuki offers to get some towel. A girl happily thanks her. She asks what else they want to order while she’s on her way. Some says a huge glass of oolong tea. Someone orders for beer. Someone orders for whiskey. Someone exclaims that even if he’s older but that girl is like an older sister. Amamiya says that she’s like that during high school. 

While Yuki tells what she needs from the waitress, she wonders if this kind of experience can really be transformed into a social experience for it doesn’t seem to have any difference with a high school gathering. She recalls the time when Shou and Abe were ordering meat for their yakiniku party. Yuki thinks that today, would Shou be surrounded by those first year girls again. She nervously thinks no, so she said that even if she goes to think about that kind of thing, she cannot do anything about it. 
Yuki looks at her cellphone to check the time. It is already 20:47. To her shock, she noticed that she got 27 missed calls from Shou. She thinks that it’s so annoying for that’s a lot but then, she sobers up and thinks, no good. She goes back in and apologizes to someone that she has something to do all of a sudden so she’ll be going ahead. She thinks that in the end, she still thinks of that guy.

On the phone, Yuki is walking around her room while calling Shou. She thinks that he isn’t answering and it is definitely because she had ignored him. And to call that many times, he must be already furious. Then, Shou answers the phone. Yuki apologizes for not noticing his phone call and she just got home. Shou asks how was the welcome party.

She says no, about that..she thought that she’ll gain something but in the end, this time around, she didn’t get to do anything... He asks if parties are done according this way. Yuki says that she also doesn’t know. Just when she thinks that it isn’t time to think of this, the doorbell rings. She tells Shou that someone came and it might be her sisters so sorry, she’ll call him again later... 

Yuki opens the door and it is Shou. While she looks surprised, Shou turns his cellphone off and says that he carelessly came. After that registers into her brain, Yuki screams what the heck is ‘carelessly came’ and what he is doing. Shou says that it is something he really wants to say. 
He mentions about it being very dangerous not locking the door [<- I cannot quite read the small characters but I assumed that. As in, she just closed the door but didn’t locked it] Shou says that he wanted to say what’s up with her, running back home midway the gathering. This made Yuki flustered. Yuki says yes, he had called more than ten times that it caused her to worry.

She wondered what to do for she obviously told this idiot not to come without permission. She obviously told him not to come without a reason -—yet she’s so happy. Blushing Yuki tells him that he made her specially want to see him... This made Shou drop his bag. After the door closes, he rushes to hug her tight. He says that didn’t he said it before. She asks what.

Shou says that he won’t miss it again so from today on, he’ll be 100 times more annoying than before. She wonders that in the end, how many times he wants to remind her of that before he’ll be satisfied. She says that didn’t she tell him not to come without permission. Shou says that didn’t she say before that he can hug her without permission. 

Yuki wonders if he is acting cute. He asks her if he can continue on bothering her. Yuki nods. Shou asks if he can call her a lot of times. Yuki nods twice. Shou asks if he can go to bed with her like this. With blank eyes, Yuki shakes her head and tells him not to think that’s possible. He asks her, if he can push her down here. Yuki blushes really red and he suddenly pushes her down on the floor.

Yuki thinks that the more she force herself not to think of him, force herself to forget him, the more deeply her consciousness and brain is filled with him. While leaning close to her, Shou says that her hair has the smell of cigarette. Yuki tells him that it is because someone is smoking. While they do a French kiss, Yuki becomes flustered when he starts to unbutton her blouse.

She sits up and angrily asks what he is doing. He says, a seal. She exclaims, a blood stasis[/hematoma]. He says ah, ya, was there a senior smoking beside her, that’s super dangerous. He tells her to remember to tell him when it disappears so that he can make another one. She blushes. He bites below her neck. Yuki groans and was about to call his name.

Then, suddenly, Usami [neighbor] angrily opens the door and shouts, “Ha-! It’s really hard to believe-! I won’t go on a group date with a hairdresser/s again...” Then, she notices casual Shou and shocked Yuki looking at her while he is midway from giving her a hickey. Usami looks aghast. She says that she was mistaken about the room. Then, she closes the door. Yuki can only go...!?...!!? Narration: “Apparently, [this] new life won’t be so tranquil."
Comment: So, the series is now about a long distance relationship of a female college student and a male high school student. Yuki really knows that Shou will come without notice to her place upon knowing her address. Her issue is understandable since she wants to focus on studying that is why she was given her own place by her parents. Of course, realistically, it will be hard to solely concentrate on that while having a boyfriend.

Regarding the clubs, it doesn’t seem good for her to join the basketball club since they seem to be into girls because of their condition to bring girls so that the food/drink? would be free. The amount of time spent on practice is the same with parties. I’m not sure if Shizuka would want to join that kind of club. Nevertheless, I think the mangaka had fun with those kinds of eccentric such things really exist in college or is that just for comedy?

We have two new characters with surnames. I think they are siblings. The first year seems to be a bit too ‘fresh’/blunt. In a way, his quarrel with his classmate reminds me of Shou and Shizuka ^^; One is easy-going while the other is way too serious. How will Shou and the others handle those two? =P

Now, let’s talk about the neighbor. Most Chinese readers would wonder if she is the ‘other girl’ or even the ex-girlfriend. If she is, perhaps the other guy in the last chapter is our ‘other guy’ in this new arc? Though I think these two might end up together in some way. Actually, it seems like comedy rather than for them to be rivals for our couple. The two seem to have bad luck with their love lives. =P

In a way, I can imagine Shou’s sister in this kind of setting. Instead of Yuki being the senpai, she is now a kouhai with all this seemingly older new characters including Shou’s sister. The theme might become more mature too since this is college life for Yuki. So, let’s see how the mangaka will introduce her to Yuki.

There are also the other guys in college/clubs and the Shou’s fangirls to deal with. In this chapter, it is noticeable how different the two handle this kind of issue. For Shou, he’ll get jealous and would want to put a hickey on her. For Yuki, she’ll think that there’s nothing she can do about those fangirls so she let it be.

Anyway, things will be awkward the next time Yuki meets with her neighbor. It will be amusing to see how it happens since Yuki isn’t really used to that kind of thing. Though, I’m not too sure if Yuki would let that kind of thing with Shou happen again anytime soon. ^^; Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Life has a plan for each of us; we may not understand the whys on our journey but every event is meaningful nonetheless. ~ Ken Poirot


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