November 25, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 86]

At Hakuyou’s harem, the court ladies gushes, “Ah..It’s really quite beautiful, lady princess consort..!” Yuulin is all dressed up and accessorized as she wears an off-shoulder dress with see-through long sleeves. Blushing Yuulin says that this is Sogyoku’s current fashion. “This type of kind of..”

The court ladies exclaim that it suits her. Yuulin thinks that in the end, wearing this kind of clothes makes her feel embarrassed... Yuulin says that this is quite fine so she’ll change back to her usual clothes. Her aghast court ladies exclaim in shock and asks, doesn’t she plan on showing it to His Majesty!? “Besides, there is also not much opportunity...”

Yuulin sweetly smiles at them and says that she would rather want to think of how to write a letter back to Princess Ruka in order to properly thank her. “...I cannot keep calm while wearing this.” The flustered court ladies ask what to do.
Narration: “The reason why I, Tei Yuulin, is suddenly wearing that, is because, Haku Ruka, His Majesty’s aunt who got married off to the neighboring country of Sogyoku had delivered this gift along with a letter.” There is a scene of Yuulin sighing in relief.

She thinks that in the end, dressed normally like this is really better. Narration: “And speaking of the letter’s contents--..” Flashback: Aghast Jun says, “She wrote, ‘Lately, some worrisome news had reached my ear. *scene of delighted Ruka with flowers* Please, you must inform me, Lady princess consort, of your current situation--...’ I’m afraid that the ‘youkai consort’ has reached her ear...”

Yuulin went into ‘!?’ shock. Jun continued to say, “She also wrote, ‘I treat you, lady princess consort, as my younger sister, so you can tell me anything’-like that. Please wait and confirm first the gift list before writing a letter back...”
Yuulin trembled in shock as she knelt down on the floor. She thought, “‘Youkai consort’..! I didn’t think that it will reach and be known in Sogyoku. That silly reputation! Ah ah!?” End flashback. Holding her head, Yuulin gloomily thinks, “Why!? In order to purge the ‘youka consort’ stigma, I worked so hard in training everyday...

...I even spared no effort in receiving the guests from Enha. But the situation had become worse!! Is this some kind of joke...!! *calms down as she sits on her desk* ...this isn’t the time to be depressed; I have to think of the reply back. Let me confirm one more time the princess consort’s appropriate course of action...

...After I’ve roughly finished it better to ask Lady Ranyou to modify it again. I have to attain a passing grade. I definitely still have a very long way to go. It is no good if I don’t quickly start. *pouts and holds her pen* I still have to practice calligraphy. Ah—I won’t admit defeat-!! I’ll retrieve my reputation!”
Later on, Reishou arrives and says, “—huh?” While he stares at Yuulin from top to bottom, Yuulin welcomes Reishou and asks what’s up. Puzzled Reishou says that it is nothing. “I just heard that today, I’ll see a dressed up fashionable princess consort waiting for me. Is it the gift that auntie gave?”

Startled Yuulin says, ah, who had specially told that kind of thing to him... “About that, *flustered and timidly smiles* I’m really sorry but if there’s an opportunity next time...” Reishou seems puzzled as he looks at her.

Blushing Yuulin thinks that it is embarrassing to death to specially change into that dress for His Majesty...! “It’s gaudy and revealing...but then, between a married couple, there should also...” Reishou says that actually, he doesn’t mind what she wears. Yuulin pouts and says, “Yes. Is that so-- Ah, okay.”
She wonders if he isn’t interested in clothes and ornaments since he totally doesn’t care. “For him to say that can also make me feel not interested [/bored]... Hm~” Yuulin is puzzled since Reishou keeps on looking at her. He approaches her.

He leans to her and says, “—As long as it is you, you’re cute no matter what you wear.” This immediately made Yuulin blush and her heart went dokidoki. Yuulin thinks that this is the Wolf King--!! “How come each and every time, this man would make my heart jump until it is going to explode--!!”

The next day, Gen angrily shouts at Yuulin, “You big idiot-!!” Surprised Yuulin asks him what’s up that he’s suddenly like that. While stomping on the floor and waving his arms, Gen shouts, “It’s a rare opportunity for the ‘huge battle [strategy] of a different from usual sexy princess consort who’ll seduce His Majesty’!
...*There is a scene of Yuulin in the sexy dress winking at blushing Reishou who is surrounded by hearts*... You unexpectedly wasted it-!! Stupid-!! Idiot-!! Wahhh-” Yuulin exclaims in realization, “Ah! It turns out tthat it is Teacher who said those unnecessary things to His Majesty!! So, it’s like that!”

Still whining and crying, Gen shouts, “How come you-don’t-understand-!! I’m going to be heartbroken!! Hu-wah-ah ah!!” Yuulin sweatdrops and tells him that there’s nothing to cry about. Eating some rice crackers, Dai appears and says that Yuulin made an old man cry- Yuulin angrily tells Dai that he’s noisy to death.

Yuulin tensely tells Gen that she’s saying that right now, that isn’t what she has to-do- “Purge the Youkai stigma! Princess consort studies!” Gen angrily rebukes her, “What are you saying! His Majesty is definitely also very disappointed!!” This shocks Yuulin.
Pointing at her, Gen tearfully reprimands her, “Do you know that an ordinary princess consort’s everyday is, it is standing in front of the mirror the whole day! Polishing on how to dress herself up to properly provoke His Majesty’s favor!

...But you, each and every day, you’re solely preoccupied with just studies and studies." There is a scene of chibi Yuulin gloomily studying. Yuulin shouts, "You go and complain about that to Li Jun-san!" Scene of aghast Yuulin = study life. Gen continues to shout, "Is it no good for you to even occasionally improve your charming skill a bit?!! You’re not even putting a bit of effort [in it]!

...Obviously, this is a place [/area] that one needs to have effort and perseverance! The meaning of Princess Ruka’s gift is definitely about wanting you to improve that area for sure!” Yuulin goes into shock. Trembling Yuulin thinks, “Aside from youkai, I’m not striving hard...! A good-for-nothing wife...! Is it like that!? Is that really, the meaning of Princess Ruka’s gift--!?”
Dai mutters that it isn’t so and even if she doesn’t have charm, anyway, it is also okay for her to go for lovey-dovey. At the cloister, happily jumping around, Gen calls out to Reishou who is walking ahead of him, “Your Majesty! Today is definitely in line with one’s expectations. Definitely, definitely.”

Reishou calls out to Gen. As Gen becomes timid, Reishou tells him, “I know that as ‘harem’s supervisor’, you have you bounded duty. Despite that, ...I’m not happy about seeing this kind of thing which restricting her to the harem’s practices [/rules]. *dark serious wolf mode* I ought to have said it before. I really don’t appreciate the harem’s old practices.” This made Gen shiver but he managed to stay calm.

Gen replies, “--..but, this is still Hakuyou’s harem. It is an honor for this old man to fulfill one’s duty and die, Your Majesty. *Reishou quietly looks at him seriously* --in other words, it is impossible to want me to talk less [than necessary] from here on!! I’m withdrawing now. You go and stick together [with her]-!!”

At the harem, dressed up in the Sogyoku outfit, aghast yet sparkling Yuulin lamely welcomes Reishou back. Reishou sweatdrops and says, “...Yuulin, about cute, it is very cute. *Yuulin stiffly staring at him* But, your scowling is quite astonishing. Besides, it is also daring. You’re wearing that because of Teacher [Gen]? It is also okay that you don’t have to force yourself.”

Yuulin gloomily says that Gen told her that in short, she must first wear it in order to understand Princess Ruka’s meaning. “ the end, I still don’t understand... after all, I’m a youkai... Ya...” Chibi Gen is dancing and laughing about a ‘different self’ coming out—

Reishou calls out if she’s alright. He smiles and says, “Ah~ that gift ought to be given in order to boost your morale.” This puzzles Yuulin. Reishou explains, “When auntie visited, ...before she left, she gave me a bit of advice regarding how to treat you. She said, ‘Wanting to always continue this current situation is impossible.’”
Flashback: Ruka was talking to frowning Reishou. She continued to say, “If you sincerely love [her], then, merely just doting [on/spoiling her] like this is no good. You have to teach her the way/s to fight. ...there are enemies everywhere in this place… *smiles* That child isn’t that weak, right?” End flashback.

Yuulin is surprised by that. While the two are sitting on the sofa, Reishou says at that time, Yuulin is still working [as a consort] so sooner or later, she’ll go back [to her home]. “Wanting to do something is out of the question. At that time, I thought that suggestion means nothing...

...*with @ @ around him* the end, things became like this now. [<- Yuulin became a real∙princess consort currently studying and training] ..I always feel that I can hear auntie laughing heartily. *chibi Ruka laughed hahaha, see, it is as I told you!* So, that dress ought to be used as a battle outfit.”
Surprised Yuulin asks about using this for a battle!? Reishou asks wasn’t women’s battle like this? “Dressing up-type. After all, right now, she [Ruka] is now already one of Sogyoku’s people. It is also impossible for her to write many things clearly in the letter. *looks glum*...

...Also, at this point in time, its meaning ought to also include the probing of our and Enha’s relationship. She’s very amazing for she used her own position without wasting any effort.” Yuulin blushes and says, amazing, Princess Ruka is also... She thinks that like this, across time and far away distance, she had sent her blessing [/wishes Yuulin well].

This perks Yuulin up that she exclaims, “Your Majesty! I’m totally energetic now! Right now, I want to write a letter back!” Reishou goes oh— Standing up and walking away, Yuulin turns to Reishou and says that’s right, she also wants to write to Princess Shuon so can it be delivered? “I want to know if she’s doing well over there.”
Reishou says, “Ah-? There is a diplomatic envoy so there should be no problem. Eh, you’re going to write it now?” Narration: “Even if the princess consort training is very severe and I also haven’t totally purged the ‘youkai consort’ stigma but I can do my best again.”

At some other room, Gen calls out to Kouren to come over here. Kouren joins Gen for some food and drink. Kouren asks how things are in the harem. Holding his drink, Gen tells him that it has been a long time since he had been on the receiving end of the Wolf King’s murderous intent [aura]!

“Really such a scary king. ...when I gave him a reserved [/prepared] lady before, there is that feeling of going to be killed by him every day! *scene of Reishou fuming and emitting murderous intent which freaks out Gen* Right now, it can be considered more or less as an example of a harem. There should have an effect already... 
...*scene of blushing Yuulin talking with smiling Reishou* I’m actually quite happy! *Kouren continues to look serious* After this princess consort had left the harem then came back again, His Majesty has also changed a lot. *looks serious*...

...There ought to be also someone [/some people] who had become aware that the harem’s situation had already changed. ...the princess consort’s real trouble has yet to come. *scene of some officials at the back of the couple* B-ut! The most important is simply lovey-dovey-!! Right now, my plan ought to make them stick together-!!

...*happily waves arm around* Yahoo-- I'm so amazing--” Kouren is speechless. Kouren thinks, “..the wolf had captured the rabbit. The rabbit had trapped the wolf in the harem.” Back at the harem, not too happy Reishou calls out to Yuulin to say that obviously, it’s quite rare for her to dress up so cute.
While writing her letter, Yuulin says that didn’t he say it doesn’t matter what she wears. “Please, at least, let me finish writing my thoughts.” Reishou sweatdrops and pouts. He asks, “...Yuulin, aren’t you going to say my name today?” This causes Yuulin to freeze.

She asks, “---...rig..right now? ...that’s right, we did agree to do it once a day.” Reishou smiles, “Right now.” Yuulin asks if he can’t wait. “Wait until I’ve finished writing, can you?” Going near her, Reishou says, “Right now.” Yuulin notices [imaginary] puppy ears appears on Reishou who is eagerly anticipating it.

Looking at anticipating Reishou, Yuulin mentally groans for this person is absolutely quite happy when she’s perplexed... Meanie. “After His Majesty became a husband, he became a meanie.” Yuulin tells him to please wait a moment. Reishou happily hugs her tight and says, “Yes.” Yuulin starts to say, “...Rei..Rei Rei Rei Rei... *Reishou says yes, yes.* Rei Rei Rei Rei Rei... *blushes and looks at him* Rei-shou?” This made Reishou blush and smile.
Trembling, he laughs and says that the way she calls out his name is quite fun..! Blushing Yuulin asks what’s so funny. He tells her that if there’s time, he’ll also thank his aunt and Teacher [Gen]. Blushing Yuulin is puzzled.

Putting his arm around her, Reishou says, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen my beloved consort looking so cute.” Yuulin exclaims, “What do you mean! You obviously said that you don’t care about dressing up... Ah, wrong, let me go! I’m going to write a letter--” Narration: “Afterwards, Teacher and Princess consort’s defense-attack battle still continues.”

Holding rabbit ears head band, Gen happily calls out to Yuulin, “Look at this. This time, wear this as you wait for His Majesty-! Rabbit ears, he’ll definitely be happy [about it].” Aghast and tense Yuulin exclaims, “I don’t understand your point! How can that kind of thing make His Majesty happy!” Chuckling Dai says, “No, I think he’ll be unexpectedly happy. Hehe”
Comment: Another nice chapter ^^ Whenever Gen is around, things will definitely be interesting for our couple ^^ The last part reminds me of the series, Faster than A Kiss. Will Yuulin be ‘cosplaying’ for Reishou from here on as she welcomes him back? =P

Anyway, for Yuulin to be embarrassed to dress up in a sexy dress for Reishou makes me think that she’s really a long way to go, to what Gen really wants to happen =P Still, he obviously have the patience and perseverance to guide Yuulin to that point. Of course, while they’re at it, Dai is having the ‘laughs’ [/amusement] of his life =P

So, the ‘youkai consort’ stigma has spread far and wide. I’m still contemplating if that is actually good or bad. From Ruka’s ‘reactions’, it seems like a good thing. ^^; I’m inclined to think so too since the ‘enemies’ won’t get the impression that she’s easy to get rid of. Of course, it can give an impression that she’s ‘bad’ for Reishou.

Nevertheless, it makes me think that the gift is a help from Ruka to prevent what happened to Reishou's mother to Yuulin. But of course, I can understand Yuulin’s frustration over her hard work doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit at all. As for the gift, Gen will obviously say things that will lead to what he wanted for the couple. In the end, Reishou gives her an encouraging word as to what Ruka meant with the gift.

It is amusing though that Reishou’s ‘lovey-dovey’ line is backfiring on him. Hehe, he really has to take back what he said regarding ‘she’s cute in whatever she wears’ since she would assume that he doesn’t care. In the end, he had to change the topic to saying his name. ^^ It’s nice that they made it into a once a day habit. Perhaps, for the purpose of until Yuulin gets used to it. =P

In the end, Reishou would also have to take back what he thought Gen is teaching Yuulin. I’m not sure if he’ll realize later on that Gen isn’t really for the rules and stuff regarding the harem but more on their lovey-dovey. =P I’m sure he would approve of what Gen is doing. And, Gen still has a lot to teach Yuulin ^^

Now, it is being hinted that there is huge trouble ahead. Most likely, it includes the three old men who were introduced when Ryukou came to the palace. I’m not sure what Gen mentioned about the harem changed. Is it because Yuulin is the one and only, or because there is a consort in the harem now, they [enemies] would try to introduce more.

Jun will be hard-pressed to make-up excuses as to why he won’t let other women in the harem. Kouren’s musing isn’t too assuring as if this is also bad for Reishou but hopefully, Yuulin can also help him. Rather, I would really want them to help each other rather than a one-sided thing. Anyway, there are people who’ll help them through ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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