November 23, 2016

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapter 2]

Koiko looks at Tsurugi in surprise. “Don’t look quite happy? Me? Look very pitiful? Me?” Koiko goes “..ha? Ha?? Ha??? *looks aghast* HA~~~??? *lightly punches Tsurugi’s chest* I’m actually so happy that I’m not at all some pitiful person.”

After telling him that, Koiko quickly leaves. In the restroom, Koiko angrily flushes the toilet. She is so infuriated over what Tsurugi said. “Who? Saying who is pitiful? What the hell is with that attitude? Ah, sympathy!? Am I being sympathized!? What kind of joke is this?! Based on what!!

...Based on what is he sympathizing me!! I totally don’t understand his logic!!” She stops when she hears a couple of girls coming in the restroom. As she washes her hands in the sink, the two girls are talking about how their hearts beat quickly just by exchanging glances with handsome Tsurugi.
Koiko thinks that it is that guy again. “Ah ha ha, even though you enjoy being chased after by a lot of people, I can already predict your future wherein you’ll become distressed over romance. *imagines Tsurugi holding his head over a problem* Isn’t he quite handsome?

...There would be fans even if he is distressed. At that time, you’ll also understand. The one who is truly pitiful is you, Tsurugi-kun. You people of that world.” In section 1-4, some girls rush towards Koiko and exclaims that she is with Tsurugi so what’s up. “Could it be a con...”

Koiko blunts tells them how is that possible. The girls are stunned by that. Koiko thinks that honestly speaking, when he called her out yesterday, for a moment, she also thought that she was going to be confessed to. “Ah ha ha, I’m thinking too much.” The girls start saying that speaking of that, Koiko has a boyfriend for the time being.
Koiko asks hey, what is that ‘for the time being’. She thinks, but it seems that the feeling of being surrounded by everyone is not bad at all. They were interrupted by a scream of a girl telling glasses [BL] girl if it is true that she is certainly going to debut as a mangaka!?

Soon, all the other girls rush towards glasses girl to say that they didn’t know that she always drew manga. The glasses girl sheepishly says that actually, it isn’t really drawing but it ought to be thanks to her obsession with 2D. Koiko thinks that she’s quite amazing but... Koiko asks if she is talking about romance-type of manga.

Glasses girl says yes but it is between opposite sex! “Ah, you are definitely puzzled why someone like me can draw a love story, right?” Startled Koiko denies it. Glasses girl says that it is all because she based it all on fantasy in order to draw it. She admits that after all, she doesn’t have experience. Koiko thinks, amazing, but..
Koiko passes by the gym when a volleyball bounces in front of her. After she picked it up, Miyama comes out and thanks her for picking it up. Recalling how Miyama cried yesterday, Koiko asks how she is since she was crying yesterday. Miyama says that it’s embarrassing that she cried like that in class. She apologizes for it.

Miyama admits that she hasn’t totally set it aside yet because if she wasn’t careful, tears would suddenly come out which is very embarrassing. “But, *smiles* for me to keep on crying is also not the way! It would be better to put enthusiasm on club activity and other stuff. I’ll do my best to polish myself and make that person regret abandoning me!”

Just then, her teammate calls out to her so Miyama apologizes to Koiko for talking too much and see ya! As she watches Miyama goes back inside, Koiko thinks that she’s so amazing, so amazing but... “But, in the end, doesn’t one have to exert a lot of effort when one wholeheartedly throwing oneself into love?
...But, if there is no love, it seems that it is also very pitiful, right? No matter which one, it cannot be called happiness, right? *sees Tsurugi in the field* Ordinary is a love that is just right. Isn’t that so-called happiness?”

She recalls Tsurugi telling her that she doesn’t look happy but strangely pitiful. Koiko scowls and curses Tsurugi to become baldy..! This made Tsurugi feel a chill. Tsurugi looks back and sees Koiko walking away. Koiko thinks that it’s quite appropriate to hold on to being average for she is happy like that. “Absolutely happy!”

At the restaurant, Koiko’s mother is reviewing her students who repeat whatever lines that she had said. She talks about women who claim ‘The specialty is potato beef stew’, but actually, that isn’t just one’s specialty. That kind of answer would only make them [men] start to anticipate the revived taste of [one’s] mother yet on contrary, it raises the unnecessary difficulty. [<- to get that mother’s taste?]
So first dodge this ‘Ah~ I can do anything’ for a while and in a stretch, use one’s all-out effort to make him be full of praise. By the way, men who can take potato with rice are actually very few. As Koiko comes in and realizes that today is cooking class day, the women exclaims that no wonder it is Yumeko-sensei♥ [guesswork from 夢子]

A woman exclaims that no wonder Yumeko is so popular and it feels that as long as she took lessons here, they’ll also attain happiness! Yumeko says that she will and each woman has the potential to become fresh flowers. Going upstairs, Koiko thinks, what the hell...

“By the way, your teacher is a single mother who was married twice. After mother married with her first husband, she gave birth to big sis. Too bad, the two of them couldn’t get along smoothly. *scene of first husband reading while eating dinner with Yumeko and baby Aiko* During the days when mother is heartbroken, another man became her heart’s support...
...So, she divorced and got married with the other man. And, I was born. A good thing doesn’t last forever. Afterwards, my father had a woman outside, so he left the house. From then on, at one side, mother depended on herself to raise us up *buying groceries with Aiko while carrying baby Koiko*...

...and on the other side, she would go from one love to another [/dating]. *Yumeko talking on the phone behind the curtains as her daughters play* Big sis who saw the path mother had taken had started to reject love. Based on appearance, she is a like a dead tree.” Imaginary tree Aiko exclaims that she doesn’t need water.

Koiko looks at the hanged laundry. Her mother’s bra is decorated with lace. Aiko’s is a super plain bra. Koiko’s bra had some lace on it. She thinks, “Even if I don’t want to become like mother, I also don’t want to become like big sis. In the end, I want to become average. So-called average isn’t cold nor hot, but lukewarm, right?

...Steady and stable. That’s right. I’m very happy, right?” The next day, Satou calls out Koiko’s name. This made Koiko quite aghast for he suddenly won’t call her ‘Natsume-chan’!? She asks him about this direct calling of her name.  [<- means they’re close] Satou asks if she didn’t like it, then forget it. This made Koiko says no, how can that be. 
Satou smiles and says that despite of everything that has happen, she still forgave him so he plans to treat her properly from today on. “I’ll treasure you, Koiko.” Koiko thinks that there’s nothing bad about it, and directly calling her name ought to be okay but it feels a bit..

Satou leans to her. She thinks that it is the usual ordinary kiss. As Satou kisses her, Koiko felt that it is gross... Koiko suddenly pushes him away. Satou falls down the bushes. He angrily exclaims what’s up with her but Koiko is already running far away. Koiko couldn’t believe it. “No way, no way, no way!”

Koiko suddenly feels suddenly someone grabbing her arm. She turns around to see Tsurugi. Since she stopped running, Tsurugi lets her go. Koiko says about that, it really infuriates her because perhaps, it is truly like what he said. [<- she doesn’t look happy and actually, strangely pitiful]

“Perhaps, I’m not a happy person at all. I.. *teary-eyed* I’m merely a pitiful person~~~!” Tsurugi looks surprised then he lets out a laugh. Aghast Koiko shouts, hey!? Tsurugi says no,..bfft. Koiko shouts again, hey-!! Koiko thinks that she wants to attain happiness.
Comment: It seems how Koiko judged the other girls being pitiful has backfired on her. She is actually the one who is pitiful. The other girls had already shown to her that they can be quite amazing despite their situations. Interestingly, the two can be comparable to her mother and sister’s situation but they have a ‘good ending’.

Still, Koiko is firm with her stubborn belief that average is happiness especially since it needs less effort and problems. In a way, it is indeed understandable because of her mother and big sis’ current dispositions. They don’t look happy to her so she would prefer to go for the middle ground.

Apparently, Koiko’s instinct has taken hold instead of her own ‘brainwashing’ regarding being happy with the current situation. I do wonder why. Is it because she isn’t used to the sudden intimacy which would be like her mother’s? And, the kiss is perhaps, because she saw him kissing someone else so it partially caused her to become grossed out with him.

She is about to go on drama mode but this is a comedy-romance so she won’t have the luxury to go into that. After all, she’ll be more irritated that Tsurugi had let out a laugh. a way, I agree with Chinese readers that how Tsurugi is always there at the park, he is kind of a stalker or just a busybody? ^^;; Scans by 正宮汉化组

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  1. Hi ;) I'm a fan of your work. I actually planned on sending you a message personally. But I don't know how. So I just leave a comment hete. Hoping that you will notice. I was just hoping if you could consider making summary for Boku To Kimi To De Niji Ni Naru. I really love the manga! But too bad I can't seem to find translations for raws. I wish you could help me. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hiyo, Larjorie and thanks ^^

      Sorry but I don't summarize finished series, and I'm not taking requests.


  2. wow.. this is nice story kat, but I hope it goes well. hehehe.. hmmmmm expecting more comedy and roamce here. thanks for the summary kat.