November 27, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 32]

Yu is surprised by Haruto’s question, ‘What to do to make you happy?’ Wondering why all of a sudden, she looks away and asks what is that... Holding her head to face him, Haruto says that she won’t smile when she’s with him. This made her blush and become puzzled.

She wonders how can she smile when she’s in this kind of situation = handcuffed to him, he’s holding her head like that, and everyone are looking at them. Wondering if this is some new annoying tactic, Yu whispers to him to get rid of the handcuffs and it’s impossible [for her to smile].

With a dark aura, he orders her to smile. She tells him that it is impossible even if he orders her to. As Haruto separates the chopsticks using his teeth, she wonders if he is annoying her to make fun of her because he is black devil!!
As she watches him eat, she thinks that she doesn’t quite understand and perhaps, if she smiles, something will change. Yu lamely smiles. Haruto tells her that is such a terrifying expression so quickly eat already.

Embarrassed Yu eats her udon and thinks that he definitely wanted to see her humiliated. She mentally complains about hard it is to eat with one hand. She’s the only one who is flustered and everything like an idiot. While they are walking again, some people are urging Haruto to visit their stalls.

Yu tells Haruto that she’ll pay him for the lunch. He says no need but she insists. Yu thinks that even if she didn’t talk with Takumi about the time but how is she going to escape for she has to go [there]!
While she is wondering if she’ll go with Haruto like this, she overhears some girls being harassed by some guys to go out with them. Yu suddenly turns and tells them not to be like [that]... but the handcuffs cause her to stay put.

Haruto tells her not to recklessly move. Yu protests that those girls are in trouble. Haruto pulls up his hand which causes Yu to fall back on him. He says that it obviously had nothing to do with her so why would she go forward.

Thinking that she couldn’t move because of the handcuffs, Yu says that it is fine for her to go forward [to them] so let her go. He reprimands her that like that, she’ll immediately get involved. “Have you forgotten about that sports festival incident, stupid dog?”
Yu wonders if the handcuffs are because of her. She blushes but tells herself not to think of it too beautifully like that. She mutters that this is the black devil, and it should about him enjoying being a dog trainer so that [what she initially thought] is impossible.

Haruto asks what she is muttering about. Yu thinks, geez, she really couldn’t believe it for even if it is like this, she unexpectedly felt happy. Her thoughts are interrupted by the girl shouting that hurts, let her go, jerk!! The other guys kept on urging her to go with them.

Some people wonder if it is a quarrel but then, the students from the other school are scary. Yu apologizes to Haruto and says that she won’t listen to him because when she got in THAT KIND of predicament wherein no one was willing to talk to her [while she was harassed].
While looking determined towards the harassed girls, Yu says that she wanted to change so she cannot just sit and watch. Haruto clicks his tongue and tells her not to say anymore. Haruto goes towards the harassers and gives them the glare.

When the harassers are sacred of that and relaxed their grip, the girls use this chance to run away. Haruto tells Yu that there’s no problem anymore so let’s go. Yu thinks that no wonder he is the black devil for he managed to get them into a hasty retreat with just a glare.

Yu felt that she is always helped by him including today, even if he is foul-mouthed. Yu calls out to Haruto and thanks him. Just then, one of the harassers grab Yu’s wrist and says that she’s also very cute and she’s dressed nicely, too, so how about going out with him.
Haruto pulls his hand up to force Yu to stay close to him. He warns the harasser not to recklessly touch someone else’s thing. The harasser asks what, who is he... Haruto darkly says that from just now, he’s so noisy that it makes him want to break his throat off.

As Haruto grabs the harasser’s neck, the other harasser apologizes and pleads that his friend isn’t a bad person. The harasser calls out to girl..friend. The other harasser tells his friend to shut up and does he wanted that guy to kill him even if there is a handcuff below the glove.

Yu overhears some people wondering out loud if they should call the teacher over. This made Yu immediately tell Haruto that they should go for if this keeps up, it will cause a ruckus. She trips on Haruto’s foot.
As she tries to balance herself, Yu grabs someone’s pants and pulls it down. The bystanders blush for Yu had pulled down the harasser’s pants which exposes his teddy bear shorts. Haruto sweatdrops and says, hey.

Yu is totally embarrassed as the harasser calls out what she is doing. Yu apologizes and says that it wasn’t deliberate. The harasser tearfully shouts that she’s an idiot for suddenly exposing his lucky underwear. Haruto says that’s really something and they should immediately run away.

Yu couldn’t believe she did that in front of everyone and next time, she’ll be known as some perverted girl. Then, some fangirls notice Haruto that they shout about chasing after him.
Yu has a hard time keeping up with Haruto so he immediately faces the wall with Yu. While the fangirls looks for him, Haruto tells Yu not to recklessly move around. He says that even if he allowed her to talk freely but he didn’t think that she’ll suddenly pull down that guy’s pants.

Blushing with her heart beating fast, Yu says that it wasn’t deliberate but in the end, it caused a ruckus because of her. She apologizes to him. Haruto looks at her then he suddenly pulls her neck to him.

He tells her that thanks to her, it was resolved without a fight, and Takumi would also be worried. This made Yu remember about Takumi. She tells him that it is Takumi’s performance soon. Holding her chin tightly, he asks what about it.
Yu says that they agreed to watch the program so open the handcuffs since she wants to listen to Takumi’s performance. “I beg of you...” To her surprise, Haruto asks where it is. At the stage located at the courtyard, girls cheer as Takumi comes out on the stage.

Yu is relieved that she managed to reach it in time and there are a lot of people there. Takumi looks at the audience to see Yu with Haruto standing near a tree. As he sits in front of the piano, Takumi thinks that Haruto also came but it is as he expected.

Takumi starts to play the piano. Haruto comments that it is that piece from before. After the performance, the girls scream that it is amazing and ‘marry me’. Yu mutters that he’s really a prince to be able to play gently.
Then, she recalls Takumi telling her about being no match for Haruto. To everyone’s surprise, Yu happily shouts to Takumi that it’s quite amazing- Haruto looks surprised over Yu’s happy expression as Takumi happily smiles back.

Yu thinks that in the end, Takumi is really amazing, more amazing compared before... While some fangirls call out to Takumi, Haruto pulls back his hand. Agahst Yu wonders if he’s angry because she has always been pulling him. To Takumi and Yu’s surprise, Haruto is applauding with a smile.

The announcer thanks everyone for their support and asks Takumi if he can play another piece to respond to everyone’s anticipation. Takumi says of course. Then, he looks tense and flustered. He glances at Yu and says, “—I’m playing the next piece for a girl.”
Yu blushes and looks surprised. Haruto’s eyes widen. The fangirls think that it is for them. Soon, Takumi starts to play. Everyone thinks that it is very beautiful and what piece is that. Someone says that it is ‘Love Dream’ so romantic- [<-Franz Liszt - Liebestraum No. 3, I think]

Then, Haruto notices that Takumi made a mistake. Takumi tells himself to continue on even if he made a mistake. Recalling Takumi saying that he wanted her to hear it, Yu overhears a couple of girls saying that it feels is like a confession.

This made Yu blush really red. Takumi has finished playing. While Haruto is looking at her, Yu thinks that just now, it was played for her and it seems like her whole body is surrounded by that kind of feeling...
Haruto suddenly grabs her chin up to him and says, “Don’t get captivated, you idiot. Do you want to wag your tail towards Takumi again?” This made Yu look flustered. Takumi wants to go to Yu but his fangirls had him surrounded as they beg for him to play again. Yu thinks that actually, she...

Looking away, she says, “The one I like is...” They were interrupted by Meiko who calls out to them and asks if they know where Kaji and others went to? Yu realizes that break time is over. Holding a flyer, Meiko says that it will be ‘Dress up Lovers competition’ soon.

She explains that it has been decided that their class’ Kaji and Tarako will join it but right now, they cannot find those two. So, if they don’t reach it before the regulated time, they’ll be disqualified when they are their class’ representative.
Yu says that they must quickly look for them!? She is startled when Haruto pulls up her hand and says that they are going. Yu asks, go where? Haruto says that it is proper for them to first decide on the replacements.

Meiko exclaims that’s right, if the two of them agree to participate then it is really a huge help! Also, the game installation at their side is also going to end soon. Yu tries to protest. She couldn’t believe this lover’ competition, and how come she feels that she got into a pile of situations...

Haruto tells her that they have to hurry. Yu refuses and protests that they aren’t lovers and pretending [/acting] is too difficult... To Yu’s surprise, Haruto smiles and says, “Since it is like that, I’ll just go steady with you. Like that, there’s no need for pretend, right.”
Comment: And, I really do believe now that Haruto is totally ‘different’ in how he deals with people. It seems a bit simplistic yet rough which is probably what he knows. For example, in this chapter, he doesn’t know why she won’t smile when he put her in that kind of situation while they are eating. ^^;

And, handcuffing her is his way of protecting her from harassers/bullies. Of course, that would be like putting her on a very short leash. Still, even if I would assume that it isn’t without malice or anything negative, I really don’t like how he ‘views’ her as a ‘dog’. ^^;

Luckily for him, Yu loves him despite that. I guess in a way, she is good for him like how Takumi was before especially in getting him to use his ‘talents’ to their proper use like helping the weak strangers. And, she had kept him from going overboard.

I think it is something that Haruto applauds Takumi’s performance but of course, if things start to involve Yu, it won’t be the same =P He’s obviously jealous though I’m not sure if he knows that he’s jealous that he will act in that manner. Still, it is ominous that Takumi made a mistake with his ‘confession’ performance.

So, what’s next for the school festival which Yu will never forget, a lovers’ completion. And, she gets to be lovers with Haruto which is supposedly not pretending. Hehe, regardless how it is, Yu’s feelings will show on her face. How will she be able to handle this?

On a side note, because of what a Chinese reader mentioned, I really wondered how things will be if it is Haruto’s pants that Yu had pulled down. =P I don’t think she’ll make it alive that day. ^^; Of course, mangaka-s usually don’t put their cool male lead in that kind of situations. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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