November 22, 2016

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 12]

Taka goes to Kai’s place and asks Sango how is Kai’s situation. Sango tells him that Kai is always sleeping. She complains over how he could have a fever when it was commonly said that idiots doesn’t catch a cold. It must be because germs have evolved that it is now effective on idiots.

Taka tells her not to look at Kai like that for his brain is actually quite good. This made Sango tell him not to take her seriously and is he also an idiot. Taka goes in Kai’s room to find him hiding inside the blanket. He asks Kai how’s the situation. Teary-eyed Kai pulls down the blanket and laments that it is terrible.

Sitting beside the bed, Taka asks if the symptom is that serious, and is he okay. After a pause, Kai says how it can possibly be okay. Kai wonders, why, why, when Riko is obviously stubborn with her secret love towards Suwa. “That feeling is so deep that it is too pure that it couldn’t even be moved a bit...

...So, I didn’t do anything. How come she suddenly turned to Hatano!!! What’s more!! *remembers how he reprimanded Riko to wake up and she happily thanked him and told him that she woke up because of his rebuke* Did I dig my own grave?!!!”
He suddenly grabs Taka’s shoulder and shouts for him to kill him. Taka asks what’s going on. Kai exclaims that he wants to immediately disappear. Taka tells him not to worry for it is merely a cold and it won’t kill him. Taka takes out a banana flavored ice pop, Kai’s favorite. He tells Kai to eat this to calm down.

After calming down a bit, Kai asks if there are any changes at school while he wasn’t around. Taka says no for how can things change when he was absent only for a day. “Ah, but--...” Kai asks him what it is. Taka says that there is a heated discussion regarding rumors of Riko immediately going out with a guy from another school after Kai had severely reprimanded her. This shocks Kai.

At school, girls are whispering about regarding Riko, Kai and Hatano. Riko just keeps quiet over it. During lunch break at the roof, Kiyo cries over Riko not being some whore. Wiping her tears, Riko asks why she is crying. Kiyo says that it is because... Ayumi apologizes to Riko for it is because of her wrong report regarding her and Kai. She wants to immediately write a clarifying report about it.
Riko laughs it off by saying that it is alright and anyway, people will quickly lose interest. Kagura asks what’s up with Riko all of a suddenly for until now, she wasn’t interested in love matters but she suddenly have a lover-something.

To their surprise, Riko tells them that she isn’t going steady with Hatano. Riko explains how things came to be. Flashback: At the convenient store, Hatano exclaimed if it is really Riko. He introduced himself and said that they aren’t classmates during 3rd year jr high. Riko finally recognized him and said that it is because his hair color changed.

Hatano complained that he’s super disappointed or how can he say it, during junior high, he likes her very much. This made Riko surprised as Hatano looked to see her reaction. He told her that it is rare for them to meet again so tell him her LINE [internet messaging app] ID. End flashback.

Riko says that’s how it went and it isn’t like they’re going steady. Aghast Kagura exclaims that he’s so frivolous. No, it isn’t just frivolous, it’s such a mess that he is simply frivolous just like that cockscomb [Tarou]. This caused Tarou to sneeze out loud. [<- belief that when being talked about with malice causes one to sneeze]
Miki asked if he had a cold. Tarou wondered if he got infected by Kai. Riko tells the others that it is okay, even if that is his temperament but he isn’t a bad person. Kiyo agrees. This made Kagura exclaim what’s up with her. After a pause, Riko admits that actually, she is also not sure if starting this way is good or not.

“After all, I’m already a high schooler. I want to try out being in love. I think that it’s good if I fall in love. *girls look surprised* We had already agreed to go out next weekend.” Kiyo happily says that’s right, love is very beautiful.

Ayumi exclaims that in the end, she should write that clarifying report for she wants to more or less remove that malicious defamation on Riko’s path to love. Riko insists that it is alright because it is enough for her that just the three of them understood her. This moved the girls. Kiyo hugs Riko and exclaims that she definitely attain happiness.
Holding her hand, Ayumi exclaims that she has decided that she’ll always protect Riko. Kagura says that if Riko isn’t happy, she’ll go curse that Hatano. Riko says that they’re exaggerating. Just then, her cellphone rings. It is a message from Hatano saying that he wants to see her again today.

Taking her cellphone, she thinks of Suwa and Akemi. She tells herself that this is necessary in order to look onwards. Riko answers Hatano’s message with okay. Later on, Kai watches Riko happily join Hatano who is waiting for her at the gate. Taka tells Kai that is really such an unexpected couple. He doesn’t recall those two’s relationship to be so good during junior high.

He asks Kai if he’s very worried because of the news about the other being hotly pursued. Kai frowns and denies that he’s worried over that short violent girl. After he left, Taka sighs. He hears Miki and Tarou groaning behind. Miki says that Kai is an idiot for he is obviously dismayed and disappointed to the point of getting sick.

Tarou says that if Kai isn’t frank, how they can properly comfort him. Miki exclaims that he heard from Kiyo that those two aren’t going steady so there’s still time, right!? Taka says that even if it is like that, but if Kai himself isn’t being honest. Miki agrees.
Just then, Ayumi arrives so Miki can only apologize to Kai for he is happy while he’s not. He immediately goes to join Kiyo. Tarou says that today, he is also going to meet with older girls from some Y University so bye for now. Sitting on a bench by the promenade, Kai thinks that if he knew earlier on, maybe he shout have confess earlier.

He didn’t consider about some other guy liking Riko and wanting to cherish her. “Even if it is like that, she still won’t like me. I don’t want to think about it anymore--” On Sunday, Marin calls out to her mother that Kai is still inside the room and won’t come out. Sango tells her not to mind him and geez, it’s obviously a Sunday.

Kai’s mother wonders what’s going on when he obviously had totally recovered from his cold. Kai is lying on his bed when his cellphone beeps. It is a message from Taka saying that he’s in town buying a book so after he’s done, would Kai want to eat out. Kai replies that today is no good, sorry. At a bookstore, Taka gets a message from Miki that he heard from Kiyo that Riko and Hatano are dating so is this a foregone conclusion that Kai has no hope.
Just then, Taka notices Ayumi peeking out of the window at the bookstore. He wanted to ignore her but he changed his mind. She is startled when he leans behind her and asks what she is looking at. At the other side, it is Riko and Hatano eating together.

Taka says that in the end, her personality won’t change even if she dies. Ayumi exclaims that it isn’t like that and don’t think of her that way. She had already reflected on it and today is that..she’s going to protect!! Taka asks, while carrying a camera. Ayumi declares that it is already a part of her body.

She exclaims that they are already leaving so goodbye and have a happy weekend. Outside, Ayumi continues to stalk Riko and Hatano. She is surprised again to see Taka standing behind her. She protests why he is following her, and her stalking will be exposed because he is too conspicuous.

There are a couple of women saying that Taka is so handsome. He warns her that if she glances around, she’ll lose track so is that okay. Ayumi looks at the street to find Riko and Hatano already quite far away. She curses and lets Taka be.
As Hatano and Riko came out of a store, Ayumi observes that this is so boring. Hatano looks quite good and at present, he is quite savvy in treating a girl but then Riko’s expression isn’t quite natural. Is she happy or not, or she is just feeling nervous. “Ah. Hand..holding hand.. he suddenly grabbed Riko’s hand!!!

...No, you can’t. You two are obviously not going steady yet!! Ah ah, isn’t Riko-chan’s expression so embarrassed [/awkward]!? *quickly takes camera* Ha. good, today isn’t to collect data but rather to protect...yes, it is to protect...” Ayumi is surprised when she hears a camera click sound. She looks up to see Taka had just taken a picture on his phone.

While Taka is fiddling with his phone, Ayumi comments that she didn’t think that he is into gossips yet he would even lecture others... Taka says to let it be then. While Hatano is pulling Riko along, she wonders why it always she should say it, detest..perhaps..
“No, no, it is merely because my feelings have not yet turned to that side. It will definitely pass after some time... but, when I held hands with that guy [Kai], it is totally not like how it is right now--- *shakes head* No, no, no! I cannot discuss the past and present on the same terms!! For Hatano treats me as a lover--”

Riko is surprised when Hatano suddenly puts his other hand on her shoulder and asks what’s up with her. This also surprises Ayumi. Riko nervously says that he seems to be a bit too close. Hatano asks up to this level, what’s the big deal when they are dating. Riko looks flustered and uneasy as Hatano continues to walk with his arm around her.

Ayumi exclaims to quickly look, it seems like harassment and Riko is definitely forced so she’ll go and help her. Before Ayumi can rush off, Taka puts his arm around her to stop her. She asks what’s up, and quickly--- Taka tells her that it’s alright. In front, Kai has taken Hatano’s hand off Riko and tells him to let go, you jerk.

Hatano asks why he is here-- Taka takes this as a cue to leave so he starts to drag Ayumi away. Grabbing Riko, Kai says that they’re going. Hatano can only helplessly protest. At the riverside, Riko looks at Kai’s back then looks at her hand. She calls out to him and says that she can walk alone.
Irritated Kai shouts that she’s an idiot for unexpectedly let herself be easily fooled around by that frivolous guy. Stupid, shortie, blockhead!!! This irks Riko that she angrily shouts on what basis that he would tell that to her up to that extent and isn’t he himself a horny frivolous guy!!

Scratching his head, Kai says so, so..he knows it clearly since it is a so-called, jackals of the same tribe (the former him). He tells her that Hatano doesn’t have a bit of special thoughts towards her so why would she smugly walk behind with that kind of person. Riko looks away and says who told him to be meddlesome.

Kai says that she is obviously forced. Riko angrily shouts how come he suddenly appeared there and could it be that he’s following her. Kai says, is that possible!! She asks, then how come. Kai looks flustered. He looks away and says that of course, it just so happened, that he went there. Riko says that is quite suspicious.

Kai exclaims what’s suspicious about it, and going back to the topic, she obviously have a stubborn unrequited love towards Suwa yet just because of him telling her to wake up, her brain would suddenly be in a daze that she’ll do this kind of thing. He is surprised when Riko looks serious.
Clenching her fist, Riko says that it is inevitable because what Kai said is a fact “About that, they are going to get married. *Kai looks surprised* They say that in this coming year, a baby is also going to be born. Isn’t it worthy of celebrating?

...Until now, they are like family as the two of them are living together but now, they are becoming a true family. It is really...such a joyous thing--- *tears falling* But, I couldn’t wish them happiness from the bottom of my heart. ...even if my love cannot come true...

...but, for them to just be happy, I’ll also be happy.. I obviously always think that way--- and it is as you said. ‘if you truly love, no matter what, one will anticipate a future together’ Deep in my heart, I actually always anticipated that there is a possibility that my feelings will be returned--- In just a moment, that feeling, everything had not disappeared at all.” Kai looks flustered for Riko.

He wonders why this girl is so-- Clenching his fist, Kai calls her stupid, a huge idiot so [because of that] you’re run away to that frivolous guy’s side. “Thinking that with this, you’ll be comforted? ...properly face reality. *holds her shoulders* Obviously, there is a guy beside you who seriously likes you! (and he’s here)” Riko looks surprised over what Kai said.
Comment: Apparently, Kai tends to get sick when he’s depressed. ^^; It’s nice that Riko has friends who care for her as nasty rumors are spreading about her. Just like in reality, people tend to be view girls harsher compared to guys who are frivolous.

Thanks to Taka’s interference, he got Kai to stop whatever Hatano is doing which is making Riko uncomfortable. So, Suwa and Akemi are getting married. It just so happen that Hatano is in the right place and time for Riko to ‘use’ as a way of ‘moving on’ like what Kai hinted on. Too bad for Kai then, but it seems he’s making up to it now. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉.

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  1. I started reading horimiya ......finished 71 chapters came back to stalk for kurosaki and found update of hatsu haru for a scary moment I almost forgot the story but it all returned as I read on . I really like this manga , it's super cute and can't wait for next chapter. I wonder if kai will propose . The ending did seem like one :p :)

    1. Hehe, is that so, Anjali ^^

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    1. Ah, no, I don't. It didn't get into the series even if I did read a few chapters. ^^;;

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