November 17, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 52 - Tenkyuu; Rain from a Cloudless Sky ]

Tokize has finished their performance. The audience looks stunned. Teary-eyed Tsukaji has fallen back into his chair. He looks at the side to see Komaki puzzled over why tears are falling from her eyes. Kinoshita and Mashiro are in tears. Kazusa looks flustered.

The judges look serious though Kai looks surprised. It is very quiet in the auditorium. Chika and Takezou are tense and puzzled. Sane thinks that this is strange when they have already finished playing. Michi thinks that there is no single applause.

Kouta wonders if there’s anything wrong. Michi mentally whimpers. Somehow, Satowa also looks tense. Takezou whispers to the others that it is such an awkward silence so quickly get their instruments and get off the stage. Chika says ah, okay.
As they all start to carry their instruments and leave, they hear someone clapping. Taishin is surprised to see Mio standing up and clapping. This caused him to clap, too. Soon, everyone started to clap, too. Fujimoto and Kagari are slightly flustered as they clap.

Looking reluctant, Wakaba is also clapping. Smiling Shizu is clapping. Crying Takezou’s mother claps along with the father. Kouta is puzzled why they are clapping right now. Satowa looks at the audience and looks tense. Doujima watches on. Her lips tremble. And, she is also clapping.

At the hallway, Sane says that the timing of the applause just now is very strange. Hiro says after all, it happened after that awkward silence. Kouta tearfully asks if their performance is so bad that people doesn’t know how they should evaluate it. Chika asks how can that be possible.
Takezou nervously smiles and says that he thinks that their performance today is their best until now. This made Kouta call out to him. Then, Akira, together with Suzuka, meets up with them and says, good job on their performance. Kouta tearfully calls out to their coaches. He suddenly hugs Akira tightly and wails if their performance is very terrible and what are they to do.

Sane quickly pulls Kouta off Akira and exclaims not to have any apprehension, so please directly tell it to them. Everyone looks tense as they wait for Akira to say something. Surprised Akira asks why they are so uneasy. She happily smiles and says that obviously, their performance is so good. This relieves everyone.
Akira asks Suzuka, isn’t it so. Suzuka tells them that he can assume that it can be considered as so-so. “Hey, you’ll block people if you stay here so quickly move aside.” This shocks everyone. Kouta exclaims that in the end, it isn’t much! Hiro calls Suzuka an idiot and what does he mean by so-so.

Sane shouts for Kouta to calm down for Akira praised them. Michi[?] exclaims that he’ll only listen to what Akira said. Akira rushes after Suzuka and says how come he couldn’t say the truth and isn’t it good to honestly praise them.

Suzuka says that he is always speaks frankly. “Just knowing how they come here today, I feel that this degree of performance today is inevitable.” Akira looks slightly surprised. Takezou seems to have overheard it that he smiled. Hiro looks at Satowa and asks her what’s up since she looks lost in thought.
Snapping out of it, Satowa says no, after it ended, it seems like she’s daydreaming. Hiro says ah, is that so, she also seems like walking unsteadily. “—but, next, we’ll only have to wait for the result.” Satowa looks surprised and says, yes.

Back at the auditorium, Tsukaji blows his nose. As tears keep on falling, he curses for Tokize High played really well. Komaki asks why she is crying, it’s so scary, what is this~~ Tsukaji says who would know that Satowa would appear and beside, the others’ ranking is also high..!!

Tsukaji looks at his flyer to check who their coach is. He is shocked to see the name of Akira. “What..!? Dou..Doujima Akira? It is unexpectedly that Nationals champion, Doujima Akira!!? The person who ‘replaced’ Houdzuki since she violated the rules..!! These two had collaborated already!!? *flustered and trembling* What the hell is going on!!!”
Sparkling with tears, Tsukaji says that it seems like he’ll have to publish a special issue [/column]. Tsukaji exclaims that he’s nose-bleeding. While Mio seems to be in dreamland, Taishin thinks that it is really such an amazing performance.

 “Not just the performance, but the musical piece is also so perfect. In order not to let Kanzaki appear too prominent, the central idea of the piece that I composed is to maintain the balance. But Tokize’s piece--... displayed the different sound division [/groups]’s individuality...

...Ah, darn it... Obviously, today is the last day... *looks flustered* I obviously ought to stay away from composing for a while but my hand is already itching to compose a piece.”
Crying Isaki calls out to Tetsuki and tells him that the tissues aren’t enough. Tetsuki informs her that his are already used up and how long she is going to cry-- They were surprised to see Mashiro sobbing ala waterfalls. This made Isaki ask her if she is alright.

Mashiro apologizes. She says that actually, she is just too moved. Isaki shouts for tissues from Tetsuki. Tetsuki tells her that he just said that they are already used up. To his irritation, she calls him useless.

Fujimoto and Kagari are looking at Kinoshita who is wiping her tears. Irritated Fujimoto asks up to when she is going to cry. Even if the performance is forceful[?] can be considered as amazing.. She asks didn’t he say before that they are like a randomly assembled group.
Fujimoto admits that he said that. Kinoshita says that from the start, she thought that it is just like what he said. That is they were a randomly assembled group, but... She thinks but they [Tokize] have gone through a lot of things and also went forward with all their strength so...

Kinoshita says that she thinks that it is good if she also put in more effort, and she definitely can also do a lot of things...! Fujimoto wonders how come she noticed that after the performance. Looking away, Fujimoto says tsk, what, it isn’t like starting right now is too late already. This puzzles Kinoshita.
Fujimoto says that even if he said that today is their last onstage [competition?] but they are second years so they’ll definitely find a place to play. “In short, isn’t it fine for us to work hard and first do it for next year’s welcome gathering of the new students.” Kinoshita looks surprised. Fujimoto asks Kagari, isn’t it so.

Kagari agrees for anyway, she’s quite idle and it isn’t like she cannot accompany them in playing. Kinoshita is moved to tears as she calls out the two’s name. Fujimoto scolds her for being annoying since she’s crying again. He complains that he really hates girls who cry at every turn. Kagari laughs over Kinoshita for being super annoying.
At the parking lot, a man puts the koto in the van. He asks Suzuka if these are all of it. Suzuka says yes, thanks. In the van, Shizu tells everyone good work and today’s performance is really amazing. After the van left, Suzuka looks at his watch.

He says that all of the performance is already over, and they’ll have just some time before the final results. He asks them what they want to do, and if they want to go back to the auditorium. Someone says that he’s thirsty. Someone suggests that they buy a drink.

Satowa gathers her courage and apologizes to them. She asks if she can leave for a while. “...Ac..actually, it seems that my mother came to listen... Perhaps, she had already gone home but I want...rather, I should go and find...  *everyone looks at her in surprise.* I’m sorry, this is a private matter--”
Chika grabs her arm to pull her. He shouts what is she doing, and how come she didn’t say it earlier!! Satowa looks surprised. Teary-eyed Hiro scolds Satowa that regarding this small thing of tidying things up, she should have left it up to them!! The trio shouts for Satowa’s mother not to leave yet.

Takezou apologizes to the teachers since they are going back. Suzuka asks if it is necessary for all of them to go. Akira calls out to Suzuka and tells him that they are going too. Suzuka goes, ha. There are already a lot of people in the main building. Sane says that it is all noisy [and crowded]. Takezou says that it isn’t sure that she’s in this hall.

Chika suggests that they split up to search for the mother. Hiro asks him if he knows what Satowa’s mother look like. To her shock, Chika exclaims that he doesn’t know but he’ll just try to look for someone who looks like a head [of a koto group].
Satowa exclaims that it’s kimono, she’s wearing a kimono. Hiro says that’s a good clue. The plan is upon finding Satowa’s mother, they are to keep her from leaving then contact the others through LINE [internet messaging app] They say okay.

Hiro exclaims that they are to send a text if it is for Satowa. Soon, everyone is looking around the building and even the parking lot. Satowa goes back in the auditorium and recalls where her mother was seated. There is no one there. Just then, Takezou sees Satowa leaving the auditorium. This is his cue that her mother isn’t among the audience.
Somewhere else, Chika keeps on looking for someone in kimono. He finds one and instantly grabs her to say, “Houdzuki’s mo..” Upon seeing that it is a chubby woman, Chika apologizes for the mistake since he thinks that she seemed like Michi’s mother. As he runs off, the woman wonders if he was flirting.

Chika thinks that this is so troublesome but she ought not to have gone home yet. After recalling all the times of knowing who Satowa is, how she lived and fearing to listen to her performance before, Chika looks determined and continue to search. Satowa is also running around and looking around.

She thinks, not here..and it seems that she had really... There’s a message from Hiro. She apologizes for Satowa’s mother isn’t at this side either. Satowa thinks that the last one that they still haven’t searched yet is just the backstage. She looks around but her mother isn’t there. Her steps slow down as she passes by the practice rooms.
She wonders what she is doing for her mother has no business in coming here. “In the end, what am I expecting---” She looks surprised when someone calls out to her, “Satowa.” Satowa recognizes the voice that she slightly turns to confirm it.

From the corner of her eye, she sees a familiar figure of a woman in a kimono. She recalls the awful expressions her mother had after she first played Tenkyuu before. She looks away. Just then, Chika sees the one in kimono. Takezou also notices her that he suddenly stops running. He caused Hiro to bump into him.

While Satowa had become very tense, Chiharu says, “’s great for I was afraid of whether or not, I had missed you... I’ve been looking for you for a long time. --I have heard the performance. *bites lips* --I’m sorry... *bows down in aghast*...
...–I know...the things that I have done to you had caused such pain that it cannot be taken back. I also clearly know that it is an unforgivable thing. *holds up head*, as matters stand, I have no right to say this kind of words, --but, can you give me one more chance and let me properly talk with you.”

Satowa looks flustered as she starts to tear up. She asks, “—this time around, have I already conveyed my feelings? *trembling* This time, there’s no error [/mistake] with the method, right? *turns around*, Mama, this time, I--” She sees her teary-eyed mother with a smile. This surprises Satowa.

Tears start to fill up her eyes and continuously fall down. Satowa covers her eyes and kneels down on the floor. She sobs loudly which flusters her mother [to see her like that]. As everyone happily watches, Chiharu holds out her arms and gives her daughter a tight hug.
Comment: Did you cry, too? That is such a moving reconciliation scene. It makes me realize why Satowa is tense about the outcome of their performance when she ought to know if it was amazing or not. After all, she did play that same piece before with her utmost effort but to her dismay, she failed in conveying her feelings and intention to her mother. This time around, with everyone’s help, she finally did it. ^^

The first part can really be unnerving for performers especially amateurs. After giving it one’s everything and feeling that one has played really well in one’s whole life, there is only silence. They underestimated the effect of their performance on ordinary people. =P

As expected, their performance pulled people’s hearts and inspire people. They also proved themselves to those who underestimated them. It would be hard for Taishin to temporarily give up composing after this especially since he seems to like a challenge. It is nice how they get to inspire the trio to keep on playing in some other ways even if they goofed up this performance.

So, next, it would be the results. Will they go to the Nationals as the champions or will only perform with others koto players? Given everyone’s reactions to their performance, I’m really inclined to think that they’ll win this. Scans by 二次元秘店

Quote of the day:
Reconciliation heals the soul. [It is] the joy of rebuilding broken relationships and hearts. If it is healthy for your growth, forgive and love ~ Mama Zara (KushandWizdom)


  1. Great chapter. Thank you for summarizing it!

  2. Thanks for summarizing. Ah, I'd really love if they made an anime for this. Or even a drama adaptation. I'm actually anxious for the results. I know they worked hard but for them to win will be too easy story wise. Maybe it's a tie and the judges decide to have the koto clubs combine and go as one koto group. Or they go into overtime? Though, I'd really love it if Tokize win and go to Nationals.

    1. Thanks for reading, Lidy ^-^

      Yup, and hopefully with a good production + budget =P

      I'm not sure about overtime. This isn't exactly a sports game. I don't think it's fair to the other prefectures to send a combined group.

      The other reason/s why I think they have to go to Nationals because this is a feel good inspiring-type of series. I don't think the series will continue through Chika and others going to second-third year without Takezou and Hiro. And, if they'll have to lose again, they can do it during the Nationals.

      I guess I don't want the series to drag just like in Chihayafuru or those type of mangas that I lost interest. ^^;

  3. I did cry!! Glad to know I wasn't alone. I hope they win. They should since they clearly moved everyone in the audience and displayed their skills and Satowa's genius.

    And like they said a couple of chapters ago for the top contenders they will have to look at each aspect of the performance. So they out did both other schools with the emotional/ spirit of the song, on par with their skills, and the song was more technically challenging at least with Satowa'a part as mentioned in the last chapter how the part she was playing was quite difficult yet she made it appear easy and effortless.

    But win or lose I am extremely satisfied with this series. And just love each of the characters. Hope to get to know more about Chika's dad and mom (? Have they mentioned if he has one?) in the next arc!!

    1. Ah, you did, Carol ^^ Yup ^^ Thinking about it, wouldn't the judges want to share to the others this kind of performance to the Nationals because it won't happen again = it won't be the same group members again next year?

      Yup. Hopefully, they're strong on all criteria for judging.

      Yup ^^

  4. Hi Kat! Thanks again for your great work.
    It's impossible not to cry it was so beautifully drawn. I do think that the whole team will go to the nationals when you see how the audience reacted. Houtsuki's group might even take them under their wing in order to win the nationals if Chiharu's feud with Doujima is solved.

    1. Thanks for reading Sabrina ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Indeed...really hoping that they'll do..I think, it's like 99% chance of winning ^^

      Possible, to give a new dimension to their performance aside from what has already been contributed ^^

  5. Thanks, Kat! As always, you make my day with you summary of this awesome manga :)
    I'm so glad the audience was blown away by their performance, it's just a pity they didn't get the immediate gratification and confirmation that they did indeed do well. At least they got their minds off it looking for Chiharu. I hope they can all go together to Nationals, but I can also see it going in the direction of Chika and Satowa joining with another group, too, and the others having to just cheer them on because they've already overcome the hurdle of working together as a misfit group. Maybe they need to evolve differently now for another challenge? Ahhhhhh, I can't wait to hear the results next chapter!!!

    1. You're welcome, Hikari ^-^ Glad to hear that ^^


      True but it will really be satisfying if they do get into the Nationals. Iirc, that is Takezou's goal at the start which became everyone's goal later on. Though yes, with others, I think there will be different interactions/getting along with each other ^^

      Yup ^^

  6. Kat please translate chapter 86 of ookami-heika no hanayome! Looking forward to it and thank you!

    1. Ah, maybe next week. I'm waiting for two weeks after the Chinese release in their forum.

      Do look forward to it and you're welcome ^^

  7. thanks Kat for the translation. As you know, this series can make someone cry over and over again. I already read this series almost 10 times and every time i read it, it never fail to make me cry. I'm looking forwarded to your summarized coz the translation of this series are no where to found. your fave my greatest thanks for your hard work.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Is that so ^^ For me, it's usually just for the first two reads ^^;

      Thanks ^^

  8. I cried, and while posting this, remembered a song by a rapper that has nothing to do it with this chapter, I cry, you cry, we cry together, lol.

    Great chapter, thanks Kat!

    Seeing this reaction, it'd be weird for them no to win, but I can't still let my hopes fly high. Anyway, like I said before, they already are winners, they reconcile a mother/daughter, melted an icy heart, and inspire more than one person to keep going, as a musician, that is already an enormous success.

    Wondering if we'll get to see Tsukaji's article, from the looks of it, it'd shake the koto/music world, the former winner and 'heir to houdzuki', the genius composer and the genius houdzuki herself all gathered in a highscool performance? It'd be nice to see.
    Regarding my previous post, I don't know what to make of that doctor, he first says that I need to operate asap in order no to aggravate the situation, but disregard it saying it's not actually an emergency despite the risks, then says I need a shrink 'cause the pain I feel is not that bad, though I really need the surgery not to get even worse? Oo' I can't understand that, but seeing how all that I'm inclined to read, watch and play and titles with some crazyness, I guess that speaks for itself too, lol.
    Have I told you that the gov here already are making things worse and is not only even paying our full salaries, but is trying to reduce?
    I don't know, to me, Owl seemed pretty regretfull when talking about Grisha's sister and what was going on, and how he kicked the other officer, I felt like he was itching to do it, just couldn't get a chance.

    Maybe I'm putting my own feeling in the matter and is actually like you said, but I still think, as the head of the rebellion, he's not enterily jaded like Annie, in other not to feel bad about the thing he's done to others.

    1. You did, Fê ^^ Quite fitting.

      Yup, and thanks for reading ^-^ I'm wondering, can we go in a higher 'high' than this? ^^ Perhaps, going to the Nationals is icing on the cake? ^^

      Ya..though I don't think they knew of the genius composer yet. Taishin doesn't seem to know either.

      - - -

      Lol. It makes me think that the first part is the truth but he throws in the latter part as a reason for delay of treatment which is probably what he routinely says to other patients. ^^;;

      - - -

      No, you haven't. They are? I heard something about the current president is also in kind of trouble/to be oust but it is just one time so I thought things are already okay there. Here, they don't reduce. Most usually, they delay the release.

      By the way, do some people there pay salaries by giving gift certificates instead of cash? Here, they do. But then, most cannot really protest/forced to accept it for it is either that or nothing. ^^; Actually, it seems that the rich tend to do that. ^^;;

      - - -

      I see.

    2. It's turning into habit, but I just had to read again. It's quite soothing.

      Yea, in turns of feels, I don't anything can top winning the nationals while adressing Chika's family problems. You're right, I forgot that Shizuka it's not that famous himself that people'd realize who he is by name or face.
      I think that's it, 'cause we also don't get any psychological treatment in public hospitals, I mean, they don't even inform when a vacancy'd open.
      Yes they are, some places are even worse, but it's pretty bad everywhere. He is, but afaik, it's most due to his partnership with the previous president, their league might have been given grease money to their campaign, ofc everyone knew, but...

      No, not really that way. I mean, there are a lot of gifts, bonus, gratification, donation and contribution, but most of them are given by private companies as grease money, or stolen from public money and given to some politicians/contributors in the same way, but not as salary.

    3. =)

      True. I wonder if it will happen, winning the Nationals? I'm not too optimistic about it compared to the prelims.

      - - -

      I see. Actually, given your case, I won't be surprised if psychological treatment is of their lowest priority in terms of health care. ^^;; Well, here, I don't hear it and usually, those who get psychological help are the well-to-do.

      - - -

      I see. So, in case he was also ousted, who gets to be president? Unless election is going to happen soon.

      Ah..that is the usual business, I think, in most places. It is like our police chief accepting a 'gift' = free trip and ticket to the US to watch our boxing champ fight this month. It is only now he found out, oh, I shouldn't be accepting gifts from others? I don't think the case will prosper though but who knows. <- depends on how the wind blows.

      But yes, aside from that, there are people paying employees with gift certificates from malls, etc. Actually, I did told you before that after a certain contract, a hotel wanted to pay with gift certificates like free lodging at the hotel, etc. There is even this are designer bags, just sell them and that's the money we pay. Usually, one is forced to accept such gc or else, won't get paid. ^^;

      So, I really wonder if it is only in this country that actually happens. =P

    4. I don't think they'd win either, I'm not even sure they're really going to the nationals as the winner here, but, in terms of topping, I can't imagine anything else.

      Maybe Satowa's and Hiro's love confession? I don't see Chika nor Take confessing, lol.

      Speaking of love confess, just read Life so Happy and it seems SeiShi are going to anounce their wedding, or at least, their engagement sooner than later.
      You know, there's a lot of prejudice against this treatment, so it's very hard to find one that it's good or affordable. I don't really mind, I mean, I'm all for whatever it takes to get better, so I'm looking for one. But, like I said, can't even book a consult if it's public.
      It'd be a provisory president while there'll be another election. The provisory one'd be the camara president - which the previous one was also ousted, lol. Even if there's two years more to another 'normal' election, as soon as the vice gets out, the camara assumes 'till this new election provides - but I think, not really suere, it wouldn't be a public election, just between the national congress.

      Over here that are lots of cases similar to this you mentioned, but like I said, it's not a paid sallary nor it counts as any kind of wage. That was a case that the principal took a lot of money of the school and spent lots and lots in festivities involving the school, trips and some other not so open things like getting 'bonus' to some people under his wing.

      Must be tough getting paid in bags and lodges. How can we eat that? And I'm sure as hell normal people wouldn't be able to buy those for what they usually worth so it's a losexlose situation. Dam*, I'm kinda sad now.

    5. Ya.

      Oh, that's possible.

      I see. So, I guess the mangaka did plan to make a part 2 and put that there to keep people reading...aside from it about the twins.

      - - -

      Prejudice = not emergency/life threatening, and will just somehow make one's life normal again? ^^; You know, I think it should be good and affordable. Usually here, people are scared of any surgery that involves the spine/nerves/back, etc because of the horror stories. So, people would tend to get the 'best'. Hopefully, I'm not scaring you or anything. ^^; A couple of relatives who needed that kind of surgery are postponing it as long as they can.

      - - -

      Oh, so they vote among themselves until the public election?

      I see. Most likely, give them to the favored ones.

      Yup. Usually, they sell those for it to become money. It takes more effort though and you got to have connections = know a lot of people who'll buy those stuff from you.

      Ah..mood low again?

    6. Say, do you think there'll ever be a confession here? I said I can't see the boys doing, but Satowa doesn't look the one to be forward either, despite the times she've done what have got to be done, like bowing low to get another koto.

      Or, if they pair, it'd be offscreen? My poor impossible ships could happen like this, lol.

      It's possible, yea, but then again, what I read and heard people saying was that Life So Happy was just an attempting, if things were bad, they wouldn't continue to publish more than two chapters.
      More or less, it's like, if you need this kind of treatment, people don't take you seriously and have you like a weakwilled person that can't deal with yout own problems, or you just batshi*crazy and shouldn't be on the loose, lol. Yea, me too, but over here, a private consult can cost up to more than a minimal salary, it's pricey and hard to find a good one.

      Not really scaring 'cause I already am scared shi*less tbh, lol. My deepest fear is being dependent, I've seen and took care of several relatives that couldn't move themselves, not even to eat or, sorry for the expression, wipe themselves. So yea, I'm scared, but I always say that I'm willing to do what it takes to get better, if a surgery is needed, than I gotta man up, lol.

      Hope the situation of your relatives aren't as painful as mine, so a surgery isn't really needed.
      That's what I know, but there'd be the last case scenario. If the president now were to get out, there's three others that could take his place before the elections. The funny and worrysome part is that all of them, maybe but one, are pretty much beeing investigated or have been cited in corruption schemes.

      Man, that gotta be tough, I'd be in world of pain if I were to be paid like that. Don't know anyone who'd buy anything like that for a fair price.

      I have those pretty often, tbh. But it never sticks for much time, thank God, lol.

    7. Me, too. Hiro has the highest chance. Chika confessing seems very unlikely based on how thing are going so far = the most clueless about love from the looks of it.

      Ah...not to sure. But if Hiro and Takezou became a pair, there should be a Chika xS atowa since they are the 'main couple'. Extra/side possible couples do usually happen off screen or use one's imagination for it to happen = open ending.

      Oh. Kind of a trial thing? Does it seem so? Perhaps, if there is not much conflicts in the story to keep readers reading. Does it have a chapter number? Those are the usual indications if it will be short one or long one.

      - - -

      Oh. Strange that they would assume that you cannot deal with your own problems, etc unless they mean pay on your own instead of public health regarding such non-life threatening health conditions.

      Ah..and usually pricey = good one.

      I see. That is the worst scenario though I would resume that their health conditions are different from yours? Indeed. I have to do that, too. It is like, just go with it despite the risks especially if there is no alternative because at this rate, the current situation sucks. Perhaps, it might be a case of desperation?

      Well, in my case, it is better to have the kidney transplant whatever the risks of surgery rather than kept on relying on dialysis for 2-3x a week, iirc. Of course, if the new kidney rejects, it will be back to dialysis. ^^; Thank God though, everything has been okay since then.

      Perhaps but let's just say that the surgery isn't urgently needed. One has scoliosis which I presume causes back pain at times. It seems that two bones at the lower back are fused together. It would be good to correct it while she's a kid but now, it will just be operated if it really hurts already because the things one can do will be limited afterwards.

      The other one seems to have little spaces at the neck spine so the nerves are being pinched. He is on physical therapy and pain killers. Before, they say that it should be operated asap. Later on, the doctor consulted with others, decided to delay it for a while and just maintain the situation. Again, there are things one cannot do after the surgery.

      - - -

      Lol. Okay, so the replacement isn't better.


      That's good ^^

      Oh, I'm curious. Does your country view Trump's win as good? Here, it depends. For those who don't like the current president, it is bad because they are the same, and won through the same kind of way = 'them vs us' with similar traits misogynist, etc. For the pro-president or the president, it is good because Trump would not likely lecture about human rights, etc. Of course perhaps, he won't curse or anything at Trump like what he did with Obama since Trump won't likely take that sitting down and act civil. =P

    8. Agreed, I don't think Chika'll ever confess, unless if it's under some strong pression like Sato'll have to quit school, club and cut bonds with her friends for w/e reason if/when she's reinstated into Houdzuki. Or if Chika finds finds himself in similar situation involving his family and has to for a while/good, then I can see them confessing, but not like Hiro, Hiro'd be awesome and super cute saying, Hey, Take, for a long time now... - the fangirl inside of me yells only imagining, lol.

      My impossible ships are Tetsu and Chika's aunt, AkiraxSane, there's not going to happen but well, dreams are still free, for now.

      Yea, I can't say for sure 'cause I don't know the details, but the first two chapters were already out before the scanlations for LsL were done, then I don't know if the series were over in japan already or if it were, indeed, a test. What I can say is that the first two chapter didn't look like a series, just a: in some random day, the twins are facing new things, how they gonna react to the new experience? It felt like it was over, but like LsL, it could go on like a cute sof with some bumps in the road.
      Over here, and overall america, I see people who need emotional/psychological treatment beeing judged 'cause it was not so long ago that only hysterical rich women'd look for it. So it got stuck, especially in men's case, you almost don't see male patients over here. In USA not so much, things are changing fast there, but south and central america this preconcept is still very strong. And no, not everytime pricey is good, I've had one some time ago that was pretty pricey and the doctor said to me the only thing left were just prescrit meds, I was beyond salvation, lol. Obviously I never went back there, but it took her three months? I felt more like I was the one analyzing her, lol.

      I see, it seems that they're not really that bad, though pain is really subjective, but ther issues don't seem to be at the far end, thank god. Mine are a little more complicated 'cause it's right where the nervous system are more fragile, and have the bones fusing together while other are 'escaping'. The urgency is that if takes too long it could compromise all the spine and then I'd be done, lol.

      But wait, wait? You need dialysis? It's gotta be tough. My friend needs to and everytime she comes back after one session it looks like they drained her life instead. Get better you too and thank god it's at least stable.
      Yea, nobody is free of charges of corruption or coercion, so, tldr, we're f***d, lol.

      That's kinda hard to say, but no, they don't. The mainstream media loves the idea of another woman presiding USA or beeing more 'open' to the world, but there's a minority, I myself included, that while not really supporting him or seeing him as any good, we didn't want Hillary to win. One can not say she's against the war when she's selling weapons to the oountries that finances said war while receiving outside monetary donations for her own instute from the same countries she says she's against. Nor to say the women rights...

      My take is the lesser evil, like you said sometime ago.

    9. True. Actually, aside from that, Chika seems totally clueless about 'love' and why Satowa reacts 'differently' at times =P


      Oh. It seems like side stories-type if everything is resolved in a chapter, unless it is an episodic-type.

      - - -

      I see. True, there are such cases. As I mentioned before, my misdiagnosis is from an expensive doctor. Of course, thank God, it only caused 'minor' problems that I have to live with. There are of course horror stories about 'major' problems or worse, dead.

      I see. you see any chances of it being done this year? Or it is really random if you're lucky or not-kind of thing?

      Yup. I think I had it for 2-3 months and I already had enough of it. At first, it was okay after dialysis but the effects is temporary. Later on, it doesn't seem to be working. When I had it, my kidneys had already conked out unlike for others, the kidneys are still minimally functioning so they most probably do well afterwards.

      Of course, aside from that, I also hate the two huge needles as big as the ones used in sewing machines being pricked every time. The scars are still there. Of course, the worse is, opps, we didn't get your vein, let's do it again.

      Ah, this was years before. I already had a kidney transplant. Got my mom's kidney. So far, so good. Sometimes I do worry and ask the doctor, for how long will it last. He'll say, it depends on God which is true since I was like asking, when will I die. ^^;

      - - -

      Ah, indeed.

      I see. Something like a true politician that most people hate.

    10. Chika is true to our shounen hero trope, huh? Dense, dumb and kind hearted, lol.

      Yes, yes. Well, the first two were like this, now we do seem to have a proper background story supporting the actions and feelings of the characters, a 'true slice of life'.
      Aaah, it seems you had your fair share of health issues, huh? I can imagine 'cause I actually have seen, and my mom too had kidney's issue. But it worked out too. So then is 'all good' since you don't have any more serious trouble. Kinda relieved now. ^^ But to be asking when I'll die is too much, I'm sorry but I laughed a little. Is there anything that you can't do? Or you can do anything, just at your pace?

      Tbh, I see no chance whatsoever to be done in this year, even if it's in a private institute, that goes for either the surgery and the psychologist consult/treatment. But we can't give up, can we?
      Yea, I never bought Hillary's crap since very young when we had debates in school, and my curious nature always made me look for mor info than we had in school books or the ones our teachers provided. That was not the case of the majority so I'm kinda shunned but whatever, lol.

      Either way, there's no really winning when what we have is the bad and the worst.

    11. True, and a bit child-like especially with his sweet tooth for strawberries =P

      I see.

      - - -

      Indeed. I have always been sickly since young so there are lots of stuff that I cannot do like what I mentioned before about the zombie thing, I couldn't run ^^;

      Currently, no, thank God. Though, sometimes, worry sets in. ^^;

      Lol, I didn't ask him when I'll die though, just up to when it will conk out. Of course, as I mentioned, it is pretty much like asking it that way because of his answer. ^^;

      Nothing really. Just the usual stuff like eat healthy food, drink lots of water, drink expensive medicine, etc.


      - - -

      Interesting. Is it some sort of gut feel? Actually, it's interesting that she is being 'studied' in school. Here, it is mostly domestic issues being discussed and debated on. I don't even quite know why people hated her except for the email stuff. ^^;


      By the way, things seem busy there lately about the soccer team. Also, are there are rallies, something about austerity measures. Will the latter one affect your chances of getting a surgery at the public hospital?

    12. I'd say Chika resembles me a little 'cause I love strawberry things and am dumb as hell, but not that dense and not so much of a kind hearted one. Though, gotta say, he's a lot more attractive that I ever could be, lol.
      My health too always was extremely fragile. I remember when I used to work in a rehab clinic and the internals'd made fun of me 'cause I used to say that, despite having never done drugs, the sheer amount of meds the doctors prescribed'd make me the biggest junkie over there, lol.

      But that never made me stop doing things I liked, 'till today 'cause I have no way. And now I'm even getting my **s handed to me in Street Fighter V, can't even play well anymore, lol.

      That's good then, right? At least you can lead a normal life without too much to worry, despite the risk.
      Well, I don't really know. In my time in school, we'd learn about national and internation history, and USA being the most proeminent country, we'd study them too. But not every school was like that, almost zero students cared about it either and nowadays history teachers are too programmed to teach stuff that has only one truth - despite being a lie. So I guess I luck out?

      And tbh, I'd always look for more info 'cause sometimes I felt like the teacher didn't get into the root of the problem so,I don't really know.

      Soccer here is always more important than anything, and I mean anything. We're living the crisis for a long time and it's getting worse by the day, but as long as the national team win and play well, nobody really cares about politics, corruption and w/e.

      Yes, this is most likely one of the reasons I still haven't got the surgery done. The gov shut down a lot of branch clinics, lot's of health insurance and now everything is overcrowded and the biggest publick hospital performs only two surgeries a week, with a preference for those that arrive totally broken with bone exposure etc.

      Yesterday there was a rally here, but guess what?

    13. Hehe, is that so. ^^

      - - -

      Lol. I can relate to that. If you notice the title of the blog, it implies that =P

      I see. That's good ^^ Ah..the payback, huh.

      Yup. More or less normal ^^

      - - -

      I see. Actually, even if the US had a very prominent role in our country, it wasn't taught much in our school. I learned some of their history through other means. It is usually how the US 'conquered' our country then 'free' us from Japs during WW2.

      Actually, until now, there seems to be a huge influence until this president who hates US. ^^; It is a popular rumor that the US can 'kick out' a president here that it doesn't like.

      I see.

      Oh. Curiosity, huh. That's good. There days, it seems a bit hard to get 'real' history for we are in a so-called 'post-truth era' with fake news and everything.

      That important, huh. So, the politicians give such a big support for soccer in order to divert everyone from more pressing issues?

      Oh. And, so far, people aren't complaining or just accepting it? It was always said that our people here have a very long patience that they can endure a lot of things when in our countries, they would have revolted already.

      What? Did something happen?

    14. Really? I've always wondered, like, Kat doesn't seem to be a person that'd be into that, well, now I wonder no more and kinda feel bad about it. ^^'

      I think more or less normal is good, I mean, more or less is by some a definition of normal, right? lol. Seriously though, thank god. I know quite well the pain you went through.

      Good news, I got my sick leave, almost one month after the exam to 'check me up', don't ask me if I'll get paid this past month while I was waiting. Now, back to SFV to see if I can manage at least one victory, lol.
      For all I know, they can't really kick, but they sure can influence more than enough to make life hell to him and his supporters, it all depends on how 'well' is yours political affairs and international business with them. A question though, how the majority of the people feel about USA and their presidents? Especially Obama, Bush, Hillary and Trump.

      Yea, and working in the area I can say for sure that there's a fake truth to almost everything regarding our own history. Heroes that never were, reverse blame on who's to fault for a lot of conflicts, internal and externals. I really do wonder why they'd go so far to adopt books that everyone knows it's nothing but lies or completely biased towards something that didn't really happen.
      Yes, yes. It's quite the circle and bread from Rome. All the more, the public bank account 'supports' soccer as it main sport and spends some much money covering clubs debts that you'd question why don't they invest in other sports or even in other things the population really need like health care, transportations and so on...

      Some people do try, I used to be one, but the vast majority don't even know why they're protesting or what they fighting for, or why they even are there. It's quite sad, fewer and fewer people know and protest with a just cause, but others...

      Nah, nothing and the senator still approved one project to try and get out of the situation - since he's to be investigated and inquired about corruption in one of the many schemes that are currently going on. Luckly, some other senators were against, so for now it's not so bad, but everyone knows better than to actually believe that.

    15. Lol, no worries. Most would think that =P

      Indeed but then, normal depends on one's perspective, too ^^ Yup ^^

      That's good news, finally ^^ Lol.

      - - -

      Indeed. From the news, I would assume Obama is so-so though probably a low since he got elected. There are those who like his policies and those who don't. I'm not sure if there are a lot of don't since a lot of people don't like/trust Hillary.

      I get the impression that a lot of people don't like Bush Jr. for getting them into war in Iraq. Trump, depends on who you are asking but so far, I guess they are still at wait and see if he is different from the campaign Trump to president Trump? Politicians tend to be different during campaign mode especially unknowns = will they fulfill their promises.

      Hmm..that is if the current ones in power wanted that to happen. Iirc, China and Korea, was it, were complaining about WW2 not truthfully taught in Japan. There are some people here are making jokes about certain tortures/deaths here into something positive.

      For example in AoT, let's say that hand torture there is giving them a manicure. Pulling teeth is a dental help. And, killings are just sending them to eternal vacations. =P So, what are they complaining about.

      - - -

      I see. Sorry but what is 'circle and bread'? I haven't heard of it.

      I see. But are there those who were paid to protest? Here, it does happen so there are those who don't know what they're fighting for, etc but just chant what was chanted and well, they get paid + meal. It was very apparent during election sorties because there was one newbie who didn't know about it or is stingy so when people ask if there's money or food, they start to leave ^^;

      Ah..sorry, I didn't get the punch line. lol. I see. Very brazen of him though there are a lot of that type here.

      - - -

    16. Well, my normal's pretty much crazy all around, so yea, it depends, lol.

      Finally, right? Now I just have to book an exame with the private doctor, the check up only is more than half of my end month pay. T__T But we gotta do what we gotta do.
      I too hated Bush, not just because of war, but like sending people to fight over petrol and saying it was against terrorism, while his orders were at the same level of terror. Hate them, Obama was pretty charismatic, but too 'passive'.

      I get about Trump, either way, don't like him, but at least it's not Hillary, lol.
      Yea, in Japan, they don't teach about comfort women and other atrocities their military forces did while invading other countries in war, don't know if it's like that, though, it's been a while since my friend who lived there told me - he had no idea of those things.

      I do those kind of jokes too, but when it comes to criminals, tbh. I don't think murderers, rapists and other kind of criminals must have human rights when they deprived their victims of that, and not only their victims, but the relatives of them.
      I worded in the wrong way, sorry. I guess in english it'd be bread and circuses. Like, give the people something to eat and something to entertain and that's it, all's good.

      Definitely, but afaik, there are more people to incite violence so to make the protestants look bad and give cause to the gov and police stop the manisfestations since it's not 'pacific or civil'. But I wouldn't put behind me that there are cases like that here too. In more rural and poorer zones, the politicians do that for sure, but in big cities I don't really know.

      Apparently, they voted during the early hours of the mornight, late night and so there were no people, and some projects did get approval. Like I said, doubt anyone would actually believe they didn't vote to give themselves anisty.

    17. Indeed.

      Yup ^^ Wow, that the surgery might put you into debt for a few/several years?

      - - -


      - - -

      I think it is still the same unless the students venture to learn more/truth.

      Is that so. Ah, that is the current issue here lately though instead of going through the slow justice system, it is the shortcut, just kill that person, and that's it. The police won't investigate it and they got blessings from the higher ups. Of course, it is more on drug addicts/pushers these days. They say that it is something similar with Columbia so you might be familiar with it due to close proximity.

      Again, there is a double standard in all things. It depends on one's status = poor killed while rich and connected get jail or get away; stay alive. Some assassins are taking advantage of it and just tag the 'enemies' of those who hired them as drug addicts/criminals by just tossing a placard that this person is a thief/addict/murderer, etc.

      - - -

      Oh, yes, yes. I'm still thinking what's the 'entertain' part here on our side. ^^; I just now that no one can tax cellphone calls and text since everyone would give a hoot about it. =P Or perhaps, the local telenovelas. =P Is that still popular there?

      Hm..I haven't thought of that. Usually, here, they can be quite violent when they take sticks and hit the police, etc. There is always vandalism. Of course, in the recent violent one, it is the police who are in the bad light since a policeman rammed the protestors back and forth with a van. ^^; His excuse was he panicked.

      Lol...when that happens, it is usually up to no good, ya? Here, there are well-known rumors about paying those lazy congressmen/senators to show up and vote/not vote. I say 'lazy' because they are usually absent yet they are still get paid for doing nothing/not showing up for work. Someone proposed that it should be no work, no pay but of course, that wasn't paid attention to.

    18. Yes, that's one of few reasons why I went to the public despite being riskier. Tnh, all exams and check-ups that are done in private instutes costs at least that much, if you don't have an health insurance or something like that.
      It's not an opinion much people agree with, but I don't see anyone mourning nor helping the family the drug dealer caused. People murder and rape then has all the rights in the world and are walking free in less than 10y in some cases? I do give that some of them try to be a better human being, but the vast majority are just going down the same path again. But I think the police should investigate the matter, even if the criminal is already dead, sometimes things don't end because of death, especially in these cases, but like you said, unfortunately, the drug 'business' makes a lot of profit for anyone and though the gov, police and military are always saing they combat against, it's easy to see that they too are part of that 'business'.

      True, like that song, it's always just the poor, sadly. We're seeing that with some many politicians, and even the ones that go to jail have some many privilegies that I myself don't it's like a bad joke.
      Popular? Just from memory alone I know there're at least 5 soap operas going on in the major tv station here, at least 2 in every other station, save but one channel that 'try' to be about more education and culture.
      Here, the police is too unprepared for those things, they can say otherwise, but they're too prompt to violence even if it isn't necessary. Ofc, there're cases that the police are in the right and have to force someone that is out of the 'peaceful talks', it's really rare though. Even more so 'cause the police here are hated and don't have much power if it's trying to do the right thing, like a case when a minor stole a car, crashed into three others while escaping and was armed, the police officer said halt, but the thief was going to shoot him, so he shot the minor first and now is being prosecuted - note that it wasn't the first crime the minor had commited - and everyone's against the police that tried to do his job.
      It's always up to no good, and they're lazy yes. They don't want to ged paid less, but are trying to pass a project that do exactly that to most workers, including expanding the working hours and the years necessary to retire, ofc that doesn't apply to them. It's a shame that people like the one over there who proposed that project are paid no attention. Over here too, if only the congressmen were paid 10% less and had not so much 'bonuses', they wouldn't have to press the majority of the population in what is almost like a new slavery system.

      But like I said, as long as there're soccer teams and they're good, everything else is good too.
      And I still keep getting my **s handed to me in Street Fighter, really, my M side must be awakening or I don't know anymore, lol.

    19. I see.

      - - -

      Hm...actually, not here. There are people mourning like why kill my husband/father, etc, why not just arrest him. There was a drug lord who got plenty of people going to his funeral since he is a Robin hood-type. Here, most of the time, even if you are a murderer, addict, and whatever, your family still loves you = I would assume that in those cases, they treated them really well or really love them.

      I would assume that there is always someone who'll take their place. I think it is like with rebels and terrorists. Since it is like a 'business', there should be heirs or at least, underlings would more or less learn how to run such a 'business' and would want to 'start their own business'.

      That's true. If the price is right, they can build 'luxury rooms' in the jail house or 'free day out of the prison'. There was one who even got out for dentist visit or even, stem cell therapy. There was this ex-president who has been 'giving away pardons' for rich offenders = murder, a lot were free during her time.

      - - -

      I see. But are they successful with their 'try'? Because usually, that has low profits.

      - - -

      I see. In a way, that is a bad example for 'good cops' since they would next time thing, who cares or s/he'll get into trouble like that one. Here, it is pretty much the same, people don't trust the police and they are usually involved in it. For example, low level type -> people wonder why this petty thief is in and out of prison = the money and loot stolen is shared with the police.

      - - -

      Hm...I'll assume that they'll get something from the project? Aren't they afraid of payback during elections? Here, they usually just promise, higher wage, better life, etc to ensure votes. If they fail with the promise, they'll just make new promises and spreading some money around with hopes people will vote for them again...and yes, they usually will.

      Hehe, I see. there are riots when a certain team lost/ 'assumed to have been cheated'? I hear it in Europe, iirc.

      Lol...maybe. How long have you been playing? =P

  9. Am tearin' up! Geez this manga is so underrated, I love this more than Chihayafuru.
    Anyway, I'm really glad for Satowa being relieved of her sadness and pain after such a long time. I wonder what will happen next. I hope the author will delve deeper onto Chika's back story though, like why his father disown him too. And what happened to his mother. His grandpa's story was sad too but I want to know moaaarrr! :D That aside, thank you again for the effort Kat! :*

    1. Indeed, khaleesi.

      Yup. Most likely.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  10. I just love Tsukaji's reactions.

    Thank you!