October 21, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 113]

It’s December 31, New Year’s Eve. Chizuru happily calls Ayane on the phone. She asks if she has plans for New Year, and will she go!! To Chizuru’s shock, Ayane says that she probably won’t go since it is night and there are a lot of people. She doesn’t want to get sick.

Chizuru tearfully asks if she won’t go to pray for her college exams. Ayane still says that she won’t go. She perks up when Chizuru shouts that Pin will definitely come as always. This made Ayane hesitate. Chizuru urges her to come for she wants to see him, right. Ayane screams, ah~~!! That Chizuru asks what’s with her.

Blushing really red, Ayane thinks that [when she shouted that she isn’t a brat] is obviously not something that she planned on saying, and doesn’t that totally exposes that she is a brat, geez. While Chizuru kept on asking what’s going on, Ayane thinks that the Pin ought to have not found out about it. He looks quite slow[-witted] so it should be fine.

Since she isn’t replying, Chizuru says okay, that is saying that she wants to see Pin. Blushing Ayane exclaims that yes, she wants to see him. Chizuru teases her, ah~~is that so~~ Surprised Ayane says no, that isn’t what..
Chizuru says that since it is like that, then how about going in the morning. There aren’t many people in the morning since there will be only just be some grandpas and grandmas. She informs Ayane that Sawako she and Shouta will be going together there tonight so it should be alright if they all go in the morning.

She’ll call Pin to come anyway, he’s absolutely very idle, and she’ll also tell Sawako about it. While Ayane is nervously saying ah, ah, Chizuru says see you and hangs up. Ayane blushes really red and thinks that she really wants to go.

Later on, Chizuru calls up Sawako to inform her about it. She suggests that Sawako to go home and rest first before coming back to meet up with them since she already prayed and she must be probably tired. Sawako says that she wants to go and there’s no problem in the morning. Chizuru says then it’s decided.

Then, Chizuru greets her a happy birthday. Surprised Sawako happily thanks her and says that she unexpectedly remembered it. This made Chizuru asks if she was the first one who greeted her. Sawako says that Ayane sent her a text about 12 midnight last night. Chizuru comments that Ayane is flawless and she lose to her.
Sawako is thanks them for remembering when they’re very busy this yearend. Chizuru asks about Shouta. Sawako says that they’ll meet today. Ayane exclaims that the boyfriend had unexpectedly fallen behind her and Ayane. Sawako says no, and she is already very happy that she’s able to see him when he is obviously very busy.

Chizuru says no, Shouta is the type of guy who’ll find some time in every method that he can think of. There is a scene of yesterday’s Shouta studying really hard for it is Sawako’s birthday and he wants to say it face-to-face. Sawako goes downstairs and thanks her father for letting her go to the hatsumode tonight with Shouta.

The father tearfully tells her to by all means, pay attention to her safety. Sawako smiles and says yes. The mother mentally tells Sawako that last year’s soba has a huge result until now. There’s a scene of Shouta resting for a while after shoveling the snow. Sawako happily thinks that she’s 18 years old this year.

At Ryu’s place, Chizuru exclaims how big Tooru’s daughter is now. It’s amazing. Tooru’s wife introduces her to Ayu [guesswork from 亞由]. Chizuru thinks that she’s so cute. She thinks that Ayu looks a bit like auntie... [<- I think that’s Ryu & Tooru’s mother]
Tooru’s wife asks if Chizuru wants to carry Ayu. Chizuru asks if she can and she’s quite scared. Tooru’s wife says that she understands and it can be scary. Chizuru asks Haru [Tooru’s wife; guesswork from ] if she was scared before.

Haru admits that she is but a baby is unexpectedly strong so it’s alright. She also assures Chizuru to look, Ayu is already big. Chizuru exclaims that she might cry. Haru assures her again that no matter who carries her, there are times when Ayu will cry. Chizuru puts Ayu on her lap and lightly pokes Ayu’s cheek.

Ayu grabs Chizuru’s cheek. Chizuru is moved by this. Soon, Chizuru is playing peekaboo with Ayu. She exclaims that Ayu smiled. Haru says that Ayu looks so happy. Chizuru starts to tell a story about a long time ago in some place, there is this grandpa and this grandma... Tooru laughs and asks what is this, Chizuru forgot that he is there.

While Ryu is sheepishly smiling, Tooru says that it feels that the girls had quickly got together and they are like sisters. Tooru looks at Ryu and repeats that they are like sisters. Puzzled Ryu asks if he is talking about Chizuru and Ayu. Tooru says no, he’s talking about Haru and Chizuru.
Puzzled Ryu says is that so. He wonders what part is the same. Tooru says that Ryu is still the same that he really makes people become speechless. The phone is ringing. Tooru answers it. Pin exclaims where he is right now. Tooru says that it has been a long time.

He comments that Pin is still the same as usual and he’s at his family’s house. Pin shouts that he came back yet he didn’t contact him. Tooru says that it has been a long time since he is with his family so forgive him about that. Pin demands to see his wife. Tooru says that he isn’t keen on letting him see her for it’s such a waste.

He informs Pin that he’s at the house watching TV and eating soba. Chizuru shouts that’s Pin which startles Ayu. Haru asks if it’s Tooru’s senpai. Chizuru says yes, also her homeroom teacher. She says that he’s an indecent guy so she better be careful of him.

Tooru is asking Pin if he’s going to the hatsumode. No, ever since he [Tooru] retired, all of them had become self-reliant [<- not quite sure who he is referring to] and it’s okay just let his hair down. He asks if Pin is going tonight when the weather isn’t quite good but it seems that it will change in the morning so for his health, how about going in the morning.
Chizuru apologizes to Tooru and grabs the phone to talk with Pin. Chizuru tells Pin to come for the hatsumode in the morning since he’s very idle so they’ll meet at 9. Pin exclaims if this is Chizuru and is she part of the family?

Chizuru says that she heard a rumor that starting at 9am, some sexy women the type that he likes will gather around and they are quite a mature group!! Also, it seems that there is an extremely cute girl!! Chizuru thanks Tooru and returns the phone. Tooru asks Pin how is this year even if he knows that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

“Is there something up lately? Something good-type of thing or perhaps, there is a change--” Pin mutters, Change? He holds his head, scowls and angrily shouts, “None!!” Tooru pulls away the phone since Pin is shouting. Soon, Chizuru is bidding them goodbye. They tell them to take care on her way. Chizuru reminds Ryu that they’re meeting at 9 so he better wake up.

Ryu tells her to wake him up. Chizuru says he’s acting spoiled. Poking Ayu’s face, she says that it’s so cold outside so no need to see her outside. She tells Haru that they’ll see each other again. Tooru laughs and says that it’s so cold. Chizuru says that the weather is so cold so he better get..in...
Tooru looks at her and asks, hm? Blushing really red, Chizuru says about that..there is something she should..haha..about that..right? Tooru just kept on saying yes. Chizuru screams to forget it, there’s no need to specially say it out. Tooru says no, before he catches a cold, she would tell it to him clearly. This surprises her.

She then manages to say that she and his younger brother..so she’s saying, they are going steady, and it’s like that!! Flustered Chizuru says that her body is so stiff and she’s so embarrassed that she finally said it out. While rubbing her head, Tooru says that she’s so slow and what’s up when she should have said it earlier.

He tells her that he was always waiting. Chizuru apologizes. He asks does she know since when he was waiting and if Ryu were to make her cry, she can tell him about it anytime. He happily tells smiling Chizuru that it’s great! Chizuru says ya!

All dressed up, Ryu says that he won’t make her cry. Chizuru asks where he is going. Ryu says that he’s going to buy something to drink. While holding Ryu’s arm, Chizuru exclaims that they go together. She bids Tooru goodbye and thank you.
Tooru looks inside to see his wife teaching their daughter to pay respects to his mother’s altar. Tooru smiles over this and muses that the one who probably waited the most for such a long time is their mother. Meanwhile, Chizuru asks Ryu if he won’t make her cry. Ryu says yes. She says that he’s really an idiot. He asks, really? Chizuru says that even if he made her cry, it’s also okay.

At Sawako’s place, Sawako’s father is sound asleep on the sofa. Putting a blanket over him, Sawako’s mother says that he is already drunk. Sawako asks if she’ll become like that if she’s drunk. Her mother says that they won’t know whom she’ll be like so after two years, during New Year’s Eve, they’ll drink together a glass.

This made Sawako excited. [<- In Japan, 20 years old is the allowable age to drink] Her mother asks if she is going out in a while when it is already starting to snow outside so she better be careful since her father cannot drop her off.

Sawako says okay, it’s fine. She tells her that she’ll be careful not to be mistaken as a yuki onna [snow lady spirit]. Her mother asks what she is saying. The scene changes to Shouta who opens the window. It is pretty much a blizzard with all the snow and strong wind.
He thinks that it isn’t time for the hatsumode. Even if he really wants to see Sawako but if it is like this. He fetch her no, at least give her the gift. Looking at the time, it is 10:24pm. He thinks that she shouldn’t have left yet so he’ll call her for a while.

A message of ‘the phone you’re calling is either turned off or out of coverage area so this call is temporarily not connected ’. His mother hears something at the door. She calls out where Shouta is going when the weather outside is quite terrible. She tells him that he can obviously go tomorrow. Shouta exclaims ya, he’ll just go out in a while.

His mother asks why he is shouting for it will be troublesome if his father wakes up because of his noise. After being told by his mother to be careful, Shouta walks to the meeting place and sees a figure, who is gathering snow on the head. He pats away the snow off when Sawako suddenly looks up and happily calls out his name. She asks if it is already time for their meeting.

She got too excited that she came early. Shouta mutters, cellphone. This made Sawako look in her bag and is shock to see that her cellphone no longer has any power. Just when she is saying that the batteries isn’t durable during cold weather... Shouta holds her face and looks at her.
Then, he shouts that they cannot go to the hatsumode!! Dejected Sawako tearfully asks if it’s cancelled. Shouta exclaims that they absolutely cannot stay outdoors. His house is very near so they go to his house!! While Sawako is surprised by that, he grabs her hand and leads her to his house.

Just when Shouta’s mother is saying that Shouta came back really early, she is surprised to see Sawako. Sawako greets her a good evening. Shouta says that the weather outside is quite terrible so he brought her here for shelter.

Shouta’s mother says that they are covered in snow. She tells them to shake off the snow and quickly get in. She gives them some towels. Sawako apologizes for it’s quite late. Shouta tells Sawako to wait at his house until the snow stops then he’ll walk her home later on.

Shouta’s mother says that it won’t stop for this is a blizzard will keep it up until morning so it’s too dangerous to go out. She tells Sawako to just go home tomorrow! After that sinks in their head, the two suddenly look surprised, then exclaims in surprise.
Shouta’s mother says that they might get into an accident and it’s too dangerous. She tells them not to look distracted and quickly get in to warm themselves. She also tells Sawako to contact her family and she’ll help her explain. Sawako says okay, thanks.

Shouta’s mother lends her the phone. While Shouta helps his mother to get the futon/quilt out, Sawako thinks that even if she knew there was a blizzard, she really anticipated today that she carelessly got too excited and ran out. She had unexpectedly caused this kind of trouble.

She glances at Shouta who smiles and says that’s great! Sawako calls her mother who asks if she’s alright since the blizzard became strong when she left. Sawako says that she didn’t get to go to the hatsumode and right now, she is at Shouta’s place. She explains that it seems that it will snow until morning so Shouta’s mother told her to go home tomorrow.

Shouta’s mother asks for the phone. She greets Sawako’s mother and says that it’s okay, it’s so late that she get to greet them, yes there’s only one more hour left for this year. Shouta calls out to Sawako that they already got the room ready where she’ll sleep as well as the futon.
He apologizes that she’ll be wearing his mother’s pajamas. Sawako apologizes for all the trouble. Shouta’s mother says that she explained it so relax. Sawako thanks her. Shouta asks if she’s cold and does she want to sit under a kotatsu [a table with a heater under it] which is currently in his room.

Sawako says that they don’t have a kotatsu so she really anticipates it. While Shouta asks if that’s for real, Shouta’s mother looks at him suspiciously. Before Shouta goes in his room, his mother calls out to him. She says, about that..you..she thinks that he ought to know. Puzzled Shouta asks what.

Looking away with folded arms, she tells him not to do anything strange. This surprises Shouta. Trembling Shouta asks what strange thing. His mother says that he’s talking too loud and he’ll wake up his father. She is just reminding him after all, that family had entrusted their precious daughter to them.

Shouta angrily says that he won’t do that. His mother says so isn’t she saying that she thinks that he ought to know!! She’ll properly explain this to his father in the morning, okay. Sweating Shouta angrily shouts that he knows already.
Peeking out, Sawako asks if something is up and they aren’t arguing because of her, right? Shouta exclaims that nothing’s up!! This made Sawako nervous and apologizes for interrupting them. This made Shouta quickly apologizes and says that it isn’t that.

The mother says that she’ll go and get something hot for them to drink so they go sit at the kotatsu. Soon, they put their hands and feet under the kotatsu and comment about how warm it is. Suddenly they become quiet and wonders how’s going on for they feel so happy. Their eyes met and they start giggling.

He asks her what time she left. She says around 9:45. He exclaims that’s so early and she should contact him earlier. The cold wind is blowing for such a long time! He says that he left around 10:30 so she was waiting for 30 minutes in that blizzard.

Sawako assures him that the blizzard isn’t that strong when she left and she just couldn’t sit still. She admits that she really anticipates it so she’s sorry. And, right now, she totally enjoy... Shouta touches her hand and says that it’s so cold. She looks at him.

Then, the two are startled when Shouta’s mother says that the tea is here. Shouta’s mother says, she said..you..? Embarrassed and angry Shouta exclaims that he knows already and she’s so annoying. So, on December 31, this year’s last day, Sawako spend it together with Shouta.
Comment: So, Ayane will probably meet with Pin on New Year. Because of what Chizuru hinted to Pin, I think he should more or less know what’s going on with Ayane. The Chizuru-others stuff is nice. They are indeed becoming more like a family. Actually, that seems to be a glimpse of what they will be like later on. ^^

I think Shouta has fallen deeper in love with Sawako. It is very rare to see someone who eagerly wants to see him that she threw away her own safety and waited for him in that blizzard. Good thing that he had some good instinct to check on her or else, she would have gotten sick or frozen to death.

Obviously, nothing ‘strange’ is going to happen since the mother is keeping watch and had warned Shouta. I don’t think he’ll do anything either. =P Still, it is amusing to see his reaction when it was brought up. ^^ Since he still has to greet her a happy birthday + gift, the next chapter ought to have a lovey-dovey scene between them. Scans by 工作室

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