October 24, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 65 - Bodies, Rest & Motion. (Love’s Rule)]

In the office, people are talking to Junko in English as they greet and welcome her back for it has been a while. Someone tells her that Agnes is looking for her. While having a cup of coffee, Agnes tells Junko in English that she emailed her the new textbook draft so tell her what she thinks of it after checking it.

Junko is gushes in happiness for she is in a place where it is filled with American style English and IT REALLY MAKES HER FEEL CALM!! “It’s like a [battery] charger’s power spot!! In the end, I still suit in this kind [of place].”

Looking at his watch, Makoto asks her until when can she immediately assimilate into the job. This made Junko scowl and apologize to him. In his office, she tells him that it is because of some private matter. “It is the first time I will formally reside at the temple (because of bride training)...

...*there are scenes of Takane’s mother telling her about the temple and the clothes while Junko is tired from sitting in seiza position* So, for the whole week, it is filled with Japanese [stuff] and in the end, a company that is filled with English is good.”
Junko tells him about that private matter, there is still something she has to say. That is, regarding her temporary stay at the worker’s dorm, she plan to officially check out. So, even if it is just for a short while, she is indebted to his kind consideration.

Junko thinks that actually, a lot of things had happened again because Takane concealed from her about his training. During the time when she left the apartment, it is to find refuge. Junko bows to Makoto and says that during her short stay, it enabled her to concentrate at work. She also learned a lot while living together with all sorts of people.

She thanks him and says that she had really given him a lot of trouble. Makoto asks, and afterwards? He tells her that it isn’t necessary for her to formally inform him so if she wants to resign then do it immediately. Junko exclaims in surprise, Ha? Makoto says didn’t she just say that she’s moving out and that is already in what is known as a bride training.

“Geez, it wasn’t easy nurture her like this. How things are right now really infuriates me. The wedding is officially decided, right? Now is the time to decide the day [of marriage?] right.” Junko says that it isn’t at that step yet for the other party went to training so he won’t come back after three months.
She scowls for currently, there is still some opposition. She scolds him to please don’t mention about resignation before she even says it. She tells him that finally, her dream of finding the work, that she wants to do, had come true.

“Besides, even if I get married, it is also not definite that I’ll be resigning. If my work at the temple would lead to something that causes problems at work then please do not hesitate to mention it. Ah, there should be none.” Makoto slightly smiles and says that he understands.

Junko says but of course, she’ll immediately go back, sorry for troubling him. She informs him that she will get her luggage from the dorm after classes are over. Makoto says about that, he’ll drive the car to help transport her luggage and Momoe’s. This surprises Junko that she asks what about Momoe’s luggage.

Makoto explains that it just so happen that there is a vacant room upstairs so it is possible that Momoe might plan to move in. “In short, I plan to help in transporting the luggage tomorrow.” At ELA’s locker room, Masako exclaims over what’s going on. In such a very short week, JUNKO IS FINALY GOING TO MOVE IN THE TEMPLE AND START THE BRIDE TRAINING WHILE MOMOE HAD STARTED LIVING TOGETHER WITH ARTHUR!!
Giving the two a thumbs down, Masako says boo, they are too cunning for they were moving steadily ahead like this. Boo, they obviously even said before that compared to marriage, their interest for work is more important. Momoe exclaims that it ISN’T LIVING TOGETHER!!

She still hasn’t decided on it and besides, Masako is the first one who is already part of ‘life’s winner’s group so there’s no need for her to say it that way. Masako says that this, and that, aren’t the same issue because for Momoe and Arthur to live together is such a big issue. It’s ELA’s quality!![?/characteristic]

Junko shushes Masako for she is still on probation [regarding being Takane’s wife] so it isn’t the same. Then, she apologizes to Momoe for she obviously moved in together with her to accompany her but because she is leaving, she’s [Momoe] now forced to move in by the director... Momoe tells her not to mind that and actually she isn’t forced.

Flashback to last night: Toby told Momoe and Arthur that like that, isn’t it good that they can formally move in. Momoe nervously said that this is a bit too sudden. She couldn’t believe that she’ll be formally living together here all by herself?!! She tells them that her parents are very troublesome about this issue and this time, they are also very reluctant for me to move in...
To Momoe’s surprise, Arthur says that’s right, whether this is convenient to Momoe or not, it is also not necessary to force her to move in and it is better to see if she wishes to move in or not. This totally confused Momoe for didn’t he just told her earlier this day that she stay and live together with him.

Then, a moment ago, during that passionate kiss, it feels a bit strange. She wondered if it is a strategy that had become more difficult, did it go up a level again? Momoe told them about that, she’ll go home tomorrow and ask about it..! End flashback. Momoe nervously says that in short, there are so many things [to consider] and at least, at this side, it is truly more relaxing to go to work from her own house.

She thinks that she is totally confused regarding what are those magical words that Arthur really wanted her to say. Momoe says that she told them that she’s going home to get a change of clothes when the director said that he’ll help out by driving a car... Junko says that’s great if it’s like that for she thought that the director forced her.

Junko tells them that man is really mean. She wasn’t finished telling him about staying at the temple yet he already treated her as someone who is going to resign by starting to say some rude sarcastic remarks. Junko rants about feeling that Makoto is in a bad mood that his attitude is more obnoxious than before which really startled her.
After she explained things clearly, he went back to normal. Looking at it from that, he obviously wants to consider Momoe since it is better to stay at the company as well as stay at the dorm. Based on that reason, what should be done if that was forced on Momoe? He obviously said not to let private matters mix in with work.

Junko sighs and says that she thinks that he is really bad and really loves to meddle that she couldn’t understand him. Momoe and Masako look surprised at her. Scowling Masako tells Junko to let her say something, whether he loves to meddle or puts her in a bad mood, that is her limit.

After looking surprised, Junko confidently says yes, yes, Masako always think of things from the side of romance and what that person specially hates is love between the company’s workers. Momoe says that she heard that Takane came to the dorm last night. This surprises Junko. Momoe says that it seems that the director and Takane had a confrontational dispute.

Junko nervously says ah, how to say this, she obviously didn’t tell him but he knew she’s staying at the dorm. She suspects that Amane told him but she didn’t think that he’ll unexpectedly come over. Momoe tells them that Makoto seemed like a different person when he was drunk last night. He’s so drunk that he kept on smiling and hugging everyone. 
This made Junko blush. She thinks that afterwards, he deliberately didn’t pursue that so right now, he is still muddleheaded [/acting casual]. Masako exclaims hugging, that Makoto. Blushing Momoe says that he passionately hugged Arthur and the others. Even if what she’s saying isn’t up to that kind of degree but it is quite an eye candy.

Momoe tells Junko that when everyone came back last night, it seems that Makoto has been drinking by himself until night time. Even if she is quite slow-witted regarding that kind of thing, but more or less...she feels that IT IS POSSIBLE. Junko says, no, no, no, don’t be like that for that guy isn’t feeling good and his way of talking is also very harsh even if she also feels that he isn’t a bad person.

Masako angrily says that she has GOTTEN USED TO BEING MOISTENED BY LOVE!! [<- that’s the literal Chinese but I guess it is about her senses are being dulled by love] Masako tells her that it is very rare to meet up with Takane who is that kind of special big-shot type of person.

“It is a level that one couldn’t even imagine. At the mention of romance, if a man who will be a sous chef [/second chef] throughout his life then one can say that it can be like a fifth-grader level [of antics?] In front of the girl he likes, he would unconsciously want to bully her a bit. The way of bullying is more beating around the bush, the more he is a grown up adult. The part of being troublesome and hard to understand has actually not changed much, right?”
Junko looks flustered and Momoe looks aghast-tense. Masako says that if she’s so curious then isn’t it better to ask the person himself directly afterwards. Before the formal bride training, it can be also considered as an added option.

Later on, a car is parked outside the dorm. While packing with Momoe, Junko thinks that even if that is how Makoto really thinks of her, there also won’t be any change that will happen. She thinks that she had already survived this kind of estranged issue with Satoshi before. And if she was mistaken then it will be quite embarrassing that she wants to go home, so it isn’t necessary to ask.

Momoe is startled when Arthur calls out to her. Holding out his hand, Arthur tells her to let them carry the entire luggage. After all, there are a lot of guys here so please leave it to them. Toby is flexing his muscle behind Arthur. Momoe scowls and recalls Masako saying that in front of the girl men likes, they’ll tease them.

She thinks whether or not to rely on this person, for the usual way to continue, she still cannot tell... Momoe turns away and says, there’s no need, she can carry it on her own, and she’s fine. Junko becomes tense when Makoto tells her to take an hour of overtime and let him help her carry those. She stands up and exclaims there’s no need!
Comment: The way Junko gushes over how she love English and her work makes me wonder if she’ll be really happy about giving it all up for love. ^^; That is especially because she seems to be somewhat unhappy over the bride training which she might possibly do for the rest of her life.

For now, she is hoping that she can still keep her job and she isn’t resigning just in case things didn’t work out. After all, maybe she’ll somehow find the work of a monk’s wife bearable and she’ll be able to win the hearts of those who oppose the marriage. Even if say Makoto isn’t in love with her, I think what he said is valid for it is easy to assume that she’ll already resign or will resign when it’s convenient thus breaking the ‘contract’ of no marriage for so-so years while at work.

Masako seems quite childish with that boo-boo thing. It makes me think that she thinks that she is in some sort of race to get married first among the three. ^^; And, even if she means well and said the truth about guys liking to tease the girls they like, I think that has an adverse effect on Momoe.

Somehow I thought, Momoe-Arthur already have trouble communicating and Masako just have to give some ideas to Momoe that will make her act ‘different’ than anticipated. Well, more than usual =P It doesn’t help that Arthur is also saying things differently from what he said earlier which confuses Momoe.

I think Arthur was just being considerate to Momoe in a way that she isn’t forced to move in. Momoe thought he really meant that it is all up to her without consideration of his request. ^^; So for now, Momoe has managed to delay her ‘living together’ with Arthur. Scans by 月球坑组

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