October 20, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 64 - The Serpent’s Kiss]

Narration: “Once upon a time, there is this young woman who was unexpectedly given a difficult problem by the king because of her parents’ lie. But, at that time, there is a fairy, who suddenly appeared, offered to help her out of this difficulty...

...That is in exchange of the child she’ll give birth to when she becomes queen. *the fairy is spinning into gold all the straw in the room* However, this fairy turned out to be a devil/imp. In the end, the devil decided that in exchange of the queen’s new born baby, he’ll forgive her [for breaking the agreement] if she can guess his real name within three days...

...The young woman who had become queen had found the words that she hoped for. Thus, the curse has been removed. [<- story of Rumpelstiltskin.] When I’m together with her, I felt that I’m stupider than the devil in that fairy tale. *Momoe tells surprised Arthur that she’ll put away something first then she’ll go down afterwards so ‘see you later’*...

...I want to curse myself. Perhaps, it should be with a 3 day deadline.” While Lance is holding on to him, drunk Makoto loudly calls out to Arthur and said that Momoe is obviously going steady with him so how come it feels that they aren’t SWEET or he should say, it is seems LIKE SHE IS RUNNING AWAY FROM HIM.
Arthur looks miffed as he kept on pushing the elevator’s button. Nervous Lance tells Makoto that once he’s drunk, Makoto will advance toward the ‘no good carefree state’. “Everyone are deliberately not ranting [/mocking] about that kind of thing so don’t drink anymore and go back to your room and sleep.”

Makoto laughs and exclaims, “No. I’M ALRIGHT!! I’M TOTALLY OK.” Arthur glances back at them and retorts back that Japanese really likes to say ‘I’m alight’ even if they are told not to drink anymore and go to sleep. “I really don’t understand that. So, it isn’t a hindrance [/okay] since he isn’t sleepy or he plan to drink a bit more so it isn’t a hindrance. *emitting dark aura*...

...But I’m very frank in talking and asking, so which part is ‘alright’? Do Japanese really like to be kept on being interrogating until the end of one’s escape route? *turns around to leave* In the end, [she?] already came so I’m also going to change my clothes.”

After Arthur left, Makoto asks if Arthur is angry because he didn’t know whether or not, he [Makoto] should drink or not? Lance says that Makoto is really unlucky and it would be better not to get involved in it. Arthur thinks that he had properly invited Momoe but whether it is a deep kiss or sleeping together overnight, she would just say ‘it’s alright’ to answer him. “Wrong, what I want to hear aren’t those words.”
After breathing in and out, Arthur calls out to Momoe that the door isn’t locked so he’s coming in. Going in the room, Arthur says that she obviously said that she isn’t running away but while talking halfway, she went off by herself. Surprised Momoe says that she isn’t running away.

Arthur frowns and scratches his head. He wonders what’s up with those things. He notices all sorts of bra and underwear scattered on the floor where Momoe is standing. He asks why she is currently standing at the corner of the wall. Momoe replies that she is only preparing a bit. Holding his head, Arthur thinks that actually, it is like this.

“It’s alright if she plans to run away. Basically, it’s alright if she actually doesn’t want to accept my invitation. If it is like that, wouldn’t it be okay for her to just simply directly say it? Isn’t it good to just say it out?” Arthur asks what she is up to. Flustered Momoe says that it is for the aftermath of the kiss that will make one unable to stand.

Arthur looks surprised. He scowls and wonders why, is that what one has to say in this current direction [of conversation]. He complains that she is messing up his pace when she is obviously just a novice. He thinks that if she doesn’t want to go, then directly say it. “If you want to kiss, then directly say it.”
Touching her face, Arthur says that for her to simply say that kind of words what is she to do if he were to ‘attack’ her and she encountered an unpleasant thing. Momoe says, “IT’S ALRIGHT. I just said that a while ago.” Arthur scowls and thinks that it is ‘it’s alright’ again!? He flicks her nose then kisses her.

He holds her to him and says that there’s no need for ‘it’s alright’-whatever. He kisses her again and says that he doesn’t want to hear ‘it’s alright’. Momoe looks surprised and puzzled. As he keeps on kissing her and even licking her lips, Arthur thinks, “No matter what, won’t say those words. Even if it’s me, I also won’t seriously treat [you?] until you *Momoe puts her underwear in her pocket*...

...come over, until you say that you want me. No, I WANT YOU TO SAY rather, I hope you yourself will say it out, I love you (say you love me). *looking at flustered Momoe* The you who is like this, is so cute that it makes me weird all over. Even if it’s me, I’m also a show off [/acting strong].” While the two are holding hands and walking at the hallway, Tobey calls out to the two. Arthur welcomes him back.

Tobey asks if they saw Makoto. “Is he drunk? There’s something I wanted to tell him. Because of an urgent matter, third floor’s Mick is going to move out next month. Like this, there will be an empty room. Isn’t it better to officially let Momoe and Junko come and stay over!?” Arthur and Momoe looks stunned.
Comment: Well, this is obviously a recap of what happened in the previous chapter but based on Arthur’s point of view. I think this is a way of communication issue between a Japanese and Westerner/foreigner. Thinking about it, I think Momoe is indeed saying what she meant but Arthur kept on thinking of that Japanese trait so he tends to distort what Momoe is saying.

Well, it doesn’t help that Momoe is thinking of something else/acting differently that would make him think that she is just forcing herself to say ‘it’s alright’. In this case, Momoe isn’t the type who’ll say that she is actually wondering if she brought a pair of suitable underwear.

Anyway, it seems the next challenge would be for Momoe to say ‘I love you’-type of words to him while Arthur keep on acting sly to cover up the fact that he has fallen head over heels in love with her. That is probably because he’s still nursing his heart from the traumatic first love.

As for the end, I’m not sure why that is shocking for the two. Perhaps, no more excuses for Momoe not to stay. Well, for Arthur, that must be having no excuse for Momoe to stay in his room. Since this is a dorm and not a love hotel, it would be a bit inappropriate for them to share a room. Scans by 月球坑组

Quote of the day:
Words are the source of misunderstandings.― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


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