October 10, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 80 - In the Midst of a Rainy Night ⑥]

In a church, a wedding ceremony is being held. A priest asks, “In this holy matrimony, are you willing to take this woman as your wife? Are you willing to love and be loyal to her through poverty or sickness, always until death?” Atae replies, “I do.”

Kingo watches as the newly married couple comes out of the church to greet their well-wishes. Then, he quietly leaves. Wearing a mask, Sugeyo holds a kitten as she stands behind a tree. ‘Sugeyo’ looks very happy. Narration: “So like that, Kaidou and ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ [Izana] became a married couple. But, this is indeed the biggest mistake as well as the start of the downfall---

...*There is a scene of a stormy night and ‘Sugeyo’ holds a huge belly* After the wedding, after several months, Izana-san had found out that she is with child-- And, that is Kasane (you). *Isana looks down at her belly*” End Narration.
Kasane asks, why... “Before, I always found it strange. If mother is originally an ugly person, she should be able to guess that it is inevitable that the child (me) she’ll give birth to is also very ugly. *clenches skirt* [I’ve always thought] ‘Why did mother give birth to me?’-that kind of thing”

After a pause, Kingo explains that person doesn’t have the heart to kill a child that she is already carrying. “She won’t do it and she cannot do it. *there is a scene of young Izana surrounded by graves of aborted babies* It is because she has that kind of past.”

Kasane says, even if it is like that...no...it’s nothing, continue on. Puzzled Kingo says that actually, there is one other thing. “Izana-san at that time is really in love with [/crazy about] Kaidou that she sincerely wants to have a child with him and have her own perfect family...

...Honestly!... *looks irked* Accompanying that person all the time and be never apart, bringing up a child together, that kind of thing is basically impossible! Even if the real Fuchi Sugeyo is controlled at one’s hand, it is also impossible.” Kasane asks how they were able to maintain that for so many years.
Kingo says that it is the same with Nina’s attempted suicide before. “‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ is a well-praised [/most recognized] actress who has hit the big time in this world so all the more there is no turning back [no way out]. *Kasane recalled when Nina was about to jump*...

... But, even if this kind of marriage also had a lot of troubles [/even if married life is also impossible]...but, the main cause that led to the disaster [/everything] is the ugly child (you).” Kasane looks surprised.

Narration: “This is also inevitable because looking at it from Kaidou’s side, his and this beauty’s child, is not only  different from either one of them but rather, what was born is so ugly that one couldn’t bear to directly look at it [/or give it a second look].” Atae tensely looks at ‘Sugeyo’ who is holding her baby.

Narration: “A husband, who starts to doubt, had secretly investigate the wife.” At a detective’s office, Atae asks the detective if there is any news for he thinks that child is by his wife and some other man...
The detective says that from the result of his investigation, she has no relationship with any other man..but, it seems that she would always meet up with a strange woman at the same time everyday. Atae is puzzled until the detective gave him a picture of the woman whom ‘Sugeyo’ is meeting with.

He immediately recognizes that ugly face. Narration: “Thus, all the more Kaidou wanted to try to contact this woman who looks similar with his daughter which can make one tremble with fear. Afterwards--” Atae follows ‘Sugeyo’ at some dark alley where she meets up with another woman. He nervously watches them kiss each other.

Narration: “The ‘cannot tell you’ secret that his beautiful pampered wife said before. *The women’s faces switched* He personally witnessed the terrifying truth--” Shocked Atae calls out to Sugeyo then says, “No...who the hell are you..?”

Sugeyo is surprised but Izana doesn’t seem to have any expression. Narration: “The honeymoon is over. The love that the married couple had mutually vowed had faded and became dust in an instant.” Covered with a scarf, Izana held her baby tightly. Atae screams, “Get out!!! Also that ugly terrifying child!! You ugly freak [/monster]!!” End Narration.
Kasane looks silently furious. Looking at her, Kingo says that Izana-san carried Kasane who was just born...and like that, she vanished without a trace into the streets. “At that time, I also don’t know where she went to... Perhaps, since she doesn’t have anyone familiar to rely on, she just wandered around by herself [like a homeless].”

Kasane asks if Sugeyo herself also didn’t look for her. With a somewhat irked expression, Kingo says ya, that woman...cannot be depended on again. “Didn’t know when that woman is already staying at Kaidou’s side.” Flashback: Sugeyo looked spaced out while Atae is on top of her.

Then, he apologized to her. Later on, while having a drink, Atae said that originally, he only wanted to ask her regarding her relationship with [/things regarding] Izana but...she didn’t refuse him at all so does that mean to say that from today on...

“You are willing in becoming my ‘Sugeyo’ (wife)?” Sugeyo still looked spaced out. She bit her lip and started to cry. Wide-eyed Sugeyo looked at him and said, yes, because...she was always the one whom he likes... [/because she actually always likes him ever since before]. This moved Atae that he hugged her tightly.
Narration: “Unable to accept the fact that ‘the woman he deeply loved is just an imaginary person’, Atae started to gradually become twisted and fall apart. –-afterwards” Atae angrily hit Sugeyo that she slammed into the wall.

He shouted, “How come you cannot even do this kind of small thing [in acting]!? You useless trash! *Sugeyo looked tense as deranged Atae held his own face.* In the end, you are no good. Totally not the same with ‘Sugeyo’...

...*Sugeyo started to cry* Obviously, she possessed not only an excellent acting talent, but also noble character and understanding [/wisdom]...!!! Only the face is the same which on contrary, [the unnecessary things about Sugeyo] makes one feel disgusted...!”

With bruise marks on her face, crying Sugeyo asked how can that be, and listen to what she’ll say, in her belly is his... Deranged Atae creepily looked at Sugeyo and exclaimed, “That’s right...!!! I’ll only get her back.. It will be okay as long as I get her back! Anyway, the ‘material’ (face) is already here...!!”
Comment: Well, getting married to Atae is indeed a huge mistake and led to too many miserable lives. I assumed that it was only just Sugeyo and Nogiku but from the looks of it, Izana and Kasane also suffered. I actually thought that Izana agreed to what happened with Sugeyo, and she probably happily sent Kasane away just to please Atae.

Apparently, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just as I thought, Atae is totally disgusted with Izana’s appearance but I didn’t expect him to actually drive her away. I don’t think Izana is dumb enough to still be in love with this man after that. She isn’t Sugeyo.

Given how cruel and deranged Atae had become, I think he’ll stoop enough to threaten Izana by holding Kasane hostage in some way. Perhaps, until the end, she had enough and ‘disappeared’? Playing Lady Macbeth is a trigger but perhaps, there is something more to it.

Poor Sugeyo, she kept on making one mistake after another. Aside from the lesson on reality regarding appearances, she also represents the harsh reality of being naïve/stupid. I would really think that Atae wanted to talk with her but ended up raping her.

She probably decided to play along in order to preserve her dignity or perhaps, wanted to ‘get back’ what Izana took from her. Still, in the end, that would just make Izana think that Sugeyo is just ‘playing nice’ and cannot really be trusted later on.

Anyway, at least Kasane knows that her mother loves her and their father is really a scum. Well, that’s a tame way of putting it. ^^; Still, perhaps it would be better if Atae knew the secret before the marriage. I think that keeping secrets can also complicate marriages if the other party cannot accept what was hidden from him/her or s/he doesn’t know about it. Scans by RAD汉化组

Word of the day:
Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. ‘The Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7)’ ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


  1. Omg, Atae is like. Like i can understand... to an extent..., but he needs to be ended D: Everyone is so pitiful. They really messed this up sigh. I feel sorry for Nogiku and Kasane, really they should just be friends and stop this vicious cycle.

    1. Yup, lovelyluvluv. Actually, he did...by Nogiku's hands.

      Indeed. Hopefully, they won't repeat their mother's mistake/fate.

  2. When's the next update? I'll be looking forward to it. :)

    1. Cannot say, Lelouch23. It depends when the Chinese scanlation is out.

  3. Thank you for updating! I always look forward to these! :D

    Maybe Atae will hold Kasane hostage to prevent Izana from permanently leaving him and to keep the Sukeyo that he loves, even if that Sukeyo is just an illusion.

    I am still curies though as to why Izana left after the real Sukeyo died. Couldn't she have taken someone else's face and why did she not keep in contact with her daughter? Could Atae have kicked Izana out after Sukeyo died, and if he did, did he do so because the face of the woman he loved was gone?

    I wish that Kasane and Nogiku could have gotten along like sisters or friends. 'Saki' probably legally exists by now thanks to Habuta, so if the relationship between Kasane and Nogiku were good, maybe Nogiku could have legally existed as well.

    I like the word of the day. I think it really matches this chapter!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup. Though there is still a chance that she still loves him. ^^;

      Indeed. I guess we'll know later on. Possible.

      I agree.


  4. Just saw the preview page of chapter 85 on the official Kasane twitter. It looks like a new character is being introduced! I wonder if they will be friends, enemies or rivals?

    1. Probably rivals. Friends unlikely after her previous encounters. Enemy...that would be Nogiku if she is still around.

  5. Sugeyo probably lost it after being used by Izana �� Atae is quite disgusting , I really hope Sugeyo was not that stupid and let Atae rape her (pretended to be okay/played along)

    1. Cannot say...Sugeyo did agree to it on her own free will.