October 13, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 52]

At room 203 with the [surname] Machida on the doorplate of a two floored apartment, Yuki’s mother asks if she really doesn’t help after sorting out the luggage. Yuki says yes, anyway, only a little bit is needed to be done. Her mother says if she needs any help, just contact them again.

The twins are sobbing. They tell Yuki not to be lonely even if they’ll only visit her twice a week. Yuki darkly asks, twice a week? They tell her to mention it beforehand if Shou is coming over. Yuki didn’t reply. Narration: “It has already been five days since high school graduation. *looks around the room* If I ride a train, this place is 15 minutes away from the college...

...It isn’t very far from my parents’ house. It is a 1DK [studio type] with a monthly rental of 70,000 yen. I finally peacefully settled down in this room. A new life has started. *touches the mug that Shou gave her* ...it’s so quiet. But that is inevitable since I’m the only one here. Besides, the neighbors can move in after a few days.”
Yuki calls her father on the phone. “Ah, hello, dad? I’ve finished moving in today. Ya, it is spring break. ..ah... ..no, he hasn’t come over yet since he still has club activity. Ya. Okay, goodbye.” Narration: “In short, like this, I had finished doing everything that needs to be done during spring break...” After hanging up the phone, her cellphone rings again.

It is from Himiko. Yuki thinks that this is rare. She answers the phone. Himiko timidly says, Ah, Machida-sen... Then, Abe and everyone else shouts, “Manager Machida--!!!” Yuki asks if this is Abe. While everyone is trying to grab Himiko’s phone, they ask her if she still has anything to do during spring break. “Tomorrow! Want to go to hanami [flower/sakura watching] with everyone-

Soon, at a park filled with blooming cherry blossoms and various food stalls around, Himiko calls out to Yuki. She apologizes for suddenly calling Yuki out. She explains that today is rest day for the club and the weather is good so everyone said that they want to take advantage of the spring break to meet up with the senpai-s.
Looking around, Yuki wonders if it is because it is vacation so there are many people here. She thinks that since she has finished moving in and she might be very busy after entering college so for today, during hanami, she’ll empty her mind and leisurely pass the day. At the place where the others had gathered, Abe seriously asks Shou if he and Yuki are serious with each other or just playing around. About to eat a takoyaki, Shou says, who knows.

Pointing at Shou, Abe shouts for him not to act stupid after they acted out that shocking to death elopement during graduation. Nishiyama says that he didn’t see that. Shou ignores Abe by asking Noda to give him some tea. Abe shouts that he looks like he is putting on an act, and does he would want him to splash some cold water on him!

Abe asks if Shou thinks that everyone is exhilarated over his love life, well, that is a very big mistake because currently, half of the high schoolers do not have any interest in 3D [real life people]. At most, it is 30% of Ryuhoku people who are interested over him. And he [Abe] is among the 10% who really wants to use all methods to get into the bottom of it! Tonomura laughs and says that in the end, Abe likes Shou the most.
Just then, someone notices that Yuki has arrived with Himiko, that he shouts, “Speaking of the devil, manager Machida is here!” Aghast Yuki thinks that the rumor has already spread. She thinks that yes, she and Shou disappeared in a super unnatural way during graduation and afterwards, she didn’t explain it to everyone and just went to her class’ graduation party.

Without any defense, she directly walked into this hanami. She stiffens upon noticing Shou staring at her. Shou says that it has been a long time. Yuki nervously greets him back. She wonders how he can keep a calm expression in this kind of situation... Then, she notices the others are either gleefully or tensely observing her.

Feeling uneasy, she says that she’ll go to that side and buy some drinks before coming back. She wonders how she should handle this. While walking, Yuki thinks that it isn’t necessary to conceal it from them anymore because she had already retired and graduated, but... Then, she is startled when someone shouts, “You wavering [/indecisive] jerk!!!”
She looks at the side to see a woman slapping a man hard before angrily leaving. Yuki thinks that startled her. “No, good. I cannot always stare and look...” While holding his slapped face, the man notices Yuki glancing at him. Then, he smiles at her. Yuki thinks that it is a drunk and spring break is really scary. Someone holds her shoulder from behind.

Yuki instantly says that no, she didn’t see it, that slap on face-thing. Shou says that she’s actually looking [<- since she just mentioned it] and what she is saying. Realizing that it is Shou, Yuki apologizes and says that she is mistaken. She asks if he is going to the toilet. Holding a mat, he says no, because the number of people increased, they want him to occupy another space. And, even if they say that, it is probably because they just want him to be alone with her.

After looking surprised, Yuki says about that, how much does everyone know... Just then, her ear enlarges upon hearing a couple of girls talking. ‘Quickly look there’, ‘that guy is so tall’ ‘but it’s no good for doesn’t he already have a girlfriend’, ‘nah, she shouldn’t be a girlfriend, but rather, she ought to be a relative’s sister’. While Shou asks what’s up with her [englarging] ear, Yuki asks what’s up with that irritating conversation about her being a relative’s sister.
She is irked that it caused her to be restless or perhaps, she is simply lacking in self-confidence, that’s all. Probably, in everyone’s eyes, they are not at all compatible. She is merely afraid to explicitly tell everyone that she is Shou’s girlfriend and that’s all, there is to it. Just then, Shou points to a tree and says that there is space there.

Snapping out of it, Yuki says that’s right. Shou spreads out the mat and notices that Shizuka has just spread out the mat beside him. The two glare at each other. While pushing each other, they call each other names and tell each other to get lost. Yuki shouts what they are doing. Realizing that she is here, Shizuka immediately stands up. Yuki greets him and asks if he also came for hanami.

Shizuka says yes, but starting at 3pm, they’ll start practice so he’ll immediately go back. Yuki says is that go, gambatte..ah. She notices Shou making a serious glum expression. She nervously thinks that she just said some words and he’ll have that kind of expression when she thought that he had already stopped dwelling over that.
Just then, Shizuka’s club member calls out to him to go over here where there is a wide space. He asks Shizuka to bring the mat over. Shiuzka calls out ya. Shizuka tells the two that the coach told them to occasionally relax but next, next month is already the start of the prelims for the Kanto Tournament. “We will advance to the Nationals so we cannot just idle our time away and go strolling around.”

He left after the others call out to Shizuka to hurry up. Yuki asks if the prelims will be on May. Shou says yes, and on June, it will be the Interhigh tournament’s prelims. Yuki recalls how Shou cried that this year is the last year and no matter what, he wanted her to smile during the Interhigh tournament.

At that time, she had told him to bring her next year, to bring her to the Interhigh Tournament next year. Yuki thinks that this year, definitely--- Shou says by the way, she should tell stupid Shizuka that they are dating. She asks what’s up with that kind of nonsense lie. He says that it is because it isn’t clear that guy knows if they are going steady or not. Yuki says no, she had already properly told him...

Recalling that she had personally told Shizuka about it, she thinks that, yet she would always hide it from everyone so is that okay. Perhaps, it is only now when she has the opportunity to tell the truth to everyone. She calls out to Shou and asks if it is okay to tell everyone that they are going steady. Shou looks surprised.
Later on, Amamiya and Kanda are totally shocked and aghast. They say no way. Pointing at blushing Shouji, they shout that he got a girlfriend. Shouji says, yes. Amamiya shouts, did he just say he got a girlfriend. Shouji says, yup. Abe and others tearfully cry and call him a traitor. While grabbing and hitting Shouji, they ask where is the Shouji who was standing at the glittering peak of singlehood!

Shouji sheepishly says that during graduation, the girl asked him about wanting his necktie and afterwards, the two of them started dating. Amamiya shouts how can that be! Is it that person! That strange girl who asked for his number on the club retirement day!! Shouji shouts that they are not allowed to call her strange!! Someone shouts, no, she is a gorilla!!

The couple is speechless over this. Stiffened Yuki thinks that she obviously psychologically prepared herself but it seems that these guys and forgotten about their excitement over her and Shou. Then, Nishiyama shouts that it is Yuki and Shou. Amamiya asks how come they were overtaken by Shouji. Then, Yuki says, “About... About that thing.. How can I say it, about that...
...Actually, that... *Shou just looks quiet while everyone nervously looks in anticipation* We...ah... ah...ah.” Shou says that’s enough, on the way here, his foot seems to have twisted. Yuki stares at Shou while everyone look stunned. They shout, ah, what he is doing, you idiot when the prelims are already on next, next month--, you’re obviously the captain so what the heck...

Yuki immediately gets a cold drink from the ice chest and says that she’ll borrow this iced canned drink. She asks for a plastic bag which Himiko promptly gives her. She will use it to put in some ice cubes. Yuki says that there is a small clinic a few steps from here so, they’ll apply first aid while going over there. “Let’s go Naruse.” Shou says okay. The others scream that it appeared ‘first aid medic’ Machida.

Even if she is already retired, her flexibility is still astonishing that it makes them revere her!!! Noda exclaims that is so cool. Yuki wonders what’s up with this idiot. By the bench, Yuki gives Shou the iced drink and tells him to first cool the injury. She will go find some ice which he can use as a cold compress. He calls out to her. She asks if he is okay. He asks, what. She says, what...
Then, she looks suspicious and asks if he was lying. He says that this is the only method which he can use to immediately stop her. She angrily asks, ha? He says that just now, he was always thinking that it seems he still has no way of telling others that he is going out with her. Yuki looks surprised. He says that even if it wasn’t said, it is more or less pretty much exposed already.

“There are others who might have already noticed it but kept quiet about it. I’m not referring to that. Everyone felt that Yuki-senpai is a very amazing person. Right now, I probably couldn’t match up to you, senpai. ...so, I plan to properly tell everyone once we got in the Interhigh tournament.”

Yuki blushes over this and says that she understands. She thinks that actually, it should be her who couldn’t match up to him. “Naruse would always run in front of me, always gazing ahead, striving hard as he advances towards a higher goal---”

Yuki sits beside him and says, even if he says that, in the past, didn’t he always want to spread about whether there is or not [they are having a relationship]. Shou admits that is true. She is surprised when he suddenly lays his head on her lap. This embarrasses Yuki that she nervously and angrily says, hey..
Shou says that it is because he totally didn’t think of it before. “A ‘capable ex-manager’ and a ‘captain with no achievements’ is totally incompatible. *holds Yuki’s hair* I also want to show off to others that I’m Yuki-senpai’s boyfriend.” This made Yuki blush really red. She wonders what’s up with this, this urge of wanting to caress him but no, she must endure it or she’ll be mistaken as a ‘relative’s sister’.

Shou says that the sakura looks very pretty while looking up from here. He asks if she wants to take a picture. Puzzled Yuki asks, of the sakura? He says, yes, together with them. He sits up and says, speaking of that, it seems that they only take group pictures with the club members. Yuki thinks that’s right. She is surprised when he suddenly puts his arm around her.

Embarrassed and tense Yuki asks isn’t it okay to just take an ordinary picture? Shou says that if she has an ordinary expression then it will just become ordinary. Yuki wonders what an ordinary picture is...and like this towards the camera...no good. Shou says okay, he’s taking the picture, 1, 2- There is a strong breeze which causes Yuki to close her eyes.
They look at the picture to see their faces covered by the sakura petals that were blown by the wind. Yuki thinks that just like always, she doesn’t have self-confidence and have uneasiness over the unpredictable future. Yuki asks if there are times when this kind of thing happens. Shou says but, this is also quite suitable. Besides, their faces cannot be seen so how about making this as a screensaver.

Yuki lets out a giggle. She smiles, and then says ‘stupid’. Shou looks surprised then he suddenly leans to kiss her. Embarrassed Yuki angrily asks what he is doing, there are people around. He says that it is on a whim...rather, it is on a whim. Then, he kisses her at the side. She is angry and puzzled when he says that just now, it’s her fault. Narration: “But...we’ll definitely go forward step by step.”

As they join everyone again, Amamiya asks Yuki if she received Ohsaki’s brochure. Yuki says that she did. Noda exclaims if they are in the same college. Hatori teases Shou that he’s jealous which made Shou kick him on the butt. Narration: “Tentatively, we already took a picture again.” The two are speechless because there is a drunk salary man dancing with plates behind them.
Comment: From the looks of things, this series isn’t going to end just yet. Yuki hasn’t met Shou’s family yet. Shou going to Yuki’s apartment is reserved for later on. There will be more basketball games.

Before I thought it would be nice to publicly announce that they are a couple during the games, it seems that it will happen later on. So, I’m glad that Shou decided to postpone the announcement here and well, it was Shouji who had that announcement. I wonder if his girlfriend is really like a gorilla. ^^;

Well, it seems that both actually don’t have self-confidence because they felt unworthy of each other. Actually, they are comparing their weakness to the other’s strength. So, in a way, it is good how they cause the other to improve themselves for each other and, in the long run, for themselves.

For a while there, I wonder if there will be trouble with Shizuka but it seems that he’ll stick to being a basketball rival just like in Slam Dunk. Now, about that handsome new character, is he just a stranger who won’t appear again or he’ll show his face again later on?

For the mangaka to draw him that well, I think he’ll be part of the series. So, if he is, who could he be? Will he be someone in her college, her neighbor, or both? When Shizuka appeared, I almost thought that he would be Shizuka’s older brother.

Anyway, things will be interesting if he becomes a love rival because unlike Shizuka who is a herbivore, this one seems to be a carnivore. Actually, he seems more like a cheating jerk since that woman angrily slapped him. Hm...if Shou’s ex appears, that might be a balance and a new ‘love polygon’ problem. Something like, a level up from the high school ‘love polygon’ of Shizuka and Arisa.

The way this chapter ends about the mention of unpredictable future but still striving hard to move forward seems to hint about trials later on. But then, if there are no more conflicts, the series would have already ended =P Of course, they are a ‘fixed couple’ so no matter what, they’ll end up together.

And about Amamiya, aside from Shizuka, I have a bit of gut-feel that the mangaka also likes his character so it wasn’t exactly a surprise that she is retaining him. Actually, he might be the ‘spy’ for Shou to know what’s going on with Yuki. =P

As usual, the chapter is capped with nice lines and a bit of lovey-dovey at the end ^^ Ah, thinking about it, could it be that she was thought to be a ‘relative’s sister’ because of her outfit aside from not being lovey-dovey in public? By the way, the next chapter will be out in Japan on November 5th. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
We need not worry about the future, we need not be prophetic about the future, we need not say a single thing about the future. We should be joyous and happy in this moment, and the next moment will be coming out of this moment.

It will be suffused with the celebration of this moment, and naturally it will lead you into a higher celebration. The future is going to come out of this present. ~ Rajneesh


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