October 9, 2016

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 11]

Taka and Tarou notices the lovey-dovey look on Kai and Miki’s faces. Ah, they are indeed in seventh heaven. Tarou asks if something happened during the fireworks festival. Kai says what he is talking about-- He recalls Riko letting him hold her hand and she would just follow him. He happily laughs and wonders if he has hope.

The two guys think that it is related to Riko. Tarou asks Miki if he kissed with Kiyo. Flustered Miki asks if he saw it. Kai grabs Miki and shouts that he has such an innocent face yet his progress is so fast. Miki exclaims that wasn’t he the one who told him to brush his teeth so that they can kiss anytime so what is he angry about.

Kai denies that he is angry. He couldn’t believe that Miki was able to do it first but he won’t forever forget it.. That vicious Riko unexpectedly allowed him to hold his hand. It is such a precious memory!!! Just then, some girls call out to Kai and ask what THAT is about.
Kai has no clue so they showed him a bulletin spread from the newspaper club about a new super couple is born. It is a picture of Kai holding hands with Riko. There are also pictures of Tarou with some girls and, Miki with Kiyo. The girls ask Kai what it is about but he just say that it is nonsense.

Yet, he is actually happy that the whole school knew about it. He confidently thinks that sooner or later, Riko will fall for him. At the top of the roof, during lunch, Riko faces the girls earlier and asks why they called her up here. Back at the classroom, Tarou informs Kai about seeing the girls calling out Riko to the roof and the mood is very strange.

Taka says that perhaps, it isn’t good that Kai didn’t properly answer those girls. This surprises Kai. Back at the roof, the girl shows Riko the picture of her and Kai, and accuses Riko of getting involved with Kai. They don’t want her to claim Kai, and Riko unexpectedly want to go steady with Kai. They advised her to immediately kill off that kind of feeling.
Riko tells the girl to say what she wants but anyway, she’s making a big deal over nothing. They should tell that to Kai himself since it is useless telling it to her. This irks the girl that she suddenly grabs Riko. Then, they hear a camera clicking. It is Ayumi who told them to stop.

She says that what she wrote had caused this which makes her feel really apologetic about it. So, she’ll also come and help Riko. Burning up for a fight, Riko tells the girls to bring it on. Within the school, these two girls are the strongest. This scares off the other girls that they immediately scrammed and shout that it is extremely silly and they won’t mess with them again.

They didn’t notice Kai is standing behind the door. Kai is aghast for he planned to save Riko in a cool way to give a big impression but he didn’t think that just because of their aggressiveness, the enemies got chased away. Ayumi apologizes for getting Riko involved in a strange issue.
Riko says that it is okay for Ayumi is just doing her job, and it is another thing for those girls to come and pick a fight. Ayumi happily hugs Riko and says that she’s such a thoughtful masculine girl and that’s what she likes about her. Sweatdropping Riko thanks her.

Ayumi says that a while ago, she said that it is making a big deal over nothing, so are they really not going steady. Riko says no. Ayumi asks why they are holding hands then. Riko says explains that Kai thought that she might get lost so he took her hand.

Ayumi asks if that is really how it is, and a guy would use that reason just to hold a girl’s hand so she thinks that Kai absolutely has some other reason for it. Kai thinks that is exactly correct. Ayumi exclaims that she guessed it that lately, the reason why Kai isn’t engrossed with feminine charms is because he has found Riko, his true love.
Kai mentally tells Ayumi to wait, she’s going to fast when he wants to be the one who’ll say that. Riko laughs out loud in disbelief. She exclaims that it cannot be, perhaps, if the Earth starts rotating in reverse because that is absolutely impossible! This surprises Kai.

Riko explains that Kai is just taking care of her just like how he does with his sister’s children and since her body type is small, he definitely was just taking her of her as if she’s a child. Ayumi sighs and says is that so. Disappointed Ayumi says that she understands that Riko basically doesn’t have that way of thinking.

While depressed Kai goes downstairs, Ayumi says that she’ll at least give Riko her the picture as a souvenir. Riko says no, but why. Ayumi tells her not to say that for she thinks that it is a very good picture. She laments over her skills being far off since she thought it was big news that she quickly got delusional.
Upon looking at the picture, Riko looks surprised. Ayumi asks what is it but Riko says that it is nothing. While holding her phone behind her back, Riko wonders why she has that kind of expression in the picture. Depressed Kai thinks that he’s an idiot for thinking that sooner or later, Riko would fall for him.

Upon seeing him, Taka asks Kai if Riko is okay. Kai lamely says that she’s definitely okay for she is a violent girl so there’s basically no need for him to show up. Sensing that Kai is glum, Taka asks what’s up. Kai says that it is nothing and walks away. Taka notices Ayumi and says that she didn’t do a good thing.

Ayumi asks if it is about that report, well, she absolutely thought that they’ve become a couple but that’s her mistake. She is relieved that she didn’t spread this other picture. She shows Taka a picture of him and an older woman. Ayumi says that it is such a big news and she was really excited over this because he is obviously a super handsome guy yet there is no single scandal about him.
So, she finally caught him by the tail. Looking sad, Taka says that person is... Ayumi exclaims that she knows, it is his older sister who is studying college somewhere and she returned home this time for a visit. Ayumi says that even if she isn’t a mature reporter but she’ll investigate something up to this degree.

She winks and exclaims that she won’t give up, she’ll definitely be able to scoop out Taka’s secret. She gives him a copy of the picture as a remembrance that he give it to their mother or put in the living room. Taka looks at his cellphone and holds it tightly to his chest. Narration: “There are times when, more than words, a picture can go around and tell the fact [/truth].” 

Kai looks at the newspaper report at the bulletin. He thought that what was written on her face is what’s inside her heart but that is only his delusion. It is because of his own expectation that he felt that way. And besides, it is already a fact... He looks at Riko happily smiling and talking with Suwa. After seeing him, Riko goes to Kai and says that article is really ridiculous.
Kai asks what she is talking about with that guy, is it about student committee. Riko says no, he is asking her to join them for dinner since Akemi is coming to cook. Her mother is busy today so she isn’t coming home. Realizing that she’s talking about that Akemi, Kai asks what she is smiling about when obviously, she likes that glasses guy.

“Seeing the person one likes happily together with another person, that kind of situation would make people hate it so how come you are foolishly smiling and just quietly accept it?” Riko timidly says that she didn’t think of wanting to be with him, so if they are happy, she’s also happy. While other girls are watching, Kai says that she’s lying for if it is like that, then it isn’t considered love.

 “True like [love] is hoping to be able to walk together no matter what. It is also time for you to wake up already, stupid girl!!” With that, he walks away and leave surprised Riko. Later on, during dinner, Riko looks glum that Akemi mentions that she is always lost in thought. Riko says that it is nothing and the food is very delicious.
Suwa’s parents comment about Riko hasn’t come for such a long time and eating with many people is quite lively. They comment about it becoming livelier soon. They are about to tell Riko something but Suwa tells them to let him say it. Riko is surprised when Suwa and Akemi smile at her and say, “Riko-chan, about...” Riko looks stunned.

At Kai’s house, Sango knocks on his door and tells him to quickly come out and eat. The kids shout that it is hamburger. Kai says that he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t feel well so don’t mind him. Thinking that he ate something bad outside, Sango tell her children that they go eat. The kids want Kai’s share. Sango decides to let Kai be and tells him to come eat if he’s feeling well at night.

Moping in his bed with a blanket over his head, Kai gloomily thinks that he really wants to disappear. He had totally vented on Riko. He doesn’t have the right to tell that kind of words to her. It is because even if someone didn’t tell her that, she definitely knew it very clearly. Sitting in front of the convenient store, Riko is lost in thought while holding a cup of coffee. A guy approaches her and calls out her name.
Back to Kai, he whimpers that he already doesn’t have the face to look at Riko. So, Kai was always thinking over that issue, all the more his stomach felt ill that in the end, he had a fever which caused him to be absent for 3 days.

And, it is school dismissal. Tarou and Miki are asking Kai about the fall out between him and Riko since some people saw them quarrel at the hallway. Kai laments that romance hasn’t even started so how can it already ended. He glances at Riko and thinks that he must apologize to her.

At the shoe lockers area, Kai calls out to Riko and apologizes for what happened before. Riko tells him that there’s no need to apologize for he didn’t do anything wrong. Kai says that it isn’t that, he doesn’t have the right to tell her that. He thinks that no matter how much he likes her, he doesn’t have the right to rebuke her for always thinking of that person.
Riko says that it is alright, for what he said is right, she should have realized this fact earlier on. She knew that her feelings would only become their obstacle so she should strive hard on giving up this feeling as early as possible. She is really an idiot, and Kai’s chiding caused her to realize it.

“Thank you. *smiles* I’m already alright.” Then, a guy, waiting by the school gate calls out to Riko and asks if it is already over. The guy asks if he is Kai, and it has been a long time. He says that they are from the same junior high, so Taka and others also study here. Kai calls out the guy’s name as Hatano [guesswork from 羽多野].

He thinks that this guy is his classmate during junior high so how come he came to fetch Riko... Hatano tells Riko that they’re going. Riko waves goodbye to Kai and leaves with Hatano. Kai recalls what Riko said earlier, and thinks that ‘being alright’ refers to...is it that kind of meaning..? Ha!?
Comment: Poor Kai. From such a high of expectation that something is going to happen, it all turns upside down in a matter of days. It’s nice that he is quite repentant over what happened. Riko is quite cool for she doesn’t need any defending from any other guy against fangirls ^^ Contrary to what Ayumi thought, her pictures nailed the ‘secrets’. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Quote of the day:
More people should apologize, and more people should accept apologies when sincerely made. ~ Greg LeMond


  1. For some reason, I don't feel for Kai....because he is a manwhore.