October 4, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 79 - In the Midst of a Rainy Night ⑤]

At a small restaurant, Atae is sitting at the table with Sugeyo. Izana is eavesdropping on them from behind. After sipping a cup of coffee, Atae asks if he had provoked her to anger. Flustered Sugeyo looks away and denies it by saying, it isn’t so..

Atae says that it is because she doesn’t want to look straight at him. Blushing Sugeyo says that it is because she is a bit nervous. Atae laughs for wasn’t she quite natural and unrestrained on the stage. This made both Sugeyo and Izana nervous. Atae says forget it..it is very normal for her to be wary of him since she must have already heard about the reason he is visiting various theater troupes.

“It is precisely as they said. It is for me...to scout you out and be part of my own cast and crew. That is to say, I want to break up your relationship with this current theatrical troupe. *Sugeyo looks tense as Izana continues to quietly listen* Not only you, from the start, everyone are cautious towards me that they refused my invitation [to talk with you]...
...You already have deep affection with the current theatrical troupe, and the relationship is very good, yes? The troupe members definitely also really cherishes you. The troupe leader seems to be a very good person.” Sugeyo says yes, she knew Daijirou for such a long time, she has many friends like Tomoko and everyone are very good people.

Atae says, but, speaking bluntly, even if it is a small type of theater, Sareki’s [theatrical group] stage is also extremely stale that it is already out-dated. “If you continue to stay there, you will to be buried in that kind of place, and your talent will definitely be buried. I’m not being pretentious, but rather, it will happen.” Sugeyo looks surprised while Izana looks troubled.

Atae says that she must felt that what he is saying about the theater troupe is very cruel but he is only sincerely asserting the truth, that’s all. “As an artist who sincerely loves the theater, I really longed to add you [to my group]. This is also for you, to sparkle in front of even more people.” This surprises both women.
After a pause, Sugeyo says that she really appreciates his intention and what he said is perhaps right, but sorry, she cannot accept his invitation. Izana and Atae aren’t happy because of what she said. Standing up, Atae says that he understands and that’s it first for today. “During the next performance, I’ll try to talk to you once again...”

Sugeyo says that there is..no next time. This puzzles Atae. Sugeyo tells him that she came to the theater today to resign from her work as an actress. This shocks Izana and Atae. Atae grabs Sugeyo’s arm and shouts that he absolutely won’t let her do that kind of thing. “Do you plan on personally destroy your own talent!? *Sugeyo is surprised*...

...The ones who really need you aren’t just your current colleagues!! There is also your future for theater arts, and the audience’s yearning to witness it!! Those are your...” Atae notices the other customers looking at them. He lets Sugeyo go and apologizes. “...in short, I felt that even if I searched the whole world, I won’t be able to find an actress just like you. So please, properly think about it.”
Sugeyo looks thoughtful. Izana looks nervous and depressed. Sugeyo says that she understands, she...will accept his invitation. This surprises both Izana and Atae. Sugeyo says that if he says that he felt that ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ is such an important existence...” Atae asks if that is for real, ah...it’s such a huge favor!

Holding her hands, he says actually he always thought there is no one aside from her who is qualified to play the role of the stage play that he’s planning! “Thank you very much!!” Izana is puzzled by what Sugeyo did. While Sugeyo is walking at an alley, Izana calls out to her, and asks why she gave her consent. Surprised Sugeyo asks if she overheard it. Since Sugeyo didn’t answer her, Izana asks if it is because she is giving her consideration.

Flustered Sugeyo says that it isn’t so. She felt that what Atae said is right, and Izana’s talent should brighten up a bigger stage. “So, I also want to see it! *happily smiles at Izana* I think everyone at Sareki can definitely understand. Not only me, Atae-san, and also the future audience. They would definitely want to see your figure standing on top of the stage.”
Izana looks surprised. She then says that actually, everyone isn’t only watching her, it is also Sugeyo’s beauty. Sugeyo says that they created ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ together, right. Izana says that it is so. Sugeyo happily says that the two of them cannot do without either one. While Sugeyo walks away humming, Izana looks at her warily.

Narration: “—So like that, the female actress, ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ performs under Kaidou as director. She played ‘Nina’ in the Seagull that catapulted her into popularity as a much anticipated skilled actress.” As ‘Nina’, Izana emotes, “I’m---a seagull. No, that’s not right...

...You still remember the seagull that you have shot down? A man incidentally came and saw a seagull [/girl], and killed it because he got nothing better to do.” Pleased Atae watches from backstage. Narration: “Starting from Seagull⌟, Kaidou would promote ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ in each stage drama that he directs...
...From classical plays to modern plays, the best arrangement, best art design and the best performers are assembled together to perform in unbroken succession. In each of this plays, the purpose is to make ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s reputation to go a level higher...

...A fictional woman, who goes beyond true reality, had charmed numerous audiences. Later on, because of Izana-san’s recommendation, I do some backstage work at Kaidou’s side. *Kingo watches ‘Sugeyo’ and others during the curtain call* At the same time, I secretly write scripts. Not only Izana-san’s acting, Kaidou is a substantial skilled director...

...He has this kind of ‘making everyone sees something that they had never seen before’ ambition. Even if he is somewhat pompous [/flashy], but this is also accepted by the other people [/made him popular]. Thus, [things are done] according to this person’s preference. He nurtured ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s body and spirit...
...Both elegant and drop dead gorgeous, she had become some sort of ‘work of art’ [who has everything in one body] that is set up on high--- It is unknown when this former ugly woman who had nothing started to get used to being called by others as a ‘legend’. Not only that, the things that she attained are not merely the audience’s praises.”

The scene changes to ‘Sugeyo’ making love with Atae. Afterwards, ‘Sugeyo’ apologizes and says that she should go home. Putting his shirt on, Atae says that it seems that she always go back at this time so what is her reason for it. “Or, could it be that you have some other man aside from me?” ‘Sugeyo’ says that it isn’t so. He asks, then why.

‘Sugeyo’ tells him that she cannot say it. After a pause, Atae says forget it. He pulls her to him which surprises ‘Sugeyo’. He asks her to marry him, and then she and her little secret will be his. ‘Sugeyo’ says okay. Narration: “Once was an ugly person who wasn’t allowed to exist in this world has now attained happiness as a woman. It is a sudden jump to become a winner in life.”
Comment: Apparently, Sugeyo went along with this on her own free will. In a way, it is a contrast with her daughter. For Sugeyo, it is for a good intention whereas for Nogiku, it is a bad one.

In this case, there is really a thin line between nice and stupidity for Sugeyo. It seems like she is willingly walking into the lion’s den. ^^; Even if she did that, she doesn’t seem able to win Izana’s heart who eyed her warily even if she agrees to continue this charade.

Atae is a very blunt and practical man. Instead of sweet talk, he went straight to the brutal reality to convince ‘Sugeyo’ to perform in his play. It is interesting though that she is very ‘selfless’ that she immediately changed her mind when the focus was more on making a lot more people happy compared to her own happiness or a few people.

So, with fame and everything, Izana is living the best time of her life. As the ending narration had mentioned, it is a huge jump from an unwanted ugly person. She now also attained love. I would assume that Atae hated her ugly appearance. After all, he sent Kasane away but kept Nogiku.

I’m thinking that he was the reason why Sugeyo is locked and chained up. He might want his ‘Sugeyo’ to be always beautiful. Still, perhaps, something might have happened which led to that like what happened to Nogiku. Perhaps, love made Izana ‘stupid’ to do everything what Atae wants.

It makes me wonder if Kingo is telling this story to Kasane so that she won’t make the same mistake regarding love or perhaps, how to treat her ‘partner’/Nogiku. Okay, the latter is wishful thinking. Anyway, I think Atae learning the secret is a turning point on how things spiral down into a tragedy especially for Sugeyo. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. thank you for the kasane update! i look forward to these a lot. the art is beautiful and i love how dark the plot is. what publication does it come in?

    1. Thanks for reading, lovelyluvluv ^-^

      Indeed ^^

      This runs in the magazine, Evening published by Kodansha.