September 29, 2016

Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 39]

Flashback: At the subway, Tsubasa isn’t feeling well. Aki saw her and asked if she isn’t well. Aki decided to carry her. Tsubasa thought that this uniform is the same as her school’s. End flashback.

There is an announcement for the third years to line up for the tug-of-war competition. Sleeping Tsubasa wakes up when she heard a window being opened. Aki apologizes for waking her up. She immediately sits up and asks why she is here and the sports festival...

She suddenly becomes dizzy that Aki asks if she is okay. He suggests that she rests for a while. He asks if she recalled that she was feeling unwell that she dropped down at the hallway.
Tsubasa recalled feeling nauseous that she couldn’t walk an inch, and then she suddenly became dizzy. But, she doesn’t recall being at the infirmary so that means... She asks if he brought her there. He says yes.

She apologizes for causing him trouble. He says that it isn’t any trouble. He tells her that this had happened before and it caused him to remember the first time he met her. Then, after a few days, she would suddenly appear at the gym, saying that she wants to become the manager.

At that time, he felt that it is really baffling for he was always thinking where he saw her before. Soon, she became the official manager of the basketball club as if it was like that from the start. In a very short time, everyone got used to her.
He didn’t know when she became an inevitable existence. It is because lately, she isn’t participating in the club activities because of the sport’s festival preparations. It caused everyone to say, how come some thing seems wrong.

There is a scene of Yoshinari saying that the tea is all gone and everyone told him if he forgot that Tsubasa isn’t around. End flashback. What Aki said made Tsubasa really happy for it turns out that is how she is seen by the others.

Aki is startled when Tsubasa shouts that she wants to go back to the club as early as possible. She admits that she always felt lonely when she wasn’t able to participate in the club. She thought that even if right now she felt uneasy going back [because of Aki and Hina] but it is already okay for she only...
Tsubasa happily says that she wants to practice together with everyone as early as possible. Aki has this ‘longing’ expression. Tsubasa is surprised when Aki confides that it isn’t just the basketball club. He doesn’t know when she started to occupy the most important place in his heart.

“While I practically have not yet become aware of it, in a natural way... I like you, Sonokawa.” Tsubasa’s eyes widen. Soon, Aki is surprised to see Tsubasa crying. She asks wasn’t he currently going steady with Hina who told her that she confessed to him so... Surprised Aki repeats that the person he likes is her that he never considered anyone but Tsubasa.
Crying Tusbasa asks if that is for real and this isn’t a dream. He assures her that it isn’t a dream. He looks at her then hugs her. Thinking that it is like a dream, she hugs him back. Right now, it felt that she can fly. And, the sports festival continues.

Soon, the couple is interrupted by an announcement that it is time for the clubs’ relay race so participating students are to come and congregate. Aki tells Tsubasa that the competition is going to start. They break off the hug, look at each other and blush. Aki says that it is almost time for him to go back. Tsubasa says that she wants to watch the relay.
Aki asks what silly things are she saying, when she has to lie in bed. Tsubasa says that she’s already fine. Aki asks how can she possibly be fine? She becomes depressed that he asks if she really wants to see the relay. Tsubasa says that isn’t only just to watch the relay, she still wants him to stay there for a while longer.

She becomes embarrassed but Aki smiles and says that him, too. But then, if he doesn’t go, he’ll be late so he’ll go ahead. Tsubasa looks sad about this. Thinking that her heart is overflowing with happiness, Tsubasa cries. This made Aki ask why she is crying again. As he wipes her tears and held her hand, Tsubasa says that she likes him the most.
Comment: And finally, Aki confessed and thankfully, he was the one who confessed here rather than Tsubasa confessing again. So, Yuuma ship has sunk. ;_; Oh well, this is better than for it to happen later on after a forced going steady with Yuuma while her heart is with Aki’s. The inevitable has finally happened. I wonder if Hina will get some punishment for her lie, or she’ll get away with it. Scans by allwink

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