October 25, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 83 - In the Midst of a Rainy Night ⑨]

While still holding trembling and crying Kasane by the bridge’s railing, Atae tells Izana not to have that kind of expression. “I just...want the intelligent you to understand this, that’s all. AS TO WHAT IS THE CORRECT THING TO DO.” Tears fall as Sugeyo angrily bites her teeth in anger.

Then, the strong wind blows off frightened Kasane’s hat. The men look tense and quiet. Izana had calmed down and says that she knows already. Putting her arms around her, Izana says, “..I won’t go anymore. I’ll return to your side.” Kingo calls out to Izana. *there is a scene of Kingo looking at present Kasane who is trembling while holding her head. She seems to have remembered what happened.*
Atae looks pleased as Izana goes to his side. Atae says, “Your intention of wanting to run away has been swept away together with the flood. As long as you are there... *Kasane exclaims, no...!* ...there’s basically no need for other things.” With that, he lightly pushes Kasane off the railing. 

Izana looks surprised as Kasane starts to fall down. To the two men’s shock, Izana immediately rushes forward and jumps off to catch Kasane. Kingo calls out to Izana as she and Kasane fall down to the river below. *A tear falls from present Kasane’s eye* As Kingo looks down the bridge, Atae calls out, “Sugeyo...? *bewildered* How can this be...”
*Kingo looks at tense Kasane saying that at that time, she and her mother...* Izana hugs Kasane tightly as they fell into the water. Holding Kasane tightly, Izana swims up to the surface and manages to grab a branch. She smiles at terrified Kasane. Then, she nervously looks behind her.

They are being pushed away by the strong current. Izana tells Kasane to grab this branch firmly. Kasane tearfully says that she’s scared. Izana assures her that it will be alright. Izana notices the branch she’s holding is breaking apart. Izana looks surprised then she seems to have come to a realization. She holds Kasane and says something. End flashback.
Kasane looks surprised and says, ..eh? Kingo asks what it is. Kasane says that it seems...at that time...her mother is saying something to her... Kingo asks, what. Kasane says, “But...I couldn’t remember it... She ought to have said something very important to me...!

*Kingo looks tense* No good... I couldn’t remember what happened afterwards... Why...!” Kingo looks straight ahead and remembers that time. Flashback: Seeing Izana and Kasane clinging on a branch below, Kingo calls out to Izana. He quickly rushes towards the other side of the bridge.
While Atae still looked stunned over what happened, Kingo had already slid down to the river bank. He slipped and hit his butt on the ground. After recovering from that, he looks towards the river. He is going to call for Izana again when he saw her holding out her hand.

He was surprised as the waters quickly dragged her away. And, she’s gone. On his knees, Kingo can only dejectedly watch the fast water current. End flashback. While Kasane looks surprised, Kingo says that it was for a split second [and she’s gone]. “—afterwards, her remains were found downstream...
...Her body is already full of bruises [/covered with mud] but it is unknown why her face is still so beautiful even if 12 hours had already passed since the ‘switch’. In other words, she finally had totally attain beauty. But that person died in order to save you... no, she died because of you.

*a tear falls down from his eye as he grabs Kasane’s collar* I’m even asked by her to drag you into the spotlight [/lead you into the light]!!! So for my and your own good, no matter what, you must let ‘Saki’ continue on living on the stage [/at the light]...!!! Even if it is for her [Izana]...!” Kasane tensely looks at him then she looks down. The rain had stopped. They have arrived at their destination.
After getting off the car, Kasane calls out to Kingo and says, “If I know the complete method for mama’s ‘total switch’, I’ll accept [/try it] no matter what and how much pain I’ll have to endure. I’ll become more heartless than mama. But, let me say it again, actually, it is also just for me myself...in order to grasp ‘acting’, that sole light. In order to always and continue on gazing upon it..!

...*hand reaches out to the light* This can probably be her answer to mother’s wish, right.” [/she cannot let down her mother’s expectation] Then, she leaves. Kingo mutters, ...probably, huh [/..fine]. “Since the day when that person died, I’m always living in this forever never ending final chapter. [Behind] the dark curtains [/no light] that forever won’t be pulled open...
...Perhaps, there will be a day when the dark curtains...can really be pulled open once again [/perhaps one day the light will come]. If only Kasane would always really just concentrate [/gaze] on that bit of light---”

At a dressing room, a man calls out to a young woman who is reading a script book. He informs her that the practice room is going to close soon. The woman apologizes.

While walking at the hallway, the man says that she’s really diligent [/enthusiastic]. The woman says that the audition is coming soon... The man says is that so. “Good luck in getting chosen. Your name is...” The woman smiles and says “Igarashi Iku.”
Comment: From threat to kill/holding Kasane hostage, it had become attempted murder for Atae. He really underestimated Izana’s love for Kasane. Maybe, he is too deranged to realize that no matter what Izana will choose Kasane over him. ^^; Now, with Izana gone, I wonder if he started to vent all his negative emotions on Sugeyo and Nogiku. Strangely enough, he didn’t do anything to Kasane after what had happened.

Despite everything that had happened, I can say that it is really amazing how Izana showed her motherly love for Kasane. I’m not sure what she did though that enabled Kasane to survive. Did she let go of the branch or something? Now, what could she have told Izana when she realized that she isn’t going to live after this?

I’m not sure if at this time she would tell her the method on how to attain that ‘permanent switch’. Perhaps, it is what she wished for Kasane? Like what Sugeyo advise Nogiku when she’s dying. I think we’ll know what it is when something similar happens to Kasane to jog her memory. Of course, whether it will be tragic or not like she wasn’t doing what her mother wanted, time will tell.

I feel for Kingo. To be totally helpless and watch the woman he loves swept away like that in front of him. It is interesting that he changed ‘saving Kasane’ to ‘died because of Kasane’. I wonder if it is intentional to spur some guilt on Kasane or that is what he really felt. Is he blaming Kasane for it?

That might be part of the reason why he can treat her quite harshly aside from being desperate to fulfill Izana’s last request. Perhaps, that is why it took him so long to go to Kasane. From what he is saying, it seemed like, why would he help her when she caused Izana’s death. It doesn’t help that Kasane isn’t quite like Izana.

I do think that despite what Kasane said, Kingo isn’t convinced that Kasane can do it. Still, it’s good that Kasane is doing it for herself rather than for someone else. So, this ends this arc without an ending for him. He is still in the dark as he isn’t sure that Kasane can really stay focused.

Since they are talking about that ‘light’, here comes the character who I think personifies ‘light’ in this series. It’s none other than Iku. Unlike the others, iirc, Iku befriended Kasane and accepted her as she is. How will things turn out when they meet each other again? Will she somehow foil or help in making their ‘wishes’ come true? Or, will she end up as another tragic character in this series? I hope not. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star. ~ Edwin Hubbell Chapin


  1. It looks like Izana let go of the branch as it could not support both her and Kasane. She sacrificed herself so that Kasane would live.

    If Kingo had told Kasane about the permanent switch earlier, maybe Kasane could have taken Nina's face before Nogiku killed her. I wonder if the reason why Kingo didn't tell her about the permanent swap was because Kasane did not have the resolve to do it? If Kasae had known earlier about the permanent face swap, she could have investigated it a whole lot earlier. Atae's house may have had some hints or notes about it.

    From the flashback earlier on, it was implied that Izana knew that Sugeyo was going to die soon, which is why she left Kasane her lipstick. It turns out that the reverse happened instead. Izana seems to have died before Sugeyo and she told Kasane about her lipstick in case her permanent face swap failed. I wasn't expecting that.

    Before Sugeyo died, I wonder what happened to her? Did she find out about Izana's death or did Atae abuse her further since she no longer had a pretty face?

    1. You would actually think that it would have been good if Kasane had made permanent face switch with Nina ? Sorry if I misunderstood you D:

    2. Correct. Since Nina wanted to die anyways and actually did die, Kasane could have made use of her face. Nina's dead, so she would have no need for her own face. If Kasane had Nina's face, she wouldn't have to permanently swap faces with Nogiku and Nogiku might not have been locked up. Because Nogiku killed Nina, Nina's mom is suffering and will never see her daughter again. At least if Kasane had Nina's face, Nina's mom wouldn't agonize as much. She would just think that a stranger had replaced her daughter. Nobuhiko also endured the Loss of his lover 'Nina'. Kasane as Nina left him without saying a word and he sees her shadow in Saki.

      I like the preview page for chapter 86. It shows how similar 'Nina' and Saki are in acting and how their appearances vary. Their eyes and nose are different but they are both just as beautiful and talented.

    3. Isn't that cruel....poor Nina. She needed help by not having herself killed but having a good person by her side for support. Kasane lied to Nobuhiko though, so I am not a big fan of their relationship(it was based on lies, he should move on already) And didn't Kasane and Kingo get rid of Nina's death body so she wouldn't be found, that's inhuman!
      Anyways Kasane can obtain beauty by stealing a face but inside she still is quite ugly (lies to Nobuhiko/Nina's mum, killing a classmate,using Nina, locking Nogiku up and wanting to steal her face permanently)

    4. Kasane doesn't really have an option of... not lying to Nina's parents by the time she met them. It was too late. Also neither Nina nor Nogiku are blameless in this whole ordeal. Nina knew what she was getting into. Yes, Kasane wasn't the best friend but people are also responsible for their own actions, but Kasane shouldn't be burdened with all the negative responsibility of Nina's decision to suicide. Nogiku also betrayed Kasane in what was already a very precarious situation. The harsh results were unsurprising. I think it's a little bit misconstrued to treat both Nina and Nogiku as complete oh woe is me victims of Kasane (and Kingo's treachery) when they both used Kasane to get what they wanted as well, but just by luck got the shorter end of the stick.

    5. I see, Anonymous[1]. So, there is that last scene of Izana trying to reach out for something.

      I agree. Kasane doesn't have that resolve. I think Kingo was waiting to use Nogiku's/someone's betrayal to harden Kasane's heart. He only decided to tell her about it when Kasane said some harsh things to Nogiku/came to realize that she cannot afford to be 'nice/naive' to get what she wants/for her 'existence'.

      Hmm..did Kingo go back to the house after Nogiku left it? Before he went back with Nogiku there? It makes me think something is off that he would suggest something to Kasane without even having any clues on how is it done?

      So, before the permanent switch, she had already given the lipstick to Kasane?

      I think Sugeyo ought to know what happened to Izana. You know, Atae tend to go to 'lamentations' that I can really imagine him saying why his 'Sugeyo' died and not this Sugeyo. I'm curious if her health failed due to the switch or because of something else. Iirc, in the last part, Sugeyo is already in bed and not in the basement.

    6. Anonymous[2], your comment reminded me of a Chinese reader saying that all of the relationships here are based on lies/fake. Father relationship, sister relationship, lover relationship, etc...but one thing isn't fake, that is mother relationship.