October 18, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 81-82 - In the Midst of a Rainy Night ⑦⑧]

It was a rainy night when Izana arrives. With a taxi behind her, she closes her umbrella. Atae calls out, “You’re real name--is actually ‘Izana’, right? Finally, you came back... But am I mistaken for it seemed that you have become a bit thinner?

...*puts arm around Izana* ...ah, it’s also understandable for the two of you, mother-daughter, also have nothing at all. It has been very hard getting by, outside of this house. It’s my fault.” Izana drops her umbrella when he suddenly hugged her tight.

He whispers to her ear, “Okay, ‘Sugeyo’, quickly return back to the ORIGINALLY BEAUTIFUL Sugeyo by switching that ugly face with that woman!!” Izana’s eyes widen then she looks wary of Atae. Soon, Izana is walking down the basement and opens the door. She finds Sugeyo suddenly sitting up from the bed. She immediately notices Sugeyo’s huge belly. Izana scowls as Sugeyo calls out to her. End flashback.

Kingo tells Kasane that at that time, Izana had realized that Fuchi Sugeyo had betrayed her because she is always secretly in love with Atae. “Also, I felt that woman personally brought about the situation for Kaidou to know of the real destination and witness the switching.”
Flashback: After the switching of faces, Atae had called out to ‘Sugeyo’. At that time, while Sugeyo was covering her face in shock, she is actually smiling. End flashback. Kingo says that it is because Izana is the type of person who won’t show her weakness [/she won’t do that kind of idiotic thing].

“In short, due to Fuchi Sugeyo’s betrayal and Kaidou’s attitude towards her, she had once again seen the bitter ‘truth’ in front of her eyes. “The value of her ugly self and child’s existence [/they want to exit].” Flashback: Crying Sugeyo called out to Izana and kept on apologizing to her. Izana held Sugeyo’s face to her and kissed her.

While Sugeyo kept on sobbing, Izana slightly wiped away her lips which smeared the lipstick. Narration: “In the end, she has to someone else’s beautiful looks. –so like that, actress ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ had once again returned and got herself immersed in light (spotlight). She had once again returned to fabricated existence that belongs only to her.”

On the stage, ‘Sugeyo’ happily walks down stairs. With Daijirou [ex-director] among them, the audience applauded. He returned home and told Tomoko that Sugeyo’s performance is really so amazing on stage.
While hanging his coat, he says that it is great that they let Sugeyo go. “That kind of talent shouldn’t be buried in this kind of place. Let’s wait for our child to grow up, and we’ll all go watch it together.” Holding their child, Tomoko said yes.

She then told Zunda [the cat] not to get angry at its owner for letting them take care of it since she is very busy. Zunda meows. Tomoko told it that Sugeyo has found a place where she can really show her radiance.

The scene changes to the real Sugeyo, who is chained to the floor at Atae’s basement. She tearfully called out, “Ah, let me out. I won’t run away... It is okay even if it’s for a while... *tried to reach out to the door* Let me see my Nogiku..!!”

In another room, ‘Sugeyo’ is breastfeeding Nogiku. Atae said that’s really great. “A beautiful wife and child. That is the scene that I seek after.” ‘Sugeyo’ glared at him then put Nogiku back into the cradle. Atae told her to re-consider it again and send that ugly child away [for adoption?].

“Then, it will be me, Nogiku and also you...” ‘Sugeyo’ said that she’s going back for Kasane is waiting for her. Atae stood up and held her. He told her that there will be a day when she’ll realize that what he said is right. ‘Sugeyo’ continued to look serious then seems to glare at him.
Narration: “It can be said that during that time, Izana-san’s love for Kaidou has already totally shattered. But, Izana-san hadn’t severed ties with him.” End flashback. Kasane asks why. Kingo said that even if that man had gone mad.

“No, I should say that all the more it increased his artistic talent as a director. The Atae who has this stubborn attachment on working together with ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ on stage is a remarkable man whom anyone else can only hope of catching up to. ...even if I really don’t want to praise him [/don’t want to admit it]. *bits lips which Kasane noticed* But, it is because she didn’t sever ties with him, Izana-san had fallen into ‘Lady Macbeth’s fate---” Kasane looks surprised.

Narration: “It is when ‘Macbeth’ that Kaidou is directing has just started its rehearsal.” Flashback: Flutered ‘Sugeyo’ held her hands together and said, ‘Why are we afraid of people knowing about it? There is no one who has the power to denounce us...”

Then, she noticed that her feet are soaking in blood. Namino stood up from the blood and tried to reach for ‘Sugeyo’. Terrified ‘Sugeyo’ muttered, “Na... Namino...” She snapped out of it when Atae held her and asked if she is alright. Everyone looked surprised. End flashback.
Kingo tells Kasane that when Izana was in Akeiwa, she had killed ‘Namino’ and took away that peron’s face. Looking out of the car, Kasane says that it’s the same with her... Kingo says, yes. It is like when she was acting as Lady Macbeth, and she saw her crime---Nina’s phantom.

“She ought to have also seen it. Saw the people she had killed. *image of ‘Sugeyo’ as Lady Macbeth wherein the dead are grabbing her* Even if the person killed and how many were they isn’t the same but you ought to understand that the huge weight of one’s own sin through what Lady Macbeth has seen.”

Kasane agreed that she almost fell apart just like Lady Macbeth. “If there is no encouragement from Nogiku” Kingo replies, “‘Encouragement’ huh... *Nogiku saying that even if the past and sin won’t disappear--- Atae hugged ‘Sugeyo’ and said that she should keep on walking on because he will accompany her as she walk through that hell’*...

...That is what Kaidou had told Izana-san who had walked into this predicament. Even if there is no more love as a married couple, those words of Kaidou as a fellow worker had saved Izana-san. It caused her to always continuing on acting in ‘Macbeth’ until the last successful performance.”
Kasane says but, that had become her mother’s last play. Kingo says yes. Kasane asks how come it is still like that when she has already overcome ‘Lady Macbeth’? “Even you said, ‘she no longer wish to stand onstage’ but...I don’t know at all what was the specific reason.”

Looking out the car window, Kingo says that at that time, he isn’t also very sure. “Basically, she showed an intention of performing some other work yet suddenly, she doesn’t have the mood for it... It seems that there is something that’s bothering her. But, from what Izana-san said, I knew that there is actually that kind of RESOLUTION.”

Flashback: Izana is standing in a field surrounded by some trees. Kingo asked her why she suddenly called her to this place and she is in that [original face]. Izana looked at him and said, “It is possible that this is the last time you’ll ever see this kind of face.” Puzzled Kingo asks what she meant.

While some birds are flying up high, Izana held her face and said, “‘Breaking away from the 12 hour limit’, ‘Possessing the other person’s face permanently’...” Kingo nervously asked, that method... Izana said, “Yes, there is. I plan to kill off Izana to BECOME THE REAL ‘FUCHI SUGEYO’.”
⑧ Kasane is surprised that she repeated, “‘Possessing the other person’s face permanently’..? *Kingo says yes.* Is that true? Then why didn’t she from the start...” Kingo replies that of course, he also asked the same question to Izana. Flashback: Izana said that it is because it’s very dangerous.

“Based on the situation, it is possible that might lose my own life so I...always hesitated.” Kingo nervous asked what kind of method it is? After a pause, Izana said about that..she’ll tell him after she had succeeded. “The reason why I called you here today is in case, I failed ---or rather, I lost my life...”

Kingo asked her what nonsense she is saying. He is surprised to see her crying. She said, “Kingo, can you listen to my request---” Narration: “Thus, Izana-san had entrusted Kasane (you) to me.” End flashback. With folded arms, Kasane asks if that is ‘being led to the white light from the bottom most layer of the abyss.’ Kingo says that’s right.
Kasane comments that it is simply...‘having one’s back to the wall’ [/compared to succeeding, the awareness of it falling is bigger]. Kingo agrees with her. Kasane nervous asks if he is saying that the switch faces had failed so her mother died. Kingo looks at her then says no.

Kasane asks what’s up with that. “I obviously asked several times about mother’s death yet you never once told me about it. Is it really an accident...” Kingo bites his lip and suddenly hits the side of the car. This startles Kasane. He glares at her and asks, “You really don’t remember anything!? *Kasane is surprised and puzzled* When Izana-san died, you were also there.”

Kasane is shocked that she asks, “What did you say... *holds her head* I, I only heard that mama had gotten into an accident... No one willing told me about the situation in detail and it is also not publicized...” Kingo says geez...but that it’s also not surprising for that kind of unfortunate incident...one probably does not want to remember it.” Kasane’s eyes widen in surprise.
Narration: “That day, it is a day just like today when there is a heavy downpour. Because I’m worried about Izana’s premonition [/suggestion] regarding her death, I put aside [/gave up] my work and watched over that person’s movements.”

Flashback: It is raining. Wearing a raincoat, Kingo stood near the trees just outside of Atae’s mansion. He quickly hid in the bushes when the gate opened. He saw Atae riding on a taxi that is waiting for him by the road. He had this somewhat smug smile. Kingo wondered where he is going since it is very rare of him to...

Narration: “At that time, Kaidou basically stayed at his house and very rarely go out. From the time when ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ won’t step onstage, that man’s enthusiasm as a director also gradually declined. But, the reason he went out that day seems to be because, ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ had told Kaidou these words...
...*there is scene of ‘Sugeyo’ saying that she wanted to act in a play one more time with him.* Because of that, that man was in high spirits that he went out to prepare for the new play.” Kingo heard a sound and saw short haired ‘Sugeyo’ looking up in the rain and somewhat smiled.

Narration: “At that time, I still didn’t know anything but I always felt that at that time she had definitely already accomplished the PERMANENT SWITCH.” End flashback. Kasane asks if it was unexpectedly a success. Kingo says ya, though he didn’t personally saw the process so he didn’t know what kind of method was used.

“...Izana-san actually planned to deceive that man to leave the mansion and afterwards, take that opportunity to run away with you. But...” Flashback: “At a building, Atae asked the receptionist what’s up with this. The receptionist said, no..about that..there is no way for them to help him regarding that.
Furious Atae slammed his hands on the desk and shouted for the receptionist to tell him [someone] that ‘Kaidou had come’ and he had a very good relationship with him before at the theater... The receptionist said that they already said that...

“But, [the person Atae wanted to talk to said] as long as ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ isn’t around [/can step onstage again], it isn’t necessary to meet up with Kaidou-san.” Atae shouted that he already said that, that ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ said that she’ll have a comeback [/will act]!! The receptionist said, then please bring her here.

“...but, everyone still remembered that you also said that before. *Atae looked aghast and in disbelief. Some people are whispering while there are two security guards seem ready to escort him out.* But until now, you never once were able to bring her over here. I think everyone has not forgotten about that.”
Narration: “Kaidou’s actions and speech had become stranger than before, that everyone in the theater world knew about it. Right now, no one wanted to work together with him.” While walking in the street, Atae lamented that if ‘Sugeyo’ isn’t around...

Narration: “On the other side, Izana-san is doing things like she does as usual. ‘After going to a different branch [/residence] of Kaidou’s house where she finished switching faces with Fuchi Sugeyo, she would return to the house where her daughter is waiting for her--- *Kingo quietly followed Izana from behind*...

At that time, she thought that Kaidou is risking his own self-respect, he’ll be going all over the place until he’s exhausted to prepare for the new play. But, actually, there is already no dignity [/nothing in his heart anymore] for there is only emptiness. In order to look for [/depending on] ‘Fuchi Sugeyo, he first went to Izana-san’s house.” 
Atae arrived at a two floored mansion. He banged on the door and called out to ‘Sugeyo’. Atae wondered why no one is opening the door. “Isn’t anyone home?” He slightly smiled and leaned on the door. He called out, “Kasane! Are you home? It’s papa! Where is mama?”

The door slightly opened. Wearing a raincoat, Kasane asked, “Papa..?” Atae looked furious upon seeing some luggage and an umbrella behind Kasane. Kasane asked what is it? Atae asked if Kasane is going on a trip with her mother. Kasane said no, mama said to wait for her to come back then they’ll say goodbye to the house. “Is papa going with us?”

Atae glared down at her. End flashback. Kasane is trembling and looking aghast that Kingo asks, what’s up. Kasane nervously mutters, “I... I remembered... afterwards, papa dragged me off... ‘bridge’... that’s right, the bridge near the house... I saw mama---”
Flashback: Izana is stunned to see Atae that she dropped her umbrella. Atae said, “You finally came... ‘Sugeyo’.” Izana’s eyes widen. At the side of the bridge, Kingo is surprised to see Atae. Holding trembling Kasane whom he made to stand by the bridge’s railing, Atae said, “Want to throw me away, huh. Where do you think the two of you can run off to?...

...*Kasane tearfully called out to her mother* It seems that you still do not understand. Without your beautiful face and me around, the ugly you [with Kasane] have no value at all to keep on living on!! Give up that kind of silly plan...

...Be good and return to my side. Or else, this child will ACCIDENTALLY FALL INTO THE WATER AND DROWN TO DEATH IN THE RIVER.” Kingo quickly came out and shouted to Atae what he is thinking... Atae called out to Kingo. Then, the two men looked surprised over Izana’s furious expression. Narration: “There, I saw it. It isn’t human, but rather, the look of a demon’s.”
Comment: I think that this is any woman’s worse nightmare. To fall in love with someone who ended up being some sort of psycho. Of course, things can indeed become tragic when it is already to too late to get out of that kind of relationship.

Let’s start with Sugeyo. Apparently, she was indeed in love with Atae. And yes, she is really committing one mistake after another, and the last one sealed her fate. Unlike her or any other nice shoujo lead, Izana isn’t forgiving and would never trust again after being betrayed once. So, she lost everything because of her ‘affair’ with Atae.

It’s really unfortunate that no one knew what had happened. It’s one thing that her previous colleagues didn’t find out anything odd. It does seem that she doesn’t have any family either who looked for her/tried to contact her. So, I thought the Kasane’s guardian/‘aunt’ isn’t really related to both women.

As for Izana, she did fell out of love with Atae but I guess, she thought that it was beneficial for her and Kasane’s survival as well as her love for theater acting that caused her to stay with Atae. As Kingo said, Atae’s talent increased as he slowly become crazy.

Even so, I think it was really mortifying to nurse the ‘mistress’s baby. She is probably annoyed to death because I think Atae kept on telling her to give up Kasane and stay with them as a ‘beautiful family’. It makes me wonder if after playing Lady Macbeth and then things probably took a drastic turn/start to spiral down, it had dulled Izana’s potential to commit murder.

I mean, why couldn’t she just kill him or something instead of doing it the risky way of escaping from him and even risking her life with the ‘permanent switch’? Also, when did she learn about this ‘permanent switch’? If she met that guy, Nagi again after getting out of Akeiwa, I think he might have told her. After all, it was his research that led her to discover the ‘red powder’.

I’m curious what had happened that led things to this that Izana wants out. Perhaps, Atae had become more perverted and demented in some way. She isn’t thrilled to walk down to hell with him. Things aren’t good if a crazed guy always stay in the house with his two ‘wives’ and daughter. So, now, we know that there is a permanent face switch and not only that, Kasane was there when her mother died.

Things are really no good when Atae is around. So, in a way, Kasane is an indirect cause of her mother’s death. If it is true, there’s no wonder Kasane couldn’t remember it. She instinctively blocked the memory. Well, Izana’s plan was okay but she probably hasn’t been going out lately that she didn’t know that Atae is already a ‘has-been’ and without her, he is nothing.

For his pride, that must be a blow that he is twisting things to make it appear that without him, Izana and Kasane are nothing. Of course, he probably didn’t know about the permanent switch since Izana is probably going through the usual thing in order for Atae not to realize something is amiss.

It is also unfortunate that Kasane got deceived by Atae to open the door which lead to the realization that Izana is leaving with Kasane. It shouldn’t be surprising that Atae can kill his own daughter for his and ‘Sugeyo’s sake. After all, he did all those despicable things to Nogiku, his own daughter. Well, it’s probably easier since Kasane is an unwanted child due to her appearance.

Well, what happens next is probably an ‘accident’ which caused Izana’s death. And, aside from leaving Atae with an ugly useless [real] Sugeyo, she took away the secret for the ‘permanent switch’ with her. Since the house is already burned down, I think the only hint where Kasane can find out about it is through Nogiku as to what she can remember/seen at the house. There were some ‘red powder’ stuff/data in the house. Was that Izana’s?

I also wonder if cutting one’s hair has anything to do with the ‘permanent switch’ since Izana have shorter hair later on. If this series is a tragedy, Kasane might lose her life if she ever tries that method. Still, I wonder if Nogiku would agree to it if given the choice to decide.

In a way, it might be a win-win situation for them since Nogiku detested her own beauty. There was Yuuto and she can be finally be ‘free’. Also, I wonder if Atae became partly cripple because of what happened at the bridge. Nevertheless, because of what happened, I get a feeling that is why Kingo doesn’t exactly like Kasane and hated Atae. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. omg ataee DDDDDDD: ewww. cutting the hair feels like too simple to be the permanent trick.. maybe... :/ since i'm (not so) secretly still shipping nobuhiko and kasane i feel the best possible ending would be that kasane and nogiku get a permanent swap, but kasane loses nobuhiko and everyone except nogiku, and they become best buds even if they're alone. nobuhikoooo figure it ouuutt D: thanks for the summary!

    1. Ya, lovelyluvluv.

      Ah, no, I just mean that cutting of the hair is part of it. Perhaps, some kind of witchcraft-type of thing.

      Hehe..it's either her or him, huh?

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Hmm great summary as usual and thank you for your hard work! I wonder if the permanent switch has anything to do with Sugeyos deteriorating health and death as we've seen in earlier chapters ....

    1. Thanks for reading, Unknown ^-^

      Ah, do you mean the real Sugeyo? Hm..that's possible. I kept on thinking that it happened because she lost her will upon learning that Izana is dead and she is permanently ugly. ^^;

  3. Actually this is too tragic..can't blame real Sugeyo for her actions though, Izana only used her. I actually hate the permanent switch idea since Kasane and her mother don't deserve to be permanently beautiful for their actions. Actually I can't feel any empathy towards Kasane and Izana. Though child Kasane can't be blamed, the Kasane now is a monster.I guess Nogiku is the one who deserves the best for now, and premanent switch would be a lame ending even if Nogiku hates her beauty. And by having a person who hates her beauty give it away seems to be too convenient. Kasane should have her own face and live with it, not kill Nogiku.
    Responsibility for Nina's death is already a reason for Kasane not to have a pretty face and good life...Sorry for being negative, just trying to be fair.

    1. I see.

      True but then, time will tell if 'life is fair' in this series.

      Hm..you make me think that since Kasane is a monster, it is more fitting to have a permanent switch. I'm thinking of horror stories. Kasane seems like the 'split mouth woman ghost'/Kuchisake-onna.

      Ah, so the permanent switch involves killing Nogiku? But then, the one who killed Nina is Nogiku. And, she was in that state because she attempted to committed suicide. Unless you mean 'taking away her life' in a not literal way since she cannot go back to being the original Nina.

  4. I'd like to know how Izana really died and what Kasane will do next.

    If we've learned anything from this series, there is no such thing as a fair life. I feel worse for Kasane rather than Nogiku. Kasane was born with an ugly face and even if she had become an actress with her real face, Kasane's roles would probably be very limited due to her hideous appearance. Not only that, people would constantly stare at her and whisper about her. After Nina's attempted suicide, Kasane had realized that she had wronged Nina, that she had stolen her life and Kasane felt remorse over that. She had not intended to drive Nina to suicide. Meanwhile, Nogiku wanted to get revenge on Izana but used Kasane as an outlet for her anger and hatred instead since Izana had already died. Nogiku intended to humiliate Kasane in front of a large audience just as Kasane is rising as an actress. Kasane originally aimed to only borrow Nogiku's face and desired to be friends with Nogiku. Kasane trusted her until Nogiku tried destroying her lipstick and career. Even when Nogiku was first captured, she threw spiteful words at Kasane. Not one word of apology came out of her mouth. Nogiku solely felt bad for herself and for her mother but didn't even bat an eye for her own actions. Maybe if Kasane is able to do the permanent swap, Nogiku will be freed. At that point, I wish for Nogiku to let go of her unforgiveness and make peace with past and her sister. (Long post, I know, but I wanted to show the other side of the coin).

    I hope that when the series ends, there will be a satisfying ending, maybe even leaving room for a sequel such as Kasane having an ugly daughter and that daughter finding Izana's lipstick and deciding to use it.

    Oh, and that character from chapter 85 is one that Kasane has already encountered. I can't wait to see how they will act around each other. Will she see the similarities in Saki's acting and will she find out Kasane's secret? :)

    1. Well Kasane wasn't raped and kept away from world by her own father like Nogiku, I think that's worse than being bullied and having no career in theatre..Ofc Nogiku would think of herself and her mother who was used by Izana and DIED because of Izana.
      And I doubt that Kasane would just want to borrow Nogiku's face. 12 hours is a long time...and then there's now a permanent swap
      Also same with Sugeyo and Nina,their life along with their beauty was stolen. If Izana and Kasane would think logically, normally no one would want to have their life stolen from them. Look how furious Izana was when Sugeyo was pregnant and had a child with Atae. It's same thing Izana almost did.
      Anyway good job, Kat :3

    2. Kasane wasn't raped, but her father did try to kill her by pushing her into a fast flowing river. Although Nogiku was raped and isolated from the world, it didn't give her the right to take out her anger and hatred on Kasane. Her feelings are misplaced. She should be angry at Izana, not Kasane, as Izana was the one that caused Sugeyo's death. I think that if Kasane truly wanted to steal Nogiku's face, she would have imprisoned Nogiku from the very beginning after Nina's death. Kasane only wanted to swipe Nogiku's face after Nogiku betrayed her. Kasane had trusted in Nogiku until the betrayal. Nogiku had many chances to cut ties with Kasane. If Nogiku didn't want to swap faces with Kasane, she could have just stopped meeting Kasane after finding out that she was 'Nina'. She could have also avoided meeting with Kasane after killing the real Nina or refuse to switch faces with Kasane again after the first swap. Nogiku was so bent on revenge for her mother and Nina, that she chose to switch faces with Kasane as part of her plot to bring her sister down and ruin her. Sugeyo and Nina are both tragic characters who tried using Izana and Kasane for personal goals but ended up dying with the short end of the stick. Nina wanted someone to act for her on stage so that she would never be forgotten. She did not think about there being someone so talented that her own life would be taken away until it was too late. Sugeyo wanted Izana to act for her in order to please the audience (after Atae's persuasion) and win over Atae's heart. She had plenty of opportunities to end her relationship with Izana. Sugeyo even let Izana marry Atae with her identity and beautiful face. I'm not not saying that Izana and Kasane's actions are excusable though. They still ended up ruining Sugeyo and Nina's lives.

    3. Anonymous[1], Kasane did after learning this story?

      True. Hopefully, it will be like that but it won't be that easy if it happens.

      That's a bit way ahead..let's talk about it when we get to that chapter ^^

    4. Thanks for reading, Anonymous[2] ^-^