September 14, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 50]

Everyone is gathered at the gym for the graduation rehearsal. Someone is having a hard time practicing his speech about wanting to have memories here and everyday experience would be carved into their hearts. They are going to graduate today so let’s sing the ‘respect teacher’ hymn..lalala, okay, finish singing.

Shouji shouts at Miyoshi is that worthwhile, that poor way of dealing with the preliminary rehearsal when they specially gathered to come here on their free school day? While the two argue and others telling them to be a bit quiet, Yuki overhears a couple of girls talking about exchanging neck ties. It is some kind of graduation ceremony tradition.

One of the girls hoped a certain Yashiro [guesswork from 八代] gets her necktie. Yuki thinks that it is still very popular this year. It is 5 days before the graduation ceremony. After getting into the college, she had finally chosen the apartment where she’ll be staying.

Flashback: An agent told Yuki and her mother that this is a room on the second floor at the corner. Her mother exclaimed that this is great so they go check it out. Yuki asked the agent how much is the electric current. The agent thought that daughter is very attentive. End flashback.
Yuki felt that she can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Later on, Yuki is helping Himiko carry some laundry. Himiko learns that Yuki is going to live alone. Yuki says that before the start of school, she must tidy up the place for it to be inhabitable. She’ll go buy all sorts of things tomorrow. Himiko asks if she’ll go with Shou. This made Yuki tense and says, no..

Thinking she carelessly said a taboo, blushing Himiko apologizes to her for saying something that she shouldn’t say. After thinking for a while, Himiko says that starting this spring, Yuki won’t come over to help her like this anymore. They won’t even occasionally bump into each other at the hallway.

On today’s preliminary rehearsal, that kind of feeling suddenly surged up and for Yuki to leave Ryuhoku makes one feel empty. Yuki tells Himiko that she thinks she is very reliable and even if she’ll probably get huge headaches but she hopes that afterwards, Himiko together with the current members and the new first year members can support the captain’s work.

Himiko is about to cry but she told herself not to. Himiko ends up muttering about the principal’s necktie today has a kappa [child-like humanoid water creature in Japanese folklore] design.. Yuki starts thinking of graduation.. At Misuzu, Shizuka waves goodbye to his friends when he sees Shou sitting by the fence while listening to music.
Shizuka asks him what’s up twice but there is no response from Shou. Shizuka decides to forget it and don’t mind him. Shou removes his earphones and calls out to Shizuka not to ignore him. This irks Shizuka. Standing up, Shou says that actually, regarding that time, he wants to personally thank him.

Facing Shizuka, Shou says it seems that his GIRLFRIEND was under his care on that exam day. Shizuka says that it is nothing, after all, SHE WAS VERY HELPLESS BY HERSELF so he can’t help but do that. Shou says that she isn’t alone, for she has a boyfriend. Shizuka asks if he overslept then.

Gesturing to himself, Shou emphasis that just in case, let him say it once again that person is his girlfriend..his. Shizuka chuckles lightly and says, then, isn’t it better not to let the GIRLFRIEND casually come alone to an exclusive male school. That made Shou dark as he suddenly grabs Shizuka’s bag strap.

Shou asks what he is saying, is he having delusions. Trying to free his bag from Shou’s grip, Shizuka says that he unexpectedly didn’t know when sometime before, she specially gave him a snack all by herself. Shou asks when. Shizuka says that it is the day before Vday so quickly let go already.
After managing to free his bag from Shou, Shizuka says but seriously speaking, it is better for him not to brush her aside or perhaps make her feel wronged [/get hurt]. With that, Shizuka left Shou who is looking serious. At Yuki’s house, the triplets are arguing over who’ll stay in the room.

Shintaro exclaims that he has a lot of club equipment so he should have the room for himself.  Koushirou says no, for no matter how one thinks of it, he is destined to immediately find a partner so he’ll stay in one room and the other two should stay in one room. After all, he is the eldest. Kinjirou says that they compromise by letting him stay alone in the room.

Yuki asks the twins what they are arguing about. The twins say that it is about who’ll stay in Yuki’s room. Yuki’s cellphone rings so she goes upstairs to answer it. On the phone, Shou hears the noise that he asks if something exploded. Yuki says no, that’s the voices of her younger brothers. Shou asks what she is going to do tomorrow [Saturday].

Yuki says that she’ll go and buy some living necessities. Shou says that there is only morning practice tomorrow so he’ll also go with her. Yuki tries to decline for she’ll buy a lot of things and it will take time. Shou says that he’ll help her carry them.
She continues to decline his offer when she suddenly remembers being told that she is obviously forcing herself yet she won’t let him help, and, ‘it seems that there is a strange estrangement that makes one feel uncomfortable’. So Yuki reluctantly agrees for him to help her out.

At the kitchen section of a department store, Shou holds a pot and informs her that there are pots here. Yuki says ah..he found it. Shou says that there are a lot of things here and isn’t the smallest the most convenient. Yuki checks that it is 5000 yen yet it is so small..maybe that black one is better. Seeing some aprons, Shou imagines Yuki wearing an apron and welcoming him back. He asks Yuki about buying an apron.

Yuki says that she doesn’t wear it so there’s no need. She is starting to leave for her next item in the checklist. Then, she sees a condiments rack. She tries to get it from the top shelf but Shou helps her get it. He asks if it is this one. She says yes. Yuki thinks that it’s great because Shou is around, so she can purchase everything and also carry them all. This way, she’ll be able to buy everything that she needs. She thinks that ‘depending’ isn’t bad at all.

While walking, Shou asks if she’ll bring all of this at her apartment. Yuki says no, they’ll just bring it at her family’s house and she’ll bring it all together on the day when she moves. Shou complains a bit about wanting to see her apartment. Yuki wonders if that is his motive.
Recalling about that strange estrangement which makes one feel uncomfortable, Yuki thinks of working hard to get near him.. Shou asks if she can carry all of this by herself. Yuki says no, she planned to get them part by part for several days.

Yuki thinks that even after she graduates and they live separately, compared to right now, she’ll do her best to mutually trust each other more and compared to right now, she’ll also get closer to him. At Yuki’s house, the twins are crying and having a tantrum on the floor. They shout why didn’t Yuki tell them ahead that Shou is coming because if they knew they wouldn’t go out and hang out with someone else.

The mother also whines that is the same with her, she obviously properly put on make-up. Yuki tells her mother that she should go to work. Yuki asks about the others. Her mother says that only Shintarou is sleeping in bed while the others probably went out.

The twins bid Shou goodbye and tell him to wait for them to come back. The mother tells him to wait until she’s finished with work. Yuki thanks Shou for helping her carry all these things. She suggests that he sit down for a while. Shou asks if they’ll retain her room once she had moved out.
Yuki says no, for it seems that it will be given to one of her younger brothers because right now, all three are crowding in one room. Putting his bag down, Shou says, ya--.. Yuki starts to say about that, after graduation, it is possible..that it would still be like this, asking him [for help] from time to time, it is inevitable that he cannot do it.

Shou asks what she is saying. Yuki says she’s saying if he has any trouble, then don’t hesitate to say it..catching a cold that he’ll have to sleep in bed, for someone else to tell me about it..don’t do that again. Yuki exclaims that’s right, she’ll give him some drink. She asks him if she wants coffee or tea..

Shou holds her hand and says that he wants to go to her room. Yuki says next time but Shou insists to go there now. She says that there’s nothing interesting.. He asks if she doesn’t want to when he helped her carry those things. Thinking that he volunteered and yet.., Yuki decides to let it be and let him see her room for there’s no harm in doing that.

Yuki lets him in her room. She cannot get the nagging feeling that she lost her guard [/not alert]. Shou sits down on her chair and asks if he can look into her drawer. She says no, and she knew he’ll definitely say that. [<-underwear?] Looking at the Yuka mug, he finds it nostalgic and asks why Yuka is written on it. Yuki says that she didn’t know since he bought it.
She tells him to get out since her younger brother is sleeping at the other room. He puts down the mug and says that thing just now..she told him, ‘tell him anything’ so could it be that she’s hiding something from him like giving Shizuka V-day chocolates. This made Yuki scowl and look puzzled.

She wonders, Vday, chocolate, what nonsense is he saying.. Shou says that didn’t she personally bring it to Misuzu? Yuki suddenly remembers it. She tells him to wait, that isn’t V-day chocolates and actually, it isn’t chocolate. He asks if it is Vday yokan [gelatin dessert]. She shouts no, it is just a gift for everyone at the basketball club to eat.

Shou asks why she delivered it. She explains that it is an apology for the trouble she caused on that exam day. He tells her that it isn’t necessary for her to do that. Yuki asks how can that be, she troubled Shizuka for so long that she even caused him to be late. He he even ran off all the way carrying her on his back. This surprises Shou.

He stands up and says, ‘back’. Yuki nervously says that Shizuka ought to have told him, right? Shou asks ‘back’ is that ‘back’. She tries to explain but he quickly grabs her wrist and pulls her to his embarace. He asks if she tightly stuck on his back like this. Yuki blushes and says no..

He hugs her tightly. He turns her around and pushes her down on the bed. He tells him that she really doesn’t understand anything. Yuki angrily exclaims ha!? She asks if he is holding a grudge. He kisses her and starts to do some French kisses.
As Yuki catches her breath, Shou tells her not to let anyone else besides him to touch her, do not smile at others besides him, do not look at others besides him, and do not talk with anyone else besides him. Yuki says no, if it is like that, how can she live.. He tightly intertwines his fingers on hers and that he won’t let anyone else fall in love with her besides him.

Yuki is surprised over why he has that kind of expression. He tightly hugs her again. Holding his back, Yuki says that didn’t she say that nothing happened. Recalling Shizuka saying that he likes Yuki, Shou asks can she dare say that she totally doesn’t mind even if someone said that he likes her. This made Yuki quietly grab a pillow and hits it on Shou’s head.

She says, “Why.. (..what is this) *stands up from the bed* No matter how many times I’ve said it, you aren’t willing to understand me. (I obviously wanted to stay at his side) How come you don’t trust me that much? (Wanting him to believe me) You think that I have that kind of superficial feelings as I always gone steady with you until now..? (Want to make him believe me. I obviously like him that much) *turns around*’s already enough.”

Shou calls out to her. She shouts that he's noisy to death and she’s leaving. She goes out and slams the door. Shou is speechless. [<- probably because that is her own room] Narration: “Like this, there is also a limit to being belittled by someone.”
Comment: Since it is probably 4 days before graduation, I guess they’ll make up before then and this is just to ‘spice things’ up if the climax is the graduation. Upon seeing the cover with Shizuka there, I thought, here we go again.

Anyway, that stuff is unresolved issue so might as well tackle it using Shizuka as a representation of ‘potential suitors/friends’ whom might help or helped by Yuki later in the future as to how to deal with them in the future. Somehow I feel that Shou’s plan to intimidate Shizuka backfired on him. He tried to emphasize that he is Yuki’s boyfriend yet in the end, he got lectured by Shizuka on dealing with Yuki. ^^;

To Yuki’s credit, she tries to depend more on Shou which isn’t exactly easy for someone who is used to do everything by herself. She is indeed reluctantly doing what he wants but she is slowly trying to act like a girlfriend.

The twins and mother are really starting to annoy me with their fangirl antics. I can almost imagine them lecturing Yuki on being mean to Shou and it will be all Yuki’s fault. So, what happened during the exam day is now going to start their lovers’ quarrel.

She considers it something ordinary but he doesn’t because of the timing. I’ll say that I’m not fond of ‘forceful guys’ and for a while there, I thought Shou is going to pull that ‘give me your body to prove that you love me’ line.

Shou’s lines remind me of a discussion I had with a reader in chapter 48. Ya, he should just lock her up in his room throughout her life. ^^;; And, what Yuki said is my conclusion to this predicament. It all boils down to trust. Anyway, I think they’ll sort that out before the graduation. This is after all an issue that they must address especially since Yuki is going to college soon.

Perhaps, it is also better to always report everything to the other party so that they’ll know what’s going on. Both had heard about things from other people. Yuki learned he was sick from someone else. He learned that she gave a thank you gift to some guy from someone else. Things like that can lead to some misunderstanding and the feeling of ‘being left out’. Scans by 红莲汉组.

Quote of the day:
A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won't go anywhere. ~ Author Unknown


  1. How many languange do you learn kat?

    1. Steven, I know English and the local language, Filipino. Reading Chinese <- in order to read manga but I cannot speak it properly ^^;

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  2. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    Haha, Naruse's jealousy became a bit irrational.Don't let anyone else fall in love with you. Hmmm... I would have to say Naruse is at fault for this agruement. For example, if a guy kisses her. Yes, she shouldn't hide it and tell him. But if Yuki is just visiting someone she has no romantic feelings for, even if the other party does, she doesn't have to report her every move. And its not like she was trying to hide it. This is Naruse's part to trust her that nothing will happen and if it does she'll deal with it and tell him what happened. I'm curious of what will happen in the next chapter. Will Naruse come and apolgize this time? Will they talk it out or be stubborn? Oh and Kat, in parts of your summary you mixed the gender. In your comments you refered Naruse as Yuki's girlfriend.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^ I guess being very jealous can cause one to become irrational.

      True though we have to consider that there are people who want everything to be reported especially if it involves the opposite sex.

      I think they'll talk about it soon.

      Thanks for the info ^^ I only saw the typo on the comments part. Are there any other ones in the summary?

    2. I read through it quickly so this is the only other typo I've noticed...
      "She tells him to get out since his younger brother is sleeping at the other room."

    3. Thank you again (´・` )♡

  3. Thanks again for another great chapter. Ahhhh, love the building up of the story at the moment. Like you, I'm glad he didn't pull that line on her in the bedroom. Please, keep it up. :)

  4. Naruse, you idiot! ugh
    Anyway, I'm really glad the mangaka didn't turn it into a "he's-so-overprotective-he-must-love-so-much" type of situation, as they do in most cheesy shoujo mangas. Had enough of that cliche, thank you very much. I really like Yuki as a main character. She's so independent.
    Salamat, Kat! :D

  5. I love how independent Yuki is. Seriously this dynamic of a strong female lead who's being chased by a strong male lead is my favorite. There are way too many manga about some weak cutesy girl whose entire personality gets completely overshadowed by the male lead. I really love this manga, and Kaichou wa Maid Sama because they both have a really strong and capable female lead, and a powerful male lead that does everything in his power to capture her heart. Do you know of any other manga that follow that dynamic?

    Also, when is the next update coming out?

    Thanks so much for the translation! :D

    1. Is that so, Linda ^^ Currently, I cannot think of any series like that. This series caught my attention due to it being similar with KwMS. But there is From 5 to 9, the lead couple there..though it is more mature themed.

      It will come out on the 20th in Japan.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. Hi Linda? Did you try reading Skip Beat? It gone so far now, but i really liked it.. been reading it for 3 times while waiting for the next chapter to be released (like Kaichou wa Maid Sama)..

      Oh, and thanks very much for the summary Kat.. your comments helped me understand some parts from the scanlated manga.. ;)

    3. I love Maid Sama, too!! Bring on the strong, independent, assertive and caring female leads! There should be more like them!

    4. Thanks for the "From 5 to 9" recommendation Kat, that's one I haven't read. I'm cool with more mature themes as long as it's not overt ecchi that caters to guys.

      Anonymous, yes I have read Skip Beat. It's a very good series and I love the story, but I do prefer the romance and plot to develop a little quicker. Most Shojo manga that go over 150 chapters tend to feel a little tedious and drawn out to me.

      If anyone has more recommendations please let me know! :)

    5. No problem, Linda.

      Speaking of KwMS, I suddenly thought of Akuma to Love Song. That has a strong female lead though the ending isn't exactly romantic-based.

  6. I love this chapter finally it is probably 4 days before graduation for yuki! I wonder what will happen in the next chapter. Will Naruse come and apologize this time? Will they talk it properly or This problem will be big misunderstanding since Yuki is going to college soon ^^

    hahaha Shou's jealousy became annoying after he finds out if Shizuka carrying Yuki on his back! even Shou tells her not to let anyone else besides him to touch her, do not smile at others besides him, do not look at others besides him, and do not talk with anyone else besides him I think is too much, over protective or possessive what do you think Kat?

    Anyway Kat, when next chapter coming out? Pleaseee Tell me ^^

    Thank you so much for this the summary! >.<

    1. True, candra and they have to resolve it before she goes to college. It will be the basis on whether or not their relationship would keep on being strong afterwards. It will be something if he comes to apologize since iirc, tends to shrug things off/not too bothered. But they will definitely talk it out.

      Probably both. He seems to fear losing her. In a way, is there something that makes him insecure? Maybe he knows that he isn't exactly the 'prefect guy' and he wasn't Yuki's original type. Hopefully, the mangaka will tackle that issue.

      It will be out on the 20th in Japan.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. That's a good point about Shou's insecurity, Kat. In chapter 47 it really seemed like Yuki's "type" was someone more like Shizuka (except being younger). He's earnest, heard working, doesn't look or act like a player, and isn't presumptuous. Shou's clearly being possessive, but it's probably because he not only doesn't feel like he has completely captured Yuki, but also because there's a very willing alternative (Shizuka) that might actually be more what she really wanted if he hadn't been so pushy...

      Candra, I'm really hoping for a high school reveal of their relationship, either accidentally or by Shou's design, I think it'd be really cute for Yuki to have to admit to their relationship publicly. Given the pace of this chapter, it kind of feels like Yuki will reflect and consider apologizing, but Shou will have to genuinely apologize. He's clearly in the wrong for not trusting her, and lately, Yuki's been the only one who's making efforts to accommodate and help the relationship. Shou's been stewing about the Shizuka rivalry for a while. He needs to eventually tell her about his insecurities or they're going to have some bigger relationship problems.

  7. I like to read your summaries, specially the comments.

  8. XD see Kat i knew it. The "blow" has been served... XD let's see how things roll out.
    Next chapter coming out on ?


    1. Apparently so, Toby.


      It will come out in Japan on the 20th.

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    And yeah 52 lvl is better than 100 lvl. XD


  10. You're Filipino? I am as well! How did you learn Japanese?

    1. Is that so, Mica ^^

      I didn't learn Japanese. I learn Chinese. Mostly self-taught but still depended on Chinese-english dictionary and gadgets to help in translating =P

  11. a lot of people say he is irrational and possessive but look at the bigger picture.
    1)Went after a girl for like 2 years(almost) got rejected again and again and again in the process.
    2)When they finally started to date,they had to keep a secret abit and not be fully open about it.
    3)Yuki almost NEVER initiates any kind of contact with naruse as in kissing,holding hands,talking or opening up about her emotions and bonding!!!
    4)And to top it off she is about to leave for college so a long distance relationship is imminent.
    5)The guy haka,is not just anybody he is someone that told him on the phone he likes his girl and is also someone he personally dislike,i mean come on he is his rival in general,and yuki seems completely clueless about the situation.

    So after all the above come tell who is irrational really,Naruse has EVERY reason to feel INSECURE about his relationship with yuki.

    Remember people we as readers know her thoughts,characters in the manga are not mind readers....if a male friend of yours came and tell told you :
    ''hey I have been trying to get this girl to date me for so long,but she rejected so many times and now that we finally got to date we kinda have to keep it a secret abit,oh also she never seems to want to initiate anything with me,there's also this weird situation with a guy I personally dislike plus she is going to leave for college soon,do you think its gonna work out and its a solid relationship?''

    Honest would anyone answer easily ''yea the girl is solid,she totally into you she just shy hang in there'' ???

    A 17 yo guy in naruse's shoes after all that he been through feeling insecure and being possessive is so irrational and obviously in the wrong??

    What about Yuki?Has she ever put herself in naruse's shoes and try to understand him?I think not.

    Wish fulfilment shoujo I know,but still abit of balance would be nice.

    Lets see how it gonna go next chaps.

    1. 1 reinforces that he doesn't believe that she really loves him because after being rejected again and again for almost 2 years, he believes that she'll most likely go with another guy who is better than him.

      I assumed that Shou fully understood the reason for number 2. Iirc, they did tell Shizuka that they are going steady. Wait..Yuki told him.

      3, wasn't it established that Yuki isn't the type who'll easily open up since she usually keep things to herself after suppressing her own wishes to make everyone happy almost throughout her life? She never had a boyfriend before in contrast to Shou.

      5 True but are we going to fault Yuki for that? There will be many others who will be interested in Yuki without her knowing it. In that situation, is it better for Yuki to decline his help and flunk the college exam to appease Shou = no misunderstanding?

      I agree but again, I think it is a bit too insecure rather than just being insecure.

      I'll answer, why do you have to keep it a secret? She never initiate anything so do you think she doesn't love you? Is it possible that it's a cultural thing [Japanese] or she's shy? [I think Yuki is trying since Shou would smile and other reactions when Yuki does something that he didn't expect] Are you guys just going through the stuff being boyfriend-girlfriend like going out, kissing, holding hands and that's it? Nothing else except for passion/lust? Is it like dating a doll? Having a trophy girlfriend?

      Well, it will depend on you. Is she worth having? Is she worth the trouble having that weird situation with a guy you don't like. It depends whether it will work on not. It depends on two people who would want to make it work. Hey, this is just the start. We are not even talking about marriage and life afterwards so better make sure if she's the one or you're just wasting your time. Anyway, why did she rejected you so many times before? Why do you keep on trying after so many times?

      Of course not because the only one who can answer that is the person himself. He is the one having a relationship with her and it would be biased against the girl to just listen to his side. He can judge for himself or believe what he wants to believe if the girl is having romantic intentions with other guys. If he believes that she will dump him for someone else later on and will always be insecure about it, better dump her and go out with a fangirl whom he'll know her heart and life are all dedicated to him.

      Too insecure and overly possessive..yes, but then, that's just me. I'm not into that type of guys.

      In what regards? About being carried by Shizuka, she did deliberated on it. Is it about the thank you gift? Since she wants to personally thank Shizuka for his help? But then, if you think she doesn't, why is he still staying in this relationship especially if you think he got the short-end of the stick? Lust?

      I think most likely, they'll resolve this issue and it will make their relationship stronger like in most shoujo stories. =P

    2. 1)Or it just makes him a human being at 17 years of age,having doubts about how much his gf is into him,i mean obviously after getting rejected so much and even after they started to date having his advances almost always denied and having to act like a dog would be extremely tiring and could ruin his self confidence and security.....That's called being human actually and having emotions.
      2)Emotions are not always rational,they are irrational sometimes,yes he understood the reason but its not the only problem,you have to think of things 1 to 5 together.....Just because he understands doesn't make it easier to deal with does it?
      3)Again it doesn't change the fact that yuki never does,she has (almost) no change from before she dated or after,what is the guy supposed to do?For how long will he be the one to do it?Its not just opening up or taking initiative every single time he tries to get close she makes it hard and ends up looking like a dog going after his matter the reason that can tire a person down like I said in 1.Again we as readers know 100% whats in her mind naruse does not....don't forget this.
      5)Its not her fault,i told this to give more context as to why he is irritated and annoyed and said the things he did.If you noticed last chap naruse tried not to nag her and didn't react much,but when he learned what excactly went on he got annoyed/jealous etc and reacted in a bad way for sure not saying otherwise but still kinda understandable....Shizuka is not just anyone he is some he personally dislikes for years.
      I never said its yuki's fault.

      I agree that we disagree,being taken for granted even if not on purpose can really mess you up,confidence wise and in terms of feeling secure,so personally I think naruse feeling this way actually makes sense.

      You see how many what if and questions rise up when you try to answer this question,its not a clear cut she totally loves you,and are things that only yuki can try to answer(not only with words but with ACTIONS) to naruse and make him feel secure about.All I tried to point out is,for the whole time they dating it would be nice if yuki actually put herself in naruse's shoes for like just a moment and it was not just dog naruse trying to get a reaction from her.

      If the guy didn't act possessive/aggressive they would have never dated in the first place,they would have never kissed/held hands go out on dates,its always naruse acting possessive/aggressive towards her to get a reaction from her because otherwise she never does most of the time.The one time he tried to not act possessive before they started to date Yuki immediately thought he stopped having interest in her lol,i bet if he does now she will think same too,what is the guy supposed to do?He keeps doing what works.

      In regards to the whole situation, yuki actually thinking ''how is it like to be rejected all the time like this?How does it feel like,how would I feel like?Maybe I should thank the guy and show him I love him somehow without acting like a 5 yo tsundere?Maybe it looks I take him for granted?''

      Well obviously he still dating her because this is a manga and the main heroine has charmed him with her shoujo charms lol.
      Why else would the hottest guy at school,fall so hard in love with a heroine that's average looking at best,with a personality that's not appealing for a girlfriend and going after her for like 2 years....obviously because she is the main heroine lol.

      And if it was about lust,the guy could easily find a girl way way prettier than yuki to take care of his lust really,i don't see why he would be so into yuki just for lust....
      Yep they will solve the problem,but hope this time it wont be just naruse taking initiative about the situation but yuki doing something too,relationships take 2 not just 1 person I think...lets see next chap.

      Thnx for for the talk and your summaries they always rock XD

    3. 1 true. Teens are highly emotionally. I would have assumed that he knew what he is getting into = know Yuki very well, so he wouldn't except too much on showing her affection like most girls would or he would.

      Thinking about it, I think in any age or stage of a relationship, one can have doubts if the other party is really into you if the other party is nice to someone else especially the opposite sex. I'm not saying that it won't happen. It is indeed being human but then, doubting too much can mean trouble.

      In a way, he believes that Yuki will fall easily in love with someone else. I think anyone would get angry if someone hinted/accused him/her of that even after explaining what happened.

      2 Yup.

      3 I don't agree since she is slowly opening up and trying to act more like a girlfriend. In a way, she is always hard to get and for some guys, that is the challenge compared to easy girls. The owner is likely giving some positive responses that the dog didn't get tire of it. Rather, the dog wants more. Actually, I think it makes him become more possessive of her.

      5 Sorry, I thought you're implying it. ^^; Indeed, it is understandable.

      Not really just because she's the's because she's hard to get and different. The others are easy = fangirls. =P Of course, there is that irrational thing called love.

      Possible reasons: It's for the challenge/conquest. The one who isn't into you. The one who didn't react much even if you touch her chest the first time you meet each other. To subdue strong girls.

      Yup, relationships takes two people to make it work.

      No problem and thanks ^-^

  12. kat...u r just awesm...thank u sooo much for dis...i love ur work...thank u :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading, shyna ^-^

  13. hai kat...thankz for summarizing... i really love this story...and i hope their love will be much stronger now that yuki is going to college and they will not see each other everytime...gambatte...

    kat you will also try to scan manhwa like chunqing yatou huolala...

    and also sabaku no has a nice story....✌✌✌✌✌

    1. Thanks for reading, gin ^-^ Indeed.

      I read the plot...hehe, I'm not into it. Sabaku..I read a couple of chapters but it isn't my cup of tea.

  14. 1.shou didn't doubt Yuki.

    2.shou didn't think that Yuki is in that half-hearted.

    3.she was rejecting him bcuz of her personality (focus on club..) , come on we all know that .. NOT BCUZ SHOU IS NOT GOOD.

    4.its not like he will not let her talk to other guys, he always say things but never Force her , right?

    5.u didn't mentioned the suspension and unmanly way shizuka told Naruse about the youkan , even that he knows that wasn't yuki's intention.

    6.yuki never thought of shizuka as the guy she want.. never .. he's like an easy weak guy for her (just like the fangirls issue u mentioned about shou case) .

    bcuz she's strong she will search and fall for someone capable & spacial like Naruse , who's not showing his weakness just like her (not like shizuka who talks about his hardships to someone just meet [yuki] .

    7.about her giving her body to him in order to prove that she love him, don't u think that a big over line issue u mentioned .. I mean when did Naruse said or think of that ..oh come on .. Naruse not possessive & stressful .. he's just so strong, cool , spacial that most ppl don't understand him .

    I hope u read carefully what I wrote and answer me .

    Sorry if I'm rude.

    1. I see, meme hope.

      4 true.

      5 suspension? yokan? Sorry, I forgot already.

      6 Hm...I think more like a 'younger brother/friend'. Maybe she'll unconsciously search and fall for that kind of person. I didn't get the impression that he is her type. Her type was Kido.

      7 sorry but I have read a lot of manga with that kind of scenario so I wrote, 'for a while there, I thought Shou is going to pull that ‘give me your body to prove that you love me’ line.' I'm thankful that he didn't.

      For me, Shou is a fictional character so if the mangaka wants him to do something illogical/out of character thing, it can happen.

      8 hehe, I see ^^ For me, he is that. Lol, not my type =P

  15. Oki ,^^

    5. sorry, I meant "suspicious" it's about the jelly (youkan) yuki give shizuka..he told shou about it in a way to provoke him purposely .. anyway it went oki ^^

    I see ,