September 16, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 112]

In class, Pin is telling everyone that today is the closing ceremony so starting tomorrow, it would be their last winter vacation. He reminds them that today is the 24th, the closing ceremony and not Christmas Eve! Even if there are people who have already decided on their aspirations [/career] or those haven’t yet, but in short, they cannot catch a cold.

Some students wonder out loud if he is alone this year again. Pin angrily tells them to shut up, and listen, they’re absolutely not allowed to go wild, dismissed!! Ayane looks flustered and tense as she mentally tells her friends not to stare at her the whole time. Pin continues to say that he’ll slap them away if he sees them having fun in the streets.

Flashback: Chizuru started to narrate Ayane’s previous boyfriends, and there is Pi.. Ayane immediately covered her mouth. Chizuru told her that it is no good for she totally won’t be able to attain happiness. Ayane said not mention Kent in equal terms with the previous two..

Chizuru said is that so, then she’ll go back one step, how come the next one is that!? <- image of hahaha Pin. Ayane exclaimed that it isn’t so, that is the next. Chizuru exclaimed that it is because that guy is collecting girlfriends. Ayane asked if Chizuru thinks that she [Ayane] isn’t hopeless. Chizuru asked if she is hopeless. Ayane confirmed it.
Chizuru exclaimed isn’t she a female leopard [/sexy female carnivore]. Ayane asked if she thought she is a female leopard. Chizuru asked back if she isn’t. Ayane just goes ..!! Still crying, Ayane said that Pin is properly working as a teacher and she had thought of it for numerous times, ‘why this kind of guy’ and he is a very outstanding teacher.

Sawako looked delighted but Chizuru is nervously staring at Ayane for she was praising Pin. Embarrassed Ayane told them to quit staring at her. Chizuru asked if she isn’t going to chase after him. Ayane exclaimed that she had said how she can do that kind of thing, or she should say that she totally didn’t have that kind of intention, rather she should say that she already..feel that all sorts of things are no good. She asks them to please let her calm down.

Chizuru cannot believe it for she is a good girl. Recalling of their conversation before when Ayane wondered if she’ll also fall in love with someone, Sawako thought that Ayane has fallen in love. End flashback. Back in school, Chizuru calls out to Ryu that she’ll go over to his place later on.
Looking at Pin walking away the opposite way, Ayane wonders if she cannot see him during winter vacation..that’s not right, she is an exam student. Somewhere else, a couple of girls remind Kent about their 5pm meeting. Shouta calls out to Sawako and says that they’re leaving.

Sawako thinks that from tomorrow on, it is winter vacation, it is Christmas. Joe starts shouting if there is a Christmas celebration and he wants to go, too. Someone tells Joe not to be an unwanted third guest. Shouta shouts that he absolutely cannot come. Joe groans over this.

At a nice café, Shouta and Sawako had a toast. Sawako says that this is delicious and does he like hamburger beef patty. Shouta says that he likes, he really likes to eat meat even if his father doesn’t recognize hamburger as meat. His father only considers barbecue or hotpot as meat.

Shouta tells her that they don’t talk about his father. Sawako says that it’s fun to talk about him since she likes his father. Shouta says that it is because there is obviously not much time, and he can finally celebrate Christmas alone, together with her, for the first time.
Then, they overheard another couple saying that they [S&S] are so cute since the boyfriend is giving it his all, they must have gone steady just now, and the boyfriend is obviously very handsome so could it be that he had an unrequited love for such a long time. Shouta admits to Sawako that he is giving it his all for after two years, he finally attained his wish which is right now.

Teary-eyed Sawako says that she’s so happy. This made Shouta tense that she apologizes since it is a special day. She tells him that last year, she thought that he doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone with her..obviously, it isn’t like that and whether spending Christmas with everyone or the two of them alone, it is all something she had dreamt of.

No..when she entered the school, she never thought that there are so many things, together with him, that had come true. The current her can understand about hoping time to quickly pass by is such a waste. Recalling their kiss in the Ferris wheel, Sawako thinks that she actually thought it would be quite good if time can stop.
Shouta pinches her nose and says that it’s too early for her to say that. Getting something from the side, Shouta says that today is Christmas. He gives her a gift. Sawako says that she also have one for him. [I think] Shouta gave her a knee blanket while she gave him gloves.

Soon, they happily ate some cake. Sawako is surprised when Shouta holds her hand. Later on, they are going to bid each other goodbye. They wish each other good luck and do each other’s best in the exams/cram school. Sawako is walking ahead when she turns around and says that she’ll contact him. He says ya.

After Sawako walked away a bit, Shouta calls out to her and tells her that they go to the New Year’s hatsumode [shrine visit] together this year. He asks her to set aside New Year’s Eve for him. Blushing Sawako says yes. At Ryu’s place, Chizuru dressed up as Santa while Ryu is wearing reindeer horns.

While they are eating fried chicken and onigiri [/rice ball], Chizuru is singing ding ding dong, ding ding dong, ding ding ding ding dong~ Ryu asks what she is singing. Chizuru says that she’s just singing. Then, she exclaims in surprise and says that’s right. Ryu asks what it is. She asks when Tooru is coming back, he’ll come back right, on New Year!! Ryu looks glum.
After a pause, he says that he’ll come back. Chizuru demands to know when. He says at night on the 30th. Slamming the table, Chizuru exclaims that’s really late. Ryu says that it isn’t that late. Clenching her fist, she says that it is because she hasn’t told Tooru yet that she is going steady with Ryu.

Then, Ryu quietly looks at Chizuru as she fixes his reindeer horns. Seeing Ryu looking at her, she asks if he was jealous. He removes the reindeer horns which causes her to complain that she just helped him fix that. Ryu smiles and hugs her to him. Chizuru becomes nervous and puzzled. He tells her that just now, about’s her bad. Then, he kisses her.

The next day, Ayane grumbles about going to cram class on Christmas. Ume tells her not to say that for they are going to war every day. Ayane says she knows, and she’ll just buy herself a gift and go home. Ume suggests that they buy something that can lift up one’s mood which can enable one to study harder. She says that something with fragrance like perfume. The others think that it is a good idea.
Somewhere else, Pin angrily complains about being surrounded by couples who are flirting around. He complains that occasionally there is a single woman who’ll pass by yet they’ll just act indifferent to him. Hey, are your eyes blind, there is obviously such a good guy here!!

The others wonder what’s up with that man [Pin] and don’t look at him. Pin mutters that obviously it was easy as pie when Tooru, master of flirting, is around.. Pin recalls Tooru advising him to let his hair down when he’s flirting around. Pin immediately pulls his hair down. He looks at his reflection on the mirror and wonders if this decreases his charm by three.

Just then, a couple of guys are trying to flirt with a girl who refuses to go with them. Pin angrily butts in and shouts who is trying to pick up girls in his territory. He asks if the girl is alright and just go with him. He is shocked to see that it is Ayane. Ayane shouts what she is doing here playing around and being flirted on.

Flustered Ayane says no, her cram class has ended and she just went to buy something. The other guys ask if he [Pin] is the boyfriend. Pin shouts that he is the homeroom teacher so get lost. After the other guys left, Ayane couldn’t believe that she met Pin at this kind of place. He even got his hair down. She felt so happy.
Pin asks if he is going home then take care on her way. Ayane says yes. She is a bit disappointed that it will end like that. She comments about him failing in his flirting.. Pin stomps on the ground and shouts that she talks too much for he’ll succeed, he will succeed the next time. Ayane thinks that it is bad for she carelessly said the truth.

Pin says that he’ll see her in the third term and quickly go home. She says okay, and she wishes him a good year. He says ya. She is happy with his reply. Just when she is about to leave, some guys tried to flirt with her again by saying that they go to karaoke. This irks Pin that he offers to bring Ayane home.
Ayane asks what about [his] flirting. Pin shouts that he wants to but he felt that a frivolous person will quickly bother her and she seems to be the type who has a hard time refusing them. Ayane tries to protest but she couldn’t deny it. Pin says look, they are running away, they’re so weak. The guys say that they’ll go for that guy is a hoodlum.
Pin says that he wasn’t able to pick up a girl by himself but what’s up with her, it happened twice when she is obviously just a brat, that’s too arrogant. Ayane says about that, is it because she looks easy to get. Pin seriously tells her that she’s not allowed to say that kind of words. Do not belittle yourself, idiot.

Ayane felt like crying over that. Pin says that he’ll walk her to the station and afterwards, she can think of a way home, right, so that she won’t go with some stranger. Ayane exclaims that she knows already and after all, she has to study after going home.

While walking, Ayane looks at Pin and feels that it doesn’t feel real for she’s walking side by side with Pin on Christmas. Ayane becomes nervous when Pin looks at her. She wonders if he noticed that she’s staring at him. Pin suddenly shouts that he can smell a woman’s scent, where is it!? She exclaims if he is an animal.

Pin shouts that it is strange for the ones around them are stinky men. Ayane exclaims what’s up with his nose. Smelling her wrist, Ayane mentions that when she is buying perfume, she tested it out. Pin leans to her and angrily exclaims that it turns out to be her. He got turned on in vain and it really misled his senses.
He shouts for her not to think it is a good woman’s scent, and by the way, the perfume she bought is really for showing off. Ayane exclaims that wasn’t her purpose for she only wants to smell a scent to lift up her mood and help her sleep soundly. And what does he meant by turned on in vain-!!

Pin asks if she is depending on scent. He burst into laughter and calls her an idiot. Ayane shouts that it is effective, and tells him to ask Sawako about it. Pin kept on laughing and couldn’t believe that would make them enthusiastic in studying. Ayane is embarrassed for he is treating her like an idiot.

Then, a couple of guys comment that this couple [P&A] is super tiresome [<- jealous over them] and it is good if there is no Christmas so quickly go to some other place. Ayane blushes while Pin is shocked over their comment. Pin starts to laugh and exclaims that is so funny that he couldn’t stop, him and this girl.
Ayane laughs it off as super rude. She is actually very happy that others would say that about them. Pin asks if she knows her own position. Ayane says that it’s so cold that she wants to drink something hot. She tells him that they go to a convenient store. Later on, Ayane offers him a drink as a thank you gift. She thinks that this is like a date.

Pin says that it’s good that a student would treat him. Ayane asks if he doesn’t have anything else to say like thank you. He asks isn’t this a thank you gift. She says it is as she said. Before drinking, he says that it’s really nice.

Ayane wonders what to do because after graduation, she won’t be able to see this person again. Pin sees her off and tells her to take care, don’t catch a cold and brush her teeth. Ayane says that he’s like her father. This displeases Pin. Ayane asks if he is going to flirt again. He says ya. Then, he says no, forget it, he felt that he no longer has the fighting spirit because he went to take care of a brat.

Thinking that they won’t see each other again, Ayane says that she isn’t a brat. Pin looks at her as flustered Ayane shouts that she isn’t a brat. Then, she runs off. She thinks that she actually doesn’t plan on saying that but it just slipped out. Pin looks thoughtful as he scratches his head. And, that is everyone’s Christmas—
Comment: It’s Christmas. S&S finally get their solo Christmas date with their usual type of lovey-dovey. I like R&C’s scene. That is quite cute. ^^ For now, it seems Ayane is still indecisive on what to do with her feelings for Pin.

She seems to go for unrequited love and just be content with the time with him. Yet, she tends to slip when he doesn’t look at her the way she wanted just like what happened in her outburst at the end. So, does Pin realize it now or not yet? Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
There are some people who want to throw their arms round you simply because it is Christmas; there are other people who want to strangle you simply because it is Christmas. ~ Robert Lynd


  1. thank you for the summary <3

    I think that yes, he realized. And I think that he was sooo jealous when he saw that guys around her. You know? Unconsciously jealous of her.

    He thinks that he was just 'protecting a child, his student'... But no. He got very angry with the situation.

    Ayapin is happening *0*

    1. Thanks for reading, Raye ^-^

      Hm..I didn't get that impression though. ^^; I do think he is just 'protecting a student'. ^^;;

    2. Hi Kat! Just out of curiosity: you don't seem to like the idea of Pin and Ayane getting together somehow, do you? Were you a Kento fan maybe?

    3. Not really, Strider. It is more on 'don't care' if they get together or not.

      Were..yes. Until he went steady with Ayane. The same with Ayane, unfortunately. ^^;

  2. I've been waiting to this... Thanks again. 😁

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  5. This chapter is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Sawako and Kazehaya’s conversation was very enjoyable and I especially loved the moment between Chizu and Ryu. I also like that Ayane told Chizuru not to refer to Kent in the same way as her other two boyfriends. After being disappointed in how that entire arc ended, I like that Ayane can at least recognize that he wasn‘t just some throwaway boyfriend.

    I still consider Ayane’s arc to be the least interesting part of the story, so the second half of the chapter didn't do much for me. It’s nice to see that she’s finally experiencing love, but it still feels like a schoolgirl crush to some extent. It seems like Pin has started to realize Ayane’s feelings at the end of the chapter, so I’m at least interested in how he’ll respond. Suffice it to say, I’ll be pretty disappointed if he even considers reciprocating her feelings anytime soon. If Ayane confesses, I expect he’ll suggest that she should go off to college and grow independently before anything else.

    1. Yup. Indeed.

      If he has no romantic feelings for her and prefer to act as the 'responsible' teacher, that is the likely scenario if she confesses. Still, would he do something after realizing it or just let things as it is?

    2. My initial assumption was that he would leave things as they are, but with Ayane seeming less likely to confess lately, that would leave even less of an opening for Ayane's feelings to be addressed. Maybe Pin will act first, but I'm struggling to think of how he would even broach the subject.

    3. Maybe give some sort of hints when he have the opportunity? Well, it will be a first experience for him, that's for sure. ^^

  6. Hi Kat,
    Whether he realises it or not, it's alright for me. The chapter had enough warmth and fuzziness. I like the fact that Ayane chose to keep quiet about her feelings.. I doubt that anything will happen at this point in the story between those 2.

    I'm quite satisfied in a way since it gave me the impression that they could be together in the future. Their random meetings and complete opposite situations are still happening, outside school setting. Plus on christmas. Twice.
    Btw that just might have been the perfect Christmas for Ayane: she got to see Pin, with his hair down and shared a drink with him, while people commented that they look like a couple!

    Still rooting for them ;)

    Thanks much for the chapter!

    1. Is that so, Crimson sky.

      Indeed, it does seem to hint that.


      Thanks for reading ^-^

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  8. Thank you Kat for uploading the summary and raw scans. Greatly appreciate them!
    Really disappointed in Ayane's character development though. From a mature lady who was able to read into situations and resolve them to some girl who gets all shy and emotional in front of Pin. Her character is really inconsistent throughout the manga.

    1. Thanks for reading them, Nursalizah ^-^

      Indeed but then, it might be as what Strider mentioned below. She's a girl in love now so she is currently like that.

  9. Also no. It has been clear for quite some time that this feeling really is something new for Ayane: she had never experienced such spontaneous, inconscious reactions towards someone before. So this is not a change of personality or some kind of incoherence, just the manifestation of one side of Ayane we (and Ayane herself) were yet to discover.

    And I'll tell you what: go back to the chapters where Ayane and Kento were together, you will easily find moments where she's unadvertently thinking about Pin.

    What about Pin? He's well aware of his role as a teacher, and is implicitly restrained in expressing any kind of sentiment towards his students. My idea is that after having acknowledged Ayane's feelings, he will act responsibly and choose to not let a possible relationship get in the way of Ayane's immediate objectives and future. Anyway, they will have to speak their heart at some point, regardless of how things will pan out.

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    I hate the fact that ayane dumps kent.
    kent is a nice guy.

    1. Is that so, 2byui.

      I'm actually okay that she dumped him since she doesn't love him, but I do have a problem how she treated him.

  11. Bonjour Kat,
    Merci mille fois pour tes traductions.
    De France


  13. Kat! Thanks as always!!! =) I'm glad you are still translating since some scanlations have stopped due to licensing. I recently just revisited your blog after a year or so =P I'm so in love with RyuXChizu scenes :D

    1. You're welcome ^-^ that the reason.


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      Sorry, I cannot read Spanish.

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