September 10, 2016

Rere Hello [Chapters 39-40]

Chapter 39: Class has been dismissed. Ririko fans herself with her hand for it’s so hot. There are only a few days left before summer vacation starts. She recalls that there is a ball tournament at Minato’s school. She wonders if they are still playing basketball. Since she has some time, she plans to go back home first then go to work.
Something drops from her bag. Towa picks it up and says that Ririko dropped something. Ririko freaks out for it is her cat strap. The strap had broken. Ririko wonders why it would suddenly fall off. Did it get hooked on something or she pulled hard when she obviously didn’t do such a thing?

Meanwhile, blushing Aoi is running fast at the corridor. She wonders what she just did. Just thinking that Minato might have carried her to the infirmary [ala princess carry] that her love feelings for him just overflowed. When she noticed it, she had already.. She recalls kissing Mianto and continues to run away.

Back outside the infirmary, Yuuma wakes Minato up. He complains that they are obviously breaking a lot of sweat at the competition yet here, Minato is nicely having a nap at the infirmary. He’s really such a big shot. Minato asks him about the game.
Yuuma says that they easily won even without him. He asks if the doctor hasn’t come back yet. Flashback: Minato and Yuuma carried unconscious Aoi on their shoulders to the infirmary. Just when they are saying that there’s a patient, a couple of girls rush in to tell the doctor that someone is injured and bleeding so come quickly.

The doctor told the two guys to wait for her and first put that kid on the bed to rest. Yuuma exclaimed that they still have a game but the doctor had already left. Minato sighed and said that he was the one who threw the ball even if he didn’t throw it hard, so he’ll stay behind and Yuuma should go return. End flashback.

Peeking in the infirmary, Yuuma says that it’s strange for not only is the teacher not here, Aoi is also not here. Minato looks in and there is indeed no one there. Yuuma asks Minato if things are already resolved since Aoi left while Minato is sound asleep. Minato asks what’s going on and she should have waked him up.

Just then, Ririko messages him on what time he’ll ride the train home. Later on, the two are having a drink at a café. Ririko says that Minato’s team won and that’s great for there are obviously second and third years [as opponents]. She congratulates him.
Minato admits to her that he didn’t show up in the game because he was asleep at the infirmary. This surprises Ririko that she quickly asks if he was injured or he isn’t feeling well. He says that he only brought someone there but the doctor wasn’t there. He reassures her that he is fine.

Ririko is relieved to hear that. Then, Ririko asks if there is a celebration party. She starts to apologizes for hindering him.. He tells her that is for tomorrow because someone doesn’t have money. Just when he is saying that they go eat somewhere, he says that he recalls she is going to help out at the store. Ririko says yes, and it is almost time for her to leave.

While they are walking, Ririko notices that Minato’s bag is open. Minato is startled when she calls out to him that his bag’s zipper isn’t pulled up. When she is reaching for his bag, he quickly pulls it away and zips it up. Ririko is puzzled why he pulled away. She can only smile back when Minato is smiling at her.

At work, Ririko looks at her cat strap and wonders why it suddenly fell. She thought that it is because something happened to Minato. She laughs at herself for feeling uneasily and it’s great that nothing happened.
At his house, Minato looks irked at Charlotte lying on the bed. Looking under his desk, Minato wonders out loud where the cat strap is after it playing with the strap for so many times. He tells it to quit sleeping and tell him where it is.

Etsuko says that she got professionals to help but it still couldn’t be found. She wonders out loud if it was thrown in the garbage. Minato thinks since it is like that, he’ll buy another one. He calls the store about it. To his dismay, there are no more stocks and its productions had been discontinued [/phased out].

Minato angrily thinks that it was the last stock. He decides to search the whole cabinet again and hope to delay Ririko from discovering that it is gone. Etsuko says that it is good to just honestly tell Ririko about it. It isn’t like he deliberately lost it and Ririko isn’t the type who’ll get angry over such a small thing.

Thinking of Ririko, Minato covers his face and thinks that even if Ririko won’t get angry, she’ll become sad about it. At HYA, Ririko welcomes her father back. Her father reminds her that it is already summer vacation. Ririko says that she knows but there are a lot of things to keep them busy during summer vacation.
Her father tells her that even if they’re busy, but student’s parttime job also increases [<- they have more parttime workers?] so go take some days off for rest. Continuing to type, Ririko says that even if he says that, he’ll suddenly call her back to do office-type stuff.

She assures him that it is alright because compared to being called suddenly, it is much simpler if she prepared it from the start. The father exclaims, no, they’ll make an agreement wherein they won’t call her on her rest days during summer vacation. Ririko is surprised that she asks what’s up. Her father says nothing’s up but had she properly gone on a date with Minato.

He warns her that if she continues to be lost in thought, some other girl would steal him away because she doesn’t look like she’s a good girl[friend]! This embarrasses and irks Ririko. She shouts for him not to meddle in her love life. Her father says that he’s only worried about her for it is very rare to have that kind of rich object so don’t let him get away!

Ririko shouts what object and quickly deal with the next job! After her father left, the other staff member arrives with a smile that Ririko guessed that he overheard that conversation. He apologizes for eavesdropping but she is very meticulous and fast in putting things in order that they carelessly became dependent on her.
Ririko assures him that it’s totally fine, and she’s also getting paid for it. He tells her that even if her father says it that way but he is really worried about her. This surprises Ririko. At Minato’s school, closing ceremony has ended.

While getting ready to go home, the students are talking about their plans for summer. Aoi thinks that she won’t be able to see Minato during summer vacation. Ever since then [the kiss], no matter what she felt very awkward that she made a mistake over the train schedule or she’ll avoid him once she sees him would be good if she didn’t do that kind of thing.

She is startled when Yuuma, together with Minato, calls out to her and asks if she is fine since they haven’t seen her since the tournament. Minato apologizes for hitting her with a ball. Blushing Aoi says that she is totally fine and she caused them trouble.

She apologizes for she has some urgent thing to do so she just left on her own. Aoi thinks that this kind of feeling would emerge back when obviously it is just some short days when she hasn’t seen him nor hear Minato’s voice,.
Still, they won’t be able to see each other again for a month’s time. She starts to become teary-eyed that made the two guys sweatdrop and wonders if this is a joke or something. Since Aoi really wants to see him, she asks Minato to teach her during summer vacation..a few, even one day..

She bows and says please. Scowling Minato sighs and says okay if it is 2-3 days. Aoi exclaims okay. Thinking of doing summer homework, Minato asks if they can do the first day today. Aoi says okay, thank you very much. Aoi is very happy that he listened to her request and she’ll be able to see him during summer vacation.

At a room in Space One, Aoi looks at Minato’s bag and asks if he no longer hangs that cat strap on his bag. This made Minato look displeased that Aoi starts to say that cat is very cute that she really likes it and she feels somewhat lonely that it isn’t there..sorry for saying unnecessary things.

Minato tells her that he couldn’t find it even if he searched throughout the house. Aoi thinks that it turns out that it has nothing to do with Ririko [why it’s gone]. Minato sadly says that there is a high possibility that it was thrown in the garbage.
Aoi assures him that it is alright for one couldn’t find something when one wants to find it but afterwards, it will just come out so it is alright, he’ll absolutely find it! She asks him to cheer up. Minato slightly smiles at her. Aoi blushes for even if it is just this little bit, he smiled because of her.

While Minato is teaching, Aoi would sometimes steal a glance at him. She wishes that one minute one second, times like this would continue on.. Then, her eraser falls on the floor. She bends down to pick it up when she saw also Minato’s cat strap on the floor.

She realizes that he didn’t lose it in his house, but rather, it fell down here. Minato asks if what she dropped is at his side. She says no, and she quickly grabs the cat strap. Sitting back, she shows Minato the eraser that she claims to fell down at the inner most of the table. She looks tense as she tightly holds the cat strap with her other hand.

At a restaurant, Minato meets up with Serina and Yuuma. Yuuma tells him good job on studying. Minato says that he got to finish 1/3 of his summer homework. Yuuma asks wasn’t he teaching Aoi. Minato says that he only tells her to remember this and that then he’ll occasionally check it, that’s all.
Serina tells him that there’s no need for him to go and teach Aoi and isn’t it good to just ask a tutor. Thinking that it is difficult for Aoi to do that due to her financial status, Minato says anyway, there are only two more days during summer vacation, and on the second term, Aoi will only have to blend in the class and she can study together with her friend.

Serina says that’s impossible. Yuuma says compared to that, quickly tell Minato. Serina happily says that’s right, they go to the beach for she just bought some swimwear. Minato looks at his cellphone [probably about the excursion] After work at HYA, Ririko wonders about her father being worried. She looks at her phone and thinks that she’s really happy that she’ll have time to see Minato.

She calls Minato about having 2 vacation days so does he want her to help him with his meals. And yes, she doesn’t have work starting tomorrow morning. Then, she looks surprised and shouts, beach!? Take 1: It’s the sea! The gang is all ready to have fun but Minato isn’t happy over Ririko’s school swimwear. He tells them to pause that.

Take 2: It’s the sea! The gang is all ready to have fun and Ririko now wears a cute swimwear. Staring at Ririko, Serina says that her swimwear is different from a while ago. Ririko says that after take 1, Minato brought to her to the hotel’s store..
Flashback: At the dressing room, Ririko told Minato that didn’t he say she can wear that, so she simply wear that junior high school swimwear. Waiting outside, he told her no matter what, it is too ‘schoolish’ for her to wear that racing swimwear that is even up to the knee.

He turned and asked if she’s finished, they can go back to the beach.. And, he became speechless upon seeing her. Ririko is blushing. Minato blushed a bit and looked away. He thought that obviously it isn’t a special swimwear and this is anything but reassuring. End flashback.

Ririko exclaims that the sea is beautiful. It turns out that it is her first time to go to the beach. She says that in the television, she sees the beach is crowded with a lot of people so that is how she imagined it but today, there is totally no one around!

Yuuma says that it is because this is a private resort. While Serina leaves to put on some sunscreen, they hear a scream. Minato worried calls out to Ririko but it turns out that Ririko is just screaming with delight over the sand moving which is so fun so come and try it out.
Before joining Serina, Yuuma laughs and says that Ririko is so excited that she’s like an elementary kid. Ririko happily looks at Minato. He smiles and joins her. Pointing to the sea, Ririko asks what those floating ball-like things are. Minato explains that the area covers what is the allowed for swimming.

Walking towards the water, Ririko says that they swim over there. Minato seems surprised that Ririko asks if he cannot swim. Minato says no, he is just thinking if she’ll say, ‘no, won’t want to get my hair wet’. Ririko splashes water on him and says what kind of joke is that, to go to the beach and not get wet. Minato laughs and says that’s right.

Soon, they are splashing the cold sea water at each other. At the beach, Yuuma and Serina are talking about the two already swimming and if they’re going to join them. Ririko swims and touches the buoy. She complains that she obviously swam first. Minato laughs and apologizes for forgetting to be lenient.

Then, he looks surprised to see only Ririko’s hand in the water. He quickly grabs Ririko back up to the water surface. Ririko happily says that startled her for she wanted to stand up but she couldn’t step on the ground so she lost her footing. She laughs and says that’s scary.
She is surprised when Minato tightly hugs her. He tells her that it isn’t time to laugh for that started him. She apologizes. Then, she notices that Minato is hugging her too tightly that it hurts. She also notices that he is trembling. He looks at her and asks if she is alright. She suddenly blushes and says yes. He holds her face and kisses her.

After the kiss, she says that Serina and.. He assures her that it is very far so they won’t see them. And, they kiss again. Ririko thinks that when he was trembling while hugging her tightly, obviously, she was the one whom he helped, even if it’s very strange but she doesn’t know why a feeling of wanting to protect him has surged up.

Soon, the gang had fun at the beach. On the last day, Serina jumps on the bed and says that after having so much fun, she’s so tired. Ririko calls out to her and says that her cosmetics are still in the bathroom and her luggage isn’t packed yet so be quick for the car is coming to fetch them.

Serina asks her to just help her out. While Ririko helps Serina finish packing, Serina asks if she’ll still be busy at work during summer vacation. Ririko says temporarily though she has breaks for the time being. Serina warns her that if she doesn’t pay attention, she might be two-timed by Minato.
Ririko laughs and asks how that is possible. Irked Serina sits up and exclaims what’s with that instant answer, where did that kind of confidence come from, Ririko is so arrogant. Isn’t there a pile of girls who wants to aim at Minato through a gap [in their relationship]?

There are also girls who basically doesn’t mind if he has a girlfriend. Even if Minato doesn’t have that kind of idea, it is also possible that because of opportunity or perhaps mood, he got careless-that type of thing. There is also that junior high girl during summer vacation-- Ririko asks junior high girl.

After a pause, Serina smiles which made Ririko smile back. From the door, Yuuma calls out if they are done. Grabbing her luggage, Serina says yes. Ririko shouts for her what’s with that smile and please don’t say something halfway and leave her hanging. What was she saying just now.

Ririko recalls Minato says that he also doesn’t want to silently be misunderstood by her that he has fallen in love with someone else. Ririko thinks that it isn’t because she is very confident, it is only she doesn’t doubt Minato’s feelings, that’s all so that junior high girl is? Riding a train, Aoi looks at the cat strap then tightly holds it in her hand.
Chapter 40: A female client had just asked Ririko for a female staff to tidy up the wardrobe at her house as she goes to the beauty parlor. After the client left, Ririko’s father tells her that commissioned work from women living alone continues to increase so it seems that he must also increase his female staff.

Ririko says that didn’t he recruited a female part-time worker. Her father informs her that woman doesn’t want to work anymore. While sorting out some clothes in a box, Ririko thinks that after having fun at the beach during summer vacation, right now, she is once again passing the days by helping out with housework and work part-time at the father’s place.

It has been a long time since she worked onsite, and in the end, she finds this more relaxing than staying at the office to type on the computer since she likes to move around. She starts to wonder about what Serina told her. Her father calls out to her and tells her to decide when her rest day will be for next week. After her father affirms that she can have another rest day, Ririko is delighted.

At the train station, Aoi wonders why she took the cat strap. She herself doesn’t know why but the moment she saw it, she immediately wanted to hide it. Then, she sees her classmates. They are talking about the fireworks festival this weekend and whom they’ll go invite.
Aoi thinks that most of the students in the school all know each other since kindergarten so even if they aren’t friends, they can immediately chat about so many similar topics and memories that naturally, their relationship is very close. In her former school, she also have a lot of classmates since kindergarten so there is deep feelings..

Aoi looks sad and thinks but she has Minato. At Space One, Aoi exclaims that Minato already has plans for today. He tells her that it is his fault for deciding to do it today. He apologizes and says that it is totally okay to change it into some other day. Flashback: Minato’s stepmother had asked him to come back home more frequently so when is he coming home.

Minato said when he has time. She told him that she had asked Etsuko to teach her to make his favorite hamburger so how about coming home today to test it. He tried to tell her that he had an appointment with a friend.. End flashback. Minato thinks that if he didn’t have any other appointments, he would definitely be brought back home like that..he’s saved.

Aoi tells him her ID so that he can directly tell her if it isn’t convenient for him. Minato replies on her cellphone, ‘okay’. This made Aoi really happy for he sent her a message and they can contact each other during days when they cannot meet. [I think Minato meant that he cannot stay long = has plans for today because..]
Minato sits in the room and takes out his books. Aoi thinks that it is alright even if she doesn’t have friends in this school, it is okay just to have Minato at her side. Before sitting down, Aoi says that he had a bit of tan. Minato slightly smiles.

Aoi blushes over this. He says that even if he put sunscreen, but he still got a bit of tan. She asks if being white-skinned is important to him. Minato asks how can that be, but he hates sunburn and peeled skin. With her heart beating fast, Aoi thinks that for him to smile at her with such a gentle face, it made her expect more and perhaps, he has special feelings for her. She nervously decides to study.

Upon opening her bag, she looks glum upon seeing the cat strap. She wonders if it is a coincidence that one of the lovers’ pair cat strap is with her or there is some other meaning to it. Later on, Minato says that he’ll be going ahead. Aoi wants to call him but in the end, she says that it is nothing, she’ll stay there for a while.

Aoi tries to tell herself that it is alright since Minato has partly given up on it. She recalls him being sad that he couldn’t find it so she quickly rushes out. She thinks that in the end, she must give it back. She catches the train and thinks that he must be at the other carriage. She starts to wonder what she’ll say upon giving it back.
Soon, Aoi is standing in front of a huge building. She couldn’t believe that she hesitated to talk with Minato and just came here suddenly without a word. She tells herself that she’s an idiot but then, this is his house. Just when she is about to send a message to him, Minato comes out of the building. She is shocked for she didn’t send the message yet it is so amazing, does he know that she wanted him to come out.

Minato is surprised that she is here. Holding up the cat strap, she says that she’s returning this and she happened to find it at the study room’s floor. Minato takes the cat strap and says that no wonder he couldn’t find it at home. He thanks her. Aoi blushes and becomes teary-eyed over this. Minato asks what she wants in return. Aoi declines. Putting the cat in the bag’s pocket, Minato insists on it but it shouldn’t be beyond his ability.

Aoi keeps on declining and walking backwards that she loses her balance. Minato stops her from falling. He tells her to be careful over the step there. She starts muttering if any return gift will do but Minato couldn’t hear her. Just when, she says that if anything is okay... Thinking that she wants him, Aoi is surprised when Minato smiles at the side and calls out to Ririko.

Minato quickly hugs Ririko and says that it is good timing that when she sent him a message when he is about to go back home. He asks if her work is nearby. While staring at Aoi, Ririko says not at is because his place is at the same direction on her way back. Aoi immediately looks away. Minato asks Ririko if she has more work next week. She says no, so she can idly prepare the necessary stuff at the office.
Minato says then, they go to the park at that side. He held her hand but she tells her to wait, wasn’t he midway talking with someone. Minato looks back and sees Aoi. Minato laughs and apologizes for forgetting about her. This somewhat saddens Aoi. Minato introduces his kouhai, a junior high schooler, she came here to specially give him back something he dropped and Ririko, his girlfriend. Ririko mutters, Aoi-chan..

Minato is surprised that they know each other. Ririko says that she’s the friend whom she met at the supermarket. Minato exclaims that it was Aoi, the world is really so small. Aoi looks flustered that she says that she’ll go ahead. Minato tells her to properly think about what she wants as a thank you gift.

Ririko thinks that just now, Aoi.. She saw Aoi clinging on to Minato. She recalls Aoi asking about the strap and letting Aoi see Minato’s picture, then she looked so shocked. Just when Minato is pointing for them to go to the park, Ririko apologizes and shouts that she’ll contact him again later on. This surprises Minato.

Ririko runs and grabs Aoi’s shoulder. Aoi turned around crying. Ririko recalls what Serina said about a junior high girl, and Aoi saying that the one she likes already has a girlfriend. She had asked why Aoi doesn’t talk about it with someone she knows after seeing the picture[?]. Aoi didn’t answer her then but upon seeing her tears now, everything is already clear.
At a bench near the train line, Aoi tearfully tells Ririko that for Minato to simply agree to stay at her side, even if her family affairs had become all messed up, her former house and school friends are all gone, for her, he’s the only one who saved her from all of it. She tearfully says that she doesn’t have anyone else so please give Minato to her.

Ririko freaks out when Aoi begs her to do it because even without Minato, Ririko is totally fine. Ririko would brush Minato aside that he looked so lonely so if it is her [Aoi], she can always be at his side so please! As long as Minato is around, it doesn’t matter what kind of hardships she’ll face for she doesn’t need anything else. She once again tearfully begs Ririko to please give Minato to her.

That night, Ririko’s younger brother complains about the over boiled miso soup while the older brother devours all his food. Lost in thought, Ririko has heard from Minato that his and Aoi’s grandfathers are friends so he heard about Aoi’s family situation. Naturally, he automatically has to more or less help her pass through this difficulty (right now, it is through studying).

Ririko thinks for Aoi to beg her to give Minato to her as if her life depended on it when this is the Aoi who couldn’t even break through the crowd rushing towards the limited sale. Ririko’s older brother says that since Ririko doesn’t want to eat that fried chicken, he’ll eat it. To his shock, Ririko unconsciously grabs the chicken and eats it. Ririko thinks, because of that, it is impossible for Aoi to just say that out of impulse.
In front of a supermarket, Ririko happily recommends to glum Aoi through her phone about Ajinomoto’s webpage which she recommends. She only has to send a message regarding the ingredients and it will to reply her regarding some simple to do gourmet food recipes.

Aoi asks why she can talk with her as if nothing had happened. She thought that Ririko possibly want to tell her something so she called her out. Ririko says yes, she thought that anyway, they are going to buy things so simply buy first before talking. The reason why she got to know Aoi is because she bought two limited items and gave one to her. She started to ponder on things from then and afterwards, she got angry. Aoi becomes nervous.

Ririko shouts, “Ha!? What do you mean by those words about giving him to you!? Is Minato a thing? Or some appetizer!? If I agreed, does it mean that you’ll just take him away? Am I just going to totally ignore what Minato thinks about that!?” Aoi is shock and aghast by that. Ririko says but then, it is wrong for her to tell it to Aoi who was always troubled about wanting to make that feeling disappear.
Regarding that, Ririko is really sorry. Aoi asks if that meant, she has to give up. To Aoi’s surprise, she says no. Ririko tells her that of course, it is a great help if Aoi would do that but this feeling isn’t something one can control as one is just that, when she said, ‘please give him to me’ is the one she absolutely, *points at Aoi* ‘rejects!!’ Ririko tells her that this is the only definite answer for her so goodbye.

As Ririko is walking away, Aoi asks if Minato fell in love with her, then it is okay, right!? Ririko nervously turns around and says if it is that, it’s quite troublesome... “Whether or not it is okay or not, if it is really like that, then it is also inevitable..but..but..wah.. I definitely won’t let that kind of thing happen! I’ll do my best for him not to look at others!!” Aoi looks flustered and says that she’s going home.

Recalling Aoi saying that she has nobody except Minato, Ririko asks if she cannot be her companion. Aoi runs off. Aoi thinks about anticipating is all her delusion. She hopes that at least for Ririko to get angry upon realizing her existence. When in front of Ririko, Minato had thoroughly forgotten about her existence. It finally made her understand the degree of existence she has. For them, it doesn’t matter whether she is a boy or a girl...

Aoi stops walking. She starts to cry and laugh at the same time. She obviously ought to thoroughly know about it when she saw that cat strap for the first time. As she continues to sob, her cellphone beeps. It is a message from Sae [guesswork from 紗枝] who asks her to join their classmates [from her previous school, it seems] for the inner city’s fireworks festival. Aoi bends down and continues to sob.
Later on, Sae calls out to Aoi among the crowd and says that she’s the only one who didn’t reply so she was worried that she won’t come to the festival. She urges Aoi to go at that side where everyone is. Aoi thanks Sae for inviting her and she’s so happy. Sae says ya.

Aoi thinks that until now, she isn’t good in dealing with others and she’s always ignored. It isn’t because there is nobody at her side, it is just that she didn’t see the others. Right now, she understands this. At the park, Ririko mentions to Minato of her plan to coordinate her vacations with his time. Minato agrees with it and any time is okay.

Ririko nervously asks what about his study time with Aoi. Minato says that one depends on his time so there’s no need to worry but compared to that, he is more fearful of Serina and his stepmother’s ‘sudden attack’. Ririko nervously recalls Aoi saying what if Minato falls for her.

Ririko finds that scary for what if Aoi would go on an attack and she is that ‘I have to be protected by someone’ type of person. Even if she [Ririko] absolutely won’t lose but a woman’s the end, isn’t it better to ask her to give it up. Just then Minato’s phone beeps.
After reading the message, Minato tells Ririko that about Aoi, it is totally alright. He lets her read the message. Aoi wrote that she is already okay, there’s no need for Minato to guide her in her studies. About the return gift, she already got it so she doesn’t need anything else.

Aoi thanked him for these days [that he helped her out]. Ririko is surprised for does it mean that Aoi had already given up. Minato wonders out loud what Aoi already have when he didn’t give her anything. Ririko nervously wonders if Aoi had already gone on the offensive during summer vacation.

Looking at her cellphone, Aoi recalls kissing Minato’s cheek. She thinks that she’ll make that as her last secret. Then, her mother calls out to her that they go buy groceries together. Aoi says that there are a lot of people during limited sale and maybe it is better for her to stay at home..

Her mother says that she’s fine for she cannot always ask Aoi to do things. From this day, she cannot be leisurely carefree for she must become strong. This made Aoi happily smile. The last scene is of Minato and Ririko holding hands while walking at the park. Summer vacation starts now.
Comment: Chapter 39 seems to deal with the uneasiness over a special gift being lost or suddenly dropping = bad omen. The two are noticeably more jumpy over something potentially bad happening. I cannot blame them since in stories especially media, such things are usually portrayed as a bad sign.

One lesson in this arc is as a lover, give some time and attention to the other party even if you’re very busy. It is especially true if the other party is popular with the opposite sex. And not all of them will play nice and fair which is what Serina had hinted to Ririko.

As for Aoi, perhaps, because of her situation and Minato is always helping her, she starts to believe that there is more to what Minato is doing for her. It reminds me of someone saying: “You’re crush called you. Does it immediately mean s/he loves you?” That’s the second lesson.

It is jumping too much into conclusion when subtle hints are already obvious that it isn’t what she believes. But then, it cannot be helped since she’s young and is in love. Even if Aoi doesn’t seem to be a threat but she does seem to be more formidable than Serina was before because she is a ‘damsel in distress’ wherein every nice guy would want to help.

She can actually be a shoujo lead but then, there is already one in this series. Anyway, that ended well and seems a bit rushed..I mean conveniently for Aoi to just give it up for she has friends and family who are there for her. Lastly, take 1&2 scene is cute and the lovey-dovey at the beach is also quite nice ^^ Scans by allwink

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  2. I hate rivals like Aoi who's totally delusional and idiotic. Even at her age, people don't ask a girl whose boyfriend she likes to hand him over to her. Sheesh, what universe is she living in ?

    serina , surprisingly has a good character development, and not only that, has grown more perceptive and mature. She's right to warn Ririko that, even if she is very busy, she should find time to be with her boyfriend, or else the gap might be filled by another girl. Even if Minato professes true love for Ririko, there is no guarantee, especially with men, that they will not be flattered by the attention of another girl . Aoi is the type that if someone lends her a hand, she will grab the whole arm.

    1. Yup, megaworthit..but I guess she's trying her luck since Ririko might be nice enough to actually do it.


      Apparently so.

  3. hello :) thanks for the summary of my favorite manga s ,esp. namaikizakari ,can't find the chapter 41 of rere hello summary , looking forward to your work ,you're the best !!

    1. Thank you for reading, Unknown ^-^

      Ah, my summaries for rere hello is only up to chapter 40. The last arc is quite rushed and not that fun to summarize so I'm leaving that up to the English scanlator.

      Thank you.