September 22, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 30]

Young Takumi catches his breath after running. He wants to immediately help Haruto who is fighting with grade 6 students. He thinks that is too reckless. He’s quite scared but.. He sees a ruckus at the baseball club. Narration: “When talking about Kuro, whether it is good or bad, he is, in short, a very conspicuous existence.”

Some older kids ask Haruto what he is glaring at. They heard that he often picks a quarrel but then, he’s just an arrogant guy. They threaten unfazed Haruto to be scared of them. Just then, Takumi arrives with full baseball gear and a bat. Really scared, Takumi tells them that they’re not allowed to..

While the older kids are asking what’s with this one, Takumi got nervous for there are many of them. He mutters that he’ll help Haruto, but he ends up hitting his own head with the bat and collapsing.

The other kids laugh over Takumi losing consciousness, and he’s weak to the max. He’s like a girl so let’s go take a picture.. Haruto immediately kicks the face of the kid with a cellphone and steps on him. He darkly tells the others to immediately give him all they got. The others got scared and apologize.
Soon, Takumi wakes up at the infirmary where Haruto is looking after him. Takumi asked if he is alright but Haruto tells him not to be too meddlesome when he obviously isn’t good in fighting. This made Takumi become flustered.

Takumi explains that he always get helped by Haruto every time so he also thought that.. He apologizes to Haruto. Embarrassed Takumi thinks that actually, Haruto is fine by himself and in the end, he just caused him trouble. Haruto puts a wet towel on Takumi’s head and says that there is nothing to apologize about.

Haruto smiles and says that it is really amazing, the moment when Takumi rushed out, and he thought that he is a Power Ranger [/Super Sentai in Japanese]. Sparkling Takumi asks if he’s the red. Haruto says the yellow. Takumi complains that is the weakest. He threatens not to lend Haruto the DVD. Haruto tells him to lend it to him.

Narration: “Someday, I’ll also become a person whom Kuro can depend on. I thought that it is good if it can become that kind of equal relationship--” At present time, Takumi wakes up when Michel is licking his face. Sitting up from the sofa, he tells Michel that didn’t he tell it not to casually come over.
Michel whimpers at the side. He sees a tray of food prepared by the butler. Takumi thinks that he has fallen asleep and it has been a long time since he dreamt of the past. There is a beep on his phone. It is a message from Yu saying that she’ll wait for him at tomorrow’s cultural festival.

There is a picture of Yu’s friends posing behind some girl. Takumi thinks that Yu isn’t in the picture though Meiko and others are cute. Then, he starts practice playing the piano again. Flashback: In junior high, at section 1-A, the girls are talking about Haruto playing a piano performance for this year’s mass as the first year representative.

They just heard the homeroom teacher telling Haruto about it when she went to the faculty room. They assumed that he couldn’t play. Upon seeing Takumi, the girls asked why it isn’t Takumi instead. It obviously really suits him to be good at playing the piano. Takumi told them to calm down.

They continue with the rumors they heard about Haruto’s father forcing him to do it. Haruto always stirs up trouble and apparently, his father is a big shot who can pressure things. They find Haruto scary for they heard before that he beat up a high schooler and sent him to the hospital.
They advised Takumi that it is better for him not to be in very good terms with Haruto since it is too dangerous. Takumi smiled and told them that Haruto is a good person. Everyone thought that he’s so cute and so nice like a prince.

Takumi thought that if Haruto were to be the representative, it would be too conspicuous and would he be alright. At the gym, Takumi managed to shoot in the basketball. The others screamed and cheered for him. Takumi is relieved that it was in.

Then, another boy held Takumi’s wrists and exclaimed that is so amazing, he likes him for he’s so cute. It was a confession that Takumi rejected. The others are talking about a guy confessing to Takumi for he’s good not only in intelligence but also in sports. Then, Haruto charged in to shoot the ball. The others say that he’s so fast.

Later on, the others look quite scared as Haruto passed by them. Only Takumi is awed by Haruto who got 5 baskets shots in consecutively all by himself, it is a one man sport, so amazing. He tightly clenched his shorts for he thought that he can more or less catch up to Haruto while practicing secretly. Just then, one of their opponents hit Hakuto on the forehead. [<- most likely elbowed him]
The opponent apologized for hitting him with his arm and don’t be a show-off. The others are nervous because that new transfer student didn’t know about Haruto. The guy asked why the others are running away. He knew soon enough when Haruto threw the basketball right smack on his face.

Haruto darkly apologized that the ball hit him. With a bleeding nose, the guy said that there’s no need to do it up to that degree. Takumi apologized to the guy and asked if he is okay. Takumi offered him a towel with a smile. He quickly told Haruto that they go to the infirmary [to treat Haruto’s bleeding forehead].

Haruto said that the other party picked a quarrel with him first. Takumi warned him that if he caused an uproar, his father will come to school again. Takumi led Haruto away because Haruto has no concept of what is serious [situation] or not. The guy is blushing over the fragrant towel.

Narration: “I basically believed that I’m the only one who wishes to stay at Kuro’s side. Thus, everyone also avoided me at some degree.” While Takumi is commenting about Haruto’s hair becoming long, Haruto said to let it be. Takumi thought that Haruto easily makes enemies with someone and no matter it is his attitude or language, it has a ‘black’ [/kuro] feeling.. and he is like that from the very start when he met him.
Takumi mentioned that he heard that he is going to play the piano. Haruto said that the homeroom teacher decided on it on his own and he probably wanted to indulge his father. Takumi mentioned that Haruto’s family donated a lot of money to the school and besides the two of them studied piano during elementary before.

He wondered if it is okay because, Haruto caused trouble again today. Recalling some girls saying that it suits him to play the piano, Takumi called out to Haruto and asked if he can be the one who’ll play the piano for he is better in it.

Haruto said that isn’t he no good with public performances [<-stage fright]. Embarrassed Takumi said that he is already alright. Narration: “If he let me play, I think that it will definitely go very smoothly. The most important thing is, Kuro will also feel that I have helped him.”

Soon, Takumi practiced playing but he kept on making a mistake. He realized that it is more difficult than he imagined since the piece was assigned by the school. Takumi came in the kitchen. Holding a plate of curry and rice, Haruto complained that he’s late, the curry has gone cold. Takumi asked if it is sweet curry. Haruto said that curries are hot spicy. Takumi asked if he didn’t put in carrots.
Holding a knife, Haruto told him to quit being picky, and just quickly eat. Takumi thought that his tone in ordering is really the same with his father [Haruto’s]. Haruto asked if Takumi’s father went overseas to work again. Takumi said that he is already used to it and when his butler, Murakami [guesswork from 村上] isn’t around, Haruto would come over.

Takumi praises Haruto for being amazing because no matter if it is cooking or cleaning, it’s all perfect. He can only make an onigiri. Watching Haruto telling Michel to ‘wait’, Takumi thinks that Michel also likes to be with Haruto more than him but then, it was Haruto who picked it up and took care of it.

Takumi found the curry too spicy. Haruto asked if piano practice is going smoothly. Takumi said of course, it’s very easy. Standing up, Haruto said that if it is that piece then it isn’t that difficult. Takumi nervously agreed.

Narration: “It’s alright. I can do it. Even if it is me, I can also do it.” The other students anticipate his performance. The principal is actually glad because if it is Takumi, it will make him feel at ease. On the phone, Takumi’s father told him that he cannot go back to the country again this year because of work. Takumi said that it is okay.
His father said that they believe that if it is him, he can definitely accomplish it. Takumi thanked him. While practicing, Takumi still makes mistakes. He thought that he obviously shouldn’t fail on that day. Then, he started feeling some pain in his stomach.

At school, Takumi overheard a couple of guys saying that they really wanted to see Takumi fail in his performance. He is obviously so thin and weak yet he is unexpectedly popular which really angers them. Since he is always with Haruto, they cannot lay a hand on him so just quickly fail already.

Narration: “It’s alright. I can do it just like Kuro.” On the day of the performance, Takumi starts to get more nervous since there are more people than he imagined. He obviously wanted to replace Kuro onstage. Someone is saying at another person that people except for the performers cannot go there.

Takumi is starting to feel nauseous when Haruto asked if he is alright since he doesn’t look too well. Takumi asked why he is there. Haruto said that Takumi easily gets nervous just like when he tried to stop the fight before. Just then, it was announced that Takumi is going to perform. Standing up, Takumi said that was during elementary and he is already okay.
Steading himself on Haruto, Takumi said that if he doesn’t properly go, everyone would be disillusioned with him. Haruto told him that they won’t. Takumi wondered what to do for his mind is already going blank. Haruto told him to properly rest.

Sitting on the floor, Takumi can only watch as Haruto went on stage. While everyone is puzzled whereas the principal is freaking out over why it is Haruto and not Takumi, Haruto played the piece to shut them all up. Takumi thought that he always put a lot of time and effort on this yet Haruto is really amazing to play it perfectly.

Recalling Haruto saying that piece isn’t that difficult, Takumi realized that Haruto had played it before. Narration: “No matter how I studied or exercise, working hard as if my life depended on it, I couldn’t catch up to him. Kuro is my aspiration but for Kuro, what am I to him?” Takumi looked flustered.

Soon, Takumi is assigned to section 2-A while Haruto is in section 2-D. Narration: “From that time on, there was a bit of distance that arose between me and Kuro.” Fangirls are calling out to Takumi to date with them. Takumi said that everyone is so cute that he couldn’t choose. He called out to Haruto that even if Murakami isn’t around for the meantime, he is fine regarding his dinner since he already made arrangements with everyone. Haruto said okay.
After saying goodbye to him, Takumi overheard some girls saying that Haruto is very handsome even if he is a bit frightening, in last year’s mass.. Narration: “At this time, it is only the height wherein I had finally caught up with Kuro.” There is a scene of Takumi making out with a girl. He asked if she likes him. She said yes.

He asked more than Kuro. The girl said of course, because he is so kind. Then, he made out with another girl saying that she likes him the most, and Takumi saying he, too. Along with that, there are scenes of Haruto getting into fights with others. Narration: “Treating girls nicely, and they’ll need me. Even if it is me who is like this--”

Late on, there is a newspaper article at the bulletin. People are talking about Haruto finally getting taken away by the police. They heard that it was an assault either by him or someone else. They find it scary and asked Takumi about it.

Takumi went to the hospital to ask all bandaged up Haruto if he is alright. About to drink some water, Haruto just said, yo. Breathing hard from running, Takumi held the newspaper article and asked again if he is alright. Haruto said ya. Takumi said that he went to school and didn’t know who posted this up.
From the news article, it seems that a group of youngsters intruded into Haruto’s house. Takumi thought that there are people who went into the house and it is during the time when they aren’t together. Takumi wondered how many people Haruto had offended, and his hair became long since he hasn’t been helping him cut his hair.

Takumi worriedly said that these aren’t light injuries so is he really okay. Everyone at school are deciding on their own that it is all Haruto’s fault so he is going to explain to everyone.. Haruto darkly told him that it doesn’t matter at all. This made Takumi quiet. He nervously wondered if Haruto is angry at him.

He didn’t say anything and just kept away from Haruto. Normally, Haruto would be angry. While removing his bandage on the arm, Haruto said that it has been a long time since they saw each other and it is only Takumi who would want to visit this kind of person.

Dropping the article in surprise, Takumi said that they haven’t seen each other for almost half a year. Haruto said is that so. Takumi bent down and sigh in relief.
While Haruto asked what’s with him, Takumi thought that he really cannot do anything with Haruto [/cannot let him be] or he should say, Haruto is still like the same as usual..even if their relationship isn’t equal, in the end, he is--..”

Later on, Takumi told Haruto’s father [I think, or someone older] that he wanted to go to Harumi High together with Haruto. Even if it is far, but there is a dorm. And, won’t simply leaving this street better.. The father said that Haruto causing trouble is reaping what he sowed yet he wanted to go with him.

Takumi said that with him at his side, he ought to be able to prevent Haruto from getting into a lot of troubles. Then, there is the time when Yu cut off Haruto’s hair. Takumi is amused that there is a girl who dared rebel against Kuro but forget it, anyway, it is that Kuro. Narration: “From the us since then, we basically thought that there won’t be any changes again--”
Comment: There are a lot of complicated issues going in Takumi based on this chapter. Apparently, Takumi ‘trained’ in order to become how he is now compared to Haruto who is naturally talented. Otherwise, he is just a rich weak kid who just so happen to be handsome. Being weak and popular with girls make him a target for bullies.

Of course, having Haruto as a friend helps a lot. In a way, it is good yet not really good since it doesn’t exactly help Takumi’s self-esteem, and his need to feel needed. Regarding the latter one, I wonder if that somehow stemmed from having no parent who is physically there for him.

When he felt that he isn’t going to get that from Haruto, he turned to girls to reassure him of his worth or at least make him feel good even if he felt worthless and everything inferior compared to Haruto. Still, there are indeed things that Takumi is helping Haruto out like cutting his hair or minimizing the instances of the enemies getting back at Haruto by pacifying them. I’m not sure if Takumi knows this or he feels that is still not enough to be Haruto’s equal.

As for Haruto, he basically doesn’t like being bullied and the payback will be greater. That is of course usually not good in the premise of school. The ones who caused the greater injury tend to be punished more than the one who initiated it. He also seems to have this ‘go with the flow/anything goes’ attitude. Takumi is distancing himself, is/seems okay with him. And, he never bothered asking why the first time around, and he didn’t plan on asking the second time around it happened again.

Anyway, because of what happened to Haruto, things are somehow patched up again. That is until Yu start to get more involved with them. It seems to start to make those issues relevant again for Takumi. And, falling in love with the same girl can indeed cause more rifts between them.

Still, for Takumi to practice playing the piano, possibly for the festival. That is definitely related to that mass performance before. I’m not too sure if it is something positive like moving on, ‘we are now equals’, going to help him, etc. In a way, I think both guys know the other more than they know themselves. ^^; Together, they kind of complement each other. So, let’s see how things turn out later on for the two. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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      From how things are, he has very low self-esteem so being equal or better than Haruto can help boost his confidence. It doesn't help that he doesn't seem to have any other friends.

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