September 17, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 50]

As Hakuto finishes up their performance, Chika and others look tense. The audience starts applauding. Mio happily looks upwards. Taishin and Uta are happy for him. Satowa thinks that the last part seems like there is some awakening.

Chika is quite glad upon realizing that it turns out that koto has this way of expressing. Sitting with the audience, Kazusa complains that she cannot dare believe it for what kind of playing is that!? She never heard of that classical piece and she can see the universe.

Fumi tells her that it isn’t a classical piece, it is an original piece. Yae says that even if the approach is very different from theirs, but it can compete against them for the first.
Kazusa thinks that’s right, it will definitely split up the judges’ ballot. Wakaba glances at somewhat tense Hozumi. Wakaba says there’s no need to worry because the reason why people would think that of Hakuto is basically, it depends on the soloist’s performance and the piece being very good itself.

“But, Himesaka isn’t the same for they are using all the same strengths to finish playing the piece. Regarding that, the judges will definitely give us a good evaluation.” Some of the judges look a bit troubled. Holding his head, Tsukaji thinks that later on, they judges will quarrel and what’s up with this.

“Is this the Nationals!? The level is so high!! Himesaka and Hakuto, yet unexpectedly, only one group can enter the Nationals! Is this some kind of joke! Just ignore it and let the two groups enter the Nationals!! This year, just ignore the contract and let the two ascend [to the Nationals]!!” Komaki tells him to calm down since she’ll feel embarrassed.
Tetsuki comments that he feels that Hakuto is also really amazing, and it is a totally different way of amazing compared to Himesaka. Isaki agrees and like this, the judges will definitely have a headache.

Tetsuki asks how music is judge from good or bad. Is it looking at the piece’s difficulty or how complete it is? Isaki says of course, both points are being look at.

But, if they couldn’t distinguish who is better basing on those two points, then the judges will look at other points. They’ll consider its orderliness, aesthetics and paying attention to the way the piece has been expressed.
While Mio and others are taking away their koto, Taishin meets up with Suzuka who is with Akira. Taishin and Suzuka nod at each other before Suzuka leaves. Meanwhile, four of Tokize’s members are getting the jitters. Sane became really nervous.

He thinks that this is bad when obviously, he calmed down after the cheering up huddle. “But after listening to Hakuto’s performance, I became nervous again.” Hiro tells herself to calm down and wonders why Hakuto has to perform right before them. Kouta wishes that his tempo isn’t too fast or slow, and he can properly match it with the others.

Michi is worried about his fingers moving in the correct way and it is alright even if he cannot play it with the plectrum[?/not sure on the second part of the sentence]. Upon seeing the four nervous, Satowa wanted to do something but Chika stops her by holding her hair. Takezou tells the others that it is okay, there’s no need for everyone to worry or feel uneasy because they only have to play just like the usual.
Everyone is surprised by what he said. Takezou thinks that as the club president, he always doesn’t do anything that is in accordance to his status as club president but, only this little bit, he can assert. Takezou smiles and says that it is because their amount of practice is absolutely the biggest [compared to the others]. Everyone looks moved.

Chika rubs Takezou’s head and shouts that since the club president said that, then it is definitely, right since their amount of practice is the biggest!!! Suzuka says that even if their practice is the most, it isn’t definite that they’ll ascend to what is called the Nationals. Chika angrily shouts for him to shut up.

Akira tells everyone not to worry and it is right because they already bore her severe coaching. “There’s no need to think of anything today. Just perform as much as you like.” The others are moved by that. The girl calls out for Tokize to prepare to go on the stage.
Before they leave, Suzuka tells them not to forget. “What’s important isn’t ascending to the Nationals but rather, ‘why you have to ascend to the Nationals’. Don’t forget that.”

Everyone starts to remember why they have to go to the Nationals. If they lose this preliminary, Takezou and Hiro can no longer go to the Nationals. For them, this is the last opportunity. They don’t want everything to end.

It’s quite great if they can always persevere on. They won’t be here next year. It will be too late if it is next year. With thoughts about why they absolutely have to go to the Nationals, Tokize heads out onstage.
Meanwhile, Fujimoto scolds Kinoshita for dilly-dallying when they can immediately leave after putting things in order. Kinoshita says but, won’t they listen to the other school’s performance.

Fujimoto asks if that is necessary and if she wants to listen then go there alone. Kinoshita asks them to please go with her for she hopes that this koto club can take part at the last part of the tournament. The two look at Kinoshita quietly.

Back at the auditorium, Takezou’s mother calls out to her husband that Takezou and his group is going onstage. She worriedly wonders if he’ll be okay, and for him to screw up in this kind of formal situation— Takezou’s father tells her to calm down.
Mashiro nervously cheers Takezou and others on. Isaki tells Tetsuki that she suddenly became nervous. Tetsuki tells her that they are definitely alright, and after all, they practiced like crazy for such a long time.

At a different room, Arakagi is furious that Mio is nowhere to be found. Holding Mio’s koto, Taishin says that Mio went to listen to Tokize’s performance. Akaragi is furious that Mio won’t tidy up his own instrument. Upon seeing Taishin looking distracted, she asks if he wants to go and see.

She tells him to go since he also wants to listen to Tokize’s performance, right? “Wasn’t it said that it is very possible that they’ll become our formidable opponent? You just go and listen on our behalf. Go and listen to see if it is so.”
Sparkling eyes Komai says that it is so amazing for the next school unexpectedly have 5 boys. She exclaims that it’s so cute and she supports this school. Tsukaji says is that so. He feels pity for them since they’ll perform after Hakuto.

He sighs and thinks that honestly speaking, he already doesn’t want to listen to another terrible performance. “Anyway, number one is either Himesaka or Hakuto.” Kazua is tense for it is Tokize’s turn. Taishin finds Mio sitting among the audience. A staff member says that it’s great that Shizu manages to come in time. Shizu says, yes.

Kinoshita and others manage to find some seats. Kinoshita looks at the stage and sees Chika. She thinks that it’s great that it is his group’s turn, and she gets to listen to it. Fujimoto recognizes the glasses guy whom he bumped into during the opening ceremonies.
Kinoshita recalls him commenting that school is the same with theirs, a feeling of being ‘patchwork’ [/hodge podge]. Fujimoto says that it is good if they didn’t stop playing like them. Kinoshita just looks on tensely. Tokize are already in position.

While their school name and piece is announced, Satowa looks at the audience. She didn’t see her mother. She closes her eyes and opens them again. Just then, the door at the back opens. It is Chiharu who glances at surprised Satowa before she looks away.

As Chiharu and Doujima takes their seats, Satowa felt like crying. “-This sentence, ‘Your koto is like a lethal weapon’ has repeatedly chewed into my heart countless times.” Upon sitting, Chiharu notices that her hand is shaking.
Clenching her fist, she thinks that isn’t promising for she is unexpectedly scared of listening to her own daughter’s performance. Satowa thinks, “For a long time now, I don’t understand so I didn’t go and face it but right now, *scenes of everyone together including Akira*..”

Everyone except for bored Tsukaji is surprise, or nervous with anticipation when Satowa smiles as she prepares to play. Then, everyone is stunned as Satowa plays as if they are submerged in water. This made Tsukaji scowl and tensely sit up.

Narration: “—yes, it is this. It is completely different from that time but you only have to listen to THAT, then you’ll already understand everything-- You only have to listen to one sound.” On the verge of tears, Chiharu covers her mouth. She recalls that time.
Flashback: Young Satowa informed her mother that she wrote a koto piece. Chiharu patted her head and said that it is an amazing piece. Satowa asked if she had cheered up after hearing it. Teary-eyed Chiharu said that she’ll also properly do her best in order for her and Satowa to always live with a smile. End flashback.

Chiharu covered her face while crying. Looking flustered, Tsukagi couldn’t believe it. “Is this music? By merely listening to one sound, one can realize how very far the level of difference is. It’s crystal clear, distinct [/bright] and gorgeous. The music penetrates deeply into the heart [/refreshes the mind] that it always penetrates into the the heart’s every corner. How the hell is this kid--..”

He suddenly recalls an image of Satowa playing solo before at the Nationals, and he realizes something. He quickly opens the booklet and reads Houdzuki Satowa as the soloist. He recognizes her. She was the one who was said to have lost eligibility to perform and got expelled from Houdzuki Group. “It is that genius girl!!??”
Kazusa also looks flustered as she wonders why Satowa, in this kind of place.. Aghast Wakaba wonders is this the ‘Satowa-chan’ whom Kazusa is always clamoring about. “Quit joking around. This is a different dimension [/out of this world]. It is impossible to win against this kind of opponent.. –but,”

Sou, the judge, thinks that is just limited to the solo performance. “This child possesses an exceptional ability. If this is a solo competition, she will without a doubt be number one. ..but, this is a group ensemble.” Tsugaki thinks, “What will the others do in order to match with that kind of music. ..or rather, I also won’t want any bit of any unnecessary sound to be inserted into it.”

Chika smiles and thinks that in the end, Satowa is amazing. Sane thinks that before, they always depended on Satowa to lead the way. –but.. Takezou thinks that it will soon reach the place where the 17-string koto will perform. As Sane and Chika get ready to play, Chika thinks, “We must depend on our own strength and go to that person’s side.”
Comment: In a way, I think Chika and Hakuto can be ‘friendly rivals’ since they seem to unintentionally encourage each other with their performance regarding how a piece can be performed. Hakuto is good enough to make Himesaka realize that winning isn’t in the bag yet.

It will all depend on the judges who got confused over whom they’ll send to the Nationals. As Tsukaji mentioned, both are National level-type of performance. They would just have to carefully scrutinize other points of comparison on who’s the best between the two.

With four members having the jitters, Takezou did his best to cheer them on by reminding them how much they practice. Suzuka is such a pessimist =P Well, Akira put in a good word of encouragement. In the end, Suzuka was the one who reminded them why they are all here now.

Apparently, Konishita and her group are still in the story. Is she/they also going to be influenced by Tokize’s music and have a life-changing point/perspective in their lives? Perhaps, everyone who is gathered there will, more or less, have that sort of experience.

Well, we already have one ‘influenced person’ at the last part. Chiharu finally realized what Satowa wanted to convey to her before. It took a long time of suffering and patience on Satowa’s part but finally, her effort is going to be rewarded. It must be such an amazing music that even Doujima looked astounded by it.

I guess I should be satisfied that a part of the performance is shown in comparison to Himesaka and Hakuto whose starting performance ended up as the cliffhanger. Everything is being set-up at the start. There are supposedly only two major contenders for the Nationals.

Tokize is currently the underdog based on Tsukaji’s reactions. At first, he pities them for performing next to Hakuto. After realizing who their soloist is, he isn’t too enthusiastic about the others performing which he assumed will ruin the music. So, I cannot wait to see his and the others’ reaction later on. ^^ Scans by 二次元秘店

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  1. I've been waiting for this! Thank you so much!! They will be surprised because they don't know yet that the ensemble was written to not only accompany Satowa but to highlight and blend all their own unique sounds together perfectly. Which is only possible because their teacher is a genius!! But like you said I'm really looking forward to all of their reactions. Plus I want to see how the old woman reacts to Chika's sound which has touched and surprises everyone who hears it since she tried to say he wasn't serious about koto!

  2. Thank you so much Kat ♥♥♥
    The part with Satowa's mother got me so emotional I teared up! The author managed to make me feel how beautiful Tenkyuu must be without hearing it.
    I loved how Chika pulled Satowa's hair gently, I ship them so much I'm litterally craving more interaction between them but the focus is more on music and personal development so my guess is I won't be seeing a confession before Takezou and Hiro's graduation...
    I can't wait for chapter 51!! Bring it on Tokize! Make them bow down!

    1. You're welcome, Sabrina ^-^

      Indeed ^^ And, their piece is just starting... ^^

      Yup.. I would think Hiro x Takezou will have more progress than the main couple. Hiro might confess soon...I hope ^^

      Yup ^^

  3. Thank you so much :D

  4. Finally its their turn!!!! XD cant wait for the nest chapter
    Thank you for the review =)

  5. Thank you, Kat! As always and always, awesome work.

    Gotta admit, I was feeling quite down lately for reasons, and then, and then, I got to see Satowa smiling like that. God, mangaka really nailed, with there's a meme of smiles I want to protect, hers'd be top list, hands down.

    Nice when we can read something that changes our spirits/mood like that, really nice.

    Won't even bother with the rest, lol. Judges and technalities be dam*ed, I feel like I already won, lol. Gotta say though, smooth Chika, veeeeery smoooooooth, lol.
    Bringing here so we just have one page to talk about, it did seem pretty much wasted. But tbh, even Jiraiya seemed to bring nothing but shock 'cause in the end, Naruto'd lose even with the info that got him killed, and when Naruto won, it didn't really seemed that Jiraiya was even necessary besides the backstory.
    I don't remember, lol. Have to take a look at it again, but I guess they were with their gears on, except for Eren that had titanized before, don't know, have to look.

    And yes, I do think is some kind of experiment, or at least, like in the village setting, they're escaping reality 'cause they fear the outside world. Here I can muster some theories like, the royals were afraid to lose power/influence and chose to secludes themselves and so on.
    Is that so? Like I said, I took a peek at the comments, this time didn't read any paragraph - already am reading too much drama/passing through it too - so I got kinda curious why'd everyone put the blame on him.

    While I do agree that his jealousy is overbearing, I can't really say that it's unfouded and Yuki is completely innocent. I mean, I wouldn't be all chill if gf went out of her to personally give chocolates on Valentine's to someone I know is in love with her while knowing full well that I don't approve/like when they spend time together all by themselves.

    Sure Yuki is naive and didn't have any ill intentetions, but still, she knows Sho and knows he'd be angry, and does it anyway? It's not like she was totally clueless this time.

    Well, I'd be ranting for ages to come, but this KoT just melted my heart, so I'll stop for now, lo.

    1. You're welcome and thanks, Fê ^-^

      Yup ^^

      - -

      Now that you mentioned it, true.

      - - -

      Possible. Maybe they are just S[adist] who just have to have pawns at their bidding.

      - - -

      True but she explained that it isn't chocolates. It is a thank you gift for helping her out before and she just so happen to give it on the day before Vday. She also told Shizuka that it is for him and his club members to share. Shizuka kind of kept that detail [share with others] from Shou. It is like the food she brings when she goes to the gym to visit everyone.

      Since she is the polite type, she would want to personally thank Shizuka for all his trouble and apologize for making him late at school. Shou isn't exactly angry but just showed how possessive and insecure he can be. He said something like she's not allowed to do anything [look, talk, smile, touch] towards anyone else except him.

      She assured him that nothing happened. He asked if she can still say that/be unaffected even if someone said he likes her. That irked Yuki and accused him of not trusting her [when she's doing a lot of things to get close to him since she loves him] and, assuming that she wasn't seriously going steady with him. So, that's the lovers' quarrel. =P

    2. So, is it safe to assume that Chiharu's route is already conquered, os maybe it's too soon?

      I don't even know what to hope/expect next chapter. Are they going to mess up? They're going to put up a show and reach Satowa's 'level' at least with feeling/emotion? Confess that I read again, that smile just soothes my soul, lol.
      I see, I see. Strange thing is, I can muster my resolve to read all the comments, but not the chapter, knowing that it's 'gone full drama' for now, lol.

      Tbh, I faulter both of them, really. While I do agree Sho's jealousy is out of hand/too overboard, I can see people acting like him in similar circumstances, same goes for Yuki. I wouldn't do what she did, even if didn't anything wrong, but knowing my significant one, I think it's best to avoid those situations, especially when I know she/he dislikes the other receiving the gift.

      And gotta admit, the mangaka seems to be doing a good job depicting their relationship. Is quite rare for me to be able to see both sides like this and agreed with them both, too, lol.

      But I'll wait the storm pass, not really ready for drama in my fav romcom for now.

    3. I think it is already conquered. I won't be surprised if she would want Satowa to move back asap.

      I don't think they'll mess up. The mangaka would be a sadist if she let that happen again. I think it is good to make them compete against the other two with their on way of playing and without having to mess up on anything. It makes it more 'fair', don't you think?

      I'm not sure about the others but Chika is definitely the one to watch out for. Someone like Satowa would notice something about his playing, it got to be something.

      Hehe, thanks for reading again ^^

      - - -

      Is that so. Well, it is understandable if you're not in the mood for 'drama' =P

      About that, I'm actually wondering if Yuki actually knew Shou dislikes Shizuka. They tend to fight like children but not really totally antagonistic against each other. Kind of help each other in some ways. The last time she saw those two meet iirc, was during the Winter Cup and they seem 'friendly' with each other.

      Of course, since this is also comedy, I would wonder if Yuki think of it the two bickering = good friends. <- usual joke. So, I guess that is why I'm not too sure if Yuki was wrong about giving a thank you gift to someone Shou 'dislike'. ^^; Lol, rather, I don't make a big deal about it. ^^;;;

      Hehe, I see. You know, I'm wondering if this conflict is just to keep things interesting in the series since in the last few chapters, nothing much is going on except lovey-dovey/slice-of-life-type of scenarios like meeting the family, dating, etc. You know, perhaps, climax of the arc/before the series end. Somehow, it gives me that kind of feeling.

    4. Uhm, and what about Doujima? I think she'll still wreck some havoc at the household, despite being 'touched' by the music/song.

      Lol! I didn't mean it, but sadistic was nice, lol. I guess that maybe some of them'd make a iffy sound here and there that'd compromise their winning/performance, though everyone in the crowd'd fell astonished and shed lots of tears. I can't imagine their performance being 'perfect' - in the sense that nobody makes mistakes.

      Hakuto and HimeGirls are what I'm trying to picture here, one was fullblown technical, no errors. The other was kinda emotional, based more on sentiments, though didn't commit any mistake either, the piece was just easier/softer.

      Now, we have Tokize, which excels in emotion/feeling, but apart from Satowa, don't have really good technical base. So I'm still wondering...
      It's not like I don't want drama, I'm currently reading and watching some drama series, and there are ones that are pretty disturbing, to say the least. Is just that, in my fav show, I rather wait it to be gone.

      Didn't Sho tell her before he doesn't like her being near/alone with Shizuka? Or clearly demonstrated his displeased face when she told she met Shizuka? I'd infer that she'd already know by now, but yea, it's Yuki, as much as I want her to be smart, she's denser than a rock so...

      In Japan, is quite normal to think that way 'cause is believed that two people'd only fight/argue when they're in good terms or know each other well, since if you don't know or don't care, you wouldn't give your time of the day, so I get where you're coming from with that. Still...

      Just my views, I know, but I certainly wouldn't do anything like that simply 'cause I don't believe my sifnificant other'd be okay with it. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't, tbh.

      And that reminded that once upon a time, I had a girl that was much like Sho with her jealousy, to the point that I got so sick and couldn't call her and she simply assumed I was having an affair after assuming I was avoiding her, lol. She was crazy, she couldn't have the trouble to call my home ask for me or visit me, just decided things on her own, lol.

      Really? I wouldn't mind having a couple of chapters with only lovey dovey stuff and they learning about each others fears and plans for the future before it ends. I guess the part about fears are coming through, though it seems it's only Sho's who's affraid for some reason.

    5. Not sure. She seems to be somewhat broken after Akira went against her. It was quite easy for Akira to bring her along to the place. She seems to have also relented when the brother saw them, assuming he convinced her to go back.

      Hm..after all the practice, one would still make a mistake? I think that would lead to a lot of drama like, it's my fault that I made a mistake and we didn't get into the Nationals. I prefer that they have weakness rather than making a mistake/something happening. They already have a handicap that all of them except a few has been playing koto just for a year.

      As you mentioned, they are lacking at the technical but then, the piece should be somewhat easy for them. I guess I cannot imagine them making a mistake. ^^; Something like it's unfair since they are already the underdog. =P

      - - -

      Don't worry, it's gone in the next chapter.

      I don't recall but it is possibly hinted. Yuki doesn't appear to be aware except for getting too close like being carried by him since she had sprained her foot = Shou won't like it.

      Wow. And, that is just one day?

      Apparently, it isn't going to end yet. The wedding scene might happen later on since it doesn't end there. So more of that lovey-dovey and learning/growing stuff later on.

    6. I don't know, she strikes me as stubborn as hell, so I'm wondering what schemes she'll have to stir some drama for us. If not, I don't really see anything else holding back the story to it's end, but the past of some chars, like Chika and Take, whom both need to redeem their situations with their family. Chika with his father, Take with his brother and inferiority complex. If Doujoma are already done together with Chiharu, it'd mean, imo, that a lot of troubles and situations are done, leaving only the nationals, which are pretty much here already, and the romance part to be worked on... I don't if I want this 'fast' pace with this manga, lol.

      Well, speaking as a self taught musician, I can cerntainly say that it doesn't matter how hard you trained, you're bound to miss here and there just because you don't have the proper base and are - almost - forever doomed to your 'mannerims' and have to work very hard on them. Besides, any artist'd feel the pressure in antecipation of a grand event like this so... Yea, it'd be cruel to make them mess up, but it'be very realistic. T___T

      Do you think they'll form a 'supergroup' or Tokize'll be at the nationals no matter what?
      Oh, that's good to know, yea. I'll wait for another chap. and see if we'll have some loveydovey stuff without much drama then I'll binge it. Like I said, I can read all the comments there, but can't muster the 'strenght' to read the actual chapter, lol.

      Really? I thought - besides this scene - that Yuki had caught on to Shizuka real feelings, despite her herself not feeling the same way and getting the grandma vibe from him. Actually, that's the first time I've seen someone beeing 'grandmazoned', lol.

      Nah, I had pneumonia and was out cold for at least three days straight, and at the time, I didn't own a cell phone - 'till today mine are very, veeeeeeeery outdated - so I couldn't call her even if I want since I couldn't even take a shower during those days. The point stands, crazy jealous people are trouble, lol. Though I guess she was just trying to find an excuse so we could be officialy done or w/e.

      To me, that'd be nice. I always like to read/see stuff about growing together as a couple/human beeing and struggling to find their own way of doing things. I guess I talked before about that, there's the drama I like to see, not love rivals/triangles everywhere.
      Just to ask, have you catch up with Magi? I feel cheated and almost sad 'cause the writing were too poor, though it was hinted thousand times before, now that it happened, felt way too forced.

    7. I know but I'm not sure if she else can still pull off after being 'embarrassed' during that meeting. No one is at her side anymore who can do her bidding or whom she can fool. I think it is better to wrap it up here than drag it further on.

      Well, aside from those, the mangaka can always bring up new problems/rivals, etc. ^^

      Hm..but they have Akira now so they aren't really 'self-taught' anymore. Realistic..well, yes but this is manga and a feel good one. That would be like what happened to Kinoshita's group. If there is no mistake, they would have more or less a bigger chance to get in the Nationals. Anyway, let's see. ^^

      80-90% super group. 90 depends if they played with no mistakes.

      - - -

      Hehe ^^

      Nope. Indeed, and as a guy, that isn't a good thing, right?

      I see. No..girlfriend taking care of the boyfriend when sick scenario huh?

      Ya..but usually, the rivals do appear especially in long distance relationship scenarios. I can imagine Shizuka popping out again and possibly, Shou's ex-girlfriend. Usually shoujo rivals need to be rejected before they can totally go away. Anyway, let's just see how the mangaka proceeds with the story.

      - - -

      Actually, not yet. I only plan to watch the anime..then wait again for the rest to be animated. I did catch up with Magi: Sindbad since I don't think the rest will be animated. ^^;; By the way, how faithful is the anime to the manga? I mean Magi. I'm not too fond of the art but the chibis and their dialogues are cute.

      Hm..that sounds like a forced resolution to a problem.

    8. True, but despite that, I can't believe she'll relent 'so easy', I remember some members of that 'council' that might be troble ahead and they can use Doujima to 'help' them take over the 'family' and dispose Chiharu and so on. Dramatic, yea, though I much rather to see some of that then more rivals showing up - it'd give a chance to see mother and daughter fighting together to remain a family - and ofc the Tokigang won't stay out of it, espcially Chika. ^^

      And come on author, give us some more shipping moments, lol.

      Yea, Akira taught them the basics, but I can't help to that way - as a musician, that is - is hard to acknowledge that in so short time they can pull an unbelieveble performance with no errors whatsoever. But we often see talented people that can and do and despite already beeing gifted enough, work harder and harder... To me, they're awesome and can't help but to be a lil' jealous, lol.

      Now that you said about the feel good series and the author not beeing cruel enough, I want to see Himegirls winning, Tokigang + Mio as the supergroup, \o\.
      Nope, it's not. I mean, I've been brotherzoned and even fatherzoned - despite being younger - by some friends and students, even my siblings said that I was more of a father than brother, but never past that... And as a guy, Though I guess it'd be much worse if a guy were to grandmazone a girl, don't you think? I know the woman I know would kill if that happened to them, lol.

      Yea, it's inevitable, and Shizuka being in the cover of vol.07 pisses me off, but I don't think this series would last long that way, always throwing rivals for Sho and him madly in love with Yuki so afraid to lose her and Yuki being all naive/dense. I mean, there's have to be a limit, right? Irl that happens, and distant relationships, in my experience, very rarely works and if at all, is barely... I'd rather see them working their issues with no thirdwheels.

      But, to spite things, since it's always Sho who loses his sh** and are so da** jealous, if his ex came around wanting him back, I wouldn't be too mad to see Yuki in his shoes for once, being overly protective, afraid to lose him for real - let's admit, she takes him for granted, despite trying her best to get out of her shell to him. So yea, a lil' bit of equality here, lol.
      I see, then I won't spoil things. It's just, it seemed so forceful despite the hints we had through all the series. It really seems the author intends to finish sooner than later. And yea, the anime made some changes, the biggest ones in the very beginning of the first course, but nothing that alters the general meaning of things.

    9. Ah, the others. I do seem to recall that but perhaps, they'll back down a bit if Satowa goes back in the family. And, there is Akira who'll help them reinforce the group to bring up back the students. I kept imagining that Tokize might 'get' in their group. Lol..kind of imagining Chika marrying into the family to be part of it ^^


      True. Anyway, if they do make errors, hopefully, it is very minor like a missed note but then, in those cases, would the judges know since it is an original piece? The one who might really make a mistake that is obvious is Kouta due to his bad timing.

      About the super group, wasn't it mentioned as 'choice players'? I'm thinking if it is like that, there isn't a high chance that all Tokize members will be in the super group. Was I mistaken?

      - - -

      Ya, I think so, too. I think it will help the two's relationship/jealousy towards Shizuka if Shou knew that is how Yuki felt about Shizuka. =P

      It seems that Shizuka issue just weaves in and out of their lives. ^^; It isn't exactly constant. So, when I say it's okay to read up to 51, I cannot guarantee afterwards. =P As I told you before, I was under the impression before that issue was already resolved/not important for them anymore. Anyway, since there are still basketball games to play later on and if the series continues longer, Shizuka will still be there.

      Irl, what are the typical issues? Isn't it being busy/no time for each other? Storywise, that might be a bit boring so usually a rival issue is included to keep things..ah..interesting.

      True, and we saw a bit of that with Arisa..but that depends on what kind of ex she is. Is she the devious type who'll make Arisa look like a puppy? Also depends on how Shou deals with her. I have seen scenes of the boyfriend letting the ex-girlfriend be all over him in front of the girlfriend. I guess having the ex coming is different from having fangirls around him. Yuki doesn't seem to mind the latter ones. It was totally nothing to her when those girls are giving Shou chocolates.

      - - -

      I see.

      Like what? You're talking about season 1, right? I mean, are they important or just comedy stuff?

    10. Well, I can see him marrying into the family, and eventually getting accepted by most of the clan, he's kinda a prodigy, right? At least, has it so much easier than the others, like the scene when Akira compares him with - forgot his name T___T - that work hard.

      I think it'll have some drama in that sort, not Chika eventually marrying into the family, but I can see the rest of the clan getting in the way of w/e Satowa tries, seeing Chiharu is almost powerless and is the head of the clan just by title, I can see more troble brewing there. Akira might help the gang, but she's from a lower house, right? Despite the prize, I don't remember anybody treating her like she's important, I mean, she wouldn't even attend that meeting Doujima called.

      Aaah, we can see/hear when someone misses a note, despite not knowing the song, and since they're judges, I guess they're hearing are pretty trained to notice any kind of 'sound' that rings wrong in the whole. Realistic speaking, ofc. And bad timing is the worse thing that can happen, hopefully they won't mess, but I don't think they'll be 'perfect'.

      No, no, you're right. I just said it that 'cause I don't remember how many members'll be chosen, so I want to see all Tokize + Mio, lol.
      It's not like I dislike Shizuka, it's just like I said, I don't really like the rivals thing, and I dislike it even more when it's just causing troubles on one end, if we had Yuki beeing jealous and afraid of losing Sho, that'll make it better for me since it's a common thing and it wouldn't make look like Sho's is like a petdog - yea, I read all the comments there, just couldn't read the chaptter yet, lol.

      IRL, long relationships are fated to end badly - imo - 'cause most of the cases the ones involved get lonely and make mistakes, since there's nobody around and it's easy to get away by with any kind of excuse. At least, that's what I've seen, so I'm really wary of and tend to not belive in long relationships - mostly because, I say for myself - people's love aren't strong enough to endure loneliness and stay faithful...

      In story telling, I like the ones when they stay faithful and not flirt with any other, but have they're own insecurities and conflicts and so on. More on the psychological terms of thins, I only happened to one story like that and it's my fav lovecom, despite being weird as hell, lol.

      It's nice to see Yuki doesn't give a care 'bout the fangirls, since she understands that as natural, but with ex I think it'll be different, or at least, if happens at all, I'd want to be different and for her to care like Sho cares. And as we've seen, I don't think Sho'll let the ex be all over him, remember what he told and did with kisstealer? Unless, ofc, he's so desperate about Yuki 'cause he wants to move on from the ex as fast as possible, but that too'd be contrary to what we've seen of his persona.
      I remember in the beginning, Aladin met Alibaba way after than in the anime, and the anime too rushed the arc about those first two girls whe encountered after getting out of the sacred room, aah, the order of the meeting is also 'wrong'. Morg too had some changes, but it's been some time since I both read and watched, so I can't be precise about that, sorry.

    11. Yup. Ah..Sane?

      Ah, I'm thinking more on Akira helping the school regain its students. Iirc, they left because they thought Chiharu is an inferior teacher who cannot even handle her daughter. From the meeting earlier, it seems that they still somewhat respect Chiharu's position. I mean, they could have easily sided with Doujima but they didn't. They considered Akira's input more.

      See = see their expressions that they made missed a note? I see. I guess one has to be really trained to notice it. I mean, isn't it possible to have a flawed original composition? Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see in the next chapter.

      I see. I think if is all Tokize, they will still be in the Nationals = wish come true.

      - - -

      It's interesting though. I didn't really saw him as a pet dog. I think it is more on being affectionate. Iirc, you read Last Game, right? That is what I would consider more as a 'pet dog' = pleading type and the other party don't exactly reciprocating..or at least, very rarely. Actually, fangirls are a variation of the 'pet dog'. Strangely enough, I didn't get that impression with Shou. ^^;;

      I do get your point. I just don't think that way regarding Yuki. ^^;

      Ah, true. In real life, there are stories like that. Though, do you think that if they cannot 'withstand' a long relationship = marriage is also doomed? I mean, in some cases wherein one of the parent has to work overseas/elsewhere and only returns home once a week, month or year/s.

      I see.

      Ah..ex is different from kiss stealer? I mean, there's a history, right? We don't know why they broke up, too. True, he would most likely not let that happen. Hm..maybe the ex can get away with it if she is his sister's friend/childhood friend? Anyway, it depends on what the ex is like and if there are reasons for Yuki to be insecure like having a great body, etc. =P

      - - -

      Oh, I see. It is like fastforwarding it. It's okay. It mustn't been that huge since you forgot already. ^^

    12. Yea, always forget his name, poor devil, lol.

      That's true, but I didn't get the vibe the everyone there was 'happy' with Chihare. To my view, it was more like, let's leave her there while we can't have the position for ourselves. And Doujima seems to be pretty untrustworthy so I got the feeling that's why no one really took her more seriously, but if Akira hadn't intervene, they'd buy Doujima's cra* So I still thing she can stir up some trouble.

      More or less, the see the expression is really visible, especially when they're beginners, they can't fake it - you learn how to make mistakes and play like you're doing really great with exp later, trust me on this one, lol. But I meant in the sound, to someone who has a really trained hearing, they can notice any miss and sounds that don't really click together, despite being an original work. But I don't if the mangaka'll go there.

      Yea, that's what I'm hoping.
      It's just an expression. I mean, Yuki isn't all over him as he's all over her, despite her trying her best to be a 'normal' girlfriend and break out of her shell. And, imo, it does look like if Yuki were ficle enough to swing between Shizuka and Sho, both the guys'd take her back no matter what, so there's the root of pet dog.

      Yuki, tbh, is what made me read Namaiki. But, like I said, it'd be good to see her 'despair' a lil' nor just take him for granted, despite her not really doing that, lol.

      Of course it is, if you can't be faithful just 'cause you're alone/lonely, you're just not faithful by nature, imo. Though I do get that sometimes people make mistakes and regret for life, regarding your point, I do think and am pretty certain that marriage won't last even if there's no need for any long distance and you live together and see each other everyday.

      Yea, that's my point exactly! Kisstealer also said that Yuki is the total oppose to his ex and was very surprised by that, and with that I assume the ex'd be a smoking hot outgoing/easygoing friendly girl - and the only time Yuki seems 'afraid' to lose Sho is when she thinks her herself isn't his type 'cause she's the way she is... So, maybe we do get to see it in some point?
      Yea, it's pretty minor stuff and, like I said before, it didn't really change the understanding of the story. Though I'll confess to you, I don't trust my memory very often, she's like a totally separate and living organism from my mind. It functions they way it wants and rarely the way I need, lol.

      My friends - always the ones who like to mess with me - say the my memory functions like this: there're things I can't remember and things I don't remember, if that makes any sense, lol.
      Speaking of Last Game, I couldn't get in the mood to read the special, is it a good one? The mood I mean, I'm fairly stressed and rarely with any will to do anything lately. Though I got my sick leave, went to the doctors that'd be performing my surgey just to hear that, if I'm not with exposed fracture or spewing blood from all over, I'm not doing anytime soon and it's better to just hang in there, or make a huge debt to pay for it, so...yea, pretty down lately, lol.

    13. I see. It's possible if it's that way.

      Ah, okay. Is it like singing a bit off-key at some point but still act as if one is really doing great?

      - - -

      Is that so. So far, she didn't give me the impression of being fickle/confused between the two. Or rather, it doesn't give a feeling of a full pledge love triangle. I guess that is one reason for me thinking that no matter what, this two will be together forever with their good and bad sides.

      So far, I somehow feel that it is 'fair' between the two. He has his fangirls and she has Shizuka. I mean better than guy has a lot of fangirls and zero suitors/admirers for the girl.

      I see. I get your point. It's more like she is just a bit too aloof and not that/as passionately in love with Shou as Shou is.

      Speaking of that, long distance relationship..what if it isn't any of that but rather finding a better partner? I suddenly have that thought like there is someone better than the current bf/gf, what then? Let's say it is also mutual love. Is that also considered fickle or the person is being practical since marriage is a long term commitment. Anyway, it's just a scenario and I'm curious about your opinion ^^ Even if that might be what Shou is afraid of.

      Possible though most probably just mild drama/something that will be resolved in a chapter or two. Hm..and that would again be resolved by assurances of each other's love, right?

      - - -

      Ah..and it isn't because of your bad back, right? Not feeling well can do that.

      Hehe...well, it isn't that bad, right? For me, my long term memory is usually better than short term. ^^; Sometimes, I would tell someone about this and that but they totally forgot about it. I'm not sure if that's good or bad when I'm the only one who remembers. =P

      - - -

      LG special is pretty much the same as usual before they got together. Yanagi = pushover/loser, and Kujou seemingly insensitive/clueless to his overacting/whims, etc. Good one...for me, not really.

      What?! So they really want it to be an emergency case first before they do anything. Hm...what's the worse case scenario again if it wasn't operated? Aside from the pain and hard to walk.

      Better watch some comedy/listen to more music to somehow relieve the pain. Take care.

    14. Yea, just like that, even if it's your own song/music/piece, to those with a trained hearing it's quite easy to pick up any mistake 'cause the sound is somewhat off.

      And I must confess that I'm quite the pro at looking like one helluva player, even when I'm missing notes more often than getting them right, lol. We have a saying here: instead of poker face, we say peaches face, you're doing nothing wrong, peaches face, everything's alright, peaches face...^^'
      I'm not saying she's fickle, and thank god for that, just saying that, the way it seems, I wouldn't be surprised if she was two timing them and at the end Sho'd take her back as nothing ever happened, you know? Not like it's happening and hopefully it won't, but it's the impression I get, especially since Sho is so overheels for her that I'd say is more like desperation already.

      Yea, it's end the same way I guess, but I don't thing fangirls equal 'serious suitor', even more so when Sho doesn't give any time of his day to other girls. Even if Yuki doesn't reciprocate Shizuka feelings, his way more serious than fangirls - and he has his fanclub too, lol.
      I wouldn't say a better person, but if, in this case, Yuki fell for other person, which is quite common irl - not that the other ones are better, mind you - the only decent thing to do is, before anything even starts with the one you felt for, just come clean and tell Sho/your significant one that things changed, you're sorry but life goes on w/e. Imo, never, never do anything even if you're going to break up eventually, in my eyes, it's not right, even when you don't even feel the same anymore, I don't think it's respectful to stay together just because either...
      I don't know, my memory always worked in a funny way, nowadays is even weirder, but I digress, lol.

      Really? Sometimes that happens to me, too. Not common, though, lol.
      I'll then, it gets old if it's always the same, right? I think that's why I'm taking a break from Namaiki, despite things moving, it's too slow right now, and I'm pretty moody these days, lol.

      Yea, they literally said that, if it's not an emergency - like exposed fracture or something like that - I'm back to the line, waiting for some miracle. But I should've know better, tbh, here things are always like that if you don't have the money necessary to make things roll.

      It'll only get worse and might compromise my whole spine if we don't remove the causes early. I mean, I'm way worse than before, can't even play my instrument for five minutes, nor spend a lot of time in front of my monitor, so... I just do things that I can to not make anyhing worse than already is.

      I'm doing that, I'm reading way more, books and novels since I can't bare to sit for long time, but yea, thanks Kat! It always feels good to talk 'bout things we like to others that like the same thing. ^^

    15. I see.

      What exactly is 'peaches face'? Smiling face? It makes me think of a model tripping then suddenly standing up with smiles and everything.

      - - -

      I see. In a way, I think it usually have that kind of impression if the other one is way over heels in love while the other isn't really like that. I see that often in shoujo though gender reverse. Girl head over heels in love with guy who isn't really like that towards the girl. Readers would most likely root for the other guy who is also 'head over heels in love' with the girl.

      Something like, do you think Shou deserves someone like kisstealer/fangirls/Yuki's twin sisters who love him really really much and would really give everything to him if he wants it? I heard this often though I'm not sure how true it is that most guys would prefer a 'challenge' who is 'harder to court', and then to take those girls more seriously compared to the girls who are easy. Perhaps, something like high standards or a harsher word, picky. That is my impression with Shou.

      Anyway, in some other manga lately, it seems that having lots of fangirls = high possibility of having sex with them. It did dawned to me that it is more realistic/most likely to happen especially with a male teen. I thought, geez, I'm so naive to think that having so many fangirls practically throwing themselves at a normal male teen, what are the chances that he'll still be virgin? It's probably near zero.

      True. I guess it is hard to say in some way. Shizuka is 'secret admirer' since Yuki didn't know. Fangirls tend to openly confess/show their 'love' and Shou can reject them. I would think Yuki would lessen her contact if she is knows/convinced that Shizuka actually likes her. I think it might be like a bf/gf telling that this 'friend' actually likes their partner but the partner doesn't believe and still continues the friendship.

      - - -

      True. Well, I'm just saying 'better' in terms of more compatible but of course, falling in love with someone else is more common. What is 'never do anything'? Doing anything with the new person or with the current partner? True, ideally, it is that way unless the person wants to 'make sure' and two-time first = seems to be very common especially for married ones.

      For shoujo, I think that isn't exactly 'romantic'. Well, I'm not exactly fond of it like one day, you thought everything is okay with your relationship then the other drops the bomb that s/he doesn't love you anymore and has found someone else.

      - - -

      I can understand that. There are series wherein I just couldn't bring myself to read since I'm not in the mood for it or don't exactly like what's happening.

      So, you'll keep on going back to the line until your condition is considered 'emergency', and you are draining your resources due to the sick leave. Honestly, it's very frustrating and it doesn't help that you're not feeling well. So, there's really no other way?

      It almost makes me wonder if other people would have an 'idea' to have an accident just to be treated for the new injury + the old existing injury. ^^; Of course, that really good since that would be multiplying the health problem. ^^;;

      Is it possible to like borrow money or something to be treated in some charity/private hospital instead? I'm just wondering if there are any other options for people like you other than those going amok/go ask help from media.

      Oh. For a musician, that really sucks. Well, hopefully it doesn't get any worse.

      I see. That's good.

      No problem. Glad to be able to somehow make you feel good.

    16. It's exactly that, hahaha! Peaches face is the: nothing's wrong, carry on; face. At least here, it's a good saying, lol.
      Yea, it's a trope, right? One I don't really like, but can put up with it if the story/chars are interesting enough, like Namaiki.

      Well, there's a saying that often tells us that, right? The thrill of the hunt, go for the hardest to get 'cause the ones easier'd be easier to others too and so on. In Sho's case, I don't think that's what's going on, I really do think he just fell hard for Yuki.

      Aaah, that holds true irl either, if you're always 'chased' and have a lot of admirers it's like it's bound to happen. Here, in manga, Sho doesn't strike me like one who'd have sex with anybody just for the sex, though I won't be surprised if he's not virgin anymore, since his ex and his forward attitude in wanting skinship, plus, he's really holding himself back with Yuki.

      I think he doesn't give a cra* about his popularity and doesn't really care 'bout any other girl, or cared about any other while single/before and after his ex.

      That's my thinking/understanding too, and irl, is a messy/complicated situation, been there, went through that, lol.
      Not only married, I've seen that many times with other couples too and it is quite common, unfortunately. And that's why I said, never do anything before breaking up = don't two time, don't kiss or have sex to see if is true love or if is compatible or make sure of your feelings. To me, if it happens to appear someone that you think you feel stronger for, tell your partner and do the decent thing, take a time or just break up for once and move on, don't do any physical or emotional cheating to ensure yourself that's what you want. My ideal world, lol.

      Irl it happens, I mean, I went through that too, like I met someone that made feel something I've never felt before, had a talk to the girl I was seeing - we weren't a real couple per se, but you know... - and then went after the new. It didn't work out, but at least my conscious is clean, somewhat, lol. And the contrary happened too, just that I think the girl didn't break up with first, but that's life I guess, lol.
      The only other way I see it is to pay for the surgery from my pocket. What's revolting is that I have this right to get the treatment for 'free' - it's deducted from my salary after all - but I have to paid for privates 'cause the public is overbunded and it's sh**.

      There are quite feel people that had this idea so much that the government had to put some new terms in the law. My (distant) cousin deliberately cut one of his fingers.

      It is, and that's why I said that my other option'd involve being in a huge debt 'cause I'd have to get a loan, a big one, to pay for the whole treatment.

      Yea, if you can't play your instrument it just feels like something is missing, you know? But yea, thanks for the best wishes, Kat. Like I said, is always good to talk. ^^

    17. True. The mangaka has to make things a bit 'bit different' to make it interesting.

      Is that so. True, he fell in love hard with her. I'm just thinking what's different about her than the other girls. I would think that is one factor though not very evident/he's not conscious of it.


      Hm..but then, why would he have an ex if he doesn't really care about girls. It is indeed that he never loved before with some other girl except with Yuki so, why did he have a ex before? Was it love? Trying out = someone confessed so go steady for the experience? I would think that can be common for young popular teens.

      - - -

      True, ideally. Still, there will be people who would want to make sure. What if you thought that person is better but it turns out. Hm..thinking about it, one ought to be unsatisfied with the current one to entertain thoughts of having a new relationship with someone, right? Unless, that person is greedy.

      I see. Ya, life can be like that.

      - - -

      Ah, okay. Here, I know that it is just reimbursement of a percentage of the total cost whether private or public.

      Hm..did the situation there went worse after the Olympics? <- too many expenses so they are 'saving money'.

      Wow, really. So, they prefer to put in more new terms to the law rather than addressing the situation? But then, that's typical of politicians.

      Oh. And if you do that, they would definitely not at least pay back some of the expense, right? It is really a hard decision.

      Indeed. Again, it is a very difficult situation to be in. Wish you the best of luck and hopefully, it gets resolved very soon.

    18. Well, Yuki is different even among her fellows shoujo heroines, right? I mean, she doesn't really fit among the trope, so I'd say that's her differencial.

      No, I said, he doesn't give me the vibe that he's a playboy, you know? He must've had loved his ex and that's why he dated her. Or, like you said, he just went with the flow - which is quite commom irl - and things didn't work out, he might have started to have real feelings, but then, something happened and they had to break up. I don't see Sho fooling around just 'cause he's pop among the girls, even before he fell for Yuki, he didn't give a dam* 'bout his fans.
      Yea, that's what I always say to my friends: if you're struggling between two people and are already with one, you should pick the second 'cause you're don't care that much about the first one if things are at the stage.

      But there'll always be there the 'greedy' ones that twotime like it's normal and w/e.

      Yea, but like I said, I do things for my own, if my conscience is clean, then I don't have what to regret.
      No, afaik there's no reumbursement at all. There is some kind of discount in exams, but never above 10%, for surgery, there are the health insurence, which is what I'm struggling with 'cause mine is public, the private ones are pretty good and may cover up to 40% in almost all cases, 100% in filiated chains, but they cost almost your sallary, so, unless yout company provides you one, you better get rich or better hope not to get sick.

      It didn't change 'cause we were already broken by then, so nothing really changed tbh. The gov already were cutting expenses in almost all ares, especially health and education 'cause you gotta have you're people sick and stupid to maintain your power/hold, so yea..

      Ofc, but this time around I kinda agree to them. If people are getting hurt in full purpose just so they can 'suck in the gov' there's pretty much a no, no for me, but then again, I'm just weird, lol.
      Thanks again, like I said, it's good to talk about things. I'm doing what I can to get better as fast as I can, it's tough, but that's life, right? A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, lol.

    19. True but then, based on some comments, she doesn't seem to be that likeable.

      Indeed. He is aloof most of the time.

      - - -


      - - -

      I see.

      So, the money is now put where? Paying debt? Put in their pockets? Well, that is a common strategy, to keep people poor/sick and uneducated..well, the latter is good for elections here.

      Ah, for the ones who are perfectly healthy yet would get hurt on purpose? Does the govt give more than what was needed? I mean, normally, one wouldn't do that on purpose unless the advantage is better.

      Still, the injured part would have to be related to what isn't an emergency, right? For example, need a surgery on the knee but deliberately injuring the hand. Would they treat both knee and hand?

      - -

      Indeed. Also, it's for the future, you know. It's really good that you have a positive attitude. ^^

    20. What I find most interesting 'bout Sho is that he doesn't seem to be trying cool acting like that, is just the way he is, and if not for his fowardness, it'd remind me of Suna, fro OreMono.

      Now that you said, it's been said that she wasn't likeable, right? I've forgotten.
      They say it's goinf the safebanks so they can pay their debts and improve some system. I don't believe, but the saying is good, I'll give that at least, lol.

      The advantage is not having to work, the salary gets reduced and you lose some benifits, but you won't have to work yout a** off.

      No, I don't think so. The thing that was happening is perfectly fine peaople getting sick/injured deliberately. But if you needed a surgery, you were already in for some sickleave time. Just hope the perit concede them, lol.
      Like I said, I just try to do what I feel is right, so no regrets ahead. BTW, I've been playing other games as well, needed some more distraction so I restarted Dragon Age. Remember what I said 'bout my game avatars? You wouldn't believe that I spent more than 1h just creating/customizing my char? Lol.

    21. True. And, thankfully, he isn't a jerk = treat girl badly.

      From some comments, yes and it gives me that feeling especially before when she kept on refusing him.

      - - -

      Lol. I heard that before. I think I told you that here, they increase the fare of the trains = improve the operations. It is still the same as before and their government term was already over.

      True..and perhaps, less stress ^^

      I see. So, they're trying to 'trick' the system. Still, they'll only be treated right? Is there some money involved? I mean, what are the advantages of doing it aside from being treated for the deliberate injury?

      - - -

      Lol. Is there a lot of choices for you to take that long? 10 per choice of hair, etc? Anyway, that suddenly reminded me of a fashion game. 'Dressing up' the character and that can take a long time...okay, little girls can probably spend the whole day doing that. ^^

      Anyway, relax and enjoy while waiting for the good news ^^

    22. Yea, while I started reading because of Yuki, Sho's now half of the reason 'cause they both are kinda different from the tropes and their chemistry really makes me smile sometimes.

      Maybe he only went out with his ex for trying, then? Or perhaps he was in love with her and just couldn't see her for what she really was? It got me wondering now, lol.
      You did and I said it almost the same here. Somethings are just so absurd that it makes you laugh, if only not to cry/go batsh** crazy.

      Aah, less stress, definetely. The only downside I see when I get better is returning to work. God knows it sucked my soul and left hollow for most of the time.

      Yes. They try, and I said before, I think, there are some people that know the doctors and have their sickleave as easy as just talking to some friend, though I don't really know how that works. I guess it involves some money, yea, I mean, do you know any kind of 'mafia' that doesn't? If it's not your friend/family, I don't see money not beeing in the middle of it.

      The advantage is not working and getting paid all the same. Though it's less than the normal, it's still better than to work, right? I mean, they aren't incapacited as I am, and most of the times we see/saw their deliberately injuries, it were things that didn't affect your routine and left you pretty much all the same as with no injury. So they'd just take the sickleave as some sort of vacations and that was that.
      Not involving hair, but in Inquisiton - the one I went back to playing - you can adjust almost everything, from the cheekbones to eyelashes and scars, and if you're and elf - I always am - you can pick tattoos and choose how long and 'pointy' ears can be and so on. If I were to play a guy, I'd take at most 10min, lol. I mean, I'd base on myself, ogre'ish', tanned and let's go kill something, lol.

      But and elf has to be cute ^^

    23. I see.

      Possible. I wonder if the mangaka will introduce her. Thinking of it, I guess I'm not too fond of the possibility because it would become like a 'forced' love four-sided polygon as it is somehow a 'forced' love triangle now, if you know what I mean ^_~

      - - -


      Lol, that always happen after a long absence/vacation, etc. It kind of defeats the purpose in some way. ^^;

      Ah, maybe it is indeed money. Are these people well-to-do? I mean, they got to have some excess money for the bribe, right?

      True. And, I think it is kind of risky = more serious injury than intended. ^^;

      - - -

      Lol..does it mean that there are less choices if you play a guy? =P Or it is just because it's based on you? Very choosing of hair but there are cheekbones, etc. So the hair is standard?

      Of course ^^ Oh, does it involve choosing the outfits? Or at least, the color?

    24. I don't know, I mean, I get what you're saying, but imo, this triangle is forced 'cause Yuki is way too dense and Sho way too insecure. If his ex shows up, I don't think Sho'd be swayed, unless his feelings for Yuki were just so he could forget his ex. I don't see him giving any time of his day, unless, ofc, there's some misunderstanding and his ex is a cunning liar b****. And even so, Yuki'd probably just go along with - aah, I see, that's the kind of girls he really likes, no way someone like me - which is the whole and sole doubt in her relationship with him.

      I'd like to see Yuki chasing after him for once, just to balance things somehow, and I can only see that if the ex comes to picture and is a full c**t.

      Forgive the swearings, pls. I just read some things that were that way and am now fully triggered, lol.
      Yea, if we were to look the meanings, vacations only purpose is to give us time to replenish the energy that are soon to be drained again, lol.

      I don't really know. The ones I saw doing that were pretty well off, but there're tons of people that do that, so...

      Yea, it is. But tbh, I never once witnessed someone who'd do that get the end of the stick. I've seen, though, a lot of honest people that were mistreated and got worse went had surgey or went through another kind of medical care - all in honesty - there's even this man that went to amputate one leg and the doctor cut off the good one. It was in the news and everything. At least he got a very good restitution money out of it.
      There are few hair choices, but almost all of them are bland/weird/ugly, so you make do with adjusting your face, eyes, lips, cheeks, jaw, chin and so on. It's been a long time since I don't play a man char, but I'd only model after myself, somewhat bulky, stubble beard, buzz cut now that I no longer am long haired, an ogre'ish look overall, lol. Don't remember if there's make up to man, but I know there's to woman of any race, human, elf, dwarf... Since Dragon Age is a game that tries very hard to include every sexual orientation, maybe there are make ups to man, I just didn't see it 'cause I don't use in male chars. No outfit at the beginning, but you can customize your armor/looks as you progress.
      Have you read Shingeki? I confess that it wasn't what I was expecting, in some ways I thought very good, in others gave me the impression that the 'plot' was all over the place, but I did like it.

    25. Lol, no you don't get it. I'm actually meant what you are saying. This triangle is 'forced'. So whenever Shizuka is shown again, I thought, ah, here we go again. ^^; Kind of like in LG, whenever Souma appears, I can be sure that it is teasing Yanagi again with Kujou somewhat siding with Souma.

      Hm..that last sentence makes me think that is one reason of Shou's insecurity. I guess as you mentioned, that would make them 'even'. =P It might be different though if the ex isn't the 'nice type'. real life or fiction? Well, I'll say that swearing can be infectious in some unconscious way.

      - - -

      Yup. An endless cycle.

      Hm..I heard that kind of story but in the US, amputating the wrong leg/foot. Okay..that's not very reassuring.

      - - -

      Okay. Strange that they put more emphasis on that rather than the hair. It makes me think that the game is really aimed for guys or the one who made the system is a guy. ^^;; I see.

      - - -

      Just read it. Yup, it's quite good even if it is a bit of info overload. It makes me think that it is loosely based on what happened in Germany during WW2. Apparently, there is a mystical/legend about the story instead of it being purely science type.

      Apparently, Grisha kept on making stupid mistakes and the final one cost his life = eaten by Eren. ^^;; Hopefully, Zeke gets what he deserves in the end. The Ackerman is apparently the result of what's that term, breeding to make a superior human. I wonder if his wife is still roaming around there in Paradise.

      Apparently, there are only 9 titans that can retain their human side. The rest would just be mindless type. So, after eating one of the titans that the empire probably sent, Grisha wanted to 'retire' inside but they were attacked which made him go after the royalty to use that for revenge and...that's that. ^^;

    26. Now I see, and ofc, agree, lol. Speaking of LG, I've finally read, and yea, good that the author didn't stray for the main topic/purpose, but it tired me really fast. Maybe 'cause I binged it recently? I just know that by the end of it I wasn't saying, wow, this so sweet. I was just tired, almost feeling sorry for Yanagi, though Kujou isn't really to blame since she's written to be like that, almost the same vibe I get from Yuki - almost, lol.

      If the ex really shows up, I just hope to see Yuki a little frustrated and not ready to give Sho up, like she was with kisstealer, saying she's not his type and w/e. Like I said, with we're going this path, at least make it balanced, it feels really tiresome to always have just one party 'suffering' - like LG. T__T

      Fiction, I've read some goda** stories that had that kind of people, betrayers and cheaters and all drama and it triggered me, I should've know better not to read, but... Luckly, I'm staying quite alway from that irl, so is just fiction for now, lol.

      I'm always monitoring me 'cause I swear a lot and it's not even to curse something, it's a manner of speach to me, but sometimes I do curse 'cause I'm triggered, like when I wrote, lol.
      It seems to be quite common, I mean, when I'm talking with some friends or other people at work and we get to the health subject and the terrible care system we have, they always that this happened to someone close/near.
      I don't really know, this series always had the option to romance almost everyone, it didn't matter if your char was male or female. but the customization was always one of the worst/ugliest, while the npc's were always good, male and female.
      Yea, and most of the chars. having german names does add to that, right? I theorized with some guys back in the day that it was supposed to be in that region, or based that culture.

      I guess he wanted to be eaten by Eren, though? Maybe it's only me, I sure hope it is, but when I saw his 'new wife' and read the end, I totally remembered the titan that ate Eren's mom. Hope I'm wrong and that's just my wicked mind working with my wicked heart, lol.

      I'm just lost now, really. Don't know if Reiner's group are the empire, or are the royal from the mainland wanting the power of the island... Can't even imagine how Eren's gonna react to all that.

    27. I agree. Actually, that's one reason why I can be wary of such set-ups. Even if it is good that the mangaka didn't stray from the theme but it is getting tiresome if the usual 'joke' kept on repeating over and over again. Hehe, is that so ^^

      I agree.

      I see. So, the 'bad guys' are the ones cursing?

      Ah...but it is a 'tame curse', right like s**t type? Hopefully, the other party doesn't take it serious =P For me, it is usually on the mind after reading/watching too much of something with curses. It can be infectious and sometimes, it would slip out...though not aimed at anyone. Perhaps something like saying it when no one is around so that it is gone from the head ^^;

      - - -

      That bad huh.

      - - -

      Oh...kind of a dating game? I played an RPG before that has a dating game and I'm always 'rejected' by the girls. Lol, very poor wooing skills. Still, it's strange that the npc are good. Is that the preferred type these days? <- players like ugly characters?

      - - -

      Now that you mentioned it, wasn't the opening/closing songs German? think so? I recall him looking shocked there. ^^; also thought of it? I also did. That titan could be the ex-wife. I was going to check the hair though...was it the same?

      I think they are from the empire. They are recruiting young soldiers when Zeke got in. So, what's stopping them from recruiting young people again = easier to brainwash. Perhaps, there is also a huge compensation for it. They must be really trusted by/loyal to the empire that they gave 'three' of their titan [powers] to those three...wait four. One of them was eaten by Ymir.

      Ah, they must also have the blood of the 'cursed group' because I think they are the only ones who can become titans. So, the compensation might be, promotion, improve of one's life standing, etc. For their race, etc, so they are very desperate to accomplish their mission.

      So, which side are Eren, the others, the people in the wall going to side with, and what are they going to do. Ah, do you think Reiner and others knew who Eren is due to his surname? <- related to Zeke? I'm just wondering why Reiner and others said before that Eren is the worst person possible to have the power of the coordinator. I mean, right now, it is debunked that it is because he wants to 'kill all titans'.

      - - -

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