September 23, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 85]

Holding Yuulin’s face, Reishou says, “Ah, Yuulin, you really won’t call out to me? *wolf mode* Using your voice to call out my name.” Yuulin looks surprised and speechless. Narration: “At Hakuyou’s harem, I, Tei Yuulin was not aware that my husband, the Wolf King, had gone on the offensive towards me. Last night is the start of everything.”

Flashback: Pushing up his glasses, Jun exclaimed, “Is it really alright, Your Majesty? I can really take a rest tomorrow!?” Reishou glumly replied that he said that it is alright, and it is fine since it is merely just one or two days when he isn’t around.

Jun furiously shouted for him to say that kind of words after he has a way of not giving him any single trouble for a whole day!! “I have no way of taking two days off so it’s just one day! With just one single day, can you not let anything bad happen!?”
Reishou glumly told him that he worries too much. Yuulin sheepishly smiled and thought that Reishou don’t have credibility. Narration: “Li Jun, the Wolf King’s attendant is a workaholic. He is in the palace the whole year. His Majesty only has to call him and he’ll appear. I never saw him taking a vacation even once...

...This time, it also appears that His Majesty suddenly thought of asking him whether or not he’ll relax at his house for a while. Yuulin looked at Jun in aghast <- during vacations, he’ll also go to the [royal] court, he works early in the morning until very late at night, doesn’t go home often and would sleep at the palace, or one can say, on those rare rest days, in the end, he’s still at the palace at night.
Jun exclaimed, by all means for the two to please do not cause any sudden problems, okay!? Reishou said that on contrary, for Jun to warn them so many times, it really makes one really want to do something! Yuulin sweatdropped and told Reishou not to be like that.

She hoped that Jun can properly relax tomorrow. Reishou said, yes. Narration: “—so, it’s like that. As a couple, we should also spend a tranquil vacation. –if I didn’t carelessly have loose lips..” At the harem, Reishou is lying down on Yuulin’s lap. She told him that Ranyou said that after Ryukou met with Reishou, he is always very lively!

Yuulin is happy for she gave her all-out effort to boost the brothers’ camaraderie!! Yuulin says, “When he was at Youshu, it still feels that he’s very quiet. *thinks of high spirited Ryukou* After coming here, His Highness Eifuu had become very energetic.”
Reishou looked at her and sat up. He asked, “‘His Highess Eifuu’?” Thinking it is bad, Yuulin apologized for suddenly calling out Ryukou’s taboo name. [<-cultural taboo against speaking or writing the given names of exalted persons in China and neighboring nations in the ancient Chinese cultural sphere. Souce: wiki]

She explained that when she infiltrated in Youshu, she’ll coincidentally.. She stopped talking because for a split second, it felt as if the air was frozen solid. She became aghast as Reishou smiled and said, “Name, huh. Speaking of that, I also have that. *smiles* Ah, Yuulin.” Narration: “From here, returning to the start of that part.”

At Jun’s house, Jun sighs and mutters that he is unexpectedly asked to rest. He wonders what Reishou had thought that he would do this..but then, how to take a break. Jun is silent. <- a workaholic who doesn’t know how to deal with a sudden vacation.
Holding his head, Jun says, okay, he’ll take a bath first to relieve of his body’s tiredness then he’ll once again read books a bit. “Previously, His Majesty has some interest in shipbuilding skills so let me first find some information about it for future reference--.. *goes into shock*...

...wrong, that is work! Ha.. today is a vacation day so I shouldn’t think about things regarding His Majesty. ..yes, I’ll go out and buy something. While going out to eat, I’ll go check out the condition of the renovated road in the royal capital as to how it is progressing...

...After verifying it, I’ll go and make a report about it to His Majesty.. *goes into shock again* Gah. ...wrong, that is also work!! *gloomily sits down on the chair* It is unexpectedly very hard to totally not think of work..” <- Super∙workaholic.
He recalls that he had served Reishou for more than ten years already.. “I totally do not have any free time to go and relax..” Flashbacks: Scene 1 – Reishou is holding a knife while on top of some boulders. Jun shouted, Reishou, Your Highness, please stop, that’s too dangerous! Scene 2 – Holding a sword, Reishou is covered in dirt and bruises.

Jun shouted, Reishou, Your Highness, how did you get so many injuries! Scene 3 – Jun shouted, Reishou, Your Highness! Where did you run off to again.. End flashbacks. Looking exhausted, Jun muses that it would be better to say that in the past, he [Reishou] can cause one’s lifespan to shorten [due to worries] even more than now.

Flashback: It is snowing. Holding a sword with some blood stains on him, Reishou asked, “Does ‘brother the king’ really want to kill me that much? Obviously, I do not intent to snatch away anything from him. *sheepishly smiled*...
...You’re also getting the worst of it. Obviously there is also no advantage to speak of, for you to look after me. If you don’t want this, then immediately abandon me, Li Jun.” Jun was shocked and worried over what Reishou told him. End flashback.

Jun recalls more times with Reishou as he starts to wear armor, while he is with some other men. [<- probably joined the army] Then, he went along with some men in charging against an enemy. Jun recalls Reishou telling him, “Li Jun, it is good if only [/as long as] I can stay together with everyone here.” And, there is a scene of Reishou having a wild expression as he slaughters the enemy. [<- became wolf.]

Back at the harem, Yuulin nervously asks Reishou what’s up that he’ll suddenly be like that.. Reishou didn’t reply. He just kisses her. Blushing Yuulin asks what is this..? Preparing to kiss her again, Reishou asks if she won’t call his name.
Confused Yuulin says no, about that, is he talking about Ryukou. Reishou says that it doesn’t matter because regarding what happened at Youshou, he’ll just ask Dai about it later on. Chibi Dai goes eep! Reishou smiles at Yuulin and tells her that they don’t talk about that first. “How about trying to call out my name?”

Still confused, Yuulin says, “~~Your Majesty, what’s going on? What is this all of a sudden? I don’t understand.” Reishou says see, she called him, ‘Your Majesty’ again. And, he promptly kisses her. Smiling Reishou says, “If you don’t call my name, I’ll always kiss you, okay? Yes, actually, like that is also quite good. Yes. Yes.”

Smiling Reishou is going towards flustered Yuulin who is backing away. She tries to protest over what’s with this situation. He holds her face and kisses her again. Back at his house, Jun is sitting on his desk. He gloomily thinks that in the end, he is still doing work at his house..
“..yes, even if it is said that it is already slowly getting itself established again, but my country still have a lot of problems so it is very normal to do it like this.” <- a hopeless workaholic who ended up doing things recklessly [/still working in the end]

Scowling Jun thinks that it is because he cannot have any negligence...about this, and that, also...” The window suddenly opens. Dai comes in and calls out, “Hello- Li Jun-sa-ma.” Jun immediately puts his coat on and shouts, “Kou Dai! What’s going on with His Majesty again!”

Sweatdropping over how fast Jun was, Dai says about that. “Perhaps, it is also okay even if you don’t have to forcefully cancel your vacation but Teacher [Gen] and I weren’t successful in our persuasion so we don’t know what we should do.” Jun goes (゚ロ゚);
At the harem, Jun quietly stares at Reishou. While looking away, Reishou grumbles that he didn’t say to call him over. Emitting dark energy, Jun asks what is going on. Reishou just says, “..Yuulin has locked herself up in the room and won’t come out. It is, more or less, my fault.”

Thinking that Reishou doesn’t want to tell him the reason, Jun nods and says that he’ll go and see the princess consort’s situation. Shivering Yuulin who has covered her head with a blanket shouts in surprise, “Li Jun-san!? What’s up!? Aren’t you on vacation!?”

Jun asks why she had wrapped herself like that. Yuulin replies, “This is a protective cover. ...gah!? shoudn’t be because of me!? Li Jun-san’s precious vacation...”  Jun slightly smiles and assures her not to mind that because in this life, there is no such thing as a vacation. 
Trembling Yuulin cries ala waterfalls over that and shouts, “What, that’s too tragic-!! *holds out hands* It’s alright. Quick..quickly go back. Go rest.” Jun angrily shouts, “Okay, if you feel that you want to apologize for this then quickly tell me the sequence of events clearly!” 

Yuulin whimpers. Later on, Jun says, “-I see, it is about unable to say out His Majesty’s name. ..yes.” Yuulin nods. Aghast Jun says, “ shouldn’t have forgotten about it, right.. Because normally, it isn’t used..”

 Embarrassed Yuulin exclaims that no, it isn’t that, she firmly remembers it. “But for me, His Majesty is always ‘His Majesty’. *teary-eyed* He unexpectedly want me to call out his name. I don’t know what to do. *sits down and trembling*...
...Even if I asked him to give me time to mentally prepare myself, but His Majesty would always keep on pressing on. He won’t listen to what I say and he’s so mean. ..super ultra mean. *Jun thinks that she just repeated that twice* It is making me more and more furious. *<- was biting her teeth in anger.*...

...And, I shouted, ‘Since you say it that way then don’t bother me before I can say it out! Get out, idiot-!!!’...” Jun continues, “ the end, you locked yourself up for half the day. His Majesty is extremely depressed. The harem’s mood had become freezing cold that the court ladies are scared out of their wits.. Ha, and after that, my holiday is also gone.”

Yuulin wails that she’s really very sorry. Shaking his head, Jun says that she had already apologized. He thinks that Reishou is the root cause of all of this. He says, “Listen well, Lady princess consort. It is normal to feel panicky about calling His Majesty’s taboo name...
...King is king. Generally speaking, it is correct that one should decline this kind of good intention. But, the two of you are a married couple. Privately, it can act as the two’s little small secret so it’s really nothing. *scowls* It is better to say that you immediately bite the bullet and go straight up ahead! That person will indeed be very willful [/stubborn about this] until the end!!”

Clenching her fist, Yuulin shouts, “Ye..yes, mother-in-law-sama!!” Jun angrily shouts, “Who are you calling mother-in-law!!” Then, Jun watches Yuulin starting to practice calling out Reishou’s name. Yuulin wonders out loud if she can say it out normally.

Jun muses that he’s a bit envious of her because he can no longer have an opportunity of calling out that name. Then, there is a scene of Jun lecturing young Reishou. Narration: “Because of Li Jun-san’s help, we, married couple, had made up.” 
Reishou apologizes to Yuulin for he got careless, and he teased her too much. “It is because you’re so cute.” Yuulin says, me, too..she’s too stubborn..really makes on infuriated.. Narration: “Li Jun-san’s vacation is already over. (cries).”

Reishou tells Jun that he’ll make up for his vacation on the day after tomorrow... Jun sighs and says there’s no need, don’t mind it, His beloved country’s Majesty. “To be able to help you out is my honor.” There is a scene of younger Jun saying, “Your Highness Reishou.” to Reishou on that snowy day.

Reishou says that this would certainly be read for many years..[? not sure if he is referring to Jun’s loyalty or his ‘no vacation’ probably the latter] Yuulin looks aghast. Jun exclaims but of course and tells Reishou to reflect upon himself [/examine his conscience] for a while.
Comment: I like this chapter. It is light romance and comedy. Apparently, Jun isn’t just a nagger, strict, etc..he is also a workaholic. So how does a workaholic spends his vacation? By working. ^^; He already got used to being busy about the country’s affairs and ‘babysitting’ Reishou. He couldn’t stop doing it anymore. =P

No wonder before when they went to the city incognito, Jun is having stomach ulcers whenever he feels Reishou is up to no good. ^^; He really cannot easily let him off his sight especially since he’ll end up be the one cleaning up the mess. =P Even if he doesn’t like to hear it, Jun is really like a mother-in-law. ^^;;

As for Reishou, he is quite a handful as a kid. I guess it is good that he didn’t listen to Jun’s reprimands about learning to fighting or else, he’ll be dead already. That past scene makes me think of Kenshin in RK. He used to be innocent and fight out of necessity but then, in the end, the innocence is ‘lost’. In Reishou’s case, his wolf personality emerged as perhaps, out of will to survive and became part of his personality.

I guess what Jun answered to him about there is no advantage to serving is the one in the end of the chapter, he would still help him and it is his honor to do so. He ought to be rewarded for his dedication and everything towards Reishou.

As for Yuulin, what is the real problem? Cannot say out his name or the continuous kisses? =P That ‘game’ is actually a win-win for Reishou =P Unfortunately, until the end, Yuulin wasn’t able to call out his name. Perhaps, that is reserved later on. Scans by 水神汉化组

By the way, there is no OnH chapter this month in Lala so there’s no summary next month.

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