July 31, 2016

Review: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapters 31-34]

Chapter 31: Hina happily tells the others that she and Aki are going ahead for the test of courage game. Yuuma is laughing while Tsubasa couldn’t believe her bad luck. Since Tsubasa isn’t in the mood, Yoshinari warns her to be serious or else, it will be dangerous because if she wasn’t careful, the spirit of that sport’s manager will bring her into that other world. This scares Tsubasa and Hayabusa. Yoshinari cheers them on.

Inside the school, Aki comments that Hina is in high spirits. She says that it is because she likes scary movies and she gets to walk with him. He asks huh? She squeals that it is nothing. Hina says that Tsubasa looks really scared and she is very feminine that she [Hina] thinks that Tsubasa’s so cute.

Hina is surprised when Aki’s expression soften. He says that for Tsubasa to be so afraid, it makes him want to worry about her. He comments that it seems that the siblings aren’t good with this. Hina looks quiet and surprised.
After some time, it is Tsubasa and Yuuma’s turn to go inside the school. Yuuma offers his hand if she’s so afraid but Tsubasa declines though asks him to walk ahead of her. They first went to the PE room. Tsubasa tells herself that she knows that there are no ghosts but, being in school at night.. Then, she is startled by a loud noise.

Yuuma says that a ballpen fell and it must be the wind. Nervous Tsubasa thinks that the windows are closed. Yuuma says that they are now going to the classroom. Tsubasa hears someone saying, it’s not here, it’s not here. She asks Yuuma about that strange sound but Yuuma denies that he heard anything.

He tells her that any ghost-type of things would go nearer to those who are scared of them. This really scares her but she still refuses to hold Yuuma’s hand. Yuuma assures her that it is alright, no need to be so afraid. In the end, she decides to just grab his shirt.
Tsubasa looks surprised to see him somewhat blushing. He tells her not to despise him for just now, that is sudden attack from her. He tells her to quickly move ahead. Tsubasa wonders if he’s embarrassed when obviously he was casually offering out his hand. She finds it strange for it turns out that Yuuma can show that kind of expression.

Then, Yuuma apologizes. Giving her the map, he says that his shoe laces had loosened. Tsubasa looks at the map and thinks that they only have to put the tribute whistle in the gym and it’s finished. Just when Tsubasa is telling Yuuma where is the tribute.., Yuuma is gone.

She calls out to Yuuma when she notices a long haired woman behind her. Everyone hears Tsubasa’s scream. Tsubasa starts running away. She wonders where Yuuma is and who’ll save her. From the stairs, Aki calls out to her. He is surprised to see her teary-eyed as she explains what happened.
Aki pats her head and comforts her that it is alright. Tsubasa starts to apologize for crying and asks where Hina is. Aki says that Hina is fine by herself. He explains that he is part of the ones in charge of this courage test.

The third years would be in charge of the scary stuff. Yuuma disappearing is also part of it. So it is part of the plan that he left Hina by herself. The woman he saw was Hachiya with a wig. Tsubasa is relieved and says that she was totally scared. Aki says that Hina told him that being scared is so feminine which makes Tsubasa cute whereas Hina is totally not scared.

Tsubasa recalls Aki calling out to talk with Hina after dinner. Tsubasa asks what he just talked with Hina. Aki says that it is nothing and it isn’t worth mentioning. Since she realizes that she had put him in an awkward position, Tsubasa apologizes for suddenly asking and it is okay if he doesn’t want to talk about it. She admits that she is a bit curious upon seeing him call out Hina alone.
Aki exclaims that it turns out that she’s talking about that time. He explains that he warned Hina about how she treats the others for they are very sensitive. Then, they see irritated Yuuma who called out to Aki. Tsubasa is relieved that it turned out that Aki and Hina were talking about the club activity.

Yuuma asks Aki how come he is moving on his own. Aki just apologizes. Tsubasa wonders what Aki originally thought she is asking. After lights out, Hina asks Tsubasa if she knows the girl whom Aki likes. This surprises Tsubasa. Hina says that it seems that she currently likes Aki and she mentioned this to Aki during the test of courage. 

He suddenly answered her, ‘I cannot answer you since I already have someone I like.’ Tsubasa is totally confused over this news since things are happening fast. Hina says that this is just a female intuition but could it be that the person he likes is Tsubasa.
Chapter 32: Flashback: Hina asked if Aki currently has someone he likes. He asked what’s up that it’s so sudden.. Hina said that she is just a bit curious, that’s all and it is because she feels that right now, she seems to like him or perhaps, she already likes him.

Aki looked surprised that Hina said that he looked like he had seen a ghost. Just when Hina is saying that they really suit each other, he apologized and said that he cannot answer her because he already likes someone. End flashback.

Hina tells Tsubasa that even if it is just her feeling but she feels that the one whom Aki likes is definitely Tsubasa. She says that Aki obviously isn’t good in dealing with girls yet when he is with Tsubasa, he can open up his heart and he totally treats her in a special way! She’s so envious of Tsubasa.

Tsubasa says that’s wrong, it isn’t like that. She asks what is Hina suddenly saying and it is because she is the club manager so she always interacts with Aki, that’s all. Hina protests that his attitude towards her [Hina] isn’t the same. Tsubasa continues to say that it is because Hina is a kouhai.
Before they can argue further about that, Yuri tells them to stop it and go to sleep for they have to wake up early tomorrow. The two apologize. That night, Tsubasa couldn’t sleep because of what Hina told her about Aki liking her.

She tries to calm herself but she couldn’t. She knows that what Hina said was just a guess but she herself felt that the distance between her and Aki had become smaller compared before. She isn’t sure but then, she doesn’t want to just hear someone else say it or for it being a mere guess, she wants to hear Aki’s own voice saying out his own thoughts. She sits up and decides to talk with Aki.

During V-day, a lot of things happened but this time around, she’ll definitely take the initiative to tell him her feelings. The next day, someone calls out whose LINE [messaging app] kept on ringing nonstop. Yuuma says that it is his phone. The others ask if it is a girl and being popular is really nice. Yuuma says that it isn’t a girl who sent it. Then, he scowls upon reading the message.
The school’s dismissal bell has ringed. Nervous Tsubasa thinks that today is a good day to confess and because there is no club day today, she can have time to slowly talk with Aki. After some deep breaths, she is ready to go but she stops. She decides to send a LINE to Aki first for he might have some schedule after school.

She freezes when Yuuma calls out to her and says that there is something he wants to consult with her. Tsubasa looks gloomy for she has this ominous feeling. She asks what’s up. Yuuma asks if she is free for there is this little thing which he wants her to accompany him to. Tsubasa says that it will be hard for her to comply if it is regarding his private matters. Yuuma says that it isn’t about him but this one. He points to his cellphone. Tsubasa is surprised for it is Souma [Hina’s older brother].

Souma tells Tsubasa that it seems that Hina is under her care and has she heard from Yuuma about something that he has to discuss with her no matter what but he doesn’t know her ID so he asked Yuuma to help him out. Tsubasa says that she hasn’t heard of it yet and besides, she has some other thing to do today... Souma shouts okay, then quickly come over with Yuuma.
While Tsubasa is surprised by that, Yuuma says that’s the issue. Tsubasa is puzzled for there is no interest topic that she and Souma can talk about. Yuuma asks if it is about the basketball club like maybe an invitation for a practice game.

Yuuma says that Aki would start going to morning practice is because of Souma’s influence so he’ll definitely want to have another competition. Even if Souma’s strong basketball team that they won’t treat their team as rivals, but if Souma said so, perhaps, it can happen. Then, Aki would definitely be happy.

Tsubasa debates over confessing to know of Aki’s thoughts about her or making Aki happy over a competition with Souma’s team. She has a bad feeling if she, Yuuma and Souma are all together and furthermore, today, she’ll.. Yuuma says that in the end, she won’t go so sorry for delaying her. On the phone, he apologizes to Souma that today is.. Tsubasa nervously tells him to wait.
Soon, walking towards the gate, Tsubasa gloomily goes with Yuuma who says that she is really giving it her all for this. Aki and Yoshinari see Hina spying on the two. She is curious for her stupid brother is going to meet with those two and what plot could he have so she is stalking them. Yoshinari wonders out loud why Tsubasa has to be there when he can understand if it is just Yuuma and Souma.

Hina sees Aki looking at the two that she asks if he’s curious then does he want to go together with her. Aki tries to refuse but Hina already grabs him and says to quickly follow those two. Yoshinari says that he’s going home. At a restaurant, Yuuma complains that Souma obviously called them out yet he isn’t here yet.

Tsubasa is really sad that her plan for today is all messed up. Yet, she wants to have a good result before going back. She tells Yuuma that they definitely have to secure a practice game with Souma’s group. Yuuma laughs and says any will do. To her surprise, he apologizes for he actually doesn’t have any big interest in any practice game and he doesn’t care anything about Souma. Actually, he hopes that Souma doesn’t show up at all.
Yuuma happily smiles and says that it is because he can go out with her so he took the opportunity to just go along with Souma’s invitation even if he doesn’t know the reason for it. Tsubasa is aghast for she feels that she was fooled. Yuuma asks if she’s angry. She shouts that of course she is.

Teary-eyed she thinks that even if she wants to go back to school right now, Aki has probably already gone home. She cannot even say confess when she wasn’t even able to see him once throughout the day. At the other table, Hina wonders what they are talking about and how come her stupid brother hasn’t arrived yet.

She asks Aki if he finds Tsubasa different from the usual for usually, she’ll be smiling haha but it is unexpected to see her panting with rage. Aki says that perhaps towards Yuuma, she doesn’t have to be on guard and she can loosely express herself. Hina looks surprised and says it turns out to be like that, so are the two going steady.

Aki says that even if he hasn’t heard it from them personally, but most likely.. He recalls seeing the two kiss in the storage room. Hina exclaims if that’s true and Tsubasa is really skillful for she heard that Yuuma is a super unrivalled popular.. She stops upon seeing Aki looking really sad. Hina says that in the end, he.. Hina looks flustered and says that it’s nothing.
The door opens and Hina looks aghast. Souma has arrives to greet Yuuma and Tsubasa. Hina angrily wonders what they are going to talk about and just looking at that smile of his, infuriates her. Aki wonders why she hates her brother so much. Standing up, Hina tells him that they go nearer for it is meaningless if they couldn’t hear them.

Aki says that if they go nearer, they’ll be found out.. Hina points out to him which side where they can stay without being noticed. She accidentally hits her drink on the table. Crash. Tsubasa and others are surprised to see Aki and Hina at the other table. Souma asks what Hina is doing. Hina is about to answer but Souma says that it is because she is curious about his actions and it turns out that she has a brother complex.

Angry Hina mentally tells him to shut up. Tsubasa thinks that even if she doesn’t clearly know what’s going on but she gets to meet up with Aki by chance. Basically, she was already hopeless about today, yet in the end, once again..! Tsubasa says that it is rare to bump into each other so everyone come and sit down together. Souma agrees.

Tsubasa asks if there is no problem for Yuuma. He says that it doesn’t matter to him. To Tsubasa’s surprise, Hina refuses to go over to their table. She says that Aki originally wanted to go home but she involved him and forcefully brought him here so for today, they don’t want to disturb them. She tells Aki that they are going. Aki says okay. Tsubasa still looks surprised.
Chapter 33: Tsubasa can only watch as Hina holds Aki’s arm when they left the place. Souma wonders what’s up with Hina when her senpai called out to her to come. He apologizes to Tsubasa on Hina’s behalf. He says that it must be the rebellion stage of ‘it is embarrassing to eat together with a family member outside’. She obviously likes him enough to come here yet she is acting spoiled. He asks Tsubasa not to be angry.

Tsubasa tells him that she is totally not angry... She wonders why Aki would be together with Hina if she is just curious about Souma. Even if she said that Aki had already rejected her but in the end, Hina still.. Yuuma looks at Tsubasa then asks Souma why he specially called them out and they were waiting for a long time.

Souma says that’s right, he heard that Hina is their club’s manager. He wants to ask if she is properly working, their eyes are quite the same and isn’t it cute..c’mon say it. Yuuma and Tsubasa are stupefied. Yuuma stands up and says that they’re going. Souma tells them to wait, don’t go—
At the street, Aki calls out to Hina who is walking ahead. Hina turns around to bow and apologize over what happened when she obviously dragged him over yet they were found out. Aki says that is okay for he could have refused if he doesn’t want to go so he is also to blame.

Hina asks him if he wished that they stayed over and chatted with Tsubasa. He says that he isn’t quite sure, and in the end, he finds it hard to sit there so Hina was a great help when she said that. Then, he asks if she wanted to stay.

Hina exclaims that she doesn’t want to sit together with that stupid brother. She doesn’t care about her brother but would Tsubasa be angry at her. Aki assures her that Tsubasa won’t get angry over a declined invitation. He lightly knocks her head and tells her to relax, and let’s go home. Hina blushes over this.
Meanwhile, while walking with Yuuma, Tsubasa feels that she made a mistake with the sequence. That is before she goes to Aki, she should properly talk with Hina first. Yuuma asks if she is still thinking of Hina. He says that her feelings are written all over her face and since that time, she suddenly became all depressed.

He tells her that it seems that Hina really likes Aki but how come Tsubasa cares about that. Tsubasa exclaims that of course, she’ll care since they are senpai-kouhai in the same club. She knew of Hina’s feelings but she didn’t tell Hina about her own feelings for Aki so it makes her feel that she isn’t reciprocating in good faith.

Even if she knows that it is difficult to like the same person but they should fight fairly, right.. Yuuma asks what if the other party doesn’t have that in mind. Tsubasa looks surprised then becomes suspicious. Yuuma tells her not to think ‘this whole day, here goes this hindering person once again..’ for it isn’t what she is thinking.
Yuuma says that he is just worried about her. He’s worried if in the end, she’ll get the worst of it again. He admits that he really likes Tsubasa for being always considerate and caring to everyone but there are times when she has to distinguish it depending on the situation. Here, she is still worried about the rival so how can that be.

Tsubasa thinks that this side of Yuuma is hard to deal with when he obviously just always like to joke around. Yet from time to time, what he says is spot on. Tsubasa looks flustered that Yuuma says that it is rare for her to become embarrassed. She denies it and says that she also hates that side of him.

She thanks him for worrying about her but in the end, she’ll still go and talk things clearly with Hina. Right now, she won’t argue over whether it is good or bad because afterwards, she still wants to work together with Hina as managers. Yuuma sighs for she is really stubborn. She tells him that is normal.
At school, after club activity, Hina apologizes for what happened yesterday. Tsubasa says that it is okay. Hina asks about her brother. Tsubasa says that she thinks that Souma dotes on her. Hina says that she is absolutely mistaken for Souma doesn’t like anything else beside himself.

Tsubasa cannot believe that. Then, Hina notices Aki with the others. Aki smiles then greets them ‘good job’[/otsukare]. The girls greet him back. Hina is very happy. Leaving the locker room, Yuri asks the last person to leave should lock the door. After she left, Tsubasa thinks that this is the opportunity since only she and Hina are left here.

Tsubasa mentions to Hina that she said that she confessed to Aki and at that time, her [Tsubasa] head went blank so she wasn’t able to tell her that actually, she also likes Aki. Hina is stunned. Tsubasa apologizes for not telling her immediately.. Hina tells her to wait, she doesn’t understand, wasn’t she going steady with Yuuma. Tsubasa says that they are not and where did she hear that.
Hina asks if it was wrong so that means, they still.. Tsubasa apologizes for making Hina misunderstand especially about her and Yuuma. Hina asks if Tsubasa is getting ready to confess because of what she told her. Hina apologizes for she was just casually saying that [Aki likes Tsubasa] when she has no basis to say that..

Tsubasa says that it is okay and it isn’t because she believes Hina that she is going to confess but rather, she wants to tell Aki about her own feelings. Actually, she has been thinking of it for a long time already.. Looking dark, Hina says that she has a request and that is for Tsubasa not to go confess to Aki.

After looking surprised, Tsubasa says regarding her request, that is a bit.. Hina asks if she won’t accept it even if right now, she is currently going steady with Aki. Tsubasa is stunned. Hina says, so right now..she hopes that Tsubasa can give up on confessing to Aki. She closes the locker door, goes to the door and says, good job, and she’s really sorry.. She left and Tsubasa still looked totally stunned.
Chapter 34: Outside the locker room, Hina looks surprised by what she told Tsubasa. Then, she runs off. Tsubasa can hear Hina’s fading footsteps. Her brain went blank and what Hina said caught her off guard. She would unexpectedly say that she is going steady with Aki yet not long ago, Hina just said that Aki rejected her confession.

She totally couldn’t understand it for when did things progressed up to that stage. Even if she totally doesn’t know the reason, in short, it meant that she was jilted.

At a convenient store, Aki and the other club members are eating and talking about the sports festival coming up soon. The club members always join the relay and it is good to hear that Ayumu is good at the 50 meter dash. Last year, it was Aki who won it. Hayabusa says that’s amazing.
Just then, someone bumps into him. Hayabusa turns around to see Hina. Hina apologizes for not paying attention. Yoshinari says that sprint with all her strength, is there a TV program that she wants to watch. Hina says that it isn’t, about that..

Then, she sees Aki. She quickly looks away and says that it is nothing, there’s no special reason. Yoshinari is surprised for she can actually run so fast but then, her brother is also fast. Aki says that it isn’t hereditary. Hina is looking surprised and uneasy. This is noticed by Hayabusa.
At the station, it is already almost 7pm. Tsubasa thinks that the train she usually rides has already left so she’ll just ride the next one. After passing the ticket gate, she remembers a certain time being there with Aki. While going up the escalator, she gloomily thinks that Aki should have already left..

And, to her surprise, she sees Aki at the platform together with Hina. Hina is talking with Aki about the station nearest to Aki’s house. Tsubasa backs away but Aki has seen her. Aki says that it turns out that she hasn’t gone home yet. Putting on a smiling face, Tsubasa says that is because she is dillydallying while changing her clothes that she wasn’t able to ride the usual train.
Aki says that he was at the convenient store with the others so he didn’t go home yet. Hina is looking gloomy and tense. Aki comments that he was with Hayabusa and others earlier and it turns out that he rides a bicycle to school.

Tsubasa explains that her younger brother has a serious motion sickness that he couldn’t ride the train or the bus. Tsubasa thinks that right now, she is properly chatting with Aki, right..it is Aki’s voice and her’s.. so obviously, she should be hearing it right but it totally isn’t passing through her brain--..

Noticing something different about Tsubasa, Aki offers her a candy. Tsubasa recognizes it as the same kind she gave him before. Aki says that at the store earlier, he saw that it is the one she gave him before that he unconsciously bought it.
Tsubasa feels like crying. She tells him not to be like that whether the words he says or these feelings of hers. Tsubasa manages to smile and thank him but she’s fine and she isn’t hungry right now.

Her response surprises Aki and Hina. Tsubasa tells Aki to go eat it. Hina looks somewhat guilty. Tsubasa thinks that basically, she would want whatever Aki gives her and no matter what, she’ll be very happy but right now..

A cellphone is ringing. It’s Tsubasa’s phone and it is a call from Yuuma. Aki’s eyes widen when he hears Tsubasa calling out Yuuma’s name of the phone. Yuuma says that there is something he wants to confirm with her so is she home right now. Tsubasa says that she is still at the station.
Yuuma says that he doesn’t know what happened but he brought home the math teaching materials that are intended for her so did she got his. Tsubasa tells him to wait and she’ll check. Hina looks at Tsubasa then sadly looks at Aki.

Tsubasa tells Yuuma that it is with her. Yuuma says that they must have careless took each other’s materials while answering them in class. He says that he only wanted to confirm it so remember to bring them to class tomorrow.

Tsubasa tells him to wait, she’ll give it to him right now. This surprises Yuuma. Tsubasa tells Aki that she careless got Yuuma’s stuff so she’ll give it back to him right away. Aki asks, right now, but it is already 19 o’ clock and is it something important.
Tsubasa tells him that even if it is okay to give it tomorrow but she doesn’t want to cause trouble to Yuuma so see you tomorrow. She also bids uneasy Hina ‘see you tomorrow’. Later on, at a playground, Yuuma is waiting for Tsubasa. Upon arriving, Tsubasa thanks him for coming to the park to wait for her.

Yuuma says that it is very dangerous for a girl to be alone at night. She gives him the papers and he thanks her. Yuuma says but he didn’t know that she’ll be very troubled just because he didn’t have this paper. Surprised Tsubasa becomes tense for he overheard it on the phone.

Yuuma says that she didn’t hang up the phone so he heard it clearly from his side. He asks is it really okay for her to say that because looking at it from Aki’s side, he’ll feel that Tsubasa is saying that right now, she wants to see him [Yuuma].
After looking surprised, Tsubasa says that he noticed it. Yuuma is surprised to see her reaction. Tsubasa thinks that’s right, at that time, even for one second sooner, she really wants to run away from that place. Right now, Aki’s gentle voice and smile just makes her feel pain so how would things turn out starting tomorrow. What should she do?

She becomes teary-eyed for she would have to see Aki and Hina each day during club activity. She thinks that this is no good. Tsubasa shouts that she is leaving so see you tomorrow. Yuuma calls out to her. Tsubasa keeps on running. She mentally apologizes to him for if she were to turn around right now, she’ll..

Yuuma reaches out his hand and holds Tsubasa from behind. Teary-eyed Tsubasa slightly turns to him. Yuuma says that since she ran away [from Aki] to his side then at least, depends on him a bit more. “You’re obviously crying. How can I let you go home like this.” Tsubasa tearfully closed her eyes.
Comment: This series is starting to remind me of Chitose, Etc. Aki is a fine lead guy, the nice one and it’s great that the female lead also likes him. But as a character in a story, he is bland. It makes me wonder what happened after he confessed to Yuuma about liking Tsubasa. I thought he was raring to fight for Tsubasa. Is it because he presumes that the two are going steady?

In a way, that is like a repeat here about confessing to someone else other than that person. This time, it is between Hina and Tsubasa. Even if Yuuma has his tricks but he won’t go underhanded that way just like Hina. Yuuma tends to just grab every opportunity he has with Tsubasa. In a way, I should be thanking Hina and the two for being like that so Yuuma really gets to shine in this series = getting the really nice scenes. And, because of that, I'm still summarizing this. ^^;

I do wonder what kind of life Tsubasa and Aki would have if they continue to be nice and everything. Somehow, I imagine them as the type of parents who’ll be duped out of their money like a Hina-type of person because of their kindness. And their kid is forced to work to pay off the debts. <- a typical scenario in some other manga. ^^;

Nice Aki kept on being nice to Hina who would covet him more. Iirc, Yuuma would bluntly show his ‘not interested’ to any other girls who are attracted to him including that Ran. Aki doesn’t seem to be too observant either or else, he would have notice that there is something more as to why Tsubasa is acting that way.

As for Tsubasa, Yuuma had warned her. She also knew that it doesn’t make sense that Hina was rejected yet they are now going steady. Still, it will be hard for Yuuma to say, ‘told you so’ because he is reaping the benefits. ^^; So, back to Chitose, Etc. even if the scenes between Tsubasa [lead girl] and Yuuma [other guy] are quite interesting, but in the end, she’ll 90% end up with Aki. Scans by allwink

Word of the day:
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  1. blackphoenixsuzakuAugust 1, 2016 at 8:02 AM

    Love the summary. Have always been a fan on your opinions, especially in Skip Beat. I should note that most translations refer to Yuuma as Toba

    1. Glad to hear that, blackphoenixsuzaku ^-^

      Thanks ^^

      Hehe..I'm using the first name rather than the surname. ^^;

  2. Hai Kat.. Can you do a summary for kiss de seiyaku?

  3. thanks for translating, i continued reading it for the sake of toba... i wonder how it will end, i still have hopes for toba x tsubasa even though chances are very slim. i might think that if tsubasa gets together with aki and toba will say that it was all an act so that aki will make a move or something

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Same here ^^

      The chances are indeed very slim...well, it was zero before, in my opinion. ^^;

      I don't think it is Yuuma's character to give in like that. Most likely, it is over if someone actually slips and mentions about Aki liking Tsubasa or vice-versa and Hina was lying.

      The series will most likely end when we have the chosen one. Hehe..it happens in most love triangle stories.

  4. This is the ultimate cliché. * sigh *

    But the bottomline here is, it's Aki's fault. I don't really understand his character. Early on, when one girl confessed to him, he rejected her.... then she asked if if perhaps he already has someone he likes ? He didn't answer but Tsubasa's image appeared on his mind. Aki has always been aware Tsubasa likes him, and when Tsubasa actually confessed to him, he didn't respond. All his friends also knew, but he told them he didn't know how to respond to her feelings, and Tsubasa heard that, and she understood it as a rejection. In fact, Yuuma saw that Tsubasa heard it, and saw her ran away.... and followed her. So, whatever.... Christmas came and Tsubasa looked forward to the Christmas party and exchanged gift - giving. What do you know.... Aki bailed and instead went to a basketball practice ( on Christmas eve ). What the heck, Aki ? And the fact that he knows he's got a rival in Yuuma, yet he doesn't make a move. Then Hina confesses to him, rejects her, and tells her he likes another girl, and yet, he allows her to cling to her, and doesn't mind Tsubasa seeing them together.
    Seriously, Aki can go to wherever, and doesn't deserve Tsubasa's love. She fits more with Yuuma because both of them are honest with their feelings and open with their affection.

    I don't know if we can compare this to Chitose, though. Both the main guys have intimate relationships with their girlfriends even if they purport to like another. Well, the black haired guy didn't have a girlfriend, but he did have a sex friend, while the blond haired guy ( the one Chitose liked, had been sleeping with his girlfriend.... in fact, Chitose saw them together getting out of the guy's apartment, and going to school together. To make the story short, Tsubasa and Hotaru is waaay different from Chitose.

    But, I do predict Tsubasa will go into a relationship with Yuuma, and Aki will accept Hina.... so it's gonna be one messed up affair.

    1. Hehe, ya, megaworthit.

      Perhaps, Aki is the oblivious type. ^^; Doesn't know anything about romance/emotions unless it is about himself and cares more about basketball which is his priority?

      True..but then, usually, it doesn't matter if they 'suit each other' because love is supreme.

      Ah, I don't mean that part. I only meant the OTP don't have that much chemistry in contrast to the lead girl and the other guy. I like the scenes when Chitose is with the black haired guy in contrast to the lead/blond guy. Here, it is the same. I like the Yuuma x Tsubasa scenes. =P

      Is that so.. Well, I think it depends if the lie is exposed first before Tsubasa falls for Yuuma = zero chance.

    2. Nopenope, Aki isn't oblivious. He is very much aware but is catatonic, if not a zombie. His character is deadpan , and the only thing going for him is Tsubasa likes him, and you're right, the best scenes are when Yuuma is in these scenes, because he is working hard and trying his best for the girl he likes. This is one shojou plotline that mangakas try to push forward and always frustrates me. The second guy is always the one who is more earnest and the one that fights for his feelings. LDK is a good example... Ao Haru Ride, and so many more, and it always makes me feel bad. And lately, this is the plotline that makes me scratch my head.

    3. I mean oblivious as to what to do afterwards. Too passive and just 'go with the flow' type. The only time he seems to be proactive is when basketball is involved. Aside from that time in Christmas, there is also calling out Hina for criticizing the others too much.

      I agree. I guess the mangaka-s are in some way trying to make a more interesting rival but in the end, the said rival outshine the actual lead. ^^;; Then, it would be damage control afterwards. Usually, they'll end up with the first love ^^

    4. Kat, I really have this sinking feeling Aki will go into relationship with Hina. He definitely is not fighting for Tsubasa, and since finding out Hina likes him, he has become even more nice to her.

      About Tsubasa towards Yuuma...... I'm not so sure, but I think she's hurt enough that she will go ahead and accept Yuuma to preserve her pride. After all, she believes she had already been rejected by Aki, and to think that Aki and Hina are now in a relationship ( in her mind, of course ), it would really devastate her to see them together at the club. If I were Tsubasa, I'd quit the club if she doesn't want to see them together..... or be just throw caution to the wind, and accept Yuuma's feelings.

    5. Hm..not too sure about going to have a relationship with Hina...but the latter part, yes. I mean, that seems to be too much of a jump for Aki when he couldn't even do that for Tsubasa. =P

      True, that's the realistic way towards it. I'm thinking more of a shoujo-type resolution. In this mangaka's previous series, it usually ends when the couple get together/someone got chosen. So, it might just end with, lie exposed and they get together, the end.

  5. I really like Yuuma for Tsubasa. This is one manga where my second guy syndrome is poking me again..... but seriously, rooting for the second guy this time is totally, totally justified, and makes a lot of sense. Tsubasa is not looking at Yuuma, and has only eyes for Aki, but now, I hope she will take a second look at him..... in the fist place, she will find it unpleasant to look at Aki now.

    1. Hehe, is that so, megaworthit ^^ Actually, for this mangaka, I tend to like her 'second guy' based on her last two previous series ^^;;

      True. Even if I would want that, I'm not keeping my hopes up = be disappointed in the end. ^^;

  6. ohh!! this is my first time to drop some comment here. and so far i really like your opinions / summary ...

    anyway go to toba-kun!!! yay! yay!