August 3, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 48]

During PE class, Nishiyama is picking off petals of a flower in hopes of knowing if he’ll pass or not. ‘I won’t pass, I’ll pass, I won’t..’ Then, he screams that he won’t pass tomorrow’s exam, what is he to do!! Amamiya tells him to stop it for this is a super sensitive time so why is he doing that kind of ominous thing. He orders Nishiyama to quickly give him 10 leap frogs.

Deadpan Yuki passes by and thinks that New Year is over and winter vacation is also over. Third term hurriedly passed by. And, graduation is already before her eyes. There is a calendar with a circle on January 16. But before that, it is the exam.

Reading a book on college exam tips, Yuki thinks that the weather forecast is okay, health management is okay, the route to the college including the knowing the train’s station where she’ll be riding is also totally verified. Closing the book, she thinks that three days after, she’ll finally take the college exam.

She already did the things that she should do so there should be no problem. In short, before the real battle, she’ll take a deep breath and at the same time, show her face at the basketball club. At the gym, Miyoshi, Abe and others greet Yuki. Miyoshi asks if she came here to spank them brats’ butts for a change of mood.

Yuki says, no, and how come that reputation had already stuck on her. She gives a plastic bag to Himiko as greeting gifts. Himiko thanks her. Since Yuki didn’t see the usual gigantic figure, she asks Himiko where is the captain. Himiko says that he was absent since yesterday and she thought Yuki knew.

Yuki asks if it is because he’s resting. Abe says yes, for it appears that he had a cold. He wasn’t feeling well so he would always sleep. Yuki looks surprised for he didn’t contact her. Abe laughs and says that even idiots can catch a cold. Someone reminds him that guy isn’t an idiot. Another person says that even if he doesn’t know why but that guy is the year level’s top 5.

At the locker room of Misuzu Academy, Shizuka’s phone is ringing but he isn’t answering it. Someone calls out to him what’s up. Shizuka says that it is an unfamiliar number. His friend tells him to answer it for it might be someone he knows.

Shizuka immediately imagines that it is Yuki. He blushes really red and thinks that it is absolutely impossible. He answers the phone. The other party says, “You thought that it is Yuki-senpai, right? Id-iot.” Shizuka shouts that it is Shou, how come he knew his number.

Shou says that during the competition before, he had asked that squinty [narrow eyes] weirdo. Shizuka exclaims if it is the captain. Shou says that guy casually told him about it. Shizuka shouts what the person is thinking. There is a scene of Kira asking Shou if it is for exchange of information, regarding basketball..oh, other things, ha ha, fine—

While the others are saying that Shizuka is quite noisy, he asks if the one on the phone is really Shou for his voice.. Shou says that he had a serious cold that he’ll quickly die of it. Shizuka says that he would even talk about competing with him yet his body had already broken down. He’s really outrageous. Shizuka asks if he specially called just to talk about this.

Going back to bed, Shou says no, he is just thinking whether or not Shizuka would take advantage of secretly stalking Yuki again while he is sick in bed. Shizuka says how can he, and what’s with that ‘again’, quickly shut up. Shou asks him what he thinks [/feels] for Yuki.

Shizuka tells him to quickly sleep, idiot. Then, he hangs up on Shou. As Shou removes his cold fever plaster from his forehead, he hears his dog barking loudly. Putting on a face mask, he goes out the balcony to see his dog barking at Yuki who is crouching near the gate.

Shou asks what she is doing. Yuki thinks that it is over for he’ll find out that she doesn’t even have a millimeter of courage to press the doorbell that she is already thinking of going home. Shou says that since she is coming to visit him then just send a LIME [pun for a messaging app].

Yuki says no, for she thinks that if he is free to play with his cellphone then it would be better for him to properly sleep and he’ll definitely keep on playing nonstop with his cellphone. He says that the college exams is already going to start three days from now and is it really okay for her to be in this place.

Yuki says that it is because she heard that he was absent for two days. Shou says that he is fine and compared to this small thing, shouldn’t she be more worried about herself. He waves to her to go and says bye-bye. With a popped vein, Yuki darkly thinks, that’s true, that’s how it is.

While riding the train, Yuki is, she also knows that at this time, she cannot worry about unnecessary things yet even if she clearly knows this makes her become uneasy because he won’t let her see his weakness and also be extremely anxious, and because he isn’t willing to ask her to do something. It always feel that they are separated by a thin wall. And, that totally worries her.

So, Yuki always checks on him in class to see if he already went to school. Shou is still sick in bed. Yuki is studying while eating lunch in school. Then, it is the day before the exam. Yuki thinks that Shou is absent yesterday and today but since she can LIME with him as usual so it shouldn’t be serious..though the other day when she saw him, she feels that his situation isn’t very good.

She suddenly becomes surprise and starts slapping her face. She thinks no, no, just as Shou said, right now, she must worry about herself for the exams are tomorrow so she better pull herself together. Her cellphone rings. It is from Shou with a sticker ‘good night’ and good luck/gambatte on the exam tomorrow.

Blushing a bit, Yuki thinks that’s right, she cannot waste the things that she had already accumulated. For this day, she had already worked hard for a long time and Shou is also cheering for her. She must concentrate!!! The next day, a report on the television mentions of a sudden snow storm early this morning at downtown. This year, it is the first time that the snow had reached 6 cm.

It will apparently also affect the students going to take the college exams! At the station, gloomy Yuki couldn’t believe way.. She hears someone screaming that the train has been suspended!? Someone calling on the phone to come and pick her up.
Squeezing through the crowd, Yuki wonders why it has to be on the exam day. Her exam will start at 9 o’clock and there is still an hour left.. She wonders if she is going to ride a taxi but there will definitely be a queue. She decides to think of a way to switch to trains that are still moving and make a detour.

Then, she bumps into someone. She apologizes and sees Shizuka who is surprised to see her. She realizes that this is the train someone from Misuzu would ride. After calling out each other’s names, Shizuka asks how come she is in this station. Isn’t she going to Ryuhoku.. She explains that she is going to take the college exam today. She had wasted a lot of effort to finally come here but it is a dead end here at this station.

He asks where she is going. She says to Hisashi saki [guesswork from 央崎]. Shizuka tells her to wait and he’ll immediately check for a route [on his cellphone]. Yuki tells him that it is okay because he’ll be late for school. She tells him not to mind her. She waves goodbye and immediately leaves. He watches her leave and bumps again on to someone.

Shizuka frowns and scowls. He immediately grabs her wrist and tells her that the adjacent station perhaps have a moving train so he’ll go there with her. She tries to tell him that it is okay. Shizuka tells her that it is basically not okay and please be quiet, just go with him. Yuki is surprised that she just mutters, okay..

Soon, riding on a train with Shizuka, Yuki thinks that it turns out that there is a moving railway line. She asks Shizuka says if he is very familiar with trains. Shizuka says not really, it is because there are a lot of Misuzu’s competitions and expeditions-types. He tells her that they’ll switch trains two more times and they’ll be able to reach near Hisashi saki. Thinking that she has been saved, Yuki thanks him.

Yuki timidly says that she feels that he is always seeing her when she is stuck in a dilemma and she apologizes for that. Shizuka blushes a bit and tells her that it isn’t necessary for her to apologize for that because anyone has times when one is flustered [/confused]...

...and besides, she is obviously in a difficulty but she isn’t willing to let him help her. It seems that there is a strange estrangement between them that it makes one feel very uncomfortable. Shizuka is puzzled when she is staring at him. He asks what!?

Yuki says, no..she feels that perhaps, there is something a bit similar between them [her and Shizuka], that’s all. Yuki wonders if that is the reason why in front of him, she’ll mentally loosen up that she couldn’t control her tears..? It is like one time, when she even muttered out, ‘granny’-something to him. Yuki holds her hands and breaths on them.

Shizuka asks if she’s really cold. She says no, her hands are only a bit cold. Shizuka thinks that her nose is also so cute.. Shizuka is shocked by what he just thought that he slams his head on the railing. Yuki asks what’s up. He apologizes and says that during an urgent time, he’ll think of that kind of thing, he’s really guy who is rotten to the core!!

She says no, she totally doesn’t thought of that. Shizuka tells himself to calm down and properly think, this person is Shou’s girlfriend and it is enough for him to just watch her. And it is enough that she’ll let him always watch her. At Shou’s house, his mother calls out to Shou and asks what he is doing.

Starting a while ago, he has been dragging that big body of his while walking back and forth. She tells him to drink his medicine and quickly go to sleep. Shou looks at his cellphone. He had already sent a LIME to Yuki if she is alright since it snowed and has she already arrived.

Outside the station, Shizuka points at one direction and tells Yuki to run from here, then she should be able to make it in time. Yuki apologizes to him for in the end, he accompanied her to the station. She assures him that in some other day, she’ll thank him and apologize.. He tells her, no, forget it, please quickly go already.

Turning around to run, Yuki bids him goodbye and thanks him again. And, she immediately slides a bit on the slippery floor. She experienced a sharp pain on her foot that she kneels on the floor. Shizuka calls out to her about her foot. Trembling in pain, she assures him that she is fine. Shizuka says that it isn’t okay, for she basically couldn’t even move!

Yuki berates herself for being so stupid when it wasn’t easy for Shizuka to bring here here. Blushing Shizuka says, ah..geez~~ He suddenly bends down and tells surprised Yuki that he’ll carry her on his back. Shaking her head, Yuki refuses for if she were to touch him, he’ll probably break out some hives.

Blushing Shizuka tells her that right now, their time and energy are already at its limit so hurry up!! Yuki debated within herself that in this situation, if she let him carry her then isn’t that considered touching him!? Is she going to choose making Shou angry or choosing to be late for the college exam.

Yuki weighs the two and she chooses college exam. She thinks that she’ll properly tell it to Shou and honestly explain to him what happened today. Yuki says that she’ll be rude.. She holds Shizuka's back, and Shizuka lifts her up. Aghast Yuki apologizes to him.

Blushing Shizuka assures her that it is totally fine. He says that he’ll be running so tell him the direction. She tells him to first go straight, then turn to the right. Shizuka immediately runs off. Yuki thinks that he’s so fast that he’s faster than if she were to run on her own. Then, she notices a couple of girls giggling and asking if they are sweetheart college exam students so cute.

Yuki thinks that it isn’t like that. She is really sorry but she gave Shizuka trouble and even got people to misunderstand. Shizuka assures her that it is okay, he’ll tell things clearly to Shou that there is nothing between them. Yuki says okay..sorry.. He tells her that there’s no need to apologize so many times.

“Doing each thing perfectly and never complaining bitterly. ..even if I think that you are a very strong person but just like what I have said a while ago, looking at you forcing yourself makes me feel uncomfortable. So, there’s no need for you to apologize to me. It is enough that I’m able to help you out.”
Yuki looks surprised and thinks that perhaps, she always made Shou and the people around to deeply feel that she isn’t willing to depend on them. It seems that there is somewhat a weak wall in between. Recalling Shizuka saying that it is enough for him to help her, she thinks that it is good if she can be like Shizuka who can treat people frankly.

Soon, Shizuka puts Yuki down. While breathing hard, Shizuka says that the college is here right, and there is really no other thing, right!? Yuki shouts yes, and thank you. He shouts, ‘gambatte’/good luck. She says okay. And Shizuka watches her as someone says that she made it. Later on, Shou’s phone is ringing. Shou asks who is it.

Shizuka says that it’s him. Shou says bye-bye. Shizuka tells him to wait, he just brought Yuki to the college. Shou is surprised. Shizuka assures him that nothing happened and it just so happened that he met her by chance when she is in trouble so he casually helped her out.

Sitting up from bed, Shou says that for them to have that relationship yet he’ll casually help her out uup to that degree. “Let me ask you once again, what do you think of senpai?” After a pause, Shizuka says, “I like her.” Shou looks serious. Then, the scene changes to the charm Shou gave Yuki which is tied to her bag. Yuki is currently answering the college entrance exam with the others. The next chapter will be out in Japan on August 20.

Comment: It turns out that Shizuka is still in the story though he really became his old self again. It was nice of him to help out Yuki even if he knows that there is zero chance with her. He does seem to be just satisfied to just watch her and help her in any way he can but he won’t cross that line to cause any trouble.

Of course, it might not sit well with Shou. I’m still wondering what he is driving at that he’ll keep on asking Shizuka what he thought of Yuki. I mean whether Shizuka likes her or not, it will still drive him insanely jealous. Shizuka finally tells him so what now?

That must be some super bug that Shou got that he was sick for a few days. But then, I do recall that he is weak against cold so he was sick during Vday before. Maybe, he’ll take care of himself more after this so that on important times, he’ll be there for Yuki.

Lastly, in this chapter, it seems that Yuki and Shizuka are similar because they like to bang their heads on something. ^^; There does seem to be a connection between them even if it isn’t exactly romantic. Perhaps, some sort of kindred spirit-type of thing? Scans by 红莲汉化组

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  1. Tq Kat. This is the chapter that made me in hot seat. I don't want any rival for Shou and Yuki. I want them to be in love and then get married like my other OTP Sata Kyoya and Erika, Ookami Shojou.

    1. You're welcome, sara ^-^

      Well, I don't think Shizuka is really a 'rival' like in love triangles series. Iirc, in Ookami shoujo, there are also minor rivals for the two. That sly girl and somewhat perverted guy who wanted to 'save' Erika from Kyoya. In the end, it will most likely be the same here.

      From this chapter, I would think that Shizuka is just 'used' to improve the two's relationship rather than break them apart.

    2. The set up in this chapter seems like Shizuka character may be the catalyst for some conflict between Yuki and Shou though. Even if Shizuka doesn't intend to cause conflict, Shou may take his jealousy out on Yuki a little and it'll cause a problem they'll need to work through.

    3. It is possible, Linda. Hmm, probably preparation for college in regards with Yuki? There will be other guys who'll be interested in her and Shou won't be able to ward them away as easily as he does with Shizuka.

      If this is those types of shoujo, I might even say that he would want to 'own' her immediately by getting her to bed asap. =P

  2. Thank you for the summary Kat^^
    I always wondering why's someone like Shizuka is always lose to someone like Shou in the manga?! In fact,Shizuka is more the perfect boyfriend material in real life.

    Aside from that,i like Yuki-Shizuka time in this chapter. From Shizuka,Yuki can learn a lot of thing that she didn't realised herself.
    Can you tell me who is Yuki reffering to that have similiarty with Shizuka?! Herself or her grandmother?!

    1. Thanks for reading, Tiara ^-^

      Well, that is because there is no love/attraction.

      It's herself.

  3. Awesome Kat ! Is there any chance for shizuka to win the love triangle ?

  4. And this is what i was talking about or afraid of....the final blow! Though i dont think that there's anything to worry about still....there are chances....but this will be over soon i guess? There could be A few chapters regarding misunderstandings and shit...and everything will return back to normal....or nothing that much.....What do you think Kat ?

    Oh Btw ...Bleach is ending next week or could be 2 weeks later ..though there's only 1 chp left...they are taking the next week off...Your thoughts on Bleach being rushed though? Did you read the 685th chapter ?

    Toby :D

    1. Toby, I don't think it will be very messy. Perhaps just some 'adjustments' for the relationship but most likely, it won't be full blown. It is already January. In 2-3 months, Yuki graduates. Will Shou waste that precious time with her with a fight/misunderstanding?

      Also, the two are already going steady. Shizuka isn't deliberately stealing her or rocking their boat. So, I still think that it is more on closure for Shizuka and probably ya, some more 'level up' for their relationship.

      Yes, it was rushed. Since whatever time when we learned his father is a captain, I'm really hoping to see him do something but then...he just helped bring Ishida's father there who give Ishida that vital 'weapon'... After all the suppose high for a bankai...all of them are flops..and the villain has to pull that 'killing off loyal subordinates' ^^;;

      I also think that this should have ended after the Aizen arc. Things went down from there and I couldn't quite careless anymore what's happening or what is going to happen to the characters. ^^; So, the 'roll call' of who is alive and promoted in the chapter, it was goes on and everyone are still the same.

      How about you? What do you think?

    2. Well, I started WATCHING Bleach around the last week of May 2016. Binged watched the shit outta it. Completed all the 167 canon episodes of Bleach in a week. Then binge read the Manga. So, im new to Bleach. I loved it everything's just fresh in my mind. I became a big fan before i knew it and i guess i was lucky to see the end quickly unlike waiting for years like the long term fans :v XD .
      Yeah the Arrancar Arc ended pretty well! i loved it! Ichigo taking on Aizen with that new transformation and all that stuff hyped me up as hell. People say the Fullbringer arc is shit but i honestly didn't mind. I liked the fullbring transformation and how that arc acted as a catalyst in bringing ichigo's powers back. Actually people were hyped up so much after seeing all that stuff in the arrancar arc that they wanted more! They couldn't accept the events after the climax. They got frustrated and irritated!they didn't even want to see the good things.Same happened in the anime ,people got tired of the fillers and the wait.
      The last arc though it was pretty good and could have ended well if it weren't for the rushing. It had the potential to continue upto December 2016. Yhwach is an intimidating villain pissing on the word called HOPE. He's a GOD!But got cocky and ignored the vision of his own death :v. Aizen numbed his senses with his illusion so bad that Ishida was able to shoot the arrow without him noticing .Rumours are that Shonen Jump forced Kubo to end it in a month. So probably he had to cancel and change a lotta things and figure out a new plan/story.They are cancelling it but showing the fans that it's ending so that they would not rant about it. But Kubo did a good thing wrapping the shit up in such a short time. Though there are still some plotholes and mysteries of which we will never get to see the depth cuz of the rushing.
      Things i'd like to get a little light on are:-
      ●What happens when you die in soul society? You become a part of the soup society? Or get reincarnated back on earth?If they say that people become a part of soul society and to maintain balance new souls are introduced then why go on a war with Quinces cuz it doesn't do shit to the balance.
      ●The first war between Bach and Gotei 13 where Yamamoto spared his life. What exactly happened?
      ●Who the hell is soul king exactly? What happened to him ?Father of Bach ?more history on bach? Gimme the details man! Right and Left arm of soul king(Ukitake's savior and Perinda)? Heart of soul king(Valkyrie)? What the hell? ! I dont get shit.
      ●Bach's intentions and plans and how does he justify it!?
      ●Aizen! Man oh Man! This guy always gave me the Itachi and zetsu vibes!I guess,he pretended to be a villain for greater good. Like he knew the quincy king's arrival and was preparing for it and creating an ultimate weapon! Hogyoku and Ichigo himself! It's like he manipulated his birth giving him all the traits of a quincy,shinigami,fullbringer and a hollow which was essential to defeat quincy king perhaps?He pushed him to his limits to check his power and was glad to see him to progress that far. Remember how he rushes to Gin when he was gonna do something bad to ichigo? Man he said something like"Gin what were you planning to do!?" With big eyes and a heavy scary voice. He then said to leave ichigo alone and go to soul society as he wont be of much trouble. Everything was going according to his plan. He wanted to defeat bach with his powers and ichigo in his final transformed form which is a hybrid of all the characteristics of a quincy,shingami,fullbring and a hollow. BUT, because of the rushing Kubo didn't /could not go with that plan and had to change it and we all know what happened.(my comment's too big to fit here.check the next comment and reply to that one only..just read this one)


    3. (Continuation)kubo would have explained these things and done that stuff with Aizen, im telling you no one would ever have been disappointed.if these were included in the last arc it'd have rocked like hell!

      I wasn't disappointed with bankai and stuff....Kamehameha wont do shit to Majin buu....the point is the enemy was really powerful as hell!literally raping them Still !they managed to defeat a few and survived and got lucky when yahwach killed his subordinates and gained a greater power. Bleach could have outshone or could have been on the same level as Naruto if it had more time and good contents which i mentioned or atleast supassed DB ?

      My thoughts on the last chapters are same as you though. Remember when Bach said its good to kill people when they are at peace...people say hes coming to kill everone lol....or it could be Aizen or ichigo dunno we will find out in the next chapter...


    4. If kubo would have*

    5. Last chapter* (685)
      Good contents? The things which id like to a get a little light on.
      Damn so many errors :v nevermind Kat.


    6. Lol..long time reader...that will be me. I started reading it because he's the author of a series called Zombie Powder which I find interesting until it was 'terminated'. ^^;

      Fullbringer..I actually lost interest here. The villains aren't that interesting. Have no impact whatsoever that I totally forgot what they wanted to achieve. ^^; Apparently, their sole purpose in the series is to keep on bringing back Ichigo's powers. =P

      True, it has potential but I'm not really into Juha compared to Aizen. I mean, probably too OP and 'weird' that he seems to be a typical big boss with not much personality. I'll probably remember him as some black blob type of character who seems to look like Ichigo's sword personification..forgot his name with a lot of eyes. Maybe even OP's Gold Roger ^^;

      The villains are also not so memorable that the final four are joked to be some lame copies of the Avengers. ^^;; There are some disgusting ones, too.

      Even so, I think he should have plenty of time to make things better. He had a lot more time than Naruto, and iirc, Bleach was the first to announce that it is on its final arc.

      I think it would be more satisfying if the battles aren't too repetitive. Like, see, I have a knife. You have a knife, well, I have a gun. My knife powered up to become a laser gun. My gun powered up to a machine gun. I think you get the idea. Then, in the end, Juha just threw a bomb on his own allies. That's it for those other fights. ^^;

      See, instead of those repetitive fights, it would be better to address those issues. I would assume if you die in soul society, it is 'the end'. Reincarnation doesn't seem to be part of this series.

      Because Yamamoto couldn't really kill him?

      Soul king is probably the reverse of Juha..I assume. Something that soul society picked up and 'worshipped' to become part of their powers. And, we are missing the two legs. =P

      Revenge? it is the 'Everything goes as I planned..' type of thing? Possible.


      Lol..indeed super lucky. I usually call that 'cheating/ex deus machina' which also happen to Juha. Usually, when villains do that, I would think that they are really stupid. Hm..thinking about it, why didn't Juha finish Ichigo again before deciding to warp somewhere else? ^^; mentioned it, it's good to kill people when they are at peace..thanks to his sadistic tendencies, he's the one ended up dead. ^^;

      Maybe it's part of soul king =P But most likely yes, either Ichigo or Aizen...probably Ichigo for a dramatic entrance then end the series. <- dramatic entrance, that is what the characters are good at in the last arc then they fail to deliver. ^^;;

    7. Haha yeah...his name was Zangetsu. But i didn't get that part you know. Zangetsu was yahawach from his youth. I was like whaaaat? O.o ? My friends said that maybe zangetsu is the quincy power wihin ichigo/a part of yahawach and took the form of yahawach /impersonated him. And i was like "whatever!let's continue my mind can't take it" .

      Im not much of a critic though, fights will end up being repetitive, i dont mind.You can do one thing to avoid that though,just change the ●consequences of each/certain hits (blows) from fight to fight , ●background/environment and ●show something new (new power which helps the person to adapt to the changes?or how skilled the person is to adapt to the changes by using his/her wit.)

      Which 4 villains are you talking about? And how are they lame? Id like to know. But yeah the impact which the Espadas and Aizen created is hard to replicate, Stern ritters and Bach weren't that bad though but boy they sure had some crazy way too crazy. No matter how powerful Majin Buu and Cell are it's cuz of Frieza and them 3 saiyans that the shit got real. XD Bach's personality...well we needed more chapters including flash back chapters to know his previous self and what made him the monster he is today. Its the fault of rushing i guess that bach got screwed up.

      Haven't played Deus Ex ever didn't get that reference though xD.Oh he was playing with Ichigo :v he was having fun and he got cocky. Back then in my childhood i was like yahawach :v playing ,torturing and killing the shit outta ants and baby lizards. Quite the sadist i was.I was like in Kindergarten. I paid for it though :v like yahawach did. Well now im grown up and i love peace . I dont do that shit anymore.i dont bother them unless they fuck with me :v . Ive become quite compassionate now. I realised that no matter what we all are a unit of life. There are exception though Cock roaches XD they scare the shit outta me.Whatever.

      Soul king could be good or bad. Cuz yahawach or maybe his henchmen (i dont remember ) said soul king is the enemy of shinigamis. I was like O.o ?so thats still remains a mystery.

      No Mayuri contempted Yama cuz he allowed Yahawach to live. It's like Sarutobi and orochimaru shit.

      Nah i still dont agree with the answer on "what happens after you die in soup society though" they said it was a cycle. And quincies were fucking with it. If there's no return from soul society then its a one way road...hows that a cycle? It contradicts the Cycle system which was mentioned in the anime and manga.

      Man we really need chapters on Yahawach's childhood,his rise to power , first war between Gotei 13 and Quincies, how he killed ichi and ishi's mothers and how he got that kinda badass power....his recruitment sessions(detailed ) and his growth of powers ,army and how he contemplated all these plans to give a serious blow to the Soul society. And the exposure on soul king...who was the previous soul king and how shit works.

      Let's see what happens.


    8. And yeah there's another mystery, who the hell is Orihime! ? I mean no random human with a little spiritual power could posses some serious power like REJECTION! REJECTION IS A POWER TO OVER WRITE GOD'S DECISION/PLAN! How did she get it? There should be an explanation on that too. Btw you on team ichiruki or ichime though XD i prefer ichiruki..but not possible i guess but that's redundant, i dont care about it anymore . I just want some clarifications on all these mysteries and ancient history.

    9. He was? I must have missed it, Toby. ^^;; I'm already skipping the explanations in some parts especially the powers. I was like, whatever, just get it over with to know who's the winner. Actually, the same goes with Naruto. ^^;;

      Avoid seems like survive whatever the other person throws and 'morphs' into a more disgusting form..well, for the quincies. It does seem like about having a trump card which is reserved for every next thing the opponent throws at them. It would be nice if there is some variety and perhaps, using of some wit but it is more on what I told you.

      The big four of Juha. Barro = Nick Fury, Askin = Tony Stark, Gerard = Thor, I forgot who the other one is compared to. I read it in the comments part of mangastream as a joke. I didn't say they are lame..rather, I mean, lame copies based on appearances =P

      Hm..I thought he became like that because he was 'rejected' until he was worshiped as some god then 'gave' them powers.

      Hehe..sorry, that wasn't a game. It is a term. Deus ex machina means 'a character or thing that suddenly enters the story in a novel, play, movie, etc., and solves a problem that had previously seemed impossible to solve'. seems like that. So, based on your example, that would be like the mosquito that somehow had a deadly virus then. =P

      I would think that it is a 'thing' that can be used for good or bad. Wait..what is SK for again in Soul Society? He is eliminated already, right?

      I see. So, unless addressed, the theories will just be fanfiction.

      If there is a cycle, then there is reincarnation but we don't know how long it takes for that to happen. I don't recall seeing the 'dead' again in this series.

      Currently, I cannot say if we will still know. That would have to be a prequel to Bleach. Even if we know all of it, we still know that the guy is dead in the present time. Personally, I'm not fond of prequel because at the back of my mind, I always think, this guy will end up dead anyway.

      Let's just say that she is 'special'. That's it. It's Ichime. It started when she said those nice lines before she went with Aizen. Those lines are repeated in Code Geass by that girl who likes Lelouch though that ended in tragedy. And, since then, it was that pair. I'm also not too fond of a pairing wherein, one of them keeps on hitting the other person around even if it is suppose to be funny. Rukia also kind of belongs to Renji so.. =P

      Maybe, there will be a Bleach data book...if Kubo wants to explain things more..unless, he already has some other series he wanted to write about.

    10. I dont mind prequels, it's good to know the whole story ,rather than knowing a small part of it.

      Oh you too !? Ichihime ! XD My friends root for them too. I like tsundere though, turns me on? :p

      Nah not a mosquito with some deadly virus, much worse, an accident which rendered me paralysed for almost a year. Wait paralysed? Nah that's kinda exaggerated, but it was close to paralysis though :v . Im all right now,only one small problem...a very small problem which pisses me off though xD which is the aftermath of that accident -_- . That was way back in 2003.

      Oh rip off avengers i see :v . I dont care, i too like you , just wanted to see who wins and how .

      Deus Ex it has a meaning? Oh my i didn't know that :v . But it's a game too ....stealth action genre game. I've not given it a try yet.

      Yeah soul king's gone for good. I wonder if it's aizen or ichigo now.

      Btw A dreamer on drugs 2.... what hhappened to 1 ? :v whats there in one ?i visited that....too lazy to check everything thought would ask you here :v. Give me every detail though. XD

      Btw...Mob Psycho100 is amazing give it a try ... well if you liked onepunchman. .you will love this one too.

      When is the next chapter of Namaikizakari coming out though?


    11. Sorry, I didn't see your reply before in comments section. ^^;

      I see. Well, since the last chapter is out, I guess you already know who are the canon couple.

      Oh..well, it's good that it is a small problem. Actually, most of the time, it's good if there is just a small side effect but yes, that small thing can be annoying after recovery from anything major incident.

      I see.

      It's neither..from the looks of it.

      The version 1 was 'killed off' by the admin. At first, I couldn't access it. They say to wait for they have problems. After a couple of months, they start to say go to this blog instead while we're fixing it. That is already a bad sign. Since then, they never get to fix it. Everything is gone except the first page/not archived one.

      Thankfully, I somehow have a gut feel when they were having problems 2 years prior to that, things might not be okay since it is an unknown blog = possibility of shutting down. So, I back-up here some of the summaries that are not yet English scanlated during that time. Of course, some pictures are gone. ^^;

      Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.

      It is out. I'm currently working on it.

    12. XD haha...its ok..i thought you got annoyed because of the big comments :P

      Hm yeah meh whatever. I have some bleach theories ,will tell u in chp 49's comments.

      Oh i see.

      No problem.

      Yeah already been through it, didn't get the time to check if it was out cuz of exams ;__;

      Reply in chp 49's comment. Too much hassling to comment in both the places. XD XD


    13. Ok..I'll go to where you wrote your comment.

      Hope exams turned out okay ^^

  5.'s Shizuka and Yuki similar? I could have done research and some thinking...but im too lazy even if the answers right infront of me....imma not bother to open my eyes....... too lazy.....please explain /give me an answer Kat.. :v XD


    1. Toby, I'm not exactly sure in what part Yuki is comparing herself with him but I can think of some similarities.

      One: Both climbed their way to where they are = worked hard for it.
      Two: Don't seem to complain much but strive to improve themselves with some push usually from Shou or if they are challenged.
      Three: Don't seem to talk too much to others about themselves.
      Four: Others like to tease them for being so serious.
      Five: Tend to hit self when trying to snap oneself up. ^^;;
      Six: Don't seem to care about the opposite sex
      Seven: Tend to do their best after deciding on something
      Eight: When in an unrequited love, they are both satisfied with just looking at that person and helping that person anyway they can.

      Well, something like those.

    2. Yeah right thanks! And yeah i guess shizuka liking her wouldn't be that much of a trouble and it'll level up their relationship (shou and yuki). I hope nothing hassling happens. No one should cause any problem they are grown ups. Will shou feel insecured though? I wonder. He's hard to predict. Maybe he'll take it seriously and talk it out with shizka instead of goofing around and doing nothing abour it. I hope he would not do something stupid by getting carried away.


    3. No problem ^^

      I'm thinking of/hoping for that. But, that is also possible. Basically, it depends on if the mangaka wants to really prolong things.

  6. ty for summary kat!!

    I dont want rivals,tbh especially after they main couple went through so many chaps to be together.

    I have to say tho,really dissapointed in would really be lame if she ends up stringing the other guy along as well.
    Wonder how she gonna handle this......Naruse might not be the ''perfect'' bf but he did go through lots of trouble getting together with her,she should think more on how she acts in the future imo.

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      I'm not sure if this can really be viewed as a 'rival'. As you mentioned, the two are already a couple. Also, Shizuka isn't going to deliberately steal her away from him. This can be viewed like Shizuka in Yuki's place in the Kido x Rina relationship. So, I think it would be closure for Shizuka until he finds the one for him.

      In this situation, I would think that she wasn't deliberately doing it. She was conscious not to do it but then, she pretty much has no choice there. She did hesitated/refused his offer. Shizuka knows Yuki loves Shou and isn't planning to do anything more than help her out/watch her. Perhaps, if this keeps on going on except for perhaps, coincidences, I would agree with you.

      So, what do you think she should have done? Refuse Shizuka's help. Fail to take the college exam? Call Shou to help her out instead? We'll just assume that there are no other modes of transportation are available at that time = from the station to the college.

    2. her reaction towards him could be different imo when he grabbed her hand or later when they discussed,but yes in this case author made it so there was no other choice i guess,that is why i said in the ''future''.Depends on how the author will go for it,but if for example next few chaps we see Yuki hanging out or we see another situation where she accepts help like that(ofc meaning that she might have another choice) it wont make her look good to me....Shizuka might not make a move or try get between them but he cant really be her friend or ''watch'' over her,simply because for shizuka yuki is the girl he likes.

      Seems to me Yuki might end up stringing the guy along (unintentionally i guess) because she sees him only as a friend and dont think much of it,while Shou might get irritated/jealous because a guy that openly told him likes his GF is out there spending time/helping her and his gf doesnt think much of it....

      Again assuming next few chaps Yuki doesnt shut down Shizuka and we have more ''coincidences''.
      Should be obvious Shizuka is into her,she has a bf who is bothered by them meeting, lets see how yuki will handle this.

    3. I get your point. I guess, it really depends on the mangaka. If there are too many might be attributed to 'fate' ^^; I mean, she's graduating soon, right? What are the chances that they'll meet again in those usual places? Unless of course, Shizuka 'stalks' her in college..if he has free time to do that since he has to lead his team to win the Nationals then it will be exams for him. Unless, he also goes to the same college... the possibilities are endless especially in shoujo world.

      True, it is better to have minimal or zero contact with Shizuka because of Shou's jealousy. Still, I cannot help but think that there will be other Shizuka-s out there like in college or when she's working, then, in some way or the other, she might need their help. Would it be better for Shou to tell her just to be a housewife or some other job that doesn't need to interact with the opposite sex aside from him? In some way, I think it will boil down to trusting Yuki.

      Yup, and well, Shou asked..he finally told him the truth instead of avoiding it. ^^; I would agree on that if Yuki didn't hesitated or initially refused the help. I think she is conscious that this will make Shou angry and she plans to tell him about it. I guess it will help if Yuki knew that Shizuka likes her.

      Not definite since iirc, Shou also doesn't want her smiling in front of other guys, among other things so Yuki might dismiss it as Shou being the jealous type towards other guys who might not exactly be interested in her. I think there was a time when one of the club members mention about Yuki being pretty or something then Shou would hit a ball or kick them..she seems oblivious about it.

      Yup...also, I think it depends on who brings up the topic, what is Shou's mood at that time, and if Yuki has a bandaged foot from that sprain, etc.

    4. Well ye it is shoujo and if author wants can drag things out alot,thats why i am worried most series i follow lately have blown out love rival drama for no reason ><.

      She should have minimal contact with Shizuka not because shou is jealous,because the guy is romantically interested in her and even if he just seem friendly his intentions are not that innocent imo,not to mention being nice and friendly with him could result in giving the guy false hope (unintentionally),accepting help once because there was no other choice yes but as i said keeping friendly contact with him is another thing and it would be fair for shou to not like it especially when the said guy tells him on the phone he is into his girl....<---I do not think this gotta do with just shou being irrationally jealous,i think most people would be bothered by something like this.
      I think you misunderstood me here,i was talking in the future as i said accepting 1 time help is not much,but maintaining a friendship or letting someone with romantic feelings getting closer to you (whether intentionally or not) is another thing which hope wont be the case here.....You mention college my opinion is same,since Yuki is going to be in an LDR she should be careful of who she lets get close to her,if someone has feelings for her and would put stress on her relationship with her bf she should avoid them.

      Yep,and i am curious to see shou's reaction about it. Yuki seemed quite timid to me when rejecting and her reaction when shizuka grabbed her hand,wonder where the yuki that would easily headbutt or brush shou off went? The problem i think is that yuki doesnt think much of it and feels shizuka is someone she can relate and close to her in a way,but from SHou pov he a guy that wants to get in her pants and his gf is oblivious about it.

      I really hope the author wont drag it out with misuderstanding and we will have both Shou and Yuki talk things out and grow.
      Maybe author doing such an arc so the couple can prepare for such situations for when they will LDRing with yuki in college.
      Tho honest i think Yuki would feel just as jealous as naruse usually does if the roles were reversed,she got her own insecurities as well^^.Naruse might be the jealous type but i cannot fault him for feeling uncomfortable this time.

      Again btw i am talking about in case Yuki remains ignorant of shizuka's feelings and keeps interacting with him like nothing!! Accepting his help under these circumstances cant blame her....Lets see next chap how author will take it^^.

      And ty for the reply!

    5. True..there are some series going that route.

      Hm..but doesn't she already have minimal contact with him? They don't deliberately see each other except for the winter cup game, iirc. After this, I think aside from coincidences, they'll only meet on the games whenever Shizuka and Shou's team compete each other. that you mentioned it, what if she doesn't know that person is interested in her? Like, they started as college classmates/work colleague/boss, he's helping her out at times, but secretly likes her afterwards. <- theme of some josei.

      I'm just thinking that it will be very hard to keep on totally not having anything to do with people who happens to like her. I am also aware of the possibility of temptation = the other person being better than the boyfriend...or worse, possibility, falling for that person. So, maybe there should be a middle ground for it? Like keeping things professional..and yes, a bit friendly but anything that exceeds that is no-no. Say, inviting the said person to one's apartment, eating out alone with that person after school/work, etc. If the person insists on that, that's the time to take drastic actions. =P

      Good point. But then, at time, she doesn't seem to be in a pinch like being 'attacked'. =P I guess it depends on how you'll interpret it. Yuki won't usually do those stuff to other people because she is 'nice and polite' but with Shou, she can show various emotions and reactions. She seems caught off guard that Shizuka shouted at her. ^^;;

      I'm not too sure if it will become a full blown misunderstanding. Possible, for that seems to be what the last few chapters are about.

      I also think that it is somewhat of a closure for Shizuka as a rival. You see, before the winter cup, he was wondering about his feelings for her. Then, during the winter cup, it was all about basketball. I was wondering what happened to that facing feelings for her..and here it comes. In shoujo, to put things on a closure for a rival, there is usually a rejection so that might happen.

      I think Yuki somewhat knows. There will always be fangirls around Shou. And, there will definitely be more later on..including her own sisters. I think Arisa is still around him, too. That doesn't seem to bother Yuki that much as Shou with Shizuka. Hehe, perhaps, she's too busy with other things most of the time. ^^;

      True...for now, I think it is still okay. If it goes beyond that and more, I agree with you. Better not get too friendly anymore. Things might get messy. Yup, let's see where this goes.

      No problem ^^

  7. Hey Kat Thank you for this summary >o<!!

    Wow in chapter 48 there is something unexpected Why Yuki meet Shizuka kun and together with him :( and finally Shizuka said something For Shou such as "I like Machida-san" and Shou seems to be fuming inside or angry? (I can't guess Shou's expression whether he was angry or annoyed "-_-'')

    I can't wait next chapter because I get feeling This will make some misunderstanding between Yuki and Shou :( and Kat do you think Shizuka not "really threats Love Rival"? because according his statement to Shou-Kun if he like Yuki, it means he looks like says "I will chase Machida" ugh' I hate Shizuka in this moment -__-" What wrong with him? He know yuki is Shou's girlfriend? And why yuki act so calm in front of Shizuka? ^~^

    But I hope not because I'm sure Shou definitely know How much Yuki love him, maybe in next chapter Shou will ask Yuki with calm such as "Senpai did you go with Shizuka when you go to College Exam?" and Yuki also thinks that she’ll properly tell it to Shou and honestly explain to him what happened today because she did not want to make Shou angry and misunderstanding ^-^

    1. Thanks for reading, candra ^-^

      He's definitely annoyed/displeased, etc.

      Possible. It all depends on Shou. I tend not to think that Shizuka meant that based on his earlier monologue with Yuki. He is satisfied with just helping her out and just watching her. He clearly knows that she is Shou's girlfriend..he has been banging his head on whatever object whenever he thinks of her. ^^;;

      I think this is similar with when Yuki is in love with Kido and Kido already has Rina. So calm...perhaps, kindred spirits-thing? She is also oblivious that he likes her. I guess, it is like for some reason, you meet this person and you just feel at ease with him/her with no reason at all?

      Perhaps. I think it will help a lot if Shou sees her with a bandaged foot. I'm still wondering if he'll immediately go there to fetch her..but then, he's still sick so... who knows ^^

  8. Thank you for your work Kat!!!
    I await your summarys with impatience every time!Thanks!
    Do you think that in a "future chapter" we will see the Naruse ex-girlfriend (because Naruse friend (Ariza?) has referred several times already)?
    Take care,

    1. Thanks for reading, Tchoubix ^-^

      Not too sure. If ever she does make an appearance, perhaps, it is just 'bumping into'. Well, assuming the series will end when Yuki graduates. If not, it is highly possible that we'll see her.

      Same to you ^^

  9. Wow what a nice twist. I'm glad that Shizuka said it loud. But then it's as if he wants something to happen although he knows Yuki will not be interested in anyone but Shou. Or it is as you have said in reply to a previous comment: he wants closure.
    Or was that scene a catalyst to a bed scene as you predicted :o (Getting my hopes up heheh)
    It looks like Shizuka can be a good friend to Yuki too, since they get along pretty well as friends.
    Thanks for the chapter Kat!

    1. Ya, Crimson sky.

      Well, it can go either way =P

      True but then, usually, that is a no-no [even as friends] to give consideration to the boyfriend/girlfriend.

      You're welcome ^-^

  10. Thank you for this! As of now, the scans with english trans are only updated up to chapter 37. And this, your wonderful blog, became a big help to ease my impatient-ness. Once again, thank you.

    Supporting you! :)

    1. You're welcome ^-^ Glad to be of help ^^

      Thanks for the support ^-^

  11. Thanks for the summary, Kat!!!

    Hmm... I think this is for Shizuka to figure out his feelings and what he truly wants to do. As for Naruse, I don't know, he's not an idiot and he always knew how Shizuka felt. Guess we'll find out in the next chapter. Oh, and Kat, I mentioned before about that omake but you said you had no idea if you've seen it. Found it!!!

    I couldn't stop smiling, lol.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      I'm also thinking something along those lines.


      Oh that one. It was only recently released two months ago..was it.

      I wrote a small synopsis of it here:


    2. That long ago, huh? Thanks for the link! :)

  12. Thanks for the summary!
    I am wondering the same. Why did Shou keep asking Shizuka about Yuki... shouldn't he have not mentioned her at all lest Shizuka's thoughts turn to Yuki. It bugged me a bit. Oh but I'm glad to see Shou keeping in touch with Shizuka.

    1. Thanks for reading, Apurva ^-^

      Indeed. It seems unusual/unnatural.

      Why? As friends?

  13. Yes, Shizuka and Shou had been good friends before. Besides, I think that the two of them have some level of understanding. It feels as though there is some great friendship potential there. Besides, it is a nice change to see Shou bothering someone other than Yuki. :D

    1. Hehe, I see, Apurva. Still, it is a bit awkward since Shizuka currently likes Yuki. I guess it is more possible later on.

  14. Hey Kat as usual ur summaries r a saviour. U do a wonderful job , I have a request ...... Can u please post summaries of chapter 57,58 and 59 of the manga - "Wolf girl and Black Prince" (Ookami shoujo To Kuro Ouji ) . These are the last few of this manga but aren't available in English. If u have time please summarise these 3 chapters . Also I wanted to know if u could provide the link to watch the live ve action movie "Kurosaki kun no linari ni Nante naranai ". For live action it is available in drama episode 1+episode2+movie . I watched the two episodes but could not find the movie , it will come a little later in English sub but I am very curious so if u find the link even with no eng sub (in Japanese, that is ) , it is fine by me . It would be a huge favour . Sorry for troubling u . Thank you so much.

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      Sorry no. Anyway, the English is only one chapter behind the Chinese scanlation.

      Do you mean a movie like theatrical release? Well, you really have to wait for it because I don't think anyone [ordinary people] would videotape the movie in the theaters since it is illegal. Perhaps, you'll have to go 'underground' at other illegal sites to find it. From my knowledge, theatrical released movie/anime sub's are based on the DVD release.

      Sorry, I don't know where to find that since I usually just wait. ^^;

      Sorry, I'm of no help regarding your requests.

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      Actually, I'm not taking request summaries. The current ones are already taking a lot of time.