July 28, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 22]

Saga nervously asks the woman how she was able to find them. The woman says that they have already received the letter from Nakrang’s Cheongye. “It said that the princess will come to find go to Hongmun. *Mino looks surprised* I didn’t expect that there is luck that I’ll be able to run into you here. In any case, in the end, they’ll be found out. *Saga and the others are surprised*...

In this vicinity, there is already a rumor saying that a white skinned person had appeared.” This surprises the others. Jamalta isn’t pleased for this confirms that their movement is too slow. The woman says even if the rumor has not yet spread all over, but the problem is... She shows them a note and tells them to look at it.

“It is news about the Nakrang’s concealed princess had gone missing but it merely orders a search for the white skinned person. Anyone who accomplished it will be heavily rewarded so there are a lot of people who are secretly searching [for Mino]. This part is very strange.” Saga tensely informs Mino about it.
Saga tells the woman that they can only just go deeper into the mountain where it is deserted. The woman reminds her that there is already a rumor that they are in the mountain. Saga asks then what should they do. The woman thinks for a while. She happily smiles and tells them to relax for she isn’t the only one who came here. “Right now, I, Juryu [guesswork from 朱流] will protect everyone.”

Soon, a man [dressed up as a woman], together with other odd-looking people, asks what, she even want to squeeze four people inside? “How come it is a lot more than what you said, Juryu?” Smiling Juryu asks this favor and she’ll give them a monetary reward. Juryu says, aren’t they quite pitiful for actually, they are currently wanted by the palace.

While Juryu talks with the she-man, Jamalta curses for they are unexpectedly hiding with a performing troupe. The one all covered up with a flower on the head is Mino. Saga excitedly asks if those people are a wandering troupe. “When I was young, I had seen a performance from a distant. The male and female performer are super amazing. Even if I only saw it for a while but actually, I’m super excited over it that I wasn’t able to sleep for a few nights.”
Jamalta mutters, how is that possible... He turns around and thinks that anyway, it is better than going up the mountain. “Even if they are wanderers who have no foundation but how can they possibly not seek riches [/properties]. No matter what, once they found out about the white skinned boy or perhaps, the princess, we’ll immediately be handed over to the palace, right..”

The she-man calls out, “Hey, you people! It is because you had escaped out from the palace so I’m going to offer you shelter. *Jamalta is surprised* I really hate the king. My two sons are killed in the battlefield. *angrily clenches fist* Unexpectedly, they even wanted to steal away my last youngest son so I burned down the government office...

...*Saga and others look tense and surprised* Afterwards, I was castrated.” A younger man dressed up as a woman says that he is the son and he was castrated along with his father. A partly bald man says that his wife was snatched away by a noble and in the end, she committed suicide.
A twin-ponytailed man says that because he touched the tribute dedicated to the king..his hands were cut off. A blindfolded man says that he saw a noble tripped down. A bald man shouts that the eldest prince stole away his store!! A withered looking person says that he refused to do chores..

Saga nervously thinks that she must absolutely not let them find out who she is. The she-man and his son pose and shout that they are going to burn the palace down. Rabbit-front teeth man asks if he is going to prepare the lance. They are all united in their anger towards the same thing.

Jamalta sweatdrops and thinks that it is because of that, they are definitely going to hide [/Saga’s] identity! The she-man tells them to come and introduce themselves. “I’m called Mokmok [guesswork from 木木; the character means wood], this group’s leader.” Saga happily says that she’s called.. Mokmok stops her by saying wait, here, they all get new names.
“The ones you have before will be used outside. *points at all covered up Mino* Then, since you cannot talk because of your burns, then I’ll call you, Sowawa [guesswork from 小娃娃 meaning baby]. *Mino doesn’t look pleased* Since you look quite handsome yet you’re always furious, you’re called Somaemong [ guesswork from 小呆萌 meaning small foolish bud].”

Jamalta tries to protest. Someone laughs and tells Mokmok that is too cute. Mokmok says then, it is Chuchu [guesswork from 啾啾 meaning chirp/wailing of a child]. Someone says that it seems that he have a different/strange eye so how about Riri [guesswork from 异异 using the word ‘different/strange’ word twice]. Mokmok says that’s not bad.

While Saga looks with full anticipation, Mokmok says that there is still this girl, darn..is there such a beautiful thing? “I couldn’t think of anything wherein one will obviously know that it is a beautiful thing..” Someone says, “Yuri.” [That means colored glass/lapis lazuli; ‘Glass’ from the title’s Blue ‘Glass’]
Saga turns around to Juryu who says that at their [/this] side, yuri is a beautiful and noble thing. “Hoping you’ll keep on continuing on always nobly, and always beautifully.” Saga blushes over this. Mokmok and son agree that it is a good name.

Saga happily smiles and says that she really likes it. “Thank you.” Kaboom! Mokmok and others blush over her. Mokmok tells Juryu that seeing that femininity, he’ll also properly take care of that girl. Juryu says is that so, then that’s great. The others start to ask how old Yuri is and what she loves to eat.

It is about sunset. Juryu holds up a small ring-like object with a rope through it. Jamalta asks if it is a way to pass a letter. “It seems that this ‘Hongmun’ isn’t just a simple herbalist.” Juryu says that it is only for them to exist in this arduous world, that’s all. “My sudden appearance made you very confused, right...

..Speaking of confused, it should be us. Suddenly needing to conceal a country’s princess, is it not? That’s right, how did you do it. Bringing the princess out from the palace?”
Jamalta looks straight at Juryu and recalls how he held Saga’s hand to tell her to also go with them. He smiles and sighs. Jamalta says that the princess had disrupted the Third Prince’s scheme so she can only run away to avoid their punishment.

Then, a bird starts flying above them. Juryu says that in the end, it turns out to be like that~~ “A woman running away from the elder brother’s bullying.. Such a thorny affair. *waves up her hand* It is still quite pitiful that one’s life or death is controlled by someone else’s hand.”

Then, the bird flies down to Juryu’s arm. Jamalta watches her give something to the bird. Juryu says, “If you wish for it, I can forget what you said just now. That is speaking from Malgal’s standpoint.” Jamalta looks at her then says, “Then, thank you for that.”

At night, in the carriage, Saga tells Mino that everyone is good people. “Even if we are strangers, they are still willing to let us hide here. Is it correct that we ran away? It is for us to be able to be always together. *holds her feet*...

... it ought to be like this when sister Nan had just left. *Mino takes off his head cover* At that time, I’m always hiding. The sister who is protecting me had already departed so I’m particularly afraid. But there is someone who told me..”  
Flashback: The shaman asked her what is she more afraid of? “Your brothers? Or, the outside world when you walk out of the city gate?” Saga replied that she had never gone outside so she doesn’t know whether she should be afraid or not.

The shaman held out her hand to Saga and said, “Then, try it out.. go and feel what it is like? Young Saga ran off and found Mino. End flashback. “At that time, when I went out, I met you. In going out, I was able to gain a precious gift. *looks at Mino* In spite of wet nurse’s opposition, I was bewitched as I went to find you. [<- probably the hide and seek thing with the Third]...

...So, can you still believe in me? Treating you as a gift from god yet.. *recalls beaten up Mino* Because of me, you were..” Mino pats her knee and ‘says’, “Do you still remember that place? That collapsed city wall that no one else knew about. The first place the princess had brought me to.” Recalling the time when she pointed out to a faraway place to Mino, Saga says yes, she remembers.
Mino ‘says’, “You pointed to the distant north and said, ‘I want to go to that side’. *Saga looks surprised* Right now, you can set off [for that place]. *Saga looks at Mino* I really like that place [collapsed city wall] so once in a while, I’ll climb up there by myself. *looks sad*...

..I’m sorry. *Saga looks surprised* ..I obviously knew that you always wanted to go out. ..I even randomly got angry at you...” Saga looks at him. She says, “Then, cheer up, okay. I was even worried that you’ll always be angry. (This is great...)” Mino looks at her and smiles back at smiling Saga.

The curtain is suddenly pushed aside. Jamalta frantically shouts that he knew it will be like this so quickly cover up that face! Mino asks what’s up? Jamalta says ah, that..that woman’s.. A woman suddenly pushes Jamalta’s head to the corner of the carriage using her instant pressing down kung fu.

The woman shouts, “Move!! Is it you? The one who wants to snatch away my position!? Let me see how beautiful you are! Then, I’m going to yield! *breathing hard looks at puzzled and surprised Saga* Wah ah ah ah!!! *runs away crying* She is simply absolutely beautiful!!! Fine! I’ll yield!! You people just properly take over!!”
Mokmok calls out to her as Ryusu [柳樹; willow] to wait but Ryusu is gone. Saga is totally speechless and puzzled. Mokmok angrily shook Rabbit [front teeth] man that they are going to perform soon so what’s going on! “That’s our only actress!!”

Rabbit man says that he simply honestly said that Yuri is more beautiful, that’s all. Twin ponytailed man calls out to Mokmok that everyone is becoming noisy [causing trouble] so quickly start the show. Putting his hand on his face, Mokmok wonders out loud what to do, should he go?

Rabbit man says that they’ll really be finished [if he goes out to perform]. “What are you worrying about? *gestures to Saga* Don’t we have a readily available substitute performer.” Saga says that she has not acted before and she doesn’t know what play it is. “Besides, if my face was seen..”

Rabbit man says that it’s fine just act depending on the situation! Someone shouts to quickly put make-up on her. Saga is surprised when they put thick powder on her face with a sponge.
Soon, Saga is all made up. Rabbit man tells her to sing a song and if it is okay, she can also dance a bit. There is a scene of nervous Mino trying to wake up unconscious Jamalta whose soul is already flying out. <- innocent person who got involved is in a coma [due to that instant kung fu ^^;]

While Mokmok is blushing and stunned over Saga’s transformation, Rabbit man quickly explains that play’s content is very simple. “It is the breaking up of a man and a woman who mutually love each other.” Saga asks if it is really okay just to sing and dance. Rabbit man tells her to go. “Right now, is the start of a new life although it is very short~~” [<- referring to the role?]

With a sparkle, Saga confidently says, “Fine. I’ll go and try it. If it’s just singing and dancing then I can do that. I already did quite enough of that kind of thing before.” Ding. The bell on the stick with ribbons rang as Saga waves it and places it in front of her face. She heads out the stage where the noisy audience shouts that it is starting—
Comment: This chapter is a light hearted one which is different from the usual doom and gloom. It goes to show that not everything outside is ‘evil, manipulative, etc. Though, I wonder if the troupe would be more lenient with Saga if they knew she is the princess. I mean, they won’t react the way Cheongye did.

In a way, this situation puts Saga in a difficult place. She would be/is hated just for having royal blood when she is obviously also being tormented like the others. I’m not too sure about Juryu if she is good or bad. Actually, I wonder if she is a he. ^^; I’ll just correct the gender later on if she turns out to be a he. ^^;; The drawings sometimes make her look like a he.

Well, I’m not sure if Cheongye mentioned that the woman going to Hongmun is the princess, or Juryu and others just connected the dots along with the palace’s order. As Jamalta noted, they aren’t ordinary herbalists that they know some unique ways of communication. I guess it is when they meet with Hongmun, we’ll know what are their true intentions.

Still, for Juryu to know about this group that hates the palace, it might mean they also hate the king and the royals. Mokmok and others doesn’t seem inclined to easily help those who are not aligned with their goals. Even if there is money compensation, they seem to let Saga and others come with them due to being chased after by the palace. I wonder what this group’s role in the series. I can almost feel that they might become fodder later on. ^^;

It seems that Mino had finally accepted Saga’s wish to go outside. Things are patched up between them and they’ll probably go North some time. The important thing here is, Saga’s new name as Yuri. It ties up with the series’ title. And that seems to mean that there are amazing things waiting for her ahead in this life outside the palace.

Oh ya, Jamalta was grumbling over how is it possible that Saga would be so excited over a performance that she couldn’t sleep for a few nights. If he sees her performing, I think he’ll experience that. =P I think it will also be Mino’s first time to see it. I’m sure she’ll mesmerize them all. ^^ It’s really nice to see Saga having all sorts of expressions other than crying, longing and being sad. Scans by 水神

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  2. Thank you for the translation, so happy you picked this up. I love historical stories and the art of this manhwa is just superb. After everything that happened so far its good to see some fluff. As you mentioned in your comment above, I'm sure Saga aka Yuri will indeed mesmerize them all (yes, I'm still hoping for a little romance there) ;) Looking foward to the next chapter!

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

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  3. I'm very fond of this manga and thank you for making a summary for it.If I don't bother you, could you tell me the reason why it hasn't been updated on the chinese website?

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