July 14, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 47]

Narration: “It has been around 5-6 times the other party who is going steady with me said that kind of words.” While having a drink, Shou says that he wants to spend New Year with her. Looking at her watch since it is time to go to cram class, Yuki says no.

Narration: “Thus, I also replied like that 5-6 times. This is the winter of a student going to take college exams.” Shou complains that obviously they didn’t get to see each other during Christmas. Yuki says that they did see each other and didn’t they go bowling together. 

Shou says that the basketball club members were also there and besides, she suddenly immediately went home. Yuki says that is inevitable for she has to study. There is a scene of Yuki leaving the others after the bowling since she has to study.  Narration: “Rather than ..saying that it is winter, it is already the end of the year.”

While vacuuming the floor at her house, Yuki thinks but, since they weren’t able to spend Christmas together alone, even if she also thought that they can at least spend it together on New year but with her boyfriend..how can she explain that kind of thing to her parents..
Ding Dong. The twins exclaim that he’s back. They open the door and happily greet their father. Their father says that he’s back and tells the twins that when opening the door, act a bit gentler and he has been saying that every time he comes back.

The twins and the triplets ‘attack’ the father as they ask for their gifts. The brothers [minus black haired triplet] are asking for that water sprouting lion-thingie. Yuki calls out to her father and welcomes him back. Her father looks surprised so she calls out to him again.

Snapping out of it, her father says ah..what’s going on, it’s Yuki. Yuki is puzzled. She asks how Singapore is. The father says that it has already been three years and he had already gotten used to it. He asks where the mother is. Yuki says that she just woke up and is currently washing her face.

Yuki explains that it seems that she spent the night writing a special column. The father tells her to call their mother over for they have something to tell everyone. That is, after Yuki passed the college exam, she is going to live by herself. This surprises Yuki. At the living room, two of the triplets exclaim what’s that and it is always biased towards Yuki, so unfair-!

The father ignores them and tells Yuki that of course, they aren’t forcing her, it is just that she needs a place where she can concentrate more of her energy in studying after going to college.
The father assures her not to worry about the costs in case of an emergency. “Isn’t that right, mama.” Munching on some chips, the mother agrees and it is because before, she always left everything for Yuki to do-- The father tells the mother to sit down and eat since Yuki just vacuumed the floor.

Yuki is excited over this for she did thought that sooner or later, she’ll use the money she saved to move out..but then, is it really okay to depend on her parents.. Black haired triplet asks their father if this is okay for right now, Yuki.. One of the twins exclaims that’s right, in case Yuki is living alone, she’ll definitely be intimate together with Naruse Shou every day!!

This made Yuki scowl and think, hey..wait a moment before talking about that guy.. The father says, ‘Naruse Shou’, is he an idol-type. The twins squeal that he doesn’t know, yes, yes, he is an idiot (a lie), and also a model (a lie), and he is also a sports club member~~ “He’s sister’s boyfriend♡♡” This made both the father and Yuki look serious.

Yuki thinks ah, in the end, she should leave this house. That night, while Shou is clipping his toe nails, Yuki called him on the phone to tell him to go to her house. She tells him that it is fine for him to just show his face though if it is no good, then it is also okay to refuse..
Shou says that her voice is so low. He asks wasn’t tomorrow New Year’s Eve. Yuki says yes, then on New Year, they are going to see their relatives, on the second day, they must prepare to go abroad.. Shou asks, abroad? She explains that her father works overseas since he is a staff member of a trading company.

Yuki says that starting this spring, she is going to move out so if it is okay, she hopes that he can at least come and greet [her father] within the year.. Shou says okay. Then, Yuki becomes nervous for it suddenly became –> Shou is going to her house. Shou says by the way, since she is going to live alone..might as well do THE FIRST in her apartment rather than on his bed.

Scowling Yuki shouts for him to listen well. Shou asks what. Yuki begs him to not say that kind of words in front of her father. Shou says that he’ll do his best, then he laughs. This made Yuki nervous for it made her heart really uneasy.. The next day, it is already almost 5 o’ clock. Someone is waiting for 7 o’ clock to arrive so first watch the television.

The father is looking really serious that the mother calls out to him what’s up that he has such a scary expression. She tells him that there’s no need to be so serious while waiting for Yuki won’t fall for some frivolous exotic-type of guy. And isn’t he the captain of a basketball club with exceptionally good grades. Won’t he be a distinctly serious nice youth?
The father imagines a timid guy saying that he’ll be intruding. This made the father says yes. Sipping his tea, he claims that he isn’t worried. Then, nervous Yuki comes in with Shou who slightly bows and says that he’ll be intruding. The father immediately spits out the tea.

The mother blushes and squeals like a fangirl. The twins in fangirl mode shout that he’s here. They immediately cling on to Shou to welcome him, their brother-in-law. The mother clings on to Yuki and says, geez, how did she do it, geez, he is obviously a super handsome guy.

Yuki says that she didn’t do anything. The father is still stunned. The mother greets Shou and says that Yuki has been always under his care. Shou bows and says no, he’s the one [under Yuki’s care]. Yuki thinks that he’s using polite words, and from watching his actions, how can she says this, it seems quite good, but..isn’t this proof that it is considered as the first ‘seeing the girlfriend’s family’..!?

One of the twins calls out to the father not to stare off somewhere and come over. The father becomes dizzy and immediately fell stiff on the floor which worried everyone.
Later on, at the living room, the father pushes up his glasses and apologizes for that. He explains that he wasn’t able to sleep enough that he got a bit dizzy when he stood up. After coughing, he asks Shou how old he is a while ago. Shou says that right now, he is in second year. [<- don’t know why he answer that way or it is a typo from the scanlator.]

The father asks in what grade he is now. Shou says that he is in second year high school. The mother exclaims that it is hard to believe that he is the same age as their family’s three idiots. She calls out to the three to quit hiding and quickly come out to greet Shou. The three are hiding behind the stairs. They are surprised for they are found out.

Yuki says that they’re here. The black haired triplet says that he is going out now with Shintarou [guesswork from 晉太郎]. Shintarou exclaims that’s right. One of the twins says that the two are going to hatsumode [first shrine visit for the New Year]. Shintarou points at Shou and exclaims, same age. Yuki says yes. Shintarou repeats, same age!!?

Yuki tells him yes and after introducing himself, quickly get out. The black haired triplet introduces himself as the eldest son, Koushirou [guesswork from 光史郎] and if he were to bring something to a deserted island, he’ll choose a photo journal.
Shintarou introduces himself as the second son, and he is very good in sports even if he is currently in the soccer club. Kinjirou exclaims that he’s the youngest, and his motto is th-at, th-at, th-at.. Yuki finds them very embarrassing that she hopes that they quickly shut up.

The twins quickly push Koushirou and Shintarou out the door for them to quickly disappear since they’ll pollute the rare handsome guy’s cardon dioxide. The brothers shout that they’re noisy to death, stupid, etc. Yuki thinks that her heart is constantly perspiring [/tense?] The mother winks and says that she’ll prepare the food so do as he pleases, Shou-kun. The sisters shout for her to shut up that’s disgusting, don’t call him Shou-kun.

Yuki thinks that her father totally didn’t say a word and doesn’t move except for drinking tea. <- she is also doing that. She thinks that as expected, a person like Shou is ‘knock out’ just by looking at his outer appearance.. The twins grab Shou and tells him to come over and watch Red vs White program [<- New Year program with the male singers vs female singers]
Kinjirou calls out to Shou and says that he just got this from upstairs. He shows an album that has young Yuki’s picture during the Shichi-Go-San. [traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys, held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children. Source: wiki]

The father is surprised when Yuki shouts, stupid, what is he making Shou see. Looking at the other pictures, Shou says that Yuki totally didn’t change. Kinjirou laughs and says that it’s really bad for she always have a stiff expression. Shou asks when this one is. Kinjirou says that it seems to be an award for her practice writing and even so, she totally didn’t smile.

Shou says that she is smiling happily here.. It is a picture of Yuki with an older woman. Yuki says that is their granny [father side]. Shou says, granny, so it’s like that. He asks where it is taken. The father says that it is at Kamakura.

When Yuki was three years old, they went to spend time at a beach in Kamakura. She stepped on a shell that caused her to almost cry but after granny carried her, she smiled.. Shou says, ah.. Then, Shou asks what about this one. They tell her that it is a picture of Yuki playing a mortar in a play [<- the Monkey and the Crab folk tale].
Yuki looks at Shou and thinks that Shou is talking with her family. “The person I like had come to the house where I grew up. Even if it is very unnatural, but it makes me feel happy.” After eating, the mother says that it is almost 9pm already. Shou says then, it is almost time for him..

The twins scream for Shou to stay over so that they can watch the first sunrise together. Yuki shouts no, what nonsense they are talking about. Then, Yuki notices something. She calls out to Shou that he’ll stain his sleeve on the soy sauce. The father watches intently. Kinjirou teases that isn’t this like a married couple and there should be no problem for Shou to stay overnight.

The mother opens a can of beer and calls Kinjirou stupid for it is exactly the opposite. It’s very problematic. It is no good to stay overnight because it is a rare New Year’s Eve but if it is the hatsumode, they can go there right now. The father says no. Everyone looks surprised. The mother says that the two are already high school students.

The father suddenly shouts that they are STILL high school students so it is an absolute no!!! Pause. One of the twins calls out to their father so he snaps out of it. He says, no..he quickly rushes out and says that he’ll go buy a box of cigarettes. The mother shouts that he doesn’t smoke.
While everyone is puzzled, Shou stands up and says that he go over and look. Yuki tries to protests but Shou already left. The mother says she’s so proud. Puzzled Yuki says that she’s talking strange. The mother says that he’s such an amazing child who deeply likes Yuki.

Yuki mutters, no..not really..that kind of thing..who knows.. The mother says that it’s alright, the father would definitely be able to understand her. Flashback: Young Yuki is kneeling in front of granny’s altar. While the others are making a ruckus, the father sat beside her.

Yuki said that she isn’t crying. Her father told her that when she’s lonely, even if she cries out, no one would get angry. He assured her that it’s alright. Yuki said that would make granny always worry about her. She recalled granny calling out to her to come over and is she alright.

Yuki said that for granny in heaven not to worry over her again, she will bear with it and won’t cry. Upon seeing Yuki clenching her fists, the father said, “..Listen well, Yuki..” End flashback. Outside, Shou sees the father moping at the corner. Shou leans down to him and asks if he’s crying. With a tear in his eye, the father sniffed to stop crying.
He immediately stands up and says how he can possibly be crying. It is because the heater is too hot that it made him a bit uncomfortable so he went out to breathe some air outside. Shou thinks that they are indeed father-daughter.

The father tells Shou that he mistook Yuki as the mother when he came home yesterday. “It feels that her expression had become completely earnest.. At first, I thought that it was because she grew up already. When I saw her together with you today, I understood..

...It is thanks to you, that child has started to show all sorts of emotions. But then, speaking of that, how come it is you.. *tightly grabs the post* You are totally not the type that Yuki likes..! When she is five years old, she would say non-stop that ‘I’m going to marry an older guy’, where did that child go..”

Flashback: The mother asked her how about, papa. Yuki said okay. This made the father blush. End flashback. Shou tells him that even towards him, Yuki also hasn’t totally revealed herself. “During important times, she never depends on me. Even if it is very painful, she’ll also act calm...

...But, it is because I felt that this kind of Yuki-senpai is very amazing so I want to gaze at her from the closest place [to her]. Whether she is biting her teeth or perhaps, clenching her fist, I don’t want to miss any of it.”
The father blushes a bit then turns around to say that even if it’s the same with her daughter but he is truly an inquisitive and high-spirited person. Shou smiles and thanks him. The father says that he isn’t praising him and by the way, he’s so tall, so are his parents also very tall. Shou says, kind of.

Narration: “While I’m all flustered, a year had once again ended. This is a year wherein a lot of things have changed. *everyone greets back the father, together with Shou, who came back with some snacks* Full of ends and starts. *father points to the clock and Shou nods* A year of crying and laughing. *mother and twins save the two goodbye* An irreplaceable year.”

At a shrine, Shou says that it’s great that her father agreed to let them go to the hatsumode together. “But then, we have to go back at 1am so we can’t see the first sunrise. Senpai, can you take off the mask? We won’t meet any acquaintance since the shrine at this side almost doesn’t have high schoolers coming here. It is all grandpas and grandmas.”

Yuki says that it is just in case and by the way, she apologizes for her family for being so noisy. Shou comments that they are super interesting. Yuki asks what he just talked with her father a while ago. Shou says that it is nothing.
Yuki tells him that saying, ‘it’s nothing’ would make her more curious.. Shou pulls her mask down and kisses her. Blushing Yuki immediately pulls up her mask back up. Shou says that’s right, here, for you.. It is an amulet [omamori] for studies. He tells her that he bought it when buying the drinks.

Yuki thanks him. Shou says that it’s good if she passes the college exam. “That way, in the next New Year, *leans on Yuki* we can watch the first sunrise together from the window of Yuki-senpai’s house. *Yuki blushes* It has that kind of meaning.”

Yuki asks what does that refer to. He tells her they’ll always be together always until dawn--... She darkly tells him that is already enough. Shou holds Yuki’s hands. She blushes and recalls something.

Flashback: Her father told her, “..Yuki. Listen well, Yuki. Cry when you are hurt. Perhaps, wishing for someone’s help during painful times, this isn’t at all a humiliating thing. Whether it is strong Yuki or weak Yuki, there will definitely a day..” End flashback.

Tong. Shou says that the bell rang. Shou calls out to Yuki and says, “Senpai, Happy New Year.” Tong. Tong. Then, they kiss. Narration: “..when a person, who can notice and see this kind of Yuki, will appear in front of you---”
Comment: And, Shou get to meet Yuki’s family on New Year’s Eve. I’m amused that the father is a male version of Yuki. In a way, he seems to be the only one who can understand Yuki but Yuki is a closed ‘shell’ especially since she believes that any show of weakness especially crying will make her granny worry.

I think that seems like a ‘curse’ for her. Because of that, she let others do whatever they want and she would always ‘give way’ for others. It wasn’t easy to break the shell but with Shou around, she is gradually opening up. And, what her father said came true.

I know that this is just a story but it seems odd to see one’s sisters including mother clinging/fangirling over one’s boyfriend. ^^; I actually find that more annoying than the triplets whose fault is being ‘inferior’ compared to Shou. I think it’s a great idea that the father is going to let Yuki live alone. Perhaps that way, the rest can be more independent rather than making Yuki do almost everything for them.

So, we are already in January. In 3-4 months, Yuki will be graduating. The mangaka skipped Christmas so will she also skip V-day since that was already shown before? I think we’ll get to see Shou’s family soon. These chapters seem like coda/epilogue wherein things are wrapping up. Scans by 红莲汉

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