July 17, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 48]

Flashback: Taishin pointed to himself and asked if he is going to be the koto club’s adviser? Narration: “It is the first year after graduation. The math teacher life that I’ve been thinking of day and night has started but at the same time, I still have one more title [/position].”

The principal[?] said yes, he’ll leave it up to him. Taishin scratched his head and said, yes.. Though he doesn’t know what a koto club is. Narration: “That is when I heard that I’ll be the adviser of a club that I had never heard of before. Since I was young, I really love math. *scene of young Taishin reading math books*...

...I don’t even have a least of concern regarding other things. So for me who has thoroughly immersed myself into the world of math, don’t even say koto, since even music is a totally unknown world.”

Taishin arrived at the room that has a small taped paper ‘Koto Club’. From the note, he found that it has a weak inexpressible feeling and it seems that there are only two members right now.
He clenched his fist and wondered if he can become a good adviser. “..no no, do not cower away, Taishin. Anything is a challenge!” He opened the door. Narration: “And, that is the start of everything.” End flashback.

In the tuning room, Taishin says, okay, it’s almost time, everyone prepare to go onstage. The club president exclaims in surprise that it’s so fast!? Another girl says what to do, so nervous, her hand is trembling. Then, Taishin notices Mio still sitting down. He immediately goes to tell Mio to quickly get ready.

Then, he asks how the situation is. Mio says that it is okay. Taishin exclaims that it’s rare for him to suddenly say, ‘okay’. Mio asks is that so. Taishin exclaims yes, because normally, he would just have a ‘oh’-type of reaction, ah, but at the National Music Festival before— Mio is in deep thought as he recalled Uta telling him, ‘Did you know that, actually, sensei, he--..”
Puzzled when Mio held his hand, Taishin asks him what’s up. Mio says photosynthesis because the cloud is obstructing the sun. Puzzled Taishin asks if he is using him for photosynthesis. Mio says, “Sensei, you are like the sun who is capable of giving me strength.”

Taishin is moved. He holds Mio’s hand with his hands and exclaims that he is bestowing upon him Taishin [/his] power. “Okay! *smiles* With this, there’s no problem!!! You can definitely play the most amazing piece today!!” Mio smiles and says, so strange. This surprises Taishin. The club president shouts at Mio to properly carry out his own instrument.

Standing up, Mio asks her to help him move it. The club president angrily shouts if he is an idiot. Taishin smiles and thinks that speaking of that, it is the first time he saw Mio having that kind of smile. He stands up to leave the tuning room. Narration: “From that time (going into the koto clubroom), it has already been 10 years. Afterwards, today is the last day.”
Flashback to 10 years ago: Taishin is sitting together with two female students. He exclaimed, ah, so that’s how it is, this is how the koto’s music sheet looks like, so amazing! Taishin apologized for he is obviously the adviser yet the students are the ones who are teaching him about it.

The girl told him that it is no big deal and the former adviser also seemed to have no interest at all. Taishin exclaimed is that so, but in the end, he already had interest in it. The girl asked that he hasn’t heard of a koto performance before, right?

Smiling Taishin said yes, but look at the koto’s music sheet, in one sheet, there is a combination of 13 numbers and notations. “I always think that it is very similar to math so I feel that it’s very interesting.” <- the koto musical sheet has numbers which represents 1-13 strings of the koto. The two girls are puzzled.
Narration: “I’m really just a math fanatic. The reason why I became a math teacher is only because-- *a friend said that math is so hard to learn and what’s so interesting about it* After I told some things to my friend about the interesting aspects of math as if my life depended on it...

...*friend said that he felt that after listening to him [Taishin], he seems to feel a bit interested in math* And those words became an opportunity. *sparkling Taishin thought that he’ll definitely become a match teacher..* I considered it as my mission in life. Math is an expanding romance and the probability’s ensemble. At first, it is simply the arrangement of numbers and notations but therein, it has a boundless unlimited universe.”

Soon, Taishin bought a second hand music player. He planned to study it by first listening to this ‘classic’. He imagined the girls exclaiming in disbelief that Taishin unexpectedly knows koto, so amazing. Taishin started to laugh and wondered if they will say that or not. Then, he pressed the play button.
Narration: “Like that, I casually sound the doorbell of the koto world’s gate but what has unfold in front of me is slim [/tender] and meticulous. It is like a world of perfect calculation that was made. With merely 13 strings, there is a hidden unlimited possibilities— That is the world of math itself which I love.”

Taishin thinks, “At first, it is merely an arrangement of numbers and notation but each notation has a meaning. As long as one takes a step inside, it seems like it has a life’s pulse. It starts to throb lively. It has life. *blushing* Ah, right now, I’m currently listening to math. Ah- Ah- so amazing. It turns out that music is math’s sound! How come I haven’t noticed it until now!!!”

Narration: “Afterwards, I seem to have fallen deeply into the music world. I started to listen to a lot of music and even get books to study it. *Taishin thought that he still likes koto music the most since it is a combination of number notes arranged in a combination..and the arrangement is so beautiful, and besides, there is no unnecessary parts*...
...Afterwards, because I really love classical koto music, I slowly start to write my own piece. *Taishin started to compose* But, it wasn’t welcomed by the students since they totally do not want to play my piece.” The girl said that she finds it so old fashioned that it’s so boring. This made Taishin depressed.

Teary-eyed, he thought that’s right, students likes modern pieces more [than].. Narration: “Even if it is like that, I also still stubbornly chase after what I think it a beautiful sequence of numbers. Even if because of work, I have gone to a different school. Even if I went to a school that has no koto club, I also didn’t stop composing-- Afterwards, I finally got into Hakuto’s koto club.”

Taishin happily thought that there are so many new club members this year. “It’s such a bumper harvest— Furthermore, there is a good number of people who have playing experience. *clenched fist*...
...Perhaps, there will be a person who is willing to play my composed piece-- Ah ha ha, I’m just saying that!! But it should be impossible, right!! Student’s evaluation was never good!!! –In the end, always until now, there was no one who would play my piece. Even if I say that I can play it.. but it feels that there is something wrong.

...Perhaps, it is because my playing is awful. *heard music from the room* Eh? Ah.. Who is playing the koto in the club room--” Taishin looked surprised for this piece, it is his.. Blushing Taishin opened the door and saw a boy [Mio] playing the koto. Taishin thought that it is his composed piece..he can hear it’s pulse.

“Yes.. this is how I wanted it to be played. This is the perfect form of my composition. By the way, this kid’s technique is so good that I want to cry--!!??” Then, the boy noticed him and asked who he is. Taishin introduced himself. He remembered the name of the boy as Mio [<- ah, he is calling him by the surname Kanzaki], a first year student who joined the club this year.
Taishin told Mio that the piece he just play is his composition. Mio said oh, the music sheet was on the shelf so he cannot play it? Taishin exclaimed, no, no, actually, he is very happy. “Thank you for playing this piece!! There are still a lot of pieces!! If it is okay, can you--”

Mio stood up and said that there’s no need. Teary-eyed Taishin asked, what..why.. Mio said that he doesn’t quite like listening to the music that he himself played. “The music that I play is very boring. Very detestable.” This puzzles Taishin but he exclaimed that he really liked it and just now, his playing is really exceptionally amazing!! Mio says, oh.

Taishin couldn’t believe it for obviously Mio had talent. He went to find Uta since he recalled that she is Mio’s cousin [from mother’s side]. “There is something that I want to ask you--” Uta told Taishin that Mio comes from a dual earner family [both parents are working]. “His parents always let Mio come to their house because my mother studied koto. Due to her influence, we started playing koto together at around 6 years old.”
Taishin exclaimed then, their koto experience is also the same no wonder he can play so well! Uta corrected him that no, Mio is special. “..Mio, he CAN SEE MUSIC. Upon seeing a piece, he’ll know how to play it in the best way it can be expressed. It is like knowing to play the piece’s correct answer..”

This surprised Taishin for he did thought that is how he wanted it played and it is his piece’s perfect form. Taishin said that is such an amazing talent. Uta agreed but it seems that Mio really hated that.

“The music played based on the correct answer is very boring. Because it is playing according to the already determined way so it isn’t a bit interesting. So, he hated the music that he plays. Rin is always searching for the music that SURPASSES THE CORRECT ANSWER.”
Outside, Mio is lying on the ground with his socks removed. [<- the other one is partly removed] Taishin called out to him. Mio asked who he is. Taishin introduced himself again. Mio said, ya.. Taishin confirmed with Mio if he can see music and he knows how the piece should be played..

Mio said so what if he knew.. Taishin exclaimed that he hopes that he can play his composed pieces!! “I was very, very moved when you played my piece before. The world that I imagined has been portrayed out and like that, it started to move in its entirety. It really shook me that I still want to hear it one more time.”

Mio said that ‘started to move in its entirety’ isn’t enough, he wants to MOVE FORWARD. “I never felt moved by the music that I played.” Flustered Taishin said that he’ll write a piece that will enable to him to MOVE FORWARD.

“I also want to listen to the ‘music that surpassing the correct answer’ that you are saying. *Mio sat up to listen to Taishin* So, can you lend me your talent!!” Mio said, no. While Mio walked away, Taishin shouted that shouldn’t the next part be for them to tightly shake hands enthusiastically. End flashback.
Narration: “—-Like that, we walked until today.” While walking at the hallway with his students, Taishin says that he’s so nervous. The club president says that as a teacher, how he can be this nervous. Taishin says that Aragaki, is so calm and no wonder she is the club president.

Aragaki scowls and says, geez.. “By the way, sensei, after this tournament ends, you’re going to resign, right.” This stiffens Taishin that he exclaims how come she kn[ows..] Aragaki says that everyone knew and it is only he himself thought that it wasn’t exposed. Taishin groans. Aragaki tells him not to belittle the student’s intel and he is going back to succeed his family’s inn.

Taishin says that they unexpectedly also know that. Aragaki says that they know and they also know that during the National Music Festival, he didn’t get the flu but rather, his father has fallen ill so he couldn’t come. “Are you really going to resign?”
After a pause, Taishin says yes, for that is the decision that he came up with after distressing over it for a long time. Aragaki says is that so. The others look sad. Aragaki admits that actually from the start, she really hates Taishin because he is excessively enthusiastic and also very annoying.

“Besides, your compositions are very old fashioned that it even made first year Mio as the center. Honestly speaking, it isn’t a bit interesting. *Taishin looks tense* --but, I understand it now. This is actually, as far as this club is concerned, it’s best form.” Taishin looks surprised.

At the auditorium, Doujima tells Chiharu that they should more or less leave already. “This is just a high school clubs’ performance and basically, it isn’t necessary to go and listen to it. They are just some insignificant performances. Looking at it like this, Satowa’s group is also no better.”
Chiharu looked flustered as she recalled the harsh words she said to Satowa that Satowa had to kneel down to borrow the koto. Chiharu stands up and says that she’ll leave for a while and breath some air outside. Doujima says that she’ll also-- Chiharu says no, she stay there for she [Chiharu] wants to think things alone.

After Chiharu left, Doujima also stands up and thinks what kind of joke is this. “I don’t want to stay in this kind of place again for a single second. *recalled Akira telling her that she should listen to the kids’ performance and for a long time now, it is only she [Doujima] who didn’t regard koto playing sincerely* Even if someone would say that, I am already no good. It is already too late.”

At the tuning room, Suzuka calls out to everyone that they have to leave the room five minutes earlier so prepare to go onstage. Freaking out, Sane and Michi cling on to Kouta. Sane screams that it has come. Michi shouts that he’ll die!! Kouta asks what to do for his breathing is labored.
While Chika holds on to Suzuka, he tells Kouta to calm down and take a deep breath. Suzuka tells Chika that he should calm down a bit. Trembling Hiro hugs Satowa and calls out her name. Takezou calls out to everyone to listen to him. “After leaving this room, they cannot talk out loud. So, how about we huddle right now?”

Sane says that is a good idea. Kouta is all go for it. Michi says that he feels empowered already. Takezou asks the teachers to also-- Suzuka says that he won’t do it even if he dies. Akira declines and says that there’s no need. Sane admits that it is quite embarrassing. Kouta says that it makes him feel so happy. Satowa is blushing a bit.

Chika thinks that feeling the warmth of someone beside him makes him calm down a bit... It is all quiet that Chika shouts at glasses to say something. Snapping out of it, Takezou says right, that’s right. “I still want to continue to play koto together with this group. I don’t want today to become our last. So, today, with all one’s”

And, Chika karate chops Takezou’s head. Takezou shouts what he is doing!? Chika angrily shouts, “Obviously, you are the first to suggest it, yet what kind of demoralizing talk is that!! Say something more encouraging words!! Anyway, just bluntly say the words that you normally won’t say out. Say it more happily!!! Like a man!” 
This fires up Takezou that he shouts, “We will definitely advance to the Nationals!!!!” This made everyone blush and happy. Akira looks surprised while Suzuka looks at them with a smile. Everyone shouts in agreement.

At the auditorium, a group of students had finished playing. The audience applauds. Looking at the program, Isaki says that next, it is finally Hakuto. Tetsuki asks if it is the one who won before. Isaki says that’s right.

Isaki thinks that if just like before, they still PLAYED IT LIKE IT IS JUST THE CORRECT ANSWER, then Chika and others can absolutely win. “But, if they have changed--...” A girl informs the Hakuto group to go onstage after the other group got off the stage. Taishin tells everyone, okay, do their best.
Aragaki says that even if he didn’t say that, they’ll also do their best-- "..even if sensei’s piece is very old fashioned but we can use our performance to prove that it is actually a very amazing piece. *smiles along with the others at Taishin* As a farewell gift, we are going to get the right to go to the Nationals. Please listen to it with anticipation!”

Taishin happily smiles. Mio looks at Taishin then he notices Chika and others going backstage. Mio and Chika’s eyes met. Mio smiles. Then, Hakuto High’s students are in position for their piece, ‘Katakago’. Mio lifts up his hand and places it by the koto’s string. Dong-- Chika is startled. Tense yet excited Tsukaji thinks that it is such a deep first note..

Narration: “I always hated my own music. Obviously, it is outstandingly correct but it is also somewhat lacking. Obviously, there’s no mistake but it’s monotonous. I’m always searching for something that I’m lacking. *scene of Taishin telling him that he’ll compose for him* But. *recalls Chika playing* thank you everyone. Thanks to you all, I can finally MOVE FORWARD.”
Comment: And since this is shounen, I was thinking that was like, ‘Himesaka, you think that you’re the only one who leveled up but guess what, Hakuto also did’ then proceeds to surprise/overwhelm the opponent/s. And from Mio’s recollection, that might be thanks to Chika.

I guess what he is lacking is the feeling since he tends to be bored and also hate his own playing. So, if with that kind of playing can make them win against Himesaka, what if he finally found what he is always searching for to make him love his own playing?

Hakuto’s current edge is Taishin. In a way, his name which literally means, ‘big heart’ really suits him. Like what Aragaki said and the others noticed, all the compositions are centered on Mio which makes him stand out which is good for them since he is the most talented one.

If it is some other teacher or composition, I don’t think they can reach this point or even win against Himesaka in the previous competition. This chapter shows us what drives Hakuto to really want to go to the Nationals. For Himesaka, it is their pride as number one and to give a chance to Hozumi to play together at the Nationals. For Tokize, it is for them to still be able to play together. For Hakuto, it is a farewell gift and perhaps thanks to their adviser, Taishin who really enthusiastically worked for them to be there.

So, based on that, it’s really hard to choose who really deserves to go to the Nationals. But then, this isn’t about one’s motive but their performance. The two groups have to have something different to win against Himesaka. I’m curious though why Isaki would say that if Hakuto is the same, Chika and others can win.

She has heard Himesaka play so does that mean Chika and others’ performance is better than Himesaka’s? Or, it is just between the two? I guess that it is Chika’s performance that made Mio felt that he lost to him so when they entered the building, Mio said that he won’t lose again. Hopefully, when Hakuto finished playing, Tokize can keep their enthusiasm up and nervousness down. It will definitely be an amazing performance.

Perhaps, it will help Tokize if they know that Chiharu is there. So, they will also be helping Satowa with her mother. It seems that Doujima has already bailed out. But for her not wanting to stay there again, it seems that she had some trauma regarding playing koto or perhaps, something related to the Nationals, or playing while she was a high school student? Perhaps, she used to be a judge and something happened? We’ll probably have a backstory for that later on.

For this chapter, Taishin’s backstory is quite inspiring. The guy is quite enthusiastic and willing to learn something that he doesn’t know. And upon finding that person who’ll play his composition well, he won’t let go of him. After everything, things start to fall in place. So, they are currently here and even became a threat to the undefeated champion, Himesaka.

It’s too bad that Taishin has to resign due to family responsibilities. Hopefully, he’ll still find time to compose for Mio later on. In a way, running an inn involves math, well, practical math so he can still do what he loves. I think Taishin is from the provincial area so his music is old fashioned. So, perhaps, he can play some of the club’s music in the inn ^^

Anyway, I think Taishin will be in tears after their performance. I think for a teacher like him, it will be very memorable and touching that the students appreciate what he did for them so, they are going to pay him back in a way that they know how. ^-^ That’s a nice way to cap his teaching career. Scans by 二次元秘店

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    Changing the subject, yeah, there's a band that already does metal on cello, since 1994 iirc, They're one of the reasons I chose cello to play over guitars and bass, though I had to learn the basics for those too. I won't deny, but in my defense, I always had a small side of me that like traditional/classic music, just was too shy to open up and talk about it. When I was a kid, liking rock was already a taboo where I lived, so...
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      You know, when everything's good and you go and say, aah, I hope it stays good? At least here, we have this as a bad omen, so we say, come on, don't jinx it. And it manga world, that would be raising flags, like when Armin said go to the ocean together... In this case, Take's saying let's all play at national's would mean raising lose/lost flags. Though, as I said, I can't picture they losing, despite being the most realistic thing that could happen.

      I don't really remember, but was she depicted before the accident? Or was she always grumpy? If she wasn't, I can relate and understand...
      Yea, more or less. In my gradeschool days and where I studied and lived, liking rock was equal to liking the devil and I don't exaggerate saying that, 'cause people didn't understand rock and had that image of satanists already printed. So, as a kid, I was the only one to like rock and admit, but was shy to open talk about it since I knew I'd never hear the end of it from my teachers and parents. But that changed in middleschool and now it's pretty accepted, despite still being people that has that misconception. I remember showing them a gospel rock band singing about Jesus and his love, and they saying it was satanist, then I translated to them and went all blank, lol. Unfortunately, there're still people that hardheaded.
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      - -

      Hehe..I see. ^^

    4. Yea, even that glasses-chan that Chika cheered up had her flashback and performance, so it's not to wonder how anxious we are to see Tokize.^^

      I still can't. There's a post in bato that pretty summarize my feelings 'bout it, if they lose, it'd be mostly technically imo, but even so, I can't picture that, despite all losing flags they're raising, lol.

      Maybe, I think she was just as talentless as Satowa mom, maybe worse, so for the sake of her family name/her own pride, she did all that to try and overcome that inferiorness she rightly feels? I don't knowm this scene now where she says she can't bear to be in a place like this is pretty enigmatic. I'm not willing to forgive her, but maybe the author has some plans for her.
      Yea, that too. And misinformation, ofc. If people don't know about it and some others make up stuff that makes sense to them, even if it's misconception, it's hard for them to let go.
      The things that really gets me going is those damned connections. 'Cause for normale people, we suffer like all hell, but then again, the vast majority couldn't care less, so...

      My gran used to live near it, not anymore, that's stuff from some good 20y back. Though I do live near a subway station and the stadium, it's not really noisy or even that bad, considering how things used to be and could be.
      I'm sure the money is their pockets, ofc. And no, I mean, like I said before, there were some scandals and such, but it's a long time ago and now we just see some politicians quietly leave the scene, don't if they were killed or what, but it's been quite some time that we heard any news like that.

      Yea, obviously. They made some contract that authorized them to use public money, even if they were private company, and then made other contracts to cover up and so on. At least, the police discovered the scheme.

      Yea, we don't have casinos here, but it'd work just like them if this law come forward.

      No, I didn't know. But wow, US federal bank, hackers and such, it reminds me of those movies. There are some things that are just some absurd that it's really hard to believe, right? the world we live in...

    5. Yup.

      You mean, they don't have the technical skill?

      Ah..perhaps, she was like glasses-chan in some way? Possible but if that is so, it would be hard to empathize with her since Satowa's mom is also like that yet she would take advantage of that [having no talent].

      - - -

      Speaking of connections, I recall some so-so to do parents here send their kids to an exclusive school so that the kids would have connections when they are older. Good idea?

      - - -

      Ah okay. So, were the culprits arrested? Here, most of the times, we know but they might not necessarily be arrested. And, if arrested, just wait for the right connections/support the right president candidate, you'll be free soon.

      I see.

      Indeed. Maybe there will be a movie about it later on. =P There are so many people involved yet they claimed 'innocent' and there isn't much evidence. Mostly he say, she say, etc.

      The hackers knew we have a very tight bank secrecy law. The bank refuses to divulge any information in public. They don't know who really withdraw the money from the bank in cash because conveniently, the cctv are malfunctioning. The ones who opened the account are fictitious people. That is again, thanks to connections with the bank manager. She claimed the bank president told her to do so when he just said, take care of this client.

      It seems that in Bangladesh, there is also some issues whether it is an inside job or outside because the hackers entered the correct password which iirc, supposedly need 8 people to input it. So, the US federal thought it is authentic and transferred the money here.

      I read that there was this computer guy from Bangladesh who told the news about the weaknesses of the bank..then, he was kidnapped..lately, I read in the news, he was found but almost insane. By the way, the stolen money sent here is $81 million.


  6. Yea, they've been training alright, but, realistic speaking, they still are far way to even be considered amateurs. It's like Suzuka said, they got the emotion/spirit right, not the skill/ability, so I can only see they winning if they manage to put all the heavy emotion they're carrying right now (Satowa's song and it's true purpose, keep the gang together, reward Take to nationals, and, if they know Satowas's mom is watching, double the effort/emotion to put into the song). But still, they lack the basics, it's not something you develop in six months - don't remember how long they are under Akira, but i reckon is less. Then again, realistic speaking, since it's a manga, shounen one to top, focused more on the feelings and char. growth, I don't really know what to expect.

    Yea, that's why I'm not eager to see her beeing redeemed, or even see the author try to redeem her, though I'd find way more interesting if that was the case, we don't need everyone to be redeemed. Some people are just like that: can't do anything by themselves, but sees who can and tries to push their own views onto them and scam and sabotage 'till they get what they want, it doesn't matter if in the process they torn an almost broken family apart a so on.

    Tldr: we don't need to save everyone and the villains don't need to be nice guys who lost their way somewhere along the road.
    Not that I remember. That was this show some years back about mysteries that never got solved, and some of them were the deaths of some politicians, powerful/influential wo/men. But, now, when they get arrested, they make deals with the police or through other means and they get out sooner or later.
    I'd say it's at least a 'worth try' idea - that is - in this world we leave where we are tied down if we don't have any influential/people connections

    I really don't know how to deal with cases like these 'cause my moral compass isn't entirely broken yet, though I reckon that living by it only made things worse/harder for me. Don't have regrets, but I can't really recommend to anyone 'cause it's tough in this time and age.

    I guess it goes more of what's needed to survive/win, than what's needed to walk with clean conscious. I go for the conscious, but can't fault the ones that go for 'survival'.
    We have some of this here, too. Though the banks they usually try to hide dirty money are in Switzerland or in the Bahamas, it's harder do track, apparently.

    81 million? I'd say that's a lot 'cause it is, but here, we recently discorvered some of more than 300 million, and like I said, that's just some of them, there were multiple above 100 million and most of those were public money, and some were used to fund the presidential campaigns for almost 16y - the presidents beeing from the same party. Obviously, were not only used to fund just this party or the presidents, but you get picture...

    1. True.

      I see. For me, I think this is more of a feel good series. The premise seems to be everyone is naturally good until...then, in the end, they usually go back to how they were before whatever happened. Nevertheless, I think we'll know later on where she is coming from = why she is like that/became like that.

      - - -

      I see. So more or less, the same here.

      True. I also tend to do the right thing but then, in this world, that is called 'stupid'. Like, why make things hard for you, just throw some money at them, and that's it. Actually, even if you do what they want, they would still find some minor requirements that aren't important/really required/they invented it so that you cannot fulfill it, just to get some money out of you aside from the proper required fee. ^^;

      Indeed...especially if life is tough = short on money, don't want the hassle, greed,

      - -

      True. Before, they seem to put it in the US or else where until those countries got tough on money laundering.

      Ah..we also have rumors about that or the other party spreading rumors about it but
      no one ever got caught...probably because most are doing it or no real evidence. ^^; But then, I guess, even if the little people [/subordinates] knew, they won't talk or end up becoming fish food.

    2. Yea, for me, this is definitely a feel good series, though we have some moments of angst, it's just to soothe us after, and it doesn't take too long. That's why I keep it up even when I'm in a foul mood, which happens quite often, T__T.

      BTW, glad I'm letting Namaiki pile up, just took a peek at the recent chap and was enough to make me mad, even if I know nothing happened, lol.
      I remember my cousin, he had to pay a lot of grease money to get his drive license, even though he's the one who taught my how to drive. I didn't have to pay 'cause where I went was decent, but then again, it's getting harder and harder to find a decent establishment of all sorts.

      Aaaand people call me stupid too, they say I live life in hard mode, lol.
      The way things are, or seem to be, everyone is involved and if one talks, it brings down the whole house so they refrain 'till the last moment, and if there's no hard/real evidence, there's no talking, ever.

    3. Indeed. ^^

      Lol..and, I was thinking if I should warn you about it. Apparently, it can really fire up people. It's basically what we talked about before...how much opposite sex contact should be allowed with someone who is already committed..especially if the bf is the jealous type and the opposite sex likes the girl but girl doesn't know. =P

      - -

      Ah...yes, sometimes it depends on the places. I guess if those who want to do things that way would go to those places. I mean for those who aren't really good in driving/shouldn't be driving yet.

      That's right. And to keep wanting to do the right thing can be tiring at times but one must persevere. Of course, sometimes I wonder if torture and death is put in there...can I still say the same. ^^;; Like arguing with a person about him going the wrong way since it is one way/something very shallow then get shot at. Is that called stupid?

      - - -

      Yup. Here, in most cases, the scandals are revealed when there is one losing bidder/a subordinate isn't getting his cut as promised. ^^; So, in a way, they're all guilty but they'll just argue, who is the most guilty. After the publicity hearing at the Senate, it is all forgotten.

      - -

      Aot/SnK is out. I'm sure you're happy about the outcome ^^

    4. Yea, I didn't read the whole summary, just took a peek at the end, though I know nothing happened, can't really see reason when Shizuka called Sho, even if he just wants to clear things, it's obvious that it won't. Do you think he did in good faith or to spite Sho? In my time, irl, I met some bad boys and bad girls that'd do the exact same things just to spite others.

      I can't blame Yuki 'cause she's written to be as dense as it can be, but she should've know by now that her boyfriend doesn't like her beeing around Shizuka and for good reason... Anyways, good opportunity to the author work with them and make the chars. grow, but one mistake is all that it takes to crumble everything.
      There's a really huge mafia about driving licenses here, despite all the cover from the midia, those things are still going on, and it doesn't even matter if you can or can't drive, all it matters is money. My cousin isn't the best driver, but he can cleary drive, even so, couldn't get his license 'cause refused to pay the 'break' as we call it here.

      Now, I know some (lots) people that can't drive well enough to go to the streets, but there they are, risking everyone lives...
      I can only speak for myself and really try not to judge others as, like I said, my moral compass is somewhat different. It depends more on the people, I guess. I'm sure as hell wouldn't stay quite if some brat tried to wrong me in any way, and couldn't care less about his situation, but if at the time I'm not alone, let's say, I were to be with some students or friends, I'd stay quiet and try not to raise hell so, at the very least, the others won't be put to more danger.

      Then again, I see it as a lose/lose situation, I'd be spinning my crane like some mad swordsmen, lol.
      Same here, what it'd be funny if wasn't extremly sad, is that the former president said - if what I did was wrong, then all my predecessors and all government are guilty too - that's not really a defence argument, is it? lol.
      Yea, I am, but not with the way it was done. I guess we talked about it, those last chapters seemed to try to hard to bring drama where it didn't need any more. I mean, it was clear as a bright day that Armin should be the one, Erwin, as good as he was, just wasn't good enough as Armin and the whole arguing that took place really felt flat to me. The good side was that Mikasa was willing to force Levy (maybe kill him?) if Hange didn't stop her, and Eren, as a good for nothing like always, made very strong points to heal Armin, but it was the dream thing that got to Levy, lol. I get it what the author tried to do, but I don't know, maybe I'm too jaded and too grumpy to fully enjoy something...

    5. Based on his inner monologue and he did tell Yuki not to worry for he'll clarify things to Shou, I would assume that it isn't to spite Shou. Of course, maybe, unconsciously..you know. =P I think that it isn't good either if Shou learned about it from others later on like, I saw your gf being carried by this guy, etc.

      Yup, she knows. At this time, I would let it pass because she is seemingly in a no choice position. If it happens again and more, that will be very problematic. Indeed. I guess it is a test for relationships. How much is 'okay with you' and when/where do you draw the line. Hehe, ah, that also depends on the boy/girlfriend one has. =P

      - - -

      That's right. For reckless drivers, we have a lot here. I read that people from the US and other more 'civilized' countries dread driving here. Counterflows, do not want to give way when there's a traffic jam = causing a bigger traffic jam, some would even park their vehicle in the middle of the road because of bathroom break =P

      As for mafia, I heard it more on customs here so we have a lot of smuggled stuff.

      - - -

      I see ^^

      Hehe...that would be a sight to see ^^

      - - -


      - -

      Well, I'll say that I wasn't exactly intense over the argument since they seem to be repeating all that. I actually wondered what if Mikasa did kill Levi..what then. Isn't that totally bad, too? He is the only human who can kill off so many titans by himself..obviously more than what Eren can do. Even if they have the brains of either one, without Levi, I'm not inclined to think that their odds of winning is high.

      So, Levi will probably vs Beast titan so what about Eren and others..against Reiner? Well, maybe something will happen to get Annie back into action? Nevertheless, hopefully, we can finally see what's in the basement.

      I do wonder if it is more intense if it is animated =P I'm not fond of the manga artwork here.

    6. If we were to put rl logic, I think that even if he didn't really want to cause any trouble, he wouldn't 'confess' to Sho. I mean, you just don't go and say, hey, I like your bf/gf right after spending the day with them and knowing all too well the other can't stand you around their significants. But in manga we let it pass as good intention, for now, lol.

      I actually remembered when something like that happened to me, so I guess I'm more sensible to get mad at those things.

      So, Yuki really knows Sho doesn't like her being around Shizuka and is jealous as hell? Da*m girl, she needs to have a nice and long talk with her bf, though I doubt Sho'd listen without making a scene, lol.

      Yea, but I meant in way that the bf/gf is clueless about their jelousy towards other people. Like, I'm friends with a couple that I could actually spend the whole night with the girl that it wouldn't cause any commotion - not because my friend is clueless or in the dark, but because we all know each other so well that we know there's nothing to worry, but I know others that if I were to give just a ride 'cause we're going to the same place it'd be hell, even if the girl is my cousin or my long life friend, so I avoid talking to her when we're alone 'cause her bf is near crazy, and she knows it and still tries to raise hell with her other friends just to see her bf reaction - in that case, I don't really know why they're together.

      Aaaand it just came to me that I'm talking too much and not about the manga, lol.
      Well, tbf, US traffic is pretty hellish too, specially NY. I can't say it's worse than your place, but it's definitely no better than mine, and here is chaotic, not even the subways/metros escape. Holland/Netherlands though, they're a nice place to drive.

      Wow, smuggled? How so? Their licenses?
      When I meet with peple, I always raise my crane as to beat'em up when they say/do something that'd deserve at least a lil' scolding, they always laugh, even more so when I lose my balance doing it, lol.
      It wasn't indeed, like I said, this developtment felt too contrived for me, drama for the sake of drama. Erwin's death lost the little impact it had on me, though we also considered him to still be alive, and I was pretty sure that Armin'd take the serum once it was revealed he wasn't dead; Mikasa's actions was nice to see 'cause they were completely irractional and put some more depth to her char. since she's always well composed and emotionless - if Eren's fine, that is, lol - so I liked. Just like you said, if she killed Levy there, what'd happened? And she was willing to at least hurt him bad to get what she wanted, and that's the whole saving grace of the chap. for me.

      Well, that and seeing Berthold crying for help, that was amusing I must say.

      If Annie's going to play any more part, I guess it'll depend on the outsiders. If Hanges's co. couldn't break her out yet, doubt anyone else can, other the beast titan's co. But I'd like to see her again in the main story. Lost Girls are only available in french, which I suck. Can't get in the mood if I have to go to the dictionary every two words, lol.

      Yea, the manga's art is pretty rough. Sometimes it's comical too, I remember when Eren was kidnapped and Mikasa was crying, her hand was so small compared to the rest of her body that I just couldn't feel her emotion, only laugh at the moment, lol.

      And the anime has voice, too, right? If the seyuus do a nice/decent job, we can feel it no matter the art. There's this anime I recently watched where the char was supposed to be emotionless and couldn't feel any pain, but at some point he could and that scene with him crying/sobbing made me tear up a bit, was pretty good. Kiznaiver - if you're interested, though this scene plays only by the end, around epi 8 or so.

    7. About that part, well, it is a bit hard to understand. Spoilers...if you don't want to read, just skip down to the - - -

      On the first phone call, Shou asks him what he thinks of Yuki. Shizuka hanged up the phone on him. On the second phone call, after explaining that he helped out Yuki to get to her college exams' site, Shou asks again what Shizuka thinks of Yuki. So, Shou bluntly say yes, he likes her.

      So, I know what you mean that you just don't go blurting out to the boyfriend that one likes his girlfriend but being persistently asked that, I do wonder, is it better for Shizuka to lie, ignore him again or just tell him up front. If he lies, Shou won't believe him anyway since Shizuka's actions is quite obvious.

      I would say it is peculiar. Do guys call up another guy/ex-friend/rival and ask, hey what are you thinking of my girl? Perhaps, a possessive, insecure, jealous boyfriend? Hm..I do somewhat recall that this happened to you. Is it the same like this? Of course, Shou has a right to get angry about that though I'm partly thinking, isn't it because you kept on asking about it. It isn't like Shizuka is actively courting Yuki or anything. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it.

      Yup, Yuki knows. Well, the situation was she doesn't know how to get to the site since trains are closed due to weather. Shizuka forcefully escorted her to some trains that work for a detour. Then, she sprained her foot so he decided to carry her even if she doesn't want Shou to get angry still..college exams > shou getting angry. In that case, I would think that it was understandable. I mean, would Shou be happy if she missed the college exams so that he won't get jealous? That's my take on that situation.

      - - -

      Lol..so I guess it is a case to case basis. But then, how crazy was the bf? Resort to violence in some way or a tantrum like throwing things?

      Nah, it's okay. ^^

      - - -

      I guess it might also have something to do with population = more cars. And it doesn't help when public transportation is severely lacking.

      No..you need a lot of grease money to get things imported/exported. We'll check the goods so some money to make it faster. The tax, again, some money to speed it up. Don't want to get your goods checked, pay up here. Though it happens in most government agencies but it is worst there.

      I was told way before when a relative's father-in-law, the police wants money for every evidence they collected. ^^; I don't know if things have improved now.

      Lol...hopefully, you're not hurt..I mean if really fall down.

      - - -

      About Erwin, yes. Even if I don't quite get what he is saying when Levi was about to inject him. I see..though perhaps, she got angrier when Levi hit Eren ^^;

      True. That is usually a good debate. Are you willing to sacrifice the world just to save your special someone? Of course, in the end, everyone ends dead..faster.

      Hehe..it does seem like karma for him.

      Is that so. Well, maybe it would have English someday.

      Lol..that's bad when it is suppose to be intense but it ends up funny due to the drawings.

      Yup, and the ost. Like when Annie was chasing after Levi and the others in the forest. Shounen action scenes are usually better when it is animated. ^^ I'll check it out when I have time = I'm totally not updated with anime. Still trying to catch up with a lot of stuff. ^^;

    8. I see now, haven't read the whole sum, but in this case I'd not fault Shizuka and that's one of the reasons I like Namaiki so much, despite my break on it, we're able to see and understand quite easily all povs. Sho is insecure as hell, though we don't know why, we can speculate and see it, so that's why he's bothering Shizuka. Shizuka is honest like a pure maiden, lol. Though he had a kuro moment, he's mostly downright a good guy. If I were in his shoes, would've told Sho to eat dirt and leave me alone - since it seems they're not in friendly terms for a while, even more sore when Sho saw through Shizuka feelings. And Yuki too, she's dense and way too hardheaded so we can also understand her views.

      Don't know any guy who'd have done the same as Sho, even if he's insecure, but I can understand. I admit, though, most guys I know would have said what Shizuka said, but wouldn't act like him, would act like his dark version, lol. And Yuki did nothing wrong, though now she'll have to explain things to Sho since I doubt he'll believe Shizuka even if he tells the pure truth. Poor girl, lol.
      No, I mean, her bf would act all macho towards me or other guys and make onehelluva scene yelling to her and all, but I never once saw/noticed any signs of physical violence, though I consider the yelling some sort of verbal abuse. Anyways, from my stand, she does things to spite him, he clearly doesn't like it, but both of them are still together, so I don't know what's with them, lol.

      And what happened to me was more like the girls bull****ing their ways and some guys buying it all, had this one bat****crazy girl saying that I was two timing when, in fact, I was single and broke off contacts 'cause I wasn't in the mood for any serious relationship nor in for dramaqueens, and then, to my surprise, all kinds of rumors began spreading at school.
      I see, here we can't do that, I mean, it's quite difficult. It's only easy, very, very easy in some departments, like the driving license. Imported/exported are harder.

      We do lack any kind of good public transportation.
      No, lol. When I'm playing/fooling around, never have accidents or hurt myself. I did get hurt these days when I was climbing some stairs at home, and at the garden, dam* back and nerves had a breakdown and I fell hard. Nothing too serious, though. Sometimes it happens, like whole legs freeze when walking, pretty embarrassing too, lol.
      Yes, she did, but at the time she had to restrain herself, now if Hange didn't put some words and strength...I like it, but like I said, the whole situation fell kinda flat to me.

      I definitely would, I mean, I'm not a hero and the way I see, the only worth in living in a hellish world are the people important to you, so yea, I'd let the world burn if it meant saving the ones I care about. Selfish little prick I am, lol.

      Finally, right? Now, if only Reiner wasn't rescued...

      Hope so, of all the spins, Lost Girls seems to be the most interesting one, or at least, that's my take, havend actually read any of it yet to trully say anything about it, lol.

      Yea, if done right. There are actions scenes that are just pitful to watch. I'm following some animes that, despite having a good plot, the actions takes are regrettable.

      Ah, Kiznaiver is good, but only if you're into crazy meta things with some crazy meta references, lol. If you happened across Kill La Kill, maybe you could/can see if you'd even consider spending time with it. I mean, if you liked or heard good things about KlK, then you'd most likely enjoy Kzinaiver, if not, it's better to leave alone, though it's less crazy.

    9. Is that so ^^ Hm..do you think that it is a problem with trust? Perhaps, fear? He did mention that he feared that she'll fall for someone who is as persistent as he was. Though most likely more on possessiveness. It also depends what happened with the ex.

      True. So, aside from that time, I would think Shizuka is pretty harmless. Ya. I recall Shou somewhat hinted about it before but I guess unless Shizuka actually confessed, Yuki won't really know. ^^;;

      Hehe, I see. Yup..so I'm thinking maybe a bandaged foot will help explaining things =P Still, regardless how it was explained and everything, it won't immediately sit well with Shou. I'm still 50/50 on whether he'll cause a ruckus or lament that he should have been the one there for her if he wasn't sick.

      - - -

      Lol, is that so. I guess it is one of them 'mysteries of the world'. =P About the yelling, it's just yelling or are there expletives in there?

      Wow..that's really a bully. Hopefully, it didn't make your school life that unpleasant = short time only? Hm..I do wonder what was her intention.

      - - -

      Ah, I see.

      - - -

      Oh..take care of yourself. Though, not sure, how it can be prevented. Ah, wear a hard hat at home? ^^;

      - - -

      Hehe, is that so. For me, I'm actually not sure what I'll do. But then, hesitation would spell doom especially in AoT world. ^^;;

      Ya. So, this won't be the last, arc, right?

      I see. I tend to be wary if it is by another mangaka/author.

      Are these anime based from manga? Like what series?

      I'm not quite familiar with meta. Is that metaphor? Or, from google, breaking fourth wall so like Gintama, talking to the audience. I have seen a bit of KlK. It is too crazy for me = don't really get it but it seems to be some sort of spoof. I'm not fond of the art either. ^^;;

  7. Without knowing more about his past and what happened if his ex, I'd say is kinda trust and confidence issues, I mean, despite his looks and forwardness, he never stroke me as a confident boy. He was always fearful of losing Yuki from the get go when he discovered her feelings for senpai and so on. Though I'm not really a big fan of drama, even more so when it's unnecessary, for me at least, I guess it'd be nice to see it if only to know if left him scarred or, in the end, it didn't even matter.

    Now that you mentioned, if Sho just laments not being there would be good, at least it'd show he's maturing.
    Ya, my friend says the same thing about her brother, we can't understand why he's still if his gf, though in this case I could argue it's because their kid, but still, doesn't quite make sense either when hey're only fighting. And no, at least, not to my knowledge. Only yellings.

    Well, it is, but in my case I didn't feel like it was. Never really bothered with rumors so I couldn't care less about it and I didn't really like people and didn't put any effort to get along so yea, didn't mind and went on like nothing happened. But I'm sure that if I was a girl things would be/feel different. Unfortunetely, our world still view men and women in different lights, specially in cases like these. If a man twotimes is no big deal, but if a woman does it... I despise both, but I see the difference in treatment clearly. It's kinda sad.
    I do my best to take care and not to make things harder, since, well, it's not only embarrassing, but it hurts like hell too, lol.
    Sure would, but I understand the hesitation too, just that, I care more about the ones close to me than the ones I don't even know. Kinda hipocritical view, but in this case, can't help it, lol.

    I don't know, it feels like it's ending, but to say it's the last arc, I'm not sure.
    Guess all are, if not manga, light novel based. It's hard to come by some original anime production, to my knowledge, ofc. The most action paced right now is Arslan Senki and Berserk, though Berserk has another kind of animation so is bit unfair to put in the same light.
    Yea, though I kinda meant metalanguage/metaphysic, but in the end, it works like metaphor ultimately. Don't follow Gintama so I can't say it, but it's not about only 4th wall.

    Too crazy, right? Lol. I like this crazyness, and the art is made too get this feeling of absurdity. It reminds me of some Tarantino's movies too.

    Kiznaiver is less crazy and has a more 'polished' art, and don't go overboard with 'metacrazyness' either, but like I said, if you didn't enjoy KlK, it's pretty possible that you won't like Kiznaiver.

    1. Perhaps, it is also because he was the one who is so in love with her and she doesn't seem to love him in the same level that someone better/her type might easily 'take' her away?

      True..it is better for their relationship since they would have a more distant relationship being in different schools.

      - -

      I see. Maybe the reconciliations after the yellings are as intense? Hm..unless they aren't together that long? I mean, if it is a long time, they'll either mellow down or get tired of it.


      - - -

      That's good..take care of yourself ^^

      - - -

      I agree. And, in most cases, those people/world whom one 'saved' don't care about it later on as they move on their lives.

      - -

      I see.

      Ya, it seems like that..well, I only seen the commercials, haven't really seen Tarantino's movies.

      I see. Well, I'm still catching up with anime watching. Every new seasons, I would watch the first episodes then decide whether to pursue or not. =P

  8. Maybe, though I had brought this into conversation sometime, haven't considered things into this light, he might be doubtful and act like that 'cause he doesn't feel loved enough, true. But I guess by now he should, at least, feel/know he is important to her, right? Or in the time I haven't read, nothing really changed?
    I really don't know. I have a couple of friends that make some dirty jokes about that and tbh, the whole situation only makes sense if we take the joke seriously, lol.
    Trying my best, had two check up's and one medical report last week, though the one doing the report didn't even ask my name or actually read mt exams so... I only hope he granted me my licence 'cause I can't do any work well the way I still am. T___T
    That's one of my reasonings when it comes to that, but I'm one tough of a loner and people call me sage of the mountains and so on, 'cause I don't really like going out and stuff. So, why'd I care for the world? lol.
    He has a unique way of filming, so when people say, aaah, it's a Tarantino's, most people know where/what they're signing for, lol. The genre'd be 'trash', I think, not really certain.
    Ah, I'd reccomend Alderamin this season. I went ahead and spoiled myself with the novels and can say it's actually a pretty good story, though the anime it's quite 'normal' with only the mc's quirks standing out for now, and Amaama to Inuzuka - this one is just cute. Not heavy with the feels, but cute all the way, lol.

    1. You're right and Yuki has been showing more affection though she isn't used to it yet. I guess time is needed for such doubts and uneasiness to disperse.

      - - -

      Hehe, I see.

      - - -

      Gambatte ^^ Hopefully, things work out soon for you asap.

      - - -

      Hehe...interesting. You must have reached 'enlightenment' since you also tend to have a positive attitude about things ^^ Though, I guess the pain is really getting to you lately.

      - - -

      Hehe, true. It is interesting to think that in directing/cinematography, a viewer can distinguish who did it. You know a certain style but then, later on, it is copied by others =P

      - - -

      I have seen Amaama to Inuzuka manga in Chinese sites. Randomly checked one chapter and it is indeed cute. Currently, I'm still catching up with Durarara and Magi second season.