July 10, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 21]

It is morning at Nakrang. People at the servant quarters [/stable] are gossiping that it has been five days since the princess and the slave disappeared together. “Clearly, she was charmed by that white skinned boy.” “I said before that boy is like a demon [/ghost].”

Bruised and dirty Cheongye wakes up. A man calls out to her to come with him since the Third Prince has pardoned her. “I had pleaded for his leniency by saying that you have nothing to do with Mino. Do you understand? Right now, be good and make yourself beautiful a bit.”

Cheongye slaps away his outstretched hand. While the man holds his hand in pain, Cheongye goes out. By the watering area, Cheongye fills a pail with water. She looks into the water and thinks, “Five days..”
Flashback: Cheongye told Saga that they’ll go to a land called ‘Bul’ [/Fire] which is located at the Northeast, south of Okjeo. “Deliver this to a herbalist [/medicine merchant] called in Hongmun [弘文]. They will help you out.”

Saga opened the cloth that Cheongye gave her and said that it is medicine. End flashback. Cheongye grabs the pail and pours the water on her face. She recalls how she quickly ran back in the palace upon seeing Saga and the others leaving the gate.

She called out to Baldie, “Hey! You said that you’ll help me, right? Help me send a letter!” Baldie asked what to write. Cheongye exclaimed, “Someone will go over there to bring medicine. Save the white skinned boy and kill the girl!” End flashback.
Cheongye looks up the sky with a smile as she imagines Saga being killed. Recalling her hanged brother and family, she thinks, “It has just started, brother. The day when Nakrang pays its debt of blood for everyone with blood is already near!”

At the forest area, Jamalta is lying down as Saga watches over him. She gently strokes his hair when he suddenly opens his eyes. He looks up to see Saga looking down on him. This made him suddenly sit up which surprises Saga. Jamalta scolds her not to stare at his eye for it puts him in a bad mood.

Saga tensely says, no..she isn’t, she only wanted to put some medicine on his forehead. Holding up his fringes to show his forehead, he tells her that it is already okay earlier on, so there’s no need for her to worry about it. Saga says is that so, then that’s great, that is quite..
Saga thinks that actually, she is just bored that she wanted to look at his eye.. She holds up something and says that they use up the leftover medicine. Jamalta thinks that speaking of that, he unexpectedly has not yet completely recovered.

Holding his left side, Jamalta thinks that it seems that the wound isn’t light. Holding a bowl to him, Saga asks if it really hurts, here’s some medicine. Jamalta refuses it. Saga apologizes regarding that time. Flashback: Saga shouted for Jamalta to wait, don’t leave that child behind and also, Mino..

Then, Jamalta suddenly bent down on the ground. Saga went to him and exclaimed that there’s blood. “Could it be that you’re injured when the house’s collapsed?!” Then, Saga heard the rustling bushes. It is Mino. End flashback.
Saga says that she is to blame. Jamalta tells her that is enough, no need to apologize. Jamalta thinks that in the end, unexpectedly, it is because of him that they’ve slowed down. “What’s worst is we have been delayed for two days already. *recalls Machanyuta and Suria* It is no good when I’m alone, huh. *tsk* No, simply alone..”

He is startled when Saga holds out the bowl to him. She urges him to quickly drink it so that his injury won’t hurt anymore just like how it was with Mino. Jamalta’s head is heating up that he ended up taking the bowl.

While he holds the bowl, Saga bends down to look at the bandages. She says that it looks better from the outside but there is definitely internal injury since the log to hit him. “It really hurts, right? I’m really sorry.” Pulling his robe, Jamalta tells her that it’s fine already.
Saga tells him that she can do it. This puzzles Jamalta. She tells him that later on, he shouldn’t easily mind about other things again.[? not sure what exactly she is referring to] Jamalta didn’t reply. She says that it is good if he knows so be more careful. He says, fine. While drinking the medicine, Jamalta looks at Saga who is holding her bandaged foot. 

He thinks that she never complained about being tired and until now..she never mentioned it. Jamalta asks where that boy is. Saga asks if it is Mino, he went to find food. Mino and the boy watch the villagers passing through the road. Some of them are bowing and praying to Mino. Then, they leave some food offering before they continue to leave.
The boy tells Mino that they are the last people. “The villagers listened to your words and all have already left the village. “They believe that you are god.” Mino looks at the boy and reaches out to him. The boy looks scared that Mino hesitated.

He tells the boy, “I’ve said that I’m not god. That night’s situation is special that I’m forced to say that.” The boy says that luckily, people left the village like that. Those hoodlums are very scared of you that they spread to the others what you have said. At that time, you..”Flashback: The boy looked mesmerized as Mino looked up and walked towards the freckled man and others with the fire blazing behind him.
Mino stretched out his hand and said, “Immediately leave this place or else, I’ll burn all of you. Anything that is left behind will be burned down.” This made freckled man and others really scared that they immediately ran off. Then, Mino looked at the boy and said, “You have to live on. Your mother had already passed away.”

The boy looked at his mother. He hugged her head and cried. Then, Mino left. End flashback. The boy clenches his fist and says that that for him to come to this place definitely has a reason. “You can talk but you won’t talk. Your body is also white. In short, this is god’s features, god’s order.”
Mino looks at his hand then clenches it to a fist. He turns around and tells the boy to think what he wishes to think but don’t follow him. “You, together with the others, leave this place.” The boy looks surprise as Mino walks away. The boy sighs.Later on, Mino sees someone who calls out to him, “Hey-- we meet again.” Mino looks surprised. 

Back in Nakrang, Cheongye drops a bowl and says, “What did you say?” Baldie says that the Third Prince issued an order throughout the various regions to find the white skinned boy and there will be huge award money. “In addition, anyone hiding them will be put into ‘family execution’.” [<- that is literally nine familial exterminations which is like what happened to Cheongye’s family because of her brother.]
Cheongye angrily says, you! Baldie grabs her wrist and holds her to him while she trembles in anger. He asks her if she still remembered what he said. “You should also know that upon finding that white skinned boy, the princess will naturally come back...

...*there is a scene of Choegeum holding a knife with the servants calling out to him and looking scared* But, the most important thing is..there will be a lot more people coming to find the white skinned boy and the others.” Cheongye looks worried.
Meanwhile, Choegeum says that his legs don’t have any feeling. There are deep gashes on his legs. While his legs bled, he grabs the curtain then there is the sound of laughter.

Back at the mountains, a woman with a box backpack asks Saga, who is with Mino and Jamalta if she is looking for the herbalist in Hongmun. “Hello, I was sent from there. Upon receiving the letter, I’ve come to look for you, Princess of Nakrang.” Saga looks puzzled. Mino looks tense. Jamalta looks tense and puzzled.
Comment: Much to my dismay, it turns out that Cheongye is really bent on her revenge that she is pretty much doing what Choegeum did to her family. That is death to all as long as you’re related to the culprit.

I guess she is really pushing her luck to expect things will go her way when she asked for Baldie’s help. Based on her reaction to him at the latter part, I think he betrayed her by probably suggesting catching Mino first then Saga will follow. In a way, it won’t be obvious that the princess is missing. Those two are quite inseparable. Choegeum did use Mino to force Saga to do what he wants.

If Mino knew what Cheongye tried to pull, he’ll probably sever ties with her. Hehe, I’m not too sure how Mino would react if he’s really angry. ^^; In this arc, Mino seems to have leveled up to ‘god status’. He did great in fooling everyone to leave. Even the boy, who knew everything, still thinks that he isn’t an ordinary person.

At least we know that Mino isn’t stupid that he manages to use the superstition to his advantage. In a way, this is the first time he has that kind of ‘power’ on people when usually, it is the opposite. As for Jamalta and Saga, things are good between them. I think she won some points since she took care of him and wasn’t complaining about the situation.

Now, the woman at the end, is she friend or foe? She got Cheongye’s letter but it seems that she also know of Cheongeum’s orders since she knew who Saga is. They definitely won’t kill Saga like what Cheongye wanted. The question is, would they give the two to Nakrang or help them escape. But definitely, the chase is on since Choegeum has ‘recovered’. Getting caught is definitely not an option for them. Scans by 水神汉化组

Word of the day:
It’s how you handle your problems and troubles that counts, not the troubles themselves. ‘You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4) ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


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