July 18, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 78 - In the Midst of a Rainy Night ④]

Narration: “Upon attaining Fuchi Sugeyo’s collaboration, Izana-san used Sugeyo’s beauty and her own talent to attract a large audience. *Izana ran through the stage while playing with a paper ball* As the word of mouth becomes better, her reputation quickly spread-- *audience happily applauds*...

...After a few years since Izana-san acted and appeared as ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’, not only did the patrons increased, she also became the theatrical troupe’s trump card actress—- but” Izana meets with her audience who happily praise her. Tomoko assists her. Then, she notices Daijirou looking glum. This also made Tomoko look sad. Daijirou turns around and leave.

Narration: “[but] the one who used to be the lead has been pushed aside to become the supporting role. The leader of the troupe also noticed that what people are giving praise is actually not the work that he had written and directed. This is originally an unpopular small theatrical troupe. Her own talent and Fuchi Sugeyo’s beauty had brought about some kind of estrangement among them.” End flashback.
Kingo says that it is just around this time when he once again met with Izana. Kasane asks how he was able to find her. Looking at the side, Kingo says that it isn’t a big deal for he was just travelling far and wide looking around for her and in the end, he found her.

Kingo tells Kasane that compared to that, they go back to the original topic. Kasane quietly glares at him for it seems that he doesn’t want to talk about that. Kingo says, “Because of Izana-san’s reputation, in the end, she caught the attention of A CERTAIN MAN--”

Flashback: “Daijirou and another person are acting as receptionists for the play. Daijirou asks the patron if he has an advanced ticket. The man says yes. Daijirou looks surprised upon seeing the man. After the man left, Daijirou’s companion asks what’s up. Daijirou asks if he didn’t know who that man is.
“After leaving Misa, a big theatrical troupe, he used his own written and directed stage play to win people’s attention. Not only stage fans but also ordinary people gave him a very high evaluation. Young handsome director, Kaidou Atae...!!!”

The companion exclaims in disbelief for why would that kind of person come here..? Atae glances at the program sheet then notices a woman looking at him from behind the curtain. When he looks at her, she quickly hides. Izana nervously thinks that it is KAIDOU ATAE...!!!

At the dressing room, Daijirou tells ‘Sugeyo’ that he’s afraid that Kaidou came over for her. “I heard that this Kaidou Atae person would scour around stage plays in search of capable performers and backstage crew. Then, he’ll establish a totally new form of theatrical troupe..”
Tomoko nervously asks if Atae wanted to scout out Sugeyo. Daijirou says that he’s afraid so. “So..I want to ask this favor from you, Sugeyo-chan. Today..no, for the time being, I hope that you won’t go onstage. Coincidentally, Tomoko used to play the lead role for this play so she can substitute for you. *Izana looks surprised*...

...If Kaidou were to see your acting skill, he’ll definitely want to scout you out..but, this place is no good without you..so I beg of you.” Tomoko quietly glances at ‘Sugeyo’. Then, she calls out to Daijirou and says that is not good for everyone came to see Sugeyo. “Isn’t that a betrayal to our patrons?”

Daijirou protests that he originally also didn’t want the people to come and watch one actress for they should come for the work itself.. ‘Sugeyo’ calls out to him that she still wants to act. She scowls and says, “No matter what others say..!” This surprises Tomoko and Daijirou.
‘Sugeyo’ quickly apologizes and says that it is because she felt that what Tomoko said is quite reasonable.. Takemi calls out to them that the play is about to start so what are they dillydallying for. Daijirou says that it is inevitable so Sugeyo go act just like before..

Tomoko nervously looks at Sugeyo and wonders if she is really ‘Sugeyo’. Takemi is sitting at the reception desk when someone comes in to apologize. It is Kingo who asks if there are still seats. After sighing in relief, he says that it’s great that he wasn’t late.

Takemi says that he is still a student yet he always come here during daytime. Kingo says that he skipped class. He goes inside and sees ‘Sugeyo’ acting. ‘Sugeyo’ says, “If you agree to become mine, I’ll make you happier than any god in heaven. Even the angels will be envious of you.”
Kingo and Atae watch the play. Then, both men along with the audience are mesmerized by ‘Sugeyo’ as she happily smiles towards them. Narration: “After going through the baptism of Akeiwa’s kagura, she is right now below the spotlight’s stage. This place is that woman’s home [/final destination] where she should be. This figure is the reality that this woman should exist--”

Atae intently watches ‘Sugeyo’ says her lines, “Because I deeply love you, so I want to take you away from god’s side..” Later on, at the bedroom, Sugeyo confirms to Izana that she might be scouted out so they’ll have to leave that theater. Fixing her hair, Izana says yes, but anyway, since she seldom went to the theater, then it has no big difference from now and before.

Sugeyo protests that she doesn’t want the bonds that they have with everyone to disappear like this. “Besides.. lately, I started to feel a bit perplexed. It has already been four years since the two of us were always deceiving everyone... Even if from the start, I think it is good that everyone is happy..but..”
Izana tensely grinds her teeth. She sits beside Sugeyo on the bed. Izana agrees with Sugeyo. She apologizes for not considering her feelings. “But I.. *covers face* without your appearance, I won’t be able to continue on acting..”

Sugeyo asks if it is really like that. “Ah, Izana, before I always think that someone like you can definitely go and act well onstage even if you use your own face..” Izana shouts what foolishness she is talking about. “Someone like you who was born having everything cannot possibly understand!! *Sugeyo looks surprised* So, you can say that kind of hasty words.”

Trembling Sugeyo apologizes. She says, but, ‘born having everything’..it isn’t like that at all.. “I I actually understand your feelings.. *tears falling* It is because I also don’t have anything at all [/cannot attain everything]..”
Izana tells her that there’s no sense in talking with her and forget it. Izana goes out of the room. [<- to probably go to the bathroom]. Sugeyo looks sad about this. The scene changes to an alarm clock ringing at 9am. Izana turns it off and is surprised that it is already 9 o’clock. She wonders why it rang so late. She realizes something and looks at the made-up bed. She calls out to Sugeyo but she’s gone.

Quickly rushing out to the theater, Sugeyo wonders what that person is thinking of doing. “Could it be..” At the backdoor of the theater, Sugeyo mentally apologizes to Izana for she is going to tell everyone that she doesn’t want to become an actress anymore. Sugeyo holds the door knob when someone calls out to her, ‘You--’.

Sugeyo nervously looks down to see a man [Atae] asking if she is Fuchi Sugeyo. Izana has just arrived at the corner to witness this scene. Atae tells Sugeyo that it is great that he can actually see her. “My name is Kaidou Atae. Can I have a little chat..with you?” Surprised Sugeyo looks flustered [/blushing]. She agrees. Hiding at the corner, Izana looks tense.
Comment: So, as expected, with Sugeyo’s face and her own talent, Izana becomes very popular to attract a ‘scout’. Anonymous was right that he was a director. Though, he found her as a patron in their play. I think Sugeyo somewhat noticed the cracks in everyone’s relationship because of ‘Sugeyo that she is becoming hesitant on lending her face to Izana. Perhaps, that is aside from feeling guilty for deceiving everyone.

I think Tomoko wanted Izana to be scouted out so that things will go back to the usual. I guess as artists, it can be quite a predicament. Give the audience what they want for fame and fortune yet it isn’t exactly the appreciation that one wants to get. Doing what one wants it to be yet there won’t be a lot of audience = profit.

How Kingo met with Izana again was skipped. I guess that will be saved for later in the series. And, I was wondering if it can be confirmed that dead person was Nagi. It’s quite sad that after four years with Sugeyo, the two never deepen their relationship.

It is most probably because of Izana who had closed her heart. She also totally envies Sugeyo and well, she does treat her as ‘something’ to be used for her own happiness. Hm..maybe it also had something to do with what happened between Sugeyo and Kingo?

Sugeyo is right about Izana can still act with her own face but then, let’s face it, her talent isn’t just for some minor role. And, the roles given to her will be limited with that kind of face..perhaps the witches in Macbeth-type of roles.

Anyway, Sugeyo now wants out. Can we say that she’s naïve or reckless to do that? Just go to the theater and call it quits? She really doesn’t know Izana and what she might do to her afterwards. This can be counted as a betrayal, I guess.

This can be considered the horror part of the story. One naively agreeing to something yet not knowing the full extent of its consequences. Then, when one wants out, it is no dice. One will have to be very lucky to get out unscathed. Of course, we already know what happened to Sugeyo.

So, Atae has met the real Sugeyo. I don’t know if she is flustered or blushing over Atae but from this point on, he had already met his two future ‘wives’. He doesn’t seem that perverted yet..maybe later on or he finally flipped after Izana is ‘gone’. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
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  1. Great recap, kat! Thankies. ^.^

    Incidentally, it's never stated, but the story that they were performing in this chapter was 'Clarimonde/La Morte Amoureuse', by Theophile Gautier (Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Japanese translation). It's about a man training to be a priest "seduced" by a beautiful vampire and then "rescued" from her, but he spends the rest of his life pining for her. The parallels with Atae are hard to miss. :p

    1. Thanks for reading, Pomelote ^-^

      Thanks for the info (^^)b I was thinking she was some 'devil' seducing an 'angel' ^^; Indeed ^^

  2. wow thanks for the TL man i love this manga, jsut wondering if there's more coming?

    1. Thanks for reading, sree ^-^

      Yes, though the Chinese scanlator seems to be on vacation. I'll post up more when they are out. ^^