July 19, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 13 - Icy-cold Alarm Sound]

Yumi narrates, “Hello everyone. Let’s start today’s horror class. When walking at the street, you’ll always hear the sound coming from the railway crossing. *Dong. Dong.* Do you ever felt that sound is really irritating? What’s gradually coming isn’t the TRAIN, but rather, it is something else. That kind of sound seems to come more and more distinct.” DOng DoNG. Lesson 13: Icy-cold Alarm Sound.

In section 2-B, a girl tells her friends that next time, it is possible that her father will have an opportunity to meet with Dandyzoon’s Kojima [guesswork from 小島]” Her friends say that is so amazing for Kojima’s manager and her father are old friends. “We’re envious to death of you, Fukishi-chan~~!!”
Fukishi says but she still cannot prove it as real since showbiz people are very busy. Her friends say that even if it is like that they admire her for it so if they get to meet, remember to tell them. Then, the teacher arrives so the conversation is cut short. Fukishi thinks, “..ah, I did that kind of thing again. Why would I do that.”

Narration: “Fukiishi Seiko [guesswork from 吹石誠子], 14 years old, a girl who likes to lie.” Seiko thinks but it is true that her father is related to the manager. He is father’s friend’s wife’s relative’s friend’s... And, Seiko looks tense. After the school dismissal, Seiko watches a couple of girls talking with a girl called Satsuka [guesswork from 颯香]. They tell Satsuka that they have their pictures taken at a photo sticker booth then on Sunday, they go to shop at Harajuku.
Seiko is envious of Satsuka since she is quite popular. Seeing how everyone treats her, Satsuka seems to have a lot of friends.. Dong Dong. The boom barrier is down as the railway signal signs that a train is going to pass by. Satsuka asks the others if they know that an accident happened here. Her friend tells her not to say it [since it is creepy]. Someone says that the alarm bell here has a deep low scary..

Then someone says quickly look over there, it’s true~~ Below the railway’s signal, there is a dirtied teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. While Seiko looks at it, Satsuka says that she is really interested in knowing what kind of person it was who met that accident. Seiko suddenly blurts out that she knows. “Actually, that girl.. (What nonsense am I saying again).” Satsuka says that she really knows a lot.
Since Satsuka is already looking at her, Seiko says that it is because she knows that person. Someone asks if that’s true. Seiko says, “Yes, she is my best friend..” This surprises Satsuka and others. And, the train passes by them. That night, Seiko hugs a pillow and wonders, what did she say..when she obviously doesn’t have a deceased friend.

She fears that she’ll be exposed, she might really be exposed.. She is nervous upon imagining Satsuka and her friends looking suspiciously at her. Seiko wonders what to do. During changing classroom in school, Satsuka meets with Seiko and apologize for yesterday since Seiko remembered an unpleasant thing.
Seiko says that it is fine. Satsuka says that if she needs to, she can tell her anything that’s on her mind. Satsuka’s friends say that they’ll listen to her so cheer up, everyone is here for her. Seiko is relieved that it wasn’t exposed and everyone is worried about her. That night, the others invited her to go to Harajuku on Sunday through a message on the phone.

Seiko happily agreed. She couldn’t believe that she got to talk with that class group.. Dong. Dong. The sound becomes louder that Seiko wonders if there is a railway crossing there. The sound is gone so she thinks that she was just imagining it. In school, Satsuka and others talk about what to wear on Sunday. Satsuka asks Seiko if she always go to Harajuku.
Seiko happily says of course, she goes there 3x a month. She thinks that here she goes again, she just couldn’t stop herself. Seiko tells the amazed girls that she always go to Shibuya’s Daikanyama that she is already familiar with the store staff. The girls ask her to accompany them to that store on Sunday.

This made Seiko nervous. She tells them that is the store where she always go with her friend and after the accident, she didn’t go there anymore. The girls apologize to her. Seiko says that it’s okay. She thinks that was dangerous for she almost blew it and she is already being paid attention to. Satsuka is quietly looking at her.
Dong DOng doNG. Seiko thinks that it’s such a loud sound. She says that it is an ear-piercing sound. The girls ask what she is talking about and what can she hear. Nervous Seiko is puzzled for they didn’t hear it. “Are they teasing me? It seems that they weren’t.” Satsuka asks if she is okay. Seiko thinks that it is a somewhat deep low ice-cold noise that it is the very similar to the sound of that railway crossing’s alarm.

At Harajuku station, Seiko meets up with the others. She feels very sleepy for she always heard that sound yesterday that she wasn’t able to sleep well. She nervously thinks that sound seems to becoming more and more loud. Seiko notices Satsuka’s two friends snubbing her. She wonders what’s wrong.
At a store, Seiko tells them this outfit was published on a magazine before--.. Then, the others snub her and call out to Satsuka to look at this, it’s really cute. Satsuka tells them to let her see it. At the toilet, Seiko wonders if they are avoiding her, but why.. She becomes nervous for could it be that all the lies she said are all exposed..!?

She wonders what to do. She tries to open the door of the toilet stall but it won’t open. Satsuka’s two friends are blocking it from outside. They call her a liar. They believed her but actually, everything are lies. They had investigated that accident at the railway crossing that happened 9 years ago and learned that the deceased girl is 14 years old at that time.
“How can a 5 year old and a 14 year old become good friends? Regarding your father, that is all a lie. Why!? *aghast Seiko shakes her head sideways* You are really weird. *teary-eyed Seiko thinks that she only..* That kind of behavior is actually an addiction to lying.” Dong Dong. DoNG DOng.

Seiko says that it is here again, quickly open the door for she can hear that sound again. The girls asks if she is deceiving again, how disgusting. Seiko tells them to open..DONG. Then, she ‘hears’ someone saying that she’ll immediately leave and the more it comes nearer, the more she cannot stay here. There is a long haired girl standing at the railway with a couple of laughing girls beyond the boom barrier.
They tell the long haired girl that it is a penalty game. It is a little punishment for a girl like her who likes to lie. Seiko wonders if it is a dream. The long haired girl says that she isn’t lying, she really has a best friend. The girls say that is a lie itself when she obviously is always alone by herself. The long haired girl shouts that she isn’t lying to them for one day, her best friend will come and get her.  

Then, the two girls are taken aback as the train is already in front of the long haired girl. Because of the train’s sound, Seiko didn’t hear what else the long haired girl is saying. Then, the toilet door opens and Seiko falls on the floor. It is Satsuka who rescued her. She asks her friends what they are doing, that’s too mean. Crying Seiko is trembling as Satsuka comforts her. Seiko thinks that she didn’t know and she also doesn’t want to know that kind of thing, it is too cruel..
Soon, Seiko is sitting near the railway signal post. She apologizes to the deceased girl. She also apologizes to Satsuka for lying. She thinks that she wanted to become like Satsuka and this [deceased] girl ought to be the same person as she [Seiko] is. Satsuka confesses that actually, when she was young, she had witnessed that accident.

“She committed suicide. Even if the memory is already fuzzy but at that time, it seems that person is saying something. What did she wanted to say.. perhaps, that incident also created a psychological blow to me. ..sorry, I also wasn’t honest with you..” Seiko shakes her head sideways. She thinks that it turns out to be like that. It is almost sunset. They bid each other goodbye.
While Seiko is crossing the railway, her high heel got stuck on the rail. Then, the boom barrier goes down. She calls out to the people outside the boom barrier to help her out for her foot is stuck. The women continue to talk with each other.

Seiko wonders if they didn’t hear her. “Could it be that everyone couldn’t see me!?” Dong. Dong. She calls out to Satsuka but she is already walking away at the other side. Then, her shoe falls off yet she still couldn’t move. DOng. Seiko turns around to see a black hand from a huge black puddle grabbing her ankle. DoNG. DONG.
Then, a bloodied long haired girl’s face appears. Seiko recalls Satsuka wondering what the person was saying. The long haired girl said, “I’m always waiting for you here.” Seiko recalls standing in front of the railroad sign post and saying that the deceased girl was her best friend.

Seiko becomes teary-eyed as the train is heading straight for her. Tot Tot. The long haired girl says, “Thank you for saying that you are my best friend.” Yumi narrates, “What you say out cannot be erased. At that railway crossing, those two will become best friends, right. ..forever.. DOng. DoNG. Next time, they might still search for more friends. Then, see you in the next class.”
Comment: The moral lesson is pretty obvious. Of course, the punishment is more than she had ever anticipated. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. ~ Author Unknown

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