July 25, 2016

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 8]

Kai and his friends are studying at his house. Sighing Kai looks absent-minded which causes his friends to become worried about him. Kai is thinking what is it to fall in love and he doesn’t know what to do. He is always thinking of this and afterwards, he falls deeper in love.

His friends use their cellphone’s messaging app to wonder if something happened between Kai and Riko when they went to the amusement park. Then, Tarou says that he just saw Kai looking at the dictionary for the word, ‘love’.

Taka suddenly stands up and says that they are going to take a break. Puzzled Kai says that they are going to take a break again when they just started. Taka offers to get some tea. Miki and Tarou offer some snacks to Kai.
Kai thanks them while he is puzzled over what’s going on. Ding dong. It is Suwa together with Riko. Riko explains that Suwa got lost so she brought him here. Suwa says that he is here for family visit. Kai says that it’s for tomorrow and his parents aren’t home.

Suwa looks at his book and freaks out that he did make a mistake. Suwa apologizes. He is about to leave when Tarou said that it is okay, since he came, why don’t he come in and sit for some tea together with Riko. After some iced tea is served, Suwa says that it’s amazing that everyone is studying together. Miki says that it is nothing.

Kai thinks that his friends are just finishing up their homework. Riko says that it is really unexpected for she thought that Kai would go on a date with some girl everyday after school. Kai thinks that was before and whose fault is it that he had no desire to do so.
Suwa tells Riko that even if Kai is very popular but he is actually very single-minded. Riko doesn’t believe him for how can this Kai be.. Suwa exclaims that it is true for even if some other girl confessed, he would tell the other girl that he already has someone he likes then, he totally rejected the girl! “Isn’t that so, Ichinose!!”

Kai and the other guys look surprised. Suwa apologizes and asks if it was a secret. Riko, the person whom Kai likes, excitedly asks Kai if that’s true, he has someone he likes. Trembling Kai mutters something as the tea he’s drinking is spilling on the table. Tarou writes on the phone why Suwa knew. Miki writes that Suwa is quite terrifying.

Riko says that no wonder she totally haven’t seen Kai together with some girl and it turns out that he met his destined girl. She also says that it looks like he hasn’t gone steady with her and that’s quite rare so why?
Suwa says that he heard that girl likes some other guy. <- he’s the other guy of the one whom Kai likes. Suwa says that girl really doesn’t value Kai when she was obviously liked by Kai. Kai is becoming aghast over this topic. Riko asks Kai if he confessed. Kai timidly says not yet.

Riko reprimands him that at this time, he should just give it his all out effort and chase after that girl. Suwa exclaims that if it is Kai, that person will definitely give her consent. Riko advises Kai to just do it like before, confidently chase after that girl.

Kai is speechless for this is some kind of hell. Tarou and Miki are busy messaging their reactions. Kai scowls and asks if it is okay for him to say it. Riko looks surprised then puzzled. She says, please say it. Suwa shouts to do his best/gambatte.
Miki couldn’t take it anymore that he and the other guys say that they are going ahead first. Just then, they meet Kai’s mother at the door. She calls out to Kai to go send his friends off. Upon seeing her, the teacher introduces himself.

He apologizes for his mistake but the mother says that it is alright, and since he already came then let’s start the family visit. Upon seeing Riko, the mother says that Kai’s girlfriend is so cute. Riko shouts that it isn’t so. Kai shouts that she is just his classmate. Kai’s mother recalls Riko as Kai’s classmate during elementary.

She remembered Riko since her name is different, and she is all grown up. Kai asks where..Riko is still very small that she maintained her elementary measurements. That irked Riko. She says that she’ll go ahead for she just accompanied Suwa.
Kai’s mother tells her to eat with them this homemade cake her neighbor just gave her. Riko tries to decline but sparkling Suwa happily asks if he can eat that. At the streets, Miki says that he really couldn’t stay there any longer. Tarou says that they had run off so he feels sorry for Kai and worries if he’ll be alright.

Taka reprimands them that it is why he told them not to do unnecessary things. Miki says that even if he said that but it isn’t quite good since Riko totally didn’t notice it. Tarou says that there is something that bothers him, and that is, Riko likes someone. They wonder who it is. Tarou wonders how did Suwa know about that.

Miki tells him not to think about it anymore for today they are already loaded. Then, Miki’s phone rings. It is Kiyo asking if they’ll go to a movie on Saturday. Tarou says that it’s great that he can get his first girlfriend. Miki says ya though he feels a bit sorry for Kai.
At Kai’s house, everyone finishes eating the cake when Kai’s father, Kai’s sister and family had already arrived home. Kai’s mother realizes that it is already this time, 630pm. Suwa apologizes for staying too long but the mother says that it is okay for she made them stay too long.

Riko is surprised to see Kai’s family. The father asks if they have guests. The mother introduces them. The father says that since they’re here, how about eating dinner before leaving. Kai and Riko try to protest but Suwa exclaims if he really can.

Kai’s sister tells Riko not to be shy for anyway, they are a lot in the family so there is no difference if there are two more guests. She asks if there is already food prepared at her house. Riko says no, nothing is..prepared.. So, things have been decided.
Kai’s bro-in-law gives Kai’s mother some apples his colleague gave him. Kai is grumbling over this family for always saying to eat before going. Then, he notices Riko’s glum expression. He asks what it is. She says that it is nothing.

After dinner, Suwa exclaims that he didn’t imagine that Kai is from a big family that it is like Sazae-san’s family. [<-is a Japanese yonkoma manga series written and illustrated by Machiko Hasegawa. Source: wiki] The father laughs for it is because of the in-law. The brother-in-law says that his real name is Katsuki [guesswork from 勝生; I think he’s married into Kai’s family if Katsuki is a surname]

The mother says that’s right, and her family’s names are all related to sea. Kai = sea. Sango, the sister [guesswork from 珊瑚 = coral]. Ushio, Kai’s nephew [guesswork from = tide] Marin, Kai’s niece [guesswork from = islet/bank].
The father asks if Kai is seriously studying. Suwa exclaims that he is and he is even the class’ committee member. Sango asks if that is for real and is it because he can earn points. Irked Kai points to Riko and says that she’s the one who dragged him into it.

Sango tells Riko if she’s prepared to chase after Kai then quickly give it up for Kai will treat her badly. Riko shouts that she knows and she also doesn’t like him. This made Kai aghast and irked over the reaction. The kids ask how old Riko is, and is she still in elementary. Kai laughs for it is like he said. This made Riko furious.

Riko nervously tells the kids that she is already in high school. The kids are surprised that she is the same age as Kai yet her body build isn’t the same. Kai teases Riko for being nervous which made Riko tell him that he’s noisy to death.
Suwa explains that it is because Riko rarely encounters kids so she doesn’t know how to get along with them. Kai says that it turns out that she has things that she isn’t good at. To her horror, Kai carries Ushio to Riko who tells him not to be like that.

Sango tells Kai not to play around with someone else’s kid. Riko quickly excuses herself to the toilet. Kai asks if she’s running away. Kai comments that he feels that Riko is acting differently today. Suwa explains that it is because she doesn’t know what to do. Kai asks if it is about the kids. He says that it isn’t about hating them. Rather, she doesn’t know how to deal with a lively family.

Riko is an only child. For the most part, she is in a single-mother household yet her mother is busy at work that she couldn’t be at Riko’s side. Even if it is a bit thick-faced of him to say but actually, he always thought that it would be good if he and Akemi can become her family but in the end, it is still not enough.
In her heart, she definitely really longs for this kind of family although she absolutely won’t say any ‘I’m lonely’-type of words. So, he hopes that Riko would quickly grow up and find her important person. It will be good if she had lots and lots of family afterwards although saying this is a bit lonely.

Kai wonders if Suwa is an idiot. Riko likes him and she definitely thought of creating that together with Suwa in the future but compared to that, she wishes more for Suwa and Akemi to have a happy future. Kai tells Suwa that it isn’t what he thinks.

Riko didn’t feel that it wasn’t enough for she treated him as a very important family member. Suwa says is that so, thanks. Kai says that there’s no need for him to.. Then, Suwa suddenly bends down and hit his head on the table. Startled Kai goes to him to find him drunk and sound asleep.
Riko arrives and explains that it is because of Suwa’s low tolerance for alcohol yet he drank too much. Riko apologizes and tells Kai to let Suwa sleep for a while and he’ll quickly wake up. After they laid Suwa down to sleep, Kai and Riko are sitting at the veranda.

Riko apologizes again and says that when Suwa wakes up, they’ll immediately go home. Kai says that it’s okay. After a pause, Riko thanks for the dinner. Kai says that there is no need for his parents.. Riko laughs and says that even if she is a bit startled, but today’s food is very delicious and she’s very happy today.

Kai blushes and says then, that’s good. Riko happily smiles and thinks that he’s so cute. She tells him that even if it is very sudden but she feels that he should be a good father. This surprises Kai. Riko says no, looking at him from today on, she’ll have that kind of feeling. Kai asks if she thinks that a male first year high school student would be happy over those words.
She cheers him on regarding chasing after the girl he likes. Kai says that is so sudden [change of topic]. Riko says that he would hesitate when he always moves fast so she thinks that he definitely really likes that girl. She tells him that even if the other party has someone she likes, it is okay for him to confess or could it be that they are already going steady. Kai says not yet.

Riko exclaims that if it is that way, then, he should put in more effort since obviously it wasn’t easy for him to have someone he likes. Kai thinks that she’s talking as if it isn’t related to her. After looking at Riko’s inquisitive expression, Kai says that he doesn’t know what he should do for THAT PERSON really wants the other party to be happy.

Compared to her own feelings, she is more worried about the other person’s happiness. Just thinking of that ‘thinking that other person’s issue is more important than one’s own feelings’, perhaps, about falling in love with someone, he is already at his wits’ end.
Riko says about that since she isn’t that girl then she doesn’t know what she is thinking. Teary-eyed Kai thinks wrong, that person is you, geez, what’s with this situation. Riko says that if that girl is with Kai who is concerned about her, then that girl will definitely become very happy.

Kai mentally curses for if she is saying it like that.. Kai leans closer to Riko and says, “Takanashi, about that, actually--” Marin suddenly jumps on Kai and shouts for him to pare her apple. Kai asks why him and where’s his sister. Marin says that she’s taking a bath.

The mother puts a chopping board and knife on the table. Kai tells the kids to also take a bath. The kids shout that they want to take a bath with Kai and urge him to do THAT!! Kai sighs and says that he really cannot refuse them.
Soon, Kai is slicing the apple. Just then, Suwa wakes up and says that it is apples and Kai can use a kitchen knife. Kai tells him not to treat him like a fool for he can use it even for a little bit. Suwa says that it’s really amazing for he totally couldn’t use it. This surprises Riko.

Then, she watches Kai making rabbit-shaped apple slices. She suddenly recalls waking up from being sick, to see that kind of apple slices by the table. Soon, Kai says that it is done. The kids happily eat the apples. Suwa praises Kai for doing it well. Suwa comments that Kai will definitely become an amazing househusband. Kai says after ‘father’, it is now ‘househusband’ and that really won’t make him happy. Suwa is puzzled.

The kids say that Kai is making them rabbits better and better that he can become a househusband. Kai says that it turns out that they understood that. Taking a piece of apple slice, Kai offers it to Riko. Riko isn’t reacting that Kai asks what it is. He is surprised to see Riko blushing while looking sideways. Riko says that it is nothing and she’ll eat it. Kai is still puzzled.
Comment: Riko finally found out who was the one who helped her out that day after being brought home. It is thanks to the kids who want some apples specially cut by Kai. It also thanks to his parents and friends who got the two to stay over until after dinner. ^^ And yes, there is also Suwa for falling asleep for Riko to see that.

I find the part amusing wherein Riko and Suwa are talking about some other person when it is obviously them. ^^; Too bad his friends bailed out since they couldn’t handle the situation. But then, I don’t think they can really help either. ^^;;

In this chapter, it really does seem that Suwa is some airhead and he really does love to eat. ^^; The amusement park group date wasn’t a great help for Kai but it was for Miki who is meeting with Kiyo more frequently. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

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