July 22, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 83]

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin. At Hakuyou’s harem, I exist as the princess consort of the ‘Cold-hearted Wolf King’. The story this time is about our daily skit as a newly married couple.”

In the room, Reishou says, “The guests from Enha have already returned to their country. Finally, I can once again enjoy the peaceful married couple’s time with my beloved wife. Now that I recall about it, I still feel that you really treated the guests excessively well that you put all of your heart into it. Is it too willful of me to hope that all of your gaze would only be towards me..?” This made Yuulin blush.

She replies, “Your Majesty..even if you don’t have to lean so close to me, I’ll also always gaze towards you. *Sparkling Reishou is leaning at Yuulin to the corner of the sofa* Can’t we use a more proper position while talking...!?” Narration: “Earlier, the Enha princess and the diplomatic group had left Hakuyou. Life should also return to its normal pace. ...but, my husband’s degree of stickiness had not let up at all which is quite distressing for me.”
Reishou sits up from her and says, “My beloved wife is always so cold. Even if I look like I’m waiting for time to pass, but I’m also really putting great effort in restraining myself over so many things.” <- like when Yuulin is sheltering Mana and Shuon, Yuulin taking a bath together with Shuon, all sorts of things. Yuulin sweatdrops and apologizes to him.

Going into puppy whimpering mode, sparkling Reishou says that there are times when their contact is too few that he felt particularly lonely. Yuulin freaks out for the Wolf King suddenly became the puppy!! Nervous and teary-eyed Yuulin says that she knows already! “During this time, she’ll whole-heartedly accompany His Majesty..!”

With his puppy ears perking up, Reishou asks, “Really!? He smiles at her and Yuulin is moved by that. He whistles as he immediately takes her hand and makes her lean backwards. Blushing Yuulin shouts that’s wrong, she didn’t tell him to press down on her. “It’s normal chatting!” Reishou says, oh—
Narration: It has already been a few months since I’m husband and wife with this king who has ‘Wolf King and ‘Puppy’ double-personality... Even if during work, I’ve been drove around in circles by him but I always felt that the two natures are somewhat a bit good. In the end, it is the worse. *trembling and confused*...

...The two sides are very difficult for I’m basically helplessly being played around with..!! Up to what degree does he plan on causing trouble..!? It’s a bigger headache one day compared to the other day..! Hu hu..” At some room in the palace, Ranyou tells Yuulin that she can really cause one to shout in astonishment. “You can unexpectedly climb up a tree with the Enha princess to become good friends.”

Becoming tense, Yuulin apologizes for it was obvious that it wasn’t easy for Madam Ranyou to come and teach but she is still so crude.. Ranyou says that she heard that the other party is a princess who has a considerably distinguishing feature. [<- different from the usual] “..Lady princess consort’s method is surely better, right. I can only teach you formality. Despite that, do you still think you need my ‘education’?”
Yuulin looks surprised. Yuulin says, yes. “After talking with Princess Shuon this time around, it seems that I have gradually found the style[/appearance] of the ideal ‘princess consort’. (That is to become determined and strong like her) ..in order to be able to hold up my head and chest out while walking at His Majesty’s side, I must study more and I must understand more...

...From today on, if you can continue to lend me your strength to help me, then that is something that will put me at ease the most.” Ranyou quietly looks at her and says, then let her do just that. This made Yuulin smiles in relief. Ranyou says, “—first of all, is the degree of intimacy between you and Your Majesty still stable? *Yuulin is caught off guard by the question.*...

...as the princess consort, the necessary discourse [manner of speech] and bearing is certainly very important but in the harem, at this place, all the more it cannot be neglected to know how to persistently grasp firmly the king’s love. *smiles* Be extremely careful. ...then, let’s start today’s lesson.” Soon, Yuulin is blushing really red and emitting smoke.
Later on, walking at the cloister, still blushing Yuulin thinks that the book didn’t mention the all sorts of ways to attract the opposite sex.. “During the discussion about the countermeasure against affairs, I felt that I’m really not good in this field..!! *Due to the content, Jun, the overseer, was asked to first leave..*...

...Fully elaborating the skills to make the king stay [for the night]-something.. The harem’s consorts are really hard at work.. Even if teacher [Gen] had always said that this is a women’s war--!!! *walking unstable, trembling, blushing, staggering* All of it are some super profound skill that I basically couldn’t learn it..” [<- when Yuulin hugged Reishou from behind, that was a surprise attack].

Yuulin recalls what Ranyou said, “..with just a soft meaningful glance, they can attract a person’s gaze. Baffling your mind. There are times when it is like the hard to reach stars. Then once again, an instant without warning, quietly bury you into one’s chest.”
Puzzled Yuulin thinks, “Huh? ..it seems like very similar with His Majesty? Everday, I felt quite at ease when I’m together with him. *sitting beside her while reading* I also affectionately received a lot of love speech. But because he has so many different appearances so from time to time, I feel that I cannot quite figure this person out...

...Time moves from the time I was working until now, I’m deeply and sentimentally attached to him. I’m always the one who is chasing after the other party’s steps as if my life depended on it. ..making me not know what method he likes. If this keeps up, between the Wolf king and the Puppy, it is definitely only me who’ll continue on being teased as I go around in circles.”
That night, Yuulin says, “..If Your Majesty is a woman, you’ll definitely become a beauty who’ll cause disaster to the country.” Reishou asks what is that, it’s so sudden. While braiding her hair, Reishou smiles at blushing Yuulin.
Yuulin says that she is saying his harem survivability is already off the charts. “Totally opposite of me!” Reishou sweatdrops and says ya, is that a praise. Yuulin exclaims of course! Reishou replies, “..even if I become a woman, I’ll definitely also fall in love with you, Yuulin.”

This made Yuulin blush and emit some steam. She tells him that even if that isn’t what she wanted to say but thanks for his esteemed favor. Yuulin wonders what is this, it is too sexy.. and so frank. “Is this a so-called skill?” Flustered Yuulin imagines Ranyou cheering her on, ‘Let’s try!’ [what she learned].

Yuulin says that if she is a man, she’ll definitely be like Ryu Houen! Chibi Houen shouts that His Majesty is number 1 whom he super reveres!! Reishou lamely says ya, that example couldn’t make him become too happy at all. Yuulin gloomily thinks that she failed and in the end, she doesn’t have that talent.. “An incompetent student. I’m truly sorry Madam Ranyou.” Chibi Ranyou smiles and says, zero points.
Yuulin says, “..if I were to learn a secret high level technique, would Your Majesty become happy?” This surprises Reishou for it is another sudden.. Yuulin stares at him with a puppy look that Reishou ponders on this secret high level technique.

Confused Reishou says, “No. About that, there’s no need. Ah, I’m not saying that I don’t want it. It is just that there’s no need to force yourself [to do it].” Yuulin groans that it freaks out Reishou. He exclaims, “What do you want me to say! I basically don’t know the correct answer! Nor do I know what you are referring to!?”

Yuulin says that it’s a secret. Flustered Yuulin thinks that she’s the only one who comes to like him more and more. Upon seeing her expression, Reishou says, “Even if I’m not clear as to what you are worrying about. You only have to be you and my heart is bound forever to only beat just for you. *He holds Yuulin’s hand to his chest. Then, he smiles at surprised Yuulin* It is fine as long as it is what you want, okay?”
To Reishou’s surprise, Yuulin shouts, “~~~how can I possibly win against that kind of terrifying talent-!!! What is this person-- *frantically waving her arms and stomping her feet* I couldn’t even see a bit of odds for success-!! [My] skill basically-would-not-come-out-!!!”

Trying to calm her down, Reishou says that it is also quite unexpected that saying words of love to one wife will have this kind of reaction!! Yuulin screams in frustration. On top of the roof, Dai thinks that is the angry cry of the princess consort-chan. Narration: “I’m afraid that the Wolf King’s potential killing power (towards me that is) is quite endlessly. From today on, I believe that I also won’t have any odds for success.”

The next day, sleepy Yuulin tells Reishou to please take care on his way today. Narration: “In front of people, he is the incomparably terrifying Wolf King. [Yet] in front of me, his appearance of being indulging and kind always appears.”
Finish dressing up, Reishou says that he obviously told her that there’s no need to force herself to wake up early to send him off. “It’s very tiring to coordinate with me.” Yuulin groggily says that she isn’t forcing herself. Yuulin starts to check smiling Reishou’s outfit if it is well done.

“Okay. Left side is OK. Right side is OK.” Narration: “Both [sides] making my heart beat nonstop and also making me feel at ease.  The king, His Majesty would always make me run around in circles. *blushing and looks at Reishou* Always having a face of leisurely indifferent [/casual].”
Yuulin tells him to please lean down for a bit. Reishou asks what is it? Yuulin thinks that in any case, no matter what she does, she is being played around. “Even if it is like this, ..I’ll risk it.”

In a low voice, Yuulin whispers, “Today, I also like you the most. *Reishou looks surprised* Then, take care on your way!” Blushing Yuulin thinks that this is so embarrassing that it can make kill her from embarrassment. Yuulin is surprised when Reishou holds her hand and seems to be blushing.

She asks, “..Your Majesty?” While using the other hand to cover his super red face, Reishou says, “Nothing. That is simply such a foul [breaking the rules].. This?” Narration: “In the married couple’s daily life, I’m in love like this.”
Comment: And, that’s our lovey-dovey chapter after the previous arc. Reishou really wants to be pampered like how Yuulin did with Shuon especially the taking a bath together thing =P Unfortunately, it seems that Yuulin isn’t ready for that yet. I guess it is because of Yuulin’s nature that she doesn’t want to be the only one who kept on receiving.

I think most girls would be satisfied with all those sweet nothings that Reishou is delivering. She also wants to make him fall deeper I love with her like she does towards him. Obviously, she isn’t used to all of that romantic stuff. Anyway, Ranyou will keep on being Yuulin’s tutor. Hm..what kind of things did she teach Yuulin that caused her to blush for some time? It might be something like the books that Gen wanted Yuulin to read =P

Based on what Ranyou mentioned about how the consorts are in the harem then Yuulin thought of Reishou, I wonder if aside from talent, he learned it from the consorts on how to say those romantic things. Perhaps, aside from his father using it on his mother, the consorts would also want to use those skills to woo the king to stay at their side. And, he’s using those skills on Yuulin.

I do wonder where he learned to braid hair. ^^; Is it also from watching the consorts at the harem before? The stuff that Reishou said at the latter part is really good. Just like how he baffles Yuulin, I think Reishou is baffled by her reactions. ^^;; In the end, contrary to what Yuulin thought, she can also win against him by saying her most sincere romantic words =P Scans by 水月梅漢化

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