June 13, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 12 - Unseen View]

Yumi narrates, “Hello, everyone. Let’s start the screaming class. By the way, lately, I’m into this. *video of two ghosts on the monitor* It is uploading videos in the [mytube] website. Here, I can upload into the internet the videos that I’ve recorded for viewing. *turning towards her computer* Huh? You’re asking which video is my favorite. Hee hee, that is..” Lesson 12: Unseen View.

The school bell rings. In class 6-2, a girl calls out to her friends and asks if they saw the ‘Exploding President’ video yesterday. Her friends say of course, and the quantity[/component] of 1000 balloons is actually quite pitiful and it’s always exploding. Another friend says that she doesn’t know what kind of new video will be up tonight. The girl’s friend shows to her the video that she likes.

Narration: “My name is Maida Kae. Lately, I’m so crazy about Mytube. There are a lot of tubers that I like! Compared to the performers on the television, everyone is chasing after these people who are shown as more daring and interesting on Mytube!!!”
A friend says that she also wants to become exploding president. The other friend says that there are 2 million views. “So amazing~~ He’s so hot!!” Kae smiles and agrees. She thinks ACTUALLY, she had already become a tuber Her Mytube account is under the name MaiKae.

Holding her laptop at home, Kae giggles and is quite proud of herself for doing all of this by herself. She already finds it quite worrisome if she becomes an internet celebrity like the others. Her mother asks her what’s going on for the rate of her internet usage is quite big. Kae tells her mother that she is playing a game, sorry..

Her mother tells her to pay attention. Kae decides to keep it a secret from her mother because if her mother knows, she’ll definitely make her stop doing that. This is her sole secret. Having said that, the number of times it is played always hasn’t gone up.. It is currently at 12 views. She obviously felt that it is a lot more interesting than the other similar type of videos.
Her video is about introducing her favorite product which is a checkered design pouch. Then, she got one comment. She is very happy about this until she reads from XXX, ‘Such a boring video ww’. During dinner, Kae’s father asks where Kae is. Kae’s mother says that Kae said that she doesn’t have any appetite then she locked herself up in her room. They wonder what had happened.

In her bedroom, Kae is moping in her bed. In tears, disappointed Kae wonders why would that person say that.. She’s so frustrated. Grabbing the bed sheet tight, she wonders what she should do for everyone to watch her videos. What should she do to become an internet celebrity--..

The next day, Kae looks determined. She decides to try and copy some popular videos! There is a video about a boy opening his room to the public. Pressing the recording button, Mae exclaims about MaiKae’s room revealed!! At the school’s cafeteria, girls are talking about watching ‘otouto [younger brother]-sama’s video.
It is very interesting for the progress of the game is broadcast live especially the locking up part!! They ask Kae isn’t it so. But Kae looks totally gloomy for her number of views didn’t increase at all and it seems that she better give it up already.

Then, Kae’s cellphone vibrates. She is surprised that there are now 502 views on her ‘room revealed’ video. She exclaims in surprise for how can it be..it increased.. She happily thinks that she has succeeded. She reads 70 comments wherein people say that it’s so cute, really anticipate her to do more appearances in front of the camera (^v^), it’s quite healing, etc.

Kae thinks so that’s it, showing oneself in front of the camera has a good effect. And speaking of that, actually a huge number of tubers show their faces in the video. Okay. So, she puts up a ‘fashion show’ which has 628 views.
Kae shows her make-up and she gets 790 views. She shows her grades in exam papers [<- which has the school name, her class section and full name] and she gets 1021 views. And, she gulps for she now reaches 11,251 views.

Becoming dizzy, she tells herself that like this, she had surpassed the 10,000 mark of people watching her videos and how many are 10, 000 people. So if this keeps up, she’ll also become an internet celebrity..!? Her mother calls out to her about watching some Wind Combo’s Sannomiya [三之宮?] guy on going to appear on the television. Sae shouts that she’ll watch it later. Soon, her video views are now at 78,290. She is very happy that the number of views is always increasing.

Then, Sae notices a video in her uploaded video list that has no title. She is puzzled. She wonders if this is also her video and did she filmed this kind of thing. She clicks the video. She thinks that it is a nearby park here. Then, Kae is laughing while running by the park. Kae thinks that it is her. Then, the video ends.
She wonders what this is. Could it be that she didn’t notice that her cellphone kept on recording while she left it at the side. She decides to delete the video. At school, her friends ask Kae if she is MaiKae who is on Mytube. Kae is surprised that someone had noticed it. She sheepishly says that they saw it.

Her friend says that they saw it earlier on and how come she didn’t tell them, she’s so amazing~~ Another friend says that the number of views are always rising rapidly. Kae is surprised when one of her friends say that she also released a new video today, right. Kae thinks that she didn’t upload this morning. Her friend plays the video to show it to her.

In the video, Kae is walking to school and greeted a grandma a good morning. The grandma also greeted her back as Kae happily walks away. End video. Kae wonders what this is. Her friend asks if someone helped her record that because for she couldn’t film it by herself from that angle. Kae thinks that it wasn’t her and her cellphone is still in her hand so who took that video.
Returning home, she wonders what’s going on. She immediately deletes the video and thinks that it is some pervert. Then, she notices that there are other new videos uploaded. She wonder when they were.. She clicks one video. It is a video filming her and her friends talking about her being MaiKae from behind a locker in her classroom.

Trembling, Kae wonders who it is. She sees that her views are now at 103,021. There are 108 comments saying that it is a new and it feels like was it was secretly filmed that it makes gives one the creeps, it is a lot interesting than ordinary videos, it seems getting closer and closer to the girl, what will happen at the end of the program? Kae deletes the video.

She locks up her door, and closes the window’s curtains. She wonders who is using her computer to upload the videos..!? Then, she hears her mother saying that she’s home. She is about to call her mother but she stops herself. She thinks no, she cannot tell it to her mother for she doesn’t want to be scolded. She decides to depend on herself to catch the culprit.
Late at night, Kae is already very sleepy. It is already 2am. She looks at her laptop computer and in the end, there is no surveillance. She looks out the window and there is no one outside.. She looks at her video upload list and there is no videos uploaded. Then, her computer beeps. She looks at the monitor.

It is a LIVE recording of her house. She wonders what is this for this is the front of her house.. Then, there is a video of her from the window outside. Kae thinks that it is her room. In the video, someone tries to pull open the door. Kae becomes nervous for she heard a noise outside her door. She realizes that the onsite live broadcast here is happening right now. The video shows that someone is walking upstairs.

After standing up, Kae takes her laptop computer and opens the door. Kae realizes that someone is coming upstairs. That person kept on muttering, “Near. Near. Near..” Kae calls out if it is her mother or a classmate had come over. The other person kept on saying, “Near.. Near..” Kae calls out who is it.. Then, she goes back in her room and locks the door. Kae wonders what to do..
Then, her computer is ringing. The views of this LIVE broadcast are quickly increasing from 1,402 to 7,008 to 25,210. The comments are saying that it is a LIVE, it’s an act that’s all, in the end what will happen, GO to the house!!, this shouldn’t be real right.

To Kae’s shock, she hears the door clicking open and someone is peeking inside. The broadcast is focused on horrified Kae. She asks, “Who are you, who.. Quickly stop.. Why would I encounter this kind..of thing..” The comments are going while over what will happen next, really anticipating, continue on for s/he really wants to know the ending!?

Then, there is a clapping sound from the computer for the video reached 100 million views. Ding. There is a message from Mytube which says, ‘Congratulations Miss MaiKae for reaching 100 million views and you’re a BEST Mytuber’. Kae isn’t rejoicing over that because the door suddenly swings open.
Starting to cry, Kae looks really terrified. She sees a smiling man. Kae says, “Save..” Then, the video focuses on her eye wherein a hand reaches out as she leans to the side. And, everything became black. There is a couple who just finished watching that video on their television.

The man complains how come it ends here when obviously, it is at the crucial moment. The woman asks if the video is real. The man asks how is that possible but then, there are a lot of people who likes attention. “Just looking at the video, it confirms that there is really someone who had already infiltrated in her house...

...In the videos, it showed her house’s address and her personal life. There are people who’ll casually divulge information like that. If that isn’t stupid then what is that?” The woman says forget it, look, didn’t they hide theirs really well.
The man asks what video they are going to upload next. They didn’t notice that there is someone watching them from the cabinet shutters. The man inside the cabinet is breathing deeply and he is holding a huge cleaver.

Yumi’s narration: “What did the young girl do wrong? Does everyone able to understand it? But then, when she realizes it, it is already too late. What one should do or what one shouldn’t do, everyone has to clearly distinguish it...

...In the goal, dream and happiness that people yearn for, the place that is packed with delight yet it is also frequently a very deep place where darkness is hidden. Then, I’ll continue watching my favorite video so I’ll go ahead. What kind of video it is? Hee hee, after you’ve seen it, you’ll definitely regret it. Class is over. We’ll see each other in the next lesson.”
Comment: One lesson is obviously do not put up too much personal information for everyone to know because you’ll never know you’ll use it for malicious intention. But then, she wanted to immediately become famous.

In this case, it seems to be a psycho murderer who is also good in hacking/computers. If I were to put a background on the killer, the guy probably hates mytubers ^^; Perhaps, ironically, he makes the mytuber famous at the last moment.

Another lesson is about being too happy over the positive results in one’s goal that one became careless. There are small signs that should be red flags but Kae decided to ignore them. She could have also informed her mother rather than dealing it with herself. In the end, it was too late. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
On Twitter [/other internet sites], we get excited if someone follows us. In real life, we get really scared and run away. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Hi Kat, I was catching up on all your recaps for the kurosaki kun no iinari ni nante naranai manga, amd I see you haven't updated or recapped on Chapter 26 yet? Its been 2 months since your last recap. Are you planning to recap anytime soon? It would be great if you could! Really like reading your recaps thanks :D

    1. Ah, actually, the problem isn't from my end but rather the Chinese scanlators. That was their latest chapter and there were no new ones since then.

      Thanks for reading them ^-^