June 15, 2016

Review: Rere Hello [Chapters 35-36]

Chapter 35: A couple of grandfathers are talking in a bar. One of the grandfathers had to move to a different place due to a reversal of fortune. The other grandfather wanted to help him out.

On the train, a black haired girl is sitting beside Minato and Yuuma. She suddenly stands up to let a woman with a bandaged foot sit on her seat. To their surprise, another woman suddenly sat on the seat and thanked them. This made the black haired girl apologize.

And, to their surprise, Minato stands up and says to please sit down. After they got off the train, the girl wants to apologize to Minato but he said that it is nothing. Yuuma is puzzled about this since he was sleeping in the train.
In school, the girl immediately gets the attention of some guys. The girl informs them that she isn’t an ojousama anymore. She introduced herself as Aoi-chan. [Her surname is Madenojouji] Some girls aren’t too happy about that.

Later, those girls inform Aoi that she was told by the teacher to tell Aoi regarding her cleaning duty. During lunch, the girl had a laugh over how Aoi easily believed her and isn’t she an idiot. She isn’t happy for whether Aoi is nobility or something, she’s just a sly to get so close with guys when she just transferred.

While walking at the courtyard, Yuuma asks how Minato named the cat [<- Minato’s pet that was originally found by Ririko’s younger brother and made the younger brother have a better perspective of Minato].

There is a scene of Minato dictating all sorts of name for the cat to react if it likes the name. In the end, the cat name is Charlotte which it had picked for itself by pointing to a paper with that name.
Yuuma is really amused by that. Sweeping the courtyard, Aoi bumps into Minato who immediate catches her to stop her from falling. She immediately backs away and apologizes. Yuuma recognizes her as the girl this morning.

Aoi recognizes Minato and starts to apologize about this morning. Yuuma asks what she is doing. She informs them that her classmate told her that the teacher wanted her to sweep the courtyard. The guys realize that she is being bullied and she just transferred in their school.

Yuuma informs Aoi that they have cleaners so the students don’t have to clean the school so she was deceived. Aoi says is that so but she continues to sweep the grounds. Yuuma tries to tell her that there’s no need to do that but Aoi says that she wants to finish the job.
She asks if there’s something wrong with that. That kind of attitude reminded Minato of Ririko that he smiles and says that no, it’s quite good. Aoi blushes over this. When Yuuma asked her name, Aoi thinks that her surname isn’t easy for others to call out so she just said, Aoi-chan.

Yuuma tells her that if someone asks her to do something, confirm it with them first. Minato said that if she is familiar with someone in school, then the chances of others deceiving her would lessen. Aoi asks if it won’t trouble them. Minato says no.

In class, much to the envious girls’ dismay, Aoi was approached by other girls who are amazed that she talked with Minato. They talk about wanting to go steady with Minato but it seems he had a girlfriend from another school but then, they heard they already broke up.
At the train station, Aoi finds herself looking at Minato and friends. Then, she stops herself and rushes into the train. At the supermarket, Aoi is having a hard time buying some products on sale.

Ririko helps her out by giving her share. Aoi is moved to tears. Aoi informs Ririko about her family’s economic status becoming bad so she isn’t used to normal stuff like this. Her mother had also collapsed lately but then, it cannot be helped since there are a lot of things that she isn’t used to.

Ririko offers to help her shopping if she goes to this supermarket. On the way home, Aoi meets up with her grandfather who helped her with the groceries. To her surprise, her grandfather is setting her up to a miai [arranged marriage] with his friend’s grandson.
Aoi tries to decline for she is still a junior high student [third year]. Grandfather says that of course, the marriage is after they graduate so if she doesn’t want to, he can refuse it but he just wishes for her happiness.

That night, Ririko informs Minato about meeting a girl at the supermarket, giving her share of the dinner and becoming friends. While playing with the cat, Minato asks if that is okay for won’t that person be too dependent. Ririko says it shouldn’t become like that and she looks honest and cute. Ririko thinks that the outfit is somewhat similar with Minato’s school uniform.

Jealous Minato says that Ririko couldn’t leave that girl be yet she obviously left him without a care. Ririko frantically says that it is because of Etsuko and he saw it right, when she strictly said that Ririko has to study since it will be final exams soon so she’ll temporarily stop her work for Minato.
Minato apologizes for that person is talkative ever since before when it obviously should be fine. Ririko laughs and says that for Etsuko to say that, it made her a bit happy because that would be the tone her mother would have if she is still here. This surprises Minato then he smiles.

At school, Aoi is gloomy for she reluctantly agreed to the miai which made her grandfather happy. She thinks that it should be okay for if she got engaged then their family will be saved. Anyway, marriage is still quite far off.

Then, someone calls out to her as Aoi. It is Minato who asked if she is okay. She blushes and says that she is just thinking of something. Yuuma isn’t around since he rarely wakes up early. Minato comments about Aoi riding the wrong train yesterday. Aoi is embarrassed for he saw her.
Minato laughs and says that it turns out to be her and if he saw it earlier, he could have stopped her. Then, he greets her a good morning before joining his friends.

While her heart is going doki-doki, Aoi doesn’t feel like going to a miai and he even called her name. On the weekend, at a nice Japanese restaurant, Aoi is all dressed up for her miai. Aoi asks how come it is set today. The grandfather says that it is because everyone is free today.

Soon, the other party has arrived. The other grandfather greets them. Aoi’s grandfather calls the other as, Suou. This surprises Aoi. She looks up and is surprised for the other party is Suou Minato.
Chapter 36: When Aoi called out to Minato, Minato calls out her name. It made the grandfathers happy that their relationship is quite good that there’s basically no need for them to match them up.

After the grandfathers talk for a while, Minato’s grandfather perform some ceremony in preparing the incense that he just received. Aoi couldn’t believe that the other party is Minato that it is all like a dream.

After the ceremony, Minato’s grandfather says that they are taking their leave so the youngsters take their time. Minato tries to call out to him but Aoi’s grandfather holds Minato’s hand.

He bows and says that he’ll leave his granddaughter to Minato. While walking at the courtyard, Aoi is saying how shocked she was for it turns out that the other party is Minato.
Then, she notices that Minato is no longer walking with her and he is in deep thought. Minato says that even if he can somewhat guess it but what did she come here for. She says that it is a miai. Minato is shocked.

He covered his face then looks really furious. There is a flashback of Minato’s grandfather who recently returned to Japan fetching Minato from school. He talked about Minato quarreling with his father but Minato said that isn’t the reason he came here to talk with him.

His grandfather said that he got some expensive incense and he wanted Minato to come to the incense ceremony [<- something like tea ceremony, I guess] since the number of people there is few. End flashback. Aoi says so he didn’t know that it is a miai. Minato said that if he knew, he won’t come for obviously, he already has a girlfriend.
Recalling what she heard, Aoi asks if the girl is from another school and she heard that they broke up. Minato says she is from another school but they didn’t break up. <- the others are referring to Serina. Minato says that it turns out that Aoi is her name and not her surname.

Slightly scared Aoi tells him her surname. Minato reprimands her that she should have said so that it made the grandfathers misunderstand and think that their relationship is quite good. [<- he is calling her by her first name] Wondering what to do for Minato is angry, Aoi apologizes. Minato couldn’t believe that she’s just a third year junior high yet she’ll agree to this.

She says that her grandfather is worried about her and she knew that he is doing it for her own good. She wanted to refuse but couldn’t do so. Minato is going to continue reprimanding her that at this time, it would be hard to refuse but she is already crying. She apologizes for causing him trouble.
Minato apologizes for his mistake and he should be angry at his grandfather. He apologizes and wipes her tears with a piece of paper [kaishi]. He warns that it is good that it is him so he can properly refuse for what if it is some old geezer, she might immediately be married off.

Aoi wonders how things will turn out if Minato doesn’t have a girlfriend. At home, Minato angrily protests at his grandfather for setting him up for a miai. His grandfather explains that he is friends with Aoi’s grandfather and he is a nice good guy but he just easily believes others.

So, after being deceived, he lost his company and property and they are now living at a relative’s house. The grandfather is still worried about Aoi so Minato’s grandfather wanted to help him out. Irked Minato says that even if that is how it is, don’t casually decide his life and he already has a girlfriend.
The grandfather says that the marriage is for the future and he isn’t saying that he break up right now. This irks Minato again. Minato’s grandfather mentions about how cute Aoi is, etc and won’t he look at Aoi in the far future. Minato says no.

The grandfather laments about wanting to have a connection between their families for this is good for both families. [<- I think for them, it would be the ‘name/lineage’ of Aoi’s family] At school, Aoi starts to avoid Minato. Minato also pretends not to know she’s hiding from him.

Then, Aoi’s new friends wanted her to introduce them to Minato. Aoi informs them that Minato has not broken up with his girlfriend. This made the girls leave. Minato overhears some girls talking about that girl whose surname they couldn’t remember well.
On the way home, Minato rides on the same train as Aoi and said that he told her not to ride the wrong train. <- he calls her Aoi again. Minato apologizes and says that he didn’t know what happened to her family. Aoi is moved by the gesture.

The train suddenly stops and falls on him. She apologizes and backs away. She notices the cat keychain on Minato’s bag. She says that it is so cute and does he like it. He smiles and says oh, that. She asks if it is given by his girlfriend. He says that it isn’t a gift but something they bought together as remembrance. He becomes embarrassed and tells her to keep that a secret.

Then, after Minato left, Aoi gets a message from Ririko to inform her of a sale at that supermarket. Ririko apologizes to Aoi that she is concentrating on her exams so she couldn’t go to this supermarket but it is okay, there is a meat sale here and she’ll just use this time as rest time, too.
Aoi thanks Ririko for the help and teaching her to cook. Ririko says that it seems she is having a hard time but don’t force herself too much because she looks listless. Soon, Aoi admits to her the reason.

It is because she has an unrequited love yet she hasn’t confessed. It is only because she knew the guy had a girlfriend. She hopes that these feelings would quickly disappear.

Ririko says that it is fine since just having feelings can make one happy and lively so she doesn’t have to immediately want it to disappear, just take it slowly. Aoi wonders if there’s no need to make this feelings disappear. Aoi asks Ririko if she has someone she likes. Ririko smiles yes, someone she really likes.
At the train, in the next morning [?], Ririko happily greets Minato. He comments that she looks quite lively even if today is the start of the exams. Ririko says that it is because even if she studies in school and home, she really anticipates up to what degree she can do. He comments that she’s relaxed.

She says that his exams will start on Friday so was Etsuko annoying him. He says that his grades are good so she doesn’t say much to him but then, he was forbidden to work. Ririko laughs and says that it is fine for it was mentioned to his father. Ririko says that she’ll go make meals for him after exams. He says, ya.

He holds her hand and their fingers intertwine. The two smile together. After Ririko got off, the train passes by Aoi who is busy studying but she couldn’t memorize well. Then, the train door opens. She greets Minato. She talks about forgetting to study when she was busy learning to cook because she is in charge of their meals.
Minato recalls that Aoi’s family lost everything. Minato says that if there is something that she doesn’t know then come and ask him. Aoi thinks that means he is willing to teach her. She blushes over this. She thinks that she likes him and she doesn’t want these feelings to disappear.

There is a scene of Ririko taking an exam. That night, Minato is surprised that Charlotte can open the door. The cat jumps on his table. Minato smiles and throws it on the bed for it is a hindrance to his studies. Charlotte gets even by playing and biting the cat key chain on Minato’s bag. That night, while sleeping, Ririko hears a sound.

It is 3:23am when her father is sound asleep on the dining table. Ririko welcomes him back and tells him to go to bed to sleep. His father mutters that he has to wake up early. After putting him in bed, Ririko finds his father’s complexion doesn’t look quite well.
Comment: Well, we have another female love rival who isn’t exactly as aggressive as Serina. This type is more difficult to deal with since she doesn’t have malice and she’s a ‘damsel in distress’.

Since our couple is nice, they’ll definitely cannot help but help her out given her family’s situation. But then, Aoi will be vulnerable into thinking that Minato’s kindness towards her mean something else. Or, we can say, it will make her fall deeper in love with him. Oh ya, Charlotte is very cute ^^ I like that cat. Scans by all★wink汉化组

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  1. Sorry for asking here Kat, but when is coming out the next chapter of Ookami-heika no Hanayome ?
    Thank you !

    1. María, do you mean the summary? Maybe around next week. I'm expecting the Chinese scanlator to give the go signal this Sunday.

    2. Yes! the summary!, i´m looking forward to it, until next week then, will be a long waiting for me, ahahaha thanks Kat

    3. Yup, hopefully and no problem, María ^-^

  2. Thanks Kat for the summaries. Ahhh. Another love rival now its on minato.. Hope this wont affect the couple. :-)
    Also,the omai thing. Minato has not mention it to ririko. Maybe for him its no big deal and also he wants ririko to focus on her exam.. Do u think if it will reach to ririko that minato has been on omai will it bother her?
    Its look like ririko will encounter another issue regarding her dad and his work..

    1. Thanks for reading, Luzmie ^-^

      Yup..another love rival though it seems that the couple are totally clueless about it. ^^;

      Nope, he didn't. It might bother her but an explanation can easily resolve it.


  3. Kat, this is what I don't like with some shoujou guy MCs. have you read this from the very beginning ? Minato is so kind that he never says no to any confession, especially if the girl who has confessed is pretty. But it seems the relationships do not last because Minato is not affectionate and just goes with the flow. If they break up with him, he's like, " uhm, okay. "
    Do you know he keeps an album of all the girls who have loved him ? Over a hundred pics, kat.

    maybe he's become attracted to Ririko because she's a great cook.

    With Serina, he cannot even reject her. they both act as if they are girlfriend- boyfriend. This is the reason why Ririko's classmate is so mad at Minato. His ex dumped her for Minato. Minato was so nice to her that she thought he'd be her boyfriend once she had broken up with her boyfriend, Ririko's classmate.

    Minato is easy to get if the girl is pretty enough.

    Ririko will soon have her heart broken.

    1. I somewhat recall that, megaworthit. I practically speed read the earlier chapters ^^;

      That might be one reason for the attraction.

      Since you mentioned that, it might also be the reason why Aoi is like that. Still, I think that girl is thinking way too ahead to think that just because he's nice to her, he'll be her boyfriend. And, she already has a boyfriend. I already forgot how they resolved that issue with Ririko's classmate though. ^^;;

      As of the present, I don't get that impression. I mean, like he'll be fickle with Ririko.

  4. Thanks for the summaries. I've seen the raws online but they aren't translated to English yet! I love this manga a lot. Btw have you heard of the manga P to JK? Do you have any summaries for it by any chance? It hasn't updated for a long time but the raws are out and I'm trying to find summaries for them. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading, Diana ^-^

      Actually, no. I read a few chapters at the start. Then, read a bit of the new ones but I couldn't get into the series.