June 10, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 45]

Yuki recalls how she and Shou reassured each other that it is alright and Shou saying that he always just gaze on her-- Thud. Yuki has fallen from her bed. Hugging her pillow, Yuki gloomily thinks that her it is that again. These past several days she is always in a kind of baffling endless heart pounding mode and it is probably because of that date..

Recalling their kiss, she blushes really red. Then, she notices that the sky is still very dark so what time is it.. She is surprised that it is 5am. It has already been her habit to wake up early for morning practice. She thinks that if she couldn’t sleep then might as well go study. Her heart kept on pounding but she had become a bit at ease.

At the gym, Himiko and Abe are surprised to see Yuki visiting them at the gym while everyone else is busy practicing. After the girls greet each other a good morning, Abe asks what’s up, is she going to viciously lecture the new basketball club.
Yuki says that she isn’t going to do that kind of thing. Holding a big plastic jug, Yuki says that she made lemonade for everyone to drink. Then, she glances at Yuki who passes the ball to Noda. Noda manages to shoot the ball into the basket.

While some guy says that the situation is quite good, Shou calls out to nervous Noda and pats his head. Shou tells him that he did that beautifully. Noda is all pumped up over the compliment that he’ll keep on doing his best. Yuki muses that it feels like Shou had become more like a captain yet it seems not quite right. [<- probably unused to Shou being like that?]

Swinging his uniform, Shou says that they’ll have a 5 minute break. Yuki finds it fascinating yet it is really quite repulsive..no, it isn’t at all repulsive.. Going out, Yuki says then, good luck to everyone. Himiko says that she’s leaving when everyone is going to have a break.. Yuki says no, she still has something to do..
While Shou is glancing at the door, the others are asking who brought the lemonade. Looking at her cellphone, Yuki thinks that there is still an hour before class starts so she’ll first lend the library key and stay there for a while. She is surprised when something suddenly hugged her <- basically Shou is slumping his whole body on her back.

Shou asks if she came to see him. Yuki angrily denies it for she just gave them something, some lemonade. Shou asks what she’ll give him. She tells him that she said that she brought lemonade. He asks how about something just for him. She angrily says that there is no such thing..

Shou kisses her cheek and lets her go. While Yuki blushes really red over that, Shou says that today, after class, training will be up to 630pm so how about her, will she always be staying at that store to study. Yuki says about that, she is going to cram class today. He asks if the cram class is going to start today.
Yuki says yes, and it will probably end at around 9pm so he should go home first. He says that he’ll wait for her. After a pause, she says no, it’s very cold. He tells her that he’ll wait in a store. She says no, for flu tends to spread [during this season] and besides, he is definitely very tired after the practice.

Shou asks what? He asks if he is in the way if he waits for her, is Shizuka coming. Yuki shouts no, she is concerned about his health. Shou says that since she is putting it that way, if he didn’t go home together with her, he’ll feel unwell all over and even want to puke. Surprised Yuki mentally tells him not to talk nonsense.

At Misuzu gym, Shizuka’s practice is doing well. During the break, a guy tells Shizuka that the situation is very good and if they maintain that, they’ll definitely get a good performance in next week’s Winter Cup. Kira laughs and says that speaking of Winter Cup, did Shizuka cleverly invite that girl out?
Shizuka tells him to shut up with that way of saying it. The other guy asks if Shizuka has a girlfriend. Kira says no, it isn’t like that at all. Recalling inviting Yuki to watch, she said yes and she thought that he hated her, Shizuka wonders if Yuki will come and watch.

When she asked him whether or not he hated her, he seriously thought over it and noticed that it isn’t like that at all. In the end, it isn’t..next time they meet, he’ll definitely figure it out what his feelings towards that person is. And cram school has ended at 9:15pm.

After fixing her things, Yuki thinks that even if today is the first cram class but perhaps, rather than studying alone, this is more effective at this last stage. Outside the building, Yuki takes out her cellphone and wonders if Shou is already sleeping or she should send him a message that she just finished [her class]. She felt that this morning, Shou had racked his brains to get her consent.

Flashback: Shou claimed that he’ll have a fever if he didn’t go home with her. Yuki asked how can that be. Shou claimed that if they didn’t go home together, he’ll die. Yuki insisted that he go home first. End flashback. Yuki thinks that there is club activity practically everyday and not so long ago, he just became a captain so she doesn’t want to add more unnecessary burden on him.

Seeing a message from Shou at 18:45 saying that club activity is over, Yuki sends him a message that cram class has just ended and she’ll immediately go home. She freezes when Shou who is sitting at the side says, otsukare [good job].

After a pause, she asks what he is doing. He says that he’s waiting for her. She says not, ‘I’m waiting for you’ so what is he doing. Shou says so he’s saying that he’s waiting for.. Yuki scolds him that she said not to wait for her and go home early so why didn’t he listen. Also, he’ll catch a cold sitting in this kind of place.
Shou tells her that a while ago, he was always in the café. Yuki shouts it isn’t that!! She reminds me that there is a morning practice tomorrow and he is the captain, he is the core of the team so properly rest is also part of his job. Yuki really couldn’t understand this idiot..

Standing up, Shou says that she is definitely thinking how come this idiot cannot understand. This surprises Yuki. Shou says but the idiot is her for does she even knew how many more days when they can be like this together. Yuki tries to answer but he says forget it, it’s cold, he’s going home. Yuki thinks that this is bad.

While taking a bath, Yuki thinks that indeed, how many more times they can meet each other like this before graduation. Being in the same school, they can pass by each other, occasionally talk, go home together.. Yuki recalls Shou admitting to her that he is very worried after she graduates and goes to college.
She realizes that she is always ignoring his feeling and in his own way, Shou is striving hard to cherish their continuously decreasing time [together]. Blowing bubbles in the water, Yuki thinks no..she knows that..and even if she knows but no matter what, she cannot make him always wait for her until the end of the cram school so she has to take out some other time..

To her surprise, third triplet suddenly opens the door and calls out to her. She says, hey, are you stupid? He tells her that it seems that their mother is busy at work so he’ll be asking her to prepare their bento for tomorrow. Yuki says that she knows already so quickly close the door.

Then, Yuki realizes something. While cooking, Yuki thinks that even if they cannot be together after school, there is still lunch break. No, even if the risk is quite high but at least, before graduation, she’ll try this out once..for this is a required item for lovers studying in the same school..! That is ‘Eat bento together’!!
The lunch school bell is ringing. From the corner, Yuki looks at class 2-C and thinks that even if she aggressively came to this place but how would she find the opportunity to grab Shou. She is surprised when Arisa slightly pushes her and calls out to her.

Arisa asks what’s up and it’s rare for Yuki to come to the second year class. Yuki says no..today is..that.. Noticing the bag that Yuki is holding, Arisa calls out that senpai Yuki is calling for Shou and she heard that senpai is going to lecture him. Shocked Yuki tries to stop Arisa but Shou had already come out of his class.

Arisa laughs and says then, she’ll be going ahead. Shou asks Yuki if she already ate lunch. Yuki is all tense for this is no good because in this kind of situation, a lot of people will pay attention if she says, ‘let’s eat lunch together, how about it’.. She tries to be brave but they were interrupted by a couple of girls [seems to be Arisa’s friends].
They call out to Shou and say that they think that he is definitely so slow that he won’t have time to buy lunch so here you go. They greeted Yuki and shove a piece of bread to Shou. They say that they already help him buy curry bread. Shou says amazing.

They say that it isn’t ‘amazing’ but it should be ‘thank you’. As Shou starts to eat the bread, Yuki tightly holds the bag. Shou asks her what is it, is it about the club activity. In the end, she says that no..it’s nothing. She totally wasn’t able to grab the opportunity. While eating lunch with Yuki, her friends ask where she went.

She says nothing. She thinks that no..it is because even if she isn’t quite sure but it feels that he is always surrounded by girls. Ultimately, the only place that she can think of where they can be alone is the activity room but perhaps, Himiko is working there and besides, it won’t be natural for someone who already retired to be there..
Looking at the bag, Yuki thinks that she can still say these words of ‘continue to strive hard tomorrow’ several times. Recalling Shou telling her if she knows how many days they can still be together like this, Yuki slightly scowls and thinks ‘tomorrow, tomorrow’ what is that for she doesn’t have the luxury [of time] to say those words.

After school dismissal, at the shoe lockers, Yuki thinks that she has one leftover bento but forget it, when she’s hungry at cram class.. Shou calls out to her and says that it is great that she didn’t leave yet and did she look at LIME [pun for LINE; internet messaging app]. Yuki admits that she didn’t. He calls her stupid for she should look.

Yuki asks what about club activity. He says that it is a rest day and it seems that there is an emergency maintenance. She says is that so. He leans to her and says ya, so..before the start of her cram class, he wants to be with her. This made her blush and drop the bento bag.
Picking it up, Shou says that there is still something inside, didn’t she eat? She says that.. Shou says by the way, she didn’t come to tell him about the gym’s maintenance during lunch so what’s up. Clenching her fist, Yuki blushes and says that is..she wanted to eat lunch together with him..so she made..bento.. This surprises Shou.

Taking the bag from him, she hurriedly says no..it is alright if he doesn’t want to and she’ll just bring it with her to the cram class and eat it as dinner.. To her surprise, Shou grabs her wrist and tells her to come over here for a while. She tells him to wait..they’ll be seen..wha..what..

And, they head out the emergency exit. While walking upstairs, shivering Yuki says that it is really cold out here. It is shady yet windy. Shivering Shou says yes, so there is absolutely no one who will come here on winter day. To her surprise, he says to let him see that bento.

Sitting beside him, Yuki says that it is okay but it doesn’t have any interesting stuff inside. He asks if it is ordinary. She says that it is very ordinary. He opens the bento box. There is rice, pickled plum, salad, sausages, egg roll [/tamagoyaki] and fried chicken [/karaage].
Yuki is puzzled why he would take his cellphone and take a picture of it. He asks if she made all of it. She says yes. Opening his mouth, Shou asks for her to feed him. Yuki really wanted to say, ‘are you stupid?’ but then, he is waiting for her to do it.. So, Yuki uses a toothpick to pick up the egg roll and feed Shou with it.

After he ate it, Yuki blushes really red and her heart is beating like a deer in front of headlights..it hurts.. she wonders why. <- discovering a weak point. Shou is happily eating the bento by himself when Yuki hears some cheer at the side. She sees Himiko leading the cheering squad below. Yuki says that one can clearly see the club room from this place.

Shou says yes, he always used to watch from this place. He confesses that during first year, when there is no club activity, he’ll go there to cool off in the shade. Then, he’ll think, “Ah- that manager is still working during rest day’-something upon seeing Yuki cleaning the club room’s door.
Yuki nervously asks if he was always watching, stop that. Covering the bento box, Shou says that it is useless to say that right now. Incidentally, there was an occasion when he found that that she likes Kido. So from then on, every time he goes here, he’ll always think of this thing.

“Ever since the time I fallen in love with senpai, every time I go to this place, I’ll always think of her.” This surprises Yuki and made her blush. Just then, a strong wind blows. Shou puts her in his jacket. This made her blush as she says, ..wait. He tells her, “So, most probably, even after you graduate, I would only have to come to this place then I’ll have this kind of feeling of being with you..”

Yuki thinks, “There’s no need to worry. It is totally our misconception that we feel that time is becoming short. It is alright, Naruse.” Yuki says, “[about]..tha..that..you..you’re not..allowed to bring other people here..” She slightly pouts and looks at him. He smiles and rubs his head on hers.

He laughs and asks if that meant, ‘not allowed to bring girls in the room’. [<- ah, maybe it meant in this place? ^^;] Yuki angrily says she didn’t mean that and quickly let her go, for the static electricity is really intense. Narration: “Our time together isn’t at all decreasing but rather, it is accumulating bit by bit.”
Comment: And, that is another lovey-dovey chapter. Though the theme is quite similar to how it was before. There is some hesitation and uneasiness from Yuki’s part though when confronted, she’ll immediately deny that she is doing it for him. Yuki means well since she is concerned about him. He also means well since he wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

After realizing what his intention is, Yuki decides to compromise by having lunch together instead. Then, back to the hesitation and uneasiness and confrontation but this time, she becomes more frank. Hehe, usually happens at the near end. And yes, everything goes well from there on. ^^ Of course, with lovey-dovey scenes ^^

I guess the only time when she isn’t that uneasy and hesitant over showing her affection is the time when they can make their relationship public. Well, from this chapter, we learned how Shou learned about Yuki’s feelings for Kido and how he start to fall for her. He turns out that he’s always watching her there aside from during club days.

Her ending narration is indeed a positive way of thinking regarding their situation ^^ As for Shizuka, I thought he already knew but it seems that he is still unsure over his feelings for her. ^^; So, the Winter Cup thing is probably his closure regarding Yuki. The next chapter will be out in Japan on June 20th. Scans by 红莲汉

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  1. Thanks for the summary, Kat!

    They're so cute. Yuki doesn't like to be in the spotlight but instead support them from behind. Even if its their relationship since Shou is so popular it can't be helped. Once she feels more reassured of their relationship maybe then it will go public... or at least at graduation. She'll be leaving so no one can really tease her unless they go to the same college. Lol, I can't wait for the next chapter. By the way, Kat, do you know about the latest omake for Namaikizakari? I'm still waiting for it but I'm wondering if you saw it already.

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