June 6, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 11 - Bloody Bride]

While people are clapping for the newlywed couple, Yumi greets, “Hello, everyone. Horror class is starting. Ku ku ku, a happy bride and the person important to her making a promise of love but, even in this kind of happiness-filled place, there is also a scary trap that will unexpectedly attack you. For this chapter, we’ll talk about this kind of story. Lesson 11: Bloody Bride.

A girl happily gushes over how beautiful Miharu is. Narration: “Today is my cousin’s wedding. Starting from the time I got the invitation, my mood is super intense. The church is like Cinderella’s castle. Delicious fruit juices. The staff members are dressed up as servants...
...The wedding ceremony is really awesome *looks at Miharu happily showing off her wedding ring with her groom* Everything is so beautiful.. It is good if one day, I’ll also have an opportunity to have this kind of wedding..” The host tells the guests to come over to the wedding [reception] venue—

Just as the girl is walking with the others to the next venue, she steps on something on the grass. She looks down and notices that it is a ring. She picks it up. The ring has three gems [/diamonds] on it which made her think that it could be a wedding ring!? She looks at the back of the ring and sees an engraving, K&S.

After looking around, Hana slips the ring on her left ring finger. She gushes over how she also seems like a bride Then, a woman calls out, Hana [guesswork from ] quickly come over. Hana nervously says okay, she has to quickly take it off. To her surprise, she couldn’t remove the ring.
At home, Hana’s mother tells her husband over how beautiful Miharu was today and the wedding is really amazing~~ Hana continues to try to remove the ring but it won’t budge. Her mother asks what’s up with her just now for she won’t say anything.

Startled Hana says that it is nothing and she’s going to sleep. She wonders what to do. Lying down on her bed, Hana thinks that she couldn’t tell her mother for she’ll just reprimand her over doing something strange again. 

Teary-eyed Hana decided that no matter what, she’ll have it removed tomorrow no matter the method is.. Soon, she is sound asleep. In a dream, Hana opens her eyes and finds herself wearing a wedding dress and walking with someone [probably her father]. She wonders if this is a dream. 
There is another man in front by the altar who said, “I’ll come for you..” Unable to see the man’s face, Hana wonders, who.. Then, she wakes up. She sits up and thinks that at the end of the dream is a wedding ceremony..

Looking at the ring on her finger, she finds that too strange but the bridegroom’s voice is nice to listen to even if she wasn’t able to fully see his face.. She becomes nervous as she thinks, ah, first don’t think of other things for she must get this thing off as soon as possible.

The puzzled doctor says that there is no way to remove it since it is dead set on her finger. A puzzled welder/mechanic says that it is really strange for no matter what he does, it couldn’t be cut off. He asks what kind of special material is that ring made off?
Hana and her mother are aghast. Hana couldn’t believe it. While walking, her angry mother exclaims that she really doesn’t know what to say to Hana and she wondered what was Hana hiding..

That night, Hana looks at the ring on her hand and wonders, why..how to do, could it be that she’ll wear it throughout her life. She thinks that it is impossible that she couldn’t take it off forever. She assures herself that it will be okay..

When she slept, Hana hears someone saying, “I’ll come for you.” Opening her eyes, Hana thinks that it is this dream again. “Huh..this time, it seems that I’m closer to the groom.” She sees the groom smiling. And, she wakes up. Sitting up, she thinks that dream makes her feel uncomfortable.
At school, Hana’s friend asks what happened to her left hand. Hana had bandaged the fingers of her left hand. While erasing the blackboard, Hana says that she careless got injured last Saturday. Her friend asks if isn’t serious. Hana just looks tense. She thinks that even if she knows that it is impossible but that groom, if the owner of this ring..

She recalls him saying, ‘I’ll come for you--..’ And, she has that dream again. She becomes very scared for compared to yesterday, she is closer to the groom. “Why.. what’s going on..” Hana screams, “I..am not your bride.. (Quickly wake up. Wake up from this dream!!)” The bloodied groom [face not shown except for the mouth] is standing beside sleeping Hana. He says, “This time, I am coming for you.”
Hana opens her eyes wide and sits up. She looks around but no one is there. While the clock at 1:24 am is tick-tocking, Hana is visibly shaken and scared. The next day, Hana calls her cousin, Miharu on the phone. Miharu thanks her for coming to her wedding last week.

Hana says that she’ll be boldly interrupting her but actually, there is something strange that she wants to ask of her. “It is regarding the wedding venue. I want to ask if you heard of any strange rumors?” Miharu asks, huh? Hana apologizes for there is something that worries her. Miharu laughs and asks what’s up with her.
Miharu tries to think and she remembers. “A staff member had told me.. A very long long time ago, in a wedding that is going to held there, the groom got into an accident on the day itself.. *scene of a man crossing the street and there is a car in front of him*...

...It is said that not long after, the bride also committed suicide to follow him [in the afterlife].. That wedding venue had become an urban legend.” Hana asks if two’s name is written as K&S. Miharu says that she isn’t quite sure..but she heard that it is a good looking [handsome guy and beautiful girl] pair.
And the phone is hanged up. Hana thinks that this ring belongs to that person and she was mistaken as the bride. Soon, the teacher says that HR (extracurricular activities) is up to here. Hana is nervous as she hopes that school ends quickly so that she can get this ring off as soon as possible.

After the teacher dismisses the students, Hana immediate grabs her bag. Then, there is a ringtone of church bells from a cellphone. A girl informs her friend that it is a wedding march tune. Hana scowls for she hates that music..

A friend calls out to Hana and says that her outfit today is so cute. “It is simply like a bride’s.” Hana nervously looks at her white dress with a bow. She thinks that she was semi-conscious this morning when she chose the dress but why is it this kind of dress..
Hana trembled that her friends ask what happened and is she feeling unwell. The teacher asks if she wants to go to the clinic. This made Hana look aghast. Running through the hallway, she wants to quickly change her clothes.

Then, she notices that everyone is lining up the hallway. They are smiling and look happy for her. Hana realizes that this is like walking up the altar wherein the people are all at the side looking at her. She quickly starts running with hopes that someone save her.

She reaches the clinic. Taking a sharp scissor, she gets ready to use it to remove the ring from her finger. As she is about to swing the scissors down, Hana tearfully shouts, “I am not your bride..”
To her surprise, the ring suddenly slides off her finger. As the ring falls on the floor, Han is relieved for she is saved. Then, to her horror, a handsome guy, whose bleeding head is cracked open, picks up the ring and says, “I’m really sorry for making you wear the ring by yourself. Let me help you in putting it on again.”

And, the priest says that the two can now offer their vow’s kiss.. Trembling Hana says, “Ah..I..I’m not..” The groom puts the ring on her finger. Then, there is a loud scream. The guests are smiling and they become ghostlike figures with a smile.
After school dismissal, a boy is tying his shoes by the shoe lockers. He notices something on the floor. He picks it up and wonders what it is. Seeing the K&S initial on it, he says that it is a ring.. And behind him is a bloodied bride.

Yumi’s narration: “No matter to whom, the time when one receives a ring is a special moment. *has a ring on her finger* Everyone also treats it seriously so do not easily wear a ring that isn’t given by the person you like. Huh? You’re asking me if it’s okay for me to wear it? Ku ku..you say.. The lesson will end here. Let’s see each other in the next class.”
Comment: So, I guess the moral lesson here is do not randomly wear a ring especially if it is a wedding ring with initials and its history is unknown. I cannot help but think that she should have pawned it instead. ^^; Still, I wonder if the ring that boy found is one and the same. And, if the boy is baited, will the ring stop looking for another victim? Somehow, I think not. Scans by 离境

Word of the day:
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  1. Great recap, Kat! Thanks! ^0^

    I thought this chapter was a little confusing... but I think they're two different rings - one for the bride (the ring that Hana finds) and one for the groom (the boy's ring)?

    1. Thanks for reading, Pomelote ^-^

      Ya, it seems like that though I'm wondering why would the ring be in school if it wasn't the one Hana found. <- school isn't related to wedding.

  2. Thank you for the this, they really help me a lot. :3

    Personally, I think they are different rings as Hana is an Elementary schooler while the boy is a Middle schooler. The boy found the ring maybe because someone else found it at the wedding place and brought there?

    And for this story's moral, I think they are: "Don't take stuff that aren't yours" and "Don't recklessly get married"

    1. You're welcome, Yuki ^-^

      Possible..and that person perhaps, dropped it instead of wearing it.