June 3, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 109]

After Shouta’s father enters the hospital room, his wife sits up and calls out to him if he came to bring the new change of clothes. Shouta’s father is just silent. To her surprise, her husband isn’t carrying anything.

She asks about Touta if he ate and did he [father] defrost the food from the refrigerator. The father asks back, refrigerator..? She exclaims that didn’t he hear her say that before she got confined and wasn’t it eaten!!! She laments over what they ate and where is Shouta, wasn’t planned that he’ll be coming over today.

The father said that Shouta brought Sawako over last night. This shocks the mother for they took advantage of the time when she wasn’t around. She accuses him for being so cunning.. The father asks what she is saying. He asks her if he doesn’t listen to what others say.
The mother confirms that he indeed never listens but how come he is mentioning it now. He says that Shouta had lowered his head and asked him to let him go to college. “Was I always tying Shouta down?”

The mother says that he worries too much. He says that it is because there is something about him that is similar to her so he worries. She tells him, “Even if it is not bad to cherish him but doing it excessively would in the end, cause trouble and put you two in bad terms. That kind of thing has happened for so many times already.”

The father says that compared to Shouta, he is more worried about her. The mother smiles and says that he always is. While walking home, the father recalls when young Shouta gave him some gifts for Father’s Day and a rice cracker when he was a younger boy. Then, he recalls Shouta asking him to let him go to college.
Later on, the mother welcomes Shouta and Sawako in. Shouta brings her the new change of clothes. The mother thanks him and thanks Sawako for visiting her. Sawako says that while she [mother] isn’t tired, she’ll go ahead first. The mother laughs and tells her not to mind. Sawako gives the mother a bouquet of flowers.

The mother thanks her and says that they are very beautiful. “I’m very happy. It turns out that this is what it is like to have a girl in the family.. ha ha, if our family has a girl, papa would perhaps won’t be that stubborn.” Shouta thinks that is possible.

The mother says that she came to her house yesterday. Sawako says yes, sorry, while she is away.. The mother says, geez, she told her not to mind it. She tells her that she’ll be discharged soon so she can come over again.
Shouta asks if she heard that from his father. The mother says that he came over this morning. The mother asks Sawako if she knows that Shouta’s father name is Shouichirou [guesswork from 勝一郎; literally ‘victory one son’] and doesn’t it specially suit him. Sawako agrees.

Shouta asks what his father told her. The mother asks if he is curious. Shouta immediately denies it then admits that he is..but..he can also guess that his father definitely didn’t say anything. To his shock, the mother laughs and says that he is really the same with his father.

She asks him how he views his father. He says a stubborn father. The mother says that’s right. Sawako thinks that it is a family conversation. She starts to back away but the mother asks where she is doing.

Sawako says that she is wondering whether or not she should leave.. The mother says that it is fine, she can stay here. Shouta smiles in approval so Sawako stays.
Shouta admits to his mother that perhaps, he actually doesn’t understand his father. He knows that his father doesn’t have any interest in him and he also doesn’t know what he should do to make him happy.

This made Sawako recall Shouta saying that until now, he never feels that his father is satisfied over the things he does. To his surprise, the mother says that his father is definitely surprised and most probably, he is very happy right now.

She tells Shouta that after going home, go and take a look at the topmost drawer of the bedroom’s wardrobe closet. She apologizes for she had also thrown some of it away..
The mother smiles and says that Shouta really makes him [father] feel satisfied..and he [father] always did but it is just very hard to see it--.. Flashback: On a grassy field, younger Shouichirou looked at three names of Kazehaya Shouta written in three different ways.

1. 勝太 [ victory + excellent; first character the same with the father’s]  2. 将太 [leader + excellent] 3. 翔太 [soar/fly + excellent; this is how Shouta’s name is written] Then, there is a scene of baby Shouta whimpering. He suddenly shouted that the baby is smiling!!

The mother said that it is unconsciously. End flashback. The mother smiles and says that ever since before, Shouichirou is easily misunderstood by others. She tells them that when Shouta was born, he prepared three names.
She thought that he would choose the name that has his own name, ‘Shouta/勝太’ but upon seeing his [Shouta] face when he was born, Shouichirou choose the name that she felt he really won’t choose. There is a scene of Shouichirou carrying the baby and looking at the name sign, ‘Kazehaya Shouta/翔太’ on the wall.

The mother says, “It isn’t about wanting you to attain victory. It isn’t about wanting you to become some saint [/great man] but rather, it is hoping that you can freely soar--...” There are flashbacks of Shoichirou looking so happy that toddler Shouta had stood up and clapped.

Then, he scowled while telling his wife that today is the first time Shouta hit the baseball. The mother smiled over this. Then, there is a scene of Shouichirou telling him to do whatever he wants!! End flashbacks.
While walking and holding hands, Sawako calls out to Shouta and he keeps on saying ‘ya’. Then, he holds her hand tightly. Sawako wonders what’s in the wardrobe closet. He says that he’ll check it out and after he saw it, he’ll report to her.

While Sawako is mentally saying ‘that’s great, Kazehaya-kun’, Shouta says that it’s fortunate that she’s around. Soon, Shouta pulls out the drawer of the closet that his mother told him about. He finds albums with a note that it is Shouta during kindergarten, drawings and notes written by Shouta when he was a kid and also his notebooks during elementary. Shouta is speechless.

Flashback: The mother complained to Shouichirou over the snacks that had already expired 6-8 years ago yet he is still keeping them. She told grumpy Shouichirou that he unexpectedly collected so many and she told him to eat them when he got them. Then, he shouted what she is doing.
The mother apologizes but she’ll have to throw away these foods. He refused to let her for those are his. While the two tugged over the box, the mother said that he can no longer eat them but he insisted that those are his. As compromise, the father told her to bring him a camera.

Soon, the mother took pictures of the father with the snack and a note when he got the snack like when Shouta is around two years old, during kindergarten, grade three’s father day. The mother told him to smile a bit. Embarrassed, the father said that she’s annoying! End flashback.

Shouta is startled when his father asked what he is doing. He is surprised for his father is wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt. Shouta timidly says that is during the school trip..he wore it..and it is the first time he saw him wear it..
The father grumpily says that this is his clothes so he got any objections. Shouta says no..rather than object.. Shouta starts laughing out loud. The father exclaims what so funny! While he kept on laughing, Shouta tries to say that it isn’t about being funny but it really suits him. Even if before he thought that it will suit his father but he didn’t think that it would really suit him. Shouta exclaims that he was right in choosing this gift!!

After Shouta stops laughing, Shouichirou asks if he wants him to agree to him going to college. Shouta nods. Shouichirou says that he has a condition. “You’ll move out and live by yourself! You’ll do groceries and cook your own food. Laundry and clean up as you go pass the days alone!”

Blushing a bit, Shouta bows and thanks him. His father shouts that it is too early to thank him and he should say that once again when he passed [the college entrance exam]!!

Shouta smiles and says that he’ll absolutely be able to pass. The father says that he can talk big.. Shouta says that it is because he is like him. The father says forget it! “Get out of the way! *takes something from the drawer* ..hey, does this have an expiration date?” It is the massage coupon.
Shouta smiles and says that it can be used anytime. Soon, Shouta massages his father’s back while he kept on complaining that Shouta isn’t doing it properly. That night, Shouta tells Sawako on the phone that he hopes that his father’s muscles aren’t become sore after the massage. Sawako tells him good job [/otsukare].

Shouta says that although he always wanted to become independent but it turns out that his father also wants him to become independent. “It is the first time I felt that our two’s orientation [/inclination] is identical. I will do my best. Next, it is simply working hard to pass the college entrance exam.” Sawako thinks that finally, Shouta has made up his mind.

“The obon festival has already ended. The last summer vacation has already ended.” The school bell is ringing. The students are filling up the form regarding the school their aspired school/course. Sawako puts her pen on the first blank space. The teacher tells them to please start filling it up. Serious Sawako thinks that next, is her turn.
Comment: I guess we can consider that as a father day’s-type of chapter. ^^ It turns out that the father is just misunderstood because he couldn’t easily express his feelings.

I guess he is trying to make Shouta become responsible by assigning so many things to do.And since his father isn’t praising him or anything, Shouta felt that he wasn’t pleasing him.

Still, the father is cute in his own way whenever he did his own way of showing his affection to Shouta. ^^ And, it is only now when Shouta finds out about it. So, it is indeed thanks to Sawako and the mother for clearing out the misunderstanding. So the father-son relationship ought to improve later on. ^^ Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be. ~ Frank A. Clark


  1. Thanks a bunch Kat! I'm really grateful! Do you have any theories about what will happen to Sawako's and Kazehaya's long distance relationship? I don't think there's going to be a long distance because remember when Shouichirou tells Kazehaya about becoming independent and living alone when he's out in college? Sawako and Kazehaya will probably go to the same school. They both want to become teachers after all.
    I don't know but I think the author will probably want to keep them both together. There was a couple who broke up already and there's a couple who will have a long distance relationship. This is my guess, though. What's your guess?
    Thank you Kat a lot for your hard work! 😄

    1. You're welcome, Destiny ^-^

      I'm not too sure if they are going to be in the same school at the moment. If they were, why would Sawako be conflicted over going to that school? There will be no hindrance anymore.

      Most likely, the same school or perhaps, different schools but in the same vicinity. But then, even if it is in the same school, they will be in different buildings. Since you put it that way, it is indeed most likely that the mangaka will keep them together.


  2. Thanks you blog is a god send, especially because there are no english translations

  3. Excellent! Many thanks, Kat! This manga grows up with each chapter and it's fascinating to watch all changes of characters and their relationships. I think that Sawa and Shota will go to different universities but... Shiina, it seems, plots out something before their parting... It's must be crazy idea but I think Shota can make her a proposal... or something like that >_____<

    1. Thanks and you're welcome, Svetlana ^-^

      Proposal...that will be interesting ^^

  4. Hi Ms Kath,

    Im a silent reader on your blog but because your recaps are very useful, not only to this manga but likewise to other mangas out there, I want to say thanks very much for ur hardwork!

    Keep it Kat !

    1. Thanks for reading them and the support, yhuu ^-^

  5. Thank you so much for the review ^^ I've been a silent reader since ch 102 kkkk~ There's no manga scanlations that I could find so far. So, your review is a big help for my curiosity about Kimi ni Todoke's next chapter.

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