June 8, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 63 - FEVER PITCH (The Second Kiss)]

There is a balance scale wherein on one side is ‘free otaku lifestyle’ and on the other side is ‘existence of love’. Narration: “Up to some extent, my fujoshi nature has earlier been exposed to him. But where will I hide the BL magazines that I want to buy at the summer-winter manga market [/comiket]...

...Next month, I have already made a reservation for the 2.5D stage [/musical] play that will be held on two consecutive days. I also plan to go to a collaboration café and also collaboration onsen. Next month, there is also a new BL game that will be released...

...If I were to live together with Arthur-sama, then that would be impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible. MY SHADOW HERE IS BUT PITCH BLACK!!” Momoe looks at Arthur who is napping beside her at the train. She thinks that the problem is not only that because according to this progress, upon returning to the dorm tonight, will she really be welcoming the real ADULT CEREMONY!?
Looking inside her blouse, Momoe also thinks that her underwear is a hideous mess and don’t talk about some amazing underwear for basically this is just more on functionality. “Flesh-colored tank top!!! The is really bad and I should have, more or less, something of a sexy kind..”

Then, sleeping Arthur leans on her. After looking surprising, Momoe thinks that it is such a soft blond hair and he always has this pleasant fragrance. Blushing a bit, she wonders if she is going to do it with this person. “Honestly speaking, after the KISS, up to what kind of process should one have to pass for it to reach that kind of end result [/sex?]. From my manga knowledge, it is probably the mood, right? I know that, right?...

...But reaching this kind of specific time, I basically couldn’t imagine it. Therefore!! I should at least wear a nice underwear!!! At least, make the underwear a bit formal!!!” Then, she wakes up Arthur because they already arrived at their train stop. While walking, groggy Arthur apologizes to Momoe for sleeping and asks her to let him carry her shopping bag. Momoe apologizes for the inconvenience.
Momoe thinks that before they reach the dorm, it seems that there is a fashionable underwear store here and there ought to be that kind of store!! Momoe apologizes for making him help her carry her things and making demands though she wants to buy something at the convenient store so please go ahead first..

To her dismay, Arthur grabs her wrist and suggests that they go together. Intertwining his fingers into hers, he says that she shouldn’t be planning to run away right and they have already returned up to this place. Momoe says no, no, she doesn’t plan on running away. Arthur says, ok good then, they have to quickly go back and take it slowly after all, today is the start of their living together.

Momoe tearfully thinks that like this, all the more she should go buy. Noticing a Victoria-underwear store but couldn’t go inside, Momoe can only lament that not only is her first battle’s outfit all junk but there is this awkward silence[?]. Arthur tells her that there is a seven [<- name] convenient store in front.

Waving her arm, Momoe sheepishly says no, there’s no need anymore and she’ll just buy it tomorrow on the way to work. She nervously thinks that this is really bad, because to start with, it is basically a very low womanly level that ought to be upgraded from negative [value]. She has a quick drying sweat tank top and underpants = zero sexy points.

Momoe tries to recall if she had bought a bit cute design underwear before.. Meanwhile, Arthur wonders what Momoe is planning. “She said that she’ll go to the collaboration café but actually, she went to meet with that middle aged man. But, she quickly chose me again and from the looks of it, she still hopes to continue the follow-up of the train kiss...

...Yet, right now, it seems that she wants to run away from me.” He sighs. Holding up his other hand, Arthur tells Momoe that he surrenders. This surprises Momoe that she wonders what’s up. He tells her that for today, they don’t have to mutually probe each other out.
“Even if it is half-jokingly and half-serious, that kind of degree, it is also fine. *Momoe goes huh* Honestly, I also don’t plan on really using that power to force you to live together with me. *Momoe goes huh!?* But, Miss Momoe, it seems that you really won’t come back yet you are here. *Momoe continues to go huh!?*...

...When it is time to sleep, I’ll go and get you. I’ll ask you if you’ll come to my bed.” Momoe says, “No problem.” While Arthur looks surprised, Momoe is amazed with herself that she would unexpectedly answer immediately and could it be that she is exerting herself too much. She looks puzzled over Arthur’s baffled expression.

Arthur says that Japanese people really like using that statement and what is the meaning of her ‘no problem’ that she said just now. Suddenly, Makoto kisses surprised Arthur’s cheek and welcomes him back. “I really wanted to see you. You also quickly come and drink together with us” Arthur shouts what he is doing, how come he is drunk like that and right now, it is obviously still early. Blushing Momoe is really happy over that and thinks that it is quite amazing.
Makoto calls out to Momoe to come over for a hug. Arthur immediately tells Momoe not to come to this side. After Momoe’s shopping bag was tossed to her, Lance apologizes to the two. While being hugged by Makoto, Arthur asks Lance what’s up with this. Lance explains that Makoto is causing a ruckus this evening and afterwards, he drank too much.

While Lance help him go back inside, Makoto urges Arthur that they go drink and he really doesn’t know how to drink yet let’s go drink like the mood of a temple girl ha ha ha. Arthur says that Makoto really drank a lot and it has been a long time since he has seen him in a drunken state. Lance says that it is because his good rival came this evening.

Momoe thinks that isn’t this, a so-called good opportunity. “Even if I also want to continue following this scene closely (as a fujoshi) but!! I have to take this opportunity to go back to the room to at least, find a pair of top and bottom underwear that has the same color!!!” Just when Arthur is saying if the so-called rival is Takane, Momoe is going towards the opposite direction.
She calls out to Arthur and says that she’ll first go back to her room. While Makoto is asking Arthur who is cooler him or that monk, Momoe tells Arthur that she’ll leave her things then she’ll go down to the bar so wait for a while. Immediately going into her room, Momoe has to quickly find if there is anything suitable. Looking through her bags, she tries to find one.

This and not is no good. Wearing this black is a bit too.. And finally, she finds a good pair. Holding it up, she happily thinks that it is more or less passable. Just then, Arthur knocks and says that the door isn’t locked so he’s coming in. This made Momoe’s smile freeze. Entering the room, Arthur says that she obviously said that she won’t run away yet she ran off half-way through.

With her hands behind her, Momoe says that she’s not running away. Scratching his head, Arthur asks how come she is standing at the corner. Momoe says that right now, she is preparing. He asks preparing for what. She says for the aftermath of the kiss that will make her unable to stand. After looking surprised, Arthur scowls.
While Momoe decides to first put the underwear in her pockets, Arthur says that she is breaking off someone’s tempo again like this and geez, she is obviously just a newbie. Touching her face, Arthur says that she’ll casually say those words and what is he to do if he got pushed over [/gone overboard?] and caused her to become unhappy.

Momoe says that it is fine and it is as she said a while ago. Momoe is surprised when he flicks her nose then kisses her. She is surprised when he said that there’s no need for ‘it’s alright’. He kisses her again. He says that he isn’t asking about those. He kisses her again. Momoe thinks not yet? “Isn’t this like penetrating deeply? Not only is it simply just that gently countless repeated moving [/touching emotions], and nothing more, right?”

Then, Arthur does a bit French kisses with her. When Momoe is breathing hard, Arthur smiles then pushes her away. He says that’s it for now. “If you want more of that, then don’t say something like ‘it’s alright’. Please, say out the words that I want. If you cannot say the magic-type of words that I want, then things will be postponed until then.”

Aroused Momoe unsteadily leans on the side. Unable to keep on standing, she sits down on the floor. She wonders, “Magic-type of words? I’ve already said that it’s no problem and I won’t run away. Aside from that, what else should I say.” Arthur smiles at Momoe and says, “Come, let’s go back downstairs at the bar. Right now, Lance is quite perplexed [about Makoto?].”
Comment: Ah, Arthur. You keep on trying to read between Momoe’s lines when there is actually nothing there. She is saying what she means. ^^; He really got so used to the games couples play that when Momoe says something, he keeps on thinking there is something else to it or she is just being vague.

He even assumes that it is a Japanese’s polite way of talking in order not to offend him. Of course, it cannot be helped since Momoe is giving him mixed signals which he is obviously interpreting the wrong way. Nope, she isn’t trying to escape, she’s worrying about her underwear for tonight. ^^;

But yes, Momoe’s dilemma is understandable. How can she say that is what’s worrying her both the underwear thing and also about living together with him. Anyway, she might see something to her fetish at the bar. Apparently, Makoto can be quite affectionate when drunk..hehe, is it only towards Arthur?

So, there will be three guys there and Momoe will most likely have them for herself ^^ That means, hoping that she’ll get to see them doing something towards each other rather than to her =P That might preoccupy her temporarily while wondering what are the magic words that Arthur wants to hear. ^^;

Ah, but then, I think there might be an embarrassing moment involving putting the underwear in her pocket. Perhaps, that will finally lead to the resolution of this misunderstanding. =P Scans by 月球坑组

Quote of the day:
Kissing is like drinking tea with a tea strainer, you can never get enough ~ Bob Hope


  1. ok they are cute ..But I miss Junko and her story..Thamks KAT!!

    1. Hehe, is that so, Nayeem ^^

      You're welcome ^-^

  2. Thank you, Kat! They are really my fave couple in the series. I wonder if there will be a continuation of their scenes, but it seems like i'll be waiting for two to three chapters again as known of the author's pace. Anyway, I'm really excited how will Momoe and Arthur react in their first night together since they have a very opposing character; Arthur as a prodigy and Momoe as a novice. It will really be hilarious. What do you think? I really love your summaries Kat! thank you for your hard works. God bless. -Jerich

    1. You're welcome, Jerich ^-^

      Hm..maybe. This chapter is still 'behind' in the timeline compared to Junko's which is already at the next day. I'm guessing that it might still be about them in the next chapter unless nothing happened that night.

      True..but then, as usual, even if it is like that, Momoe can catch him off guard =P I'm not sure how novice Momoe is with regards to that since she is into BL. ^^;

      Thanks for the comment and God bless you, too ^-^

  3. I'm so glad I found this manga and your website! It gives me so many feels, and I'm rooting for all the couples. Looking forward to the next update :))