June 1, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 18]

Outside the hut, Jamalta walks fast and calls out for Mino and the boy to wait for him. “Don’t go! This isn’t something that we should care about. Besides..leaving the prin..that girl by herself there, is very dangerous!”

Jamalta grabs Mino’s shoulder but Mino viciously hits it away. This surprises Jamalta. Mino glares at him then turns to leave. Jamalta thinks that expression, he ought to be angry with him.

“Speaking of that, that guy has that kind of attitude from the start. It feels that it isn’t just simply a servant giving consideration to his master.”

He recalls how Mino helped Saga when climbing up the mountain, the time when they bicker over not wanting to go back to the palace, the time when young Saga gives him [Jamalta] the earring and..
Flashback: Crying Saga said that she’ll definitely save Mino. “Please bring him out of the palace.” Then, seeing unconscious Mino’s back, Jamalta asked her what’s up with these wounds.

After a pause, Saga said that it is be..because of her.. She touched feverish Mino’s face and quietly wiped her tears. Just before Jamalta goes to sleep, Saga slept beside Mino. End flashback. Jamalta had thought that it was just an ojousama’s whim. “From the looks of it, it isn’t that simple.”

Back in the hut, Saga is sobbing. She sniffs and wipes her tears. She asks how come the tears are always falling when it is just a bit of wound on her feet.
“No, it is because I’m tired that I cried.. it is simply.. After Mino comes back, what to do if he misunderstands... *holds her feet* ..but *recalling how Mino looked at her and left, tears start to fall again* Compared to the wounds on my feet, is he still angry because I left the palace on my own? I know that it is too sudden...

...*recalls Mino telling her from now on, it is simply a struggle.* Idiot, it is good just to go with good intention. *recalls Choegeum smiling sinisterly* I do not know how to survive. Also, how sister left the palace..”

She recalls her hanged sister, and also Cheongye shouting what is Saga treasuring when Mino is going to die because of her. It is because of her ignorance and selfishness when she basically has no power to protect him.
She also remembers Nan saying, “Saga, my beautiful younger sister. Why are we born women? What can we do in this world? Can you find it? But, no matter how one strived hard, yet I cannot find it, at that time..the heart had also already become empty.”

Crows are flying and Nan’s lover is crucified behind current age Saga. She imagines the lover as Mino. As Mino opens his eyes, Saga closes her eyes. “There is only suffering.” End flashback/imagination.

Clenching her injured foot tight, Saga thinks, “No, sister.. I..will find it. *looks at the moon from the hole on the roof* I won’t be like sister, that kind of losing one’s self. I won’t return to the palace. I absolutely cannot get caught and be brought back there. I will always be together with Mino.”
While Mino looks at the moon above, Jamalta stops walking and asks, “Leader? That guy said that he can undo the curse? Ah, then there is no difference with a shaman.” The boy says that it isn’t so, it isn’t the same!

“That person really knows a lot.. He always appears and disappears unpredictably! He also brought back my mother back to life when she is close to death, using needles.. Acupuncture and moxibustion..? Jamalta thinks that in the end..that kind of ability is used to deceive..

“Why would that amazing person gather the village’s hoodlums to abduct and sell women?” The boy says that it is simply when he [/they] lack money that [probably for the treatment]...so they get some ransom from that girl’s family..
Jamalta sighs and thinks that it is a swindler. He tells the boy, “Whether you believe him or not, it is your issue but your mother isn’t doing well. *the boy looks surprised* Living for every minute and every second is torture, so don’t be too greedy.”

The boy wasn’t able to answer as he keeps on walking with Jamalta. Mino just looks at Jamalta as he follows the two. From above some trees, freckled man and his gang see the three passing by. The freckled man is furious that stinky brat is unexpectedly with those men.

“That bastard dare trick me..” One of the men asks what to do. The freckled man whispers that he didn’t see the woman and she ought to have stayed in that house. “The two of you go and capture her. The rest of the men will tidy up those men.”
The other men are a bit hesitant but the freckled man urges them to quickly go. Soon, he and the rest are following Jamalta and the others. At the hut, Saga hears the boy’s mother coughing. Scooping some water into a bowl, Saga wonders what to do..is she thirsty.

Just when she is about to give the water, Saga stops for she got frightened by the woman’s terrible burnt wounds. She [Saga] no longer knows if she’s a living person or not.. As she hesitated, the mother asks if she is a doctor.

Saga asks, what? The mother says, “ha..ple..please..” Saga says, “Ah, here is some water..” The mother says, “ki..kill me.. *Saga looks surprised* It’s so painful.. release me..” Saga tells her not to say that kind of words..
“You have to be together. I know you are having a hard time but it is absolutely impossible without you. Do not leave your child all alone.. Do not let him be all alone by himself. It is quite scary to be all alone. [I’m not sure if Saga or the mother said this ->] People will..eventually become all alone.”

The mother holds up her hand and pulls down the bowl. Saga seems to be lost in thought when the water from the bowl is all poured out. After looking surprised, Saga continues to look stunned until someone calls out, “Woman! We know that you are in there! Quickly come out here!”

Saga looks at the door then she backs away in surprise. She wonders what to do? The two men outside shouts that they have her companions and if she doesn’t want them dead, she should immediately come out!
Saga thinks, “What? Could it be that Mino? *about to hold the door* No! *stops and recalls Jamalta asking if she doesn’t understand that she is their target* Perhaps..if I’m capture, the situation will only become worse? *trembling while biting her nail*...

...But, if this keeps up, Mino will get hurt! What to do? *sees them through the hole in the house* Huh!? They’re approaching here already! *backs away and sits near the boy’s mother* No..don’t.. *hears noise from the door* Don’t come over!! *holds head and closes her eyes* Don’t!! Mino!!”

Just then, a man whose face is covered suddenly stops touching the ground. His companion asks what it is. The man stands up and says that it seems that he has heard a sound.
Comment: My guess is those two are from the palace and they are the ones sent to track down Saga. Of course, the question is, which side did they hear? Saga’s or Jamalta’s? I get a feeling that if given a chance, the freckled man will tell the spies/pursuers about Saga and her companions.

So, even if Saga has that kind of resolve not to end up like her sister, at the end of this chapter, it proves that reality isn’t kind. She just got out of the palace so in that house, what can she do? At least, I give her credit for not stupidly going out just because the two said they got Mino. She realized that it will make the situation worse. And at least not shouting for proof since it will reveal that she’s there.

I do not understand why Saga looks stunned when that water is poured. Did the mother drown in that water? Probably not..maybe it is the metaphor of life being poured out? I understand why Saga would say that. Actually, it might be unconsciously because after all, what that mother wished for is exactly like her sister’s. They would rather die due to their suffering and leave the other person all alone.

Anyway, I do wonder if those men will enter the house or if Saga will remember that they are scared of the mother. Ah, it depends if she heard the reason why the freckled man didn’t enter the house since they seem to be talking to themselves at that time. Will she use the mother as her ‘shield’? I’m not sure dust is believable as the black curse. So, I really wonder how she’ll get out of that predicament. Will it because of someone else, herself, with the mother's help or they’ll just go away?

As for Jamalta, ah..he really has trouble with youngsters not listening to what he say. He did try to warn about leaving Saga all alone. I guess there will be some regrets later on over that. Jamalta has realized that there is something between the two rather than what he previously thought. Does he feel like the third wheel?

He also knows that the boy is deceived. I’m not sure if the leader is a real doctor. If he is, I cannot help but think that he’ll be part of their group. Still, Mino already has some knowledge regarding medicine. Maybe they need someone cunning in order to make things easier for them? I mean avoiding hindrances, etc by outsmarting people?

From that picture, I would think that the leader can add some comedy in the group just like how Machanyuta was. They are all so serious. Still, what is that guy’s goal. I guess time will tell if he is a villain or not.

As for the freckle guy, maybe they can scare him and the others if they rub their bodies with the coal if that is the black thing they mentioned. =P Still, Jamalta can fight and Mino has a strong body so I think they can manage. Scans by水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
Feeling powerless is the result of yielding to fearful thinking. ~ T.F. Hodge


  1. I am starting to pity jamalta now.he has been loaded with a baggage who do whatever they want.looks like saga loves mino but hasnt realised it or is it a non romantic love....mino brushing jamalta off is sooo not right.he doesnt even know jamalta is the hero/reason his princess is safe.��

    1. Indeed, spears.

      We can say that there is a deep attachment ^^

      Yup. Well, he is still probably furious over bringing Saga out. They never told him what happened before they took him out either. ^^; I'm actually not too sure if during those times, a woman won't easily say that she almost got raped.

      I guess before he got in the palace, it was a very harsh world for him that he believes that it is better for Saga to be inside the palace.

    2. This is gonna be one looooooong story.and thanks for the translatio

    3. Indeed. Just this chapter, it is mostly about 'thoughts'. ^^;

  2. Sigh, I have to agree that Jamalta's situation isn't good. For his own benefit I wish he could drop those 2 off somewhere and go live his life haha. Here's to hoping his situation improves. Thanks, Kat!

    1. Lol, Danielle but unfortunately, he couldn't. If it isn't with these two, it will be with Machanyuta. For now, he cannot really 'go live his life'.

      Personality-wise, he couldn't do it either. ^^;

      Yup ^^

      You're welcome ^-^