June 20, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 19-20]

The black masked person hears a sound and says even if there is some sound, wasn’t it said that after the investigation, they are to go back. The other masked person says s/he did say that. Tapping his/her head, the other masked person says that s/he changed his mind and s/he give him/her share.

The other says then s/he’ll take that share. [<- don’t really understand what they are talking about ^^;] Soon, the two are off running. In the hut, trembling Saga wonders what to do. It is all quiet outside so she starts to wonder why they didn’t come in.

“Could it be that they are afraid of the curse that they won’t dare come in?” *looks at the boy’s mother and remembers Mino* ..curse..? It is simply looking different from the others.. Cough.. Cough.. Eh? Smoke? *looks surprised to see the flames* Fire?! Could it be that they want to burn this place?!”
Outside, the two men are holding torches. They laugh and shout that if she doesn’t want to die then quickly come out. “Anyway, sooner or later, this place is going to be burned down. Woman, if you do not want to burn to death here, quickly come out! There’s no fire at the door so quickly escape there! Ha ha!”

Coughing Saga sees the boy’s mother also coughing. She thinks that those men really want to burn them to death because of a so-called curse! Meanwhile, the freckled man and his goons are chasing after Jamalta and the others. He shouts for them to stop and it’s useless to run away.

“Our men have already caught that girl! Do you want to her to get hurt? Huh?” Surprised Mino looks back but Jamalta grabs him and tells him not to stop for even if they caught the princess, they won’t kill her. “No one had thought that it will become like this.”
Mino scowls and slaps away his hand. This really irks Jamalta for Mino did that again. He is getting fed up with the master [Saga] and even the servant over their untrusting [/suspicious of someone] demeanor that it is best to just to leave the princess be.

“Simply, just cast them aside and go back then that’s it! *recalls Rim calling out to him, ‘brother’ which causes him to click his tongue* It is for you, Rim!” He continues to run with them. Soon, the boy looks back and sees that the freckled man is having a hard time catching up to them. The boy shouts that they’ll be able to lose those guys soon and they are about to reach the black soil.

Jamalta shouts in front! And, the boy goes through some shrubs. He quickly runs through in order to get out but he finds himself at a cliff. The boy shouts. Mino grabs his collar and pushes him backwards but Mino falls down the cliff.
Going to the edge, Jamalta calls out to Mino if he is alright. He is surprised to see Mino facing a huge fire. The heat is so intense that Mino backs to the wall. Freckle man shouts that it is mountain fire..it came again, god’s curse.. His companion is also scared.

Soon, they shout and run away. Jamalta wonders how come the soil would catch fire..ah! The boy suddenly calls out for Mino not to touch it! Holding the soil in his hands, Mino looks it for a while. Jamalta asks Mino if it is coal for he heard that there is a stone that can light up a fire. Mino nods.

Jamalta says that all of this land is coal. The boy asks what he means by that. Jamalta explains that it isn’t some curse but rather, it is simply idiotic to build a village on top of this tinder. The fire intensifies so Jamalta holds out his hand and shouts for Mino to quickly come.
Mino scowls at him which irks Jamalta. He shouts, “How come you always hate me so much?! The one who should be angry is me, okay?! Who wants to do this kind of thing? It is really serious! Have you heard? That bastard wanted to hold a tennyo [heavenly maiden] that he lost his mind!...

...But, that isn’t a tennyo, but rather, your master! Darn it! Do you know already? I also just got involved!” Mino starts gesturing to him. Jamalta asks if he didn’t hear about those things and he doesn’t know anything. Mino nods. Jamalta curses for that girl!! <- Saga told him that she’ll explain to Mino so please do not tell him anything.

Holding out his hand again, Jamalta shouts in short, they’ll talk about the details later on and right now, grab hold on to him! “Your most important task is to protect that girl! *Mino looks surprised* What? Come on!” Mino reaches out his hand but Jamalta couldn’t reach him.
Jamalta curses for he has to find something that will help him pull Mino up. Just then, the boy screams that there is smoke from the direction of his house. “The mountain fire is burning at that side! Ah, no! Mother!” The boy runs off. Jamalta sees Mino gesturing sideways and trying to tell him something.

Jamalta shouts, “What are you saying! Go ahead? Ah, okay! I’ll go then come back for you!” Mino nods and Jamalta leaves. He and the boy arrive at the burning hut. The boy mutters, mother..ah..no.. He tries to rush in but Jamalta stops him and says that it is dangerous. Freckle man has re-joined his companions.

The boy shouts at Jamalta to let him go for he’ll save his mother. Jamalta tells him to calm down for if he goes in, he’ll get hurt and don’t keep on moving! The freckled man shouts for Jamalta to let the boy go so that they’ll simply burn to death together. “Maybe, he and his mother are both being cursed already. Just let him burn to death together with her. Quickly let him go!!”
Setting the boy aside, Jamalta says that they are heartless people..it isn’t decided who should say those words. Freckle man and companion say that Jamalta is really a violent man and he’s scary. Holding his knife, Jamalta says that they are getting scared all over yet do not have any idea..not knowing where they got that god or [why] building a village here.

“Even if there are many people are killed, it is predestined for the fire to continue on burning here. Then, next, whose turn is it? *freckled man are surprised that the fire will still burn* The fire won’t stop then you’ll always kill, right? Then, one is cursed right? *swings knife at freckled guy who fell down when he tries to avoid it* Wake up, foolish people! From the start, this place is--”

While holding the freckled man down, Jamalta is surprised to see Saga coming out of the hut while carrying the boy’s mother on her back. Saga shouts that there is no curse! The boy shouts for his mother. Saga repeats that there is no curse so no one has to die. Jamalta and others look surprised.
Meanwhile, Mino looks at the raging fire in front of him. He is startled for the fire at the side is getting close to him. He becomes tense and he looks up to the moon above. At the hut, Saga puts the mother on the ground, she tells them that’s enough. The boy rushes to his mother. Jamalta still looks surprised.

Freckled man’s companions help him up and ask if he is alright. Saga says that they want to burn the mother to death and even if they don’t do that, she also wished to commit suicide.. “Don’t you feel that’s quite cruel?” The man asks what she is saying.

Gently holding the woman’s hand, Saga says that the woman simply looks different from others and it isn’t like she wanted her body to become like this. “Please do not conclude that they’re the problem just because they’re different.”
The freckled man shouted that they are born like that clearly shows that it is a curse! “So, we definitely have to get rid of them! Maybe you are already infected. You are also..” Saga tries to explain that there are many people who don’t appear the same from others.

“For example, Mino.. that’s right?! *looks at Jamalta* Mino..where is he?” The hut starts to collapse so the freckled man and companions move away. Saga continues to ask where Mino is. Holding her arm, Jamalta tells her that they first leave this place.

He calls out to the boy to quickly stay away a bit! But the boy is crying. He sobs that he always firmly believe the existence of the curse.. “My..excuse is for my mother to firmly believe it without a doubt. I’ll.. (but I didn’t believe mother.. Mother, she..) take away the curse.”
Just then, the burning debris falls down. Surprised Saga shouts, No! Back at the cliff, Mino is having a hard time coping with the heat from the fire. Then, he hears someone saying, “If there is really a god, would he look like that?” Mino looks up to see two figures in black.

The other masked person answers, “Who knows but it is impossible for god to be engulf in a sea of flames, right. Hey, are you a human?” Mino starts opening his mouth to say something. The masked person says that he wants them to help him. The other says that he didn’t hear a sound.

The masked person says that his mouth’s movement is saying to help him out. “..this is quite rare.” The other person agrees. They toss down a rope and helps Mino up.
The masked person faces Mino and says that if one is to say that he is ghost, someone will believe that. “Is it because you grow up like this that you cannot talk? Bumadal [傅瑪达] also hasn’t seen this kind, right.” The other person says that master said that s/he knows everything.

Looking directly at Mino’s eyes, the masked person says that it’s like he [Mino] can see through others. “Are you also probing people’s hearts? Go. Repay the favor afterwards.” After hesitating a bit, Mino looks back at the two before running off. The masked person [seems like a woman] says that her luck is really good that she can even meet up with god.

Back at the hut, Saga and Jamalta seem to have been separated from the boy and the mother. The freckled man and companions surround the boy and his mother. The boy cries and apologizes to his mother for not believing her and it will be okay.
The freckled man says that before the curse spreads, they have to dispose of these two. The boy tells his mother that he’ll accompany her. Just when the man is about to burn the boy with his torch, Mino hits his head with a rock. The freckled man asks what’s going on.

Upon seeing Mino, he shouts, “Gh..ghost?!” Mino grabs the crying boy’s collar and tries to say something. Someone shouts to let him [boy?] go! The crying boy says that he won’t go for his mother cannot take it anymore. “I want to leave here together with her then I will be forgiven by god. Believing that it is god’s curse..but never believing mother. That sin..”

Then someone says, “Who did you say will forgive you?” The boy looks surprised and he looks at Mino. Mino says, “Sorry, but I don’t think so. *stands up* Don’t think that death will free you. There’s no place for you there.” And there is a scene of Saga worriedly looking back. 
Comment: And, that chapter’s end makes me think who the hell are you? ^^; Where’s the timid Mino? Reading the Chinese comments, it was mentioned that Mino did talked before in chapter 10.

After re-checking, yes, he did when he told that man who is whipping him to stop when he started to vent his ire on Cheongye. So, Cheongye knows he can talk though he seems to rarely talk at all. The question is why he hid that fact from Saga. Is it because that is Saga’s attachment to her?

I mean, it is because he is weak and everything that Saga would want to protect him so that’s their bond? If she knows that he isn’t that weak as she thought he is what then? I guess we’ll know that later on. Anyway, I think Mino only talks when there is a really need to do so. Here, I guess he got irritated over the boy’s intention. When he was at that age, Mino wanted to live no matter what.

In a way, it is interesting how different people view Mino in different ways. He was a ‘white curse’, then the usual ‘ghost’ but those two view him as a ‘god’. I think based on those perception, they can take control of the situation by taking advantage of that.

Still, that makes one wonder, is he the ‘god’ in the legend? This chapter shows that he can be male lead material. Apparently, Mino didn’t know what happened to Saga. So, that will definitely change his view towards Jamalta whom he probably assumed just whisked Saga and him away just because Saga wished for it. It will help a lot if they work together to protect Saga.

Well, it’s good that in this case, Saga doesn’t need any rescuing and has saved someone while she’s escaping from the burning hut. I’m not too sure why Jamalta is surprised there. It might also be his lapse that he is busy wanting to slice up the goons instead of helping the ones inside. ^^;

The two masked people turn out to be ‘good guys’. I think they’ll meet up with them again later on. So, were they investigating the place whose soil is actually charcoal? It makes me wonder if they are related to the leader of the goons. Since their boss supposedly knows a lot just like the leader. Scans by 水神汉化组

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  1. Thank you for continuing to update this! There are so many beliefs clashing, it's kind of interesting to see how people from different villages tend to believe completely different things. It's ironic that Jamalta and Mino who each have physical differences seem to be the most down-to-earth ones.

    Also, I'd like to think Jamalta was surprised by Saga carrying the woman because of the strength it showed. By that I mean it showed some physical strength in carrying another person, but more so it showed strength of character in that even in that situation she was rescuing someone else despite being hunted herself.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Indeed. The author puts in lot of culture stuff in the series.

      Nice perspective ^^ Indeed, and I guess Jamalta just didn't expect her to do that.

  2. I wonder if now they will be separated in two groups...
    Thanks Kat

    1. Hm..María, it seems unlikely for now.

      You're welcome ^-^

  3. Mino that was a surpriseeee!!!!!!he is not timid and this chap proves it.he is strong too with all the lashings he could withstand.and good thing jamlata didnt take his attitude and shouted the truth.this story looks like it will have a lot a twists and turns.