June 22, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 82]

At Hakuyou’s harem, Hiroku calls out to Shuon and says that he, this small official, had come to get her. Shuon says that he came just in time. Scowling Hiroku asks what had happened for they were only told that she fainted and the other information is..

“Today, they also wanted me to come alone to get you at the harem--..” Turning around, Shuon says that it is because there is something’s up that she cannot let others hear so she called, only him out, her most trusted [person]. “..From where should I start.. *Hiroku looks dark and serious* Ah, ah..that’s right. First of all--”

Shuon clenches her fist and viciously punches Hiroku’s face. Shocked Hiroku calls out to her. Dark Shuon says, “..Hiroku..you should already clearly know what I want to say, right? THAT had really given me a fright.”
Hiroku scowls and asks how come she knew that he did it. Shuon says that it is very simple for there are only the three of them who knew that Mana isn’t at her side that day since he is gathering intelligence.

“..but, thankfully, he came running back to me because he is worried so I was able to survive. Only the person who is closest at my side will use my royal sister’s name like that to call me out and knows that because of that, I’ll lose my calmness...

With that, I’ll just have to BEAT UP all of you. My luck is considered good that I guessed it right on the first one.” Hiroku is speechless. Along with cold-sweating Mana and bored Dai, Yuulin are standing by the other room [to probably help Shuon out if things get messy].
Aghast and tense Yuulin thinks that this princess is a SUPER MILITANT [/violent] since rather than opening her mouth, she’ll rather punch [the other person]-!! “My name is Tei Yuulin, the princess consort of Hakuyou’s Wolf King...

A few days ago, the princess from Enha had encountered an assassination so we are offering her protection. Even if she said that the one who planned the assassination is definitely one of the three, who are at her side, she absolutely wanted to personally catch the other party..

...But, she is unexpectedly merely relying on her imposing manner to make the other person admit his guilt..! It’s such an astonishing speedy resolution! So, it is that person. Wasn’t it said that he knew the princess since she was young..” Shuon asks Hiroku if he has anything to say to her for tentatively, she can listen to his reason.
Scowling Hiroku says regarding this plan to strengthen the alliance with Hakuyou, Enha shouldn’t trust the Wolf King. While Yuulin is bothered by that, Hiroku says, “Even if right now, the Wolf King had put away his fangs, no one knows when he will become a threat to my country’s existence...

...Even if you said that it is fine for you’ll only take advantage of that strength but with just a small mistake, we’ll immediately be devoured. You are pressed down by the opposing clamor that you stubbornly came to this place. You do not have a bit of intention of giving it up. Unable to hinder you, I also have no other way...

...Thinking of Enha compare to anyone else, the princess is going to give her hand in marriage to the Wolf King but on contrary, it will cause the country to fall into crisis. I really do not want to see that kind of thing.”
Shuon grabs Hiroku’s head and gives him a head butt. This shocks Yuulin and Mana. Shuon says, “Idiot. What can change in a country that is always closed [/isolated from foreign contact]? Didn’t I say that I’ll protect everything? It is enough for you to just believe in me. You’re really such a big idiot.”

Hiroku just bows his head. Yuulin thinks that even if Shuon got hurt, she will also raise her head and hold up her chest to immediately stand up once again. “I don’t know why but for a moment, that kind of attitude seems like the ‘Wolf King’ who stands at the very top, above all of the people.”

At the harem, while serving some tea, Yuulin tells Reishou that in this assassination, it turns out that there is an accomplice within Enha so the princess said that she must go back as soon as possible.
Reishou says that’s very good. “Even if I earlier knew of the situation at that place but right now, it seems that their unstable internal [affairs] is already more serious compared to how it appears. *Yuulin is puzzled* Enha’s king only has daughters. The future king is Princess Shuon’s older sister...

...she seems to be a refined quiet princess. I heard that starting from the time when the future queen is going to choose a husband, the nobles of Enha carried out a series of power struggle. *Yuulin looks surprised* I’m afraid that that country’s biggest problem is the royal family’s check and balance powers on the ministers had excessively weakened...

..because of this, Princess Shuon had thought that through marriage with Hakuyou, she’ll get rid of the external factor that is causing unrest. In spite of that, it is a risky gamble that only she can do.” Yuulin recalls Shuon saying that it is to protect everything.
At the gazebo, Yuulin says that Shuon have already prepared to go back to her country. Shoun says yes, from the intelligence they got from interrogating Hiroku, they have decided to set off earlier than the diplomatic group. Yuulin is puzzled when Shuon is looking at her with a frown.

Flipping her hair, Shuon says that she’s letting Yuulin off that she escaped death[?]. This puzzles Yuulin. Shuon tells Yuulin that she is busy over so many things that she has no alternative but to return back to her country. “It isn’t that I lost to you as a woman so you better not be ‘mistaken’ about it.”

Thinking that Shuon’s so lively, Yuulin smiles and says, yes, yes, yes. “Take care on your way back. Did you forget anything? Do you need anything? Ah, I’ve prepared the snacks that you like as souvenirs. *sparkles* When you are hungry, you can eat them but do not eat it all up by yourself. Mana also..”
Shuon angrily interrupts, “You’re so called time limit for ‘being responsible towards the people whom you picked up’ is quite long. Am I a brat? Tsk. Let me say it first, until we meet again.” After looking surprised, Yuulin happily smiles and says, “Yes, one day.” Mana appears behind Shuon.

Narration: “Through the Hakuyou and Enha’s goodwill exchange, I got my first foreign friend.” Later on, Jun sighs and says, “How can I say it, it is really great that we are able to send her ‘smoothly back to her country’.”

Reishou muses that they almost got entangled into a pile of trouble like connected through marriage, supporting Enha, involved in a power struggle and there is even a plot [/conspiracy], etc.
Jun angrily complains that Shuon should go solve her own country’s problem by herself when they [Reishou and others] are already quite busy on this side already. Yuulin worriedly says what would happen to Enha afterwards.

Reishou says, yes, there is definitely a lot of worrisome factors but if Princess Shuon can use her power to act and boldness to support and assist the queen by becoming Enha’s backbone.“Perhaps, we’ll unexpectedly have an interesting neighbor.”

Yuulin looks surprised then she pouts then scowls. Reishou nervously calls out her name. “Yuulin? *puzzled* What is it? Are you angry?” Yuulin denies that she is angry but she continues to pout. “I’m just really envious that Princess Shuon got praised, that’s all! Hmph, that’s really nice! Ya~~”
Surprised and tense Reishou exclaims, “Eh, you’re jealous over that?! I didn’t think that [you’ll]!!” After sighing, scowling Jun says that he’s going back to work. Yuulin thinks that Shuon definitely can hold fast her valiant willpower and go fighting all the way.

“Looking straight up ahead in order to protect her beloved country and to support her important person. If I can also become that strong, I would be able to help this person more, right.” Reishou tells her, “Wanting to become [my] wife and staying at my side. No matter what, you won’t lose your passion [/enthusiasm] and even winning people’s hearts. All that I want to possess is forever, only you.” This made Yuulin blush really red.

She says, “I I I I’m not telling you to amuse me with sweet and honeyed words..” Reishou laughs and says is that so, so he guessed it wrong? Yuulin scolds laughing Reishou for that. <- something like he was teasing her.
In a carriage, Shuon tells the others that when she was alone with the Wolf King, she really wants to run off for she couldn’t stand it. “He is obviously very upright [/honest] and calm when he’s with the princess consort. It’s simply a deception!”

Handcuffed Hiroku says that didn’t he told her that earlier on. Someone asks how come Hiroku joined in the conversation as usual. Shuon shouts that this traitor! “After I get you to spit out all of the information regarding the assassination, I’m going to make you a servant throughout your life so that I can enslave you as much as I want!”

Hiroku bows down and becomes quiet. Haru comments that there isn’t much difference from what he [Hiroku] is currently [doing]. Kagou comments that they are so leisurely. “Ah, so, in the end, the princess consort isn’t a youkai?”
Shuon thinks of chibi Yuulin climbing a tree, chibi Yuulin bringing food for her to eat, chibi Yuulin asking if she wants a snack.. Shuon says, “No, she is..” And, there is a scene of Mana on top of the carriage and holding up his hand [/waving?].

Narration: “After this goodwill exchange, Hakuyou and Enha will continue to maintain their good diplomatic relationship. Simply looking at the result, one should be able to say that the exchange is already a success for we were able to reach our goal.” Holding a paper, Jun sweatdrops and says what’s up with this gossip among the people.. “What’s going on with this, Lady princess consort.”

Yuulin looks tense, dark and surprised. Narration: “For some unknown reason, my reputation as the ‘youkai princess consort’ ..had unexpectedly spread abroad." Freaking out, Yuulin shouts, “Wh wh why-!!? It obviously [should be] cleared up-!!!” Jun is speechless and displeased while Reishou can only go feel for Yuulin.
Comment: Poor Yuulin, her ‘youkai’ reputation has spread out to the other countries. My theory is probably the people in Enha realize a bit of change in Shuon’s personality and attributed it to meeting with Yuulin. That change might be using Yuulin’s ‘winning hearts’ strategy on others =P Unless of course, there is someone spreading rumors again with ill intention.

There is also a possibility based on what Shuon are talking at the end that only a youkai would want to marry and be with the Wolf King. Basically, no girl in her right mind would want to be with him. Nevertheless, that reputation might work in their favor for no other countries will mess with Hakuyou since not only do they have a Wolf King, they also have a youkai. =P

From this chapter, we know that Shuon and others will show up again. Surely, it will be as allies next time around, though probably against something else. Catching the traitor turned out to be fairly easy. Hehe, just punch all of the suspects and hopefully, one talk too much or makes a slip of the tongue like what happened to Hiroku.

In this case, both care for the country but don’t agree on how it should be done. Of course, an attempted murder won’t sit well with a royalty. Perhaps, because of his reason and being with each other for a long time, Shuon is lenient with him. That is being a slave throughout one’s life is considered a better alternative than death. ^^;

Due to what’s going on with her country, I guess it is more understandable what Shuon tried to pull. In a way, she is sacrificing herself for the stability of her country externally. It would have been a good idea but then, Wolf King is already taken, has no interest in her and her countrymen do not approve of the idea because they don’t trust the Wolf King.

Apparently, everything is in disarray over their country due to Shuon’s sister ascending the throne soon and the nobles wanting to become more powerful by marrying the sister. I think another reason might be because Shuon’s sister is a female and seems ‘weak’ based on Reishou’s description. She seems to be the total opposite of Shuon.

So, the nobles are probably trying their luck to gain control of the country. If I recall, other bordering tribes must think that this is an opportunity to cause trouble. Changing of rulers can be troublesome if the heir isn’t deemed ‘strong’. Well, Yuulin did get Shuon as a friend. Like what the scanlator mentioned, Yuulin seems like a mother over how she fusses over Shuon if she got everything ready for her journey back =P That’s not surprising for that is her role towards her younger brother.

And, after a bout of jealousy, Reishou throws in the lovey-dovey scene of the chapter by saying something really nice to her. ^^ So, after the visitors left, maybe the couple can get back to lovey-dovey though Yuulin might have to work harder now that her reputation isn’t that favorable. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  1. Thank you Kat!I think it could be just the beginning of something bigger, like it gives the impression that ended very quickly and without any set backs. I´m wondering thought, what will come next, it is as if all resources were already "used up"....

    Thank you!

    1. You're welcome, María ^-^

      It did ended quickly. I'm thinking that the mangaka doesn't want to dwell too much on that part. Perhaps, this is just some introduction for the stuff later on? Something like the most important part is getting the others to approve of her. But then, the cliffhanger seems to hint that this will lead to something more.


    2. Well, we'll just have to wait and see ^^

  2. Thanks for the summary Kat And poor Yuulin, her infamy as the youkai princess consort is spreading to all the countries. Hmm, I wonder what Shuon said about Yuulin.

    1. Thanks for the summary, Kat!
      True, it's too bad that Yuurin, who is such a sweet person, has to have that kind of reputation. The fact that it's spreading across the boarders is not helping at all xD
      My guess is that the diplomatic group actually spread that rumor in Enha, not Shuon, though eh IS partially to blame since she didn't deny it.

    2. Thanks for reading, Lidy ^-^

      Indeed..did it contribute to that rumor.

    3. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^



  3. Thanks for the translations kat
    It would be nice if its shown how reishou can talk so smoothly with the ladies or his past concerning women.:)

    1. Right? My personal theory is that he learned it by watching his father interacting with his mother. However, when he was fighting in the army and his life was targeted by his brother, he probably never thought he would become king, so he could have been a little more loose...? ;-D

    2. Yeah he could have learnt from his father.and looose!!!!! Yeah that might be it too but his character portrayed beacuse whenever he talks with ladies other than yuulin he is always in wolf mode,keeping his defences up.but if was a bit loose before,yuulins reaction will be worth to see:):):) we seriously need a chap on it

    3. Thanks for reading, spears ^-^

      I'm also wondering about that. I'm not too convinced by Anonymous' theory which did cross my mind. That is because until the end, iirc/my impression, her mother didn't love him.

      I'm not too sure if he is too loose at that time. He might want to fight, etc but women, I'm not too sure. I got the impression that Yuulin is the one and only for him.

      So, my theory would be he probably read about it in book like classics and literature for formal training. Unless, he is really just eloquent about it since it comes from the heart. ^^;

    4. No doubt yuulin is the only one for him.
      It might be just his character that he treats other women like that unconsciuosly(like treating them well but keeping at a distance).since the girls dont even really fall in love with him after speaking.

    5. True..or seeing him in wolf mode =P

  4. Thanks for the summary!! I never thought that culprit would be found out really fast...but then again there are only three suspects and hiroku is the closest one to Shuon ...I'm happy that Reishou and Yuurin can go back to their happy lovey dovey life next chapter (hopefully) ..I guess there are many more challenges coming their way...I'm really squealing when reishou said those words to Yuulin hhahaha... Again thanks for the summary!

    1. Thanks for reading, Himechii ^-^

      Yup ^^



  5. Thanks for the summary Kat (*^^*) Hehe, Reishou saying those words is so sweett (he truly loves his wife too much) (^//^)

    Hoping for more lovey-dovey scenes next chapter (^^)b

  6. Thanks for putting the summary up again.
    I admit, Shuon got on my nerves to begin with, but Yuulin's treatment of her definitely softened her and made her a better character. It's not a new thing that princesses marry for their country's safety/security. Wondered if that was her intention from the beginning, but was doing it very interestingly.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

      Indeed. I think that was the real intention and that's what she knows on how to do it. Of course, later on, got some coaching from the three. She obviously underestimated them. =P


  7. Thanks for the summary, Kat. I just started reading this story this weekend and I'm caught up now.

    This reminds me so much of historical Korean drama where siblings, concubines and ministers kept on plotting to overthrow each other and kill each other. I'm wondering if Reishou's older brother is alive because something like that would be unusual in those historical drama I watched because if the older brother's existence continued to create instability by giving hope to factions within the palace that support him, he'd be put to death by the ruling party to maintain order. Heh. I hope nothing like this happens in this story because I was glad that Reishou's little brother was saved from that kind of fate. Normally he would be exiled or killed to prevent such plots from occurring again in the future.

    I understand Reishou's feelings with keeping his harem empty except for Yuurin. I am hoping he will be able to keep it that way right through the end of this story because I can actually understand how easy it is to be forced into adding more concubines because of political blackmail. That also happens often in historical drama.

    I really do wonder if Reishou will really give up the throne in the end. I have mixed feelings about it because I really don't want any children he has with Yuurin to end up caged in the palace. It really takes a strong king to keep the influential officials in check and I kind of don't want that future for Yuurin's kids because it is not only tiring but dangerous. I perfectly understand why Reishou trusts very little because even though the story only gives hints of his precarious life in the palace as a kid, I am familiar with the type of environment from other stories. I think he turned out well considering the burden he carries.

    1. Thanks for reading, Taylor_E ^-^

      Sorry for the late reply...I must have missed it and only saw it now ^^;;

      I think his older brother is dead..or perhaps, presumed dead if ever, he is still alive somewhere. That is because, those nobles would want him to take over rather than rely on putting the youngest brother on the throne. Yup.

      I think he can..in a story like this. It helps that the nobles are 'scared' of him. Of course, maybe later on, he'll spare himself the trouble and just give the throne to his younger brother =P

      Indeed. It doesn't help that the nobles and officials put high emphasis on the 'royal blood'. They'll most likely give their children are hard time and if they aren't that strong like Reishou, things won't end up well.

      Yup ^^ Perhaps, partly thanks to Jun and the others =P

  8. All's said that i wanted to said.
    So whats left is: Thank you very much for the summary!