June 18, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 47]

Akira looks towards Chiharu’s room. She recalls Satowa telling her that she did a willful thing onstage when she only wanted her mother to pay attention to her. She also remembers Chiharu saying that even if Satowa is driven away, she is still her daughter, and that she already have no right to listen to Satowa’s performance.

Chiharu is startled when Akira opens the room’s door and apologizes for the rudeness. Chiharu asks what is it. Akira tells her that she is going to the venue of the Nationals’ preliminaries. Akira says that she had mentioned it to her before that Satowa will also perform there so she plans to drive the car over there so has she considered..

Chiharu asks how she can go when Satowa is already a person whom she had driven away. “Won’t it be very strange if I go and listen to her performance as the head?” Akira says that it isn’t strange at all because before they are master and disciple, they are first and foremost, mother and daughter.
After looking surprised, Chiharu asks if Akira thinks that she can still call herself Satowa’s mother. “I’m the one who had driven her away and caused her to have no association [/group] and become homeless. I’m only looking after myself and didn’t go to understand her feelings...

...Using a scornful look..totally rejecting.. (recalls telling Satowa that the koto is simply a lethal weapon in her hands) ..the call from within her heart--.. *Akira looks surprised* --she only wanted to borrow a musical instrument yet she needs to kneel down to me to ask for it. Far more than the right to go listen to her performance, my right being her mother is--”

Akira interrupts by apologizing for her rudeness. To Chiharu’s shock, Akira pulls her up and takes her hand as they head out of the room. Chiharu tells her to wait, what she is doing. Akira apologizes but they already do not have time and she can only force her to go with her. Chiharu asks what.
Akira says, “I know that I’m being meddlesome and I also know that I’m acting as I please but I can no longer take this anymore. *pulling Satowa along while walking at the hallway* Whether the association’s rules or the painful past, whether it is the me who is bounded by these things or looking helplessly as I see other people being bounded by these things, I already had enough of all of that.”

Opening the door, Doujima asks what’s this noise. Upon seeing Akira grabbing Chiharu along, Doujima nervously asks what she is thinking of doing this time-- Akira says that she came out just in time. “Grandma, you’re also coming along. *uses her other hand to grab surprised Doujima* You should also listen to those kids’ performance.”

Akira tosses the bewildered women into the car. Doujima says that she is so ru[de].. At the driver’s seat, Akira exclaims, “I just got my driver’s license not long ago. The two of you, please hold on tightly!!” Broom. The car speeds off.
Clank. The can of black coffee drops down the vending machine slot. Just when Suzuka is taking the drink, Taishin calls out to him. Suzuka says that he is Hakuto’s.. Suzuka forgot the name so Taishin introduced himself again. Suzuka asks if they are heading to the tuning room. Taishin says yes, and his heart is starting to thump thump jump.

Suzuka is speechless then he says speaking of that, Taishin is Hakuto’s coach, right. Taishin says that he is temporarily regarded as that. Suzuka asks if he is a music teacher. Taishin says no, he usually teach math. Suzuka thinks that it’s the same with him. Taishin says but it is because he really loves music!!

Suzuka comments that he’s amazing because he isn’t a professional yet he can actually coach like that. Taishin is puzzled. Suzuka explains that he watched the video of Hakuto’s performance in the National Music Festival and the level is so high that it amazed him. “This way of speaking might not be quite good...
...I think not only the piece but also the performance has gone through perfect calculation that the audience can get into the music the moment they hear it. Ah, that’s right, what kind of person is Toujou Miyabi, Hakuto’s composer. Obviously, she can create such an advanced piece but I totally wasn’t able to check out this person--”

Then, he notices Taishin blushing really red and trembling. This made Suzuka back away and gloomily asks if he said something wrong. Taishin nervously says no, not at all. “Whe whe whether it is the performance or the piece, it is the first time that they are evaluated like that by someone. I’m just so happy for a moment.”

Before Suzuka can say anything else, the club president scolds Taishin to hurry up for they don’t have a lot of time. Taishin apologizes. The club president tells her to hurry up. Taishin apologizes to Suzuka and says if it is possible, they go and slowly chat again next time. Suzuka says yes, certainly.
While being dragged away, Taishin waves at Suzuka and says that they do their best together even if actually the ones who have to do that are the students. Suzuka recalls what Taishin told him about ‘whether the performance or the piece’ and ‘normally teaches math’.

Suzuka smiles and mutters, math..it turns out that. “No wonder I wasn’t able to check [Miyabi] out.” As the club president brings Taishin back to the group, she scolds him for being the same with Mio. Taishin apologizes again. The club president asks what’s with that silly smile on his face.

Still blushing, Taishin says about that, haha..it is because it is the first time someone praised him and he’s so happy. The club president is puzzled. Taishin says that his coaching as well his composed music is both praised. Mio and the club president look at Suzuka who is walking at the opposite direction.
Looking at smiling Taishin, the club president wonders if he is a kid. She tells Taishin congratulation but then, what’s up with name, Toujou Miyabi. A girl says that she recalls Taishin saying that he used his mother’s maiden name and [older] sister’s name. He tells them not to mind that for a bit.

Back at the auditorium, Suzuka tells Takezou that it is almost time to go to the tuning room. He says okay. The three nervously says that they are going already, wait for a moment, their heart suddenly tightens up. Chika asks the panic group if they aren’t embarrassed [by what they are doing]. Soon, they all head out.

Isaki notices them and says that they are going to prepare to go onstage. She asks Tetsuki if he’s going over to greet them. Tetsuki decides not to for he doesn’t want to disrupt their attention. Isaki isn’t saying anything so Tetsuki asks what. Isaki says that it is nothing, she just feels a bit angry for he is unexpectedly more mature than her. Tetsuki asks what she meant by that.
They were interrupted by Mashiro who asks if there is someone sitting at that side. Tetsuki says no, please go ahead. Mashiro takes her seat beside Isaki. Looking at the program, Mashiro is glad that she was able to make it. She reads that Takezou’s group's performance will be at the last two. “The piece’s title is..how do you read this..Tenkyuu..sky..is crying.. what kind of piece is it?”

As she heads out of the auditorium, Satowa looks around the audience then leaves. Sane groans out loud as he tells his heart to calm down. Dazed Kouta is in lala land. Michi is muttering that he is currently nervous, he is currently nervous.. Hiro scolds Michi what he is saying and why he is saying that. Michi says that he heard that it is very useful to admit that one is nervous. Suzuka complains that they are noisy to death.

Takezou thinks that as expected, everyone is quite nervous..no good, he has to be calm and not influenced them [with his own nervousness?]. Hiro suddenly pinches his cheek and asks what’s up with that scary face! “Isn’t it a kind of reward for oneself, who had always worked hard until now, to go on stage!? Isn’t it a place where one can enjoy as much as one likes!?”
After looking surprised, Takezou comments that her hand is also trembling. This made Hiro blush and says, for him to say!! Then, she walks away teary-eyed for that is embarrassing to death. Takezou smiles while holding his pinched cheek. Chika asks Satowa that for them to go to the tuning room now, then they won’t be able to listen to the other schools’ performance.

Satowa confirms it. Except for Hakuto, they won’t be able to hear the others ahead of them. She asks if there is a school whose performance he wants to listen to. He says yes, but forget it. Recalling cheering the glasses girl, Chika thinks that even if he wanted to hear the performance of that girl’s school but it seems that it is inevitable. “It is fine for that girl to put her energy on the performance even if in the end, we’ll be the winners.”

Backstage, together with her club members, Kinoshita is really nervous. She wonders what’s with this situation, what to do, they are doing to perform next but starting from a while ago, her hands and feet are already numb. “Hands are so cold as if my blood had frozen. They’ve become cold stiff. So scared. Like this, I basically couldn’t play. –ah, wait a moment, which string am I going to play from the start. Heavens, what am I to do. I don’t know. I don’t remember it. What to do. What to do.”
Her thoughts are interrupted by Kagari’s yawn. Fujimoto asks Kagari what’s up with that, her yawn is so crude and is she even considered a girl. Kagari asks on what basis he is minding her, shut up. “I’m sleepy to death from watching television until late at night. Ah- I really want to quickly go home-”

Kinoshita asks the two if they aren’t a bit nervous. Fujimoto calls her really stupid for why must they be nervous when they don’t plan on entering the Nationals. Kagari asks what is there to be afraid of when there won’t be anyone who’ll seriously listen to them. Kinoshita is speechless and aghast. Then, Kinoshita becomes nervous when a girl tells them that they’ll go onstage after the group ahead of them goes offstage.  

At the auditorium, Tsukaji looks at the program and says that the next school will be playing ‘Spring’s Dream’. Komaki asks if it is very difficult piece. Tsukaji calls her stupid for it is the opposite yet unexpectedly, not only is it a very simple piece, three people are going to play a solo piece. “They totally have no intention of entering the Nationals.”
Komaki says that there are schools like that and one will get tired if all of them sound amazing. Tsukaji says whatever, whether the piece is simple and a solo piece, it doesn’t matter as long as it is pleasant to listen to. On the stage with the others, Kinoshita feels her back is so hot and it turns out that the spotlight is this hot.

“But even if it is like that, my hand is still cold stiff. That’s right, the starting sound. The starting sound is- *sound of Ting* What!!? *looks at Fujimoto playing* No way, it has already started!? It’s over. I basically didn’t see Fujimoto-kun’s signal!!! I’ve missed the timing [where she’ll start playing]!!!”

Looking at Kinoshita, Fujimoto bites his lips and angrily wonders what Kinoshita is doing. Kagari had forgotten a part but decides to let it be and play a different note. Fujimoto is becoming jittery for Kagari is suddenly playing randomly as she pleases.
Since the two’s music isn’t matching together, Kinoshita got confused on what part to start playing and what part are the others playing. Komaki comments that this is very crude that even if it is her, she knows it. Tsukaji says that basically, they didn’t seriously practice for the koto’s sound is sincere. The audience wonders what is that, the sound is totally messy.

Fujimoto thinks that it is enough, what’s up with those two, that the sound is coming out quite strange..okay, then by himself, he’ll.. Then, [I think] Fujimoto wonders, what’s the next note.. Everyone is stunned for the performance had suddenly stopped. Kinoshita starts thinking that she really wants to disappear, do not want to continue on being at this place, really want to run away.

Tsukaji thinks that the koto’s sound is sincere. “During an official performance, a person who practiced might not be able to play remarkably but a person, who didn’t practice yet is unexpectedly in an official performance, would absolutely not be able to play it well. That’s all there is to it.”
Kagari looks at Kinoshita and wonders what to do next. She thinks that it is already no good for Kinoshita has become stupefied but then, a club that didn’t properly practice will in the end become like this. Fujimoto is getting fed up for this is totally messed up.

“From the very start, because I’m not a bit the same with others, people would look at me strangely. *guys are saying that Fujimoto is obviously a guy yet he is so girlie, how disgusting* I really hate that kind of look so I joined a club with the fewest people, the most discreet club. Then, why am I still on this kind of stage and being looked at by people with that kind of look!?”

Fujimoto whispers to Kinoshita that they won’t play anymore. “I don’t want to continue on being humiliated. Are you listening!? Kinoshita!” Kinoshita thinks of giving up the performance. “Ah, that’s right. If we do that, then there’s no need to continue on being tormented, right? That’s right. Anyways, there is already no one listening. I also want to quickly go home. From the start, it is impossible to advance to the Nationals. That dazzling world, it cannot be for someone like me. Give it up. Quickly leave this place-”
She is bending down again when she recalls Chika asking if she is feeling uncomfortable for she is looking so down. “In the performance later on, let us do our best.” Kinoshita starts to cry. She thinks that even if she cannot go to the world that she longs for and have no way of doing it all over again but even if it is like that.

“At least, I don’t want to abandon those words that someone told me for the first time.” Kinoshita starts to play. Soon, the other two plays with her. After the performance, Mashiro applauds. This made Isaki and Tetsuki clap, too. Tsukaji thinks that finally, they played it until the end..but, youth is really cruel [/merciless].

While Chika and others are waiting outside a room, a girl calls out to the people from Kawayama High that time’s up, please leave the room. Then, she tells Tokize group to go inside. Upon entering the room, Sane says that arriving here makes him feel that he already couldn’t run away, no, basically, he won’t run away.
Takezou tells them okay, they quickly tune their koto up then practice a bit. Sane says that Akira has not yet arr[ive]-- Then, Akira suddenly goes in the room to apologize for being late. Sane smiles and says that it’s alright for they also just went in.

Kouta comments that it is rare to see her suddenly coming in [the room]. [<- probably without knocking first?] Akira says that she didn’t think that there will be a traffic jam so they have to quickly— Satowa suddenly calls out to Akira and says that this is Akira’s so if it is okay with her..

Akira is surprised to see the koto bridge charm with her name on it. Holding the charm, Akira asks if Satowa made this. Blushing really red, Satowa says if she doesn’t want it then it’s okay to throw it away. Akira smiles and thanks her. “I’m very happy.” This made Satowa blush.
Then, Chika says, speaking of that, where’s hers? Satowa says that she didn’t make one. Scowling Chika says that she unexpectedly didn’t make one and he really cannot do anything about her. He takes out his charm and starts writing on it. Satowa tells him to wait, what is he-- She is surprised to see that Chika wrote her name on top of his name.

He looks at her and says, like this, it would-- He is surprised to see Satowa slightly blushing. Kouta suddenly goes in between them and exclaims, “Wow! It’s like being lovers!” This shocks and embarrasses the two. Kouta tells Chika that his writing is so ugly. To Chika’s irritation, Satowa agrees that his writing is really ugly.

While Hiro thinks that’s really nice, Suzuka tells them to quit playing around and quickly get ready. Chika angrily shouts that he knows already!! He curses then thinks, “Just a while ago.. *recalls Satowa’s blushing expression* it’s a happy expression, right?” He blush a bit.
While Satowa is helping the others, Akira looks at her while holding the charm tightly on her chest. At the auditorium, Komaki whines that she is almost at her limit. She says that even if Himesaka’s performance is really amazing but afterwards, no matter how she listened to them, it’s all the same..or rather, she is really fed up with listening [to koto music] already..

With a popped vein, Tsukaji says why you.. Then, he thinks, but what Komaki said has reason because currently, Himesaka outplayed the others. “Most of the others are mediocre that it is hard to distinguish one from another. Will Himesaka be chosen for the Nationals just like before? Or.. *looks at the program and sees Hakuto High’s name*...

...Come, let me listen.. *scene of Taishin overseeing the tuning while Mio seems to be charging himself with sunlight from the window* ..to your strength that defeated Himesaka in the Kanto National Music Festival. Whether or not, it is the genuine thing.”
Comment: I like the first part. ^^ It makes me want to cheer Akira on, go Akira Go! I guess she must have also partly seen herself being tied up in the past and wasting time in stagnation instead of moving on. I feel like she really wants to say quit being emo and let’s go already. =P

It helps that Akira knows that Satowa still loves her mother even after everything. It is amusing how Akira can dominate her grandmother and forced her to go along to the concert. So, it’s a great job on Akira’s part ^^ We can say that there’s definitely a reunion of sorts at the end of this competition. I wonder if their group will take in Chika and others?

Anyway, it turns out that Taishin is the composer for Hakuto. It makes me think that just like Suzuka, his real love is music. Ah..unless math has something to do with music ^^; Taishin is obviously the lively type in contrast to Suzuka who is so serious. I wonder what Suzuka thought upon seeing Taishin blushing like that so he backed away. ^^;;

Takezou x Hiro scene is cute. Chika x Satowa is really cute-sweet. Ah..those two clueless guys. ^^; As for Kinoshita’s group, at first, I thought they will at least play well assuming that there is a strict criterion before joining the preliminaries. It turns out that they are below mediocre and their piece is probably a beginner’s piece.

In a way, thinking about it, they probably won’t put that strict criterion because the organizers would assume that most youngsters won’t cherish looking like idiots and embarrass themselves like what happened with Kinoshita’s group. Also, there are probably very few clubs who are into koto so everyone is welcome to join. It will also be a good experience, win or lose. Of course, it depends on the person.

For Kinoshita, she managed to pull through in the end thanks to Chika’s encouragement. Kagari is just goofing around and probably forget all of this later on. Fujimoto did try to play well but apparently, the guy has some issues. Hm..I guess it also takes guts to want to play, continue to play and still finish it in front of an audience especially when they didn’t seem to practice that much.

Like what Tsukaji mentioned, it is one thing to play in an average way but it is totally different if they didn’t practice at all..or maybe just a few times. Anyway, it will be Hakuto’s turn next chapter so Chika and others’ performance might be for 2-3 chapters afterwards. Scans by 二次元秘店

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  1. Thanks, Kat! I've been looking forward to the next chapter so this was a lovely surprise on my first day of summer break :)

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      Don't really know about that, Eren always had this kinda of thing even when it wasn't known to us readers that the colossal could control his own steam and create mini nukes so... Maybe I'm just in shock for Armin? lol.
      Brakes? What brakes? He'd have said, lol.
      I myself have turned down so much times working in those elections that they don't even go for me anymore, lol. And wow, 'gifts'... Here those gifts just happen to be millions of public money, it's a damn shame and when you stop to think about what the president of the olympic commitee said, you can't do anything but laugh or cry - he said, knowing very well the crisis Rio is currently going through - that it's on us, we'll have to pay for the hole mess.

      I guess the students all go to private english lessons, so I myself am more worried about how can she handle that, lol.
      Everyone who knows me says that I should be a comedian 'cause no matter the situation, I'm always making jokes about our misery, like, life as it is it's already hard enough, when corrupt jerks make even harder, we have to at least smile, we won't live too much so if there's nothing we can do to change the situation, let's try and be happy while we still can, right?

      And yes, I actually use a crane - my savior and my shame - not to lose my balance and a kind of vest with some not so light irons in order to not let me do any movement that might compromise my back even more - it's unsightable too, but I gotta use so, there's no escaping the embarassment, lol.

    5. Yup, so they are indeed the team to beat.

      - - -

      Is that so. I think Kujou is more 'manly'. In a way, I think it is a joke that in some way, there gender roles are reverse. ^^; Kujou doesn't seem to cry a lot either.

      Hehe..is that so. I think Levi got it. He's suppose to inject to anyone who survived the charge to eat beast titan.

      Hm..I thought they are planning to 'eat them' or feed them to titans? I am indeed wondering why they lived. The latter would be 'karma' for what they did to Marco. Wait..any titan that eats them can get their powers, right? Can Eren eat them?


      - - -


      - - -

      Hehe, they gave up, huh. It is always like that here, too. It is more on any infrastructure project that got abandoned after a few use, not totally built, not even built, etc. They got a lot of kickbacks, too.

      Is that so..ah, maybe she is learning along with the students? Or not..?

      - - -

      Great attitude ^^ For politics, sometimes I read a gag blog about it. Like this joke, "The problem with political jokes is they get elected."

      Ah yes, it is needed so nothing can be done about it. Better bear with it than be sorry later on. So, take care when walking or anything, okay. ^^

    6. Yes, and the way the mangaka portrayed them makes hard to believe they would, my take is they will, but I won't mind being wrong, the author made one helluva good work building them up, hard not to cheer for people that put that much effort into something they love and devote themselves to.
      Ah, yea, she is indeed. I made the comparison 'cause LG is the closest manga I could somehow relate and beeing the most fresh one in my mind. I like that side of Kujou, when she goes auto-defense without realizing, lol. What I meant to say is the Anna denseness is somewhat close to Kujou's, but while Anna reconize her own feelings, Kujou is very much oblivious to everyone's, including her own.

      I bet Levi'd choose Erwin over Armin without a thought. Not that I blame him, is the most easy and the one that makes most sense. I only know that without the two of 'em, they won't have any strategist left, and seeing how well organized the enemy is, they can only hope whatever is on that dam* basement is worth it.

      I don't know, Eren has pretty much everyone's ability, the call and order, the hardening... But I'd eager that rings true for the others.
      Yea, over here is the same and we just had the World Cup, almost nothing besides the stadiums is being used or is worth being used. There are some building that collapsed too and the public transport is even more messed up - I didn't think it was possible, tbh.

      She is pretty smart, so I doubt she'd be really troubled, but that just got me thinking, how? Lol.
      That joke can't be funnier 'cause is the truth, but I laughed either way, lol.

      I'm doing my best, really. I just got some lazyness 'cause I really liked to play cello and now I can't but try neitherless, so yea, it's the first time in a while that I take very good care - or would be caution? lol.

      If only we were in England then I could pass like a gentleman or Johnny Walker wanna be, with the crane and all, but here, better bear the shame and just walk on, lol.

    7. Indeed ^^

      - -

      I see. ^^

      True. If not, there is that horror story theory = It is useless to resist the inevitable.

      - -

      I see. Such a waste of money. We're currently having that kind of problems after the outgoing administration. Took the money but the service didn't deliver at all. We are currently at a wait and see situation with the new president who is perceived able to deliver = action than words.


      - - -

      It is hard not to be able to do what you like doing. But better resist rather than be sorry later on. Again, hoping that it doesn't worsen and you can get it fixed asap.

      Hehe..but isn't that in a different era? But with your attitude, I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off with humor and confidence ^^