May 30, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 10 - Bishoujo's Parttime Job]

In a maid uniform while carrying a tray of sweets, Yumi says, “Hello everyone. Screaming class is now in session. In this world, people would earn money by getting a job. There are also all sorts of type of jobs. *smiles* What kind of job do you want to do?” Lesson 10: Bishoujo’s (beautiful girl) Parttime Job.

A guy confesses to beautiful girl named Yoshizawa [guesswork from 吉澤; surname]. Yoshizawa apologizes and says that she already likes someone else. The other girls in section 1-3 say that Miki [guesswork from 光希; her name] Miki unexpectedly rejected Suzuki-senpai [guesswork from 鈴木]. And, before, she also rejected other guys. She’s obviously very popular so why won’t she get a boyfriend?

Miki says it’s nothing for she’s simply not interested, that’s all. Just then, a short haired boy arrives and greets Miki a good morning. Miki says, ya- Her friends say that Miki and Otsuka’s [guesswork from 大塚; surname] relationship is quite good that it seems that they were childhood friends. Miki wonders what’s with her ‘ya’ when she should say a lot more than that.
She finds this silly to death because before, their relationship is obviously very good [when they were kids] but right now, it had already become two worlds [/have their own worlds]. She really would want to go steady with him.. Then, she overhears that Akio’s [昭雄; guy’s name] friends saying that it will be his birthday next month.

Eavesdropping Miki thinks that she already knows that. Akio’s friends ask him what he wants. Holding a magazine, Akio says he wants this. It is a baseball glove that costs ¥38,000. His friends call him stupid and he should get his mother to buy it for him besides how can they even afford to buy that!? Miki thinks that Akio unexpectedly wants something, and that’s quite new.

Then, she has an idea. Miki asks her friends if they know of any parttime job that they can introduce to her. Her friends are surprised that she’ll ask about it all of a sudden. Miki wants to buy that as a gift for Akio. She imagines that Akio will be moved to say it’s amazing and, he’ll thank her. Akio would say but of course, for he is her childhood friend.
Miki thinks that their relationship will return to like how it was before..  Friend 1 says that she works on a convenient store but the hourly pay is so low. Friend 2 says that she works at a bakery and even if the pay is low but she gets to have free bread.

Miki wonders if there is no job where one can get paid a lot. She searches for a high paying job on her phone. There are midnight parttime jobs, pachinko store [pinball game usually a form of gambling]..  Then, she finds an advertisement for an easy way to earn a high amount of money. She clicks the link. It is a parttime job limited to bishoujos. One can earn money by simply chatting with a man.

The advertisement is looking for a 16-22 year old girl and one can earn from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 for every chat. She wonders if this is that commonly seen terrible news [on the television]. The advertisement says that she only has to video chat on the phone for 5 minutes. It is safe since there’s no need to see each other personally. Thinking that it is safe, Miki decides to try it out for she can chat for a few minutes so it will be alright.
She goes near a river below a bridge where she is alone. After looking around, she decides to call the number. She decides to immediately hang up when it becomes fishy. After a few rings, someone answers the phone. An old man introduces himself as Yamada Ichirou [guesswork from 山田一朗]. Miki thinks that it is actually quite ordinary.

Ichirou says that she’s very cute and her skin is so white. She also has this divine feeling to her. Miki just says ah..yes.. Miki couldn’t bear it anymore as she starts to find out that 5 minutes can be quite long. After a lot of conversation, Miki manages to endure until the end. Ichirou says that he really likes her.

She is surprised and nervous when he suggests that they try other ways of communication and he’ll pay her a huge reward. Miki tries to decline but he says that he’ll have a price list. Miki mentally tells him to listen to her. He shows a list to her. Write on a dairy for a day = ¥500 a day, copy his name on the notebook 10 times = ¥1000 each, carry the same article [/thing] = ¥2000 and eat the same food on the same day = ¥2000.
Miki is puzzled for what does that mean. Is doing that kind of things also work? Ichirou says that he’ll email the list to her later on. He thanks her for today’s chat. At home, Miki looks at her bank book and ¥5000 was deposited in her bank account. She thinks that if this keeps up.. She looks at the calendar. It is Akio’s birthday on the 15th.

So, she decides to do what is on the list. She writes on the diary, writes Ichirou’s name on the notebook, wear the same watch as Ichirou’s.. And money is deposited in her account. At school, her friends exclaim over her expensive watch. Miki says that her father gave it to her. Miki thinks that Ichirou ought to be very happy that there is a girl who is willing to do this kind of things with him..

And, even if it is mean to say it but he is really a super patronizing client!! Then, Akio notices some girls whispering. Later on, just a little bit and Miki is about to reach the target amount that she needs. She sleeps with a smile that she’ll be able to buy Akio’s gift.
Then, she has a dream. She finds herself in a messy house. She wonders where she is. She sees her own pictures put on the wall. She wonders what’s going on. Then, she sees a mirror. To her shock, she has Ichirou’s face. This made her suddenly stand up in fright. The teacher and her classmates are surprised. Miko apologizes.

She wonders what was that just now, the dream felt so real.. She overhears some girls whispering that it is enjo-kosai [/compensated dating; practice of older men giving money and/or luxury gifts to attractive women for their companionship or possibly for sexual favors. Source: wiki] Miki is puzzled by that. Later on, after the school bell, Akio asks Miki to come over with him. She blushes for she thinks that he..

Akio says that he heard that lately, she is working on some suspicious parttime job that she probably cannot tell her parents. This surprises her. She says that she’ll do something bad..could it be that he called her out for this..he wants to say that to her. Is he doubting her? He should know that it is impossible for her to do that kind of thing. 
Seeing Akio’s doubting expression, Miki laughs and says that she’s really stupid, right. She doesn’t want to talk with him again. And, she left. That night, Miki throws the baseball magazine in the trash bin. She finds it really funny. Seeing Akio’s expression, she has been treated as that kind of disgusting person in class, a girl who would casually go for enjo-kosai. She becomes flustered that he unexpectedly looks at her that way.

As she wipes her tears, she gets a call from Ichirou. Recalling Akio’s expression, Miki no longer cares even if she gets hooked up on the street. Planning to accept whatever the request is, she answers the phone. Ichirou says otsukaresama [good job] and today, she had already completed the last job. “‘Seeing my dream’, really otsukaresama to you.”

Surprised Miki thinks that speaking of that, was there such a thing in the list. “No, wait, how come this guy.. know that I had a dream?” Ichirou says that he wholeheartedly thanks her during this time that she accompanied him. “Miki-chan is a very special girl. All of my assets are already transferred to your bank account. Please use it as you wish. Then, goodbye.” He hangs up. Miki thinks that until the very end, she still doesn’t know what he wants to do and is this some new game.
She sighs and thinks that she’s too stupid. She sold herself for that kind of baffling thing and in the end, she no longer wants to think of the aftermath. She wonders how to properly resolve this misunderstanding with Akio. She suddenly feels dizzy. She steadies herself on the railing.

Just then, a couple of old men are asking if she is alright, she’s very cute and is she feeling unwell. They offer her some money so why doesn’t she rest at that side..? Akio suddenly goes in front of Miki. Miki is surprised to see him. Just when she is going to reach out to him, everything turns black. Her hand also became older. She wonders what’s going on. Where is this..? Akio..?

Miki finds herself in the same place that she saw in her dream. She thinks that it is this dream again and it makes her feel uncomfortable yet strangely enough, it is quite real. She looks at the mirror with Ichirou’s face. She pinches her face and it hurts. She backs away in disbelief. A stack of books fall down.
Miki reads a book. “My dream 3-5 section Yamada Ichirou. I really like a beautiful girl. Actually, I really like it so much that I want to make myself become a bishoujo. My dream is to finally become a bishoujo one day.” Miki wonders what is this. Her hand touches another book. It is all sorts of black magic book, and study on deconstructing the soul which is related about writing a dairy, wearing the same thing, etc.

In horror, Miki thinks, “Ah.. *eyes widen* Could it be that this is..” Written in the book, the very last step to try and test out the soul exchange. For the first time, it feels like one had a dream. After the second soul exchange becomes successful, it is already forever irreversible. Tense and shocked Miki has realized that she had sold herself to that guy..!?

Meanwhile, Akio is walking with ‘Miki’ and asks if she is okay. He apologizes for today and he is just very worried about her. “You absolutely won’t do that kind of thing, right.” ‘Miki’ says yes. She happily says how is it possible that she’ll do that kind of ‘selling herself’ thing.

Yumi says, “When people feverishly loves something, there will be ‘want to be together with the other person forever’ ‘long to become one’ in one’s heart. Lastly, this kind of feeling will develop into ‘want to become the other person’. Hi hi do you also feel that way. This is a fitting job if one yearns to chase after money. *smiles* But, everyone, do not forget in any profitable endeavor, there is always an accompanying risk. Then, that’s it for today. See you in the next class.”
Comment: Honestly, even if there are no scary ghosts or anything, this is really creepy and scary. I feel sorry for Miki. Not only did she no longer have her own body, she is also penniless for that guy transferred all of his money to her now his account. It’s really not fair.

Somehow, this story reminds me of scams wherein one will invest something very small. In this case, just writing diary, wearing a watch, etc yet the price is too steep. Well, the price is usually known later on when it is too late. The other party has already taken ‘everything’/a lot and left. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end. ~ Rachel Hawthorne, Dark of the Moon


  1. Thanks for the great recap, kat! ^^

    Even by Zekkyou Gakkyuu's standards, that ending is horribly cruel to poor Mitsuki, and there's also a really creepy sexual vibe that's atypical for the series. I don't know what to make of that diary entry/class essay near the end, though. Is it supposed to imply that he was transgender or just that he's been obsessively lusting over girls since he was young? It seems like it can be read either way.

    I suppose the moral metaphor here is supposed to be something like, "don't go for the easy income (enjo kousai, maid cafes) instead of slower, more regular part-time work (her friends' jobs: conbini, bakery), because it just sees you as a body to be controlled and exploited, not a person."

    1. Thanks for reading, Pomelote ^-^

      Indeed, it is quite horrible.

      I would lean towards transgender.

      Ya..though I viewed it more on general terms regarding money, not about one's body but something like, invest on this easy to become rich scheme..just invest a bit, recruit a lot of easy and the interest is 5x more in just a few weeks. Interest bigger than any banks! There are people who'll loan money or use the money for their hospital bills in it and one day, it is all bye-bye. <- news in our country

      On a side note, I didn't know that the girls in maid cafes get paid a lot. ^^; So, it is like what I thought it was...somewhat like being a hostess.

    2. Ah, I see. Small prices hide larger ones. That makes sense as an interpretation!

      Hehe, I don't actually know what the wages are like in maid cafes, but from what I understand, the work is pretty easy.

      By the way, I don't know if you take recommendations, but there's a series called Buddy Go! that I've been reading lately that you might like, with good English scans (I don't know if there are Chinese scans, though). It's published in Ribbon, the same magazine that carries Zekkyou Gakkyuu, too! ^-^

    3. Indeed ^^

      I see.

      Not really...usually just 1-2 chapters when the other series aren't out yet. As for that series, it turns out that there are no Chinese scanlations for it. Sorry.