May 29, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 17]

Standing some distance from the house, freckled man points at the boy and shouts, “What? You don’t know? Could it be that you forgot to keep close watch at that cheating couple? You’re waiting at home?”

The boy says that didn’t he say that he’ll call for a doctor and he [boy] can already go home. Freckled man shouts for him to shut up. “First of all, properly do your part. Don’t you want your share? Huh? *Jamalta tensely looks at the boy.*...

...Do you think that it is enough to do that cheap trick at the market! *Saga realizes that it is when the boy pulled her mask and scarf down* Quickly chase after those people! If we let them run off then everything is for naught! It also won’t do you any good!”
The boy says that he won’t go for his mother isn’t feeling well. “I’m staying here to take care of her. “The one who let them get away is the one who’ll go resolve it.” Freckled man says, what, you deadbeat kid..

Another man grabs freckled man and tells him to wait, where he is doing. “What will you do if you get infected by the curse?” The freckled man clicks his tongue and looks at the boy.

The boy opens the door wider. The freckled man sees the boy’s mother lying down behind him. Upon seeing the black marks on the mother’s wrist, the freckled man got nervous.
He turns around and shouts that this time, there won’t be any share for him so wait and see, stinky brat. After the freckled man and his companions left, the boy closes the door and says that he said that he isn’t part of their group. “I’m different from them.”

Jamalta angrily punches the wall above the boy. He angrily says, not part of the group, that’s really absurd. “We are now in this plight and that is thanks to who? Huh? Not part of the group?”

The trembling boy tries to protest that he.. Jamalta grabs the boy’s collar and angrily says that he’s pretending to help in order to deceive them, right, this ridiculous boy!
Saga shouts for Jamalta to let the boy go. She says in short, right now, he helped them and he is also forced to act against his will [/has no other choice] for his situation is also not good.. Jamalta angrily asks what, hey, this kid is planning to sell her off. “What curse when he basically doesn’t want to help us.” 

Saga says that she knows and he didn’t do that thing. Jamalta tries to grab the boy and says, didn’t do? “On what basis, do you trust this boy!” Pushing him away, Saga exclaims that she has something to say! “I..I have something to tell him. Don’t be reckless, okay? I beg of you, okay?”

Jamalta thinks, what..? Saga goes to ask the boy if he’s okay. Jamalta thinks, “Hmph..okay. The situation became like this is also not totally because of this boy. It starts from the time we came back with this person.. no. *Saga asks the boy if he’s listening. She tells him that Jamalta is quite scary when he’s angry*... is from the time I brought this girl out. *recalls young Saga falling into the river that he bit his lips* Starting from that time, everything is all messed up and it is my fault. *scowls and tightly clenches his fist* Darn it.” Mino quietly watches as Jamalta looks away from Saga and the boy out of frustration.

Then, someone asks for water. Holding up her fingerless hand, the boy’s mother asks for water. The boy quickly calls out to her. He helps her drink from a bowl. Saga looks tense. The mother says that she heard that the doctor is coming.. “It hurts..please..don’t torment me anymore..”
Teary-eyed, the boy assures her that it is okay and for real, he’ll find someone who’ll cure her. “Whole body is white.. white curse..” He looks at Mino. Saga tells the boy that it isn’t a curse. “Mino, he simply just looks all white and it isn’t any so-called curse...

...In the very far northernmost place, the people living there are white. *Mino looks at Saga* The people there are like Mino. It’s very far.. And it isn’t the same as this place. *tightly holds her collar* So, there are so many things that we really don’t know...
...From books, I also heard of mysterious places or perhaps beasts.. Maybe, there are also people who have black [marks] on their body. Away from here, that very far place.” Mino recalls the time when Saga would happily tell him something while gesturing to some faraway place. Then, he saw how she seems to longs for it. End flashback.

While Mino looks somewhat bothered with that memory, the boy asks what she is saying. Saga says, so..perhaps, his mother wasn’t cursed. Clenching his fist, the boy asks, “Isn’t a curse? Then why? Why would the land catch fire? Why would the village catch fire? The people died...
...Why did they burn my mother? If it isn’t a curse! *crying and angrily looks at surprised Saga* Why did these things happened!! *calms down a bit and wonders why.* (Why did my mother become like this? Mother didn’t do anything!) *clenches fists and bends down on the ground in anger* If it isn’t a curse.. (what should I do to save my mother?)”

Mino holds the boy’s shoulder and says something. Trembling, the boy asks wha..what? Mino tells Saga something. Saga translate it by saying that he [boy] said that the land caught fire..perhaps a black thing is buried inside.. The puzzled boy says, yes.. Mino says that he has thought of one possibility but first, he has to personally confirm it.
Just when Saga is translating what Mino says, she said..huh, personally go? Saga tells the boy that it’s great, there’s proof that it isn’t a curse so he also comes to lead the way. Jamalta thinks that they have gone insane. Mino tells Saga to stay here. Saga refuses for she wants to go with him.

After putting a scarf on his head, Mino looks serious then he bends down to her. Touching her injured foot with an almost broken shoe, Mino asks her if her feet don’t hurt. “I’ll pick some herbal medicine that can heal injures then, I’ll come back.”
Upon seeing her injured feet, Saga starts to feel sharp pain on her feet. This surprises her as well as Jamalta. Mino takes his leave. Saga suddenly falls down on the floor as Jamalta somewhat catches her.

He turns around to see Mino leaving the hut. Trembling Saga asks Jamalta to please go with Mino. “I beg of you.. I’m fine..” Jamalta looks worried. Then, he looks at the boy’s mother. And, he starts running towards the door. Saga looks flustered as she covers her mouth.
Comment: Ah, I guess she is crying..maybe she’s suppressing the pain? Shocked that she didn’t notice that she’s already injured? Crying over how useless she is?

I’m actually wondering how come her shoes had become like that whereas the other two’s shoes seem fine. Is she wearing indoor shoes? I mean, she’s a princess so her shoes must be delicate indoor type rather than rugged for outdoor use. Maybe, it is because she doesn’t know how to walk in a rugged terrain?

Anyway, the boy didn’t earn Jamalta’s trust over what he did but it seems to for Saga. I cannot blame either one for they have their reasons. Knowing of the harsh life, Jamalta won’t easily trust anyone. Saga isn’t and well, it’s a kid who does seem to have done those things in order to save his mother.

The boy is also quite clever that he’ll partly show his mother in order to make those guys leave. The superstition worked on their favor. Still, what if it wasn’t a curse? Does that mean it will make those people who caused this want to help out the mother? From what Mino is saying, I guess he meant coal. After googling it a bit, it seems to be a coal seam fire/mine fire. And, perhaps, it stopped coincidentally after they burned his mother.

Ah, Jamalta might try to resist this turn of events but alas, fate is taking control of things that he seems to be just going along with it. He just couldn’t say no. ^^; From what Saga said, I wondered if Mino realized why Saga wanted to leave the palace. It is her dream after all to travel to faraway places.

I guess Saga will probably be safe there since the people are scared of the curse. Also, I wonder why the boy couldn’t understand Mino. Is Saga the only one who can understand him? Hm..checking the previous scans, he doesn’t talk with Cheongye. So, Saga is the only one, I guess who can understand him since he didn’t have formal education. Scans by 水神汉化组

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