May 27, 2016

Last Game [Chapter 55 + Souma's Side Story]

After Yanagi came back to the country.. In the club room, Yanagi happily holds up Kujou’s hand and announces that they have started going steady. Miyabe congratulates him. Eating a biscuit, Fujimoto asks Souma to pass over the tea. Handling a thermos to Fujimoto, Souma says that this biscuit is very delicious.

While Tachibana is sobbing, Fujimoto agrees with Souma. This made Yanagi shouts for them to properly listen to him. And, he thanks Miyabe. Fujimoto sighs and says what should they say for they finally did..and they simply have that kind of feeling. Souma says that they had more or less heard it already from Kujou so it doesn’t matter if he didn’t say it. This made Yanagi gloomy.
Then, he notices Tachibana muttering, “ come Kujou-chan found a boyfriend yet I’m still single~~!! Bwahuhu- This world is simply trash.” Yoshida exclaims that Momoko-sama has become irritable..! Otaku senpai prays that she cools down..! Tachibana shouts that she isn’t that fiendish!! Yanagi asks this is..

Souma explains that it is because she let out a lot of her [moody] feelings on Christmas Eve. Yoshida tries to call her Momo-chan but Tachibana snaps at him to shut up, call her Momoko-sama and also, praise me to death! Otaku senpai stutters that she is very cute.. Tachibana shouts that she knows that earlier on!! Souma comments that is the most miserable scene ever.
Flustered Tachibana shouts so she said that she’ll reflect upon herself and she obviously got a poor harvest[/road to failure?] but they are still like that. The senpai-s are making some idiotic poses and calling out to Momo-chan-sama~ <- Tachibana got some disciples. Kujou says that their relationship [Tachibana and senpai-s] has become good so that’s great. This made Tachibana angrily scream that it is here, and she hates that kind of thing!!

Yanagi wonders since when did their relationship become way.. [<- not sure if he’s referring to what Kujou is talking or it is about Kujou and Tachibana.] Souma thinks that there is not a shadow left of the first impression. After looking at Souma, Yanagi says does he really think that he [Yanagi] will inform Kujou about his studying abroad that way.
After a pause, Souma stands up and says that it is quite a pity that it isn’t like that. Yanagi says that he’s fooling him again. To Yanagi’s shock, Souma goes to Kujou and tells her that while Yanagi is away studying abroad, they go and hang out alone together. Yanagi shouts what did he say..

Looking sly, Souma pulls Kujou to him and whispers, “That’s great [you got together].” After looking surprised at smiling Souma, Kujou also smiles and says yes. Holding Souma’s shoulder tightly, dark Yanagi tells him to come over here. Souma calls out to Kujou that on the day when she got tired of this stalker, then she can come and find him at any time. Yanagi says, why you..
Fujimoto says that speaking of that, those two’s [Y&S] relationship is still really good and Souma is quite happy [/having fun]. Kujou agrees. Fujimoto smiles and tells her that it’s great. Kujou smiles and says yes. At the canteen, Kujou couldn’t eat properly because Yanagi is staring at her.

He thinks, “It is absolutely hard to imagine that this Kujou is unexpectedly the Kujou who likes me..” Kujou asks him what is it. Yanagi asks, “Kujou, do you like me?” Blushing Kujou hesitantly says, “’s like, okay?” She is surprised when he covers his face. He looks at her again. While chuckling, Yanagi says, “Ah- yes- it turns out that you like me--”

Kujou wonders what’s up for she felt that he’s very sickening. To her surprise, Yanagi asks, “Do you like me?” <- kept on asking Kujou over and over. Kujou tells him isn’t that over yet and quickly eat already. The bystanders think that is sickening..sickening to death..
While walking, Yanagi tells Kujou that he’s free this Saturday. Kujou says is that so, she plans to clean the house that day. This made Yanagi say that he’s also free on Sunday! Kujou says is that so, then she is also free that day. “Yanagi, since you are going to study abroad, you should study more.” This shocks Yanagi.

To her surprise, he angrily shouts, “Ah, enough, idiot!! Your brain is quite intelligent yet you are still an idiot!! How come you’re like that!? ..I’m asking you out on a date!” Kujou casually says that since it is like that then he should just directly say it.

He angrily shouts for her to, at the very least, notice this very small thing!! He blushes and asks if she’ll go out. She blushes and says that she will. He says that because this is the first, so he’ll leave it to her where they’ll date. <- putting on airs. Kujou says she understands.
On Sunday, while waiting for Kujou, Yanagi thinks, “Finally, the first date. Naoto, this is very crucial since we are just starting to go steady. Do not display that seemingly indulging attitude in the past!! From today on, I will be seizing the initiative..!!”

Kujou calls out to him. She is surprised when Yanagi gloomily kneels on the ground and thinks, “My girlfriend is so cute-- *stands up* Hey- Kujou is unexpectedly wearing short pants!? And besides, she combed her hair to my favorite braided pigtail!? Is it for me!?” Yanagi tells her okay, get in the car. She says okay.

In the car, Yanagi asks where she wants to go, amusement park or watch a movie. Looking at a book, Kujou says, let me see.. Yanagi is surprised for it is a ranch. Elated Kujou says that she really wanted to come over and see this. “I want to press out some cow milk, want to pick some eggs and I also want to try making cheese.” Yanagi realizes something and asks, could it be that she is dress up like this is..
Kujou says that it is for her hair not to become a hindrance and she is scared of making her skirt get dirty. Actually pants will do but her mother prevented her from wearing it. Yanagi thinks that it turns out that it isn’t because of him.

Kujou smiles and tells him that let’s go, for she wants to go around the place. Yanagi says ya, okay.. He finds Kujou in high spirits to be quite charming. He holds out his hand to her and says, then.. Looking at the brochure, Kujou just quickly walks away and tells him to hurry. Yanagi is speechless. Soon, they watch a man shear a sheep. Kujou picks some eggs and Yanagi got attacked by a chicken.

While, Kujou is milking a cow, sweatdropping Yanagi thinks that this is basically quite far off from being a date and this kind of activity was done during junior high.. Kujou then shouts that the milk came out. Yanagi tries to call out to her but serious Kujou tells him to shut up or she’ll get distracted. While Yanagi is shocked by that, the breeder tells Kujou that she’s quite skill in that.
Later on, holding a mug, Kujou says that this is the milk she got just now so try drinking it. She also apologizes for leaving him all alone. Irked Yanagi shouts what is more important, boyfriend or the cow!! “Do you even understand? This is the first date. For the whole two hours, you left your boyfriend at the side...

...This doesn’t make sense, right. Besides, you even ignored me and went on to flirt around with the breeder, you fickle girl! From earlier on, I really hate that side of yours.” Kujou calmly says, “..Yanagi, there is basically no way to compared you and the cow. Besides, I also felt that it is indeed not good to leave you aside for two hours. *holds pouting Yanagi’s shoulder* Besides, the one I like is you and I’m not being fickle. Okay. If you understand that then drink this milk.”

Yanagi nods and thinks, so cool.. [<- or the bystanders think she’s cool. ^^;] Later on, Kujou gives Yanagi a cone of ice cream to make amends to him. Biting into the ice cream, Yanagi says eating ice cream on winter..even if it is very delicious.
He wonders why Kujou would unexpectedly choose a ranch for their first date and not chose something that will have a [nice] atmosphere like amusement park-type of place.. Kujou tells him that there’s ice cream on his face. He says, no way.. She smiles and points to his face and says, “It’s here. You’re like a child.” This moved Yanagi.

Just when Kujou is saying that next, they’ll go to a place where both of them can enjoy.. She is surprised when Yanagi is leaning to kiss her. She tells him to stop and immediately headbutts his chin. Kujou asks what he is suddenly doing. Complaining that it hurts, Yanagi shouts that is what he wanted to ask her. Emitting killer chi, Kujou darkly tells him that he’s not allowed to do that kind of thing in front of others.

“It is already quite embarrassing at the airport and I already do not want to do that for the second time. For a while, I was impulsive and confused that we kissed. *scene of happy Yanagi swinging Kujou around and Kujou noticed the people around are looking at them* I won’t do that for the second time.”
Not discouraged, Yanagi says then..then okay, in short, it is okay if it is when the two of them alone, right! To his shock, Kujou also refuses it when they are alone. Yanagi asks then what place is good and by the way, obviously this is a date but there isn’t a bit of mood at all!?  Is that deliberate!?”

Blushing, Kujou says that it is because she’s very shy..even if she knows in her heart that lovers who are going steady will do that kind of thing. Idiot Yanagi blushes and thinks, this for real.. He asks could it be that is the reason why she chose the ranch. Kujou says that she indeed really wanted to come but there is also a bit of that intention..

She looks at him and apologizes. He holds her hand and says, “..Then, how about this? you hate it?” Kujou says no. He intertwines his fingers into hers and says, “Then, how about this?” She says no, she doesn’t hate it. <- idiot lovers whom married couples are concerned over.
While Yanagi asks where they are going next, a married guy thinks that is a nice pass by the boyfriend and he’s satisfied by merely holding hands..he [married man] was also like that before.. A married couple thinks that before, they also went through that.

Then, Yanagi notices Kujou squeezing his hands back. This made Yanagi blush. Looking at Yanagi, Kujou wonders what’s up with this kind of feeling. “It’s really amazing that it makes my heart tighten up.” Later on, while driving the car, Yanagi says that they walked a lot.. Holding a box, happy Kujou says that it’s quite fun. Then, Kujou says that there is an observation deck there. Yanagi asks if she wants to go and see.

After going to the deck, a strong wind blows so Yanagi shouts that it is so cold!! Looking at the sunset, Yanagi says, “Ah- after half a year, I’ll be in United States--.. at the opposite side of this ocean..” Kujou asks if he has already decided to succeed his father’s family business. Yanagi says yes, thanks to her.
Kujou asks, why her. He laughs and says that he won’t tell her. “I won’t run away again. ..of course, honestly, I’m still very uneasy and I also don’t have self-confidence.” Yanagi blushes when Kujou takes his hand. She says, “Eh, I unconsciously did that.. *blushingly looks at him* ..want to touch you..”

Moved Yanagi bends down on the railing and says, “..ah- geez. I planned not to do anything today..” Puzzled Kujou tells him to let go of her hand. She is surprised when he looks at her. He corners her to the railing. She says, about that, Yanagi.. He lightly touches his forehead on hers. She tells him to wait.. He tells her that just now, is her bad.

Kujou says, so she said, in front of people.. He says that is there anyone here? “Aren’t we all alone? you hate it?” She blushes and says that kind of asking is also quite cunning.. He kisses her forehead. Holding her face, smiling Yanagi asks, “Kujou, do you like me?”
Thinking that this kind of Yanagi is quite vile, Kujou says, And Yanagi leans down to kiss her. Afterwards, with a bump on his head courtesy of Kujou, teary-eyed Yanagi hugs Kujou and says that he doesn’t want to go to the United States.

Saying that he’s heavy, Kujou tells him if he is serious about what he said then she is mistaken about him. Yanagi says that he knows..and he is just saying it [to see her reaction?] Kujou says that since he has already decided to succeed the company then it is necessary for him to strive hard. “I’ll also have much to learn.”

Yanagi thinks, “Saying those kind of words on the first date.. ..but, I like that about her.. starting from the time I felt that I hated her to death, although I also walked through a considerably long way to arrive at this stage, it is only just this intention[/feeling] of not wanting to lose to her that has never changed.” Noticing him looking at her, she asks him what’s up? Yanagi smiles and says that it is nothing.
With outstretched arms and pouting lips, Yanagi says that he’ll do his best in studying so won’t she kiss him for the 6th time? Pushing his face away, Kujou tells him not to take advantage and also for him to count how many times it is, that is really sickening. Disgusted Kujou walks a bit farther from him.

Yanagi exclaims there’s no problem counting it up to ten, right!? Chibi Fujimoto says there’s a problem. Yanagi pouts and says he knows already. Looking at him, Kujou says, “..Actually, it isn't the 6th time, it is already the 7th time.” Trembling surprised Yanagi asks what does she meant. Kujou thinks that it is on the forehead though. Yanagi asks ah!? “What’s up with that!? Could it be she’s saying that it is with someone else..” Kujou smiles and says, “..secret!”

Narration: “In all likelihood, no matter how much time passes..” The scene changes to an apartment, a man in a suit opens his room 301 mailbox. A mail is addressed to Souma Kei. Older Souma smiles because it is a wedding invitation from Naoto and Mikoto for June 15. Next chapter, the finale..!!
Comment: And, for this chapter, it is seemingly same-same yet things have also subtly changed. Yanagi is still being teased by most of the club members especially Souma. The senpai-s still annoy Tachibana to death. And, Yanagi still annoys Kujou. =P Even if everything is like that, it isn’t exactly the same as before. I guess for the two, even if they have some qualities that they don’t like, overall, they like each other as a whole ^^

I guess Yanagi is still in slight denial that he kept on asking Kujou to say she likes him. About Yanagi’s ‘in love’ antics, I guess it might depend on the other party if that is sickening or not =P Or, one can say, they’re just jeaous =P Hm..I don’t recall a farm date before in shoujo..or if there was, it must have been really rare because that isn’t exactly romantic. It is nice that Kujou is becoming more sensitive about her new status of being a girlfriend but still, it is still a long way to go.

The way Yanagi whined and Kujou pacified him, the joke is about their gender roles are reversed. ^^;; Apparently, Kujou is shy about PDA or any affection. Probably not used to it? Yanagi is trying to push his luck on it yet in a gentle way ^^ Well, it’s good that they are communicating more so that there won’t be any no long term misunderstandings.

Unlike the usual, Kujou is quite supportive of him studying abroad or rather, would want him to go. Given her personality, it is inevitable. And, I wonder if they’ll know of each other’s little secret later on ^^ So, the next chapter is the last one, the wedding. So here's hoping for it to be an unforgettable one. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

PS. This is a side story about Souma. I don’t think that it is very important but for those who are interested. I’ll mention it briefly.

Side Story: Lately, Souma is waking up early because his sibling called him. After quarreling to give the phone to him, the father asks if Souma is awake and they sent him vegetables yesterday so remember to give some to his friends. Then, after some more talk between his family, sleepy Souma notices that it is still 6:30am. He angrily threw away the phone.

Since he can no longer sleep, he decided to wake up. While making breakfast, he thinks that weren’t vegetables sent to him before. Not long ago, he called his father to thank him for the vegetables and said that it is very delicious. From then on, they keep on sending him vegetables. Getting ready to leave, he thinks every January, he is bound to go back to the province. After coming to Tokyo, he even thought that he definitely won’t go back.

At school, Souma’s friends are talking about how expensive vegetables are. Recalling his father telling him to share, Souma is about to suggest it but suddenly says that it is nothing. Until now, he couldn’t dare destroy his first impression image <- pretending to be a city guy when he was using an old fashion dialect [/way of talking]. Actually his friends had somewhat noticed it already but they are kind enough to protect him [by not exposing that they know that he isn’t a city guy].
At the bench, Souma thinks that he basically is in no position to talk big with that girl but even if it is like this, then.. Soon, he gives a bagful of vegetables to Kujou. He tells her that they gave him a lot so he’s sharing a lot to her. Kujou thanks him. Souma wonders if this isn’t a bit strange for he is purely giving something to someone..that’s right, it is as a kouhai..something like a birthday gift!

Kujou says that she is very happy for his family’s vegetables are really very delicious. He recalled her telling him that she really wants him to taste it so she chose those. He thinks that he got to compromise with his father because of Kujou’s words. From the start, he only wanted Yanagi to taste suffering so he approached her.

Recalling the things he did and was about to kiss her, Souma suddenly covers his reddish face and bends down for he’s ashamed of doing do that kind of thing. Kujou asks what’s up. He says that he is really apologetic to her. He thinks meeting this person, liking her, being rejected by her, so there is the current him.

He smiles and tells her that in the end, he still really likes her. This surprises Kujou. He says, how can he say it..with regards to character? He wonders what’s up with him to say these kind of words to the girl who rejected him but..right now, he doesn’t detest the him who is like this. Kujou smiles. Coming out from the tree, Yanagi shouts what they are up to and what are the two hiding from him. Souma wonders if Yanagi put a GPS on Kujou. The end.
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