May 26, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 74 - Immortal]

While Kasane glares at Nogiku, Kingo holds Kasane’s shoulder and tells her to calm down a bit for it don’t do her any good if Nogiku’s face is injured. While Kasane stares at Kingo, he says by the way..

“From the very start, I felt that you are hiding something from us. I didn’t think that not only did you kill your own father but you would also go as far as to kill Tanzawa Nina in order to get close to your sister. I wondered why this kind of person didn’t lay a hand down on her sister whom she happened to encounter. You probably felt that what Kasane feared the most isn’t ‘death’, right.”

Looking down on Nogiku, Kasane says that is so. Holding frightened Nogiku’s face, Kasane says, “Having this kind of ugly appearance at the most important moment onstage, exposed in the eyes of the multitude of people in front.. just thinking of it sends a cold chill all over my body. It also means that compared to death, you want me to taste the flavor of suffering and agony, right..?”
Sitting on the chair, Kingo says that speaking of that, during the time when Nogiku is going to carry her plan out, it naturally become obvious. “And besides, you also said it. ‘I really anticipate seeing that person’s acting talent going to the highest climax..’...

...Those are such casual words for it is simply like anticipating the ‘end’. You probably felt that because of that thing with Saginuma, you already dispelled our suspicions so you got careless, right. But, it’s very unfortunate. On contrary, that kind of thinking towards us has been advantageous to our side. We can make you feel that we ‘already believe Nogiku’...

... –In short, in order for Kasane to fall into the trap, you’ll come up with one action after another. But, on contrary, it exposes your fox’s tail [/evil intention]. *Nogiku grinds her teeth in frustration.* But even if it is like that.. Always until before the last performance, this SISTER of yours foolishly kept on trusting you.”
Nogiku looks surprised as she looks at Kasane. Kasane says Kingo made her do only two things. “During the switching for the performance at the storage room, I’m going to let you see me putting the lipstick inside the small purse. And also, it is only on the day of the last performance when I’ll replace the lipstick in the pouch with a fake one...

...if nothing happens, then any suspicions towards you will naturally be eliminated.. I always thought that but before the last switch, I have seen the lipstick in the pouch with my own eyes-- *Flashback: Kasane looked at the lipstick. Then, she dropped it* It is not the fake lipstick that I’ve prepared...

...*Kasane is in shock as tears fell down her eyes. End flashback.* Thus, I finally understood. *smiles at scared Nogiku* I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know anything at all!! Up to now, don’t you feel that I’m really ridiculous, right?...
...With such ugly looks yet you’re able to deceive me round and round that I am going into the trap by myself..! (I didn’t think that your smile and kind words, all of that is unexpectedly just pretend for this ruthless plan.) ..during the last switch in the storage room, *grabs Nogiku’s arm tightly* it has been such a great help that the room is pitch black...

...*scene of Kasane grinding her teeth as she is going to kiss Nogiku* Even if it is me, I actually couldn’t suppress this kind of excessive humiliation at that time..!” Nogiku is shock as she thinks then when Kasane was trembling, wasn’t because she’s nervous..?

Kingo says that afterwards, just now, he finally told Kasane that Nogiku is actually her younger half-sister [/same father but different mother] and also the possibility that this younger sister has killed Tanzawa Nina. Nogiku looks down. Kasane releases her and stands up. She says, “Nogiku, starting from here on, there’s finally no need to lie to each other so let’s be frank with each other in this basement.”
After looking surprised, Nogiku grinds her teeth and asks, “Are you finished acting [/saying that long winded story]? *glares at glaring Kasane* ..acting [/talking] as if you are the victim! Obviously, all of this is retribution due to the sin that you and IZANA committed!”

While Kingo quietly looks on, Kasane asks, “..Izana?” Somewhat smiling, Nogiku says that she still really doesn’t know anything. “Could it be that you didn’t think of it before? In order for your mother to become ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’, she made use of my mother and even caused her to die [/used her to death]..!!”

While Kingo watches her, Kasane says is that so. “It isn’t hard to imagine that kind of goal [person] exists [/that it has come to this]. Really pitiful..but, what about it? Without your mother’s face, mama.. will definitely have no way of keep living on as a human. *Nogiku looks shock while Kingo smiles upon hearing Kasane’s reply* Thinking of it that way, this is an inevitable sacrifice isn’t it so? Even if you hate her, I can also really understand it.”
Nogiku exclaims that she’ll unexpectedly say that it is inevitable..? Kasane says, “But, Nogiku, your hate towards my mother doesn’t have any relation towards me and also, Nina.” Nogiku shouts what is she saying, of course, it is related!? “Right now, aren’t you using IZANA’s lipstick..”

Kasane tells her that the one who caused misfortune on Nogiku’s mother isn’t her [Kasane]. “It is simply because the person you hate is already dead so you are venting all of your anger out on me.” Kingo comments that is precisely so [/inevitable]. Kasane glares at Kingo and tells him that he also doesn’t have the right to say that to someone else.

“Do not lump me together with you who is still infatuated with a dead person. *Kingo looks displeased* I’m using the lipstick for me to be able to exist on in this world at this very moment (right now) and that’s all there is to it!!” Nogiku mutters, “ are simply a monster [/freak]..are you even still human!!”
Kasane glares at her and says, “Hmph, it is also useless to continue the conversation. Anyway, you cannot understand the many pains of an ugly person (monster).” Kingo asks if she’s going back. Walking out, Kasane says yes.

Before heading out of the door, Kasane says, “Ah, one more thing. Nogiku, if you want to hurt your own face or perhaps, something much serious like commit suicide, it is fine for I’ll simply just look for another prey. *looks at surprised Nogiku* There’s basically no need to worry. I already won’t choose another method again. [/The lipstick is still in my hands and I already won’t have any other misgivings.]...

...If you still want to die then at that time, you can go ahead and do just that. Anyway, there’s nothing much to you except from being futile life.” Kasane left as Kingo shouts for her to wait up. As Kingo follows Kasane and closes the door, a tear falls from Nogiku’s eye.
While walking upstairs, Kasane tells Kingo that he seems to look happy. “Is it because you won the bet?” Kingo chuckles and admits that it is part of the reason. Holding on the door knob, Kasane says, “About whether or not, Nogiku will betray..

...Even if I lost the bet because I believed in her, *opens the door* but that is because you already prepared to deliberately frame me. [/but that is because you earlier had proof of Nogiku’s betrayal so you proposed that bet to me.]” Kingo asks if she is angry. Kasane denies it.

Kingo says, “‘If I win, then we’ll lock Nogiku up. If you win, ‘I’ll tell you the truth about your mother’. *grabs Kasane’s wrist that Kasane shouts for him to let her go..* Even if I’m the one who won.. okay, because it happens to be a good opportunity. *leans surprised Kasane slightly back* I’ll tell you about that woman [/what kind of woman she was], IZANA.”
Comment: There are two translations in some parts since I’m basing it on two Chinese translators ^^; Anyway, I think this is a very crucial point in Kasane’s life. Because of Nogiku’s betrayal, she has already thrown away her hesitation of using others. Whether it is temporary or permanent, time will tell because she definitely do not want to trust/be fooled by someone again no matter how nice they are to her eve if they are sincere or not.

I think the only person who was genuinely nice to her was that girl whom she switched faces with for the second time. I would presume that at that time, she couldn’t bring herself to be with that girl. With Nina, it was a mutual benefit until Nina had a meltdown. She has her misgiving yet she totally believed Nogiku. I guess it must be some sisterly bond but after this, it is probably no more of that for Kasane. She’s on her own. Even if Kingo is helping her, he obviously has his own reasons for doing so.

I guess Kasane is fine with ‘parasitism’ which what she seems to imply with her talk with Nogiku. It is indeed morally bad yet it exists and is need by some living things to survive. Well, even humans in some other forms. In a way whatever Nogiku did/plotted had the opposite effect. She tried to make them believe her by being somewhat frank. She is also being assured by their actions and words that they believe her but it makes them more suspicious of her.

Just when she wanted to ‘stop’ this monster, as she unwittingly predicted earlier on, Nogiku ended up making the monster stronger or really created a monster of Kasane who will use other people with the help of the lipstick and she would keep doing so regardless what the ‘preys’ do to themselves because of it. I guess that attitude made Kingo really happy for it must be the same with Izana’s.

Somehow, based on the title of this chapter, I would think of Kasane as some poor victim of a horror movie who after being bullied and betrayed, in the end, becomes a ‘monster’. Something like, Sadako of the Ring or Carrie. She can now go from one prey to another without remorse.

Still, I would think that all of it is temporary because the face is the only thing that is switched, the body doesn’t. What then when Kasane becomes old? Until when will she keep on doing that? Get a still somewhat good looking old woman’s face so that she can still act?

Indeed, there is nothing much to say if Nogiku started calling her a ‘monster’ and probably won’t try to understand her. So, it is quite tragic that Nogiku is very hung up on the past and revenge that it ended up back firing on her. I wonder what she’ll do now? Will Yuuto somehow help her out later on?

I get the feeling that Kingo left out Nogiku’s story about what the father did to her. That might help Kasane understand Nogiku’s anger and revenge rather than it being just about her mother. IIasdfasdfjIIAnyway, it’s time to know more about Izana. I guess Kingo decided to finally tell her because of Kasane’s current attitude. Of course, it will be beneficial to his goal. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Thanks for the translation!
    I thought Nogiku was fairly self-centered from the beginning. I mean, so is Kasane, but Nogiku just assumes that she is the only one who really suffered and comes up with this elaborate plot to ruin her sister. If she had actually taken the time to get to know Kasane herself, then maybe it would not have come to this. They could have helped each other if they both accepted the other without judgement.

    1. I actually think that Nogiku is not selfish because she wanted to stop Kasane for her mother and Nina. Nina was the one who unfortunately wished to die. And what would happen if they did help each other out? Kasane would be same as her mother. I actually doubt that Kasane could marry Nobuhiko because he would definitely find out and he seems to be a nice guy unlike Nogiku's father who had children with both women and knew about everything. Nogiku would never help Kasane that way and if she did,she would lose herself and would end up like Nina. It is a horrible tragedy. I actually wish best for Nogiku and not for Kasane... I know that being ugly is unfortunate but she should have accepted herself...but there is no way back because she truly has become a monster.
      I am not trying to be mean but I myself am an ugly person who is invisible to others no matter how much I try to get noticed and have friends. I have accepted that I will be Kasane too can accept who he is.
      Lol I know it sounds super serious but it is a work of fiction and those are our opinions. I just think like that ^ ^"
      Oh and message for Kat: a big thank you for the summary :3
      Manga translations are slow because of not many people trabslate it and series is unlicenced so I have nowhere to read it. I am very happy :DD

    2. Thanks for reading, Anonymous [1] ^-^


    3. Anonymous[2], if Nogiku purely wants to help out Kasane and Kasane can sincerely trust her, I think it won't end up like what happened to Nina. Nogiku would still be free that she can do all the things that she wasn't able to do when she was locked up.

      With Kasane's earnings, Nogiku will be well provided for so she doesn't have to sell herself anymore. I think it would be a great mutual benefit relationship. It didn't work out with Nina because iirc, Nina wanted to be an actress and after Kasane's amazing performance, she knew she cannot match it and she will be a 'washed out' actress..something. She also has a health problem.

      As for Nobuhiko, I think Kasane will sacrifice love for fame/acting on stage. Also, as you implied, it is doubtful that he'll marry her upon learning her ugly looks. And, I even wonder if Kasane wants to have a child for there is a high possibility that she'll pass the 'ugly looks' genes.

      Actually, for Kasane, I think it is different from being invisible to others. She is being badly bullied from elementary to either junior high or high school. I think even if she gets a job, that will definitely continue. Well, in her world since it is very dark. Hm..not sure who'll hire her though. ^^; And it seems like she's someone only one's own mother will love.

      Now, if she was just ignored by others and she is doing that, I would most likely agree with you. It happened with a similar series: Uchuu o Kakeru Yodaka. I only read bits of it but it seems ugly girl is jealous of cute girl and forcefully switched bodies with her.

      Yup, no problem, I get your perspective ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. Thank you for the translation Kat,, ^^

    It's the first time I read this kind of manga. It's so intrigued. I still don't know whether I root for Kasane or not. "Saki" is such glamorous entity I'm root for instead.
    But what will happen to Nogiku after her plot exposed like that. I'm anxious for her, what Nogiku will do. I hope she got some justice, redemption, peace & freedom. But what if she chooses tragedy path? I root for her too, but Kasane words spot on regarding to the revenge plan.

    About your comment "Nogiku would still be free that she can do all the things that she wasn't able to do when she was locked up." It's still unclear what is her purpose life beside her revenge. Wouldn't it go the same way as her mother was with Izana, had no life. >.<

    What a sad & ironic. I can relate to "invisible to others no matter how much I try to get noticed and have friends." things.
    Anyway, have a great day.. ^^


    1. Thanks for reading, Eri ^-^

      Isn't it so? that so.

      Indeed... I also wonder what she'll do. For now, it looks bleak.

      Actually, I think there is none. Iirc, she seems to hinted to at least want to do this then, that's it..don't care what happens to her. I mentioned that because when talking with Yuuto, she perked up like a child when zoo is mentioned.

      Her awful father deliberately didn't teach her how to live outside so she would be always be dependent on him. So, I'm thinking if she wasn't that bent on revenge, she could have 'used' Kasane to learn more about the world, learn to earn money aside from prostituting herself, etc.

      Kasane was also fond of her that they would eat, talk and walk around together. Well, Kasane as 'Nina'. Of course, I assumed Nogiku thinks that was all 'fake'. <- everything crumbled when she found the real Nina.


      Have a great day, too ^^

  3. when do you think you'll summarize chapter 75?

    1. Can't say, blme. The other Chinese scanlation isn't out yet.

  4. Thank you for the translate ! And for you know : I'm french (sorry for my bad English)... I discover the Manga resently and think that was one of the beast Manga I ever Read !

    I love Kasane (maybe because I'm like her ?), I made a cosplay of her ! Na ! X3

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ Yup, it's quite good ^^

      Wow ^^