May 19, 2016

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 46]

The Himesaka girls has started to play their piece, Three Variation [/Adaptation]. Chika and others look tense over the music. Kazusa and others are in total concentration in playing their piece perfectly. Chika and others felt being pulled back by the music’s force.

Tsukagi wonders if this is for real because these guys are not only playing sixteenth notes but it is also flowing [/smooth and easy] and clearly distinct. “Obviously, the number of people [in their group] are a lot yet controlling [/pressing] the note as well as the tuning are not even disorderly to the slightest degree since it is all adjusted to uniformity..!!”
Sane, Michi and Kouta are tense as they wonder how they [Himesaka] are moving their hands. Hiro thinks that they are playing so fast yet how come no one had knocked down [/break] the bridge [of the koto]. Watching backstage with the adviser, Hozumi thinks that everyone is so amazing. She mentally cheers them on, gambatte, gambatte.

The adviser glances at Hozumi and recalls that time. Flashback: Hozumi told the adviser that she wants to be in the logistics. She said that during the Nationals, the non-performing members would help out at the side so she wants to also help everyone like that during the preliminaries.
Looking somewhat surprised, the adviser said that even if it is alright and perhaps, it is best that she can come to help. Then, the adviser asked if she isn’t forcing herself after all, she was the one who dropped her off [from the performance] so it is possible that she isn’t suited to ask this but, if she feels bad..

Hozumi admitted she feels bad..feels very bad but after two days from the announcement of the selection results.. Flashback 2: Hozumi is hesitant to open the door to the club. She is surprised when Rui suddenly put her arms around Hozumi and greeted her a good morning. Rui asked if she heard that starting today, the practice time has greatly increased.
“That is because of Kazusa and Wakaba, those two whose relationship is quite bad. Yesterday, they directly went to find sensei to talk it over.” Hozumi said is that so..those two.. Entering in the club room, Rui told Hozumi not to let her hands’ feeling become too rusty [/out of practice]. “We will still play together during the Nationals.” Hozumi is surprised as her friends smiled at her. End flashback 2.

Hozumi said, “In the end, I’ll definitely regret it if I only have those feelings of disappointment while passing this period of time until the end of the preliminaries. I also have comrades who are able to say that kind of words to me. I also want to be with everyone in doing their utmost best during this time.” End flashback.
The adviser looks back at the performance and thinks that no matter what, she also wants to make these children participate in the Nationals, please. Suzuka thinks that always until now, there is no trace of it being disorderly. Yamamoto thinks that it’s so amazing. Satowa thinks that it is almost the start of the third part—

The Himesaka girls strum their koto at the same time. Everyone is shock by the force of their music again. Tsukaji thinks that on top of the string breaking sixteenth notes, there are irregular pressing of half notes or perhaps whole notes. “And all at the same time, with so many people, are they humans!!?”
Komaki asks what is this..the koto..playing it quite amazingly.. Kinoshita looks really aghast as she wonders that for them to play this..they are high school students like them, right..? “And, they are playing the same musical instrument like ours, right..?” Hozumi is teary-eyed over the performance.

Looking really determined, Kazusa thinks, “Won’t say again BECAUSE WE ARE HIMESAKA and lower our guard. IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE HIMESAKA SO WE’LL WIN!!!” As Chika’s group watches, Chika thinks, “ amazing. ..ah, this is.. yes, I also understand. This is the timbre that can be played due to ‘not knowing how many ten thousand times I’ve practiced this’.”
And, Himesaka finishes playing. Nene and everyone applaud. Sou [judge] comments that no wonder it is.. Kazusa looks at Wakaba who smiles back at her. Kazusa sees Hozumi with their adviser clapping. Seeing Hozumi’s smiling expression made Kazusa smile.

After clapping, Satowa[?] thinks that even if this group played quite meticulously on top of it being very uniform but they unexpectedly practiced up to this point-- Chika says that until now, he once dislike their [Himesaka] performance but the performance just now is really good! The others look surprised at his comment.
Sane, Michi and Kouta tearfully scold Chika for being an idiot for what’s up that he’ll suddenly approve of the opponent and approving of them is equal to losing!! Chika shouts for them to shut up, good is good! “But our performance is better!!” Suzuka lets out a laugh. This irked Chika that he asks what is Suzuka laughing for.

Suzuka says that it is nothing, ya, he felt that part of Chika is really good. Michi says that it is the part of being too frank to the point of being stupid. Sane says an optimistic idiot. Kouta says that he also likes that part of Chika. Boink. Boink. Boink. With bumps on their head, the three shouts that they were obviously praising him.
Takezou shouts where Chika is going. Chika angrily shouts, toilet!! Someone tells him to quickly come back for the next one will start soon. Chika shouts he knows already!! Satowa just thinks, geez.. Looking nervous, Tsukaji mutters that Kanagawa’s king is really impressive.

While Komaki is raving over how cool koto is, Tsukaji thinks that merely losing once can arouse the king up to this degree. “‘Three Variation’ demands a pair to match each other. It is already quite difficult but unexpectedly a group of high school students can perfectly play it using that many people. Surveying the Nationals, it is also estimated that one couldn’t find a second group [like this]...
...Even if one cannot say ‘playing orderly’ is the whole performance but to be able to uniformly deduce it up to this level, it cannot be helped for people to be become amazed [by it]. It is impossible that there is still a high school that can surpass them!!” Fujimoto stands up from his seat. Kinoshita is still aghast for she couldn’t believe that the level of the preliminaries is this high.

“Even if I saw the DVD of the previous preliminaries at the club room..but it is totally different when it is heard onsite and no wonder it is the timbre and resolution.” She snaps out of it when Fujimoto calls out to her and says that it is almost time for them to prepare so they should go.

Kinoshita says yes. Then, she looks surprised. She looks at her trembling legs. She wonders what to do for her legs are trembling and she couldn’t muster up her strength [to stand up]. Kinoshita apologizes to Fujimoto and asks him to please go ahead. This irks Fujimoto and asks she shouldn’t be going all stage fright after reaching this point.
“What kind of joke is this. Isn’t it because you said that no matter what you wanted to appear onstage in a tournament. That is why I came along with you. *Kinoshita looks surprised* Geez..let’s go, Kagari.” Kagari asks if they are going, what about Kinoshita. Fujimoto shouts who cares about her. Kagari asks, huh-?

Kinoshita thinks, “Ever since from the start, my name is always bypassed. *the teacher scratched his head and said, strange, who else didn’t he call [during roll call] and Kinoshita raised up her hand to timidly say, ah..* When dividing into groups, there is also no one who’ll think of me. *other girls ignore her*...

...I’m always a dispensable existence. I already really hated the me who is like this. People who are engrossed over something *a girl painting* people whose members [of the team] mutually helping and working together. *guy with his basketball teammates* In my view, these people are quite dazzling and they make me envious...
...*the adviser said, ‘ah, you want to join the Nationals preliminaries. Is that so? That exam study leave. Ah, you guys also didn’t participate in some club activity. In the end, it is very good to join one.’* -Wrong *Fujimoto complained that the tournament is very annoying and Kagari asked if it is that kind of ‘holding a club activity’ feeling’* I--”

Kinoshita starts slouching and lowering her head down. Then, she sees Chika’s face. Startled, she immediately sits up. Chika asks where she is feeling uncomfortable. This puzzles her. Chika explains that he saw her always lowering her head and she is quite listless. She says no, she is okay and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable anywhere..sorry..
Standing up, Chika says okay, then that’s good, he’ll go to the toilet. Before he leaves, he notices Kinoshita trembling. He asks where are her school mates, aren’t they around. She tells him that they went ahead to the tuning room. He asks her if she doesn’t plan on going and isn’t she going onstage.

She says, ah..she..right now, she is very scared and her performance is really awful so..her legs won’t listen to her..she couldn’t stand up. She wonders what she is saying for obviously, he is someone whom she met for the first time--.. To her surprise, Chika grabs her arm and pulls her up. He says that she’s standing already. Surprised Kinoshita says ah, yes!!
Chika asks if she wants him to carry her to the tuning room. Kinoshita assures him that she is alright. Turning around to leave, Chika says ah, is that so. She calls out to him. He turns to ask, ha? She is surprised that she would call him. She struggles to say..ah..that you..

Chika tells her, “In the performance later on, let us do our best.” She says eh. He already left. Recalling him telling her ‘let us do our best’, Kinoshita becomes teary-eyed for it is the first time someone said those words to her. Then, she notices that her legs are no longer trembling. She takes her bag and goes upstairs.
At the hallway, Chika wonders what’s with that ‘let us do our best’ and is it the first time he said those words. He blushes for he suddenly feels a bit embarrassed. Recalling the time when they were so nervous and Kinoshita saying ‘legs won’t listen’, Chika thinks that everyone is like that.

Soon, fourth group, Kanagawa Kisa High’s ‘Spring Poetry Anthology’ is being performed. Kinoshita joins her club members. Irked Fujimoto asks what, he thought that she was so afraid that she run back home. “Can you properly play?” Kinoshita says yes, she’s truly sorry. Fujimoto says okay, quickly get ready.
Recalling what Chika told her, Kinoshita calls out to the two and says, “In the performance later on... let us do our best... After all, this is the last opportunity when all three of us can play onstage..” She is surprised when Fujimoto asks what she is saying.

“I’m really disgusted with that- such insincere lines. Do you feel that no matter what you have to first say some nice words? Forget about that kind of words and quickly get ready!” Kagari tells her what’s the use of saying ‘do your best’ but rather, it would be better to hurry and finish this so that they can go home because there is a television drama that she wants to watch.
Kinoshita becomes downcast. She thinks, “‘Let us do our best’ –ah ah, as matters stand.. what am I still expecting. ..really like an idiot. As matters stand, I’m still dreaming.” At Houdzuki residence, Akira is hurriedly walking through the hallway. She didn’t think that the practice time would drag so long and she has to quickly go to the venue.

Akira notices her grandmother coming out of the room. Doujima quickly goes back in. Akira wonders if she is still angry although, this is inevitable.. Then, she looks at the other room. In her room, Chiharu has just received Satowa’s letter. She starts to read it.
Comment: And, Himesaka is the school to beat. Not only the students but also the adults are all amazed by their performance that seems to surpass human level. It turns out that be a very complicated and fast piece that I guess it is really amazing that they played it without any mistakes.

It made me think that no matter how the competition ends, they can have a career in playing koto. Actually, to be this dedicated and hardworking to achieve this feat, they can become successful people in the future.

Hozumi’s attitude after not being selected is also quite good. She doesn’t want to sulk and be jealous but rather, she makes it to a point to be part of the team. It helps a lot that the others will make sure they’ll get to the Nationals where she can join and play with them again. She would to repay that touching gesture.

As usual, Chika is being cute with his comments. He’s really quite optimistic to the point of being a naïve idiot. Of course, that is good in a way rather than become like Kinoshita. Kinoshita is in such an awful group. They just want to do it and get it over with. It cannot even be called a group like the others are. She does long to have friends and that is probably why she joined a club. She hopes that their relationship will become better because of the competition but as shown later on, they aren’t into that kind of things.

So, I’m wondering is the mangaka just showing that not all groups are like Chika’s and the others’? There are groups that who aren’t really into competing and aren’t really close to each other. I would think that their music will reflect on that. Hm..I wonder if this is Kinoshita’s last opportunity to play because if it isn’t, I’m thinking that she might want to transfer school to Tokize.

As for the mother, I’m not sure if she’ll still be stubborn and won’t go see the performance. Also, will Akira urge her to go? Maybe force her to go? I think the next chapter will start with whatever is written on the letter. Scans by 二次元秘店

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  1. Thanks for the summary Kat. I really wish I could hear them playing the koto. Man, it'd be so great if there was anime adaptation, so I could hear all the pieces they've played so far. And are playing now in this competition to the Nationals. Himesaka definitely wowed everyone. I'd like Kinoshita to transfer over to Tokize too after seeing her group. Poor her.

    1. You know you can type up Kono Oto Tomare on youtube and they'll have a few renditions of the pieces they play if you really want to hear.

    2. Thanks for reading, Lidy ^-^

      Yup, I agree ^^

  2. Thanks, Kat!! Seeing this post made me really happy ^^

  3. Thanks Kat, that came out sooner than expected, and it was good.

    Does this song is composed entirely by 1/16 notes? And here I am, having trouble with 1/4 and almost dying to get to 1/8, lol. No wonder everyone was taken by the performance, they'd have to be a machine to play it all and so well, I so want to hear it now, really! Doesn't even need to be an anime adaptation, I just want to get a glimpse of the feels the song must have!

    Poor Kinoshita, I understand her comrades disdain, either they're really some snob talented who are just there for the heck of it, or I don't even know what's going on, lol. Gambatte, Kinoshita, we're all waiting you at Tokize, lol.

    Regarding SnK, I've seen that cover, but for some unknown reason, I didn't even manage to congitate that it'd be a spin-off called about the girls, though it's clearly there for anyone to see it. So, if some kindhearted human being manage to translate it, I'll certainly have a look at it, despite not liking any of the other spins...

    For real. The author is Sasuka Kei, Good Ending mangaka - though that name it's quite ironic, seeing how everything was good, but the ending, lol. Yea, it was the female mc. I still remember the uproar when it was revealed shed dated before and wasn't virgin anymore. I know it's a culture thing, but really, death threat to your door over a fictional character? I try to be open minded, but something I can't just understand nor accept it.

    UBW and Heaven Feels are like another universe of Stay Night, in the visual novel, it's another route enterily, so not really a sequel, but a what if scenario.

    Doing my best, but I guess my health isn't what it used to be anymore, though it was never that good to begin with, lol.

    Thanks again, Kat!

    1. You're welcome, Fê ^-^ Yup.

      Ya..I assume that it is all 1/16 notes and assuming the left hand is different like playing the piano, the last part includes playing one or half notes along with the 1/16 notes in some parts.

      I think that they are there for the heck of it. Indeed.

      I haven't read it but the first chapter of the manga was scanlated in English. Maybe wait for some more time for it to continue? I don't seem to have seen it in the Chinese sites.

      True..there are people who take it very seriously. Probably hard core types.

      Ah..okay. So, it is like a game with multiple endings =P

      Is that so. Maybe your body is still recuperating? Of course, take it easy if you can, stress isn't good for the health.

      You're welcome ^^

    2. The left hand is for pressing the cords and give the vibrances and difference in tones, though I've seen some players also pluck, so I guess it depends more on the song to determine which function it will have. So, all in all, they're great players, talented ones who put even more effort into playing, not the cliched ones that are talented and don't need training we see it often. Kinda refreshing, though scary to imagine, lol.

      Which is strange, isn't it? I mean, koto is one hell of a difficult instrument for one to play, and I'd wager is not for eveyryone, meaning, it's not for anyone who just so happens to like koto or are into it, koto demands a lot of the player, as seen with Akira's struggle and now with Tokize gang, despite Chika's seemingly talent, he still fights hard enough to learn the basics, so if they're just for the lolz, I don't whant to think.

      Maybe the author may try to portray some contrasts with Kinoshita and her group compared to all the others, I mean, every group have it's antics that contraries with another, so, I don't know.

      Dind't know either. Will look into it in some sites, hope it's not a lazy scan/trans, though. Don't want to belitle or badmouth anyone, but there's some scans/trans that it'd be better to wait for 'clearer' one since it's too hard to understand. Have tried to read ones of some series I used to follow, but decided was not worth the effort, lol.

      Yea, actually, Fate is a ero-game with three different routes and a lot of 'endings', the first anime adaptation failed, my guess, 'cause it tried to muster all three routes into one setting and that just doesn't work. Then we have Fate Zero, which is a prequel for the main series and have only one route and only one end, Ataraxia is the continuation of the game, though we don't know which route it followed. And of course, all the extras and spin offs.

      Yea, I'm trying, not very succesfully, but I'm still trying, lol. Thanks Kat!

    3. Indeed so perhaps, some chords are played 1/16 and then suddenly half note? Either way, it needs a lot of practice to be able to not get all confused when one is playing it in such a fast tempo.

      Ya..but still, for them to enter the preliminaries, they should have some level of skill in their performance even if they are doing things half-heartedly. I was about to say that they might just play some nursery rhyme piece but then, I don't think that the organizers will allow that. So, maybe they are talented but have no goals so take it easy? What do you think?

      True. I guess we'll know later on.

      Ya..difficult to understand = more mental effort.

      I see. Thanks for the info. ^^ Well, I guess they are banking on its popularity to still make Fate Zero after the first one failed..and from the animation, a lot of budget.


    4. I think the most impressive about their performance is that all of them played in equal measure, no one stood out, nor for worst and neither for better. Unity indeed, and I - who has being in an orchestra and had a number of different bands - can say that play like that is hell, hard and awesome when we can pull it off. Wish they'd do with this presentation what they did with some previous one, I'd really love to hear.

      They must be talented, but the sort that don't really value what they have and not very interested in anything. That's the vibe I get from those two. They're very calm to be at the stage soon after Himegirls performance, I've only seen people stay calm like that if they're confident enough in themselves, I mean, even if the aren't into it, they must have some kind of pride to protect, right? I'd be like Kinoshita, and people used to say that I was as cold blooded as it can be, so... Hoping for something interesting regarding them.

      That's why I don't really use otakumole to read, not that the translations are bad, they're actually pretty good, but the reader... I mean, I'm too much of an idiot to be able to go back and forth and still have to open the image and whatnot, it's too demanding for someone like me, lol.

      Well, most people think the first anime failed, I myself think it doesn't 'cause I see it as more of a advertising them a proper media, and seeing how populer the series is now - to be able to have it's own studio, I can't really say it as a failure, can't I? It just that people don't like the first anime, so yea, it's kinda complicated, lol.

    5. Ya..and after playing that way with a group, it must be such a high especially if it is 'perfect' ^^ I do wonder if it is possible in real life or it is only for 'manga'. You know, exaggerating things.

      Possible. Or, they just don't care? Like stay calm = indifference. I'm thinking that it is either of the two. Yup ^^

      Is that so.

      I see. But then, when you say 'failed' that profit-wise or popularity-wise or both? Personally, I won't easily recommend the first anime. I like the prologue. Unlimited..not so much. Hm..makes me wonder if I don't like the 'current' cast especially the orange haired kid..ya, Shiro...just remembered his name. ^^;;

    6. It's one helluva thrill, I tell ya, and if the public went wild 'cause of your performance, it's a sensation I can't put into words. Here, in the manga, I guess there wasn't an uproar 'cause the culture of the koto being all traditionalists and having to put up a facade and so on. If was there, I'd be kicked out, for sure, lol.

      Yea, I just think that, as a former performer, you woudn't want to play in any which way after someone who raised the bar for everyone else. In my mind, you'd at least want to put a decent show, do your best not to dissapoint the public etc. But, seeing like you said, and being a competition, I guess you're right, they most likely don't care even if they get mocked by it.

      It's just, as a musician myself, I find that attittude quite rude, any musician'd like to play their best in front of any crowd - it's what a I learnt from my failed experiences, lol.

      Popularity wise, while I do like the first adaptation, I know full well that it's a cluster f***, so I too, wouldn't recommend the fisrt anime, would totally recommed the game, though. Yea, theres no one that I know or have spoken to that live Shiro - though almost of them like his other persona *spoiler alert- Archer. And again, I find myself being the only one that likes him, lol.

    7. Lol..yup.


      True, still, if they don't really care at all, is amazing that they even have a little bit of initiative to want to do it. I'm curious what for. Just because Kinoshita said so? It doesn't make sense. Unless it is an alibi to not go to school or get a certain high grade for music class or something =P

      Lol..well, the other persona is 'macho' =P I read comments that he makes some male readers become 'gay' =P Of course, in a joking kind of way. I do get what Shiro stands for but then, I guess it can come out as annoying. ^^; Maybe it is the voice..=P

    8. Yea, I hear that being in a club of sorts helps/improves your curriculum - my school didn't have that kind of support, though - so, maybe that's it? I can't, for the life of me, wrap my mind around those guys and that attitude, just can't.

      I hear that, but in my case, Alexender/Iskandar/Rider from Zero that takes me away, strange enough, a lot of people, and I mean a lot, say that I somewhat resemble Iskander, personality wise. Just don't know if that's a compliment or what, lol. And funny you mention Shiro's voice, it's the same as Ishida, from Bleach, lol.

    9. Ya..definitely there is a reason for them to even go there and perform. Indeed..and aside from music, I think it is ingrained in the personality like how Fujimoto reacted when he was bumped into by Takezou. And to be in a group with that kind of people..ah, very difficult.

      Oh, he is one of the main reasons why I like Zero ^^ Very likeable guy. Hehe, do they mean the personality, physical appearance or both? ^^

      Lol, I know. I was wondering why..maybe with all the speech, it came out somewhat whiny/annoying. Ishida doesn't talk too much, iirc.

    10. I'm certain that I wouldn't be able to cope with those guys, that's why I'm tryng to find a reason for that behaviour and why in the world would they choose to be in a koto club - knowing how that instrument consumes you. Must be the grade system or else everything that comes to mind makes no sense to me, lol.

      Really? He's pretty pop indeed, I've seen none that disliked him. And it's the personality, people say that I too am very easygoing and have a nice sense of humour, besides the love for some good wine. But I sure as hell wouldn't mind being a bulky 7 foot redhaired funny man, lol.

      I was talking to a friend of mine about that a couple of days ago, why Shiro is annoyng - not that I find him to be, but everyone else does, so yea - she said that Shiro was supposed to be a girl and Saber a guy, and the editors had Nasu change it 'cause the public demographic they were aiming at, so in order not to change much of the story, they just changed the genders of theses chars, and Saber being a petit girl would evoke a feeling that she must be protected, despite being one of the most powerful chars in the story, and to maximize that feeling, they had Nasu write Shiro that way, constantly shouting that no matter what, she's a girl, and him, as a man, can't stand to just watch, despite causing more trouble with his involvement. Though a little sexist - I reckon - it does explain his annoying and repetitive demeanor; the fact that there's a Fate Prototype with the genders inverted I guess proves that statement.

    11. True..we'll probably know more about it in the next chapter.


      Is that so...then there will be no Archer. ^^; Though it will explain why 'Arthur' became a girl. ^^;; Still, cannot quite imagine if I'll be more okay with Shiro being a girl. I mean, would the rest of the cast gender be switched too or the aim was GL?

    12. Hopefully, this is one manga where I don't really mind seeing more of other chars besides the main group.

      And it was more, how can I say, ecchi, since Shiro girl had that magic circuit in her chest, from where Artur would come forth. That's actually an ova/episode called Fate Prototype that supposedly shows what was first intented. It's very short, but I guess it's worth it just so we can see more of this world - same world as Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai, and iirc, the other works from typemoon written by Nasu.

    13. True...the mangaka makes them equally interesting ^^

      Is that so ^^ Things would definitely be different. And..that would mean for the others, it is also at the chest? ^^;

      Was Fate in the same world as Tsukihime and KnK? I know those two are the same with some overlapping characters. I actually like the powers of the mc on that two series. But the plot seems..something is lacking. I haven't even finished watching KnK..the gap is too long per episode and it doesn't help that the sequence is all over the place ^^;;

      Are they still making new stories? I thought it was all stuck with Fate and nothing more. ^^;

    14. I don't remember if the others were even shown, just ther, Arthur and the fight in the subway the look cool, I guess it was against Lancer, that were different too, but male still.

      Yea, they're all connected in some way. I remember that, in Heaven Feels, the true ending had implied that the redhaired woman detective of KnK was one of Shiro helpers in keeping him alive.I haven't read or watched anything besided Fate and KnK, but all his works are linked together by some way. There's a manga called Mahou Tsukai something that it's about a mage clan, which is the redhaired family, which in turn are one of the big guns in Tsukihime's...

      The fans called 'Nasuverse', seeing how all his works share the same universe.

    15. Ah, it was only the main couple whose genders are reversed.

      I see..thanks for the info ^^

      Well, I do recall this anime wherein they are all chibi and it is all jokes and stuff. Of course, I tend to get confused at times over who's who since it is already such a 'big universe' ^^ I do like the vas of the villains in Fate.

    16. Yea, it's very short 'special/ova', more like a what if scenario.

      I guess that's the Carnival Specials, it's like a tribute to all the series and a party where all chars from all series come together and make fun of one another. There are some good inner jokes, if it's what I'm thinking about.

    17. Yes, it is that Carnival Specials. I only watched a few episodes. ^^; The dancing scene at the start is quite cute though ^^

  4. Yea, they've even put some of those chibineko in some games, just to mess around, theses specials are almmost as pop as the main series.

    And there are some jokes/funny moments that I'm sure will remain forever in this rotten mind of mine, lol.

    Speaking of my mind, I restarted Last Game, seeing how it's close to the end and just remembered why I decided to wait until it's finished. I'm not really the kind of guy/person who enjoys jerks chars, much less in romances stories. Soma is luck that Yanagi is such a good guy, if I were to be in Yanagi's shoes, Soma would've been in coma and that's 'cause I reached the 15th ch, lol.

    Stopped around 20th last time, don't know how I could stomach Soma antics aaaaaand how I could find Kujou denseness cute at the time, though she's cute, it's unnerving me atm, lol.

    Almost same thing with Nijiiro Days, I'm itching to catching up to the raws, but seeing how things are, I'll rather wait for the major scans group, guess I'm losing patience much too fast for my tastes, lol.

    1. that so ^^

      Ah, those antics are teasing Yanagi, right? Well, brace yourself, it is there until the second to the last chapter. Time will tell if it is still in the last chapter. ^^;

      I think I told you that Last Game is more on comedy = Souma teasing, Kujou dense and Yanagi the target. So, I think when the jokes on the misunderstandings, etc have, more or less, run out, it is time to end it. that so. Ah...which out of curiosity, which part is annoying you? I recall that you seem to like that series.

  5. Really? Until the last chapter? Dear God, I better find myself some wine before then, lol.

    Yea, I know, it's just that I'm really getting impatient more often, and some things that I use to look the other way are irking me way too much, even I'm finding that strange. But, I reckon, sometimes those things are cute and funny, I'd say that it's a miracle those guys are in college, but then I remember my time in college and see that's more common than not, I mean, people acting that way.

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I still love the show, Namaiki and Ore Monogatari beeing in my fav series, Nijiiro would be in after them if I were to name my fav shoujo manga. The parts that annoy me to hell are MarixMatsun and the current school trip arc with Mocchi ruining Nacchan's confession just so he can'confess first - good thing I know what will happen, but that doesn't make me dislike it less, lol.

    I guess I'm finding more annoying 'cause the anime, I've finally catch up just to see how the studio is handling things - those that annoy me - worse than the mangaka itself handled. Lke my friend said to me these days, you're going through a strong wine/love abstinence, you better find at least one of them as fast as you can. Guess I'll stick to the wine so far, it's easier, lol.

    1. Not the last least, I don't know yet ^^; but the chapter before the last chapter. He's still teasing Yanagi with Kujou.

      Hehe, I see. ^^

      Ah..okay. The annoying but necessary? parts, huh. If that school trip is the Kyoto one, wow, the anime is really catching up with the manga. Perhaps like what they did with Ore.

      Lol..maybe that's the reason for getting impatient? =P

    2. Aah, I see, I see. Well, what I can't really stand is the jerk-tease, you know? I get that it's supposed to be a funny thing, sometimes are, but normally it just piss me off for some reason. Like I said when Shizuka went to KuroShizuka. I have to deal with too many jerks in rl, don't need'em in my sweet vanilla romance manga, lol.

      It's not really necessary per se, 'cause the reasons Mari has to act that way is VERY shallow and the mangaka - in my eyes - didn't really tried to come up with something relatable or meaninful for her antics and 'love' for Anna, though MarixMatsun is kinda interesting, if only her past was better handled...T__T

      Yes, but I meant the english scans/translations. The anime it's a bit far from it yet, and I don't know if it's gonna get that far. I mean, it's a 10minute epi anime, and it already cut some nice things the manga had, so I don't know. If it comes that far I'll only be glad 'cause I won't have to wait much longer to see the Kyoto trip conclusion, though, like I said, I more or less so already know that Mocchi gonna be rejected.

      Yea, I already got me some nice wine, now I only need to stress a little less over things that I have no control whatsoever and focus on things I can enjoy, despite being very cranky these past days, lol.

    3. I see. It doesn't help if the female lead is totally clueless about it, huh?

      Ah..that part. Just a question though, does she and Anna always kept on crying even over little things? They give me that impression with the chapters I saw.

      10 minutes? That's quite short. Depending on the is going to be summer season for anime so unless it will continue through might end at Kyoto..if not, then, it will be at the school festival.

      Hehe...good for you ^^ And, what happens in a manga is really totally beyond our control. =P Of course, you mean other things than that ^^

    4. It really doesn't, sometimes I have to stop myself to not hang my monitor while screaming: come on, girl, have some common sense for Christ sake!!! But she's cute and I like when she goes on her monologues about her feeling distress when Yanagi is near other girls, and then I have to repeat the process to not hang the monitor, lol.

      Mari does, though I like her, she's really an annoyng crybaby - and the anime really emphasize that, I can hear her sayng "Anna" loud and clear. Anna, however, is almost expressionless, just smiles softly, and you could almost say that she's a bit of an airhead, but that goes strongly to Matsun's sister, Anna is dense, really dense - not on Kujou level though.

      My take is that both of them were always loners, so now while Anna enjoys the new atmosphere the guys bring, Mari is afraid of losing her one true friend, though she's opening up and softning little by little. Anna has actualy acknowledged her feelings, not only to the group, but the ones specially regarding Nacchan - and didn't take long for her to achieve that, but since she's dense, inexperienced and clueless, she takes her time while killing Nacchan, lol.

      Wow, I do talk too much, don't I? Holy mother of God...And well, the anime has 21 eps, despite being short ones, I think will end at the festival, if they decide not to cut anything else.

      Ya, lol. I really laughed with the joke, seriously, good one, lol. When I'm not stressing over work, sick leave's and how to maintain the house while being in bad condition, I stress over games, animes and mangas, you nailed, lol.

      Being cranky is hard, more trouble than it's worth it, lol.

    5. Lol..but what is 'hang my monitor'. For me, it is, want to punch the monitor. ^^;

      Okay..thanks for the info ^^

      I see..though 'killing Nacchan' involves? I read about Mari doing something to hinder the two, too. Was it childish pranks or something more serious?

      Don't mind. ^^ I see.. so perhaps, it ends at episode 24.

      Hehe, is that so ^^

      True...better watch some comedy to improve the mood =P

    6. I don't really like punching things, since I'm called PapaBear, I like to hug 'till crash, so hang my monitor'd be like squeezing it to the point the screen comes out, like the old cartoons when someone hug one so tight theyr eyes'd pop out, lol.

      Nah, Mari just says killing the lil'monkey 'cause she's afraid Anna would no longer pay any attention to her, but she doesn't go apeshi*crazy, just grabs Anna arm and badmouth Nacchan in a way supposed to be funny - I don't really find it funny, though I reckon what the mangaka is trying to go for. If anything, it'd be childish jealousy, not really pranks.

      Thank God you don't mind 'cause I myself find it reaaaaaaally boring to read or to talk too much, and I'm talking about myself here, lol.

      Yea, I'm betting so, though I still do'nt understand why they choose this method. They could've gone to the one course standard with 12 full episodes, but decided to go for more and episodes, but shorter. And the way I see, it's a low budget project, I really don't know.

      Yea, it's what I'm expading my horizons with, at least trying, never were the type to watch/read comedies, though people say that I should really work in this area, since I'm way too positive and easygoing, even when I'm cranky as hell, lol.

      At the moment I'm having fun with the last Souls game, though people call it a masochistc franchise, I actually find it fun to play. Do you know any Souls game?

    7. Ah..but aren't monitors these days LCD/LED? =P It will be harder to do that.

      Ah, I see. I thought there were something more because of all the crying and apology for being a hindrance. ^^;;


      If it is low budget, maybe they only have a few staff to work on it so short episodes per week? TV programs just need a bit of filler and want to earn while they're at it? <- hehe, crazy theories

      Hm..does that mean that you don't need it? But then, comedies can also be a matter of taste. For example, while I like Gintama, I'm not fond of the toilet humor but I would assume that most guys are into that. ^^;

      Sorry no. I actually first learned it from you. I'm already out of touch regarding games and even anime ;_;

    8. When people refer to you as PapaBear, CaveMan and a funnycute of a brute, then you have to know it's not that hard, even when you're sick, lol.

      Nah, it's just some teen drama making things bigger than they really are, especially Mari, since she's one of the most vocal characters in Nijiiro. Maybe that's wht I like here, despite being annoying as hell, I respect people who tell what's on their mind regardless the situation.

      Hahaha, maybe your theory hit the point, I don't know what to think besides that.

      Yea, it's not exactly that I don't need, more of that I never was much into it, you know? Besides, people tend to say that watch any movie with turns it into comedy, and I don't really think any of the jokes funny - when they try to be funny. I'm more into trash/action movies that don't take themselves seriously, I find it funnier to see how bad such scene was or how funny it'f be if they didn't try to make a tearjerk move or sometihing.

      tl;dr - I guess my sense of humour isn't polical correct, lol. But I like some mangas that are made to make you laugh 'til your sides falls off, like Angel Densetsu, D-Frag and Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa.

      Don't worry, I personally wouldn't reccomend it, despite being a fan myself, I mainly play it modded so I can mess around testing things like turning invisible and burning npcs without they even realize what's happening, lol.

    9. Hehe, is that so ^^

      I see. ^^

      Ah...would that include superhero-type action movies? Though I get what you mean. There are a couple of fantasy shoujo that is suppose to be very serious and everything but I find it more interesting to treat it as a comedy or else, end up in frustration over the stupidity of a lot of characters. Of course, it wears out very soon if the same thing kept on happening. ^^;

      I see..hehe, haven't read those. ^^; it is like GTA in fantasy world? I'm not that good in action-rpg. I tend to get confused with the buttons like in MGS 1. I kept on ending dead because I keep forgetting what button does what. ^^; So, I'm more on turn based rpg even if it gets boring in a while for being repetitive. I'm usually in it for the story. ^^;

    10. Yea, and they know PapaBear and FunnyBrute don't make all that happy, so I guess I kinda deserve 'cause I got them some nice nicknames too, lol.

      Aah, that's the most funny kind, I mean, they aren't really bad - the new ones - but I can't take it as a serious action movie, I just can't. I remember seeing the new Superman and remarkably saying, well, ofc Louis would fall first time met Superman, I'd too, I got my six pack right here, but I can't lift anything that weight twice of what I weight, and that hair, look at that hair - there was no one in the room that didn't laugh at me and said the same thing after. I was embarassed for real.

      Angel Densetsu is one of the first works from Claymore's mangaka, funny as hell, I had to actually stop reading and go wash 'cause I couldn't stop laughing bad, lucky me I was alone at my office, otherwise I'd got another nickname and one that wouldn't be anywhere funny, lol.

      Uhm, I don't play GTA, so I can't say that analogy is spot on, but it is an action rpg, you could even say is a hack'n slash rpg. Really? I suck at turnbased, that's one of the reasons I couldn't get into FF world, even though I do love the story, so I just watched on youtube - godbless youtubers for that, lol.

      I'm all in for the story, but sometimes - me being a simple and oldschool man - can't play somethings that demands patience or madskillz with analog, I can't do anything beyond moving with it, lol.

    11. Hehe..^^ You got an interesting group for you guys to have amusing nicknames ^^

      I see. So, those are included =P Sorry, but what about the hair? Isn't that the typical slick type? I haven't watched it though I did saw the trailer. We are talking about SvB, right?

      Lol..that would be bad. They might start calling a certain type of hospital =P But then, I find that interesting for Claymore mangaka would write a comedy which is a very different genre from Claymore.

      Well, in GTA, you are suppose to do some tasks to become some bigtime mafia boss-type. I played it a bit but my nephew is good at it. When he finished the game, I saw him playing before wherein he'll just walk around at some random people and start stabbing, car napping, destroying things, etc. So, I thought it might be similar to the Soul game.

      Of course, deep down, I'm wondering if I should tell him not to play that game since it is 'bad' or it is a boys' thing that they won't really do in real life. ^^;;

      Is that so. But then, doesn't action-rpg demand madskillz with the analog? I tried playing counterstrike with the nephew and never won. lame. But then, he had been playing it for so many times so..=P

      Indeed..those games do need a bit of patience especially the need to power up when the enemies are a bit way too powerful.

    12. Yea, a bunch of happy go meery weirdos, but yea, lol.

      His hair is all good, in the middle of a storm - still looks good, after falling the space? Yea, look good. When I used to be long hairded, a small breeze would make me look like a mad and evil version of a rebellious Jesus, so you yea, lol.

      Yea, I read Angel Densetsu while waiting for Clay's chapters, was surprised as hell. And his interview made even more surprised.

      I see, but it's different, totally. In the Souls game you're a kind of chosen one/undead/bearer of the curse/unklinded that have to either become the new savior of the world by sacrificing yourself to give the world one more chance, or become the new lord of dark by 'stealing' the flame that lits the world, it's just that I like to burn people so while I'm pursuing one of those ends, I go around setting people on fire, lol.

      I don't think any game is bad, as long as it is considered as a form of entertainment and don't affects social life. If he still has social life and don't dismiss every and anything to be playng, guess all is good. Would definitely worry if only plays and don't go outside.

      No, no. The analog is just for moving and changing the camera angle. I don't know about Counterstrike either, but Street Fighter, dear god of mine, I get beaten so much 'cause the controller responds so much better with analog, doing special moves and so is hell for me, lol.

      Yea, the 'farming' thing. Can't spend time with those, I just go along with the flow of the story and hope to beat the boss, if I can't at my level, rarely I go back to level up and try again more then five times. Too much trouble for something that should be more fun than frustrating, lol.

    13. =)

      Lol..I see. He must have some strong hair gel to keep his hair perfectly in place.

      Ya..that is what I meant. There's no need to kill some bystanders but he does it aside from the main goal so I thought that is like the burn people while in the process of achieving the goal. Burning/kill bystander people = not necessary for the goal.

      Basically, the environment is 'free' rather than linear which is common in turn based rpg. So, this Soul game has that two endings depending on what you do? So, you're going for new lord of dark? =P

      I see..but then, it is so violent that I would wonder if it has some bad effects of some sort. Hm..though that is very common these days. Like in manga, severed body parts used to be quite, it seems nothing to me. Of course, those are drawings. ^^; It might be different if it is real life. =P

      Ah..a hikomori-type. I think it might be a bit too late to worry if it is at that stage. <- very difficult to reverse it.

      Lol, I'm awful with SF type of games, too. It is more irritating that as I try to figure it out, the others just randomly button smash and accidentally uses special moves to finish up my character. orz I tried that too but to no avail. ^^;

      Ah, that analog. Okay...I think CS has that. I tend to get confused which is the moving button and which is for the camera. ^^;;

      I see. I did that once in an rpg action game. I managed to go with the flow and defeat all of the enemies except for the last boss. I tried to power-up but I lost patience since the game is finished except for that part. It isn't funny when it is always instant kill when last boss uses at least 2 or was it 1 special attack. The last boss is too op.

    14. I see what you meant and I get it.

      What I get from killing bystanders - my friend does it too - is a way to relieve/ease up all your tension/anger/stress and frustration that you pent up. Like, in games you can do what you can't in rl, so that killing spree is a way to alleviate yourself - or do that you want to do to someone, like I want to kill one of the doctors that never even lookd at my face or my exams and decided I was fine enough to work. Well, can someone that barely sleeps, has a hard time eating, can't walk without a crane to support and the medicines makes you high as hell besides messing up your humor? Yea, that happened a couple of days ago - I only could get to my char and set everything on fire 'till I was no longer filled with anger.

      Yea, hikikomori is a tad too late, but there's always signals before it gets to that point. If he always alone, don't mix well with anyone or just have the games I'd guess is a good time to talk, even if he doesn't want, just some talk - had some couple of students of mine going through this process of isolating themselves, they didn't want to talk, but did after a while.

      tldr, games are not bad nor have bad influence, imo, but people, people are dangerous.

      Yea, I've gone to new dark lord, though my char is a female pyromancer/assassin, I'd ratther be the new dark queen or something, lol. Now I'm trying for a good ending, but can't play well enough if not a pyro assassin, lol.

      I'm not that bad with SF - that's actually the only fighting game that I'm somewhat decent - but I can't for the life of me get used to the analog, and since the commands responds better, I'm screwed, no matter what, lol.

      The Souls's game are famous for that, almost all bosses are 1hko and that's from the very first one, lol. I mainly play for the lore, it's very interesting, the game is hard alright, but once you get used to it, is easy - 'cause most of the enemies, including the bosses - are defeatable with the very same strategy, just gotta be careful not to press the wrong button at the wrong time, if that happen, it's game over, lol.

      Hell, did I write another wall of text? Seems I'll never improve and write less, T__T
      BTW, almost caught up to Last Game, my opinion hasn't change, hate both Momoka and Soma with passion, Momo a lil' less 'cause I admire people that speak her mind, just don't like'em when they're trying to mess somebody's else life. And Soma... Hell, can't even begin with him, lol.

    15. I see. I'm thinking that could also be part of the reason. =P

      Hehe..that is so annoying. Better find a new doctor.

      I see. Well, there are many reasons for that, right? Being bullied or any school trauma. So far, the nephew doesn't seem to be on that stage.

      Ya..well, you know there are studies about violence and stuff in video games. Still, inconclusive regarding the connection. Hehe, but then, in most mass media, there are a lot of it already. ^^;

      Ah, so you can choose the character? Something like customized character?

      I see. Good for you ^^

      Lol..I see. By the way, I guess you don't 'cheat' like check walkthroughs =P

      Hehe...don't mind. I also do that.. well, usually in summaries. I plan to write a short one of something. It ends up very long ^^; that so. True, but that is the role of 'rivals'. Of course, this is a comedy-romance so what they do should be partly funny especially on how it backfires =P

    16. Nah, that was the state doctor, the one that treats me is the one who first recommended my sick leave, he really checks me well and is one helluva' good doctor. The state/public one, I better not talk about it 'cause I believe in not speaking ill of others, even when they deserve, lol.

      Well, in speaking of believes, I don't find any kind of media are to blame for any kind of human action. I mean, sure, they can influence 'till a point and even become some kind of culture, but ultimately, it's always us - people - that do the bad thing out of our own, inluenced by our own believes - like the recent shooting in Orlando. Or other violent/hate crimes over the world, it's all caused by people misdjudged/misguided belief. Not 'cause in some game you can torture someone to death, in ancient times we didn't have games or movies, so people played other kind of games, worst to speak, like gladiators and sparring with animals an so on.

      Dam*, I always talk too much 'bout those subjects, sorry, I'll try and refrain myself, lol.
      Yea, you can, but it's hard to make it so you'd look like or something nice to see, lol. I always spend at least an hour trying to make my char. cute, or somewhat cute - I rather see it something nice for hours than a even uglier version of me, so I make lil' pyromancers/sorcerers almost all the time, lol.

      No, I like to play and discover things on my own, it's no fun when you know everything even before beginning. Though I 'cheat' when it comes to famirng rare items, my friends mock me 'cause the only game I play fair/square and on hardest is life, lol. Like I said, I can't, for the love of me spend 5h farming to get that item which will require another hundred so I can get a cool spell or nice weapon.

      But don't mistake me, I don't cheat online and never will, it's unfair and I don't like unfairness, we have too much of that irl already. T__T
      I was going to say that sometimes your summaries are easier and more fluid than the actual scanlations, but I find hard to say it 'cause they're better almost all the time and I don't mean any harm/ill intent to the scanlators, it's just, I don't know, the way you expose the things happening seems to have more sense than actually seeing it, or maybe I'm just biased 'cause I like to read better than to read and look and the pictures? Hard to say, lol.
      Yea, and that's why I in some series I can tolerate and even like some, or I can at least turn a blind eye like I do with kissstealer and normal Shizuka in Namaiki, but mostly are selfish jerks and while I don't find guilty in being love with someone already taken, I find it when they are trying to mess the relationship - ofc, there are cases and cases, like when in abusive and unhealthy relationships it doesn't really irk me, though I still find somewhat a bad thing to do, I guess my claim to be a simple man is 'cause I am actually too simple to see all the sides of a situation and maybe blinded by my own standards, lol.

      One example of that is when Soma said to Kujou, let's have some fun times while Yanagi is alway - I know it was meant as a joke and Kujou didn't even take the joke nor anything else, but if I were to be in Yanagi shoes at that time I'm sure I'd be in jail not just for assault as soon as he said that. RL issues I guess, lol.

    17. I was thinking of that. So, the state doctor is needed for the work leave? Hehe..well, sometimes talking about it can make people become aware of this and that doctor. I got a misdiagnosis before with skin TB. Had drank TB meds for 2-3 months and it turns out to be just an ordinary skin infection that worsen due to the delayed treatment <- insisting that it is TB. ^^;;

      Good point. In those days, they have those. Hm..about sparring with gladiators? Or, is it hunting?

      Lol..I see. Well, I would also prefer a nice looking character to play especially since I'll be playing it for a long time. =P

      I see. I usually check it when I'm stuck in a certain area. ^^ The online games I play are the farming/baking games. ^^;; No need to cheat that.

      - 0 -

      Thanks for the comment ^-^ Well, I think it is preference ^^ Though honestly, I think most people prefer scanlations.

      - 0 -

      Ah, when one isn't playing fair? Well, in stories, it makes readers agitated and want to know what will happen next. Also, root for the main character ^^ Just curious, how about stealing kisses from someone who is taken? Yet, not really messing up the relationship. Is that also a no-no for you?

      Hehe..well, in stories, it is easier to comment. But in real life, honestly, it is difficult. that so. Won't give him a Papa bear hug? =P

  6. Yes, they are, but I don't know what for 'cause most of'em don't even look at your face, let alone check your exams or your condition. It's like they're there just to make life harder, lol.

    Are you better now? My condition got worse too due to finding out too late, before this currently doctor, I had several treat me to no avail, so I got so bad that now I need cirurgy and physiotherapy every day, besides the meds. T__T
    I meant that games where knights would ride mounted horses with great lances to try and 'push' the other, that was one helluva agressive sport and entertainment imo, lol. Can you imagine beeing hit in the chest by that? I'd rather do a triathlon, that's for sure.
    Yeah! You get me! People call me sissy and other names 'cause of that, despite my nickname beeing rather agressive so yea, few people get it when I say I prefer to watch/see cute things, lol.
    I think so too, but your summaries are pretty great, sometimes I don't even cheack the scanlations when I already read here, you do a very good work.
    Like I said, I really get pissed with things like that. Scheming others so that you'd look nice - that happened to me irl - or any other dirty tactics irk me. I don't belive in the saying all is fair in love and war - though there's a song about this subject what I like, lol - and yep, it's a no-no go to hell for me, lol.

    But what I'd hate more is if the person isn't honest with their partner, in this case with a stolen kiss, it might be nothing, but I'd rather come clean asap so nothing gets misundertood and would act almost like Naruse did when that happened to him. It was rude? Yea, but what about his feelings? I know that's pretty common in shoujo, and that's why nowadays I only read those that walk away from these common tropes, or it treats these tropes with gags and so on, like Last Game - despite wanting to clubber Momo and Soma sometimes, lol.
    Really, tell me about. I just heard that a friend of mine is having serious trouble with her second marriage. It's really difficult, even more so 'cause she lives almost five thousand km from any relatives and friends, so, yea, it's complicated, and having a lil' daughter doesn't help either. We're concerned for her.

    Yea, papa bear hug is a loving, tender one, though a tight one too, so no hugs for him, lol.

    1. Lol..we have a lot of those here. Here, a bit of grease money would sometimes help move things along. was a long time ago but then, the shin bone where the skin infection was a bit eaten through. <- almost got surgery for it but it was 'saved' by that doctor who correctly diagnosed me. That bone will always be weak so cannot overexert it.

      I see..that sucks. Hopefully, you'll be good as new afterwards ^^

      o - o - o

      I know that. It is a joust, right? First learned of it in some very old movie and I think there are places that still hold that kind of tournaments.

      o - o - o

      Lol. I think it's a good way to fool other players if it is an online game. They'll be surprise how the 'cute character' can battle well ^^

      o - o - o

      Thanks ^^

      o - o - o

      Ya, dirty tactics is no good especially in real life. Well, I tend to be clueless when it happens and perhaps, too clueless to care or let it bother me. I have a delayed reaction to that. ^^; <- it takes me some time to realize that they are pulling something. ^^;;

      Hehe, I see. True. For me, I guess it depends. There are series who use those common tropes well <- in a different way or something that it is addicting to keep on reading even if I don't quite like it. ^^;; It also depends on the characters if they aren't typical.

      o - o - o

      That is complicated. Is it a simple 'couldn't get along' or much worse? It seems much worse if you're all concerned about her. Hope things go well with your friend.

      Lol..I'm referring to the hug that you'll do to the monitor =P

      o - o - o

      By the way, just read the latest AoT. Did you have a lot of heartaches there?

    2. Yea, I'm yet to see a place that grease money don't make things run faster, sad but true.

      Good, that's good to hear. As long as you don't go wild you're fine then? Li'l joke there, some friends of mine tell that to me.

      No, not really. One of the surgeons already said that the operation won't solve everything. It seems one of my vertebral cartilage is long gone and there are some other issues that won't heal even with surgery, but they're very minor considering the way things are now.
      Yeah! Couldn't remember the name, though I had watched an anime with this kind of game as background - didn't like so much, lol.
      Yea, that's for sure. Though I myself don't go online very often, once my sis and some friends saw my char they looked at me with strange bulging eyes, like, for real? Lol.
      I see, hahaha. So you're the dense type? Lol. Delayed reaction was awesome, lol.

      Ya, me too. In a way, I guess I'm more on the chars. interaction side, if they have chemistry or some other gimmick that's fun or interesting I'm on board, at least, it's what's I have being reading anyways.
      I don't know the exact details, but it seems is much worse than we here all know. Hope she can handle somehow, 'else I'm already seeing her uncle and me going there by car - though I can't even travel that long, lol.

      Hahaha, no, no. Papabear hugs are good, what I do to my monitors is downright to strangle, lol.
      Haven't read yet, being busy with sick leaves, exams and check ups, the going and coming always kills me. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to catch up with it and some other series.

    3. Though I gotta say, the word heartaches is worrying me, lol.

    4. Ya, more or less ^^ Hm..about that, can't say. My nephew teased that I couldn't run so what if there is some zombie attack. I told him that I'll just be fodder and help him escape =P <- reading too many manga.

      Oh..that kind of problem. really won't solve everything. You already got the surgery done, right? Well, it's good that everything is okay now. ^^

      o - o - o really shocked them, huh.

      o - o - o

      Hm..perhaps. Usually, I don't like to think of other people's actions as malicious but it is after I thought of it for some time/later on, that is when I realized that this person is really no good.

      I also rarely engage in a fight with others. It is usually afterwards when I thought, ugh, I should have said this and that. <- delayed reaction. For example, a woman suddenly spit her phlegm at the side and narrowly missing my face. Since I'm in a hurry, I just glared and left.

      Then, later on, I thought that I should have shouted or something. ^^;; Of course, that is also good because here, if you have bad luck, the other party might get back at you fatally even if they are the ones at fault.

      o - o - o

      I see.

      o - o - o

      Ah, take your time. ^^ Take care ^^